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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  August 13, 2016 9:00am-9:28am EDT

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andrea and cindy, back to you. >> thank you. as the city is under an excessive heat warning, hundreds of people throughout the area are without power this morning. >> maglalena doris joins us live from jackson heights where con edison is working to try to get electricity restored. maglalena. >> reporter: these con edison crews are working in the air chopping down tree branches and replacing lines as well as underground inside of these manholes working to get power restored. it has been hours now. with his brand new puppy thor in tow, joshua has set up shop. >> ten times better in here. >> reporter: a haven from the heat on wheels. this bus' job is to put the air on cool blast and help residents along 32nd avenue who are suffering in their sweltering apartments. >> it was like as if i was
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>> as emily espinosa and her neighbors spent the night outside, con edison crews pulled an all nighter themselves. working to get power restored in jackson heights. >> it is so hot i can feel my sweat molecules producing on my body right now. >> reporter: for those of us with electricity, the mayor is stressing the fact that while we need air-conditioning during this heat wave, there's no need for the thermostat to be set to cold. >> because 78 degrees will keep you cool enough in terms of protect against power outages. >> reporter: the time to be cautious and power conscious is not over. >> people should expect very tough conditions all the way into sunday night. >> reporter: still air and soaring temperatures can be dangerous. there's over 500 cooling centers open to the public if you're without ac this weekend.
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something about this may feel like one of the worst days of the entire summer. to give you a little bit of relief, public pools will be open an extra hour today. if you do need to get in contact with a cooling center, call 311 and they'll link you up to the closest center to you. live in jackson heights this morning, maglalena doris, cbs 2 news. >> thank you. police are searching for a brooklyn mother and her daughters who were last seen on thursday. the nypd released photos of daughters 6-year-old shinora and 3-year-old allah. investigators say they were last seen around noon on thursday leaving the human resource administration building in clinton hill. officials say her husband told police they were supposed to be going to smith's grandmother's house. sources also say the 31-year- old's benefit card was used in albany. police in new jersey are investigating how a toddler wandered away from a day care center. the alleged incident happened
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the 2-year-old girl with developmental disabilities was at a facility on prospect plains road. a good samaritan found her walking along the shoulder of apple garth road. police were never notified by the facility the girl was missing. the day care center would not comment. so far no charges have been filed. a man races to save his twin brother after a shooting in brooklyn. police say terrell henry was shot and killed early yesterday morning after leaving a bodega. tn brother covering his twin's wounds with his hands. >> i heard some screaming and i thought maybe it was him. i thought that he was conscious. but then i realized it was his brother just very upset, screaming. >> investigators are still searching for the shooter. the search also continues for the person who killed karina vetrano. the nypd announced the reward has increased again. it's now $25,000 for information leading to an
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earlier this month in a marshy area of spring creek park. her family, her father, is also raising money. so far the go fund me page has raised more than $234,000. last night's rain didn't spare yankees fans who showed up to see alex rodriguez play his final game in pinstripes. >> his special pregame ceremony was cut short because of storms. here's otis livingston with your upda flare for the dramatic on the field. there was drama in his final game as a yankee. first there was something that was out of his control. the pregame ceremony. >> you can't make this stuff up. loud hundred dollar -- a downpour at yankee stadium.
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dugout. look at it come down in the bronx. what happened? his farewell ceremony washed away by mother nature. last night's game delayed about 30 minutes because of the storm. alex came out to a standing ovation in the first. a career .133 hitter against chris archer. an rbi double ties the game at one. he finished the game 1-for-4. castro went 2- ahead two-run homer put the bombers up for good. gave joe girardi a window to put a-rod at third base. ending his career in pinstripes. also goes out a winner. 6-3 the final from the bronx. >> i can't say enough about these fans. i've given these fans a lot of headaches over the years. like i've always said, you don't have to be defined by your mistakes.
