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tv   CBS 2 News at 5  CBS  August 9, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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hitting kamara. >> the officer struggled with mr. guzman to regain control of his gun. when the second officer fired three shots at mr. guzman striking him twice. >> police are reviewing tactics to figure out how guzman got his hands on the gun. >> mr. guzman made a fast move and ripped the gun out of the holster. it's not an easy thing to do if a holster, if e holster it has to be, the holster has to be uncollapsed and then you would have to move the gun in the holster and pull it out. but it is possible it happened. >> right now i'm very emotional that i don't know what to say. we just want to know what's going on. his brother-in-law says that kamara had immigrated from sew
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>> he's a very nice person. >> probably doesn't surprise you that he was trying to protect the other store? >> yes, of course. >> the officers involved in the shooting were not hurt. the suspect elfrain guzman is in police custody where he is recovering from his injuries. charges against him are still pending. we're live in the bronx cbs2 news. >> tha after a damaging fire quickly spread through their homes. christine sloan live where some people barely got out alive. >> reporter: that's right, it was a really difficult thing to battle because of this intense heat. as a result three firefighters
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35th street. where phillip campbell and his family lived. >> i was sitting in the living room watching tv. then i heard glass break in the kitchen. then i saw a fire in the backyard. >> my niece came in and said there's smoke and fire. we went to go look and we saw smoke and fire and so we tried to get everybody out. we woke up my mother. >> reporter: everyone escaping the flames. some family members going in to get others. >> they might old grandmother that went in and got her out of the house. it was hard, but you know we got through it. >> reporter: investigators say the fire spread quickly because the homes have a common loft. the heat making battling the fire difficult. three firefighters rushed to the hospital. >> there is one firefighter who is more serious, in serious condition than the other two firefighters. one was minor burns and the
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related. it's already a hard physical job gets even harder due to the heat and the gear that we wear is very heavy. it retains heat. >> have you guys lost everything? >> they're not telling us if everything is gone, but i'm pretty sure it's gone. >> reporter: again a very tough day for this family and other families who live in the four other buildings. investigators say that they are interviewing the family members to figure out exactly how this fire started. we are live section of the bronx christine sloan cbs2 news. >> thank you. new information in the murder mist rift new york city google employee who was killed while jogging in massachusetts. police are now asking for the public's help to find whoever did it. the body of 27-year-old vanessa marcott was found sunday near her mother's home in princeton. she went out for a run and did not return. investigators are not sure if the attack was random or if she was targeted.
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have seen anything suspicious to come forward. this attack on the one that left the young woman in queens dead is making safety top of mind especially for women out running alone. coming up at 6:00, tracee carrasco talks to self-defense experts about what you should do if you're attacked. campaign 2016, donald trump taking criticism tonight after some comments he made at a rally this afternoon. a supporter that appeared at hi cbs2 dana tyler with more now. >> reporter: during the speech in wilmington, north carolina this afternoon, donald trump was talking about hillary clinton choosing supreme court justices. when he seemed to infer gun owners could direct violence towards her. >> if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do folks. although the second amendment, maybe there is is, i don't
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the clinton police released -- campaign released this statement. they should not suggest violence in any way. but the trump campaign says that the incident is a misunderstanding, saying in a statement, "it's called the power of unification, second amendment people have amazing spirit and are tremendously unified. which gives them great political power." but clinton also finds herself embroiled in new >> and i know how many people, family members, loved ones and friends are still grieving. >> reporter: yesterday while she spoke in florida about the orlando nightclub tragedy the gunman father stood right behind her. a reporter spoke to him after the rally. >> reporter: what were you thinking when she was talking about the orlando incident? >> we were cooperating with the federal government, fbi, that's all, thank you.
