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tv   CBS 2 News at 5  CBS  August 15, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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not broken down under the scorching sunlight. as they cried for peace. and clarification by the nypd to call the murders what the community believes they are. >> two people just got murdered and the nypd is saying this might not be a hate crime. i would like to ask nypd, what is it then? come on, somebody, coming from behind them for no reason, and murder, it is common sense. >> home surveillance video shows the two gunned down by a man as they walked home from they were not robbed. police say they are now questioning a person of interest. investigators say the man who matches the suspect's description was discovered driving a vehicle that was seen seen leaving the shooting scene saturday and was involved in a hit-and-run minutes later. a witness took down a partial license plate. police tracked the car down and were surveilling the driver when he ran into an unmarked squad car sunday night. today, this grieving community is hoping the development leads to an arrest.
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if not, they need to do more to apprehend this person as soon as possible. >> reporter: now during the funeral, mayor deblasio also made a promise to this community. saying starting today, there will be extra nypd presence, protect the mosques and the people of the muslim community. the nypd will be holding a press conference at 6:00 tonight, to update us on the murders, the mayor will also be there, and we will have the latest coming up on cbs 2 news at 6:00. for now, we're live in cypress news. >> hazel, thanks very much. breaking news out of mexico, where authorities say armed men have abducted many people from an upscale restaurant in the popular beach resort of puertavallarta and gunmen stormed a restaurant. as many as 16 people were abducted. we don't know the identities of the people that were taken. and also, breaking news, in new jersey.
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crushed by a freight container. chopper two flew over the rail yard. and a spokesperson says a wire part of a crane lifting the container snapped. causing it to fall on top of the machine he was operating. the man's name and age have not yet been released. new information, on that deadly lightning strike at a poughkeepsie park. a spokesperson for mid hudson regional hospital says one victim has since been released and two others are still recovering in the hospital. five people were struck while sitting on a bench u tree. as fast-moving storms swept through the region on friday. one man died. and a 46-year-old man remains in critical condition. now, one of the survivors of the lightning strike talked exclusively to cbs 2 today. >> i stood up, because i was ready to leave, the next minute, i found myself all the way over there. >> hear more of her story, coming up tonight on cbs 2 news, at 6:00. all right, in case you didn't know, already, another day of hot and humid temperatures and guess what, we
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let's begin with lonnie quinn in the weather center with the very latest for us. lonnie? >> here is the picture outside, as of right now. clouds but for the most part, mostly sunny skies. 89 degrees. feels like 92. earlier in the day it maxed out at 91 and felt like 95 or 96. that is day number five of our heat wave. will tomorrow be day number six? it is going to be close. we have a heat advisory right now. in effect until 8:00 p.m. and this will get repeated for your day tomorrow. more counties. it is going to be close. it is going to be close to that 90-degree mark. now, whether you hit it or you don't, it is going to feel like you're into the 90s. it will feel like 95 tomorrow. and we are forecast for new york city, around 89 degrees. and i think another big story tomorrow, will be the thunderstorms, kicking in. we don't see too much activity today. here is the line in central pennsylvania, getting closer to us. and you can start to see some of the leading activity, but it is after midnight tonight, and then tomorrow, during the day, you could crack a shower or storm. it could be heavy.
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will be checking in with that as it gets closer and closer to us. i want to be checking in with one of my colleagues. here is a question for you. is the air conditioner in your home having trouble keeping up with all of the weather? because yes, it is hot. but that heat and humidity makes it feel even hotter. and some air conditioners are having a tough time. and repair companies say the phones are ringing off the hook. consequently my colleague is joining us from mount vernon where like everybody else it is hot and humid out there. elise, what do you >> lonnie, you're absolutely right. we have the mobile weather lab in mount vernon, in my hometown, like any other area in the tri-state area, the air conditioners are working overtime. the instrumentation on the weather lab is telling us the temperature and the relative humidity in this location. as we go to the back, you will notice we are getting a reading of 89.7% and the relative humidity is at 41%, 42% making it feel like it is 3993 degrees. this is better than it has been
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definitely taking a toll on air conditioning unities. thousands of them. service calls are up. and the machines are not built to withstand the use they are getting right now. >> the heat and the humidity these past four days have been difficult to endure, especially for people whose air conditioning units stopped working. >> i live in the attic and it is almost like there is fire, it is almost like, you know, i'm in a fireplace, it is in my room, i can't breathe. >> inside, where it is unbearable. very uncomfortable. >> george says he went right out and bought a new window unit when his broke. because he couldn't stay in his apartment without it. for people with central air conditioning systems, the fix is not usually as quick. because it requires a technician. but experts say similar breakdowns are totally expected during these kinds of heat waves. >> you get into a period like this, where it really has to work at its maximum capacity, for a prolonged period. and that's why it is going to break down.
