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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  August 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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no word on anybody's condition yet, but a major police investigation is underway here. live in chopper 2 joe beardman cbs2 news. >> thank you, joe. a brooklyn woman had no idea when she took her dog out for a walk on friday that it would be their last together. they were mowed down in bedford. just a block and a half away from their home. the woman named andy killed. while witnesses were able to get the license plate number there has yet to be an arrest. chris wragge has this exclusive story. >> he was so happy and healthy and he was 5 years old. and that it is just so awful that he's not here anymore, you know? >> reporter: the emotions are
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-- for kat sullivan. >> he was laying on the asphalt and he was gone. i mean i went over and i picked him up. i held him in my arms. >> reporter: he was a pomeranian mix. this is where they were hit as they came the light changed. they took three steps into the intersection. >> it is almost as if she was aiming for us. >> reporter: the foot was run over by the suv as she sustained the road rash burns to the skin and bruises all over her body. you're doing great. today she returned to the scene of the hit and run.
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was over here. >> did you know at that time that he was gone? >> yes, i did. i really hoped that he had gotten away, but she ran right over him. >> reporter: kat knows it was a she because the driver stopped, got out, then left. >> and always very yesterday he said you'll have to be patient and wait for someone to contact you. i said i'm not someone to wait that this woman killed my baby. >> reporter: the nypd tells us that it will remain an active investigation. no arrest at this time. i'm chris wragge, cbs2 news. >> reporter: they got the license plate number directly from witnesses at the scene, but kat has not seen it.
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we'll stay on it. we found out about it had story when she reached out to chris on facebook. if you have a story that you would like for us to cover let us know about it. new information in the murder mystery of a new york city google employee. he was killed while jogging in massachusetts. the body of the 27-year-old have a ness is a marcott was found on sunday in a wooded area near princeton, massachusetts. after she went out for a run and didn't come home. investigators are not sure if she was targeted. >> we don't know if it is a random act as we cannot speak to it right now. but again we're asking the citizens to use abundance of caution in regards to this. >> police set up a tipline for people in the area asking for anyone that may have seen
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and in queens, there's a $20,000 reward offered for the death of katrina cortano who died while also running alone in howard beach. the two similar murders have many thinking twice about running alone. cbs2 tracee carrasco went to find out about self-defense techniques every woman should know to stay safe. >> reporter: for runners like stephanie gelenski is it time to decompress. >> i run to think things through. >> reporter: but this is not a time to let your guard down. in fact you must be even more alert as the two recent murders of the female joggers and their grim reminders that anything could happen any time and anywhere. and women, they must be prepared. >> i really hope that my instincts will kick in at that point to try to defend myself. with the experts in union
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think about what they would do if ever face to face with the attacker. >> you don't want to be stuck in your phone, be aware of what's going on. >> if you were grabbed from behind, hands up, look back. >> reporter: always aim for the weak points. >> with the groin towards the throat, chin, jaw, temples, nose, eyes. >> reporter: strike with the base of your hand. >> it is not about accuracy, it's about speed and aggressive technique. >> reporter: use your surroundings. anything to get away. >> you have a ground under you, take it to his face, kick the groin. you want to think about moving your body towards the back of the attacker. don't stay in front, don't be faced with the attacker, think about striking, movement. >> reporter: and use your voice aggressively. back off, don't come any closer. >> reporter: one of the most important things to remember,
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between life or death. reporting from central park tracee carrasco cbs2 news. a few other safety tips, run with a partner. know your path, and tell somebody about your route. avoid listening to music, which can be a distraction. we have new video tonight obtained by cbs2 showing the moments after. a beloved deli worker was shot in the bedford park section of the bronx. police officers rushed over doorway of the a&m deli. this happened more than a dozen yellow evidence markers surrounding the scene. kamara was fatally shot. he flagged down police last night when he saw a suspect elfrain guzman fighting with workers. as officers tried to escort guzman out of the store, he grabbed a gun from one of the
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times. tonight his family is in shock. >> he was a very nice friendly person. very nice. >> reporter: probably doesn't surprise you that he was trying to protect the other stores? >> of course, yeah. >> police are reviewing tactics, equipment, and surveillance video to figure out how guzman got his hands on the police officer's gun. delta canceled 530 flights. a computer outage at the airlines grounded more than 1,000 flights from around the world yesterday. delta says that the systems are back up and running, but slowly. passengers are doing their best to stay patient. >> i'm going out to jfk, so i'm taking a taxi now to get there.
