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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  August 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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department of transportation commissioner polytrottenberg. >> what can you say? >> new york city we have a massive street network, 6,000 miles of road and obviously, heavily used. >> reporter: we had examples for her from viewers who directed to us what they call the worst of the worst. mobile2 braved pockmarked east 119th street in east harlem. crumbling east 156th street in concourse village in the bronx, 80th in jackson heights queens and west 51st street midtown ending up here in lower manhattan. let's look down this way. >> yes. >> reporter: where the commissioner tried to explain messy broad street, snaked with wide strips of patched material from recent utility work. >> we know people get frustrated when they see at a certain point we will come back and resurface and a certain point we'll come back and reconstruct this street. >> reporter: would you say that this is acceptable? >> look, i would say i wish this road were in better condition. >> reporter: and so do drivers. >> the roads here in new york city, they're horrible! >> i lived here over 40 years
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bad as it is now. >> reporter: trottenberg says the department of transportation repaved 1300 lane miles last year and will fix about the same amount in 2016. so why do road problems seem worse to some? she says the answer is literally earth shaking. [ jackhammer ] >> reporter: a construction boom in the city means more streets and roads are ripped up. contractors are required to fix rough surfaces. the chief for manhattan. do they do that enough? >> we better job. we have some other contractors who could use a little ruler to the wrist. >> fix it, do something! >> reporter: road is your face can be wildly subjective. for example, one of the city's recent ones found that we have 70%, quote, good roads and that does not really hold true of different independent
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washington, dc that puts that figure for good conditions at about 9%. [ yelling in the background ] >> reporter: live on the west side, dave carlin, cbs 2 news. thank you, dave. if you are facing a lot of bumpy rides and would you like to tell us about those streets, post that information on our facebook page at a developing story right now at 6:00. police search for a suspect who slashed a good samaritan on the upper this happened around 1:30 this afternoon at 79th and broadway. police say the suspect got into an argument with a man and his child. and when another man tried to intervene, he was cut with a knife and the suspect ran into riverside park. >> i guess that's the thing about new york. you're one step away from danger all the time. >> police brought a k-9 but he
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a warning for new jersey parents. police say a serial flasher is trying to lure children into his car. cbs 2's scott rapoport reports from union county. >> reporter: fear and concern tonight on the streets of roselle park. >> this is disgusting! this is outrageous, really is. >> reporter: police say a man has been driving around an exposing himself to young children. they say the first incident happened yesterday here in the area of warren avenue. a man driving up to calling them over to his car and exposing himself. comes say it happened again yesterday at 6 p.m. in the area of amsterdam avenue. this after a man called an 11- year-old girl over to the car. police say in each case the children ran away. >> that's sick. that's horrific. that's traumatizing to that young girl to see that. that's horrible. >> reporter: roselle park police say the incidents are very similar to two other
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section of linden. police describe the suspect as a 20-year-old white or hispanic man, short or medium black hair, clean-shaven. they describe the car he is in as a black four-door vehicle with a dark interior. the police chief here says juveniles should not be allowed to walk around unaccompanied by an adult. in roselle park, scott rapoport, cbs 2 news. >> police say since there may have been a total of 8 lewd two in roselle park. a long island man accused of drowning his mother in their backyard swimming pool is in jail tonight. he won't be getting out soon. >> reporter: in lloyd harbor where crime is almost unheard of, a family murder.
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in the crime charging dennis cullen with intentionally drowning his 63-year-old mother according to police. >> this is a son who killed his mother. um, and -- and the way he killed herbs the way he describes, um, how it was done is chilling. >> reporter: prosecutors say the 23-year-old confessed on videotape detailing an argument that escalated after elizabeth cullen confronted her son about not taking his medication and allegedly poked him. he admits he then put her into the backyard pool. >> he said she struggled violently and he was very surprised that a woman of her stature could struggle as much as she did. >> reporter: then he says he dragged her lifeless body out of the pool showered, swiped his mother's car keys and money and headed to his sister's in manhattan and confessed. she notified police. only an appointed attorney was in court on his behalf. >> he is pretty calm. and, um, as i indicated, he
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>> reporter: an interior decorator known as win cullen the victim lived with her banker husband and son at this three acre home on bucolic white hill road. neighbors describe a troubled childhood battling mental illness. sources say dennis cullen was once hospitalized after a suicide attempt. >> mrs. cullen was the nicest lady that you could ever meet. it's heartbreaking. >> reporter: the family has a proud history of military service. his grandfather on his mo war major general, his uncle a u.s. army commander. he is now in jail being held on $5 million bail. in lloyd harbor, long island, carolyn gusoff, cbs 2 news. >> elizabeth cullen leaves three other children. no one at the house would comment today. new at 6:00, also on long island, an islip man is charged after allegedly grabbing cash from more than a
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police say 25-year-old donald generelli terrorized clerks by stealing cash from registers. police say no weapon was displayed, no injuries but customers are relieved there's been an arrest. >> i think it's frightening. i think that people come for coffee and the employees are just trying to work and that's really scary that someone would come in and make them feel unsafe. >> the man is accused of hitting 14 stores in early june. first flames now felonies. r victimized twice in the same week. on monday more than 100 people were forced out during a fire on carl avenue. firefighters had to remove all the apartment doors during the search for survivors and since then, thieves raided at least six apartments. a translator describing what was stolen from one of the apartments. [ speaking spanish ]
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his tv, shoes and clothes. >> the building's owner says there was a security guard on duty earlier this week. as police search for her killer, an unusual plea from the parents of the young woman karina vetrano, the 30-year- old's body was found august 2 after she went running near her home in howard beach. online her family has raised more than a quarter of a million dollars in reward her killer to come forward to collect it. >> i know that you're tormented. i know that you're being -- that you're being driven crazy. i know that you want to do the right thing. please, you turn yourself in, i guarantee you that money, that reward money, will go to a member of your family of your choice. that is my word.
