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tv   CBS 2 News at 5  CBS  August 18, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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the newspaper is reporting an unnamed gas station owner accusing the americans of vandalism and urinating in the alley. that's different than the original story lochte told a few days ago. >> guy pulled out his gun, he cocked it put it to my forehead and said get down and i was like i put my hands upics i'm like whatever. >> reporter: lochte already returned to the united states. two of the swimmers jack conger and gunnar bentz were barred from leaving until police say after the swimmers committed the acts of and have difficult. s at a gas station they were confronted by security guards and a firearm was pointed at them by one of the security guards. the police chief thinks that an apology could go a long way. >> they are people. they can make mistakes. [ through translator ] >> because probably were under alcoholic beverage or anything like this and excuses they need to provide the apologies in a way is not to the police
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tainted by a very untruthful version. >> reporter: what adds to the story is this isn't the first time lochte has been in trouble. in 2010 he was arrested for disorderly conduct and in 2005, public urination and trespass. it seems like there are two versions to this story. somehow the truth will fall in the middle. >> it makes you wonder why they wouldn't stick to the original story if they kicked down this bathroom door that's not the world. >> just expanding upon them to make themselves victims. >> a lot of times it's the cover-up. >> more to come clearly. >> embarrassing. >> absolutely. >> thank you. the state department appears to contradict president obama claim about the release of iranian hostages. let's go straight to cbs 2's brian conybeare live in the newsroom with more on this story. brian. >> reporter: the admission that the payment made back in january was contingent on the release of a group of american
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pay a ransom to free those americans from iran. on january 17, four u.s. citizens jailed by tehran were released and flown out of the country, the very same day the united states paid $450 million in cash to settle a decades old dispute with iran over a 1970s military deal. today, the u.s. state department confirmed that money was held up and used as, quote, leverage, in the negotiations over the e free. this is the first time the obama administration has admitted the two were linked. just nine days ago the president repeated his claim that the $400 million was not paid as ransom. >> we do not pay ransom. we didn't here and we won't in the future precisely because if we did, then we would start encouraging, um, americans to be targeted much in the same way that some countries that do pay ransom, um, end up
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various groups. >> reporter: state department spokesman john kirby says negotiations over the united states returning the cash from an iranian account that was frozen was conducted separately from the prisoner talks. but more of this will be coming out as the hours continue tonight. reporting from the newsroom, brian conybeare, cbs 2 news. >> thank you. we have breaking news from the upper west side tonight. police are searching for a suspect who got into an argument with a man and his son, then slashed a intervene. cbs 2's valerie castro joins us live from riverside park. valerie. >> reporter: jessica, police say this is the area the suspect ran into after the slashing at 79th and broadway, just two blocks away from here. this and around 1:30 this afternoon. police say the suspect got into an argument with a man and his child in front of a broadway church. another man helped. that good samaritan was slashed with a knife and the
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scene where they found the suspect shirt. they brought in a k-9 to track the scent from the shirt but lost the trail. upper west side residents say it's unnerving to see the large police presence in the park in the middle of the day. >> it's scary. this is a nice quiet and even boring area. i mean, it's scary. it's unsettling. but i guess that's thing about new york. you're just one step away from danger all the time. >> reporter: the good samaritan was treated at the scene for a minor injury. he came to the park to help police try and track down the suspect. again, the suspect still has not been found at this time. the man and child involved in the original altercation left the scene before police arrived. live on the upper west side, valerie castro, cbs 2 news. a developing story in new jersey where firefighters are trying to figure out the cause
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road in clark says he opened his dryer door this afternoon and an explosion blew out his windows. gas was immediately shut off to the neighborhood and several homes were evacuated as a precaution. >> there is a loud boom and all the windows in the back blew out and all the windows on the side blew out. >> i ran out, there was smoke in the back, a building of smoke, and a strong gas smell. >> the homeowner had mine another injuries to his arm. he says -- minor injuries to his arm. he says the dryer was only a few years old. a karina vetrano. they are offering more than $250,000 for information leading to the capture of her killer. her body was found august 2 after she went for a run near her howard beach. the police have a message. >> i know that you're tormented. i know that you are being -- that you're being driven crazy.
