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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  August 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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another day of heavy sxran is lightning turns life threatening. a strike sends five people to the help. lonnie quinn is standing by with the potential for more stormy weather. and extreme heat in the weekend forecast. we beginh strike. >> reporter: what may have made this storm so dangerous was the little rain that proceeded -- preceded. so when lightning came quickly and struck this tree, the five people below never had a chance to find cover. >> it's like the sky blew, it was crazy >> reporter: unresponsive and under theistry how police saw five people 4:00 pm on friday. >> there was smoke coming off one of the guys that was laid out!
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his heart stopped beating for 40 minutes after he was struck. >> i asked him to look in it, and sure enough it was my brother's bookbag >> reporter: in this photo, you can see performing cpr, including fireman nick booker. >> lightning and thunder booms going >> reporter: the mayor says he's never seen an accident like this. >> it's just a reminder of the power of these storms. and you have to be cautious and diligent and really be aware of your surroundings >> reporter: we do not yet know the names of those four other victims. authorities tell us it was a total of four men and one
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56. >> more on those storms and extreme heat through the weekend. lonnie? >> i'll give you a vortex radar satellite picture that goes back in time to around 4:00 in the afternoon. right here, that cell rolled through moderate rain. coming to the western borders. we have another thunderstorm! all of that being pushed to the east, southeast. we'll watch that push in the direction of putnam county. the heat the culprit here. and the humidity so high. for your day tomorrow, and sunday, excessive heat warnings in effect for basically everybody. thermometer in the 90s for sure. it's gonna
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could be three, four, five. the rip current danger is high, beaches will be packed. storms popping each and every day. high temp tomorrow, 94. hotter than it was today. today was nasty. it'll feel like 105 to 110. the extended forecast comes up a little bit later. hundreds of seniors meantime were forced outside in the blistering heat. was out for nearly 24 hours in brookdale village in rockaway. an underground transformer broke down yesterday. 78 degrees is the magic number during this heat spell. the mayor says that's where to keep your thermostat in order
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>> louisiana's governor has declared a state of messenger. the rain is expected -- of emergency. the rain is expected to continue yankees stadium packed with fans set to watch alex rodriguez play his final game in pin stripes. there you saw him delivering in his first at-bat. his ceremony was cut short because of the storms! otis livingston here now with much more. >> love him or hate him, a-rod always had your attention. it was fitting that his final as a yankee was must see and must hear if you were in the ball park.
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clap, followed by lightning. and the skies opened up. a downpour in the bronx culting short troibt his career in pinstripes. his mother and daughter sought shelter in the dugout. his ceremony was rained out! he never got the chance to address the crowd. the crowd was able to give him a salute. a number of sanding ovations on the night. and he gave them something to cheer about in his first at-bat. a solid double scored gardner. it was the start of a big thigh for arod. an exciting evening for yankees fans. but rained out pregame ceremony! you can't make this stuff up even if you tried. yankees stadium, brian conybeare spoke to some of the fans on this exciting and bizarre night >> reporter: biz sara very good word -- bizarre is a very good word for it, especially the weird weather!
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a-rod on as a special advisor through next season, there's a lot of fans who think his playing days aren't over yet! >> reporter: it looked like the baseball gods were angry. storm clouds, lightning and rain moved in over yankees stadium just as alex rodriguez was being honored. >> it was fitting for a-rod. a little controversy before the game. a little thunder. >> everything with a-rod is weird. everything comes off ovation he did. >> reporter: despite the steroid scandal and the drama, many fans we spoke to outside the stadium seemed forgiving. >> one of the greatest players who's ever played the game. i have a lot of respect for the guy. >> reporter: during his 22 year career, a-rod made $448 million in salary alone. more than any other player in baseball history. $317 million of that being paid by the yankees. so
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>> i don't think i got my money's worth. one world series in 13 years? >> it is a lot of money. they definitely got their money's worth with him. >> do you think we'll see a-rod play again somewhere snels >> absolutely. a-rod -- me personally irk see a-rod playing in a marlins jersey. >> he's only 41. a lot of players go past that. >> reporter: the yankees will officially release him tomorrow. then we'll have to wait and see what happens. he never used the word retire tonight or all this week. >> so how will you remember a-rod? weigh in on our facebook page. many people are. york. a developing story in new
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meadowlands. a mini-van made a sudden turn that caused an ambulance to swerve into traffic just before 8:00. the ambulance collided with a car and a tractor trailer on washington avenue. it's not clear whether there was a patient in the ambulance. at least four people were hurt. police in new jersey investigating how a toddler wandered away from a daycare center. the incident is alleged to have happened on wednesday in monroe township. theea girl with developmental disabilities was in a facility on prospect plains road. a good samaritan found her walking along the shoulder. >> thank god no. 1 the child was safe. especially the time i heard they found the child, that's very busy. >> police say they were never notified by the facility that the girl was missing. no comment from the daycare center. so far no charges have been filed.