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trying to identify a male dna sample found at the murder scene. there's been an arrest in the murders of a queens imam and his assistant but community leaders are still demanding justice. members of the islamic leadership council joined politicians and others on the steps of city hall this morning. they want to know why the imam and his assistant were shot to death both killed saturday afternoon in ozone park just minus mosque. >> we want to know the result, what's the main reason for killing the two persons. >> we strongly urge the new york nypd hate crime task force to continue investigating bias and that may have motivated these murders. >> 35-year-old oscar morel charged with two counts of murder. police continue to investigate the shootings and have not ruled out hate crime. an explosion in a new
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blast that blew out all the windows? plus, mcdonald's pulling some happy meal toys. the risk they pose to children. and uber says how about a self- driving car? where the ridesharing company will unveil them next month. lonnie? >> you know, coming up, dana, i have the seven-day forecast. and there's a time frame in that seven-day forecast where it could feel like fall not this summertime heat we have. i'm going to talk about all that in >> see you in a bit. >> what happened to four u.s. swimmers in rio? scott pelley with this and more on the "cbs evening news." >> reporter: some of the u.s. swimmers may face charges in brazil charges of reporting a crime falsely. we have the surveillance video that puts the truth to their story about being robbed in rio. we'll have that and the rest of the world news coming up on the "cbs evening news with
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a big scare for a homeowner in new jersey today. there was a glass shattering explosion at his house at 30 fairview road in clark. the man says he opened his dryer door and an explosion blew out windows in his home.
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in the neighborhood. several homes were evacuated. >> a loud boom and the windows in the back and side blew out. >> ran out there was smoke in the back. there was a building of smoke. a strong gas smell. >> the homeowner had minor injuries to his arm. he says the dryer was only a few years old. which makes me want to say make sure you clean your lindt trap in your dryers all the time. good news for metro-north commuters. the mta is expanding access to its ticketing on the new haven line. riders can buy tickets on their smartphone with the app and then show the digital ticket to the conductor on the train. it first rolled out on the hudson line at the end of june, then the harlem line last month. it's expected to be available systemwide for metro-north and long island rail road riders by the end of this month, august. so are you tired of
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uber is launching public trials of fully self-driving cars. they are doing it in pittsburgh this month partnering with volvo in a $300 million deal to create the cars and so far, six self- driving cars are being tested with human backup drivers for now. uber plans to have 100 self- driving cars on the road by the -- self-driving cars on the road by the end of the year. an effort by mcdonald's to get chen stopped in its tracks by injuries. the fast food chain says it will no longer give away step it activity bands in its happy meals after reports they might cause skin irritations. one parent says it was worse than that. she posted images of her son's arm on facebook claiming he was burned by the toy. mcdonald's says it's investigating the issue and offering an alternate happy meal toy. right now, breaking news.
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fire, joe biermann up above, lots of flames. what can you tell us, joe? >> reporter: hey, dana. we're headed back to the airport and spotted this. the best address i can give you is the 200 block of he did of denzinger road. it's spread to the home on the left. two homes on fire at the location. fire department is arriving. problems for emergency responders to get in there to fight the fire. no word on the cause. just listening to the fire department in my other ear they have declared a second alarm assignment here. 200 belong of denzinger
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you can see it started here heavy flames. we have seen residents on both sides fleeing their homes literally down the block to safety. no word of how it got started on ben singer we are west of the staten island or the staten island ferry. joe biermann, cbs 2 news. >> can you hold the picture for us? lonnie quinn is here. let's talk about wind fanning the flames. >> on staten island now, much of the area has a comfortable northwest wind. on staten island they are coming in from the south and we have had some gusts around
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sustained than the 10 to 15- mile-per-hour range but a good 22-mile-per-hour gust fans the flames and jumps from one house to the other. they are close together. sort of unfortunately a spectacular fire picture right there. let's go now to the weather watchers and show you what's going on out there. it was a day started off with clouds, now we have a little brighter sky. and i see an 82-degree reading ar you can't argue with 82. new york city is a better looking picture to start off the day. how pretty is that right there? the temperature over the scene is 83 degrees. it feels like 85. it's a partly sunny sky. high temperature 84. one degree above the average of 83. there are clouds out there tonight. could give you an isolated chance for a shower tonight and tomorrow. and then it's warmer and humid, more humid for the weekend.