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i guarantee you that money, that reward money, will go to a member your family of your choice. that is my word. >> police are also offering a $25,000 reward. investigators are trying to identify a male dna sample they found at the scene. arraignment today for a long island man accused of drowning his own mother in their backyard pool. her body was discovered yesterday in the village of lloyd harbor. police say they have a vidpe cbs 2's carolyn gusoff has new information on the case. >> reporter: a stoic dennis cullen en route to court showed no signs of a violent fight but prosecutors say the 23-year-old described in chilling detail be a desperate struggle as he drowned his mother elizabeth in the backyard pool in a rage after she yelled at him for not taking his medication. >> that argument escalated to the point where, um, she had poked him.
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walked from the shallow end of the pool with her in the headlock. >> reporter: and with a calm demeanor, prosecutors say cullen admitted he dragged her lifeless body out of the pool, then showered, swiped his mother's car keys, money and took a train to manhattan where he confessed his crime to his sister, who called police. the 59'2" interior decorate -- 5'2" interior decorar as win cullen lived are her husband in lloyd harbor. only a court-appointed attorney was in court as he was charged with intentional murder. >> at this stage there's a lot of work to be done. have to determine if he has a psychiatric background. have to determine if he is under a doctor's care. >> reporter: neighbors describe a childhood battling mental illness. they are from a prominent military family. the victim a daughter of famed vietnam major general george casey.
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say she devoted her life to her children and are stunned by its tragic ending. >> mrs. cullen was the nightsest lady that -- nicest lady that you could ever meet. >> reporter: his father and sister accompanied him to the house where he surrendered to police. he has no criminal history. he was held on $5 million bail. in lloyd harbor, long island, carolyn gusoff, cbs 2 news. new at 5:00, new york city parks are getting million makeover. one park in each borough will get $30 million for major upgrades like soccer fields, comfort stations, tracks and hiking trails. mayor de blasio says the investment is a step toward fighting inequality. >> we all know that for years and years, our city government didn't look at all five boroughs equally and the way our money was distributed didn't reflect where the people lived. so here's a chance to right
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mary's in the bronx, highbridge park in manhattan, a park in brooklyn, astoria park in queens and fresh kills park on staten island. the department will hold community meetings to find out what upgrades are needed. at that park press conference today, mayor de blasio imposed some new rules limiting how many questions reporters can ask at his public press conferences. this from the man who, when he ran for office, vowed a new era of transparency. cbs marcia kramer has that story. >> reporter: mayor de blasio appeared to be in high spirits when he arrived at saint mary's park in the south bronx to announce new funds for green spaces. he high fived local kids and smiled. he had a mood change however when minutes later i tried to get clarification about the allocation of funds for a park at the old fresh kills landfill. it was my third question and the mayor tried and failed to
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on to others? >> how long will it take before you can turn it into a park. >> reporter: when another reporter asked a third question on the very topic the mayor invoked a new rule for his encounters with the press. >> i'm going to take this one, say to all of you, you have like one question and a follow but if everyone is doing i like to three part questions is becomes a three-part problem. >> reporter: it was deja vu all over again. eight months ago the mayor, who admittedly won office by vowing a new era of official transparency rene. >> we're not taking questions in here today. >> reporter: after that between me and then press secretary karen hinton, city hall dramatically cut down on the mayor's accessibility. now believe it or not, he takes off topic questions just once a week. but today he invoked a new rule that further limits accessibility. the two question rule. >> marcia. >> mr. mayor, i'm just perplexed. >> i don't understand why it's a problem for a reporter to ask three questions about an initiative that you have announced. >> there's a lot of people who