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shooting in brooklyn. tarell henry was shot and killed early this morning after leaving a bodega on culvert street in bushwick. they saw henry's brother covering his twin's wounds with his hands. >> i heard him screaming and i thought maybe it was him. and i thought he was conscious, then i realized it was his brother. >> investigators are still search for the shooter. they -- searching for thsh record. a developing story. >> one of my customers came inside said oh, my god, a customer of mine just got ran over. >> the search for a person behind the wheel of a van who hit two people and kept on driving. >> i thought it was permanent. so did everyone else. >> a living memorial for a loved one outside a church has been levelled. trees to be replaced by a parking lot. and the extensive search on the
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now there are. while uncommon, meningitis b can lead to death within 24 hours. trumenba is a vaccine for 10 through 25 year olds to help prevent group b meningococcal disease. trumenba should not be given if you had a severe allergic reaction after a previous dose. most common side effects were injection-site pain, fatigue... headache, muscle pain, and chills. ask your doctor or pharmacist about all the risks and benefits of trumenba and tell them if you've received any other meningitis b vaccines. a drink... a spoon... a kiss. it all started here... it might have been prevented with trumenba. ask your doctor or pharmacist about trumenba. rnpike for a teddy bear. a vicious attack caught on
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shove the 70-year-old down the stairs of an apartment building. the victim was kicked and robbed robbed. developing story tonight. police searching for a hit and run driver who mowed down two pedestrians in brooklyn late today >> reporter: accused of hitting two people in front of the shopping center and driving away friday afternoon. these pictures schott victims on the ground just moments after they were hit. bystanders jumped in to help, including a nurse. >> she grabbed her bag. the gentleman came out, grabbed his bag. and before the ambulance got here, they were already taking care of people
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>> they were crossing the street. he wasn't trying to stop. it was going fast. head-on. hit the woman first. >> reporter: the hit and run vehicle is a gray dollar van with a red stripe on the side. the impact took the side view mirror off. evidence that will help police in their investigate. flatbush avenue is a busy road that pedestrians cross in the middle of the street to get to street. >> reporter: others say drivers often speed. >> they drive like they're mad people out there. >> reporter: paul bryant works nearby. both victims were taken to king's county hospital. the woman was transmitted in critical condition. >> in addition to the missing side view mirror on the van, it has a red stripe along the side.
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restaurant in suffolk county. hundreds of people may have been exposed at trento in farmingdale. an assistant customer who served people tested positive for hepatitis a. >> if we can prevent somebody from getting sick, we have to give the immunoglobin of the vaccine within two weeks. >> i figured that would be prudent. >> the health department inspected the restaurant and clear today to reopen. so far no one has come down with the disease. the subject of a popular document sear one step closer to regang his freedom. a federal judge overturned brendan's conviction, ruling that deceptive tactics were used to obtain his confession. prosecutors have 90 days to
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he said he helped his uncle carry out the 2005 rape and murder of theresa holback in wisconsin. the case was profiled in "making a murderer." some parishioners in new jersey are upset over their church's decision to cut down some trees. they were part of a meditation garden and plaza built more than a decade ago. the project cost parishioners $2 million. the church says the trees had to room for a new parking lot. >> people are coming from afar. and the first question when they come for the wedding is how much parking do you have. >> the church says it plans to plant new trees on the other side of the parking lot and replace their practicals -- plaques. active night tonight, dangerous for some. and it's gonna be this way for a while.
