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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  August 10, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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amidst the aftermath of the george washington bridge lane closing scandal, chris christie held a press conference where he denied his staff knew anything about a plan to jam up traffic for political retribution. new court documents may show staff members were aware of the plan to close lanes on the bridge. this is a text message exchange between christina renna, christie's then director of intergovernmental affairs and peter sheridan part of christie's re-election campaign. the conversation is happening during christie's remark that at noon. renna says are you listening? he just flat outside lied about senior staff and steppee not being aware. senior replied, i'm listening. renna starts to question what's happening at the podium and if there's trouble to come, writing, yes, but he lied, and if e-mails are found with the subpoena or ccfg e-mails are uncovered in discovery, if it comes to that, it could be bad. lawyers for bill barroen the
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bridge gate filed for these texts to be included in ef in his federal trial next month. glenn shackleford station 1010 wins caught up with christie this afternoon. here's what he had to say. >>reporter: what do you say to ms. renna here? >> i don't say anything to her. nothing i can say. >>reporter: just dismiss it or -- >> yes. i think you can tell that's what i'm doing. >>reporter: ms. renna denied her knowledge of any wrongdoing surrounding lane closures under address the texts during public testimony. chris and mary. >> thank you. three firefighters remain in critical condition after a huge fire in the bronx. it broke out yesterday at a home in wakefield abquickly spread. cbs 2's andrea grymes joins us live from jacoby medical center where the firefighters are being treat. andrea. >>reporter: chris and mary, we heard from fire commissioner dan negra within the last hour, confirming those three men are still in critical condition here at the hospital, but expected to survive.
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rubble, these men are recovering and negra says he's just glad things weren't a lot worse. charred black siding and boarded up wiis, the remnants of a -- boarded of windows, the remnants of a raging fire on 235th street in the wakefield section of the bronx. ivy's home is one of five that went up in flames. >> everything is actually scorched in the fire. >>reporter: she says her home was destroyed, but everyone made it out safely which was brave firefighters who worked to put out the four-alarm fire. >> i feel so bad for them because they work very hard, i mean, and then they're fighting to save your life, your stuff, their family is fighting for them, you know. >>reporter: the fdny says a hot fire on a hot day proved especially dangerous and difficult for crews. 51-year-old firefighter joseph brady had a heart attack. 34-year-old firefighter patrick
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stable condition. 54-year-old lieutenant joseph marterelhad burn injuries but treat and released from jacoby medical center. >> this has been a very difficult day for our department. >>reporter: since so many bronx crews were at the fire scene, other companies were called in to the borough to help with backup staffing. that's how a fourth firefighter was severely injured about three miles away at westchester avenue and waters place. 44-year-old firefighter sean oroark from ladder 138 in off when his truck crashed into an elevated subway beam. investigators believe he was waving to warn someone and didn't see the beam. >> surgeons worked very hard yesterday and hopefully they saved that arm, and thanks to the work of our firefighters to extri indicate him from the vehicle and our emts who cared for him and got him to the hospital quickly, he has a chance to have that arm. >>reporter: neighbors in wakefield are hoping all of the
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they recover. >>reporter: and the fdny says kids playing with fire on a stove were the ones who initially caused this four- alarm fire. reporting live ouz jacoby medical center, andrea grymes, cbs 2 news. >> andrea, thank you. a very tough morning for jersey city firefighters as -- firefighters as 15 suffered heat exhaustion at a building fire. chopper 2 flew over the scene on grove street. investigators say the fire on the top floor and then spread, but heavy fire conditions and hot, humid temperatures eight of the firefighters had to be taken to the hospital for heat exhaustion. they're expected to be okay. the building houses stores on the bottom floor and apartments above. no one else was hurt. well, we've had some beautiful warm days this august, but there is a summer scorcher on the way. could be a heat wave. we find out some kids in brooklyn and prospect park are enjoying the outdoors right now the day before it gets a little
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let's go to john to see what's ahead. johnny. >> nice flashback for us on the old monkey bars. the clouds overhead are keeping the numbers lower than they were yesterday which is i ronic. 82, it's that wind, though, predominantly out of the south that's pumping in the humidity. the dewpoint right now is 74. now, that's 13 degrees higher than it was yesterday. and when that dewpoint reaches the 70-degree mark, it is oppressive. it's just harder for your body to deal with it's also doing this to our atmosphere. you see this line of showers with a few embedded thunderstorms heading from west to east. now, normally they weaken, but there's so much available moisture we're seeing some stronger storms now around new canaan and into parts of morris county, over into somerset and hunterdon as well. this will continue to push through, and then they'll be some on-again-off-again showers. a few more this morning this afternoon with a hint of sun. the problem is it's going to be
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we'll talk about that potential heat wave coming up in a bit. right now, back to mary. >> john, thank you. a shooting for young people at a church in scwrers city late last night, a 17-year- old is dead. officials say the victim had a loaded gun on him. cbs 2's steve langford reports. >>reporter: a party for young people inside this storefront church tuesday night when the shooting started about 11:30 here on communepaw avenue at park street >> some girls are crying, people are screaming. >>reporter: this witness who doesn't want to be ti >> i saw three ambulances pull up. i didn't -- i saw one person being carted away on a gurney. >>reporter: one young man died of his gunshot weuns in here, two young -- wounds in here, two young teenaged girls were wounded. >> an individual entered the party last night. he shot the victim twice in the head. it was targeted, and we have leads on the shooter as well. >> i'm just shocked that it
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>>reporter: neighbors around here say the church hall has had its share of trouble recently. >> they should have checked and pat these kids down -- patted these kids down, because their mother shouldn't have to go through this right now. >>reporter: the suspected shooter is still at large. in jersey city, steve langford, cbs 2 news. a plea this morning from the queens father whose daughter was murdered last week. karina vetrano was sexually assaulted and killed as she went for a run near her home. cbs 2's hazel sanchez is live in howard beach with that story here for hazel, good afternoon. >>reporter: yeah, karina vetrano's killer is still out there somewhere. her father is convinced that someone knows something that will lead to an arrest. he is hoping that a cash reward will encourage people to come forward. so far police have doubled their reward to $20,000, but today mr. vertrano announced an effort to raise money for a award of $100,000.