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seem like he was invited to the party. >> clinton is good for the united states verses donald trump. >> reporter: today clinton is in miami ground zero for the battle against the zika virus in the u.s. she toured a healthcare clinic and called on congress to step up funding for zika. >> i would very much urge the leadership of congress to call people back for a special session. get >> reporter: back to trump, rudy giuliani was with him at today's rally in north carolina and shortly before giuliani tweeted that trump does not need to change his tone or temperament. adding conform equals loss. alice? >> dana, thank you. back to the zika virus now. we have new information. the health department confirms a newborn in texas died as a result of zika.
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suburban, houston. the child's mother traveled to el salvador where she may have become infected during pregnancy. in florida the governor there said that there are four new cases in miami-dade county bringing the total to 21 cases there, not related to travel outside the u.s. that includes a person from palm beach county who recently traveled to miami the only area with active zika transmissions. meanwhile lawmakers including new jersey congressman frank palone are calling on congress to reconne virus. the delta delays, they're not over yet. the airline still trying to recover from that devastating computer outage yesterday. stranded passengers were waiting in long lines at airports across the country again today. as delta canceled more than 500 flights and delayed hundreds
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being tested around the country with more than 500 delta flights cancelinged today after 800 were grounded yesterday when the power outage in the atlanta hub caused a system wide computer failure. >> i was suppose to be going 1:00 yesterday. >> reporter: they say that computer systems are back up and running and slowly and with instability. >> i'm going to jf do, get out. today is my daughter's birthday, so i'm taking a taxi now to get there. >> reporter: according to the chief operating officer when power control of crashed, critical systems and network equipment didn't switch over to backups. the faa assures that this is not a safety issue, but it is causing more cancellations as the airline tries to play catch up. >> but what we can do, we can do nothing. >> reporter: she is trying to make her way to tampa, florida on business all the way from poland. she was only suppose to have a two-hour layover at the airport yesterday. >> and it is like 24 hours.
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today we have a flight at 8:00 p.m. into the atlanta and from atlanta. >> reporter: they are unable to estimate a date or time when that flight schedule should be back to normal. the the company is advising you to check their status online or on their phones. some find even those lines are tied up. >> and then there's a two-hour wait on the phone. >> reporter: for some they are able to make a one time change on their flight without a fee even if it ali bauman cbs2 news. >> we asked how old the computer systems are, they told us that they are unable to give us an answer as that is a part of the investigation into the outages. opening statements will start on september 19. they're accused of closing lanes back in 2013 to punish
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governor. he was the appointee to the port authority. still ahead a warning for people who would like to take a walk in the park. how the workout routine could be putting them at risk in one local park. the marina mystery in long island. who is dumping the boats, leaving taxpayers on the hook for the trash. >> they can only come out to play after the sun goes down. giving the special group of kids an experience that others may take for granted. force today. it has been a beautiful day, but it will all change tomorrow. it's not just the sunshine that will go down. we'll talk about other things
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ugly fight on the streets of sunset park brooklyn this morning as a little boy becomes an unintended target during the ongoing fight between adults. >> cbs2 steve langford reports that the child was hit by a thrown bottle. >> reporter: this 3-year-old
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morning when an argument between two strangers claimed the child as an unintended target. chopper 2 capturing some of the chaos and aftermath from above. >> it was probably what we had seen, we don't describe that. oh my baby, my baby. >> reporter: the little boy's extended family still at scene after he was rushed to lutheran hospital with a gash above his eye as one man flung a bottle at another and missed. >> it is very bad. >> reporter: e then spilled out onto the sidewalk where the bottle went flying. >> i just see glass on the floor and blood and i see all that blood and stuff. >> reporter: neighbors say that the suspect often hangs out and causes trouble. >> all the time the guy is fighting over here and over here. >> reporter: the 3-year-old boy in stable condition. officials say as a police helicopter over the scene hours later continues the search for the suspect, accused of