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all, that's when 12 going to break down. >> mario bruni is president of the air conditioning company in elmsford and says calls are tripled in the past week and the repairs take time so they use the bright yellow temporary units to get people's homes cooled quickly until they can schedule a complete repair or installation of a new system. and if your central air conditioning system fails and waiting for help to arrive, there are a few things you can do. first, clean the air filters. a clogged or dirty filter can second, check the outdoor unit and make sure the coils are not clogged with glass clippings or dirt. if they are, clean them. and third, take a garden hose and wet the coils on the outside unit. the moisture will cool the coils and might help the unit work better. at least temporarily. now, he also says when it comes to window units, oftentimes the only answer is to replace it and of course that's what many people have had to do during this heat wave. live in mount vernon with the mobile weather lab, lonnie,
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i will tell you that the highest heat index we had all weekend long on the jersey shore, 116 degrees. >> oooh, wow, really? >> just missed a record. >> thank you very much, lonnie. >> thanks, lonnie. now to campaign 2016, joe biden joining hillary clinton at a rally today sharing his thoughts on donald trump. meanwhile trump is trying to turn the conversation to terrorism. >> cbs 2 jessica layton is live in our newsroom with more. >> reporter: this was seen as a critically important speech and trying to turn the trump seriously. remember, he once said he knew more about isis than the generals. and now, he outlining his plan to defeat those terrorists. citing one yeahs-driven atrocity after another, donald trump unveiled his plan to make america safe again. >> we cannot let this evil continue. >> he says it starts by stopping the spread of radical islam before it gets to our
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develop a new screening test for the threats we face today. i call it extreme vetting. >> that vetting would include a test, to anyone from countries the u.s. can't properly investigate. to make sure their ideologies, line up with american values. and he also wants to shut down terrorist access to the internet. blasting hillary clinton, he said the rise of isis was on her watc of decisions she and president obama made, while she was secretary of state. >> friends should not let friends vote for trump. >> before trump's speech, hillary clinton appealed to supporters in scranton, pennsylvania. reiterating her message that trump is not fit to keep america safe against isis. >> he has talked about sending ground troops. american ground troops. well, that is off the table.
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the vice president slammed the republican nominee, saying no major party candidate has been less prepared to deal with national security. >> what absolutely amazes me, that he doesn't seem to want to learn it. >> the siena research institute has the former first lady ahead by whopping marginnens in new york state, 57% to 27%. more than doubling trump agency numbers. and a new cbs poll shows her win can right now, in the swing states, of new hampshire -- winning rig states of new hampshire, florida and georgia. and will the antiterrorism plan be enough to help trump gain some ground? one comment that is gaining traction from rudy giuliani today. before introducing donald trump in ohio, he claimed there were no successful radical islamist terror attacks against the united states in the eight years before president obama took office. he was mayor when more than 3,000 people were killed, on september 11th, 2001.