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i think one follow-up is fair. sometimes two. but i just doesn't want to get with anyone into a back and forth too deep on any issue. we got to pass the ball around. >> reporter: well, the good government group citizens union says de blasio's new rule feels like an attempt to limit access to information that's necessary to understand the mayor's views and report them accurately." he urged the mayor to be more transparent, not less, saying facts are critical to new yorkers' understanding of imporub a back and forth. >> a deep back and forth. >> good for you calling him out on it. >> thank you. up next, a cruel crime of opportunity. fire forced families from their homes and then adding insult to injury thieves move in. >> also, a huge debate over a private golf course. big names including one former mayor who wants to keep the
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additions entertaining crowds at the bronx zoo. >> chemicals in the cosmetic aisle could be making you sick. these products that lawmakers would like to see tested and possibly pulled. >> yesterday we were talking about a chance for rain today. well, where is it? i'm going to point it out on the radar and tell you when it could come into your area in
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first flames, now a series of felonies. residents of an apartment building in yos cbs 2's lou young has the story all new at 5:00. >> reporter: as if this wasn't enough, some of the 105 people out of their homes following monday's four-alarm fire in yonkers have now learned their evacuated apartments were looted. we weren't allowed inside the building on pearl avenue, but one of the displaced victims complained outside. this man's relative translated
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[ non-english language ] >> it was about $3,000 [ indiscernible ] his tv, shoes and clothes. >> reporter: once he got past the security guard it was easy picking for the thieves because all the apartment doors were removed during the search for victims. police confirm six apartments were robbed of jewelry, electronics and cash, all the victims had already lost too much. this guy, for instance, works at a car wash and carries his passport with him to prove his citizenship. the money he lost was to pay husband renan bills. this woman has been staying with relatives in brooklyn and says the once wide open apartments are now padlocked and no one can get in to check on their stuff. >> i had to wait i don't know how long, i don't know what's wrong. >> reporter: first it was open, now locked up? >> yup. we can't get anything. >> reporter: one full line in the building is uninhabitable but the rest of it could re- open soon. the owner insisted he didn't know anything about a security problem although he did confirm there was only one
5:17 pm
this week. >> we had one guy there. >> yeah? >> just to be honest. the, um, the guy, um, was there whole night. >> reporter: but the apartments got rob, six of them? >> um, that i don't know. >> reporter: police tell us the thieves may have come in through a rear entrance an open window or across the attached roof from another building. we're in yonkers. lou young, cbs 2 news. >> the yonkers fire department says the flames began at an overloaded extension cord, although six people rescued there were no serious injuries. campaign 2016. out doing nypd commissioner bill bratton getting special recognition today from hillary clinton. >> soon-to-be, um, retired commissioner bill bratton. we will miss you. we thank you for your lifetime of service. >> bratton was among eight law enforcement leaders from around the country who met with clinton here in new york city. the candidate arranged the meeting to discuss ways of improving relations between police and minorities. >> we have to be clear-eyed
5:18 pm
we can't ignore them and certainly we must not inflame them. >> no appearance today yet by donald trump but his new campaign manager was on "cbs this morning." >> the majority of americans now feel less safe than they did seven years ago. a majority of americans feels that things can get better economically so we would take an uplifting optimistic policy sent trick message directly to the american people. >> a tightened race shows clinton only ahead by 2 points. exciting news at the bronx zoo. today the zoo welcomed the addition of two california sea lion pups. they were just born a few weeks ago. jill nicolini was there for the big reveal. >> i think that the babies are really sweet. >> reporter: they were born a knew days apart in june, from two different mothers. >> this is doubly exciting because their father was rescued from the west coast
