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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  August 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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crowds for a late night protest to try to prevent a hotel from welcoming a homeless shelter. attacked while walking her dog, the question from the suspect. >> how would you feel? >> it's been like this for a year. >> gone for a year and his grave site still looks this. wor storm watch tonight. heavy rain, and many people running for cover this evening as thunder and lightning ripped through the area. and the severe weather continues to cause problems tent. lightning set off this fire in new jersey. a bolt strike electrical wires. an underground gas line fueled the
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23. a dodzen customers lost -- dozen customers lost our because of the fire. and the wind caused a minor construction accident in lower manhattan. part of a crane struck 3 world trade center. no injuries reported. lonnie quinn tracking the stormy weather. >> the stormy weather and what we're dealing with outside right now, still hot! a reading right now, about 83 degrees outside. feel like 88! when you factor in the humidity. there are storms popping up in different parts of the area. they stretch through warren county as well. stop that
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we need to track this leading edge. these are some strong storms. they have not been classified as severe. but you can tell by all the lightning strikes. a lot of activity moving in around yonk breaks for some folks out there. the heavy weather for others. and it's all wrapped around the heat that stays in place for quite sometime. a massive gathering in queens as neighbors fight to try to prevent a hotel from being converted into a homeless
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last week to turn the holiday inn into a homeless shelter. residents say there's no public transportation nearby and the shelter could bring down their property values. >> reporter: joggers and bikers are tonight after a woman was put in a head lock walking her dog. on two feet or four, riverside park is usually a peaceful walk for upper westsiders. >> it feels very safe, beautiful. i forget i'm in new york >> reporter: nypd searching for the man you see in this sketch after he attacked a 48-year-old woman walking her dog to the
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>> i've certainly walked my dog at 5:00 >> reporter: he hut her in ray head lock and she hit him in the groin. he tried to kiss her on the lips. the woman bit him and he ran off. >> serves him right >> reporter: women in the park arc mrauding the victim for doing what they hope they would have the courage to do. >> that would be my gut reaction to. give him hell and hope for the best. i think that's all you >> reporter: police are describing that suspect as a hispanic man in his 20s with a muscular build and brown hair. police try to determine whether attack osz two rabbis are kwoerp nated. fireworks -- coordinated.
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a firework landed under a car in the driveway tuesday night. police recovered remnants of the m-98s. >> we heard a very loud boom outside the front door. we ran outside, there was a lot of smoke. >> the antidefamation league condemned the attacks and offered a reward. they have not classified the incident as hate crimes but have not out. an arson suspect has business owners worried for their safety on the up every east side. >> >> reporter: a good samaritan pulling a piece of cardboard away from a consignment shop. the fire was intaernl set. in this part of the video, you can see the suspect though several
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hat, and sunglasses. he pours a liquid and ignites it. the people walk by notice the flames, grab the cardboard, and call 911 saving the store from damage until the suspect returned a week later. he repeated the crime, destroying the front door. >> he's gotta get caught. everybody is worried. >> reporter: mike owns the salon across the street. area businesses have posted a picture of the suspect in >> it's horrible. but he's mentally ill probably. >> reporter: no one is sure of the motivation but it's no one they recognize. >> you can't tell. he look like ken fresouth park. >> reporter: they're hopeful someone know who is he is. o the owner of this shop says it
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august 19th. the only damage inside was from smoke. >> the shop has been in business for 25 years but nothing like this has ever happened before. an update on the teenager who skill skailed up the side of trump tower, charged with criminal trespassing and reckless endangerment. he used suction cups to climb skyscraper before officers grabbed him and pulled him in. he is at bellevue hospital undergoing a psychiatric evaluation. on long island, an arrest in a boat crash. he is charged with leaving the scene of an accident. he was speed when his boat ran into the back of another boat sunday evening. a 50-year-old woman was injured. officers rush in to rescue dozen was dogs found living with
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bronx. police found 22 dogs living in filth and suffering in the hot vehicle. there were 21 puppies and one fully grown german shepherd. police took the dogs to a shelter on long island. the woman was taken to the hospital. campaign 2016. donald trump adding to his claim that president obama and hillary clinton founded isis. here's what he said at a rally today. >> barack obama and hillary clint isis. these other founders of isis. because of bad judgment. >> trump first learned the attack line about founding isis last night. today he calls the president and mrs. clinton the group's most valuable players. clinton tweeted "barack obama is not the founder of isis." trump's remarks also fueled more gop unrest today.