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>> jessica, thank you very much. a scare at kennedy airport, passengers ducking for cover and seeking shelter on the tarmac after false reports of gunfire shut down two term nams last night. what if you're in the airport and something happens? well, cbs 2 message message reports, some feel a -- reagan medgi reports, some plans should be in place. >> and passengers panics in jfk after woo word spread about gunshots in one of the terminals. >> we are being apprised of gunshots. >> r. >> put in action the active shooter plan at this time. >> and panic continues as police stormed the terminal and people made their way outside spilling into roadways and the dar mack made some wonder, what would they do? >> where do you go? >> we were trying to contact port authority police and we were told no one was available and wanted to know about emergency evacuation procedures before you board your flight. because yesterday, passengers weren't informed. >> they should have
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know in case of emergency, use these terminals, these exits. >> a security expert says hundreds of people did the right thing last night. they got outside of the airport terminal. but he says what they should have also done is keep moving. >> manny gomez is a former marine. and nypd sergeant and fbi agent. and he now runs a security service. watching our video from last night, gomez had a few suggestions. >> they have to have a better plan as to what to do with these people. to inform them. to keep them from the terminal. >> the message to everybody, be aware of something that is going on. >> you have to think about your own safety. forget your flight. forget your luggage. forget everything. just get as far away from that terminal as possible. >> it is good to have all of the information ready, so they can make their way out. >> and out of harm's way. without as much panic and confusion as passengers experienced last night. at jfk airport, reagan medgie,
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trash. complaints about garbage being left behind are way up. but why? that's what we asked, and wait until you hear the city's explanation. >> my whole life, savings, everything is in that home. >> bracing with the rising flood waters, while people watch everything they own fall under the surface. their dramatic rescues playing out in louisiana. >> and it is an odd law that has been on the books for decades. what lawmakers want to change about local funeral homes we love the new york state fair! two words.. piglet races! wine slushees. bonding time. fried everything! there's so many bands. the bands! those pigs are just so cute! cheesecake, on a stick. a rollercoaster!
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1960, there has been a ban on serving food in new jersey. and steve langford reports from west new york, there could be a change on the menu. >> food at a funeral home, a concept that struck even the new jersey lawmakers sponsoring a bill in support of this, as unappetizing. >> i was like, i don't know. >> since 1960, it has been against the law to serve any
5:16 pm
because of public health concerns. something assembly woman nancy pinkett is now open to changing. >> you're not having the individual laid out where you are doing the embalming in the first place. >> it sounds like a good idea. >> funeral home director anthony bedari is cautiously open to the idea of food service at a funeral service. >> it is not disgusting. it would have to be sanitized by the local health codes and stuff like that. >> on the streets of west new york, there is a certain distaste for the proposal. >> i don't think they should be allowed to serve food. it is time for people to mourn, not to eat and celebrate. >> it is not respectful to be eating inside a funeral home. >> supporters are suggesting modest comfort food like coffee, cookies, and sand witch. >> not suggesting full course meals. >> no, i don't think so. >> tea and sympathy. in west new york, new jersey, steve langford, cbs 2 news.
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new york announced its intention to drop its ban at food at funeral homes. the death toll of the devastating floods in southern louisiana has climbed to six. and some of the water is receding and residents are starting to assess the damage, more rain is in the forecast. cbs 2 don champion is live from baton rouge with the latest. don? >> reporter: good evening, all day today, in many hard-hit neighborhoods like the one i'm standing in, the party has been receding at a pret -- the water good pace. and people have been getting in boats and heading to flooded- out homes and one man here, you can see is doing that right now. people south of here are told to be vigilant as the flood water heads that way. >> the flood water is receding in baton rouge, but the problems are just beginning for flood victims. kimberly tried to salvage what little she could from her home. >> i'm devastated. i've cried all day. my whole life savings,
5:18 pm
many here. more than 20 inches of rain drenched south louisiana. over the weekend. leaving entire communities under water. >> one of the weather forecasters said it is like a tropical event, like a hurricane, without the wind. >> the deluge stranded thousands of residents leading to dramatic rescues on the air and on the ground. >> even though the water level is dropping in some parts of baton rouge, there is real waterways there could crest in the coming days, causing even more flooding. >> this morning, air boats were still being used to rescue stranded residents. since the water started rising, volunteers have also pitched in. >> i'm so glad you're helping. >> more than 40,000 homes and businesses here are without
5:19 pm