5:19 pm
euthanized. we got to save him and also he came here and contributed new genes to our population. >> reporter: the pups weighed in at about 20 pounds and females were grow to be about 250 pounds while males can weigh up to four times as much. >> as far as we know, there's one male, we're not sure of the sex on the other but we are hoping it's a female. >> reporter: what do you love sea lions? >> they're so cute. >> i like how they do tricks. they jump around gracious in the water. >> ah, ah,ah. >> they're known for their barking. people love the sea lions because they're always active and interactive and barking. he is barking right there. >> reporter: that's why adults and especially children love to crowd around the sea lion pool for the twice daily feedings that happen at 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. >> you had to think of a name
5:20 pm
ideas? >> sea lion fish. >> amelia and starfish. >> loud and fishy. >> reporter: the two pups have yet to be named. but the bronx zoo says staff will eventually find names that are fitting for their personalities. jill nicolini, cbs 2 news. >> the pretty good barking impersonations. >> not bad. >> always the most popular place at the bronx zoo. kids love them. cloudy and muggy. >> lonnie quinn, will it ninja it right now. a lot of cloud cover out there today but currently that's your picture. i'm going to actually call that partly sunny. feels like 85. high temperature was one click warmer at 84 which is really right in line with where we should be. 83 is the normal. you were one little old degree above average. what's going on outside? well, we have this very weak little trough making a push to the southeast so some of this rain could make its way through the area. there's not too much out
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i know you're seeing the green on the screen but if you can zoom in tight, you're going to find there's like one little moderate shower right around liberty, new york, but everything is just a little sprinkle here or there. but i will keep in the chance for tonight and tomorrow to see a little bit of activity out of that system as it comes through. so some clouds tonight. isolated shower tonight or tomorrow. it's warmer and humid for the weekend. real relief is slated for tuesday. we'll be talking about this when i see you later. back to you. still ahead, it's a story that may bring a tear to your eye. police go above and beyond the call of duty for a child sick with cancer. the one-of-a-kind salute that we promise will warm your heart. >> plus, 3d surgery, how this could be a game changer for
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i'm dana tyler. coming up on cbs 2 news at 6:00, sure there are plenty of streets like west 56th street very smooth. but others have potholes, dangerous conditions. at 6:00 cbs 2 "demanding answers" from the department of transportation answers, why does the first class city have third world streets?
5:25 pm
toys. plus a double-take on a brooklyn street. a home project like no other 15 years in the making. those stories and more at 6:00. you've heard of 3d technology being used for everything from designing cars and houses to printing out body parts. now it's being used in back surgery. cbs 2's dr. max gomez says a new device is making that surgery safer and more accurate. max. >> reporter: that's right, there are few elective operations that people fear more and try good reason. there is a lot of vital structures in the spine that can be disastrous if damaged. here's how 3d technology called an o-arm makes it safer. a simple stroll with his wife used to turning into a painful experience for joe d'antonio. >> it started slowly and then all of a sudden, i couldn't walk ten feet. it was killing me. it was pain right down my leg.
5:26 pm
>> reporter: turns out joe had several spine problems causing his pain. a couple of bad disks, bone spurs and vertebrae that were unstable and slipping past each other. surgery to fix it involves placing screws and rods to stabilize and fuse the problem area. >> very concerned. i didn't want to wind up in a wheelchair. >> reporter: joe's concern wasn't unreasonable. >> we're right near arteries, nerves, spinal cord, and so it's a very rich environment where a patient can come to >> reporter: that's where that large donut shaped device in the background comes in. it's actually a highly sophisticated ct scanner that generates 3d images of the spine in real time in the operating room. the scans can be superimposed on the patient's anatomy so the doctor knows where to safely place the hardware. >> decide the perfect size, length and trajectory of a screw before anything is placed in the patient.
