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tv   CBS 2 News Saturday  CBS  August 13, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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a mother and her two kids mysteriously vanish. a search is underway for the missing brooklyn family. smoke coming off one of the guys, actually. one of the guys that was laid out. >> a lightning strike in a poughkeepsie park. >> it was rod's career. good morning. it is 6:00 on this saturday, august 13th. i'm andrea grymes. >> and i'm cindy hsu. the day's top stories are straight ahead. first the dangerous heat remains today. meteorologist vanessa murdock is here with the latest. >> we have an excessive heat warning in effect today. for most of us it will feel
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it will be the worst feels like day of the summer out there. let's see where we start off this morning. we have temperatures for the most part in the 70s and low 80s. 83 is our normal high for today. 77 right now in the hampton. it's 73 in andover. 81 in central park. looking really good out there right now. we have winds out of the southwest. nay are pumping in the heat and enhanced humidity for toda mid70s. this is nearly unprecedented. these are incredibly high dew point levels. the higher the dew point the more uncomfortable it feels out there. when we get into the mid70s, it is oppress i. that is what you can expect for today. we have that excess excessive heat warning. 105 to 110 degrees for the majority of us. noon, it's 90. by 3:00 this afternoon, 95. we'll feel like 107.
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afternoon and evening, some showers and storms are again possible. we could have some severe weather. back to you. as the city is under an excessive heat warning, hundreds of people are without power this morning. >> maglalena doris is on scene. >> neighbors tell me they've midnight and it makes for a sticky, sweaty situation. the city has set up this emergency cooling center now. some neighbors taking advantage of this mta bus. >> reporter: con edison crews are working all night.
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now. >> reporter: others are taking shelter inside an mta bus with fans running on high. >> we don't have any lights so we come to the cooling bus just to cool out and have some fun with the kids. >> reporter: burnt power equipment was pulled from the ground in washington heights are the happy hum of air can be conditioners rings out. >> in new york city more than 80% of heatstroke deaths invol p to heat in homes without air- conditioning. >> reporter: during the extreme weather stretch, warn new yorkers not to travel if you don't have to, stay indoors or head to a cooling center. >> if you don't need to be outdoors in this heat, don't do it. >> reporter: the mayor stressing the fact while we need air-conditioning during this heat wave there's no need for the thermostat to be set for cold. >> 78 degrees will keep you
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power outages. >> the mayor warning the time to be cautious and power cautious is not over. >> people should expect very tough conditions all the way into sunday night. >> reporter: back live in jackson heights, con edison says they'll be restoring power here and they expect it to be back up by 3:00 p.m. that leaves the afternoon hours for the residents to get into a cool place and of course the mayor urging op you'd like to get into a cool place but stay outdoors, city pools are open till 8:00 p.m. there's the cooling centers you can take advantage of as well. heavy rain and tomorrows turn life threatening in duchess county. five people were struck by lightning at a poughkeepsie
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this storm so dangerous was the little rain that proceeded. when lightning came quickly and struck this tree, the fife people below never had a chance to find cover. >> they were blue. >> reporter: unresponsive on the bench and under the tree is how first responders found five people in mansion square park around 4:00 p.m. on friday. >> there was smoke coming off one of the >> all five victims taken to the hospital. morning them franklyn mekeel. we spoke to his sister. his heart stopped beating if for 30 minutes after he was struck. she'd been walking to the park. >> i saw his book bag on the officer's car, so i asked them to look in it and sure enough it was my brother's book bag. >> you can see some of the 30 firefighters and paramedics
