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tv   CBS 2 News at 5  CBS  August 11, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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high pressure is offshore keeping it hot. continuing to trigger and firing off storms throughout the area. a little bit of the thunder activity around hempstead but what i see around here for your day tomorrow similar to today. feeling like 100 or more. thunderstorm chances at 93 and repeat that for a number of days. up. >> it is a struggle to stay cool. vanessa murdoch has more on how we're doing. >> i was involuntarily sweating today. that's what i was doing. we're here on the upper west side. temperature is 94 degrees. the heat index right now, take a look, 107. so consider what it feels like out here today. we asked people to describe it for us without using the words
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>> i feel like i'm walking in a hot bath. >> reporter: or you feel like a marshmallow over a fire. >> mushy. >> reporter: it mayor de blasio a five-minute walk feel like a two-hour journey. >> it's hard to breathe. >> offensively hot. it offends my sensibility that it's this hot. >> reporter: suzanne says she is doing her best to be a considerate new yorker and not overpower the grid. it's game on for this crew. they have been out on the turf for two hours.
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he is winded of a sprint. describe the feeling. >> it's hot. all our feets are burning right now. >> reporter: they are playing smart soccer to make sure everyone walks off the field feeling okay. >> for what it's worth, we keep refilling our bottles. >> keep cool in the shade resting everything 30 minutes or so. >> reporter: or just take it easy. avoid exertion. on the weekend, as lonnie said, this heat is here to indices to climb into the weekend so be careful. take take care of yourself, elderly neighbors, pets and children. vanessa murdoch, cbs 2 news. keep it right here with cbs 2 for continuing coverage of this hot and humid weather. we'll check back in with lonnie in just a few minutes. after the climb that captured the nation's attention comes a lot of questions.
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yesterday right during this newscast a 19-year-old using suction cups scaling sling trump tower for three hours before he was removed from the tower. getting this is easy but how safe is the building? cbs 2's christine sloan is live at trump tower with that story. >> reporter: the trump campaign is headquartered inside this building. donald trump lives here. so do other people. their entrance is on 56th street but the 19-year-old went thro me, the public entrance, just like tourists do. daring and dangerous, even by new york standards. >> i thought it was crazy. >> climbing up trump tower for almost three hours using power grip suction cups. you can hear the sound of the suction attaching to the glass from video shot inside. for the 19-year-old identified by police as steven rogata getting into trump tower wasn't difficult. >> just opened the door and walked through. >> reporter: we used an iphone
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was for the virginia teen to do what he did. he took an escalator to the fourth floor of the building. i'm told he made his way into the building came to this public garden on the fourth floor and more than likely walked on this ledge behind me to the south side of the building. it's where he scaled his way up, reaching the 21st floor where nypd officers pulled him in through an open window. manny gomez a former nypd been caught sooner. >> i'm sure they are going over the film as we speak and trying to see how this person was able to get so high so fast without anybody noticing it and stopping him. >> reporter: a number of nypd officers on guard today the trump organization telling us no comment on security directing inquiries to the secret service. he apparently drove his car to new york city from virginia and left a notebook on the ground level of trump tower
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himself talking about an important message to trump, who he supports. >> the reason i climbed your tower was to get your attention. if i had sought via conventional means i would be much less likely to have success. >> reporter: his message is unclear but police have a laptop that fell out of his backpack. this is what his neighbors in virginia have to say about him? >> he is a nice young man who has had some troubles with school and things like that in his last year. that's the only that point, a model student and model person. >> reporter: trump was in virginia when the teen was climbing the building. the secret service was with trump. now, there is a sign up front that says, bags are subject to a search but apparently this teenager didn't look suspicious. live on the east side, christine sloan, cbs2 news. was it a hate crime? fireworks thrown on the
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rockland county. now police are trying to figure out why. alice gainer has more from new city. >> reporter: this tree went up in flames tuesday night after someone through fireworks on the property here on tarryhill drive. >> my daughter said she heard a loud book and said ma, someone is throwing firecrackers on our lawn. she heard a loud loom. she said marks the tree is on fire. >> reporter: the home belongs to the family of rabbi [indiscernible name] of nearby chabad lebovitc. another rabbi shows us a spot in his driveway where a firework was also thrown around 10:30 on tuesday night on phillips hill road. it landed under a parked car. police recovered the m98 firework remnants at both locations. >> we heard a very loud boom outside the front door. we ran outside. there was a lot of smoke and dust. >> reporter: both attacks happened within moments of each other and within feet.