days for many rivers in this area to drop below flood stage. just within the past few minutes, we saw another heavy but brief downpour here. and more rain is in the forecast. over the course of the next few days. while it is not expected to have a significant impact, in terms of the flooding, already, on the ground here, it will certainly add insult to injury, to the thousands of people already reeling here. we're in baton rouge, louisiana, don champion, cbs 2 news. >> thanks very much. we're hearing from the re >> you probably saw this video from baton rouge on saturday. a car was sinking fast when a rescue boat arrived. dramatic video shows the rescuer in the water, pulling the trapped woman from the car. along with her tiny dog. >> the first instinct was to get a hold of her and pull her out. and i couldn't do it from the boat so i just jumped in. that car was completely submerged. and i was just taking a deep
5:20 pm
deep breath and held it and kept feeling around and felt something furry and yanked the dog out. >> incredible job there. about 20,000 people have been rescued from flooding across louisiana. now turning to the weather in our area, any storms in our forecast? not as serious as that. >> a few storms could be seen overnight. let's check in with lonnie. >> as of right now, no sign of the storms. here is your picture outside. good-looking sky. it is hot, okay? but it is not as bad as it has been. bad right now. we just recently had a shift from a southerly wind. you see that? a little bit of a northerly component. it won't remain that way but it gives you a little bit of a respite right now. the storms are in the center pennsylvania. we will look at that -- central pennsylvania. we will look at that for midnight and into the day tomorrow. the national weather service says be prepared. some could be on the severe side. there is a 30% chance or greater for inland areas to see severe weather tomorrow. and all of those counties shaded in green, about a 20% chance. and new york city, sort of is
5:21 pm
as we look ahead. another soupy night out there. maybe not as bad but a soupy muggy night. and the severe storms are possible for your day tomorrow. it feels like 95 to 100. even though we may not get to the 90-degree mark on the thermometer. we're going to be close. but even if you don't get there, it feels close to triple digits tomorrow. we do break this heat, at least in some way, shape or form, we will break it, by the end of the week. i will talk a lot more about that later but dick and alice, right now, back tou social media can't surprise you, an olympian becomes the target of online bullies. how gabby douglas says it affected her time in rio. >> it is almost back to school time. which could get crazy for parents. but there is help right at your fingertips and a back to school
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coming up tonight at 6:00, the a tragic end to the search for a missing boater. his body was found but a mystery remains what happened to him on great south bay. >> a work stoppage at a south jersey church, where they cut down trees donated by church
5:25 pm
medalist is not treated as a hero on the internet. >> gabby douglas is the first african-american woman in olympic history to be an all around champion but a target online. otis livingston joins us with the story. >> technology for bad instead of good. it should have been one of happy experiences of gabby douglas's life with the second olympiad and had to fend off harsh criticism in cyber space while fending off gymnastics opponents in rio games in lond en. >> you go from people's adoration to be the brunt of the criticism and the hatred. >> that's how gabby douglas's mom sums up the emotional rollercoaster after becoming america's sweetheart with gold at the olympics in 2012. and now in 2016, the target of online criticism, of everything from her hair style to attitude and some trading her nickname to crabby gabby because they
5:26 pm
her nature is so giving and so kind. she literally is just a very tender-hearted person. and so she was devastated. >> her mother is also referring to the latest flack gabby has received not putting her hand over her heart during the star spangled banner after the women's team won the gold medal tweeting comments like there is no excuse as to why you could not salute the flag of the country you complete a and seventh in the uneven bars and expressed her sadness after the competition. saying quote, when i heard some of the comments i was like whoa, whoa, whoa, that's far from me. and far from my personality at all. and i have been through a lot. a lot. sometimes i sit back and say, wait, what did i do to disrespect people? what have i done to disrespect the usa? >> she tried to push it off. and tried not to focus on it. but in the end, she couldn't understand it. when she saw everybody was attacking her, for something
5:27 pm
wrong, which i don't say that she did anything wrong, i don't put my hand over my heart, when the national anthem is played. >> we came from a military community, we never put our hands over our hearts. >> and as you can imagine, gabby has gotten a huge outpouring of support when the story came to light and one person tweeted you are loved and admired by millions and billions and way more than haters and critics. keep your head up. >> imagine that. you've got this pressure on you, to do well at the olympics and then you have to deal with this as well. listening to people who apparently have no lives. nothing better to do. >> something needs to take her phone away while competing. >> yes. >> that's true. >> and not to know about it. >> sadly that kind of stuff goes on, especially during the competitions. >> thanks, otis. coming up next, pickup problems piling up and why is trash being left in neighborhoods across the city and how city hall explains the growing grumbles over garbage. >> not the average crime target. the unusual places one armed
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>> hotels hacked. travelers who stayed at big name chains may want to keep an eye on credit card statements. ??? across new york state, from long island to buffalo, from rochester to the hudson valley,
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trash piling up in new york city. bags left behind.
