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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  August 12, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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safer place. >> three of the victims have life-threatening injuries. all five people were rushed to a hospital. let's learn more about the possibilities of lightning strikes. lonnie quinn is here with that and the heat and heavy weather. >> you're talking about the possibility for more lightning strikes. here's your vortex satellite and radar. 4:05 moved through poughkeepsie. the number of lightning strikes with it the mayor said it wasn't but a lot of lightning. 110 strikes as it rolled right over poughkeepsie. and that's not the only game in town. it's the first one of the afternoon. it's the furthest east right now. it's in central connecticut. we have a couple of other big storms out there. zoom in tight this particular storm in hunterdon county has 171 bigger than the storm in poughkeepsie. mount olive another cell in line with the size of the store over poughkeepsie.
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if we track the leading edge of this storm, it is being pushed off to the east sort of northeast and again, this is just one. another one to the north, couple others popping up, as well. but by 6:30 to edison. it could be in new york city by 7: 30. look at the feels-like temperatures. it feels like 100 in new york city. feels like 104 in white plains. 75 feels-like temperature in monticello h air there. tomorrow no changes. 94 feels like 110. so excessive heat warnings for everybody right through the entire weekend. i'll talk about when this could break later. but right now it's all yours. >> so much going on. thank you, lonnie, for those explanations. electric power is a concern when the temperatures get this high. governor cuomo is directing state agencies to conserve energy. he is also directing state parks to extend the hours at swimming facilities. and cooling centers from new york city to long island and bergen county are open.
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careful. cbs 2's christine sloan live in far rockaway, queens, with precautions taken there. christine. >> reporter: dehydration, heat stroke, especially with the elderly, serious concern with this kind of nasty weather. excessive heat warnings because this hot, muggy weather is going to be with us right through the weekend. hot, humid and unbearable. what's it like out here? >> really humid. trying to that's why we came to the sprinklers. >> reporter: the only way to get relief from the intense heat outdoors running through these water sprinklers. >> since i went in the water, kind of feels kind of cozy, not that hot. >> reporter: city officials warning all residents to stay inside in a cool place. >> in new york city, more than 80% of heat stroke deaths in recent years involve people who were exposed to heat and homes without air- conditioning.
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turn it on. >> reporter: more than 500 cooling centers open for those without air-conditioning. if you are at home keep your thermostat at 78 degrees to avoid a strain on the power grid and the mayor warning everyone not to go to the subways during the next three days if you don't have to. >> make sure you're hydrated. bring some water with you, et cetera. but as also don't travel more than you need to travel. >> reporter: in far rockaway seniors forced outside trying to stay cool the blistering heat. pouring water over themselves. power went out in their building thursday afternoon. >> we were here all night outside. >> reporter: the power back after almost 24 hours after an underground transformer failed knocking power to their building at beach and 19th. >> no one came to tell us what was happening. so everybody came out in front
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blasio had told us earlier that they had common cooling areas in this building. the others did not. they didn't get any help until a local senator got involved. he actually came here and brought all of these residents water and a bus that has a cooling station inside. so again, dana, these residents are thankful they have their air-conditioner and power back on. we're live in far rockaway, >> thank you, kristine. stay with cbs 2 news tonight and through the weekend. find information on cooling centers on our website, lon will be back here in just a few more minutes with more on the forecast. a hepatitis "a" alert for customers at a long island restaurant. they are trying to reach hundreds of people after a bartender got sick. jennifer mclogan reports from