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at this home. the adl held a rally this afternoon with local leaders condemning it. >> hate and intolerance and anti-semitism have no place in rockland county. >> reporter: it's not a hate crime but it hasn't been ruled out yet. >> there is evidence there were teens in the area at the time. i believe one of the witnesses saw four young men leaving the area explosions. >> reporter: families say they were targeted. >> it's two houses. one rabbi house after another. if there is a message you are trying to convey, send us a letter, pick up a telephone, we're here, we would love to talk. >> reporter: they would rather fight hate with love, they say. alice gainer, cbs 2 news. >> the anti-defamation league is offering a $2,500 reward for information leading to arrests of those responsible.
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also reported in the area last month. the mayor of mount vernon wants to know why more wasn't done to prevent a tragedy. new information is uncovered in a case. cbs 2's lou young has the story. >> reporter: the place where the child was killed is known to the child protective services. caseworkers were here dealing with the family at least a dozen times prior to last 's calls involved a child with a broken arm. most of the calls going back years. mount vernon cops say they had no idea. were you shocked to find out how many times they had been there? >> in this particular incident, yes. it's disturbing. >> reporter: the medical examiner estimates the toddler died thursday night between 9 and 10:00. police weren't called for eight hours. it was an aunt saying, my niece is dead, my niece is dead.
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been in a freezer. the mayor of this city suggested if this had happened in a more affluent community in westchester county anywhere but mount vernon child protective services would have already taken action. >> i need to understand why mount vernon was treated the way it was relative to a bronx or scarsdale. i need to understand what judgment calls they made here that they made differently elsewhere. >> reporter: the dead child's mother is charged with first- degree manslaughter held on $50,000 bond. but thwe apartment considering the long history of social worker visits here and the long delay reporting the death, there could be more to come. mount vernon says it wants at risk families identified to them so they can step in and help. >> we want to do that in the event cps drops the ball again. i think they did it this time. >> reporter: a spokesman says simply, our staff's dedication is the same regardless of geography or individual circumstances and their hearts
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time an innocent life is taken. in mount vernon, lou young, cbs 2 news. >> the toddler has two older sisters 8 and 9. both were removed from the home even though extended family lived there. nearly a dozen people were hurt and a man jumped from a second-story window when fire broke out early this morning in the bronx. cell phone video shows the flames shooting from the multi- family home. this is on east 202nd street in bedford park around 2 a.m. fdny says the electrical fire ar conditioner and there was no working smoke alarm. chris' wife ran out of the apartment but his brother-in- law had to jump. >> jump out the window and hurt himself. the window cut him up as he was going out. he had burns. >> in addition to the man seriously hurt when he jumped, three firefighters and six other residents had minor injuries. they are annoying and in some cases illegal. [phone rings ]
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few gifts. >> so how are telemarketers getting around the "do not call" list even on your cell phone? the new plan to silence them. >> a youth sports facility repeatedly attacked by burglars and vandals but it was caught on camera. >> a traffic jam in a long island neighborhood. and neighbors say it's because of a library. we'll tell you the plan to ease congestion. >> the new information police revealed about a murdered jogger from new york who was
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new information tonight on the murder of a new york city woman nearby boston. the worcester district attorney says there was a struggle between vanessa marcotte and her killer. investigators are searching for a man with scratches and bruises. she disappeared sunday on a jog in princeton, massachusetts. she worked at google in manhattan. in campaign 2016 today,
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focused on the economy. hillary clinton and donald trump talked jobs and trade. cbs 2's tony aiello is here with more. >> reporter: the democrat spoke in michigan and promised to promote policies that would create 10 million jobs. the republican was in florida saying his opponent lacked vision and energy to get it done. the former new york senator toured a precision manufacturing plant near detroit and claimed a kinship with workers on the factory floor. >> i am the daughter of granddaughter of a factory worker and proud of both. [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: secretary clinton said her plan to grow jobs and the economy includes investing $275 billion to build infrastructure, rewriting the tax code to penalize companies that move jobs overseas, and new tax incentives for firms that share profits with employees. >> donald trump wants to give trillions in tax breaks to