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weather watchers, today is a cool day to look at some pictures rainbow, but you see the big storms that rolled in from west to east, rolling right over the stadium in this particular picture. so we go outside right now. and what you can see is look out over the city. storms are north of our area. what we're dealing with is a pretty decent situation with the skies in the city. the humidity is still there.
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degrees. is there a cool-down out there? is there a storm threat for the weekend? a cool-down, it's not there for this weekend. average would be 83. we stay hot for at least the next five days. a storm chance it's out there. sunday afternoon, a repeat performance. and the why has to do with we've got some storms north of the area. but they're being pumped in from this gulf coast moisture. so we just stay in this pattern.
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94 saturday. 92 sunday. 88 monday. 86 tuesday. 85 wednesday. you keep the storm chance in throughout. it's hazy, hot, humid. still the dog days of summer. and you'll notice the storm threat each and every day. just want to quickly touch upon that. we have had those horrible story with the lightning strikes. lightning is going to seek the shortest path to the earth. last place you want to do is go under a tree. if you're si inside. a beloved teddy intar back home thanks to social media and the new jersey turnpike. her son lost his bear at a turnpike rest stop.
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[ laughter ] >> well done. nice ending. otis has a friday night look at your sports. a-rod, the man with the flare for the dramatic has a dramatic final game with the yankees. a shocking finish in rio, the u.s. women's national soccer team loses in the
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a-rod has always had a flare for the dramatic on the drama in his final game as a yankee. first there was something out of his control! the pregame ceremony. >> 12 of your 22 seasons with the yankees. [ cheering and applause ] >> that's right, thunder! you can't make this stuff up. a thunderous ovation followed by lightning and the skies opening up. a downpour at yankees stadium.
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dugout! part gifts. it comes down in the bronx! a pass that was picked off by the dolphin. what are we gonna do? >> i can't say enough about these fans. [ cheering and applause ] >> i've given these fans a lot of headaches over the years. but you don't always need to be defined by your mistakes. how you come back matters sdpoochl that's what new york is all about. [ cheering and applause ] >> alex rodriguez in his final night. 1 for 4, got a double in
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>> >> the yankees came in to the game tonight with a record better than the mets by a game. trying to snap this 3-game losing streak. hosting the padres. not gonna do it. san diego got the padres go back-to-back in the 1st to make it 5-0. the giants open up the preseason against the dolphins.
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groin injury. and mcadoo said it was a coach's decision to sit eli. giants game delayed because of the weather. rashaad jennings for thee yards out after the opening drive. it was downhill from there. and fumbled the ball three time, also picked off twice! not good. giants lose by 17. rough game for the women's soccer team in rio. failed to become the first team to win the world cup and olympic gold in successful years. they lost to the swedes on penalty kicks. and is their goaltender called the swedes cowards because of their
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lead. katie ledecky won her fourth goal of these games. and the u.s. men barely beat serbia. serbia had a shot to tie the game at the end with a 3-pointer. back-to-back scares for them. >> not to state obvious, but not only was a-rod's game delayed by lightning, his video tonight, here's on cbs2 -- >> it was struck by lightning! [ laughter ] >> you know what? a-rod -- there's always drama right to the end. >> he's gonna be released
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we asked a group of young people when they thought they should start saving for retirement. then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenges. >> thanks so much for joining us tonight. up next, the late show with stephen colbert. for the entire team vehicle a great
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> wow. >> what you reading? >> stephen: the internet. >> oh, i read that, it's good. >> stephen: it says here that researchers at m.i.t. taught a computer to watch two people on tv and predict whether or not they're going to kiss. >> hey, we're on tv. is your computer watching us? >> stephen: i t but who i kiss is none of my computer's business. ( laughter ) oooh. give me a kiss. >> announcer: tonight, stephen welcomes samuel l. jackson. julie klausner. and a musical performance by


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