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in sunset park, brooklyn steve langford cbs2 news. >> sources tell us that the suspect has been identified as 23-year-old jorge catano. new information on cart go ship that sank after getting caught in the hurricane. the searches have recovered that so-called black box data recovery or recorder from the elfarro. the ship went down near the bahamas last october killing all 33 crew members on board. the crews use add vehic data recorder to the the surface. that water park in kansas where a 10-year-old boy died on the world's largest water slide that will plan to reopen tomorrow. police say that caleb schwabb died from a neck injury, but they are not saying what lead to the fatal accident. at least two people who have been on the water slide claimed that the velcro shoulder straps came loose during the raft ride. a man saying that the raft carrying his family went airborne during their ride
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and we were just sick, thinking oh my gosh the same thing likely happened where the raft went airborne and the young little guy was killed. >> the 10-year-old was riding with two adult women. they had minor injuries to their faces, it is unclear whether the party met the 400 to 500-pound weight requirement. a water warning now for several towns in westchester county. al hawthorne are on high water restriction. that means that the car washing and use of lawn sprinklers are prohibited as they try to conserve water. officials say that the problem stems from a malfunction at the commerce pump station. >> all right, let's talk about our weather, what a spectacular day in the lower 80s, very nice. >> folks were outside. >> look at this, doing what they do in central park, boating, softball, soaking up the sun. but the debbie downer here to tell us that the sunny stretch
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showers. we're at the mobile weather app on the sidewalk here in columbus circle with a lot of folks. look at this. i have jp and his family visiting from florida. i have a question for you, come over here for a second. he is carrying this thing, what do you think that is? >> no clue. >> you have no clue? >> you're right. it is an instrument because this is wilkerson. how do you do? you're from brazil, right? >> yes. >> my wife is from brazil, but how do i pronounce that? >> yes. >> and give me a little sample. give the new york audience a
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that is a tough tune to whistle, but i like it. let's get over here to the mobile weather app. keep it going, wilkerson, sounds good. reporting 86 degrees right now. but the key number that you want to look at is this number, the dew point 58.7. you get a dew point in the 50s at this point of the year you're knocking it out of the park. it's all going to change. take a look at that picture coming in right now at 84 degrees. 83 degrees is what you be expecting for tonight. the best of the best as the game will be changing tomorrow and the radar picture is quiet in our area, but the wider picture that we'll show you there is some rain out there unsettled. for tonight rising humidity, but milder temperatures about 73 degrees for your day tomorrow with a thunderstorm chance that will return to the area that it will be warm and muggy about 85 degrees. factor in that humidity and it will be feeling hotter than that.
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will be continuing the music. keep it going wilkerson. >> guys, he's got an instrument that he is working off of a stick, a string of metal, a rock. and something that looks kind of like this chop stick, a single chop stick there. but he is doing a good job, right? that is amazing. amazing. >> a great job. but can you ask him if he knows how to play happy birthday because it is of course you if you know how to play happy birthday. yeah, yeah, yeah, let's do it. see, you cannot whistle to this thing. thank you. >> okay, thank you. guys, we are live here with the new weather mobile app. let's go back to the birthday, guys?
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and the ruling strikes them down to the casino and their racetracks. the ncaa would sue the state claiming the expansion would damage the integrity of their sport and lead to game fixing. coming up next if you think that you have been seeing these spots during the olympics, michael phelps is swearing by the treatment that will leave the bodies bruised. as we'll show you how this all works. plus, the massive hacking of credit cards.