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discovered his daughter carrina's body in a nearby state park after she'd gone for an early evening run. police are still searching for her killer. vertrano says he wants to increase the reward to $100,000 for information leading to an arrest. family friends have set up a go fund me page, asking for donations. >> i'm pleading with the public, with the country, $5, $10, whatever, we need to raise a lot we can get this person out. somebody knows something, somebody's gotta say something, and with this amount of money, maybe they will. >>reporter: vertrano has visited the crime scene everyday since his daughter's murder to speak with investigators. he says there are many leads, but police need more. vertrano says he knows the suspect could be watching, and to that person this grieving father has a warning. >> i'm sorry for you because
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now, and you will pay for an eternity. so there's no way to hide. we're going to find you. >>reporter: philip vertrano is a firefighter and a 9/11 first responder. he says for years people have come up to him and said thank you for your service, is there anything i can do for you. he says now there is something you can do. you can donate to the go fund me page. in less than a day, that go fund me page has raised more we're live in howard beach, hazel sanchez, cbs 2 news. >> hazel, thank you. now to the campaign trail where two polls out today show democrat hillary clinton gaining ground in one key battleground state. the latest quinnpiac poll shows clinton ahead of republican nominee donald trump in pennsylvania, up 10%. she shows a slight lead over trump in ohio. the two are neck and neck in florida. according to the newest marrist survey clinton edges trump out
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points in ohio. in pennsylvania clinton now enjoying an 11-point lead. pollsters say supporters on both sides are motivated by their negative feelings for the opposing party's candidate. much more ahead here on cbs 2 news at noon, an innocent woman shot to death during a police department demonstration. find out exactly what happened. and then out of control, a car flips over and lands on the sidewalk, injuring two people. plus this. >> she just put it in my hand, flipped my hand around it an said fake it. >> -- and said take it. >> a woman struggleing to
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chopper 2 over a bad accident in ozone parks, queens. it happened around 10:00 a.m. at least two cars crashed, and as you can see one ended up flipped over, landing on the sidewalk. two people were taken to jamaica hospital. the fire department says their injuries are not life threatening. we don't know yet how the acciap live gun demonstration in florida, a woman shot and killed by a police officer during a class about police procedures. cbs 2's david begnow has more on the investigation. >>reporter: it happened just before 7:00 p.m. tuesday night at the pontegourda public safety complex. mary noteon was among 35 people taking part in the eight-week citizen police academy. >> two participant wrs randomly
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during the first scenario, in a horrible accident, participant mary notten was mistakenly struck with a live roun. >>reporter: the elderly victim was transportd to a local hospital and -- transported to a local hospital and pronounced dead. her son gave a statement to cbs news saying, quote, this is a devastating time for us. my mom was a saint, such a tremendous loss of a wonderful human being and the best mom a kid could ever hope for. >> our entire police department and all of our city lea everyone involve in this unimaginable event. >>reporter: nolten was reportedly shot several times. that's according to a photographer who was covering the event for the charlotte sun. nolten was active in the peunt gourd a community, volunteering as a local board member for her library group. the officer who shot and killed her is on paid administrative leave right now. one of the questions people are asking is why was a real gun
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the police department says ms. nolten was well known in this community. this is a small community where everybody here at the police department knew her on a first- name basis. david begnow, cbs news, punta gourda, florida. >> the florida department of law enforcement is heading the investigation. well, a good samaritan reaches out to help a stranger. >> he picked me up and just kept me going. >> the selfless gesture that changed a woman's life. and john elliot and a steamy forecast. >> you said it, mary. heat and humidity on the we'll do the math and serve it
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thank you.
