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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  August 17, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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break in the case after months of her being missing. now, two people have now been charged in the murder of linden resident tyrita julius. now, behind me you can see the police continue to search this home on joline avenue here in long branch. 41-year-old tyrita julius was a mother of two teens, her family frantic after she went missing on march 8th. a friend told police she had drop her off at the long branch train station to return home o linden. we spoke to julius' mother shortly after her disappearance. >> i knew something was wrong when she didn't come home because she's always home. >>reporter: now, the monmouth county prosecutor's office confirms two have been charged in her murder, gen is ifer sweeney 33 of tinton falls and andre harris, 32 of long branch. police say the home being searched on joeline avenue belongs to harris. neighbors were disgusted by the news. >> pretty shocking. that's crazy. >> absolutely, it's just by my
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disappearance, julius had a traumatic few months. she was inside this car at the end of november when police say a man wearing a mask walked up and fired several shots into the front seat, striking julius eight times and grazing her 15- year-old daughter. no word yet if that shooting is connected to her murder. we are expected to hear from the monmouth county prosecutor's office in a matter of moments, and we will keep you updated on any information that we get out of that press conference. now, the argn two people charged is expected around 1:30 today. we're live in long branch, meg baker, cbs 2 news. >> meg, thank you. now to breaking news. more than 500 passengers were evacuated from a burning ship off the coast of puerto rico this morning. according to the coast guard, the fire broke out in the engine room of the caribbean fantasy ferry and then spread. rescuers used slides to get passengers off the ship and into rafts. several dozen people were carry into san juan harbor on stretchers.
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the ship runs several times a week between puerto rico and the dominican republic. a family is -- families forced to jump for their lives during a house fire in new jersey. the fire started in the middle of the night while everyone was sleeping nz the home in little ferry. luckily they got a warning to get up and get out. that's where cbs 2's ali bauman is live in bergen county with more on this. ali. >>reporter: it was a little ferry police officer who happened to be driving around this area last night when he says he heard an explosion. he followed that sound here completely engulfed in flames. now, he called for backup, but that seven-person rescue, it took a whole community. seven people trapped inside their home tuesday night did whatever it took to stay alive when 109 washington avenue caught fire around 11:30 p.m. >> we just started trying breaking some windows and victims just started jumping out windows, and pull several people out of the building. >>reporter: three families
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father help his three daughters escape before jumping or falling out himself. >> one father was actually holding his children out the window and dropping them down and the firefighters were break the form and trying to catch them as best they could. >>reporter: they were all taken to hospital, the father now in back surgery, and today their grandfather is grateful. >> thank god that everybody is alive. that's more important to me. >>reporter: police say one woman was forced to jump from the third floor, leaving a 5- year-old girl and grandmother inside. neighbor earnest matthews dragged the woman away from the burning building while firefighters rescued the grandmother and child. but neighbors say the building lacks a proper emergency escape route. >> i met a couple that lived there, you know, within the past year, and they said that they had complained to the landlord that there was no way out if something were to happen. >>reporter: three firefighters were treated for smoke inhalation have been released from the hospital, but that 5- year-old girl an her
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critical condition with severe burn wounds. live in little ferry, new jersey, ali bauman, cbs 2 news >> ali, thank you. well, one building remains without water this noon in hoboken after an overnight water main break. and as cbs 2's andrea grymes reports, the city is no stranger to this problem. >>reporter: crews tore up part of harrison street in hoboken this morning, working to fix the city's latest busted water main. >> again. >>reporter: resident vachal nothing came out of his faucet this morning. >> it's just totally unreliable. so maybe won't go to work today, waiting for the water going late, so it's always a headache. >>reporter: the 16-inch main broke before 4:00 a.m. at harrison and first streets, flooding parts of the roads and leaving many in the area with low water pressure or none at all. >> no water. very little. >> about three drops, that's about it. thank god we had water in the refrigerator.