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from the cbs2 newsroom, here is what's coming up tonight at 6:00. the search for the driver that ran down a woman and cbs2 chris wragge has the story. friday afternoon pat and andy were hit in this intersection as you can see they sustained injuries. but her dog was killed instantly. this morning, we communicated on facebook now that we're here to get to the bottom of the story. we've got her story coming up in a few moments. also at 6:00 after two women are killed while out walking or jogging alone. tonight, cbs2 tracee carrasco talks to defense experts on
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on your own. you may have noticed a few of the athletes with what looked like the big round bruises on their bodies. >> reporter: they are actually from the therapy called cupping. some people believe that it would help their performance, but does it really? dr. max gomez with more on this ancient practice. >> reporter: that's right, indeed, to have originated from china and appropriately enough, more than 2,000 to asthma and even herpies, but it is what they do with sore muscles that would have some cupping. >> reporter: it is probably the best known and most decorated olympic swimmer of all times. so when michael phelps seem to grand a photo of himself getting cupped, showing up for a race in rio with bruises on the shoulders, people take notice. even his teammates are on the bandwagon. >> my fiance aly does it to me
5:25 pm
it uses glass or heat or a mechanical pump to create suction drawing skin up into the cup. athletes will often use cupping therapy believing that it'll increase blood flow to an area, promote oxygen nation -- oxygenation and increase blood flow. one theory is that pulling s draws blood to the area. but it also breaks tiny blood vessels in the skin leaving some pretty good bruises. although it is painless. >> i think it was a low-key trend. but now that michael phelps has been seen with the cup marks all over his body that more athletes will be doing it. >> not to mention the weekend athletes that see phelps getting it done. but if you're looking to channel -- channel your inner olympian that it should be done
5:26 pm
could occur if you leave it for too long. if you are interested in this type of method, treatment method that you do see somebody who has been trained in it. >> and now all sorts of medical literature looking for support from the healing claims for cupping. the scientific evidence was less than compelling. but if athletes believe it helps that tiny placebo effect could be the difference between gold and others. >> however it won't make us ain't happening. >> it's hard to watch though. i was blah when i was watching it. >> a few years ago the celebrities were talking about it, gwyneth paltrow was doing it. >> i thought for sure you were going to try it firsthand to let us know. >> only so much reporter involved. >> there is only so much. >> thank you, doctor. coming up next here at 5:00, watch where you walk. a new warning from the nypd about thieves turning park workouts into criminal
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lawnmower on the water. the pesky underwater invasion that has one local town taking unusual measures. they were offering blessings, but police called them crimes. the alleged scam that cost some
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??? from long island to buffalo, from rochester to the hudson valley, from albany to utica, creative business incentives, infrastructure investment, university partnerships, and the lowest taxes in decades are creating a stronger economy and the right environment in new york state for business to thrive. let us help grow your company's tomorrow- today
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several cases of visitors being taggerred and robbed. >> some were beaten while walking or jogging early in the morning. now they suggest ways to stay safe. cbs2 emily smith has the story new at 5:30. >> reporter: for the first time staten islanders are nypd officers inside the park rather than patrolling around the perimeter. the police source tells us that it is all due to the series of muggings over their last week. investigators, they will only say that teenagers seem to be the suspects. >> you feel good with the cops around? >> yeah, i feel more safe, but i feel like if they are here that something might be wrong. >> reporter: but the most recent robbery was on monday night as they would say a female jogger became the third mugging victim in a week. a prior incident involve add group of teenagers that were
5:31 pm