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about. >> all right. also the mets lost to the padres last night 8-6. for cbs 2 news, i'm otis livingston, have a great saturday. despite the yankees agreement to keep a-rod on as a special advisor, some fans think his playing days aren't over yet. brian conybeare reports. >> reporter: it looked like the baseball gods were angry. storm clouds, lightning and rain moved was being honored. >> it was fitting if for a-rod; right? a little controversy before the game started. a little thunder. >> everything with a-rod is weird. everything comes off that way. i'm happy he got the ovation he did. >> despite the steroid scandal and all the drama, many fans we spoke to outside the stadium seemed forgiving. >> he's one of the greatest players that's ever played the game. i have a lot of respect for the
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rod made $448 million in salary alone. more than any other player in baseball history. $317million of that being paid by the yankees. so did the team and the fans get their money's worth? >> i don't think i got my money's worth. one world series ring, 13 years. >> it is a lot of money. they definitely got their money's worth with him. >> do you think we'll see a-rod play somew me personally, i see him wearing a marlins jersey. >> he's only 41. you do see a lot of players go past that. >> all right. we like that sign so much. the yankees will officially release a-rod today then he heads home to miami for rest and time with his family. the u.s. leads the medal count in the 2016 rio olympics. two high profile u.s. swimmers added to that count yesterday. in another dominating
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800 free style on her way to a fourth gold medal in rio. and in a stunning upset, michael phelps tied for second in the 100-meter butterfly. joseph schooling of singapore beat phelps to win the gold. this was his final individual event as an olympian. american athletes have claimed 50 medals so far. that includes 20 gold, 13 silver and 17 bronze. and michael phelps shared the still looked happy. >> the guy who won gold, he had met phelps when he was a kid. when he was a kid and phelps has been such a mentor. it was really nice. time now is 9:08. a twist in the case featured in making a murderer. what a judge just did that could soon have brendan dassey walking free. a child is dead after a father leaves him inside a hot car for nine hours. how did this happen? what the father told police.
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will increase if the age is lowered. >> a new push to change the law and allow teenagers to become organ donors. first here's vanessa murdock with a check on the forecast. >> going to be dangerously hot this weekend. so when do temperatures start to decline? i'll have details coming up. first a check of the community
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics. and right now you can get 100 meg internet with equal upload and dowloads speeds, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. six people have died after a small plane crash in virginia. it came to the end of the runway and pulled back up. the plane crashed into a tree and immediately caught fire. officials say all of the victims were from out of state.
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documentary is one step closer to regaining his freedom. a federal judge overturned brendan dassey's conviction. ruling deceptive tactics were used. prosecutors have 90 days to retry him. dassey said he helped his uncle steven avery carry out a 2005 rape and murder. the case was profiled in the netflix series making a murderer. a 7-month-old boy has died in texas after being left all walmart parking lot. police say it was 102 degrees outside when the baby was found. the boy's father tells investigators he forgot to drop the baby off at day care before going to work at the san antonio area walmart. kids in cars says there have been at least 26 similar deaths this year. >> it's so hard to hear these stories. it is a tragic reminder just how dangerous this hot weather can be. vanessa murdock is here with
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>> today is going to feel the worst it's felt all summer. not the highest temperature, but it's going to feel the worst. 105 to 110 degrees will be the heat indices today for many of us. not for everybody. let's take you live outside. show you this beautiful live picture. it's hazy and humid at 84. at 9:13. 83 degrees is our normal daytime high. it feels like 93 at this point in time. your headlines, it's going be a weekend scorcher. oppressive humidity. more thunderstorms. they'll be catching up late in the day. 4:00, 5:00 we'll start to see them trigger. high of 93. today, 95. sunday, tomorrow, 93. tuesday we're back down into the 80s with reduced humidity levels. the dew point today is not
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take a look at the scale. around 60 it's starting to get sticky. 65 starts to get uncomfortable. we are boing to be at 75 degrees today for the dew point. that's down right miserable out there heat indices will be so incredibly high. if you're going to be outside, you need to wear sunscreen. uv index is 9. burn time of 15 minutes. your air quality is moderate. when there's so in the atmosphere, it's just hard to breath. that will be the case. humidity levels of course high. your barometer is holding steady. we're kind of tucked between two systems. for those of you heading to the beach today, many many of us under a moderate risk of occurrence. for coney island, the rock aways there is a high risk of recurrence at our beaches for today. mainly clear skies overhead at the moment. clouds will build with heat and
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pop up. the bigger set up is this. high pressure is stagnant off the coast. winds are pumping in out of the southwest. bringing in more heat, more humidity every day. out to the west is a front trying to get to us. trying to bring in some cooler, drier air. it's having a hard time doing it because this area of high pressure is so strong. a couple more days before we can start to see the trend transition. for today, increasing clouds into the afternoon. a chance for showers and storms into the lat evening. tomorrow i expect more showers and storms. more organized activity late in the day. today, 95. feels like 105 to 110. winds will be out of the southwest. then tonight lingering storms early. then 80 and very muggy. tomorrow, a high of 93. again, feels like roughly 105 as we make our way into your monday. finally start to see the numbers decline. 90 on monday. a little bit of relief.