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should check their flight status. right now the airline cannot estimate when schedules will be back 100% to normal. a staten island man who says he was targeted because of his support for donald trump says he won't be silenced. his symbol of support is back. cbs2 meg baker has the story. >> reporter: a giant american flag, t for donald trump is going back up on this staten political views. >> this is my right for free speech. thank you very much. >> reporter: this is a replacement after the original t went up in flames sunday morning around 1:00 a.m. they concluded that it was arson. the family of four was asleep inside. neighbors are outraged by the crime. >> and what had happened the
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country. >> reporter: the creator was back today to resurrect their artwork, even spoke to trump at the new sign. >> and it is going to be bigger that it will be huge. >> reporter: they were here to control the crowd as they would show up for their show. this protester drove by rallying up the crowd. >> we've got a hillary clinton supporter over there, god bless you. >> the respect. just resp my opinion to vote for who i wanted. it is a freedom of speech. >> reporter: he would have a final message to the crowd. >> the neighbors, keep an eye on this baby. >> reporter: they say that they will be individual lent as police are still investigating. on staten island meg baker cbs2 news. a bike theft bust. a couple people caught red handed. how they discovered the thieves.
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their health at risk. can their town do anything about it? lonnie, hello. >> you've got it, i'm live here in the weather mobile app. a little delay there, sorry. the fact is we've had a day today not very typical of august. we had typical august weather starting tomorrow. i'll tell you what that is in a bit. >> thanks. coming up on the cbs evening news a comment by donald trump is raising good evening scott. >> good evening, great to be with you. donald trump said today that the second amendment people could take care of hillary clinton. what did he mean by that? was he inciting violence? the clinton campaign says yes. the trump campaign says no. we will have all the details on that and the rest of the world news coming ahead on the cbs evening news at 6:30. >> thank you, scott. we'll see you then. later at 6:00 the police officer's exstream measures to
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police in hoboken uncovered a major theft ring as they say a bunch of children were behind it. bike thefts. 10 children ages 13 to 17 were in the process of stealing eight bicycles last night when
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adults. the bike thefts are a persistent problem in hoboken over the past three months with prior arrests, but nothing of this magnitude. >> and we knew that we would have juveniles involved in these steps from the past arrests, now they show me that we're a juvenile group that would form together and organize and mobilize to try to do this big attack on the bike owners last night. >> and how a police officer was hit by the car while making their arrest. he says that one of would push him into the street. a local pharmacist now facing up to 25 years in prison for a scheme that netted him $25 million. ira gross 63 years old has been convicted of selling counterfeit medications to hiv patients. he bought drugs of unknown origin and potency and passed them along as the real thing.
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his wrong doing first came to light back in 2012. >> they say it is like living in a dust. and harsh crushing sounds. >> that they would live o their grand boulevard near their industrial park. where they would fleurish. >> reporter: you don't want it to be polluted for ourselves or our kids. >> reporter: their parents threat about cruising the backyard pool or barbecue and from the crushing and grinding, mixing, mashing of the cement and their dust particles, spewing into the air. although they would bring out some brooms and the other with
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their health concerns? >> and i would have sickle cell. most of the times i would stay in the house and all. >> reporter: they live adjacent to the other concrete recycler that would tower over their local pool and school. and houses of the worship where members have been complaining for years for heavy cement and their truck traffic across their tri-state rumbling through it in all hours. >> they will walk and feel like there's a lot of noise. >> repor pipe here flooding and damage the community center and the town official says that they have heard enough and submitted plans to ban their release of concrete into the waste water stream. and what they require them to curtail their hours and more. >> and so we are asking them to impress those operations, cover any piles that may produce dust by pick up of wind and also to control some of the noise with some sound and those measures. >> reporter: following a public
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recycling plant is expected here tonight. from their town hall jennifer mclogan, cbs2 news. >> reporter: some will go to tonight's hearing. arguing that the plant to put up their walls around their facilities would be too expensive. here it is on tuesday. happy birthday. hope you're having a good time in columbus circle? >> yeah, having a great ti. would love to come work on your birthday. everybody stops to look at it here. i need your help dana, are you with me? >> yes, i am.