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veterans, our kids, our police officers, and so much more. >> reporter: trump says clinton has failed on the economy for years pointing to her unfulfilled senate promise up to state new york to create 200,000 jobs. >> she will make a speech today and she will be talking about what she is going to do for the country. she doesn't have the talent to do it. >> reporter: trump also continued to develop a theme that clinton lacks stamina and energy. >> the speeches are so short, though. they don't last long, you get out of here. go back home and go to sleep. [ laughter ] >> reporter: thursday, clinton spoke for 40 minutes and got in an olympic zinger on trump. >> if team usa was as fearful as trump, michael phelps and simone biles would be cowering in the locker room afraid to come out to compete [screaming] ! >> reporter: crumpch trump says clinton would be an --
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obama third team with mediocre jog growth and stagnant wages. her focus seems to be paying off for the first time in a major poll, clinton is now slightly ahead of trump on the question, who do you trust to handle the economy? >> thank you. a long island library's popularity is so high right now, it is actually running out of parking space for patrons. book neighbors property. they are fuming. the library's director plan may please everyone involved. >> reporter: family time at the north babylon library in suffolk county is a great time to read to the kids but it's a bad time to find a place to park. the small lot has only 42 spaces and in the summertime that has parents using any means possible to create a space. >> i have seen people parking in the entrance ways. there's no place to park. and you almost end up having
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often forced to park across the street from the library on the other side of deer park avenue an extremely busy road. >> when my son is with me, i have to cross the road with him without the car and sometimes it's really terrible. >> reporter: the library director, mark horowitz, says every day he is forced to play traffic cop. >> we had somebody pull up on the grass right over here. >> reporter: horowitz says he has the answer now that the owners of a neighboring home are willing to property. with money from its reserve fund, the library would be able to more than double its parking. >> we have the cash. we can do it. we are not asking for a bond issue. we're not asking for financial assistance. >> reporter: many neighbors applaud the proposal sick and tired of people parking in front of their homes sometimes even blocking their driveways. residents will have a chance to vote on the proposal on tuesday august 30. if they vote yes, it may take a little while but this
5:19 pm
in north babylon, ali bauman, cbs 2 news. >> if approved, the library says it will ask a nonprofit group to move the existing home off the property to be used as affordable housing for needy families or veterans. let's talk about this weather. lonnie quinn here. when is this going to end? a lot of people are just sweating it out. >> you're going to have a long run of this type of weather. it's so muggy. we were talking. that air felt thick, right? it's even thicker out there right now. here's your picture. i'm going cloudy sky. feels like 89 degrees. you were feeling like the trip trip out there. if you take a look at how i think things will progress, no changes for the next five days. what's going on here? you have this high pressure offshore so storms are allowed to enter our area from the west. they can't leave because you have this blocking high pressure that's just going to repeat itself and repeat itself and repeat itself. it's going to be hot and
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can't make a clean sweep and get in and out. would you much rather have a quick hitter with strong storms and get out of here. you're catching the ledge for five days straight and that high isn't exiting. staten island with a good storm moving in now. this little blue dot is where the mobile weather lab is parked in edgewater, new jersey. let's take a live picture from the mobile weather lab and if we could let's get to the back of theb i'd like to see the dew points on the display. this really dictates how hungry it feels out thro. if you find any reading that's going to be above 70 degrees, that is oppressive. dew point right now coming in at 73.3. all right? where he is right now in
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index. it feels like 107 degrees. i mean, this is crazy stuff. there are some storms that will be spotty for everybody out there. not everybody getting in at the same time. the storm chance is with us tonight into tomorrow. right through the weekend. the forecast doesn't change too much. you got to grin and bear it. it is what it is. over to you guys. >> got to grind it out. >> thick air is a great way to describe it like a heat blanket. >> we were talk last night so heavy out there. >> thanks. >> still ahead for people attacked while just trying to do their jobs. the string of crimes that police need your help to solve. >> also, the real story behind a socialized carnegie hall
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i'm dana tyler. at 6:00 a family's fight to keep their dying mother comfortable. she was given six months to live and put in hospice two years ago. >> queens boulevard often called one of the most dangerous roads. residents say there's a new threat bike lanes. hazel sanchez looks into the problem. and the jets play later
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metlife with a preview. see you at 6:00 i missed the red memo >> i know. great minds think alike. got to catch up >> include me in next time meryl streep is making a household name out of florence jenkins. she was a socialite turned opera singer now the subject of the oscar winner's latest film. jill nicolini has more on the real woman of who inspired the movie. [opera ] >> she is remarkable, isn't she? >> she is a little flat >> reporter: this is from the new movie florence foster jenkins starring streep and hugh grant. she thinks she can sing. the only problem is she can't. the real life jenkins seen here somehow managed to perform for a sold-out crowd at carnegie hall in 1944