5:27 pm
of certainty that it will be the right location and perfect size and fit for the patient. >> reporter: joe had surgery 2.5 months ago and while the first week was bumpy, now -- >> i walk, i, uhm, i go to malls, i walk in the mall. [ laughter ] it's been very good. >> all back surgery has risks but the o-arm reduces those risks especially when the spine anatomy is unusual such as with spinal trauma, scoliosis or some other malformation. makes it a lot better. >> thank u. plea for answers. a father gone, a mother clinging to life. the search for the driver who hit them and took off. >> reporter: money talks in southampton. should a public road through a famed private golf course be on the auction block? >> plus an inferno that's surprising even firefighters. the latest on the battle to contain this massive wildfire
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a husband killed and his wife left for dead. the search for a hit-and-run driver. good evening, i'm dick brennan. >> welcome back. i'm jessica moore. family members will hold a candlelight vigil tonight for the couple mowed down by a driver who just kept going. and the family's asking for
5:31 pm
new information from marine park, brooklyn. >> reporter: the couple crossing busy flatbush avenue right by the kings plaza mall when the van crashed into them. tonight as family members prepare to hold a candlelight vigil, police continue to search for the hit-and-run driver. the loss of a father and a brother angel was the kind of man everyone looked up to. >> my brother is my hero. >> tattoo of a cross in his brother's name right after he and his wife samantha were struck by a van on flatbush avenue friday night. samantha left in critical condition. angel killed. >> i never knew how much love he had until this tragedy. i would give the shirt off his back. >> reporter: you can see the driver fleeing the scene on
5:32 pm
as they look for the driver hoping more tips come in. i asked wilson sagardia if there's anything he wants to say to the person who killed his brother angel sagardia. >> i'm not putting myself in that space. i have faith in the police department and i know, you know, he will eventually get his day. >> reporter: the family has set up a "go fund me" page raising more than $11,000 so far. a memorial can sits in front of the couple's home. >> basically, it's for funeral expenses for my brother, the care of samantha, um, the support of my nephew. and, you know, just everything involved in this terrible tragedy. >> reporter: police continue to interview people at the scene to see if they witnessed this accident. if you know anything, you're urged to call police. in brooklyn, christine sloan,
5:33 pm
open for times in three different centuries and counts the rich and famous among its members. tonight shinnecock hills golf course is in the spotlight over an unusual road request. cbs 2's jennifer mclogan explains. >> reporter: not far from main street southampton where tourists flock for the summer, the renowned shinnecock hills golf course in rolling hills. the oldest formal organized golf club in the united states finds itself steeped controversial public-private debate over a road. >> it's certainly generated a lot of community input. some pretty emotional. >> reporter: southampton's town supervisor explains, the town's tuckahoe road slices through the club's private property. when the course was built in 1890 horse and buggy used it. now it's a favorite shortcut of commuters trying to get to work on the east end. a growing safety issue between golf carts and commercial
5:34 pm
the traffic here near saint andrew's road. >> it sounds fair. but i would want to see their plan. >> golf courses are a privilege and it was built around the road. >> no i don't think that things should be moved. >> reporter: a club member acting as key negotiate, michael bloomberg who says shinnecock will assume all costs to move the road, give a million dollars to local schools, another $6 million to town public road projects. payola? >> i answer. the answer is no. it's' very scenic golf course. >> it sounds like a reasonable request. whether they have the right to force that -- >> reporter: some say the town cannot afford to sneeze at the offer. >> yes, of course this will help the golf course. but it has to help the community even more than it helps the golf course. if the plan doesn't do that, then it's not going to be accepted. >> reporter: the hotly contested issue must be resolved soon to give the golf according time to implement possible road changes before
5:35 pm
here. from southampton, jennifer mclogan, cbs 2 news. >> several plans including limiting public access, banning commercial traffic and lowering the speed limit are also being discussed. a raging wildfire continues to burn out of control in southern california. the fire has scorched nearly 50 square miles, a mountain and desert east of los angeles. the monster fire flared up tuesday and forced thousands to evacuate. flames have destroyed hundreds of homes. so far no deaths are reported. firefighters say this is one ever seen. >> this fire ran the opposite direction. it ran up canyon, established itself in all these canyons which carried this fire into a bunch of different directions. >> fire officials say so far the fire is only 4% contained. one of nine major fires are burning in california. still ahead, are your beauty products safe? a new bill is taking aim at the cosmetics industry and the ingredients you may be using every, single day. >> plus, historic on the outside, modern on the inside.