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bucker. >> it was intimidating because there were still some flashes of frightening. >> the poughkeepsie mayor has never seen an accident like this. >> it's just a reminder of the power of these storms. you have to be cautious and diligent and really be aware of your surroundings. >> we do not know the names of the four other victims. authorities tell us it was a total of four men and one woman between the ages of 44 and in poughkeepsie, ali bauman, cbs news. police are searching for a brooklyn mother and her daughters reported missing on thursday. the nypd released these photos of jeanette smith and her daughters. police are looking for a robbery suspect who stole a gold main from a 4-year-old
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front of a laundromat. witnesses have identified the thief as pablo escobar. this mug shot is recent. he was arrested last month on other charges. police in new jersey are investigating how a toddler wandered away from a day care center. the alleged incident happened wednesday police say the 2-year- old girl with developmental disabilities was at a facility on prospect plans road. a good samaritan found her police say they were never notified that the girl was missing. the day care center would not comment. so far no charges have be filed. a man races to safe his twin brother after a shooting in brooklyn. terrell henry was shot and killed early yesterday morning after leaving a bodega. witnesses say they saw henry's brother covering his twin's wounds with his hands. >> i heard screaming and thought maybe it was him and i thought that he was conscious
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brother just very upset screaming. >> investigators are still searching for the shooter. the search continues for the person who killed howard beach jogger the 30-year-old was attacked earlier this month in a marshy area of spring creek park. the family is raising money. so far a go fund me raised more than $234,000. at least four people were had hurt in a three car crash involving an ambulance. a mini van made a sudden turn just before 8:00 last night. that caused an ambulance to swerve into traffic. ambulance then collided with a car and tractor trailer on washington avenue near patterson plank road. it's unclear if there was a patient in the ambulance.
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spare yankee fans who showed up. >> the pregame ceremony was cut short because of the storms. now he's otis livingston. >> alex rodriguez always had a thatter for the dramatic on the field. there was drama in his final game as a yankee. there was something out of his control, the pregame ceremony. >> of you spent 12 of your 22 seasons with the yankees. >> yeah, stuff up. loud thunder followed by lightning and then the skies opened up. a downpour at yankee stadium. they had to scurry for the dugout. look at it come down in the bronx. what happened? a-rod's farewell ceremony washed away by mother nature. the game delayed about 30 minutes because of the storm. alex came out to a standing
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chris archer. an rbi double types the game at one. he finished the game 1-for-4. big game for castro. his homer put the bombers up for good. gave a window to put a-rod at third base for a final sendoff. officially ending his career in pinstripes. also goes out a winner. 6-3 the final from the bronx. >> i can't say these fans. um -- [ cheering ] -- i've given these fans a lot of headaches over the years but like i've always said. you don't have to be defined by your mistakes. how you come back matters too and that's what new york is all about. >> also the mets lost to the padres last night 8-6. have a great saturday. despite the yankees agreement to keep a-rod on as a special advisor, some think his
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yet. >> it looked like the baseball gods were angry. >> it was fitting for a-rod. controversy before the game started. little thunder. >> everything comes off that way. i'm happy he got the ovation. >> despite the steroid scandal spoke to outside the stadium seemed forgiving. >> one of the greatest players. i have a lot of respect for the guy. >> during his 22 year career ka- rod made $448 million in salary alone. more than any other player in baseball history. $317million of that being paid by the yankees. so did the team and the fans get their money's worth? >> i don't think i got my money's worth.