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good evening. i'm alice grainer. >> welcome back. i'm dick bren. not what mayor deblasio needs, making a stink of services. >> and there are soaring complaints about garbage not being picked up. marcia kramer explains city hall's trash trouble. >> this is a quiet neighborhood that beneath the surface is a seething call daul dron cauldron of trash. >> we are complaining but who listens? >> do you think the mayor listens? >> no, not this mayer. >> but many do complain. the number of complaints to the city's 311 hot line about uncollected garbage has soared this year. a whopping increase of 26% for the first seven months of the year. compared to 2015. and a 32% hike compared to 2014. and the first year bill
5:32 pm
most. 6,000 complaints and ozone making 573 of them. and that doesn't surprise sanitation commissioner catherine garcia and blames some of the problem that the department changed the way organic garbage is collected in two districts one in park slope where the mayor used to live and the queens direct that includes ozone park. >> as we have expanded our composting program, we are using a different truck, and which can't always fit the bulk, and so we are picking bulk up in a >> and many don't realize there is a second pickup and they haul the trash back inside and blames the increase in recycling. trucks that get full faster for some of the missed pickups. pundits say it is a political headache for mayor deblasio. >> the first job of the may ser to make sure the services -- mayor is to make sure the services are delivered. ideology is wonderful but it doesn't pick up the garbage. >> other neighborhoods are expected to pick up similar problems with garbage collection as the city expands its program to pick up organics. the big question is which
5:33 pm
whether a mayor facing re- election decides to play politics with garbage. in manhattan, i'm marcia kramer, cbs 2 news. the sanitation commissioner says it has been difficult to educate residents about the change in pickups. she wants new yorkers to know that trucks come back at night to get the garbage missed in the morning. and we also reached out to the mayor's office, which referred us back to their sanitation department. now to the search for an armed robber targeting cell phone stores in brooklyn and queens. cbs 2 scott rapaport has more on the man police >> reporter: nypd surveillance video shows an aggressive gunman bursting into a cell phone store in east new york, weapon drawn, and pointing it at an employee, and demanding cash. >> seeing this right now, i'm scared of going in any shop. anything can happen. >> police say it happened yesterday. at this metro pcs, on 416 new lots avenue. >> he could have shot the person by mistake. and just because.
5:34 pm
counter and he took everything from the cashier. >> cops say it is part of a city-wide robbery pattern involving six different cell phone stores in brooklyn and queens since mid june. five of them metro pcs stores. in this surveillance video from last wednesday, police say the suspect, in a mets hat, waving a gun, his face covered with a bandana crashed another metro pcs on 9321 church avenue in employees at the store still shaken up. >> it is really scary. it is horrible. >> police say here he is again. leaving the scene of a metro pcs store he jacked on 8815 flatlands avenue in kanarcy on july 27 and they say the money he stole is in the black bag he is carrying. >> how much money did he get? i think he got $2,000. >> cops say in each of the six robberies the suspect has pulled a gun and made off with
5:35 pm
as approximately 35 years old, 5'10", with long black dread locks. and he is still out there. somewhere. scott rapaport, cbs 2 news. an update now on the murder case of 30-year-old corinna vetrono more than $30 million combined with police and a go fund me page has looked at the capture of the killer. and she was captured augus howard beach home and investigators are trying to identify a male dna sample found at the scene. and officers continue to comb the wooded area where she was found. looking for any new clues. firefighters battled flames and the high temperatures, today, in younkers. chopper 2 was over carol avenue, near broadway, where a fire started just before 10:00 this morning. at this apartment building. and the flames quickly spread through at least three floors. firefighters helped rescue six people trapped inside. several firefighters were checked out for injuries at the
5:36 pm
the red cross says they are helping 90 people, with emergency relief. a consumer alert, hotel guests across the country may be the victims of hackers. investigators found mallware on a payment processing system at 20 hotels. the properties include hyatt, marriott, westen and other brands in 10 states and the district of columbia. the malicious software can steal the names, debit and credit card account numbers along with expiration dates and verification codes. hels the hotels and says the security breach happened between december and june. we have a list of the affected hotels posted with this story at up next, raging out of control. hundreds of homes destroyed and flames are only spreading. what is fueling the destructive wildfire. >> plus, how vitamin d could be connected to some asthma cases. >> and today in history, in 1969, one of the best known music festivals in history, woodstock, opened in bethel,
5:37 pm
100,000 people, but nearly a
5:38 pm
5:39 pm
5:40 pm
calls for calm and increased security after a second night of violence in milwaukee, wisconsin. a state of emergency has been declared and the player today announced a strict 10 p.m. curfew for teenagers. the measure follows two nights of violent protest after the death of a black man shot by a black police officer. investigators say smith was armed and ran during a traffic stop saturday. the outsiders are fueling the unrest. worries about a wildfire outside sacramento, california, it has destroyed nearly 200 homes and businesses with amazing speed. cbs 2 chris martinez has more from lower lake. >> reporter: smolders debris is everywhere in the small town of lower lake, california. the huge wildfire that roared through here, over the weekend, destroying more than 175 buildings and homes. including this woman's.