5:36 pm
hidden gem in the middle of brooklyn. >> today in history, in 1958, the novel lolita was first published in new york almost three years after it was published in paris because of the controversial plot many companies refused to publish
5:37 pm
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we're following breaking news on the l.i.e. where a car fire is backing up the commute. joe biermann is live in chopper 5 with more. >> reporter: tough commute island expressway into exit 48 various lanes closed a three- car fender-bender. delays of 7 to 8 miles. live in chopper 2, joe biermann, cbs 2 news. >> thank you. in tonight's "living large," we are going to 27 monroe place. it's a street in the heart of brooklyn heights lined with mansions. cbs 2's emily smith has the tour. ?[ music ]? this five-story brooklyn heights brownstone has a typical traditional
5:40 pm
jim cornell gave us the tour. >> the kitchen as you can see, there are many, many feet of marble, countertop, this is statute wear marble. if you look up, this is a nautilus shaped spiral staircase. it's got a mahogany handrail here and then the stair treads are i believe the same five inch white oak that the rest of the flooring in the house is. >> reporter: dining room seats 10 easily. >> this is a very sort of informal sitting room. this would be great for if you were having a casual dinner up here and you wanted to retire here after dinner with your guests. there's a much more formal living room in the front of the house that we'll go to in a minute. ?[ music ]? >> this is the formal living room. >> i counted three-family rooms/living rooms so of. >> that's right. you will find a place to hang out in this house. >> reporter: plenty of room for guest this is here with paneled
5:41 pm
period. >> not only is this the master bedroom, this is the eastern side of the house, this floor is an entire master floor. >> reporter: it includes a huge bedroom, a master bedroom office, and a master bathroom. >> these are extra large extra thick marble slabs that have been butterflied. cut down the middle and then opened like a book and mounted on the wall so that the marbling is perfectly mirrored. looks like a rorschach test to me. >> reporter: the fourth floor what's up with this chair? >> um, this is a piece of very high design chair i'm told. >> all right. not bad. >> you look good in it. >> thank you. >> the cool thing about this particular room is that there's a door out to a big terrace. >> reporter: we headed down to the lower level taking the spiral staircase. it's set up as a playroom lounge. to live large in brooklyn heights, it will cost you $18
5:42 pm
>> it's the oldest landmark district in new york city even before greenwich village. it's home to a number of celebrities including lena dunham. >> beautiful place. >> gorgeous. >> yeah. all right. up next, the new wedding trend that could save couples money. >> plus, playing fair. why a new jersey lawmaker is tapping those claw games with a new bill. >> first, dana tyler has what's ahead on cbs 2 news. >> reporter: tonight at 6:00 the search for a man in new jersey who police say is driving around exposing himself to children. also, a man accused fast food places on long island how he got into the cash registers and how police finally caught him. >> and uber with a big announcement. what do you think, self- driving cars? where the ridesharing company will unveil these vehicles next month. who those stories and more
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we're told the items in your makeup could be bad for you and now lawmakers are taking action. magdalena doris reports on the possible dangers of popular beauty products. >> reporter: when you walk through the makeup aisle and look through hair care products, reminded what you're
5:46 pm
regulated and could harm you. >> that scares me. >> reporter: dr. katz says as a country we're behind the times. >> if you look at europe, they ban over 1,000 different products. here in the united states, maybe 10 or 11. >> reporter: senators dianne feinstein and susan collins have introduced a personal care products safety act that would up regulations in food and drug testing on our beauty products and already made a list of five potentially dangerous chemicals to be reviewed. lead acetate is in our hair dyes and causes reproductive issues. >> obviously it should be banned. but we continue to see it. >> reporter: i found a few red flags in my own makeup bag like propyl paraben. >> they have been asking to remove that for year. >> reporter: my lipstick has micah. >> scarring and respiratory problems in lungs. >> reporter: this bill would pass the cost of testing on to manufacturers some cosmetic companies saying it would stifle innovation in the
5:47 pm
industry while consumers say it's time someone starts looking out for them. >> anything that can be dangerous for our health should be tested. >> reporter: the fda can only ask companies to voluntarily recall products but if this bill were to pass, the fda would have the power to pull unsafe personal care products off the shelves. magdalena doris, cbs 2 news. >> no word yet on when congress will vote on that proposed bill. lonnie quinn has the forecast. >> right here w the weekend. >> always looking ahead to the weekend. never too early to focus on the weekend. >> there's a complicated system in our atmosphere now which i'll trying to make some sense of for you. outside currently, that's a picture that's much improved from the first half of the day. we have had a lot of cloud cover. i would call that partly sunny quite a bit of blue sky out there. 83 feels like 85. now, what we're going to spend