5:26 pm
fascinating fascinating concerts at carnegie hal. at 76 she booked the hall hall and couldn't sing >> reporter: the director of archives at carnegie hall says jenkins was a child prodigy pianist who later contracted syphilis which may have affected her hearing. on carnegie hall's blog post they share one of her original recordings. [singing off key ] >> she was surrounded with a lot of people who knew that she had a lot of money and so did they want to sing >> i'm won of her original records >> describe to me her voice on these recordings >> disgusting >> reporter: although jenkins made about $4,000 the night of her carnegie hall performance, people were beside themselves. >> every time they thought that they would burst into laughter, they just started applauding. that just kept her going. >> she thought she was wonderful but she was slammed by the reviewers
5:27 pm
gets the most inquiries here at carnegie hall even before judy garland at beatles. in midtown, jill nicolini, cbs 2 news. >> jenkins had a heart attack two days after her concert. some say it was because she read the bad reviews. she died a month later in manhattan >> what a story >> is there anything meryl streep cannot do? >> she probably nails it. >> can't wait to see it >> out of the park coming up next here at 5:00 the technology that could help you hang up on telemarks before the season starts. the surveillance video at a youth sports facility that could help solve the crime >> and nearly two dozen dogs discovered living in a car. the tip that led to a very unusual rescue. >> back-to-school shopping can be expensive. so we are going to show you some new ways to get the best deals and we are going to show
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tire tracks on the field. equipment stolen. and a snack stand robbed. vandals strike again against a soccer facility in ocean county. good evening, i'm jessica moore >> welcome back. i'm maurice dubois. a youth sports association is already at a disadvantage before the season even
5:31 pm
cbs 2's meg baker has that story >> reporter: the fall season starts september 10 for the lakehurst manchester soccer association. but the teams have already suffered a loss. >> just in this latest break- in we are estimating around 1500 in the damage and probably another 500 in the product that was stolen >> reporter: the association building off colonial drive has been burglarized three times and vandalize continuously. you can see paint still on the cement. this last time the four teens were caught on camera >> it's messed up how people think they can do this to our fields. it costs a lot to re re to to repair >> reporter: on sunday at 3:30 a.m. they got all the concessions bought the night before >> when we have to spend money because of vandalism, it sets us back >> they stole all the poles for the light project
5:32 pm
many others >> reporter: some of the funds collected by selling food and drinks not only go towards upkeep of the fields but also a college scholarship for seniors in high school. >> we have to keep increasing the costs and we have been losing players because a lot of families can't afford the increaseed costs >> reporter: $5,000 worth of new sod had to be put down a few months ago to fix the field after someone drove all over it. >> it's not that they are takei ng it from us. they are taking it from the kids >> reporter: take another look. these four individuals may be involved in previous destruction of property. in man clester, new jersey manchester united manchester, meg baker, cbs 2 news dogs are found living with a woman in a truck in the bronx. police say they found 22 dogs living in filth and suffering in the hot vehicle. 21 puppies were there, one was an adult german shepherd. they took the dogs to a
5:33 pm
woman was taken to montefiore hospital in brooklyn there's been a string after tax on people delivering food and police want to catch whoever is behind it.. the nypd just released this video two of suspects. it was taken on dean street in bed-stuy this past saturday. there have been five attacks in the surrounding area recently. in some cases, the thieves took the deliverymen's food n others, they, stole phones and , a bicycle complaints are skyrocketing because of robo calls and complaining to the "do not call" registry. carolyn gusoff reports. [ring ] >> reporter: they assault our senses and max out our stresses. >> i'm with [ indiscernible ] service. my name is judith. and they want to give you a few gifts. so press one now to take advantage of this today >> reporter: annoying robo calls a maddening medley that cell phones can't escape >> i definitely think it's
5:34 pm
every day is like there's more and more. and there's nothing you can do >> reporter: telemarketers ringi ng up a record number of calls with the federal trade commission swamped with 5 million complaints this year from folks like barbara, who is on the national "do not call" registry. >> and how effective is that? >> not at all >> reporter: most americans are on the registry. but that hasn't stopped millions of daily violations. to my phone, too,. >> this number is on the do the federal "do not call" registry. you shouldn't be calling it. so you're violating federal law by calling this number >> reporter: the registry created more than a decade ago could trace numbers. but not anymore. >> technology has made the old system obsolete. our law would update it >> reporter: senator schumer says it doesn't work because tell marketsers can now disguise numbers often from overseas >> they can push a button and do a million calls.