we were told that five men attacked them, demanding cell phones and cash. and the suspects left without anything, but the victims have been beaten. >> it is very shocking to hear what happened. >> reporter: this week they used social media warning people on the north shore to be extra individual lent that the tweet says avoid walking alone. and look confident and be aware of your surroundings. travel in well-lit areas. police also say that heavier -- have your keys your car or residence quickly and whether in or out of the car to make sure that it is locked. >> reporter: that the councilman says he has been asking for extra police presence in parks for years. >> it is a very large burro with an extremely large amount of the parkland. and that they are not always in that ability to control most of it, which may not be visible during their street. >> reporter: they say that they are down more than 28% for the
5:32 pm
reminder to keep safe. on the north shore of the island emily smith cbs2 news. >> and police, they have not yet released descriptions of the suspect. crime in new york city parks is on the the rise, that is according to the latest figures from the nypd and analyzed by the park advocates. the violent crimes and the city parks increased 23% in the last nine months. 417 people were reported being the victims of the crimes, including murder, rape, robbery, and felony assault as park, which has their own police precinct. four people have been arrested in connection with the alleged blessings scheme across the city that is reporting to rid people of curses. police say since april that five women have been scammed out of nearly half a million dollars. in each case they say that the suspect told the victims that their families are cursed. then they told them to place the jewelry and money in a bag and to give it to a woman who would perform a so-called
5:33 pm
morning armed robbery on the upper east side of manhattan are still on the loose as the suspects were armed when they took cash and a duffel bag containing a laptop and a camera. all of this from a man sleeping on the bench near their museum. police say that the victim was hit in the face and needed to be taken to the hospital. a consumer alert tonight. one of the largest credit card payment systems has been hacked. the system micros owned by oracle is used in restaurants and hotels around the world th off. computer security blogger says that the russian organized crime group pulled off the hack. overhead in chopper 2 right now, joel? >> reporter: hey maurice, this accident happened about four to five minutes ago where
5:34 pm
the park road, right by the center shopping area. what we're being told is that the automobile went through the bus stop. you can see that it is just a pile of mangled metal. they were triaging multiple people for at least three to four being put into ambulances. the last person, possibly the driver appeared to be a senior citizen, but again that it major accident, the automobile out of control through the bus stop where people were waiting for the bus. all the victims have been transported as you can expect the delays on the turnpike coming eastbound through the park road this evening. live in chopper 2, cbs2 news. >> thanks, joel, so much. the town of east hampton will get a new tool to find a nag pollution problem. town leaders are hoping that the algae-eating machine will
5:35 pm
public pond. ali bauman has this story. >> reporter: an unusual sight at the pond in east hampton as this water born machine tumbles their way through the algae- polluted waters. >> this is like a floating combine tractor that will collect algae. >> reporter: they are calling themselves friends of georgia capon raising more than $80,000 to rent the machine after discovering that toxic blue- green algae had once again made recreation. >> reporter: the pond is so saluted that you cannot go kayaking, you can't go fishing. >> reporter: or swimming. four years ago the dog died after licking the algae waters, which could make them sick. they question the overuse of
5:36 pm
now you're planting non-native species that will require more fertilizer and more irrigation. it becomes a vicious cycle. >> reporter: their neighbors need to be more responsible. >> i think it's a travel city that it is happening to the environment out here with people that make their living off the pond. >> reporter: the floating machine is now scooping up their nitrogen-fed vegetation. the algae-eating machine will be used in september when they will decide whether to help reverse that continuous cycle of the algae blooms. >> and they are considering the legislation that would require upgraded environmentally sensitive septic systems when they are sold or transferred. coming up next t is not your usual summer camp. these kids are out playing when most adults are asleep. the condition that will make this their only option for
5:37 pm
