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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  August 19, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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site. fuel from those buses leaked out on to the street, and behind me you can see one of those buses has since been removed. the other has been lifted off of its side and they are ready to take that away. earlier it was a chaotic scene as first responders worked quickly to free trapped passengers. take a look. >> those are screams from one of the passengers taken off the new jersey transit bus that was left on its side and twisted after id bus around 6 this morning. >> the light changed and the other bus t-boned the 13 knocking it into the air. >> kalil smith was at the bus stop when it happened and ran to help. >> me and a couple of other guys tried to pull people out of the bus, break the windows and pill like pieces of the chairs and stuff out of the bus to get to the people. >> he couldn't believe what he saw. >> not too much we could do
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smushed in between the seats. >> police say 18 people including the driver of the no. 13 bus were transported to a local hospital. seven of them are in critical condition. the other driver of bus no. 59 was pronounced dead on arrival. he was not carrying any passengers. >> we would like to give our condolences to the family of our driver who is a long-time >> the mayor says investigators are checking multiple city surveillance cameras to determine the exact cause. >> we suspect that one of the bus drivers may have went through a red light. >> reporter: mr. smith tells me he did not hesitate to jump in to action and try and save some of those passengers because he hopes that someone would have done the same for him if he was
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now to chris wragge who spoke with victims right after the terrifying crash. she joins us live from university hospital. >> reporter: five victims listed in critical condition here at university hospital. as meg said dozens of other passengers were injured, rushed on to ambulances to area hospitals. we spoke to several passengers on the bus that was literally split barreling at them. one shot cell phone video as he tried to get out of that bus, and as he tried to help other people get off. he describes a chaotic scene of people being trapped, pinned in their seats in the back of the bus. >> what did you hear? >> i just hear the people and for help. >> people asking for help screaming. >> yes, yes.
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the guy wanted help. i was scared i was going to see the guy die. >> i tried to help a lady, but she said she was stuck so i the people helped me off. >> reporter: again, looking at the video of that bus split in half, those victims tell us they are so thankful this afternoon that they were sitting in the back o we're live in newark, christine sloan cbs2 news. thank you. new information ryan lochte says he is sorry for triggering an international incident with his false story of being robbed at gunpoint. cbs2's ben tracy has more from rio. >> ryan lochte says he's learned some valuable lessons.
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want to apologize for my last weekend. he goes on to say it's traumatic to be out late with your friends in a foreign country with a language barrier and have a stranger point a gun at you and demand money. several security cameras captured what happened early sunday morning. lochte and his teammates disappeared down this walkway leading to the bathrooms. they're seen lingering behind a wall and pulling down what appears to be a poster. when they attempted to leave, security guards blocked their taxi. drunk and belligerent, vandalized this bathroom and left $50 to pay for the damage. >> stupid is the operative word. >> nancy armor says lochte's subsequent actions only made things worse. >> you pay the damages, you apologize for being an ugly american. you let them know what you did. >> lochte claimed they were returning from a night of partying when they were robbed at gunpoint.
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like whatever. >> police said the gas station security guards were armed but called their actions appropriate. lochte, a six-time olympic gold medalist apparently returned to north carolina before rio police could requestion him. on thursday after speaking with police for a second day, gunnar bentz and jack conger flew back to the u.s. >> as for jimmy feigen he is the last swimmer here in rio. his attorney says he will pay a go to charity and leave the country later today. ben tracy, cbs news. >> lochte says he waited to comment on the incident in rio until the legal matter was handled and he was sure his teammates would be arriving home safely. to campaign 2016, another shakeup in donald trump's campaign. one of his top deputies has stepped down. >> paul manafort has resigned as donald trump's campaign chairman. trump accepted his resignation
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manafort a true professional and thanked him for his "great work. the news broke moments before trump touched down in baton rouge to tour catastrophic flood damage in louisiana. earlier this week, trump named stephen bannon as campaign ceo and kellyanne conway as campaign manager. manafort had been expected to stay on as campaign chairman in this rebot. it's unclear why he stepped down. the resignation comes hours carolina. >> sometimes in the heat of debate and speaking on a multitude of issues, you don't choose the right words or you say the wrong thing. i have done that believe it or not, i regret it. >> trump has released his first ad of the general election. >> in hillary clinton's america, the system stays
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illegal immigrants convicted of committing crimes get to stay. >> meantime rival hillary clinton also released a new ad calling out trump for not releasing his tax returns. >> either he's not anywhere near as wealthy as he says he is or there's a bomb shell in donald trump's taxes. >> cbs news has confirmed the clinton foundation will no longer accept donations from foreign governments and corporations if she wins the presidential election. former president bill clinton will also resign from board. the foundation has proved controversial for hillary clinton with her campaign denying that foundation donors received special treatment while she was secretary of state. clinton has no campaign events today. paul manafort joined trump's campaign in march. he's been facing scrutiny for his lobbying for the ukrainian political party. dozens of residents are trying to salvage what's left of their property after a fire
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cbs2's ali bauman has this report from st. george. >> reporter: burning for more than three hours and damaging seven homes on benziger avenue on staten island last night, this 6-alarm fire has left 55 people homeless and 23 people injured. >> my daughter grabbed her little sister. i grabbed the three boys, and then we just started running down the steps. i started skipping steps, jumping down steps and i was out the door. >> 21 of the injured are firefighters. their chief says it is unclear if started the fire, but he says it certainly elevated the danger. >> it impacted our operation a lot. itst a very dangerous operation. we have charged electrical wires in the ground. >> across the street marla ferrera was frightened the flames were spread to her buildings. >> it was jumping to the other house. lines were cracking. you could feel the heat from there to here.
