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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  August 16, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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but they still cannot understand why the imam and his assistant were murdered. >> i wish they had a -- death penalty in new york city. >> reporter: grieve family members would like to see oscar morel face the ultimate punishment. he's accused of murdering imam maulama akonjee and his assistant tharam uddin as they walked home from afternoon prayer on saturday. cops say minutes later morel rammed a bicyclist with his car and that same car linked to the murder scene. and they found a gun and clothing that matched descriptions stashed behind a newly sheet rocked wall. as the imam's family prepares to bury him in their home country of bangladesh, they fear they will never know the reason behind the attack. >> the cops said he acted individually. why he shot them? to me is -- targeted. >> reporter: desmite the arrests, friends of maulama
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>> i'm -- worried. i'm scary asked that guy liked like me. i'm scared to go in the mosque now. >> reporter: as the trial begins the imam's family says no matter the outcome, their lyes are forever change -- lives are forever changed. >> it's a broken house. >> reporter: morel faces murder and weapons charges today and police expect that hit and run charges may follow. mayor de blasio sis as for security the nypd will be providing extra patrols around mosques in the area. live at queens crim courthousing magdalena doris, gosh courthouse, maryland -- courthouse, magdalena doris, cbs2 news. a shooting in park slope. it involved an off-duty police officer and attempted robbery and a man with a gunshot wound. cbs2's christine sloan is live at the scene with more for us this noon. christine? >> reporter: a crime scene spanning several blocks behind me and this quiet brooklyn neighborhood, police say it allstateed at a bar on this -- all started at a bar on this
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police officer tried to defend himself during a robbery. markers showing where police discovered bullet casings more than a half a dozen of them lining the streets of this quiet brooklyn neighborhood. a shot shattering through the window of this building under renovation. >> the hole in the glass. yeah. and then it was a small place where it appears to be lodged into the wall. >> at about 12:30 last night, i was in my dining room. and i heard four shots. my wife and the shots, he was a block down the street from bleachers' sports club. where an off-duty police officer and his cuss seven say they were walking out when a man approached them trying to rob them. investigators say the officer and that man struggled over a gun. shots were fired and the suspect took off. mike says the man he saw backed a white car into a dumpster. >> i saw a guy like get out and standing in front.
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he was shot? >> no. he ran. and then he ran right back. and got in the vehicle. >> reporter: soon after, a 32- year-old man check himself into the hospital with a gunshot wound to the leg. now we know the man in the hospital not an innocent bystander. but one of two suspects police this afternoon still looking for the second suspect. and nothing was taken apparently during this attempted robbery. christine sloan, cbs2 news. christine thank you. now if you have stepped outside today you know the heat is still on steamy and sticky and now storms are in the forecast. people headed to brooklyn heights promenade for some relief by the water and hopefully a cool breeze off the east river. it looks nice right now but john elliott is on storm watch and he's tracking it all from the weather center. john? >> good afternoon cindy. hi everybody. so yeah you're right. heat is on. and the numbers as far as the
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that doesn't tell the whole tale. the heat index is 91 right now. we have a heat index of 98 in toms river. heat advisory continues until 10:00 p.m. for the city and much of central and southern new jersey. with those real feel numbers between 95 and really 100 plus. one active cell right now, this is some moderate rain in through parts of ulster county. that's about it for the time being. you can get a sense of a break. it's the winat the south bringing in that warm air and those higher dew points. this is the front we're waiting and watching for. we're concerned about some storms later today and in fact the national weather service concerned about the risk of severe weather. with heavy rain and gusty winds and maybe some hail and some lightning as well. but the good news is we're going to see a change. dew points will continue to climb this afternoon. but there is some sweet relief heading our way over the next few days we'll talk about that and we'll check back in with the mobile weather lab as well.
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okay johnny thank you. a house fire overnight takes the lives of a father and son on the jersey shore. cbs2's alabaman is lye in -- ali bauman is live in belmar. >> reporter: investigators are still trying to figure out what caused this fire. so far they do not believe that it was suspicious. but still many questions surround those flames that made this home a skeleton of the shore house it once was. flames and smoke could be seen throughout belmar monday night when this avenue caught fire just after 9:30 p.m. >> the whole house was totally engulfed. flames out of the windows on top and through the doors and the bin does on the bottom. >> reporter: even with crews from five different fire departments responding, a 49- year-old man and his 84-year- old father living inside were killed along with their dog. >> they got here and they did their best to put it out and get inside. but without a doubt it was far too late. >> reporter: walls of the house
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evacuated in a smoky blur. >> i didn't see a thing until he knocked on the door. bang on the door here and policeman says get out and evacuate. it happened so fast. >> reporter: in a town with beachgoers, this home was a yearly rental and was recently renovated after -- renovated after superstorm sandy. the tenants had been in belmar about three years and today, the neighborhood mourns their absence. >> typically people come to belmar for our beaches for beautiful sunny days. butn tragedy last night and it happens rarely. but when it does it's horrible. >> reporter: now i did speak to the 49-year-old victim's girlfriend. she didn't want to be on camera because she says they're still notifying family. but he has two children 10 and 13 years old. live in new jersey, ali bauman, cbs2 news. thank you. at least eight people are now dead from the flooding in southern louisiana. some towns are starting to see the water recede while it's
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cbs2's omar villafranca has the story from baton rouge. >> we're not going to give up. we're going to stick to the bloody end. and if it knocks us down we're going to get back up and we going the rebuild. >> reporter: overnight, voluntary evacuations were underway in ascension parish as flood waters from the overflowing amete river poured into the community. on monday, national guard helicopters pulled more people to safety from the unprecedented flooding hittin on a search and rescue mission into the flood zone. >> we're now flying over deadham springs, louisiana. as you can see, this area is covered in water right now. >> reporter: roughly 90% of the homes in denham springs have flood damage. the city's main highway is washed out. christina broad and her boyfriend brooks wilson return today their flooded home for the -- returned to their flooded home for the first time monday.