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arrive in our area tuesday. it may feel like it late monday. we have a trough trying to make its way through. there's not too much to it. you can see zoom in tight, a couple of little flashes of some moderate showers out there around liberty and now making its way out of sullivan county into ulster county. not too much. any of us could see that tonight. the bigger picture will show you how complicated the the stationary front is stalled in the valley. a cold front in the plains is going to impact us. this is due to impact our area late sunday into monday. i think it's later sunday where you pick up rain and then behind it this is the big story, that's where you have the comfortable air the relief comes to town by tuesday. some of you northwest of the city, may not see temperatures get out of the upper 70s on tuesday. here's how i see all the numbers right across the board. for tomorrow, high temperature is going to be 85 degrees.
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saturday 87. maybe it's about a 30% chance. then you get to sunday. that's the most likely day to see some wet weather in the seven-day forecast. 87. then monday maybe some lingering rain at 85 but the true relief is on tuesday. sunshine, dry air, 80 degrees. >> that sounds nice. >> i feel nice for you. >> thank you, lonnie. otis is off. steve overmyer has more on the swimming saga in rio. >> new information is punching holes in ryan lochte's story. some of the new video his story of them being held at gunpoint. we'll tell you what key elements police say lochte left out.
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it turn, out ryan lochte play not have lied about the incident but at the very least exaggerated a bit. he left out some key details that the police are filling in. newly released surveillance video shows the swimmers being asked to exit the cab by a man. one of the swimmers pulls out his wallet and another shows them sitting on the ground in
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holding a gun. what lochte left out was the accusation that he and the other swimmers destroyed a bathroom door and urinated in public. brazilian have not charged them with a crime. but they say they could be charged for falsification communication of a crime. . >> rio de janiero had its name tainted by an unreal or untruthful version. and i think it would be novel for them to provide their apologies to the city of rio. >> eli manning will make his preseason debut on saturday in buffalo. manning will work with the first timers. the giants will be missing a pro bowler for the first game of the regular season. josh brown was at practice but will be suspended for week one because of a domestic violence arrest. the incident happened last year when he and his ex-wife argued. the ex-wife tried to make a call when brown grabbed her
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the state dropped the charges five days later. >> it's not something that you want, like i said, my main concern is my kids. that's the last thing you ever want to be on the internet, um, that they would read or their friends would read and the way that they would be approached at school and how they're looked upon. so, um, is it good, no. it's not. >> finally, you can see the jets second preseason game tomorrow night at 7:30 here on cbs 2. our otis livingston will have sideline iew redskins only on cbs 2 second week of the preseason a time for this offense to start getting revved up. >> mm-hm. mm-hm. the whole quarterback thing. thank you, steve.
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coming up tonight at 11, a little police officer gets a very big surprise. the nypd pitches in to send a very special 7-year-old to business any world and that's just the beginning. plus, news for anyone who cracks his knuckles or the person next to him who just can't stand the sound! that and more at 11:00. right now back to the
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island. a big house fire flames spreading. chopper 2 over the scene of the 200 block of benziger avenue in the st. george section. joe, it's still going. >> reporter: yup, dana. up to a third alarm. fire started in this home, the resan francisco completely collapsed. we saw firemen come running out of that home. fire spreads to the home to the right and to the left. so far, it's a three-alarm fire. no report of injuries. but as you can see, it not under control. a lot of electrical explosions also down at the scene as the electrical wires come down. live in chopper 2, joe biermann, cbs 2 news. >> thank you. no injuries, um, that's very good news. so thank you, we also have a crew tonight heading there. so you'll see more of this our viewers cbs 2 news at 11:00. up next on the "cbs evening news with scott pelley," vandals or victims the latest on the u.s. swim team saga in rio. good night. captions by: caption colorado
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>> pelley: meddling with the truth. ryan lochte and three other u.s. olympic swimmers are accused of making up the story about being robbed in rio. police say this video proves it. florida reports two more cases, apparently spread by local mosquitoes. the chicago police superintendent wants seven officers fired, accusing them of a cover-up in the fatal shooting of a black teenager. and maybe this child can get the world's attention. he's the new face of syria's civil war. captioning sponsored by cbs


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