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you a shot in your arm? >> yes, just a little injection. >> reporter: sarah smith among dozens of restaurant patrons who received free hepatitis "a" vaccinations from suffolk health services where doctors are standing by. did it make you nervous? >> a little bit. but you know, once you read up on it, you realize it's not that dangerous. >> the health commissioner reports that an assistant bartender helped garnish drinks for hundreds of customers in late july. she later became sick with symptoms for hepatitis "a," and tested positive. >> it's not hepatitis "b" and "c." this is a self-limited acute illness. people recover from it and they are immune from further infections. and it generally is a mild illness. >> reporter: his health team inspected the restaurant and given the "all clear." no other staff got sick and so far no patrons. the disease is spread hand to
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from getting sick, we have to give the immunoglobulin vaccine within two weeks of the last exposure. >> reporter: notifications are going out for those who were there july 29 and 30. hepatitis "a" vaccines can prevent or lessen the severity of the flu-like symptoms. >> they reached out quickly so that's good. let's hope it doesn't go any further. >> reporter: the restaurant owner devastated and apologetic saying his waitress showed no signs of illness while working. customers are nervous but please come back. it's safe. my reputation is on the line so everything is clean. >> reporter: free treatment will continue to be offered here all day saturday at suffolk health department services on sunrise highway in great river. i'm jennifer mclogan, cbs 2 news. >> the bar waitress last worked at the restaurant in july on the 30th so no one who went to trento the first two weeks in august was exposed to
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blasio is very generous with his staff last year but some question how much some city workers are getting paid. sonia rincon reports on the pay raise controversy. >> reporter: all but a few of mayor de blasio's nearly 500 staff members got pay raises in the last year and more than 90 of them got double-digit increases. it added up to an extra $2 million on the city payroll according to the empire center for public policy. the mayor wouldn't discuss it today when sloan asked him about it. >> how can you justify a $2 million raise for staffers in this economy, mayor? >> reporter: but a spokesman for the mayor says the raises were necessary because, quote, we seek to retain valuable skilled staff and must offer competitive wages an incentives. the head of the police union said, if mayor de blasio truly believes these words, he should work on closing the
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one assistant's salary nearly tripled at city hall last year. she left for city hall for another job and came back to a promotion and big workload. the cook at gracie mansion got a pay hike and a new title and big increase in responsibilities. we asked council speaker melissa mark-viverito if she thought the raises were appropriate. >> anytime there's any conversation about increases, people react. but in government you obviously want to maintain and are qualified. >> reporter: no comment from the controller but taxpayers are skeptical. >> because there are people who are struggling in the city and haven't gotten any pay raises at all. >> reporter: according to empire center, raises were harder to come by during the final year of the bloomberg administration. only 32 got increases, of 15% or more that year but only one got a new title with the raise. at city hall, sonia rincon, cbs 2 news.
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recently accepted an increase of 10% over 7 years. the police officers union has turned down a similar offer. arizona tumultuous time in the bronx for alex rodriguez and his fans will end tonight. tonight the last game as a new york yankee for a-rod. otis livingston is here with more on this. >> who are by going to talk about starting next week? >> we'll find somebody. >> over the past 13 years, love him or hate him alex rodriguez was one greatest players in major league history. now, how he got there, how he got hall of fame numbers, that's up for debate but one thing is certain, he always had the fans' attention. tonight he dons the pinstripes for the final time. >> the last time i drive up broadway and through harlem and through the neighborhoods that have brought so much comfort to me. when you think about driving to the park it's something i'll never forget. i have done it now for 13 years.
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formulating your game plan for, um, for tonight's pitcher and -- those are things that i'm going to miss. >> miss that. but how much will the fans miss him? it's been a roller coaster of highs and lows. steve overmyer hit the streets to get the pulse of the people. >> reporter: a-rod is leaving. are you glad or sad? in our scientific poll we asked new yorkers to mark on either side of the white board. >> player. >> was a great player. >> could change the world. >> he already has. >> there is no i don't care. you are either happy or sad. happy or sad? >> i don't care. >> thanks for stopping by. ?[ music ]? >> reporter: how many do you want to write down? >> 50. >> you're glad he is leaving? >> yes. >> man. >> so glad he is leaving i don't know what to do with myself. >> one, two, three, four, five. >> he is a san francisco -- >> i'm a giants fan.