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worked my entire life for this house. >> it's like the end of your life the end of your world you know. having to start over like that. >> reporter: more than 11,000 people have been forced into shelters. >> i never thought i'd see this day. >> i know man. >> reporter: 20,000 have been rescued since friday in large part due to the help of volunteers. craig's home is a loss. but he's thankful for what he still has. >> we're back. >> reporter: omar villafranca, cbs news, baton rouge, louisiana. >> total of 12 parishes or counties have been declared federal disaster areas and one of the hardest hit livingston parish and one official said 75% of the homes there are total loss. police are looking for a plan who followed a woman this morningside heights and then groped her, this is a sketch of the suspect. he followed the woman to her apartment door and touched her and then took off. it happened last saturday
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112th street and amsterdam avenue. and a campaign 216 now. this morning hillary clinton's camp announced her white house transition team. former interior secretary ken salazar will lead that team. to put together a plan for the possibility that clinton is elected in november. clinton is expected to hold an event in philadelphia later today. now on the republican side, donald trump unveiled his plan to destroy isis taking on terrorism and immigration in front of a crowd in the key state of ohio yesterday. today he's ex voters in wisconsin. still much more ahead here on cbs2 news at noon. tribute trouble, the veterans' memorial donated today a number of energy town is the center of controversy. why some say it should be removed if public property. >> under arrest, police nab a man they say started several of the california wildfires that burned for more than 100 homes to the ground. >> and a squirrel in a bind. a yogurt cup was stuck on its head and who came to the rescue?
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a new jersey mayor is facing criticism for a memorial at a public library, it shows a soldier leaning down in front of a cross. and while a humanist group is caller for it to be -- calling for it to be taken down. not everyone agrees, cbs2's tracee carrasco has more. >> reporter: among the tributes to those who've served our
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soldier kneeling at a cross and now the center of a problem among residents including gregory story. >> it's a very touching memorial but the problem is there's a cross in it which singles out advance of one religion -- veterans of one religion. >> reporter: it was installed on july 29th by city workers by the mayor and it was a surprise. >> it was not put through the board of trustees. >> reporter: story says he contacted the american humanist association who sent a letter to the mayor stating -- or risk legal action. >> generations of veterans have fought and died to defend that constitution. that he's now violating. >> reporter: the mayor a former marine would not speak to us on camera. but told us over the phone that
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to all veterans. >> does the cross offend you? >> no. no, it's good. it's good. >> it's just wrong for imposing one's will on other people. >> i happen to think it's a beautiful memorial. my husband is a veteran. >> reporter: the borough crown shrill meet on thursday to -- council will mote on thursday to decide what to do about the memorial. tracee carrasco, cbs2 news. this is not the first religiou roselle park. in december story, greg story's wife objectedth annual request to name it to the christmas tree lighting ceremony. in california an arrest in a fire that's charred at least 4,000 acres and destroyed almost 200 homes and buildings. 40-year-old damin pashilk is facing a series of arson charges for the fire that broke out on saturday in lake county about 80 miles north of san francisco. the fire is still burning owl control leaving only
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lost it yet. over the whole thing. you know. pretty much my whole life was inside that building there. >> he is also suspected of setting numerous other fires in the county over the past year: so far the damage from this fire has been estimated at more than $10 million. well, people looking for an apartment conned. >> sometimes you know when you get that gut feeling it's too good to be true, maybe sit. >> how they were taken for thousands of dollars and co >> and john is tracking some storms. >> well, we've got all the ingredients with ennead for some song storms -- we need for some strong storms, we'll take a look at the futurecast and
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a warning for would be renters, be careful when leaving a cash deposit. several couples say they found themselves scammed when applying for the same fake apartment in linden, new jersey. the people allegedly renting out the apartment in this home after meeting with this woman who called herself myrna but they found out later she had no rights to the house at all. the potential renters all responded to an ad on craigslist. >> i found it weird because she
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right way abut where's the keys? >> she didn't want to take a check. >> we know the owner, the place is not for rent contrary to the advertisement on the internet. >> so the fake property manager allegedly took nearly $6,000 from three couples, police think there could be additional victims. all right time now for the forecast and here's john elliott. hot again. >> hot again and humid again. in fact, those humidity numbers are up a bit. even though the temperature may be down a degree or two, it just feels oppressive. checking in with the weather to -- let's head out jersey way. gary roman in rockaway. 884 but its feels -- 84 but it feels like 94. you like that? all right, let's head down further to the south. i got a kick out of this. this is mike, 88 in old bridge and school in two weeks. not that anybody is counting. but the kids today i think enjoying i think that's a great adventure. and make sure they have sunscreen and they need to take lots of breaks today and it's
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hoping for cooler temperatures and let's check out the mobile weather lab. over in brooklyn heights, now you can see the clouds filling in overhead. we are going to see more clouds during the course of the afternoon. and a chance for a thunderstorm. it's a really pretty mix of sun and clouds though around the area as far as temperatures go. well, it's hot. we have the heat and humidity here. and the read there is with the mobile weather lab -- reading there with the mobile weather lab right there with 86 of it's a telltively right -- relatively light wind. the view from brooklyn to the park, we have, well partly cloudy skies 866 degrees here as well and winds are calm and relative humidity at 61%. 82 in greenwich and feels warmer. 83 in the hamptons and look at babylon and belmar though at 87. numbers are down maybe a degree or two. but dew points are way up there in the 70s and when you factor the math in, we're going to have the real feel numbers in the mid 90s and dew points are up two to eight degrees from yesterday.
