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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  August 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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0001 15 hikers had to be rescued by park police. at least of two them were disabled. the group stayed out past dark near a
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their way out. snooze >> the nypd objection soon stop protect -- could soon stop protecting major stadiums and venues due to a contract that's about to expire. >> reporter: fans at feel safe. >> i know nypd is the best cop program we have around the country. >> reporter: the nypd officers who patrol city field and many other venues including yankee stadium and madison square garden are part of the nypd's paid detail program. they work on their days off for extra cash alongside private security officers. manny gomez is a former nypd officer.
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private organizations such as the yankees could have uniformed police new york city active duty police officers working security on their premises. >> reporter: on thursday, an old nypd contract with dozens of different organizations runs out. many organizations won't sap legal -- accept legal responsibility because it's costly so you may not see nypd officers the next time you go to an event. >> liability, worker's compensation, disability, etc, gets passed onto the
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>> of course the nypd is the best trained. they have their uniforms on, radios they could call for assistance if necessary >> reporter: we were unable to get comment from the mets and other organizations including the yankees children playing with fire on a stove top caused a fire in the bronx. three are in critical but stable condition. one may end up losing a lim >> reporter: there were firefighter injuries at the scene in wakefield inform a strange twist, 3 miles away.
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day for our department. >> reporter: the commissioner spent long hours with the injured. joseph brady suffered heat stroke and cardiac arrest. 34-year-old patrick morello collapsed with extreme heat stroke after working in the brutal conditions on the roof. >> young firefighter in good shape. the conscience they work under are extremely difficult. >> reporter: there was a freak accident here. driver was waiting to warn someone and didn't see the elevated track support pole. his left arm was nearly torn off as the truck hit the pole. >> to have a member come in, and i saw his arm and his shoulder, we deal with a lot of tough thing bus it was a tough day for the fire department. >> reporter: surgeons operated for long hours trying to save
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three people were injured in my hyde park. the elderly woman lost control of her car. the injuries are not life-threatened. a giant tree fell onto a pickup truck in the bronx. the driver was taken to the hospital for observation. police investigating how a suspect snatched an officer's gun. and shot a worktory death. the victim ran into a deli
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the suspect fighting with workers. he grabbed the gun from an officer's holster and opened fire. >> always very nice. always respectable. i think he cared too much, that's how he ended up in this situation. >> the other officer shot guzmanwi police have kbled doubled -- doubled the reward for information in the case to $20,000. vitrano was killed after she went jogging thursday night in howard beach.
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>> if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. [ yelling ] >> reporter: the second amendment people although, maybe there is. >> clinton's camp released a statement saying this is simple. "what trump is saying is dangerous. a person seek to be the president should not suggest violence in any way >> i think you're talking about the power of people that are in favor of the second amendment. >> i've seen statements from democrats so far whoa, quay today to condoning violence. not what that was. >> this is political power. >> this is the clinton trip book that you fall for all the time.
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the father of the orlando nightclub shooter is supporting her. three battleground states lean toward clinton. ahead 46-45% in florida. delta passengers should brace themselves for more delays tomorrow. delta says its computer systems are back up and
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delta canceled near 700 more flights by this afternoon. yesterday more than 1,000 flights were grounded. a hit and run that happened so fast she never saw it coming >> so cut the corny so sharply, it was almost as if she was aiming for us. >> so the injured victim returns to the scene. >> an arson suspect sets himself on fire. o >> the long island ghost boats have a community asking where do the owners go? >> thoech. >> the good deed at a grocery store that changed a woman's
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a suspected arsonist caught in the act. the suspect threw a molotov cocktail into a business. his leg caught fire, and he ran off. but that didn't keep him from continuing five minutes later to continue to set building on fire.
