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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  August 10, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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he scaled one of the city's best known skyscrapers using suction cups. the dramatic capture 20 stories up. >> i reached out, took hold of his hand. >> and a message for mr. trump. >> i guarantee it is in your interest to honor this request. >> from the man behind the >> something i haven't seen yet in new york. >> i'm maurice dubois. 21 story, three hours, and midtown shut down as we all watched this dramatic scene unfold. we have team coverage of the trump tower climb, and it begins with valerie castro live on 5th avenue. >> reporter: tonight that young man is at bellevue hospital after being taken into police custody. she 20 years old.
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steve. >> reporter: after several tensz hours, the trump tower suction cup climber was finally caught, hauled in through an open window pie waiting officers 21 story above the street. >> i reached out i took hold of his hand, and i said sir, you need to come with me >> reporter: the spectacle started around 3:30 wednesday afternoon when people began to postpictures and video. he began his climbe from an outdoor terrace. the exclusive video from inside trump tower shows a cleanup shot of the man who appeared quite calm. outside the tower he could be seen placing the cups to inch his way up and around the building. he paused, appeared to say something, and took a drink out of a water bottle from his bag. on the ground, police
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and along 56th street. pedestrians were coraled mind metal barricades left to w who he could be. >> i think he's probably a nutjob! >> i have no idea. i'm just walking home from work and seeing this and surprised at what's going on. >> people take things to the extreme. maybe it's a trump hoax. >> reporter: the opposite is true. the climber claims to be a trump supporter and says he pulled the stunt inpe meeting the republican candidate for president. he posted this video to youtube earlier this week. >> the reason i chimed your tower is i that via conventional means i would be much less likely to have success. >> reporter: around the base of trump tower, police vehicles, fire trucks, ambulances. on the building's facade -- [ crowd noise ] >> reporter: officers cut open
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missing the man. others were lowered in large buckets to surround him. >> we try to isolate and contain him to a point where it would give us a tactical advantage to take him into custody of >> reporter: once inside the tower he was evaluated. he was whisked away to a waiting ambulance headed for bellevue hospital. >> reporter: we do know the young man and s 20 police tell us he knot here from virginia yesterday. it's unclear if he'll face any charges. police say heave unarmed when he was taken into custody. donald trump was not in the city for any of this. he was in virginia. it took patience, excellent police work, and is quick, strong hands to get climber inside. jessica laidon is live
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>> reporter: anyone who watched this rescue play out today, whether it was in person or on tv, i think we were all holding our breath wondering how it was all going to end. >> reporter: they tried to to come down from trump tower. >> i could see he was tired. >> reporter: as the man from virginia scaled his way up, officers kept their composure and patience. detective christopher williams explains they had to wait for the perfect time to present itself. finally three hours in, it did. >> when that time came, i did lettim know, listen, he's at a
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him safely. >> reporter: during our nearly 2-hour live coverage, retired nypd sergeant joe explained the mentality involved in a delicate mission. >> takinge ing on somebody's weight, 160 pound, whatever it may be, and whatever he's got in the backpack. this is a very dangerous move for the police department but they're the best trained in the world >> reporter: a dare stunt the man hoped would get him a meeting with trump put him custody. >> reporter: we're expecting that man will be here at least overnight for his mental health evaluation. charges will be lodged against him aren't exactly cheer yet. but we're told they will probably include reckless endangerment.