a mystery of floats on the pleasure boat that was left rotting, abandoned. all the identification mark scrubbed off. we'll tell you about their castaways coming up. and today in history a 1936 jesse owens won a fourth gold medal at the berlin olympics in the process defeating hitler's racial stereotypes. he took first place in the 400- meter relay celebrating with a ticket type parade through our
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5:40 pm
summer is time for a camp. >> but for some children going outside the day is strictly prohibited. >> it feels like you're on fire. >> reporter: they can't be outside during the day for more than ten minutes. >> basically that this is my body. >> reporter: mckinley adams can't go outside while the sun is out at all. >> he gets up 2:00 to 3:00 in the afternoon and doesn't go asleep until 3:00 to 4:00 in the morning. weather they both suffer from
5:41 pm
>> the the florescent lights. >> basically every single uv ray will bother my body. >> reporter: children with such severe light sensitivities doctors say can be a thousand times for likely to develop skin cancer because their bodies can't repair the damage caused by uv light. with exposure to sunlight mostly forbitten, childhood is anything, but typical. especially in the -- forbidden typical especially at school. >> please don't say that my son is allergic to the sun because it is like saying she is allergic to water. >> reporter: daniel mahar was devastated with his daughter's diagnosis in 1985. >> no one is going to tell my daughter that parts of this world are off limits to her. >> reporter: determined to give katie some sort of normalcy,
5:42 pm
prairieville, new york where a typical day camp activity will take place at night. the entire building is safe for children with light sensitivity. the windows are tinted, the lights are incon decent and there's a set of double doors here to prevent any sunlight from getting in. during the day the kids stay inside. entertained by a revolving door of volunteers. >> games, arts, crafts, you name it. >> reporter: when night s, >> it is just a totally different experience and their parents trust that it is safe and they can let go and relax. >> you have a great support group. just that feeling of community and knowing that you don't have to face this alone anymore is wonderful. >> reporter: mahar says that the families keep in touch all year. but the real magic moment is when they reunite at camp. from prairieville, new york tracee carrasco cbs2 news. well there is no cure for this extreme light sensitivity,
5:43 pm
by the donations, hosting about 20 children a session along with their families. >> that's pretty amazing. coming up next at 5:00. we're going to check in with the forecast. also the connection that the place has. >> plus a water wonder caught on camera where this spout sprang up. but first a look at what's coming up on cbs2 news at 6:00. >> tonight at 6:00, neighrs recycling plants on long island. the residents say that the crushing and grinding that goes on there is leaving a cloud of dust all over their homes. can the town do anything about it? plus a local pharmacist convicted in a $25 million scheme that left patients at risk. and a dozen people arrested in the sweeping bike theft ring in new jersey. how officers busted two different groups of thieves all at once.
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mexico. in a town southeast of puerto valarta. it usually breaks up quickly as it moves close to land. do s&pes of people were watching the water spout, but no one was hurt and no damage was reported. >> thankfully. the birthday boy was enjoying some music in the circle. let's see what he's cooking up this time around. >> yes, that's right. looking >> it is brand new, you bet it is looking good. man look at how cool this is. i want to show you what they do. and take a look at it up top and talk about what is not moving too much at all. that's the fastest that we have seen it move in the last ten minutes. we have been cataloging everything. let's come over here to the display as they would show you, okay, your winds are blowing at 2.3 miles per hour. well over the last two minutes
5:48 pm
minutes they would average 2.7. you're not getting a nice cooling breeze out there. your temperatures will come in around 83 degrees. 82.9, 83.0, that's the deal. but the factor, what factors in the most is the humidity being so low. that's what you're so happy about. that's what will start to change tomorrow. there's a overhead. 84 is your temperature today, 3 degrees above the average. what we're going to talk about? a little bit of the math equation around here. i is have put this together for you. all right you're talking about things heating up. and heating up those temperatures with the rain and storms overhead that will be equaling a typical august. that's what we will be getting over the next few days.