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in a hit and run is sharing her story. she and her dog andy were hit by an suv. the driver got out, saw what she did, and took off. her dog was killed. >> laying on the asphalt, and he was gone. o [ crying ] >> police were able to get the license plate number from witnesses. new information in a reported bear attack case in new jersey. jeffrey wilson faces one count of providing false information after claiming he was attacked by a black bear while feeding his cats. investigators determined his
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authorities found him at his home last wednesday bleeding from his arm. his injury did not come from a bear but from an unrelated accident the previous night. abandoned boats have become a big problem on long island's south shore. and tax payers are left on the hook to remove them. it can cost up to $5,000 to >> they dump them because they're junk and they're not worth anything. these are all garbage that have to be at the taxpayer's expense to get disposed of. >> if caught, the owner can face fines and criminal charges. a new jersey woman is hoping to find a stranger whose gesture at a grocery store
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>> reporter: if you want proof of what a good deed at the grocery store can do, this recipient's smile is your receipt. >> i gave her a big hug, thank you so much, thank you, you have no idea how much this means to me! >> reporter: until saturday, sarah hall was feeling about as bad as she's ever felt, lonely, broke, and deep in a frustrating search for a job. >> it was a bad day in a string of bad days >> reporter: things got worse when the 28-year-old didn't have enough money in food stamps to cover the cost of her groceries. she used a debit card to pay but needed that money for rent. when she tried to return some of the items at customer service, a stranger gave her the $30 she needed out of the blue, making sarah feel like she hit the lottery. >> she put it in my hand, closed my hand around it and said take it and walk wide. >> reporter: she was so stun she'd didn't even get the name of the woman who helped her. if she happens to see this story,
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didn't only give her $30, she gave her some hope. >> picked me up and kept me going in a really rough time right now. >> reporter: the story at the stop and shop is making customers stop and think about being kind. >> acts of kindness is good. just pass it on. >> that's greatism hope more people start doing that. >> reporter: while sarah is not sure how she'll pay this forward -- >> i have thought a lot about that actually! >> reporter: she hopes to be able to change world. time to turn our attention to the weather. lonnie quinn is here. we're looking at some instability. >> it looks like it could be a long run of instability. i don't think we're talking two, three, four, five days of straight rain. but the possibility of rain each and every day. the weather watchers, a nice day again. beautiful sky.
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looking pictures around. oh, wow! look at this that activity out there. charley hoffman, parasailing today. the parasailers out. very cool. and the balloonists out as well. no rain out there today. as we speak, 77 degrees. the high temp was 87. 3 degrees above the average. 87 and the humidity was low. so it felt like 87. all changes tomorrow. the humidity is going up. rain chance, going up. it could be a
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gonna be constant rain, but rain through the weekend. and it begins with a heat advisory in effect tomorrow, 2:00, into thursday afternoon remember there's eye very good chance that could get intended into friday. a couple clouds float throughout area. bigger picture will show you where i'm focusing my attention, off to this area of instability that i'm looking the way down -- this spinning low around the panhandle in the gulf of mexico. so it's got a tie to some tropical moisture. 1:30 tomorrow, not everybody picking up the rain. some folks are. a pretty heavy thunderstorm. then thursday, boom! heating of the day, same
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not everyone picking up at the same time. tomorrow 85, warm, muggy, chance for a storm. potential feeling like in the 90s. the story for thursday, friday, saturday. hook at thermometer readings. 90 on friday, 91 saturday. 81 on sunday. tomorrow through sunday, a single forecast that says upper 80s, low 90s with a chance for they rolled out the red carpet for the premiere of the new meryl streep movie, she plays the 1940s heiress who was determined to make it big as an opera singer even though she didn't have the voice to do so.
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whether i was talking to florence or to merrill. they started to blend. >> he says he was nervous to work along with the legendary actress.
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? ? ? you live life your way. your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. not exactly what a-rod had in mind. >> not at all. he won't play in all four games before his yankee
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won't start tonight or tomorrow night. that contradicts what he said on sunday. >> i came to the stadium really excited and is hoping i would lay all three games and. he just said we're trying to win games. >> yankees trying win games. their chances were hurt with severino back in the rotation tonight. just one win 7 hits, 5 runs in 4 and a third. chase headley off the monster, takes a nice bounce for the yankees. tries to stretch to a
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5.5 back in the wildcard chase. mets trying to do something they haven't done in a month. win back-to-back games. i'm talking two straight. steven matz looking for just his second win since may 25th. one of seven during that span. struck out a career high nine batters. the d-backs took the lead in the 6th. not for long though. neal 6th. his 20th of the year. 3-2 mets. arizona put two runners on in the 7th. and then bases clearing triple for michael bourn. the metal count from --
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two days before the jets strap on the pads against
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perform list, cleared for practice, limited today. also limited, eric decker. at this point better safe than sorry. fitzpatrick had a solid day. holstad also has this in mind. >> getting out of the game clean. no penalties, no turnovers, and love to get a few just avoiding the first game sloppiness. >> you can check out jets' preseason opener against jacksonville thursday right here. victor cruz has been injury-free, suffers a tight groin, left practice early.
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meter butterfly. his 24th overall medal, 20 of them gold. and later he won as part of the 4 by 200 freestyle relay. the women's gymnastics team goes back-to-back rex ryan peting as the gold medal winner. serena lost in the 3rd round. she won't go back-to-back. >> too bad. u.s. open coming up. getting ready for that. >> very focused on that. >> experimenting with the facial and the head hair. >> yes! >> got time to work it out. >> it's true. [ laughter ] >> it was here and here and he's cutting it down.
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0 >> thanks so much for joining
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>> two minutes, stephen. >> stephen: thanks, mark. ( laughter ) ( popping sound ) ( laughter ) ( popping sound ) ? ? ? >> tonight, stephen welcomes uzo aduba. astrophysicist neil degrasse tyson. and a musical performance by adia victoria. featuring jon batiste and stay


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