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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  August 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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shooting that was not a shooting at all and evacuations -- it turned out it was celebrants watching the olympics. it got out of hand. >> now there is an electrical problem and people are waiting -- american airlines is offering two possible solutions -- if you are flying out of jfk this afternoon or this evening get here early. at least two hours ahead of time. they are offering na on american or one of the airlines at the terminal. change your reservation -- american set it will not levee penalty and that is a small comfort on this hot afternoon and jfk -- live with cbs news. >> thanks very much -- angry about being fired a mechanic walked in to the former workplace and began shooting a
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attack. >> my back was turned -- winston heard a commotion. he couldn't believe his eyes and ears -- a fellow employee, a mechanic was being let go and the fired worker christopher hicks picked up a muffler and smashed her through the rear window of the car he was working on and in a terrorizing sequence of events ran to his personal vehicle and retrieved a revolv doors. >> he came around the car and then i turned and faced him. i heard a noise again and that's when i ran. >> security cameras were rolling showing the disgruntled worker pulling the trigger and lodging in the engine compartment next to him. >> the bullet went to the car.
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police responded and placed him under arrest. >> how many shots were fired? >> three shots. >> his mother made silent following her son's arraignment. >> does he have any anger issues? >> no bail has been set that he maintains his innocence. >> loyal employees returned but that they had not slept a wink. >> i don't know what this guide is capable of doing. >> it's incredible that the fired employees >> i was there with bullets. god taught me out. >> the surveillance video is of excellent polity and it is in the hand of investigators. outside the das office in mineola, jennifer mccolgan cbs two news. >> as for the customers car the receipt the damage he said he is happy nobody was hurt.
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find his daughter's killer -- at the tower people are gathering to remember the victim -- they are holding a memorial walk -- she was murdered two weeks ago while out for a run -- in howard beach -- more. >> friends and relatives will get the memorial walk around here -- the area where karina's body was found two weeks ago. to show the community is strong and this community is not afraid. >> a killer is on weeks after the 30-year-old father found her body in this marshy area she went for a run every day. police say she put up a fight against her attacker. she was strangled and sexually assaulted -- tonight's walk is also a show of support for the family -- her father said the community has been his family's life preserver in this time. >> the community has come together all through this --
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minute she was missing. >> the community has been there and we have gotten stronger and stronger this is a showing for the world -- to show how strong this community is. >> the organizer tonight told me she hopes it will show the unity in the community as a reward for information continues to grow. reporting in howard beach, jessica leighton cbs t up -- nearly $250,000 has been pledged. >> now to the storm watch -- evening forecast looks rough -- >> lonnie quinn is tracking it all right now. >> it will be the toughest west of the city -- there is the picture looking out over manhattan -- there's the hudson river -- held overhead -- storms west of new york right now -- western new jersey -- 84 degrees -- like 89 -- the
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national weather service said be prepared -- all of the viewing area -- a 30 percent chance for better to see severe weather tonight and some areas south and to the east a 20 percent chance -- maybe not as likely as the line you see here. it makes its push for the to the east and back in the weather office -- thank you very much -- to give you an idea timing -- sometime around 8:00 it arrives in to show you a break a rainstorm the came to the city over and park. wouldn't you know what that is where the mother -- the weather lab is -- a quick shot outside -- zoom in on the tailgate -- a lot of humidity remains -- you have warmer temperature on the skin than on the thermometer -- 88 warmer temperature on the skin than on the thermometer -- 88.4 degrees right now. feeling with the heat index
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the temperature, humidity combined. >> back home i will show you what we are dealing with -- the bigger picture shows when the line comes through their is a severe rain chance -- now let's go to you. >> stay with us for continuing storm watch coverage and get the forecast anytime at cbs new york.con -- no bail for a man accused of killing a mom -- the families of both men came to the couho >> hazel sanchez has more. >> he said he came to the court to see the men accused of killing his father -- and his dear friend. >> he didn't get the answer they wanted. >> my father was a good man -- i don't know why you would want to kill him. i want justice. >> oscar morel still wearing his uniform for the school
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charges against him. while searching his home police found this gun and clothing that matched the descriptions of the witnesses stashed behind a wall. prosecutors say ballistics prove it was the gun used in the murders. his attorney said -- >> he's upset that he's here. he said he didn't do anything. >> many in the muslim community want to know why the murders are not considered a hate it. >> two people he killed at one time. it is a hate crime. >> many muslims living in this neighborhood are relieved to see more police presence as the mayor promised at the funeral on monday. some are concerned the extra security will disappear now that a suspect is under arrest. >> the district attorney's office said investigators are trying to determine what motivated the killings
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it is a hate crime. >> hazel sanchez cbs to use. >> -- cbs 2 news. >> a electrical shock for children on an amusement ride in it done -- emergency crews say the injuries are minor and we don't know what caused the shock at this time -- the area around the rights have been shut down for now virus impact on your -- officials say 49 pregnant woman have tested positive since april. one baby has been board with microcephaly due to the virus -- the majority of the infections came while traveling to zika virus areas -- there have been 420 see cases in new york. >> 25 years after violent riots a decision to commemorate the anniversary with a possessed -- festival is drawing fire. >> russia cramer has more.