5:41 pm
>> we didn't have any time. we loaded up as much as we could and ran for our lives. >> the fire started saturday afternoon and by sunday was burning house after house. 100-degree heat and fierce winds made battling the blaze difficult from the air and on the ground. residents here and in neighboring clear lake were told to free. >> we were told to evacuate. >> the the fire is burning near the same area scorched by three major fires last year and the aggressive and intense but hoping to gain ground today. >> the weather is a nem is sis for us. so we don't know what is going to bring to the table today. >> the biggest concern, the return of stronger winds that could send burning embers flying. >> it only takes one of those to get out of our hands. and now we have a problem again. we are hoping that is not the case. >> so far, preliminary damage estimates total more than $10 million. chris martinez, cbs news, lower lake, california.
5:42 pm
bowl half time show. >> plus, unsafe sleep, what a new study says 90% of parents may be doing wrong when putting babies to bed. >> then -- >> my head felt like it was going to blow up. >> she was struck by lightning and lived to talk about it. it is a cbs 2 news exclusive. >> and new program to allow disadvantaged families to live in better neighborhoods but not everyone is a fan. we have both sides of the
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as new parents know very well, getting your new one to get to sleep is not easy and a study shows many babies are not safely. they are not following guidelines to put babies on their backs and many were placed on bellies or sides and many were sleeping near loose bedding or blankets or bumpers. >> the children are not going to hurt themselves on the bars, what will hurt them is what we protect them from, with the
5:46 pm
is what parents should be doing, not in beds. about half of asthmatics have an attack in a given year and dr. max gomez says something cheap and over-the- counter should be as good as inhalers. >> high school freshman isabel will never forget her first asthma attack. >> i was at dance. and after a while, i couldn't breathe. and my friend started noticing, too, that i wasn't able to breathe. and i started crying. and it was the most scariest things for me. becausely no idea what was going on. >> the attacks that she has had were horrifying. and immediate. and when your child cannot breathe, it is the most helpless thing you feel in the world. >> even within inhalers and breathing treems, isabel suff -- treatments, isabel suffers two to four asthma attacks a year and she is taking part in
5:47 pm
have shown asthma and low vitamin d levels were linked. and there will be vitamin d or placebo and carefully tracked for a year. >> and they will see where the kids who received vitamin d, had a lower rate of asthma attacks than the kids who referred placebo. we can check whether the children with vitamin d were able to reduce their dose of medication. more often than those who were on placebo. >> it will take four years to enroll enough asthma patients >> and vitamin d is yes inexpensive and asthma attacks are such a huge problem that even if we make a small difference, it could have a very big impact. >> other studies have shown that many americans are vitamin d deficient. partly because of widespread sun screen use, to prevent skin cancer but which also keeps the skin from making natural vitamin d. and that might be part of the explanation for the increase in asthma, in recent years. dr. max gomez, cbs 2 news.