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here. but then you just came from the job interview, right? and how much for this particular job? >> five interviews for the same company. we need to put out the positive energy. i am, i am. stay foe -- focused, right? >> dana says just stay focused. we feel good, don't we feel good for amanda? [ cheering ] look at guy, amanda! let me get you to a different shot of new york. give me an idea of what's going on out there. really it does not get much better than what you've got right now. it's a beautiful looking sky, about as good as it would get. 82 degrees, low humidity. your dew points are in the 50s, it's august. you don't get dew points in the 50s, it's august. that will start changing tomorrow. 87 degrees is your high. 87 was the high temp and 84 should be the high. you're three degrees above the average. what should you be expecting for tonight? i'm telling you that it is the
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change tomorrow, feeling stickier tomorrow. there will be a storm chance to return to the area as well and there is a heat advisory. for all five burros of the new york city from 2:00 p.m. wednesday all the way until 8:00 p.m. on thursday and most likely that they will be extended for friday and that the heat will be around far while. i don't think that it will be as hot as it was two weeks ago, but the hot and muggy air will come back that it will be quiet and the bigger picture will show you to look at their stream and moisture coming up from the gulf of mexico if you are -- were with me last into the gulf, generating the moisture and the storm chance that will start tomorrow. here is how we see everything coming together. you would look across the board from friday, saturday, sunday. even monday. you're looking at those rain chances out there with the high temperatures up around 90 degrees. by monday that you'll break it with 82 degrees. we will be out here live with a nice crowd of the people, thank you for coming by. and back to you in the studio.
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tomorrow morning huge back to school deals and deep discounts right now on how to avoid the stress of school shopping. don't forget traffic and weather. wake up with cbs2 news tomorrow
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the question is how much playing time will they see? they are playing over the past month. and we have also been told that they are not going to do anything special if you recall that they went full what is a-rod expecting when it comes to the plate? >> to give me a great loud boom on their way out. but when you walk around the city they will show us a lot of
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at some point that i'm guessing college, but which one? currently a game and a half out. just two days that the jaguars, good news, coming off the unable to perform list, coming clear to practice, but was limited today. also limited today, eric decker that sat out yesterday with leg soreness. that he would have a solid skin, 14-21, hoping that it will continue in their unlimited time on thursday. they also have this in mind. they would love to get a few downs, just avoiding the first games. >> you can check out their pre- season opener on thursday night
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we will call the game and that once again i'll patrol their sidelines for the interviews. that he would leave them early. finally tonight, tim tebow. why not swim to the other sport? that he'll be holding their open auditions later this month for all 30 major league baseball games. he's been working out on their e the general manager was asked if he would be interested in tebow saying it was unlikely and choked saying that they needed a hail mary. >> doug, thank you.
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and at a cbs2 exclusive, an nypd deal with multiple venues has been set to soon expire. who will keep you safe? a sporting event and concerts will be around here. we'll have that and plus all the news tonight on cbs2 news at 11:00. >> thank you, maurice. finally here at 6:00 a south carolina family has their dog back thanks to two new jersey police officers that made good on when bella's owner needed medical attention, the dog was taken into custody. they promised that they would be reunited. he took bella back home. up next on the cbs evening
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locally transmitted zika viruses that were transformed in florida. thanks for joining us. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: trump goes off script and critics say over the line. >> if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although, the second amendment people, maybe there is, i don't know. >> pelley: also tonight, more zikaas mosquitos. >> we want to start a family soon, and this may keep us from doing so. >> pelley: new calls for tighter regulation of amusement parks after the tragic death of a young boy. and thousands hike the appalachian trail every year, but not the way stacy kozel is doing it. >> reporter: hang on, hang on. i have never heard that sentence before. >> i know.


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