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a little something about steroids out there, don't you? are you going to miss a-rod? >> yes. >> how come? >> because he is so sexy? >> oh, okay. there's that reason too. >> i like that suit you got there, man. >> it's the perfect day to wear this suit, isn't it? yeah. [ laughter ] >> reporter: so the final tally 47 people that we spoke with said they were glad to see him go. 65 said they were sad to see him go. these fans will get one more chance to cheer him on in a in about an hour as the first pitch will be at 7:35. >> thank you. we'll have more coming up later in sports including a statement from a guy who knew him very well his former teammate the captain derek jeter. a lot of people anticipate that. he didn't say anything the day he announced t people were getting on him. he waited to the right time. >> we'll see. thank you. next, the search for a vicious
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throwing a 74-year-old man down a stairway. plus -- >> i thought this was permanent. and so did everyone else that contributed to this. >> trees donated in honor of lost loved ones planted and now uprooted to make way for a parking lot at a church. >> and scott pelley here live with what's coming up on a friday night at 6:30. hello, scott. >> reporter: great to be with you tonight. a big flooding in the southeast. and a huge heat wave all we're certainly feeling it here in new york. lonnie quinn will be along on our broadcast tonigh to tell us more about the heat and when it might lift. we'll have that and the rest of the world news all coming up on the "cbs evening news" at 6:30. we love the new york state fair!
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police year-old man down a stairwell during an attempted robbery in the bronx. it happened thursday in claremont. video showing the suspect pushing geronimo de leon down the stairs kicking him and then going through his pockets. the suspect is then seen telling the superintendent de leon fell before the suspects
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injuries. a new jersey church's decision to cut down donated trees to make room for a parking lot is making people mad but they say it's necessary and it will help church-goers in the long run. cbs 2's meg baker reports from newark. >> reporter: greg reaches down to pick up a plaque left in the dirt after the tree it was on was cut down to make way for a new parking lot at st. lucie's church in newark. >> not what i dreamed i thought this was permanent and so did everyone else that contributed to part of a meditation garden and plaza built more than 10 years ago. his donation a living memorial to his grandparents and other loved ones. >> what's really sickening was this was done to give us a little oasis here in an urban setting. >> reporter: the project cost parishioners $2 million. but the new priest says in order to keep parishioners, they need a place to park. >> and the first question when
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>> reporter: he says it gets worse on sundays. >> you have friction between 9:30 people leaving and you have the next group coming in. >> reporter: he says the plans were discussed during mass and put in the church bulletin but if you are no longer a member, you probably didn't get the memo. palma left the congregation a few years ago but said that shouldn't matter. he and others donated so that loved ones would always have a place at the church they attended. in baker, cbs 2 news. >> the church says it plans to plant new trees on the other side of the parking lot and replace those dedication plaques. the old trees could not be saved. all right. we have heat. we have humidity. and we have some storms and some lightning strikes. so let's get back to lonnie quinn because we have had some injuries, as well. >> oh, let me just tell you something. you get one of these lightning storms on top of you, it's scary. >> volatile, right? >> it is plain scary.