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making sarah feel like she hit the lottery. >> she just put it in my hand, cloaked my hand around it and said take it, and just walked away. >>reporter: sarah was so stunned she didn't even get the name of the woman who helped her, but if that woman happens to see this stor give her $30, she gave her some hope. >> pick me up and just kept me going and n a really rough time right now. >>reporter: the story at the south orange stop and shop is making customers stop and think about being kind. >> act of kindness is good. just pass it on. >> it's great. it's great. i hope more people start doing that. >>reporter: and while sarah is not sure how she'll pay this forward. >> i have thought about that a lot, actually. >>reporter: she hopes to be
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stranger change hers. in south orange, new jersey, jessica leighton, cbs 2 news >> we're in her corner, hoping that job thing comes through. pay it back. exactly, pay it forward. let's talk a little weather right now here at 12:20. some rain in the area, some really sticky, humid temperatures out there. that's for sure. let's get over to john with his exclusive forecast. >> it's a sticky situation today, right through the weekend as well. let's talk a little bit more specifically about the rain. weather watchers reporting for duso some still in the 70s. i like this from bruce, 76 in armonk. and listen to this, hey, we just had a gully gusher, half an inch of rain in 15 minutes. so you see half an inch and think it's not a big deal. it's the rainfall rate that can lead to a little bit of flooding. it's interesting, though, mike has 76 and radar may look impressive, but we've only had a little bit of light drizzle. so that's interesting. tony celebrating some rain because he's so dry there.
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some tomatoes and kathy reminding us it is national spoil your dog day. i share this because the dogs are going to want to stay in the a.c. with the kind of humidity over the -- with the coming humidity over the next few days. in the city right now, it's chock full of irony because the clouds overhead are keeping us a little cooler. it's 82, cooler relative to yesterday, but it's so humid. 82 in the city. look, a lot of stations still in the 70s, some mid-80s. jersey shore steamy for you at 86. but the temperature change for many of us it cooler, but when you combine that with the dewpoint, the heat index is already 88 in the city. we have a heat index already for monmouth and ocean county at 95. 85 the high, we'll feel warmer and that is above normal, 98 and 55 your records. sun sets at 8:00. possibly some sun to see, but not as much. uv forecast is down to a 6. pollen up a bit, 4.7. air quality is still good. that will likely suffer over
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connecticut now, it's westport, norwalk, seeing some heavy rain, bridgeport as well. and then down in around harding now -- well, it's pushing in closer to union and essex county, that line holding together. and then you see a bit of a break. it's the predominant wind out of the south, though, bringing in the heat and look at this, some gusty winds for parts of the south shore, and that pull or the reverse of that leads to high rip currents. so heading to the beach this afternoon, watch the skies for storms, but then also the buddy st current risk. here's the pattern. heat and humidity way up, scattered thunderstorms. let's talk about those real- feel numbers. and as we look ahead into the future, we're looking at the possibility of heat index values of 100 to 105 thursday. this model may be overstated, but 106 for a real feel on friday? don't forget, each and everyday popup showers and storms, some of those could be heavy as well. >> so what you're saying is
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town? >> you gotta be smart over the next few days or you're going to feel it. >> get ready. all right, john, thanks. when we come back -- ? ? rumor has it ? ? >> the rumors are swirling around adele. find out who she's reportedly talking to about a huge
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up plays for next year's super bowl half time show and rumor has it at the top of the possible list of performers, adele. she's currently on her soldout world tour for her album "25". tonight she'll is perform in los angeles. an nfl source told the newspaper the sun that the league is doing everything possible to get adele because it can bank on her rolling in the viewers. super bowl 41 takes place next february in houston. >> i for sure will be one of them. love her. coming up on cbs 2 news tonight beginning at back to school time. the five free apps that will help parents get organize. >> then coming up at 6:00, cbs 2 demanding answers and getting action, the announcement from lawmakers about computer glitches and long lines at the dmv. those stories and much more tonight on cbs 2 news beginning at 5:00. swimmer michael phelps lost the 200-meter butterfly at the 2012 olympics in london. >> well, last night in rio was his chance to make up for that
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he held off a japanese swimmer by.04 second. he has 21 total gold medals in his career, 21 gold medals. the u.s. women's gymnastics team may made it look easy as well. the five tumbled away with their second consecutive gold medal with strong performance in all of the events. it began with the vault and then ended with simonebaugh's spectacular floor exercise. >> they are amazing to watch. those leaps. incredible. that's it for us at noon. for john and the entire cbs 2 news team, i'm mary calvi. >> i'm chris wragge. cbs 2 news is back at 5:00. we'll see you tomorrow morning
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