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it's back up tomorrow and thursday. uv still high. air quality moderate. and humidity on the rise. that one storm there into parts of ulster county we're watching that. and then we're waiting. here's the area of low pressure. it's a trailing cold front that pushes through this afternoon. not a lot of coverage but some of these storms could be strong to potentially severe. look at the time of that right around 6:00. that means you could see that just almost blinding heavy rain frequent lightning and even a little bit of hail see that line hold together push through the 8:00, 9:00 hour, and then wednesday actually shapes up. we see a shift in the winds so dew points will drop. it will feel more comfortable. even though the numbers don't vary that much, there'll be a big change in the air with less humidity wednesday and thursday and friday pretty comfortable days. could see a stray shower later on thursday. >> all right temps not bad. >> as long as the humidity is down. thank you. all right first tony tantillo
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now that are colorful. >> reporter: today's tip of the day is the organic bunched carrots. they come out at this time of the year and every once in a while you see them at the market and they're so much fun. take a look at them. many different colors. wrapped around. they're beautiful. look at this bunch here. look at the yellow ones on this one. wow. look at that purple one. these bunch carrots are great but storage is very, very important. when you buy them make sure the colors are all beautiful and very important. make sure it's right here and you three the green? it's tot -- three the green in it's -- see this the green? it's got to be nice and fresh. in the fridge right away at home. there's so many different ways to buy carrots and subtle carrots and baby carrots and precut carrots. the me bunch carrots are still one of my favorites and i'm tony tantillo your fresh grocer is always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. would you look how beautiful these are? bugs bunny would have loved these. >> still time. when we come back let's see who comes to the rescue of a
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stuck over its head.
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opening ceremonies are underway for the new west field world trade center mall. the $11.4 billion complex housed in the transportation hub fully opened for -- officially opened for business. more on the way. the unique retail complex will eventually have 100 stores and today's opening festivity wills feature a family day -- festivities will feature a family day celebration with performances. in the middle of the heat, here's the sight snowy as the summer has been humid? we are getting a first look at the long-range forecast. >> oh. that does not make me feel comfortable. then at 6:00 drivers beware, money problems in a ton could lead to a ticket blitz by police officers. on cbs2 news beginning at 5:00. a sticky situation for a squirrel looking for a good meal. a connecticut ems crew spotted the little guy with its head stuck in a yogurt cup.
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squirrel to capture it and that's when they pulled the cup right off its head. the squirrel was released and not hurt. headed right back into the wild. but yeah it was a little touch and go there with a little yogurt beginning. >> great video that's kind of cute. >> hey it's better than a squirrel water skiing right? >> that's true. this is unique. all right. that's it for us at noon, for john and the entire cbs2 news team. thanks so much for joining us, i'm cindy hsu. >> and i'm chris wragge, we'll see you tomorrow morning at 4:30. uth afternoon. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email:
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>> phyllis: summer, we love you. >> summer: no [stammers] just stop, okay? you said that you supported me and my marriage to luca. was -- [ scoffs ] was all of that a lie? >> victor: we had concerns, okay? >> summer: because you hate luca. >> victor: no. i did a background check on luca, as i would do on any of my employees. >> summer: luca is not just an employee. he is the man that i of this family. how could you do this to me? >> phyllis: of course you're angry, because we went behind your back. and we are sorry for that. but our goal is to look out for you, and to protect your happiness. >> summer: yeah, well, you both failed. >> luca: i doubt victoria cares much, if at all, what happens to you now that she's back with her ex, billy. >> travis: it's fine with me if victoria's back with her ex. we ended things before i left. >> luca: that's a brave face. but i think you do still care.


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