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tweeted. today's drama takes to new heights the passions we've been seeing this campaign season. tony ayellow continues our coverage. >> amazing how many people are there watching this man >> reporter: playing now the full viewer captured by camera, campaign 2016 marked by the odd, unusual, and angry. >> anger is all the way around in this cycle. much more so than in the rossi says we're seeing that manifest in the theft of trump signs and the recent arson attack on a pro trump t on staten island. >> in this case, trump really gets you. he agitates some people to act out impulsively. >> reporter: we're also seeing passions run high for the presidential candidate. a pennsylvania woman painted her
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trump. rossi says the supporters view trump as the man, yes, make america great again. >> this is how they show it. this is how they are emotionally charged. >> reporter: there's an ugly tone on some of what's happening. a trump supporter used a slur against hillary clinton on a sign at his gas station. an irish bar owner plastered a picture of donald trump in a urinal. was wednesday's tower climb the heigh we'll know in 90 days. if the climb wasn't enough drama for one day, we had some severe weather around here making news as well. lonnie quinn in the weather center. and we had confirmed tornados on long island connecticut as well. >> low-grade tornadoes but not
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line was tornadic activity move real fast. across the sound, are you kidding me? >> it took three hours? here it so unpredictable. you'll see in a tornado situation where one house will be destroyed, another house nothing happens at all. it's calm out there right now. tomorrowing be a repeat performance. a plea for help from the father of the jogger in order queens last week, karinetwork a
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assaulted and strangled in a park. her father asked for help raising money for a second reward. the deadline has been extend forward a new contract for extra nypd officers at concerts and is sporting events. three quarters of the 100 organizations involved and the paid detail program have already signed a new contract. the current one was set to expire tomorrow. after our story last night, nypd tells us the deadline has been pushed back to
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a heat the run on the water. >> put my hands up and is said really? >> the search for the boat who are took off after causing injuries and damage. >> the video of her walking down the hallway is so haunting. >> an intruder ransacks her home while the victims are sleeping. this bizarre burglary involved more than just theft. and a brand-new playground is already shut down. the danger underneath the swing set. we talked to a about why she wants to join the
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a chilling burglary on camera. a woman is seen wandering around a home in oregon while a family of eight was fast asleep just a few feet away. the family woke up and found their home ransacked. after reviewing the security video, they saw the woman wearing sunglasses trying on their clothing, even fixing herself something to eat. >> so violating. in so many ways. this is your safe haven. you come home and this is where the world is done. this is your home. >> police eventually arrested
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facing several charges including burglary, theft, and criminal trespassing. a developing story, a hit and run on the water. police are looking for a boater who took off after nearly crushing a long island mother along the south shore. >> reporter: a peaceful sunday evening, matthew scully was navigating his boat home. his wife, 13-year-old daughter and friends on board. the family taking in thevi >> >> reporter: it was a boat like this one speeding through what is supposed to be a 5 mile per hour zone it. slammed into them, flying over the motor, smashing the windshield glass, and knocking his wife unkosh. >> this 30-foot monster on an 18-foot center console landed on top of us. on top of people. and then sped off. forget the boat. >> reporter: scully made eye
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boater hit the gas and sped toward oceanside. >> no expression. i put my hands up and said really? you're leaving? >> reporter: his wife was sitting in this chair when the boat came up from behind and she fell to the floor. if the side of the boat wasn't tall, she could have been crushed. nassau police searching for the driver, a white male between 50 and 60 years old, very tan with a goatee. >> all police officers in that precinct and all marinas, all the waterways >> reporter: scully is searching too. for this family, the water will never be the same. >> scully says his swief recovering but has three broken ribs and is a fractured spine. governor christie being called a liar as new documents emerge in the bridgegate scandal. a staffer claims he
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news conference." the governor said his staff was not involved in lane closures and the ensuing traffic tie-s up. today the governor denied the latest allegations. >> ridiculous. nothing new. >> staff are charged with corruption and fraud. they go on trial next month. cbs 2 demanded answers. now new jersey lawmakers want action on the vehicle commission offices. for months, residents have faced long lines to get driver's licenses and car registrations. the agency blames a 30-year-old computer system and drivers who wait until the last minute at end of the month to renew. some lobes were closed and staff -- locations were closed and staff cut. >> here you have more than enough money generated at this
