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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  August 11, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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tonight, heather locklear figgts back. shamed for being broke, what her best friend is only telling "e.t." now. then the olympic's biggest breakout star. leslie jones arrives in leo. >> i don't see no damn zika nowhere. >> what will she do next. plus behind the scenes of star. just weeks from giving birth. how are they hiding that baby bump? >> how are we going to do this? she's got a giant baby in her belly. before rob lowe gets roast on tv. he's turning he tables on the roast master david spade. >> we're on the set as rob unleashes. now for august 11th, 2011 this is "entertainment tonight."
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locklear out without makeup and it blew up into a tabloid headline. claiming she is broke, and depressed. but hold on now. >> as usual, kevin, there is more to this than meets the eye. so let's focus on the truth. >> call this a lesson in tabloid spin. the pictures of heather with an unexplained injury on her nose were taken two weeks ago. the 54-year-old in a leather baseball cap and black mini dress witsw around her waist. the headline slapppd on the shot pas words like "downward spiral" "depressed." "dri comparing heather's look to one of her last public appearance, the tabloids claim that h has been drowning her sorrows with alcohol and she and her plastic surgeon boyfriend, marc mani broke up in may. here's what heather's best friend told us today. the alcohol rumor, we're told heather rarely drinks. so no problem there. heather's health?
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miles several times a week. and as for money? heather is definitely not broke. she has a recurring role in tyler perry's tlc soap "too close to home." >> riding is one of the best things that i've ever got ton do. >> she made millions off her l'oreal commercial. this isn'' the first time headlines got it wrong about heather. last month they pitted the icon against her look-alike daughter, model and actress ava sambora. >> there's a report that came out that you and your mom are battling each other and your mom is jealous of your success. >> my mom is the last person to be like i'm jealous of you, i don't want you to be successful. that's clearly the most far-fetched thing i've ever heard. & >> that's what being a momma is all about. >> i think it's ridiculous that if a woman isn't fully made up, she has issues in her life. >> bring on the issues, if the paparazzi caught me outside of here, my headline would be unloved. >> she's in my office every
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there are real issues between the rock and vin diesel. their "fast 8" on-set feud won't go away and now vin is promising to blow the lid off this thing. vin's promise came in a post last night. >> i will tell you everrthing. >> please do, vin. because what we're hearing isn't real good. >> a source from the set tells object "fast 8" often showed up late and it started angering dwayne and the other cast and crew. our source went on to say towards the end dwayne wa really over vin's bad habits. the rock, whose earlier posts hinted that some haven't been professional object the set ended his latest post from the povie with the most important thing, delivering an incredible
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we're sure vin would agree, although he wouldn't comment on our source's allegation. maybe he's waiting to tell us everything. >> everything. >> meanwhile, vin and the rock's tyrese gibson continues to drop words of wisdom. he's right in the middle. but apparently he got a bed to drop this gem. >> we're dealing with life's pressures. it's either going to bust pipes or make diamonds. >> oh, tyrese, we're all trying to make diamonds, apparently leslie jones is taking his advice, about a month ago she quit social media after she was the target of racist and sexist attacks. now she's turnniked it around and scored a gig in rio. >> as we slay all day, play all day. usa usa! >> we on our way. >> we on our way! >> play
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this morning. >> oh, my god, you guys, we're here, usa all day. >> that's her stylist at her side. >> oh, my god. >> the comedian teamed up with her snapchat at copacabana beach. >> look at the rings, the olympics. >> and her hotel. >> this is how we do it in ri i don't see no damn zika nowhere. >> leslie scored a big-tim contributor gig at the games after her posts went viral. >> go usa >> here's the four reasons we're digging it. >> plaa all day. >> a spin on bey "formation." >> that leads to number two -- leslie's patriotic style. >> i don't know why i'm bringing all this, but all of it is red, white and blue. >> number three, it's cinderella story. leslie's done that twice now. >> pow! >> pow! >> remember this triumph at the "ghostbusters" premiere? >> what was that moment like
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walked on the carpet? >> insanity. >> the comedian eventually teamed up with desigger christian siriano after twee that no designers would agree to dress her after the event. last month she quit twitter after a barrage of racist abuse, but now, yeah, she's having the last laugh. >> go usa! >> number four, you got to love her all-out passion. >> nadia, nadia! >> i swear you got this, yo, yo, look what i just got! d how to swim. it's ok just don't put me in the rel >> i love leslie jones. congratulations to her for turning this whole thing around. by the way, her snapchat filter is crazy. it's been slay all day is her >> i can't wait to see what comes next. >> we need to have a slay all night filter for kevin and cameron. >> i'm talking about the must-see tv comedy.