5:35 pm
>> reporter: technology can weed out these spam calls. free apps like no morrow more robo roots them to a dead end. true caller reveals who is behind the unknown number but not all carriers support those services. schumer's bill requires phone carriers to provide a blocking service. but until it's battled out in congress, gross wald is not hanging up her complaints >> the telephone companies put the calls through. that's how they get paid >> reporter: some of the most in the nation, 917 and 347 right here in new york. they are receiving some 50 million robo calls each month. on long island, carolyn gusoff, cbs 2 news. >> yes. we know. consumer advocates say the best thing to do is to just hang up right away. don't press any buttons. that would confirm you're a real person and could lead to even more calls. macy's says it plans to close about 100 stores next year. sales at the nation's largest
5:36 pm
is planning a makeover and strategy. it will increase exclusive products and invest in the stores with the highest growth potential. no word which stores will close coming up next presidents have partied, find out the famous name "living large" at this property and the secret this home is hideing. >> a spinal condition almost stopped her tennis career before it began. how a special treatment just gave her new court. >> something strange in your neighborhood ? who you gonna call, ghostbusters ? >> and today in history, we are going old old school. 1984 a a hit movie and catchy tune sent ray parker junior to the top of the build board the billboard charts with this song. it was at the top of the
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cbs 2's emily smith with the tour. >> reporter: on east 57th street you have a first floor home that comes with a private garden. cathy sloan with brown harris stevens gave us the tour showing us you can enjoy the doorman entrance or forego that for your garden patio >> here we are on 57th street and sutton pl through your private garden, you enter the home >> very gracious living room. there are two sets of french doors that open to the garden >> reporter: and a bay area faceing west and south >> and it's a perfect place to have afternoon tea >> reporter: it's a 1920s building with nearly 11-foot receivings >> and now we're -- ceilings >> and now we're entering the
5:41 pm
but it's also wonderful for two >> reporter: a silver leaf ceiling that shimmers and draws the eye up >> we should take a peek in the library which is being useed now as a writer's office. one of the customers said, you know? there's so many books in this house, and we can tell they have actually been read >> reporter: off of the kitchen, a solarium an unusual find in manhattan designed by the current homeowners >> when entertaining, he doors can be opened and people can come in here and serve themselves from a buffet >> reporter: all of the floors in the home are pickle oak herringbone. a curved staircase leads to the second and third levels. upstairs, five bedrooms kept in 1920s fashion as a tribute to the era >> this was not the original master. the original master is now address now now a dressing room >> reporter: the home belongs
5:42 pm
magazines including "vanity fair" and the new yorker >> they have entertained the world in this apartment. president clinton has been here and mr. blair here has been here >> reporter: it will cost $9,750,000 to live large here. >> books probably not included. those are the most books we have ever seen seen in a "living large"." the third floor has two bedrooms, bathroom and sitting room and a laundry room for good measure up the heat anytime soon? the mobile weather lab is out and about. we'll check in with lonnie to see how long this hot stretch will last >> plus, meeting the strangers who saved his life. a local man's very special thank you. >> first, dana tyler has what's coming up on cbs 2 news at 6:00 >> reporter: jessica and maurice, tonight at 6:00, sentencing day for a man police call a violent killer. he was convicted of manslaughter in the death of a mother of four. we are in the courtroom today
5:43 pm
we'll hear from the victim's family as he learns his fate >> and dangerous roads and congested streets now busier with the addition of a bike lane. the problems neighbors say these lanes are bringing to their community. those stories and more tonight
5:44 pm
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5:46 pm
marijuana uses in the united states is up according to a new gallup poll. the survey found a percentage of had americans who smoke marijuana is doubled up upper east side up 6%. they rejeca it's in the same class a lsd and heroin scoliosis is a curvature in the spine that makes it painful to walk or run or participate in athletics. but a new procedure helps growing athletes get back on the court. steve overmyer introduces us to a tennis star >> reporter: this 14-year-old tennis player has beaten the odds. >> she is happy. she is happy with herself. she feels good. she is back playing tennis >> reporter: not long after