5:48 pm
outside these days, right? >> it is is so thick, the air out there. i mean the heat and the humidity, lonnie quinn here with the latest and wondering if we will get any relief any time soon. there will be some relief. it won't disappear all together. but as we go through this week, i think you will find every day, we will get a little bit better. i think tomorrow is going to be the stormy day but after that, you start moving in the right direction. let's check in right now with the weather watchers and the temperatures, and upper 80s and lower 90s for some folks. the pictures that are being given today, some pretty ones from ed rhodes, west of new york city. this is kind of cool, and learning to fly a glider plane, sullivan county and looking for updrafts for gliders to stay up in the air a long time. you want the hot air. except for the fact that cold air is more stable. so it is a hit or miss for you guys out there. but kind of a cool looking shot that you can see the haze in the air as well. let me get you outside as of right now. there is the picture, for new york city. and a few more clouds have floated in overhead. it is 89 degrees.
5:49 pm
and ironically, 92 was your high temperature today. and 92 felt like 96 when you factored in the humidity. so this was day number five of our heat wave. in central park. day number six, boy, we are going to be close to it tomorrow. i'm forecasting 89. you could very well find it 87, 88. if there is more cloud cover out there. tuesday comes with an increased storm risk. and then wednesday, it is when the less sticky conditions start to at least enter the area and i think we will get better for thursday fr looking pretty nice out there. here is the temperature trend that we were just talking about. your saturday, hitting 96. and some feels like temperature for many of you, 110 degrees or greater and sunday, yesterday, 94 and today we hit 92 and tuesday, 9. it comes with a rain -- 89. and it comes with a rain chance and wednesday, 88. and right now, a couple of additional clouds floating through the area and not so much the wet weather and the bigger picture shows us where the wet weather is. and storms around washington, d.c. and now, the showers are about, you know, 100 miles or
5:50 pm
angle. because it is moving to the east/northeast. so once we can put it -- georgia is there drawing it. and that's how you want to pull it out. it looks like sometime around midnight that some of the showers or storms could make their way into our area, but showing signs, at least both through here and tkpwa?r, they are drying out a little -- georgia, they are drying out a little bit as they are moving through. the bigger picture will show what is interesting is the fact that i didn't change this picture. a drop from what i showed you on friday. the exact same setup. the only thing i will say. this high pressure system, offshore, it is maybe pushing a few more miles to the east. but really, all of the elements remain the same. louisiana continues to get the rain. but things are starting to break apart in the atmosphere. so this is all going to eventually dissipate. we will get back into some more dynamic flow. and that will take place by the end of the week.
5:51 pm
on tuesday. so sometime overnight. could see a few of the showers or some storms make their way into the area. 3:00 p.m., this might be a little on the light side. i think there could be a little more activity tomorrow afternoon, because we are looking at a system coming through the area and calmer overhead for wednesday. so for your day tomorrow, not 89, but it feels like 95, for plenty of you out there and there is a chance for a shower or storm. there is a chance that some of that could be on the severe side. and looking across the board, you're 88 on wednesday, and then improvement e, weather and improvement still on thursday at 86. and 87 on friday. and we are looking pretty good. and 85 saturday and 86 sunday and again, 85 is close to where you should be. and all of the numbers above average and 85 with lower humidity by the weekend, it is certainly going to feel better. >> lower humidity. >> i'm working on it. >> and our hair appreciates that. thank you, lonnie. >> yes. >> what am i, chopped liver here? >> this is the best of the bunch. >> thank you, lonnie.
5:52 pm
rumor had it adele would perform at the super bowl but the singer says no. she was approached about performing at the half time at super bowl li next february in houston and she reportedly said the show is not about singing and she can't dance so she did not think she was the right choice. the nfl and pepsi producer of the half time show, says a formal offer to adele has not been extended and they have had conversations with several artists. that is no for adele. and visitors to state fairs are used to seeing winners of single succulent competition. >> this year the oregon state fair is offering award winning marijuana plants. over the weekend, the cannabis business council chose which plants will be displayed at the fair. the plants will be in a separate greenhouse with extra security. no one under 21 will be allowed in. >> that's different. >> yes. >> we will see what wafts over during the fair. >> yes. it is hard to believe, but it is almost back to school
5:53 pm
>> up next, the apps that could help you with everything from organizing schedules, to getting all of that homework in order. >> then at 6:00, new information, just into our newsroom, what police say caused the scare at jfk this weekend. it's the celebration of the year! hundreds of styles and colors. every item through the store. buy one get one at half price. our biggest sale of the year is a blast! blinds to go.