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matt leblanc's show coming on. courtney is there with "friends." >> i've seen matty, bumped into him twice. >> leblanc's sitcom, "man with a plan," will air on mondays th fall, an hour before "the odd couple" and matt says running into matthew is a blast from t past. >> it's strange for me. hey, why are you out here? >> a different show now. never md. years ago. >> so joey chandler and monica are back together. what abbut phoebe? >> i have a restraining orderr against lisa she may note be, may not be on the lot. >> another party topic -- is season 10, the last for "big bang," the gang started production yesterday as fans feared season 10 would be the end. contract negotiations continue, but since cbs announced, it's confident the cast will resign, we had to as >> a lot of people are comparing
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"friends" and you were doing that as the cast negotiating for the season. did you have any advice for them? >> they called me. >> they called you? >> no. go for the throat. >> from negotiating a salary bump to a new baby bump. katherine heigl was glowing and showing with husband singer josh kelly last night after sitting doww with us talking cravings. >> i wake up every morning really wanting a doughnut or ten. >> are you girls benefitting. ice cream with mommy. >> kinn of, yeah. >> how are they feeling abo >> they're so excited. >> they're like hey have you had >> no, you'd know. >> katherine is due in january and she's working hard o new legal drama "doubt." >> how has your pregnancy thrown a bump into production at all? >> yes. by the time we started filming i was already almost four months. i had hoped -- my mother was like, i didn't start showing until i was seven months pregnant, right. i started showing at six weeks. oh no, what's happening? >> mommyhood looks really good
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she told us that they're using these huge heaay coats to cover up her there was another big event in l.a. last night that could have been a stuffy affair. but no, no, thank goodness for miss mariah carey, on top of tonight's know and tell. miss mimi stepped out in yet another daring outfit. the leather and her exposed bra may have overshadowed the guest of honor, the secretary-general of the united ti but in fabulous diva fashion, mariah was clearly feeling herself on the blue carpet. posing and twirliig her hair for the cameras. next on to someone mariah still doesn't know, j. lo's concert sing along. ?? ?? >> attending adele's sold-out show in l.a., jennifer lopez was all of that as she belted every word to "rolling in the deep." fan-girling out with her friend
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and finally, chris pine's quirky look. last night at a hollywood screening for his latest film, "hell or high water" chris seems to have taken the title of his movie literally. wearing high-waisted tight kha pants, pointy boots and a silky shirt. named his new look. >> miami hitman meets nnshville country >> i feel like he's auditions for the "boogie nights" remake. >> at the end of the day, chris -ppine, we love y up next, our channing tatum throwback thursday. celebrating the ten-year love story with wife, jenna. >> it was like instant chemistry for the two of us. and me, rob lowe and a bedroom. >> are you okay? >> don't worry, it's not what you think.
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group of nosy friends overstep their bounds it try to break up kolbie smolders
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a couple that grooves togethhr stays together. that is jenna dewan tatum and channing tatum celebrating the 10-year anniversary of the movie "step-up." which is today. and this is the movie that gave the birth to that relationship right before our eyes. >> i don't know how we have done the movie without her. >> on the set we had great time. it was like instant ch >> we coul >> to every dance move they did together. and when we talked to them back in 2006, jenna was all about channing. >> this is like he's such a doll, such a great guy. he's one of the guys you want to be around, we had a great time. >> the couple actually met when jenna screen-tested for her role in the dance classic. they started dating after the
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>> we're having the time of our lives. we got to dance, we got to fall in love. it was great. >> long before he showed off his "magic mike" moves, channing was gushing about his new love. >> she made me look good. all i had to do was catch her and lift her. i goo off easy. >> when you're rehearsing every day for four weeks and you're only the two of you lwarn how to dance together, you're obviously going to be creating a friendship and we had so muc fun and you know, the set, we laughed the whole time. and it was just like he's such a doll, such a great guy, like he just, you just want to be around. we had a great time. >> the couple are mom and dad to little everley and have been treating us to adorable posted moments during their seven-year parriage. >> we have the nice little crazy little family. it's super simple and we love it. >> by the way, channing told me
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>> he has to say that, he is his >> she is that good. throwback, still ahead, rob lowe looks back on his embarrassing teen idol days. >> seriously, that's not me. >> is anything off-limits in his new tv roast? >> you got material, you know that right? we're on set with a very pregnant "ncis" l.a. star, why the show and her 2-year-old son can't wait for her to give -pbirth. >> he talks to the baby, you want to come out?