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13 years. >> it is a lot of money. they definitely got their money's worth with him. >> do you think we'll see a-rod play again somewhere else? >> absolutely. a-rod -- i see him playing wearing a marlins jersey. >> he's only 41. you do see a lot of players go past that. >> the yankees will officially release a-rod today. then he heads home to miami for rest and time with his family. the u.s. leads the medal count in the rio olympi added to that count yesterday. in another dominating performance, katie ledecky broke the world record in the 800 free style on her way to a fourth gold medal in rio. in a stunning upset, michael phelps tied for second in the
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katie ledecky was almost 12 seconds above ther. who won silver. just call them a life saving duo. a fireman and a hero dog become forever friends. the story that brought the two together. a new mexico police officer is dead. three people in custody. what led to this shooting. flash flooding and water rescues as a deadly storm system move first here's vanessa murdock. >> extreme heat warning is in effect not just today but tomorrow as well. we'll talk more details on just how hot it will be and the threat for showers and thunderstorms and when we get a break from the intense heat. fist a check from the community calendar from cbs 2 and
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a new mexico police officer who was shot isn't the neck during a traffic stop has died. 33-year-old officer jose chavez died after being air lifted to a hospital in el paso, texas. three suspects are now in custody. the officer had just pulled over a car in hatch, new mexico when a passenger got out of vehicle and started shooting. authorities caught up with them a short time later. a slow moving storm is causing major flooding. flash flooding has forced many from their homes. one man had to be rescued from his truck after he ended up in a flooded canal. louisiana's governor has declared a state of emergency. we're dealing with major heat in our area today. let's head over to meteorologist vanessa murdock
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it's going to get less humid. >> not this week. not any time soon really. when we get into monday we start to, you know, reel it in more and temperatures start to drop back down into the upper 80s. today really the worst of what it will feel like so far this summer. tomorrow is going to be bad as well. there's no day looking phenomenal moving forward. there's no day where i it's just not happening any time soon. beautiful live picture for us. 81 degrees. super warm and humid. it feels like 87. here's the deal. normal daytime high is 83. we're heading for 95 this afternoon. it will feel like 105 to 110. it's going to be a weekend scorcher for us.
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they'll be late getting started and we could have some isolated severe thunderstorms. as far as what's happening this is what it feels like across the region. feeling like 81. feels like 73 in andover. for today, the heat is on. yesterday a high of 93. today a high of 95. this isn't the actual highest temperature we've had all summer. when you couple that with the extreme humidity, it will feel the worst that it's felt all feeling like 105 to 110. tomorrow a high of 93. will feel like 100 to 105. on monday it will feel like the 90s again. uv index is a 9. that's a burn time of 15 minutes. it will be challenging to stay outside for long periods of time. air quality is moderate today. unhealthy for some people. i'll tell you what, with the
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as bad people were saying it's hard to both. something to keep in mind. humidity level high today. your barometer is holding steady. low pressure to our west. high pressure to our east. we're stuck in the middle. rip current risks today if you're going to find relief at the beach. moderate for most of us. for coney island. you're under a high risk of rip currents. big picture, satellite and forecast. clear skies for many clouds along the horizon. this afternoon we'll start to see showers and storm. big set up is this. winds are persistently out of the southwest. we're not getting a break from that. we continue to crank up the heat and humidity in the tristate area. this front finally reaches us really on monday. so that's how much time we have to continue adding to the heat and humidity out there. for today, increasing clouds. showers and storms. scattered into the late
6:20 am
activity because that front is getting closer to us. more organized activity tomorrow. for today, 95. will feel like 105 to 110. tonight, 80 degrees with an early chance of showers and storms. tomorrow, 93 degrees. it's a similar story to today. monday, 90, chance of showers and storms. that chance does not leave us at all. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, we're finally back into the 80 we keep the unsettled pattern through thursday. maybe we get a break from that chance of storms by friday. >> we get a break tomorrow where it'll feel like 105 instead of 110; right? >> pretty much. >> we're going to celebrate. >> go party inside in an ice bath. if you like plums and
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pluot. >> we're going to have to try one. >> yes, we will. time now is 6:22. they became fast friends. >> it's been a great improvement to my life and my family. >> why a former firefighter's new service dog is no stranger to heroic feats. a violent robbery caught on camera in the bronx. the search for the suspect who attacked a man in his 70s. this is cbs 2 news saturday