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thing. and we have now got the storms categorized as severe in certain parts of our area which i'll show you but first we go outside. there's your picture and the storms are popping. it's 91 degrees. it feels like 100 degrees. your high temperature today was 93 and it felt like 104 in the middle of central park at that hour. 10 degrees above the average just on the thermometer. so what are we talking about over the next minute and 45 seconds? the possibility of when can that get here? also the storm threat. why are we getting weather like this? the first thing i talked about is, is there a cooldown in sight? nope. not over the next five days. i mean, you know, mid-90s for many folks, maybe a drop down into the upper 80s by monday and tuesday. and what about that possibility for storms during your weekend? well, here's a forecasted shot of what it could look like tomorrow at 4 p.m. very similar to today. and then by sunday afternoon, again, stop it right there,
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the heat, the humidity, not going anywhere. consequently the storm chance not going anywhere. as i told you, essex county, union county, we now have a severe thunderstorm warning for you until 7 p.m. and it's all because of this storm right here. there's another storm to the north of it, another one south they are starting to pop but this is the one that's categorized as severe. it's push east-northeast. there could be more ahead of it or behind it. the humidity is tied into this low pressure system around louisiana and it's not moving because there's a high pressure in front of it, a high pressure behind it. it is a traffic jam in the sky. that low pressure system will continue to pump up that hot, humid moist air. we'll have the humidity in place for a number of days. the heat in place for a number
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it's hinting at breaking the middle of next week but 85 could be up to 88. i have seen some models that say this doesn't break at all next week, we deal with it for a week. >> got to be careful. thank you. tonight at yankee stadium otis is here now with more of what will happen in sports. >> it's all a-rod all the me night. his career will end. taking off the pinstripes supposedly heading for retirement. we'll hear from him and another former yankee great who knows about hanging up the
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it is the final time that a-rod will play as a yank before he retires. not saying he is done as a player. he will be released and then retire. i thinks the that will be ditch for a-rod.
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>> meanwhile, his relationship with the skipper girardi joe girardi is ending on an an uneasy note. >> it's been very difficult. i said it's been awkward and difficult but we are a family we have had a wonderful relationship for the last 10 years. and it's been really good. um, families have disagreements. and that's okay. he has an opinion. i have mine. um, but in the long run, we're going to be fine. >> all right. he is done after tonight. the mets will try to snap their three-game losing streak tonight when they host the san diego padres. verrett starts. we don't know when wheeler will start next. he will pay another visit to
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surgery elbow. he hasn't thrown since his first rehab start a one inning outing on august 6. it's not known if he will pitch again in 2016. new york giants get their preseason under way tonight when they host the dolphins. victor cruz and eli manning will sit it out. when asked why eli was sitting the new head coach said i made the decision. we have a pretty good idea of what eli two super bowl victories style. [ indiscernible ] 17-yard touchdown pass. special teams with special [ indiscernible ] jalon marshall with an 84-yard kickoff return giving the jets excellent field position. [ loud background noise ] >> jets win 17-13. defending gold medal soccer winners u.s. women lost to sweden in a shootout.
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the men's 200 individual medley. >> lochte is going to meet michael phelps! femmes might not even make the podium! [ applause and cheers ] -- phelps might not even make the podium! i apologize. i got my lanes mixed up. >> yes, he did, apologize and he took full responsibility for it. >> oh. >> lochte finished fifth. >> michael phelps won. back after this. i'm robert de niro and new york is my home. it's the best place to visit in the world and now it's the easiest, because now there are new tourism guides on the road, and on your phone that make it easier to find the places you love. find great dining, amazing history,
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for more information, go to
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maurice dubois has what's coming up at 11. >> we continue to follow the breaking news from poughkeepsie where five people were struck by lightning this afternoon. a tree. we have a crew on the way. we're not the only ones dealing with severe weather. new video shows a man trapped in his car and flooding that's expected to set records over the weekend in louisiana. and a developmentally disabled toddler found alone on the side of the road. did her daycare even realize she was gone? busy evening. we have a-rod leaving town tonight. we have the latest from the campaign trail tonight at 11. >> thank you. "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: deep trouble in the deep south. flooding threatens lives along the gulf coast. >> i just told him, you know, don't panic. i'm heir for you. i'm going to get you out of these waters. i'm going to rescue you." >> pelley: also tonight. >> go home to momma. and your momma is voting for trump! >> pelley: the road to the white house. >> the republicans do have a tougher path. >> pelley: we'll show you how tough. amazing simones, the gymnast and the swimmer. >> she just kind of blows the rest of the world out of the water. >> pelley: she's talking about the gymnast. >> pelley: and storm at summer camp. >> the kids who come here share one exceptional bond.


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