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just about every woman in the world wants to be marcia gay harden. she had a handful of rob lowe on -pthe red carpet last night. marcia, i've got one up on you, have you been in the b with rob. >> is it weird that i'm holding a pink stuffed pony. -p>> you know better than i wou. this is what all young girls were doing in the day?
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it's a promo set of a teen girl's room plastered with photos from rob's heartthrob days, now he's about to be roasted hard on comedy central. >> david spade? >> hey, sexy. >> david spade will be the roast master emcee where anything is fair game. >> am i stupid to have said yes to it? well, rob lowe. >> it's a mistake, right? >> you've got material, you know that, right? >> i can still get out of it. i probably -- >> because i love those roasts. i love them. they make me laugh. and look, maybe there's something wrong with me. but the meaner they are, the more i like it. and the people who can take it, are my heroes. >> but it hasn't been about you. >> yet. it's easy for me to say when oo it's about somebody else. >> rob joins "code blacken" on cbs that takes him out of the running for another rumored job,
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around. but i'm still loving acting. i'm an actor and there will be a day >> oh, gosh. >> what's happening? >> we were just talking about kelly ripa and here she is. >> you're being roasted. >> unbelieva >> not me. >> i was wondering if you still love acting. i heard you say you do, so that's great. i can take off. >> i will be there and try to for the last 20 years, we'll see what happens. but he should be a taking a lot of the punches, i'll get some shrapnel. >> okay, ss back to the bedroom. i mean -- set. >> there are photos here t that i've never seen before. there's this, which is have it - going on here. what says edgy and cool than a toronto t-shirt? >> it really does show just how
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like -- you've done the damn thing, rob lowe. >> that part does make me feel good, all kidding aa, aside to look back and still be in the middle o >> look at the sun what's happening? seriously, that's not me. >> all of those were you, rob. if i'm being honest, kevin. i had a little hard time concentrating on that interview, he just gets better with age >> good-looking people, "ncis" star daniela ruah baby bump and the cast party. >> she posted this shot from her last day on set saying she is officially on mommy vacation. although i'm not sure the last days of pregnancy are considered a vacation. but samantha harris found out that daniela is actually loving pvery single minute of it. >> one thing i want to show you,
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the pregnancy cover. rocking momma bod right here. >> i do like it. >> people who follow me on social media know that my are kind of a stereotype thing for me. obviously this one because i couldn't get my legs quite as pigh. >> daniela's excitement on the cover of "fit pregnancy" is no exaggeration, after suffering a miscarriage last october, she and her husband, an "ncis" stuntman are, expecting their second child. >> feel incredible. of fall. don't worry, she won't be m. for season eight. thanks to extra planning from producers. >> the story line is intense, there's a proposal involved. >> that proposal will come from her love interest on the show, who is actually played by daniela's real-life brother-in-law, eric christian olsen. off-screen it's a rral baby boom. eric and wife sarah welcomed a baby girl on tuesday, 10 pounds,
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back on the show, daniela's pregnancy wasn't written into the story so it takes some clever camouflage. >> there's one scene where she's got a sniper rifle out and she's supposed to be lying on her sto and i said how are we going to do this? she's got a baby in her belly. and they were like, should we dig a hole? we're digging a hole in the desert so she can lie with h belly into this hole. she can do a good 45 seconds and then she's like, i have to and she rolls out of it. >> this is not easy to hide any more, i think the camera angles and wardrobe has been the biggest secret here. >> daniela and david are expectiig a little girl says two and a half-year-old son river is excited to be a big brother. >> i saw that instagram of river kissinggyour >> all the time. and i love it he's like -- >> does he talk to the baby? >> yeah, he says in a baby voice, he says you want to come out.
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and i was like, he'll be here soon. >> every time i see that picture just gets me right here so cute. he's kissing her little stomach. i'm a sap. daniela says during the first trimester she would get so tired on set, even if she had a 15-minute break, she would lay down and fall asleep. not pregnant.every day and i'm - when we come back, roma
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