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celebrate something really special this summer at blinds to go's annual storewide sale going on now. buy one, get one at half price. hundreds of styles and colors. every item through the store. buy one get one at half price.
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blinds for life. i can't believe they are saying this but the countdown is back to school and can be a relief for parents and a crazy time. >> cindy hsu says help is at your fingertips with back to school apps to make things easier. >> kids are going back to school within weeks, and some can't wait, like mia, who is go into third grade -- ng >> you're excited? >> yes. >> and organizing the family for school is a huge jigsaw puzzel. >> who is going to do what on what days and how they get there and who is going to pick them up. >> parenting expert tammy gold has three kids and says apps make things a lot easier. >> and one of the favorites is cozy with a color coded calendar the whole family can pull up and life 360 which keeps your family connected by sharing everyone's location on a map and you can receive
5:57 pm
leave specific places and keep track of homework which can be a nightmare, there is my homework. >> en app organizes the home -- the app organizes the home realize if it is late and help the children get ahead of the curve and not behind. >> the teach me series, fun for kids and helps parents gauge academic progress. >> you can get this and take away to buy stuff. >> it sounds like you're money. >> and sub straction. and addition. >> and jenna gold likes youtube kids. >> math, and learning my letters. >> yes. >> but it is fun. >> yes. >> and if it is tough to get your kids up for school, you can try an app like kinter clock that helps the little ones manage their time. >> to find out more great apps, just search for them online and look for best educational and back to school apps for 2016. and we will have plenty to choose from.
5:58 pm
>> it looks like some good ideas there. >> things have certainly changed since we have been in school. >> just a little bit. >> and just do it, just do it, get it done. >> if you check out educational parenting blogs, they often rate the a?pbzs -- apps and most of them are free. >> that works, free. >> that's all for the news at 5:00. >> the news at 6:00 starts right now. my head felt like it was going to blow lightning strike and tonight speaks only to cbs 2. >> new information on the murder of imam and friend and what police are saying about a person of interest. >> and officials say they know what caused a scare at jfk this weekend that caused two terminals to evacuate. >> the body of a missing voter found off long island. what happened to this seasoned boater? >> good evening. i'm dick brennen. >> i'm alice gainer. dana tyler is off. and we begin with a miraculous story of survival.
5:59 pm
lightning while sitting at a park bench in poughkeepsie on friday. one person died and four others lived and tonight, one of the survivors is sharing her story, exclusively, with cbs 2 brian conniebare. >> these storms are dangerous and time for me to go and i got up and i was thrown all the way over there. >> karen brooks was sitting on a poughkeepsie park bench with friends under this tree friday when suddenly lightning struck. >> my head felt like it was going to blow up. >> she just got released from the hospital today. she says the force of the volts according to the national severe storm system threw her some 20 feet. left burns on her legs and feet and set her purse on fire. >> and that's what the lightning did to my pocketbook. >> one of the friends sitting on the bench she calls ritchie was killed. >> she was completely purple in the face. and not going to make it. i knew that. >> this is where the lightning hit the tree. a person's chance of getting struck by lightning in any
6:00 pm
weather service. but 49 americans are killed every year by lightning strikes. >> at the first sign of thunder, shoe have a healthy respect for electricity, and find shelter. >> dr. gary kneefield heads the emergency room at vasser brothers medical center. >> the electricity from the lightning bolt are high voltage and short duration and it can go directly to the hard and cause cardiac arrest. >> the -- the heart and cause cardiac arrest. >> the flee victims >> if you didn't get up to leave, what do you think would have happened? >> i probably wouldn't be here. i probably wouldn't be here. >> a split second decision that likely saved her life. in poughkeepsie, brian conniebear, cbs 2 news. >> experts say if you see lightning, never get under a tree and find an open area and lay down flat, on the ground. hundreds of mourners paid tribute today to the imam and his friend who were murdered on a queen street. >> they were shot as they walked home from evening prayers and the funeral was held today.


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