5:48 pm
we'll talk about, yeah, that all-important weekend forecast. we'll also talk about some real relief in sight and when it gets here. that's coming up and the tropics. just yesterday i was talking about our latest named storm tropical storm fiona. yesterday it had 45-mile-per- hour winds. today it has -- sorry, yesterday was 45. now it's up to 45 miles per hour. 1145 miles to the west of the cape verdes island right there. that's the coast of africa right there so really in the middle of the ocean. the good news that um, is it's starting to hint at down the line making a turn to the north, maybe even northeast by the time you get to tuesday, this is 2 p.m., holding on to tropical storm status barely at 40-mile-per- hour winds. but if it makes that turn to the north, it would eventually get caught up in the jet stream and turn northeast and may not hit any land mass. we have in our area, this weak little trough making its way through the area. it's putting a little bit of rain down not too much but
5:49 pm
tomorrow, as well. but they are relatively slight chances for both tonight and tomorrow. but they are out there. here's the complicated situation i was just talking to dick and jessica about. we have a stalled front down to our south with inclement weather. we have a bona fide cold front around the northern plains. and this is where the real relief is. so how's it all going to work out? this front is not going to actually make its pass now through the area until it looks like sunday. i was thinking monday yesterday. now it looks like it will speed up. it will tuesday feels great outside. rain sunday later into early monday and then the relief sets up especially for tuesday. so is it a beach weekend? mountain weekend? here's the forecast: rain chance both days most likely on sunday. temperatures in the mid-80s for either the shore or out mountains.
5:50 pm
the board, here's how it works out: 20% chance of rain tomorrow nothing major. saturday 87. 30% chance. so that still falls on the lower side. but then you get to sunday and you're looking at a decent chance for rain on sunday. about a 60% chance especially late. 87. so you're looking at monday's 85. maybe clinging to a little bit of leftover humidity but then that humidity is i'm you get just a bright blue sky. sunshine out there. and a high temperature 80 degrees is what i'm now saying for central park but some folks north and west have high temperatures of 77, 78. >> when i saw your low it was 67. that's amazing. >> that's getting back to the 60s. >> you shouldn't have. >> i did. >> all right. we're looking good. thank you. one of our national parks looked a lot more like jurassic park. lightning zigzagged the sky
5:51 pm
tyrannosaurus rex. the shot was cappedtured in arizona's petrified forest national park. the t-rex looks like it's about to chomp on a formation at blue mesa. looks like it never hit the ground. it's back up. >> on the other side of it. >> where is it coming from? >> it comes -- this is cloud- to-ground lightning. >> thank you. coming up, it's a popular arcade game we have all when you're trying to fish out a prize from the claw game? >> now a new jersey lawmaker says many of the games can be rigged making it impossible to win. a state senator wants a law to give players a shot to win. experts say the game's programmed to weaken the strength of the claw, surprise. new jersey already regulates the games but critics want standards raised to the level of casinos and lotteries. >> difficult is one thing. completely rigged is another.
5:52 pm
those machines can be be rigged to never, ever allow someone to win. >> it could be months before the proposed bill comes to a vote. couples looking to have their dream weddings without breaking the bank are changing the day they say i do. instead of tying the knot on saturday, budget conscious couples are looking for love on thursdays. experts say thursday weddings are growing in popularity and cut costs on just about everything from flowers to the venue. and while he had get experts might frown in asking guests nd wedding in the mill of the week, it's good news for wedding vendors because they can book more events. what's next, monday? >> who knows. >> it will be cheap. up next, a story you will want to stick around for. how nassau police response in new jersey made a sick child's dream come true. >> at 6:00 a hidden gem in brooklyn how it helped a woman
5:53 pm
i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. harvoni is proven to cure up to 99% of patients... ...who've had no prior treatment. it transformed treatment as the first cure that's... for 12 weeks. certain patients... ...can be cured with just 8 weeks of harvoni. harvoni is a simple treatment regimen that's been prescribed to more than a quarter of a million patients. tell your doctor if you've had a liver transplant, other liver or kidney problems, hiv, or any other medical conditions, and about all the medicines you take including herbal supplements. taking amiodarone with harvoni may cause a serious slowing of your heart rate. common side effects of harvoni may include tiredness, headache and weakness.