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rnc chairman urging him to deny trump all party resources and is divert them to vulnerable house and senate republican candidates. their stated goal, to save the party from drowning with a trump emblazened anchor around its neck. clinton spent her day focusing on the economy. she tudor an engineering plant north of detroit and gave a speech. she told the crowd >> if team usa was as fearful as trump, michael phelps and simone bielz would be cowering in the locker room afraid to come out to compete. >> a poll gives clinton a 6-point advantage over trump. a youth soccer league targeted. the burglar then vandals caught on camera. they sidelined players before their
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anniversary of my brother, and this is what i see. >> one year after a loved one's death, relatives say his burial site is in complete disarray. >> reporter: it's a site you won't be able to see again until the year 2026. live where crowds are gathering to meteor shower tonight. check out the new olympic gadgets helping athletes win goals. and >> and tracking rising
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a greefshg family furious over the -- grieving family furious over the state of their loved one's grave siteieving family furious over the -- grieving family furious over the state of their loved one's grave site. >> reporter: latanya smith wasn't prepared after her
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she wasn't prepare forward this. the area dug up and the vault holding her brother's body visible from above ground. >> who wants to visit a family member like this? >> reporter: smith was even more distraught by the looks of her father's final resting place at this south plains kem stare. >> i can't even sit down and sit next to him, nothing. the ground is disgusting. >> reporter: as she wiped away tears, the cemetery's timing. he had to big up the area for a funeral this saturday. >> there's somebody gonna be buried in this grave >> reporter: but latanya says this grave site has been exposed before and she wants to know why after a year, grass still hasn't been planted here. >> our soil is very poor here. we do the best we can! we're a volunteer organization. >> reporter: the smiths don't buy it. and feet away from the dirt and mulch, a big board and balloons.
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>> reporter: the superintendent worked into the night trying to tidy up this area. but that might not matter to the smith family. latanya says she's considering going to court over this. and at the very least doesn't want her brother buried here anymore. a group of teenagers vandalizing a soccer facility in four boys destroying property and stealing equipment at lake will hurst -- lakehurst manchester familiarity early sunday morning. robbed twice before. >> when we have to spend money because of vandalism, it sets us back. >> it's really horrible how people think they can do this to our things. it costs a lot of honey and repair. >> part of the soccer field
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replace. telemarketers are calling our cellphones at an alarming rate, even if they're listed on the do not call registry. so far this year the federal trade commission has logged five million complaints from people on the registry. chuck shumer says telemarketers can disguise their phone numbers, making the decades-old registry ineffective. the new bill would require carriers to provide a call-blocking service. >> push a button and do a million calls. law. but you can't find them. >> that's how they get paid. >> you should hang up immediately. avoid saying anything or pressing can buttons -- any buttons. let's talk about the weather. starting to sound like
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>> the heat is the big story. weather watchers' temperatures, upper 70s, lower 80s out there. 83 degrees from clair chase in yonkers. no rain during the day here. there's some more out there. moving in as of right now. out here right now in new york city. another round of storms making its way through the area. 83 feels like degrees. it's gonna stay hot, humid, and stoemz are gonna be popping. again tomorrow, the day after that, the day after that. look at heat we had to generate this instability today. smokin' hot out there. everybody feeling like triple digits except the
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from warren county, into let's time this leading edge. pushing off to the east, southeast. spring valley, 11:22. clarkstown 11:33. yonkers 11:50. let's track this portion here, mt. olive. a little more southerly at this poefrpgz of the line. there you line. rockaway new jersey. plain field 11:54. what's really interesting, the back side of this line i'm showing, you the strongest portion around lehigh, pennsylvania. the convergence coming from one direction, another from another. when you get storms that meet each other, can you create some twists.
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we're gonna continue to get this flow of moist, humid, hot air. 93 friday, 94 sunday, 90 monday. every day you've got the exact same setup with the heat, humidity, and a storm chance out there. tuesday, 86, still a storm chance. something tonight i've got to bring your attention to. all the extreme heat is not keeping star gazers from getting outside. the perseid meteor shower is expected to put on one heck of a clear where you are. brian conybeare, what is the visibility? >> reporter: we've got a little breeze, cooling us down a little bit. it has been hot and humid out here. mobile weather lab, 77.4 degrees right now. relative humidity, 93%.