5:47 pm
she was diagnosed with scoliosis. she earned a usta ranking while playing through the pain. this year surgery was needed. in years past that meant a steel rod in the back and end of career. this is video of a doctor useing a new procedure called body tethering a flexible cord attached to the bones and when tightened it straightens the spine. it corrected her back just in time for her high school tennis tryouts. >> her goal for her tryouts, for her tennis team, really had her -- kept her focused and driven and she is real -- has really kept to this and i'm very proud of her >> i wanted to get it over with so i could go back to end it in this >> reporter: it's been three months since the cure. her spine has been corrected while maintaining flexibility. >> it can be devastating to learn that you have been working for something all your life and then you're not going to be able to do it again.
5:48 pm
this flexible tether that they offer this option now is incredible >> reporter: and if she makes the high school tennis team, it would be ultimate validation >> it would feel really good that all my work paid off. i'm ready to win. >> reporter: maybe just being able to play the sport she loves is another way to measure victory. >> about 4% of the population has some form of scoliosis. that includes 8-tim medal swimmer jennie thompson, james blake and the world's fastest man hussein bold all had it. i think the message is even with scoliosis it doesn't prevent you from playing athletics especially with this new procedure. >> great attitude. thank you. the lights will soon dim on a popular attraction at disf ully world. disney's main street electrical parade will end its run october 9. the spectacular parade of
5:49 pm
1977. after leaving florida, the electrical parade will open at disneyland in southern california. all right. let's talk weather now. lonnie is here and we're look at this kind of weather for the foreseeable future >> i don't see a break in it for -- look, extended forecast good for seven days out of. it's just not break. it may be less on days 6 and 7 but until then, it's just -- it's just -- it is with us. it's a persistent pattern and i just don't see the elements in the atmosphere breaking apart to allow any of this to exit. it's just going to stay with us. look at these readings out there. escape the heat, head east. it's 85 now in patchogue. john has a sun/cloud mix. it's just too hot. we had a feels-like temperature of 100 degrees at one point. when is the weather going to break? this is what we're talking about. johnny boy, it's going to be
5:50 pm
if not longer. the storms are closing in. a thunderstorm around battery park city and staten island on top of you. feels-like temperature, we feel like this: i just showed you some of the cooler air out east the hamptons still felt at 95 at the p if you look at the future feels-like temperatures by tomorrow afternoon at 4 p.m., feeling like 107 in the city. 106 in paramus and freehold. 107 -- everybody just so hot again tomorrow. by the time you get to saturday a repeat. triple digits feels-like temperatures out there. that's why we have a heat advisory in effect right now until 8 a.m. saturday. but hold on. that's a heat advisory. it will then become an
5:51 pm
they they can't issue the warning that far out so it becomes a watch. we know it's going to be happening and we also know some storms are going to be sparking up, as well. so that's all part of this forecast. every day you're looking at a storm chance and every day you're looking at the humidity remaining high and the temperatures remaining high, as well. 93 for a high thermometer reading on friday. 93 saturday. 94 sunday. 90 monday. 86 on tuesday. wednesday 84. thursday 84. by the time you get to the end of next week we could jump out there with the storms kicking in as well and i think on saturday or sunday you could have the hottest day so far in 2016. >> all right. thank you. mothers will soon have a private place in public spaces to breast-feed. mayor de blasio signed legislation today to create lactation rooms inside new york city agencies including health departments, job centers and children's services offices. >> something that's part of humanity, from the dawn of time, something that's healthy
5:52 pm