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to be cured. are you ready?
5:55 pm
a new jersey boy with cancer is getting backup from police. officers from several
5:56 pm
cbs 2's hazel sanchez reports. >> reporter: there was a police response inside the bergenfield home of the family of 5-year-old child. >> teaneck, tenafly, various plays. they came out of everywhere. >> we are so blessed we got all these people to come together for my son when there's no guarantee he will even see it. >> reporter: dozens of officers from 6 bergen county police departments answering the call for a little boy who heroes. after a two-year battle with stage 4 neuroblastoma, a crippling nerve cancer,rj sy is at home in hospice care. venturing outside to be surrounded by bergen county's finest was a dream come true. >> i know he feels all the love because we all did. >> reporter: rj's obsession with police began while he was having cancer treatment in manhattan last fall a chance meeting with a woman who had nypd connections led to a
5:57 pm
james o'neill. he has visited and been visited by countless officers and has patches from all of them to prove it and now his very own badge. >> after that time, you know, whenever we see lights, you know, police lights orhears sirens, oh, mom, they're checking on me. >> reporter: he is home friend so he can't visited the friends. so a police officer organized the cop caravan thursday. >> it feels great. feels good to do something you're, like, you're really helping them out you know to cope with what's going on, you know? they're going through a lot. >> reporter: rj is already reliving his amazing morning watching videos of the police parade from his bed. she says her son's life is full. their hearts overflowing with gratitude. >> for other people, it might just be like a wish come true, a certain point in their life. for us, this is what we live
5:58 pm
everything. >> reporter: another beautiful memory with rj that will never fade away. in bergenfield, new jersey, hazel sanchez, cbs2 news. >> prayer vigils are being held outside his home every night at 8:30. >> we're wishing him the best. >> praying for him. that's it for the news at 5:00. we'll see you again at 11:00. the news at 6:00 starts right now. captions by: caption colorado your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. at 6:00 tonight, concern on some streets in search for a man going town to town exposing himself to children. >> a son accused of drowning his own mother in the family pool. what he confessed to police. >> uber announces self-driving cars. could your next trip be without somebody behind the wheel? >> but first tonight, bumpy rides. cbs 2 "demanding answers" tonight about the condition of new york city's streets. good evening, thanks for joining us, i'm dana tyler.
5:59 pm
without coming across potholes, uneven surfaces and endless construction projects in the city. new york is a first class city, so why do we have to put up with third world streets? cbs 2's dave carlin took that question to the transportation commissioner. dave, you're on the west side tonight. you have a response? >> reporter: we did get a response. you'll hear all of it. but now i want to show you an unfortunate example among many of the between tenth and 11th avenue. look at the uneven surfaces over here. then over this shoulder we'll show you all the busted concrete and numerous potholes up and down this street. mobile2 bumps, rattles across new york city's old and massive roadway network. streets a mess! rutted, potholes, scarred, even impassable. >> i mean, you know, it's everywhere. >> reporter: driving drivers
6:00 pm
department of transportation commissioner polytrottenberg. >> what can you say? >> new york city we have a massive street network, 6,000 miles of road and obviously, heavily used. >> reporter: we had examples for her from viewers who directed to us what they call the worst of the worst. mobile2 braved pockmarked east 119th street in east harlem. crumbling east 156th street in concourse village in the bronx, 80th in jackson heights queens and west 51st street midtown ending up here in lower manhattan. let's look down this way. >> yes. >> reporter: where the commissioner tried to explain messy broad street, snaked with wide strips of patched material from recent utility work. >> we know people get frustrated when they see at a certain point we will come back and resurface and a certain point we'll come back and reconstruct this street. >> reporter: would you say that this is acceptable? >> look, i would say i wish this road were in better condition. >> reporter: and so do drivers. >> the roads here in new york city, they're horrible! >> i lived here over 40 years


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