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>>reporter: hoboken residents have unfortunately gotten used to scenes like in one. in just one of several examples back in march, a sinkhole swallowed a car after a large main broke on first street near clinton street. this morning's issue luckily wasn't as bad. most of the water on the street receded by 7:00 a.m., and a spokesman for the mayor said water pressure was returning to normal. this latest water main break comes just a few weeks after the hoboken city council pr ordinance to fund upgrades to the aging water main system. the aging system is what suez water is working to overcome. as far as this morning the company says it fixed the busted main and thanks customers for their patience. resident mike zelinski didn't lose water at all this time but says the issues are part of living here. >> always. always water main breaks here in hoboken. >>reporter: you're just used to it. >> yeah. >>reporter: used to? >> yeah, used to it.
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andrea griernlings cbs 2 news. we've had a long string of hot and humid weather, but there is some relief in sight you can see in this live look from bryant park. the hot weather keeping people off the lawn, under those trees and in the shade. john elliot in the weather center, fully air conditioned ready for this update. hi, johnny >> it is beautiful out there from bryant park to central park. take a look at this in the city right now, it sure looks pretty, 82 degrees, and it feels a little bit better. here's why. the dewpoint has dropped three to about maybe degrees. dewpoints comfortably in the 60s for many, and that sure beats the mid- to upper 70s. here's why. we've got this wonderful wind out of the northwest. sure that west wind bringing the flies to the jersey shore, but it sure feels better. scanning the skies, it's nice and quiet. there is some rain in the forecast. we'll take a look at that and also take a trip out with the mobile weather lab. we're going to head out to gantry state park, long island city, queens, home to those beautiful gantries that are now
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we'll have that and have more views coming up. right now, though, we'll send it back to the desk >> john, thank you. police are looking for a man wanted in a bank robbery pattern in manhattan. investigators say this is him caught on security cameras. they say he struck five times, three times at the same midtown investors bank. the robberies started in early april, the last one taking place yesterday at a san tender bank in chelsea. police did not reveal how much money he's stolen so far. another incident of children getting h amusement ride. six kids were shocked while onle scrambler ride in new london, connecticut yesterday. one child was shocked when he touched the bar while leaving the ride. we're toll it's unclear what caused the electrical surge. a boy died on the worl's water slide in -- the world's largest water slide in kansas city, kansas. donald trump is shaking up his campaign team as hillary clinton's campaign team braces for another attack about her e-
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>>reporter: donald trump is shaking up his campaign staff with less than 90 days to go until election day. stephen banon who runs now joins the campaign as its ceo and kelly ann conway joins as the new campaign manager. paul manafort will remain chairman but with a diminished roll. >> bannon in particular, he's one of the most tested, most aggressive operatives in america today. and that signals to me that trump rather thanso down on being the tough, in- your-face campaigner. >>reporter: trump says he doesn't want to soften his approach. >> i am who i am. it's me. i don't want to change. everyone talks about, oh, well, you're going to pivot ot. i don't want to pivot ot. you have to be you. >>reporter: hillary clinton would like to 55 away from talking about her e-mails but some on capitol hill won't let the subject die. republicans contend clinton may have perinjured herself during
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hearings. they're now comparing notes that fbi hand congress tuesday into the investigation of mrs. clinton's use of a private e- mail server to see if there are discrepancies. clinton would not talk about the news during a campaign event in philadelphia yesterday, but her campaign says it wants the fbi notes made public so republicans can't selectively leak incomplete information. the fbi warned against that, saying the notes are being provided with the expectation it will not be disseminated or disclosed without fbi concurre boswell, cbs 2 news. >> the fbi says it won't comply with clinton's request to release the notes publicly because there is classified information within them. a new wildfire in southern california has exploded in size. it now affects more than 80,000 people. the blue cut fire has charred 30,000 acres east of los angeles. a portion of the main highway from l.a. to las vegas is now closed. cbs 2's carter evans has more. >>reporter: huge flames lit