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activity today -- people were playing basketball and youngsters visiting from a day camp eating lunch. on sunday it will turn into more -- the community festival to mark the 25th anniversary of the rights. >> the festival promises to be fun for all with food, music, rides and arts and crafts but some say it's an insensitive way to recognize one of the worst race riots in the city's history. >> my mother >> she lost a child. this is totally inappropriate. >> his brother was stabbed to death in the rights. they arrested after a car in a motorcade accidentally struck a child that was black. >> people took advantage of a tragic motor vehicle accident
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problem. >> one of the sponsors of the festival said it's all about bringing people together. >> nt defamation league and other jewish groups are among the organizers. >> i respect his right to be upset. not only was his brother impacted by this but the entire community. so, one incident is not going to define how we continue to move forward. >> he asked was about to walk at the festival with him to show unity and tolerance. festival with the president? >> i will not be. >> why not? i think i would be contributing to the dishonesty -- this is not a time for cotton candy. this is not a time for rides and amusements. >> the riots lasted three days a nearly 200 were injured and $1 million in property damage -- in crown heights, marcia kramer cbs2 news. >> this festival is scheduled
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commemoration ceremony. >> a frightening discovery -- video shows strangers begin into their house while they were sleeping. drivers beware -- a city strapped for cash is considered a -- considering a ticket blitz. >> devastation in louisiana and california -- live with more -- good evening, scott. >> good evening. the fires in california are remarkable to see. hundreds of people at least one of the fires investigators believe was started intentionally. >> then the floods in louisiana -- historic -- at least 10 people have died. we'll take you to both of the scenes tonight on the cbs evening news at 6:30. >> tonight -- >> 4>>
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brazen burglars are on the loose in nassau sunday -- four thieves broke in overnight -- a surveillance camera caught video of one of them -- a family was sleeping upstairs and the homeowner heard rummaging and scare them off -- neighbors are worried they could be next. >> oh my god. that scares me. >> i feel safe sleeping in my house at night and i feel say pulling into the driveway
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bust to a basement window to get inside. >> died trash drivers need to watch out -- money frictions have reached a boiling point. jessica more reports a ticket blitz that hit the drivers heart. >> and authority officer of a ticket on a car -- a scene that the residents say is becoming too, -- >> you have to buy some food or there's a ticket. >> blitz is a part of the plan to supplement the newly proposed city budget and the people of patterson say it isn't right. >> this is wrong -- they put themselves in the budget -- why should we help them out? >> do you feel the citizens are being punished? >> yes. >> every ticket they get, they get money -- that's what they do and that's what they want -- is it fair? >> no, would but we can do nothing about it. >> a source told us the
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the coffers by issuing 30,000 traffic tickets per year -- roughly 80 per day. people say the officers a going to great lengths to reach these numbers. >> we are giving for -- we are getting tickets for everything now. you could be standing on the corner and you can get a ticket for loitering. >> where are you supposed to drop off handicaps or people with infants? is getting to be ridiculous. >> we reached out to the mayor and the city council and the police department and no one would agree to go on camera but the mayor's office confirmed these issues will be addressed at tonight city council meeting. in paterson, new jersey jessica more. >> the battle over the tax levy led to 36 summer camps closing early. it's unclear what other city services could be affected -- they meet at 7 pm tonight to discuss and take a bow. >> keeping an eye on the chance for storms in the area -- lonnie quinn has an update.
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west of the city and we will see rain. rain in stormy weather coming through new york city -- further east ago they are showing me a sign that they're getting weaker as they get closer to the water. outside with the picture -- that's what it looks like -- currently over the city over the hudson looking to the west and northwest you have a temperature of 84. it feels like 89 because the humidity is up there at one point we went from a temperature 87-81 in 10 minutes because of a cell that through dropping the temperatures. >> i'm going to call for storms in the area -- after 7 pm. for new york to be eight or nine. 87 was the high today. 83 should be the high -- 4 degrees above the average. the low -- the morning low just really got below 80 -- 78 -- 10 degrees warmer than the typical starting point. there's a chance for severe storms but it looks to be
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starts to set up tomorrow -- not the day we are rooting for but at least it starts the process of feeling better -- the real relief will arrive thursday and friday and tuesday of next week it looks like a week from today is when you tap into low humidity and temperatures below average.>> right now some of the storms which are strong aching their way into this area and we will track those -- holding -- into new york city around 8:00 or so. it will be to the west first and track to the east -- northeast -- a broader picture is going to show you -- i will step out of the way -- look at the number of lightning strikes one hour ago versus now. this is a three-hour loop -- we are losing the strength as they make the push to the ease. ocean influence starting to have an impact on the storms. we still have this like back here around western pennsylvania.