5:49 pm
the weather cast that we are being snapchated right now. how are you doing? we'll show you how everything will work out as we look ahead. the snapshot is gone. but what we've got is a typical advisory all the way on through thursday with a couple l of hot days out there. i think that it will extend beyond that, but the picture we will show you where the rain is off to the west with even a little spin around the gulf of mexico. now, remember we making to you about that? and then they would move on shore, it has moved backwards, sending some of that tropical moisture in our direction as you can see the big trail. you get to wednesday morning and you're looking at not too much of anything from those clouds. there's a bit more and thursday
5:50 pm
you've got the storm chance each and every day. we'll break the heat. there is my snapchater who is back for a second. how did everything go? did it go out okay? >> yes, everything is great today. >> for the weather man he's back. >> for the weather man what? >> it was a compliment though. thank you. >> it was. in tonight's living large we are going to 6: -- 641 fifth avenue. >> they built the building making it back in 1975. one of the most luxurious buildings in the world. emily smith with the tour. >> reporter: it is known as olympic dowery heading up to the 36th floor with the two- story apartment from compass as they would give us the tour of
5:51 pm
here? >> quite normal actually. with a dog running around. we were playing hockey in the white ropes. this is one of those original places where they were built. so you will see all of the white marble and the fireplace out there. >> you will e from one view,al park from the other. the home will have a study of the views of one world trade. the chef's kitchen will have two from every appliance. >> you have breakfast on the bar here and really the hub of the house. >> reporter: plus, more views. >> that is the fifth right there? >> that is fifth avenue right there. >> reporter: a white marble and
5:52 pm
quarters. each room will have a wall of windows, including the master suite. >> reporter: not many bathrooms will have a hand leer. >> reporter: a giant dressing room. >> look at this. >> that's just for shoes. >> it goes back all the way deep. >> that's just the shoes. >> reporter: to live large it will cost you $33 million. >> reporter: and taxes and fees, nearly $242,000 a year. >> of course. >> well a first for fans of marilyn monroe will soon be up for auction. >> it is on board that set sail today. it's a part of the act teacher. the collection will travel the
5:53 pm
november. >> yes, we'll see. mysteries are watching up in long island with the abandoned boats appearing. then at 6:00, the lost dog and kind police officer and the extreme measures that he would take to reunite a canine with its family. hi guys! got the birthday girl a drum set. drum set? he's kidding! [laughs] oh you guys must have time warner cable. this is gonna be some party. yeah, their free home wifi lets us connect all our devices at the same time.
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they could end up hitting your wallet. >> reporter: the words will spell out ir whoever ditched the cabin cruiser at a babylon town marina. abandon ship. >> it's cheap and easy. >> they don't care. dump it at 10:00, let the taxpayers pay it. it's just disgusting, really terrible. >> reporter: it's not the first ghost ship or the last. their waters have become a dumping ground. abandoned boats, sometimes left adrift.
5:57 pm
>> they will cut out their hole and their cabinet and they take that ankle line. >> reporter: the latest this 28- foot craft abandoned at the venetian shore's park stripped of its name, hull identification number rubbed off, anything of value ripped out. >> they dump them because they are worthless. nobody gives gold away unlike cars that retain some of their value even when junked because of their metal. a dozen of these floating clunkers each year are leaving taxpayers on the the hook up to $5,000 each to dispose of legally. >> for most guys that don't have the lift to get them out of the boat onto land, into a trailer, and to bring it to a boat yard, of course you are $4,000 maybe, maybe more. >> why would you take all the
5:58 pm
and pay money. just dump it here. >> reporter: scavengers are stripping them of what little stainless steel, mahagoney is left. they are searching for the owners on social media that they may have installed cameras at town marinas, but that too may cost taxpayers. cbs2 news. >> if they are caught, you can face hefty fines, even criminal charges. i'll see you ag the news at 6:00 starts right now. she cut the corner so sharply, that it was almost as if she was aiming for us. >> reporter: run down while walking her dog. the search that left a woman injured it's a cbs2 exclusive. and also new video of the
5:59 pm
shooting. now an innocent bystander is dead. cbs2 tracee carrasco with self- defense for runners, it's top of mind after two separate murders. the women were out jogging alone. five things you could do to protect yourself. good evening i'm dana tyler. busy cars slamming into a pedestrians. joe bearman is live in chopper 2. new information, joe? >> yes, i guess it happened at 5:40 just minutes away when it happened at east union turnpike near the park road right out in front of the success center. and that car is out of control
6:00 pm
no word on anybody's condition yet, but a major police investigation is underway here. live in chopper 2 joe beardman cbs2 news. >> thank you, joe. a brooklyn woman had no idea when she took her dog out for a walk on friday that it would be their last together. they were mowed down in bedford. just a block and a half away from their home. the woman named andy killed. while witnesses were able to get the license plate number there has yet to be an arrest. chris wragge has this exclusive story. >> he was so happy and healthy and he was 5 years old. and that it is just so awful that he's not here anymore, you know? >> reporter: the emotions are


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