it's been stigmatizeed. and women just want to do the natural thing are put in a position where they have to struggle to do so >> the lactation rooms cannot be bathrooms. they will be separate areas with electrical outlets, chairs and access to running water. the rooms will be open by next july.. after a remarkable recovery a new jersey man says a thank you to the police officers who saved him >> this morning dan molino greeted the teaneck officers who found years ago today. he fell 20 feet to the ground while repairing cable lines. he was in a coma for three weeks with a traumatic brain injury. the ringwood resident had to learn to walk, talk and bike all over again. last year he biked across the country to raise awareness for brain injuries. well, back to school lists are long and pricy. from pens and pencils to notebooks and clothing, we have hints to save at the register >> then at 6:00, pollution,
5:53 pm
beautiful lake. the four clean up what was once a resort area -- the push to clean up what was once a rear sort a resort area on
5:54 pm
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helping out in chem chelsea this morning giving children what they need, operation backpack has the goal of giving homeless children or those living in a shelter with a backpack with school supplies. the event was for students from pre-k up to 12th grade. a lot of parents love back-to- s chool time hsu has a lot of ways to save >> reporter: before you shop, hit your kids' closet and get rid of everything they have outgrown >> sometimes something you're going to shop for is already in the closet. so you're not wasting money and time >> reporter: this trend expert says the same thing goes for school supplies. >> if you already have pencils and pens you don't need to buy it again.
5:57 pm
so rip out the pages and use it >> reporter: now is the time you'll find great sales on supplies >> there are all kinds of penny deals where you can get pencils for a upon any and books for a penny >> reporter: look for bundle deals where you buy several things at once for a discount. sign up for sales alerts from your favorite stores. as for clothes, you might want to hold off on the bulk of buying. the best deals are around columbus day in early october. now back to clearing out the closet. >> you mute even find something that still has a tag on -- something that still has a tag on it. so you might resell it and make money at resale websites. on many of those sites you can buy clothes at a huge discount >> reporter: again, before you spend, make a list of what your child needs. >> put the dollar amounts of what you intend to spend so you don't overspend >> reporter: personal shopping apps you put in exactly what you want and the price. it comes back with lots of
5:58 pm
the best deals, sometimes your kids start begging for designer jeans or really expensive shoes. and that's when you can either say too expensive, no, or make a deal. have the kids chip in on the price. that way they will get a feel for how much everything costs. on the upper west side, cindy hsu, cbs 2 news. >> among the stores this is a very competitive shopping season so a lot of them will match prices giving you the lowest one you can find so make sure you shop around. that's it for the news at 5:00. we'll see you again at 11:00. the news at 6:00 starts right it is sentencing day for a former bronx landlord convicted in the violent death of one of his tenants. >> i'm completely innocent of these charges wrongfully convicted >> but the jury didn't buy that. the evidence against him and we'll also hear reaction from
5:59 pm
boulevard. the new lanes are dangerous, according to the neighbors and a family's fight to keep their dying mother comfortable. >> she technically lived too long and they want to drop her from hospice. >> could this happen to your loved one? good evening, i'm dana tyler we're going to start tonight with the broiling big apple. the weather muggy and suffocating. just a few words to describe this hot and humid dog day august and it's not going anywhere anytime soon. the cbs 2 weather team on top of it. vanessa murdoch is outside in the heat, sorry vanessa, but let's start with lonnie quinn right here with me in the weather center. >> the brady bunch around here. [ laughter ] >> here's the deal, dana. you can take a look outside right now. a little dark underbellies of the clouds, and did you hear what we heard dana a moment ago? when we can hear the thunder right here inside the studios on 57th between tenth and
6:00 pm
close to the area around central park. 88degrees feels like 98 when you factor in the humidity. so here's your view of central park. back that picture out a little bit and look, there are around the southern portion of manhattan also now into brooklyn going into queens. rumbles over staten island. your just about done with this -- you're just about done with this cell. this cell is in ew so north of the heavy rain let's go right now to the mobile weather lab and take a peek at what we're seeing as far as the instrumentation and display on the back of the vehicle. you see how winds are picking up? zoom in tight. you're picking up winds now at 20 miles per hour. gust fronts always happen in the vicinity of a storm.


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