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this is where we will see the wind start shift and come in from the north to make it feel better out there -- a low pressure system will make it the better before tonight there's a chance for strong storms even 9 pm coming to the city. and you get into the day wednesday and clouds will linger but i don't see a lot of rain for the day wednesday. a slight chance but not so much -- hot and less humid tomorrow at 87 -- the extended fo wet weather chances are stray on thursday. 88 friday looking pretty good out there. against the temperatures remain hot -- they are knocking on the door of 90 degrees but each day you trim a little bit of humidity off until you get to monday into tuesday. that's when the game changes and you have high temperatures low average -- tuesday's high looks like a high of 82. low humidity. >> knocking on the door -- but
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>> [laughter] >> we have a lot of door and allergies. >> [laughter] >> some controversy on the diving board -- more on that. >> on the track it was a died felt around the world -- causing in america to miss out on a gold medal. was it legal? >> just when the yankees are getting it together, they have match news -- now we know what was causing the discomfort. >>
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now the sports desk. >> the yankees are down a picture -- otis with sports. >> he will be down for quite a while discomfort in his elbow -- causing him to leave after one in -- one inning -- a partially torn ucl and he will undergo to surgeries and he will miss 2017. the yankees won for the fifth time last night thanks to the youth movement -- erin judge go in his third run with a double in the fourth to get the yankees a lead.
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strikeouts -- the bullpen to the rest -- and he's beat the blue jays. not the way the mets wanted to start out there road trip -- a were lit up by the diamondbacks. five runs -- the diamondbacks won. >> the mets dropped back. >> game two of the series tonight in arizona. >> a couple of notes from jets ca couple of days -- not disciplinary. >> wilkerson was taking part in the team drills for the first time -- he has said all along he will be ready to role i the first week. >> the jets hope that matt forte can be counted on the ground in passing game -- he was acquired in the off-season from the bears. the first time he has practiced two days in a row. he took handoffs and worked out individually with the strength and conditioning coaches. it's a team that has made them take it slow.
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-- is not there were up to me i would be going at it. on my own terms. but sometimes they have to protect me from myself -- i will overwork or do something and i don't want to do that. >> we will start to see more of the starters in game 2 -- the jets faces the redskins friday night -- we will call from the booth and i will patrol the sidelines. >> down in rio picked up her fourth gold medal in the floor exercise. >> alley baseman one -- the silver. >> today all anyone could talk about was the finish in the 400 last night -- it look like it might be gold but the bahamas
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second. on social media everyone is wanting -- wondering if it's legal -- it is -- you just have to cross the line -- one of the us runners said she did it at the trials to get to the olympics and she also did it of the indoor nationals. that might be her signature move. >> [laughter] >> we'll be right back.
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may cause a serious slowing of your heart rate. common side effects of harvoni may include tiredness, headache and weakness. i am ready to put hep c behind me. i am ready to be cured. are you ready? ask your hep c specialist if harvoni is right for you. scorching nearly 1000 acres a new wildfire in calendar -- in california -- having may mean life or death for some. >> coming up with scott pelley.
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coming up tonight at 11:00 we continue to follow breaking news where terminal 8 is in the dark after a power outage -- arrive with plenty of time to spare -- we will monitor the situation and bring you the latest. >> also possibly in new jersey tonight at 11:00 -- a new retail complex in lower manhattan -- they opened for business of the world trade center -- the mall has 60 stores and restaurants but 100 stores will eventually occupy the space. today's opening richard family celebration with musical performances. >> up next historic flooding leaves total devastation in
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good night. >> pelley: fire and flood. as firefighters risk their lives in california, police arrest an arsonist. and the the death toll rises in the louisiana flood. >> this is my entire life that i worked my entire life, just washed away. runaway cost of epipens is forcing patients to choose. >> it could mean life or death. >> pelley: we'll remember john mclaughlin, who raise the the decibels of debate. and "drop and give me 22." the great push-up challenge, putting muscle into saving the lives of veterans. >> 22 push-ups, here we go.


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