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top-shelf operation. >> the motor vehicle commission says it will add employees at the busiest locations. a prand new playground in queens is padlocked because of a sinkhole. it is only a few months old, but the jungle gym is collapsing. we asked the department of education whether but they could not say -- contractor will pay to fix it. they would not say. a 15-year-old girl is trying to join the boy scouts. sydney ireland of bridge hampton long island has created an online petition. it's been signed by almost 5,000 people. for more than ten year, she's tagged along on camping trips and skill sessions with her older brother. >> there's a large percentage
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elite institutions because they're eagle scouts. to just be scouts in general, i think it should be open for everyone. >> the boy scouts say allowing girls into the organization would go against its charter created 100 years ago. lonnie quinn is here looking at this forecast. what a day, what a night! >> that air is just muggy and current temperatures are hovering somewhere around the 80-degree mark. out east, 79 from nancy. saying very muggy. just what we were talking about. drizzle only, nothing measurable. how interesting is that. a little further east, and flooding conditions in portions of suffolk county! outside right
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your picture. soupy! that thick air, lots of humidity out there. 84 degrees your current reading. 85 was the high. 86 ended up being the high temperature. we just hit it 10:30 at night. believe it or not. 3 degrees above the average. what you should be planning on. a scattered chance for some wet weather as you go through the overnight hours. a popup storm possible through sunday. tom had a feels-like temperature -- the worst i could find in the area. 103.
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it's gonna get extend forward friday and probably for saturday as well. i think the two days will be even hotter than tomorrow. let's look at what the vortex satellite and radar is serving up. not as active as it was in spots today. today we had some activity in some spots, no activity in others. another batch in central pennsylvania, just south of williams port, moving to the east, making its way to bridgewater, 2:00 in morning. all contingent on this holding itself together. it may weaken but it probably will hold some of it together. the bigger picture, thunderstorms right now. we're watching this flow come up from the southwest. and that's a muggy, hot flow. a lot of instability in it.
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any day. thursday, friday, saturday, sunday remember maybe even monday. by monday, we're gonna break the big-time heat, at least on the tail end of it. temperatures around 90 degrees from thursday through sunday. then you got that storm chance as well. it is august weather. >> sure is. otis now looking ahead to your sports. >> the mets putting a little overtime, reflected in their checks. would they cash in and tonight joe girardi
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joe girardi threw a curve ball. no the ball game in the 9th inning last night. girardi was sticking to the script today. got a little testy. >> my job description does not entail a farewell tour. my job description is to try to win every game and put everyone in the best possible position to do that. and that's what i'm trying to do. >> trying to win games! in the 7th inning, he had a change of heart. a-rod could help him win.
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a-rod gives it a ride. made it big for a 3-run homer. winds up with a sac fly, sending gary sanchez to 3rd. a-rod not happy with them. the yankees able to cash in. 4 more runs in the inning. sanchez had 3 singles and this bomb in the 8th major league debut from bronx native tj rivera, a leading hitter in the triple-a coast league. bartolo colsn leads the mets this year. mets haven't won a game when trailing after eight innings. 2-0 in the 9th.
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sanchez' homer ties it at 2 apiece. they're in the 12th right now. we'll check in at giants camp. the latest on victor cruz.
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victor cruz wasn't on the field for the second straight day. he says he's not worried about the groin injury. his status for the season open sernot known. beckham jr. out there working like this, then like this, ready? got it. bam. he's more focused on the season opener than friday night's game. when asked what role he's seen in his game, he got a little philosophical. >> when you want something so bad, and you feel as if it's right there and you want to go out and get it, but it's already going to come to you to. sit back and let it come to, you it's tough. so i'm just workingobbing patient -- on
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of life. >> deep, man. less than 24 hours away from kickoff in the jets' preseason opener, hosting the jags. our coverage begins right here on cbs 2. >> philosophically 101. [ laughter ] >> the handshake was impressive too. >> that was. the guy the handshakes with each other, the impressive part is when basketball players have them with each player. >> different ones.
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