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>> the earth is on a collision course with the debris tail of a comet. >> reporter: that may sound scary. dust from a cosmic comet slamming into the another's atmosphere. astro physicist jacky flaherty says there's no need to worry. >> as we collide with this tail of debris from a comet, it turns up in our atmosphere and you get beautiful shooting stars in your nighttime sky. >> reporter: comet swift tunnel circles the sun and its dusty trail gives us the annual perseid meteor shower that appears to come from the constellation perseus. >> it is phenomenal when you see a shooting star go across the sky. >> reporter: star gazers at jones beach gathering for a free celestial show. >> great experience for the
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>> reporter: weather permitting, this year it's supposed to be one of the best ever. gravity from the giant planet jupiter is pulling twice as many meet yors toward earth. up to 200 per hour. no binoculars or telescope needed. >> dark skies are important. but more than anything, raw really need to have -- you really need to have nothing in your view. >> reporter: those meteors are as small as a grain they can put on quite a show. otis was at the jets game tonight. >> jets first teamers looking a little rusty. but this game was about the backups. did we see some players come into their
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steve is here looking at the jets highlights of it's august, mush football. >> i love that it's football season once again. and because of the way the nfl is set up right now, teams get limited contact and practice. the first preseason game has two real
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no. 2, escape without injuries. really hard to gauge the first preseason game. you're seeing a small sample size when it comes to plays of the first teamers. fitzpatrick played the first two, 3 for 4, 72 yards, 2 deep balls to quincy enunwa who really started to come on last year. a lot of buzz around the young receiving crew. jalin marshall, undrafted rookie this year,in teams for the jets. that return helped to set up a geno smith touchdown as the jets win their preseasoner opener, 17-13. >> they didn't take part in the offseason program. a little rusty. >> he's coming along great. he's got good rapport with the receivers vm with us upfront. i think it's gonna take a little more time to get everything really cooking.
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>> ifs weather holds up tomorrow night will be alex rodriguez's final game with the yankees, and yankees stadium. joe girardi denied his request to patrol third base in his final two games in a yankees uniform. alex batting cleanup. looks like he's about to retire. yankees rallying in the 8th. 2 runs gonna score here. givens new york their first lead of the game. a-rod will retire 3rd on it's not confirmed that might have been the softef of his career 4,000 rbi. it still counts. >> it's gonna be strange and surreal. i'm so grateful for the fans in new york. they have been so good to me through thick and thin. i'm finally graduating,
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day. >> the mets' season is starting to spiral out of control. terry collins has had enough. skipper unleashing a postgame tirade you
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terry comins doing everything he can. the mets got swept at home by the 3rd worst team in the league. we're seeing a mets team that themselves. noah syndergaard hasn't won since the all-star break. and opponents are swiping bases off of him. things of 40 this year. 51 and 56 for his entire career. the pitcher even stole one. it wasn't just syndergaard. it was a combination of sloppy play and untimely hitting. then there was jon niese who drilled in the final nails in the mets' coffin as they get shut out for the ninth time this season. their
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>> we're gonna get after it here. and those who don't want to get after it, i will find somebody else who does. in las vegas, there's a whole club of guys who want to sit in this room. and is i'll find them. that's all i got to say. >> very fired up terry collins. >> very fired up! as he should be! >> 20-minute closed door meeting with the team afterward to break this down. >> a lot of guys looking at their shoes? >> i would curtis granderson said everyone stood up and spoke in that room. >> that was embarrassing. >> this could have been his last game as the storms kick in tomorrow.
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>> thanks so much for joining us tonight. up next, the late
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> stephen: well that was a great vacation, but i was totally unplugged for the last week. i have no idea what happened in the news. so opus, plug me in. ( laughter ) ( screaming ) >> wow, i can't believe trump shot that gorilla! >> tonight, stephen welcomes james corden, scott speedman and a musical performance by "death cab for cutie"! featuring jon batiste and "stay human"! ( cheers and applause ) and now it's time for "the late show" with stephen colbert!


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