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a perfect pairing on long island. a firefighter receives a companion dog who already saved peoples lives from fire. >> dave carlin has the story. >> reporter: tom beamed as he
6:25 am
the former firefighter and 9/11 responder was one of 15 people at this ceremony getting dogs. he fractured his neck and back span responding to a fire in brooklyn. >> when i was going from the third to the fourth story the steps gave out and i fell through the fire escape. >> he braved five surgeries on his spine. he'll find comfort. she has her own history of saving lives. this dog rescued family members from a burning pennsylvania home. >> year. we were in a fire. we didn't know we were in a fire. she woke up our daughter and son. >> gina king's family had her with them for training as a k9 companion. her barking woke up son andrew. >> i didn't smell anything. so i just assumed everything was fine. but she starts going completely insane in her crate and she's never done that. >> in all ten people inside
6:26 am
all consider her their lifesaver. the family is delighted. >> the match is amazing. it was just the best thing we could have heard. >> the things she does physically and almost on an emotional level, it's been a great improvement to my life and my families. >> they spent the last two weeks training together. going forward they share a life. dave carlin, cbs 2 news. >> perhaps even more remarkable, wh commands she was never taught to detect fire. that is one smart and lovable life saving pup. >> they were meant to be those two. >> i love the story. >> me too. two pedestrians run down in brooklyn. >> he wasn't trying to stop. >> the search for the driver in a hit and run that injured two people. and a crime spree that is
6:27 am
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two pedestrians run over while crossing a busy street in brooklyn. this morning the search for the driver who did not stop aft city hall workers getting big raises. not everyone is praising the pay increases. we'll tell you why. it is so hot. i can feel my sweat molecules producing on my body right now. get ready for another day of dangerous heat and some are left without power. we're live with more on the warning from city leaders about being outdoors. i'm cindy hsu. >> and i'm andrea grymes. the day's top stories are straight ahead.
6:30 am
track of all of the latest with this excessive heat. >> so today going to be the worst feels like day of the entire stretch. feeling like 105 to 110 degrees. this morning we are already feeling warm. feeling like the mid to upper 80s for some of us. we have a long day ahead of us. a long weekend ahead. let's take a look at where we stand right now. 81 in central there are some clouds on the horizon. persistent southwest winds are cranking up the heat and humidity. what we're looking at are the dew points. when we get to dew points in the mid70s and beyond, that's when it becomes oppressive outside. that's what we'll be dealing with today. so the high temperatures and high humidity combined will make it feel like 105 to 110 for most of us.
6:31 am
end of long island, you're under a heat advisory. heat indices closer to 105 degrees and less. as we look at your hour by hour forecast. by noon it is 90, mostly sunny. feeling like 102. by 3:00 this afternoon, your high of 95 will feel like 107. still at 6:00 p.m. it feels like 104. showers and today. working to try to get electricity restored. >> reporter: crews are using a cherry picker focusing specifically on a transformer and some power lines here on 32nd after. people have been without power for the last six hours, which means crews have been out here
6:32 am
everyone back in good shape. as emily and her neighbors spend the night outside, crews are working to get power restored in jackson heights. >> it is so hot. others are are taking shelter inside an mta bus. >> we don't have lights so we come to the cooling bus just some fun with the kids. burnt power equipment was pulled from the ground overnight. >> in new york city, more than 80% of heatstroke deaths in recent years involve people who were exposed to heat in homes without air-conditioning. >> during the extreme weather is stretch, city officials warn
6:33 am
you don't have to. stay indoors or head to a cooling center. >> if you don't need to be outdoors in this heat, don't do it. >> the mayor stressing the fact while we need air-conditioning during this heat wave, there's no need for the thermostat to be set to cold. >> because 78 degrees will keep you cool enough in terms of health, you'll be fine. it will help protect against power outages. >> the time to be cautious and power conscious is not over. >> people should into sunday night. >> reporter: now con ed says there are sporadic outages across the city and things should be back up and running in jackson heights by about 3:00 p.m. if you are looking to get out of the heat and have some fun, city pools are open for an extra shower today.
6:34 am
live in jackson heights, maglalena doris, cbs news. >> thank you. the hot weather has apparently inspired a pair of ice cream bandits. they've been emptying freezers at large grocery stores and then reselling the ice cream to local bodegas. they were caught on camera at a supermarket in chelsea. >> upper side. it's time that these guys get captured. >> the thieves are going for the good stuff. 14-ounce cartons of ben and jerry's which sell for $5.99 each. they fill the bag with as much as they can and run out the front door. police are searching for a hit and run driver who mowed down two pedestrians in brooklyn. witnesses say the driver made no attempt to slow down.