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relentless advance. [ sirens ] >>reporter: it only took a matter of hours for the fire to explode to thousands of acres tuesday afternoon, burning entire neighborhoods to the ground and destroying the legendary summit inn, a local landmark since 1952. >> firefighters can't make their way here. the flames just too intense. >>reporter: thick smoke filled the skies above san bernardino county, the wildfire grew quickly, winds, dry brush and 100-degree temperatures. >> this is a huge, huge fire fight out here. >>reporter: so it spots ahead of itself, gets established, keeps moving, keeps jumping, keeps leap frogging up because of the spots. >> my motor home just blew up. probably seven of my cars just caught on fire. >> get out of there! >>reporter: six firefighters were briefly trapped by the flames, two of them suffered minor injuries. >> just because of the wind direction we were fully engulfed with smoke. >>reporter: we found these men
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neighbors' homes. where are the firefighters? >> up there where the fire is, i guess. >>reporter: this is just one of nine fires burning in california right now. the one in northern california by sacramento is now about 35% contained and the man accused of setting that fire we've now learned was trained as an inmate firefighter when he was in prison. he's scheduled to be arraigned today. carter evans, cbs news, feelin, california. still so much more to come here on cbs 2 news at noon, includes bak success. >> the way i changed my life, i try to help change the next man's life. >> a sec chance to turn things around. how some homeless -- a second chance to turn things around. how homeless people help. ryan lochte is ordered to stay in the country and is it too late. and the water in louisiana growing as the flooding stretches into new
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it is arguably unlike any other run by a new york nonprofit >> but it's the people who run in the bakery and the helping hand they are receiving that is most unique. cbs 2's scott rappaport takes us to brooklyn. >>reporter: inside the nondescript building in east williamsburg in a little bakery they're cooking up something even sweeter and more ambitious than the fresh pastries. they are creating hope. >> it's truly a blessing. >>reporter: served daily here,
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sense of purpose, opportunity and employment for those society has forgotten. you see, all the employees are homeless or formerly homeless, many former criminals, people like derek. where would you have been without this? >> probably back in jail or broken and pennyless. >>reporter: it's their chance for a more fulfilling and productive life, the chance to learn a culinary t fund, a shelter that feeds the homeless in new york city and runs the bakery. >> i change my -- i changed my life, i try to help change the next man's life. >>reporter: peter is a a former drug dealer and gang member who turned his life around through his love of cooking which he discovered here. >> we're going to roll it out with two hands. >>reporter: he's now the head baker, teaching what he's learned through a culinary arts training program. paying it forward, he says, to others who have been downtrodden and lost. why do you do it?
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we all come from the same place, you know, that's a struggle. >>reporter: currently there are 30 people training under peter. in the seven years of the bakery's existence, more than 350 people have graduated the program, moving on to fresh lives, fresh starts, new beginnings. curtis is a recent graduate. >> this means the world to me right here. >>reporter: the delicious treats whipped up in this most unique environment are packaged and sold at farmers markets in for success, second chances served with love. scott rappaport, cbs 2 news. >> well, the dough fund says the idea for a bakery back in 2009 was a natural. the nonprofit already operates a kitchen to feed those who live in the facility. >> sometimes you just need a second chance. good for them. >> it looks delicious. >> they know what they're doing, that's for sure. american swimmer ryan lochte ordered to stay in rio.
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and john will have the forecast. >> it's buzzing some. we'll talk about that and a bit of a roller coaster over the next few days coming up.
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olympic swimmer ryan lochte is back in the united
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port authorities of lochte and jamesan be seized pending an investigation into the reports of an armed robbery. lochte and three of his teammates claim they were rob at gunpoint in a taxi sunday morning as they returned from a night of partying. investigators say there's no evidence of the robbery. it appears the judge's order came too late. lochte's father says he has already returned to the u.s. search crews are going home by home, car by car in louisiana today looking for more potential victims of this week's devastating flooding. right now 11 people are known waters triggered by torrential rains. more than 30,000 people have been rescued. a group of volunteers dubbed the cajun navy is using motor boats, canoes, anything they can to help in the rescue. at least fourtsz homes have been damaged -- 40,000 homes have been damaged in the disaster. more than 11.000 people spent last night in many of the shelters that have been set up statewide to accommodate those displaced. >> devastating pictures. well, we had some storms here last night and could see more tonight. nothing like that. >> let's get over to john.