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thursday. temperatures are in the mid and upper 80s with a chance for showers and storms and less humid conditions. >> less humid. i'm going to focus on that. >> i'm not saying comfortable. i'm saying less humid. >> more of a chance for steadier rain tomorrow. >> yeah. well not steadier rain, just more widespread activity. we'll see more showers and storms tomorrow. it's not going to be steady rain. >> thank you. people who need organ transplants often have to wait a lo simply are not enough donors. >> new york ranks last in u.s. organ donor rates. as alex denis introduces us to a teenager trying to change those numbers. >> i was scared. >> reporter: lauren shields is lucky to be alive. eight years ago she was gravely ill, a virus attacked her heart and she suffered heart failure. >> coming that close to death
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young age was crazy. >> lauren would only survive with a heart transplant. her condition was so grave. >> i needed to be put on life support for 15 days. my body was shutting down. i couldn't wait any longer. >> reporter: it was a long road back. when fully recovered lauren led the fight to increase organ donation. >> now the numbers have really >> she's on another mission. currently a driver must be 18 to be a donor. she's pushing a bill that would allow 16 and 17-year-olds to also sign on. >> i think the numbers will increase if the age is lowered. >> the teens parents would ultimately have the final say over whether donation does take place. >> i know that new york can do better. >> james of live on new york says just being aware of the teens who wish to donate could be helpful at an agonizing time. >> to give them information
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wanted to do this helps to relieve them of that burden and allow them to move forward with that decision and do so with peace of mind. >> lauren said she's driven by the second chance she's been given and says she would like one day to be able to give back to her donor's family. >> i hope that when i meet them they'll be able to listen to their son's heart beat and know that i'm living because of him. >> 47 other states do allow 16 and 17-year-olds tgi passed the bill. governor cuomo has -- an animated movie off limits to kids. disney is bringing back a fan favorite. a jane austen classic is making its way to the off broadway stage. we'll speak to one of the stars.
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one way to escape the heat is heading to the movies. there are plenty of choices at the box office. among them, an animated film just for adults and disney is bringing new life to an animated classic. >> the new movie pete's dragon is a remake of the 1977 animated film about an orphaned the new version stars robert redford, bryce dallas howard. >> it's got a lot of heart, soul, you're going to laugh, you're going to cry. >> or for the adults -- >> the first possible oscar contender is now in theaters. it's called florence foster jenkins starring meryl streep. >> it's the story about a woman
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carnegie hall comes true. the only problem is she couldn't sing. those around her didn't have the heart to tell her the truth. >> i struggled sometimes to know whether i was talking to florence or to meryl. >> she was that good. >> i think that's just her method. in the end i used to call her floral because i didn't know what she was. >> it also stars simon helberg. >> was it harder to play the alongside meryl streep? >> both presented a great challenge. isn't it enough pressure just to be there. >> this next film even though it's animate asked not for children. >> we've been chosen together. >> when you think about sausage party, think about an r ate rated pixar movie. >> all the food wants is to be bought and taken home until
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>> sausage party has an all star cast. seth rogen, paul rudd, kristen wiig. >> you may want to head to the theater. a beloved jane austen classic is the toast of off broadway. sense and sensibility has downtown theater goers raving. >> his rich wife. moved into -- funeral. >> their sister drama. plenty of humor set in 18th century england. with us live this morning is actor playwright may hammel. she adapted the book for this production. thank you for being here. >> of course. i'm so pleased to be here. >> what is it about this classic that you think still
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>> -- >> mary ann is very extreme. she breaks all the we see the consequences of that today. especially with social media. there's a lot of shaming that goes on and that constricts people. it's a story about love between family members and falling in love and that's uniform and it's so funny. jane austen was so funny. >> they're also dealing with the sudden death of their father. your adaptation is humorous and witty. how did you decide on that? >> i get really frustrated when
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chick lit. they tend to focus on the romance. of course there is so much romance and love. but she's so dry and funny. i really wanted to do an adaptation that focused on that and i also think the director of this production eric tucker who is also bedlam's artistic director wanted to bring out the humor and our cast is full of people. we all have sort of we try to make each other laugh all the time. that comes out in the production. >> talk about your work with the director. the theater is not set up in a typical way. >> yeah, i mean, eric is such a genius of staging. we sort of came into -- we first did this production in 2014. we brought it back this year because it was a hit, thank god. and the first day we came in to
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like an alley and things are going to roll in and out. i just think that takes such a visual mind and such an innovative mind to think like that. audience members sit across from each other. not only are you taking in the action, we do talk to the audience members. you're taking in the audience members across from you. >> just lastly, we have a few seconds left. you're from the farms and fields of up state new yor hit off broadway play and be on the stage? >> i'm really grateful. it's. a long time labor of love. i devoted my life to being an actor and a playwright. i'm just so grateful and i think we all feel like that. >> thank you for being here. we so appreciate it. i know you're going straight to the theater and working on
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prejudice. more to come. you can see sense and sensibility through october


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