6:35 am
hitting to people on flatbush avenue in front of the king's plaza shopping center and driving away. it happened around 5:00 friday afternoon. the pictures show the victims on the ground just moments after they were hit bystanders jumped in to help, including a nurse. >> the nurse came and grabbed her bag. the gentleman emt grabbed his bag. the ambulance got here. they were taking care of the people. >> >> they were crossing the street. he wasn't trying to stop. going fast, head on. not slow. fast. hit the woman first. the head first. >> police say the hit and run vehicle is a gray dollar van with a red stripe on the side. the impact took the side view mirror off. flatbush avenue is a busy road. pedestrians often cross in the
6:36 am
>> this is very dangerous street. >> others say drivers often speed. >> these fools drive like they're mad people out here. >> paul bryant has this to say to the driver who didn't stop. >> they're trash. >> both victims were taken to the hospital. the woman was transported in critical condition. reporting in marine park brooklyn, valerie castro. police say in addition to the missing side view mirror, it also has theside. caught on camera, a vicious attack in the bronx. the suspect is seen pushing a 74-year-old down the stairs of an apartment building. the victim was kicked and robbed. police say surveillance cameras captured a clear image of the suspect. an officer nearly killed is thanking the doctors and
6:37 am
the ceremony for jamaica hospital. in october of 2014 a man attacked officer heely with a hatchet, leaving him serious head injuries. >> i feel lucky to be standing here in front of you today. it's thanks to the doctors, nurses and staff that were by my side throughout my recovery. >> he returned to duty and was given the nypd medal of honor. his attacker killed by police. most of mayor de blasio's staff got pay raises. more than 90 staff members got double digit increases. according to the empire center for public policy, pay hikes add up to an extra $2 million on the city payrolls. some say the raises keep valuable employees, others are skeptical. >> but in government you obviously have -- you want to
6:38 am
place people that are qualified. >> there are people who are struggling in the city and haven't gotten in think pay increases at all. >> a spokesman for the mayor says the raises were necessary to retain valuable skilled staff. hepatitis scared a suffolk county restaurant. hundreds of people might have been exposed. an assistant bartender who served customers on july 29th and 30th tested positive for urged to get a vaccination. >> if we can prevent somebody from getting sick we have to give the vaccine within two weeks of the last exposure. >> i saw the e-mail about this and i figured i'd be prudent and get checked. >> the health department
6:39 am
reopen. new york city is hosting its summer streets event. they'll be able to roam free throughout most of lower manhattan. drivers will be advised to go just 5 miles per hour. summer streets is back for the second saturday of the month. you can enjoy zip lining, water sliding. summer streets wraps up next saturday. usually goes to the early afternoon. bring water. >> lots of it. time now is 6:39. netflix' popular documentary making a murderer. what a judge just did that could have a man walking free. a child is dead after a father leaves him inside a hot car for nine hours. how did this happen? we'll have the video and what the father told police. severe storms putting a delay on a-rod's final game. otis livingston will have more in sports. first vanessa murdock with a check on the forecast.
6:40 am
>> here i am, guys. the deal is this. it is going to be the worst weekend of the summer. it is going to feel like 105 to 110 degrees. so when is there relief? i'll have your full forecast
6:41 am
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the subject of a popular documentary is one step closer to gaining his freedom. a federal judge overturned brendan dassey's conviction yesterday. prosecutors have 90 days to retry him. otherwise he'll be released. dassey said he helped his uncle steven avery carry out a rape and murder in wisconsin. the case was profiled in the netflix series making a murderer. a 7-month-old boy has died in texas after being left all
6:43 am
walmart parking lot. police say it was 102 degrees outside when the baby was found. the boy's father told investigators he forgot to drop him off at day care before coming to work at the san antonio area walmart. the child safety group kids in cars says there have been at least 26 similar deaths this year. >> these hot car deaths a horrific reminder of how dangerous this hot weather can be. vanessa murdock has the latest. >> i did an experiment with in the car in five minutes time the temperature went up by 40 degrees. >> wow. >> yes. five minutes. that's how long it took. so just to give people a sense of how quickly that -- maybe it was -- you get the idea. it was a short period of time for the temperature to go well over 120. be safe out there today. it will feel the absolute worst it's felt all summer long. we expect a high of 95.