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humid ilt. >> were you outside this morning? >> earlier. not great, but better. >> no gold medals. >> we gotta get excited. i tell you what, let's check in with the weather watchers and see what they have to say. so many reporting for duty. low 80s. here's a slightly warmer reading, 84 neptune city. listen to what liz says, a nice breeze, lower temps. i'm turning off the a.c. and give tg a rest. so that is a thumbs up. walter, another weather watcher saying the west wind on the bugs filling up. it is black cat appreciation day. thanks, elena, love the flowers. wind in the sky there gives you a profile like that, just spectacular from charlie. we like that, and gorgeous flowers too from kathy. here's the deal. we are going to see the wind play a role, beneficial for many. so let's take a trip in the mobile weather lab over to gantry state park. this is in long island city. by the way, have you guys been over there? the development is crazy. it's exciting. of course this is a 12-acre
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great views, really nice view of the united nations if you want to check this park out. it's about a 12-acre park. so let's check out the numbers on the mobile weather lab and see what we're doing. i know they're going to be lower. so we're right now at 82.3 degrees which is spectacular which is exactly where we want to be. 82 degrees there, 82 degrees in the city as well. 84 in babylon. well, i guess queens is in the city, it's just central park in the city. 83 in greenwich, 85 in the hamptons and belmar. 85 in edison. yesterday, it's a little cooler, it feels a little bit better. still going to be above normal. 83 is the normal and 87 is the anticipated high. sun sets at 7:50, should be pretty. pollen is high again today, and it stays relatively high into the weekend. uv forecast is high, air quality is good. quick caveat, high rip current risk for the south-facing beaches off suffolk county and even a moderate rip current risk for nassau, better for the jersey shore. scanning the skies, there's not
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alex mentioned the chance for some more showers. tell you what, the futurecast is pretty bullish on a passing shower or thunderstorm overnight tonight, and then as we work our way into thursday, there'll be some hit and miss showers. that's rainbow weather, though, where you see a shower, and then you see the sun. and then that clears up. there's a chance for a popup shower on friday, but friday heat and humidity are back. then saturday and sunday going to be a steamy weekend, but here's the roller coaster. next week we're going to tap into some much more comfortable air below normal. enjoy today, heat and humidity are back into the weekend. >> it is about time. >> yeah. it'll feel nice next week >> all right, johnny, thank
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a group of trre rush digging for some nazi leut. loot. about a team of 35 started digging along a stretch of railroad tracks in southwest poland. they're searching for a train filled with gold, believed to have been hidden by the nazis when the russians were coming at the end of world war ii. no unearthed treasure on day one. but the group has 10 days to complete the dig. coming up on cbs 2 news tonight beginning at 5:00, no such thing as a sugar high? well, the new research claiming parents may be overestimating the effects of sweet treats on
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that, that's for sure. then coming up at 6:00, a raging fire at a long island marina. several boats destroyed, five firefighters injured trying to put the flames out. was it arson? those stories and much more tonight on cbs 2 news beginning at 5:00. well, that is it for us at noon. for john and the entire cbs news team, thanks for joining us, i'm alex denis. i'm chris wragge. we will see you tomorrow at 4:30, dark and early.
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>> paul: what the hell is this? >> kevin: spring grove bus anonymous tip about. except this footage is less than an hour old. >> paul: kevin! >> kevin: paul, come on. this could be a huge break. >> paul: there are no breaks. the case is closed. i told you that. adam pled guilty. >> kevin: this is about more than clearing adam. it could prove that chloe is innocent, too. >> chloe: [ sighs ] i'm so sorry.


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