6:44 am
let's check in with our weather watchers this morning. it's not that bad just yet. it is awfully humid outside. so first stop, i wanted to share -- well, i can't because it's not cooperating. but lynn brown one of our weather watchers said you can almost cut the air with a knife. go out and hug your ac. i think that is going to be a very popular theme today. just hanging inside in the ac. it's the safe place to be. if you do plan some outdoor acti another piece of advice a doctor once gave me. if you're going to do exercise in excess of one hour, it's not just water you need but eat some salty foods too. that helps you retain the water. live shot to start off this morning. it is hot. 81 with hazy sunshine. feels like 87. what can you expect? this dangerous heat continues today, tomorrow as well. feeling 105 to 110. we do have a chance for
6:45 am
tomorrow. they'll be late bloomers. after the 2:00 hour we'll start to see action coming in. we could see heavy rain, possibility some damaging wind. today's dew points will be in the mid70s. you can see how far up the charts that is. this is the miserable level. where the dew points will fall today. that's why it'll feel like 105 to 110. we do have a few clouds overhead. that's it. the set up is this. low pressure nestled to the west. we have that air continually being pumped in out of the southwest. increasing heat. increasing humidity. it's just not moving. this front can't make its way through until monday. after that we start to see numbers fall and also the humidity levels decrease. 86 to 90 degrees along the coastline. winds out of the south- southwest at 5 to 15.
6:46 am
to upper 70s. your lightning risk for today is moderate. it's going to a late day likelihood. your rip current risk is moderate for most. for coney island. the rip current risk is high today. burn time of 15 minutes. hot and humid. a chance of storms. upper 80s to low 90s. 95 in the city today will feel like 105 to 110 with that afternoon storm chance. now your overnight e forecast here looking good. 80 degrees. maybe a few storms warm and sticky start tomorrow. 93 by tomorrow afternoon. will feel close to 105. for monday, a little bit of relief is what starts to happen. 90. we'll feel probably like 95 to 100. then we are back into the 80s for the reminder of the week. still a chance for storms every day. >> thank you. alex rodriguez played his
6:47 am
short. >> otis livingston has your cbs 2 sports update. good morning, everybody. alex rodriguez always had a flare for the dramatic on the field. there was drama in his final game as a yankee. first there was something that was out of his control. the pregame ceremony. >> you've spent 12 of your 22 seasons with the yankees. >> oh man. you can't make this that was loud thunder followed by lightning and the skies would open up. a-rod, his mother and daughters had to securey for the dugout with his parting gifts in tow. look at it come down in the bronx. a-rod's farewell ceremony washed away by mother nature. last night's game delayed about 30 minutes because of that storm. alex came out to a standing ovation in the first. he's a career .133 hitter
6:48 am
ties the game at one. he finished the game one-for- four. castro's go ahead two-run homer put the bombers up for good. it gave a great window to put a- rod at third base for a final sendoff. 6-3 the final from the bronx. >> i can't say i've given these fans a lot of headaches over the years but like i've always said, you don't have to be defined by your mistakes. how you come back matters to and that's what new york is all about. >> all right. mets trying to snap their three of had game losing streak. hosting the padres. not going to do it. it was san diego that got the party started from the words play ball.
6:49 am
it 5-0 in the first. still struggling in the third. gave up two more home runs. mets rally to cut it to 8-6 only to fall short. their record drops to under .500. eli manning, victor cruz not playing in the giants preseason opener. cruz still nursing a join injury. it was a coaches decision to sit eli. they know what he can yeah, two super bowl victories. giants game also delayed by 56 minutes because of the weather. in the final year of his rookie deal. this was an opportunity to showcase his a legitimates. deep ball. jennings from three yards out. 7-0 giants after their opening drive. it was down hill from there. their first, their top two picks in the draft left with injuries.
6:50 am
that's not good. giants lose the preseason opener by 17. 27-10 the final from metlife stadium. have a great day. time now is 6:50. coming up, incredible views nearly 50 stories from above inside this two story apartment with a huge open floor plan and walls of windows. first your weekend traffic update. >> this weekend all lanes will be closed on the fdr drive in both directions between 61st and 96th hours. it's needed to facilitate construction of the rockefeller university above the fdr drive. traffic will bedetoured to the avenues. this project will run every weekend through december so be prepared to make alternate travel plans.
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
in in morning's living large we are going to 641 5th avenue. >> built the building as a joint venture making it one of the most luxurious buildings in had the world. emily smith takes us inside. >> reporter: it's known as olympic towers. we're heading up to floor to a two story apartment. alexander bank from compass gave us the tour of his childhood home. >> what was it like growing up here? >> quite normal, actually. >> really? >> dog running around. my brother and i playing hockey in the white room. this is an entrance gallery. if you walk this way will take you to the downstairs landing. this is one of the original pieces of the apartment from 1976 when the building was built.
6:54 am
valentino flagship store from rome. you'll see the white marble. >> you see the east river from one view and central park from another. the home has a study with views of one world trade and the empire state building. a chef's kitchen has two of every appliance. >> we have breakfast on the bar here. this is really the hub of the house. >> reporter: plus more views. >> that's fifth right there? >> there. >> a white marble and brass staircase from 1976 brings you to the sleeping quarters. each room has a wall of windows including the master suite. >> not many bathrooms have a chandelier over the bathtub. >> and a giant dressing room. >> that's just for the shoes. >> and it goes back. >> all the way deep. that's just the shoes. >> to live large on fifth avenue it will cost you $33 million.
6:55 am
lavish home will run you nearly $242,000 a year. we'll take his word that there were dogs running around when he was growing up. >> i can imagine carrying the dog around in that nice house. time to see what's coming up next. >> live with a preview. good morning. >> good morning to you. coming up we'll have the day's headlines. did america inadvertently create a heroin crisis? how the legalization of marijuana pushed mexican drug cartels into a business. they shine a light on our lack of darkness. it was perhaps the largest personal collection of miniature cars ever. how one man's passing gift. our saturday session just ahead on cbs this morning saturday. >> an impressive car
6:56 am
>> thank you so much. 6:55. let's now get a check of our weather. >> it is going to be intense today. we have an excessive heat warning that goes into effect and stays in effect until tomorrow evening. it is going to be nonstop high heat, high humidity. these are the high temps for today. 95 in the city. 97 for tom's river. cooler 85 in montauk. you have to factor in the humidity. with that will it feel like 105 to 110 for most of us. everybody in pink is under that excessive heat warning until 10:00 tomorrow evening. so just unavoidable heat out there unless of course you are inside. tonight, 80 degrees. we'll see showers and storms this afternoon. could see early ones this evening. then tomorrow, 93. we'll be under that excessive
6:57 am
today with these isolated storms. >> be cautious out there. >> yeah. be very safe. we just did that story about people getting struck by lightning. >> i can't imagine having no electricity. a beloved teddy bear is back home thanks to social media. >> took to twitter when her son lost his bear at a turnpike rest stop. less than 24 hours later this him? it was. she posted her thank you. >> that's amazing. >> it is amazing. >> power of social media. i got to learn it now. coming up at 9:00 right here on cbs 2, the new push to change the law and allow teen drivers to become organ donors. if you have a lot of souvenirs from your vacations, how to create -- creative ways to keep them without cluttering your house. this is cbs 2 news saturday
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is august 13th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning: saturday." state of emergency. de roads down south with a forecast calling for more trouble. if i lose, she cheated. donald trump with new claims about voter fraud in a key swing state. did america's legalization of pot create the current heroin crisis? a dark side of the debate. alex rodriguez's final game includes a flood of cheers, emotions, and some bizarre


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