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front panels. fire stopped short at 224 two doors down from where it started, but its residents are among those displaced. soaked floors and cracked windows are from water hose damage. >> the hose that they were trying to get the fire out there, and they were shooting the wear, and look at this. >> fdny expects to be here throughout the day investigating the buildings, but right now the chief predicts at least two of them will have to be ol staten island, ali bauman. >> the cause of the fire is still under investigation. >> there is still a lot more coming up on cbs2 news at noon including tracking the zika virus in florida. have mosquitoes carrying the disease moved into another area of miami. >> then a geyser in the middle of the street with the ground open shooting water towards the sky. >> some police officers with big hearts have a big surprise for a little boy including the trip of a lifetime. >> it's looking good out there right now, but will skies stay so pleasant for your weekend.
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coming up.
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water flowing through the streets of brooklyn this morning. it looked like a geyser of water coming up from the ground. firefighters say a leak from property on 49th street and sunset park caused the problems. the street is closed while repairs are made. about 200 customers are currently without water. new concerns about the fred of the zika virus in florida.
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be another mosquito spread transmission outside the zone. health officials say they're investigating six other infections outside the area including cases on miami beach. none have been confirmed. >> it could be a link to miami beach. the person could have visited miami beach. the person could have traveled to miami beach. we don't know if the person's in america right now. >> a new study out yesterday said zika can also affect the adult brain when it comes to a little boy in the bronx gets the surprise of a lifetime from the nypd. his newfound joy comes after the loss of his mother and father last year. cbs2's tracee carrasco has his story. >> 7-year-old tyrone lowe arrived at the 49th police precincts in the bronx thursday afternoon greeted by mickey and mini mouse. the smiling little boy wearing an nypd t-shirt had no idea why he was there.
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man with his bravery. >> captain keith walt and officers with the 49 have taken a special interest in tyrone since the murder suicide of his parents last december. the young boy only 6 at the time was in the apartment when his father shot his mother. these officers have stepped in and become tyrone's big brothers and sisters. >> we just wanted to put a smile on his face, make him providing a short-term solution to a long-term problem so what we wanted to do was invest in his future. >> officers in the precinct collected donations, held fundraisers, raffles and even recycled cans to create a college scholarship for tyrone. they presented the boy with a check for $5000 along with a surprise trip to disney world. >> dreams do come true. >> a trip of a lifetime for this little boy. >> i want to go on the slides.
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to see donald duck. >> who has already been through so much more than any child should. >> despite the horrific circumstances he had to go through, forever a survivor of domestic violence and domestic violence homicide to know he still has that sparkle in his eye and smile on his face, there's nothing better to see. >> officers say their work isn't done. they plan on continuing to raise money for tyrone's college scholarship. reporting from the morris park section of the bronx, tracee carrasco cbs2 news. >> tyrone now the trip to disney. the 49th precinct is still accepting donations for tyrone's college fund. >> good to see that smile on his his face. >> massive wildfires destroying homes near los angeles. firefighters are making gains but the roaring flames are threatening even more homes. >> there's rain on the way this weekend. vanessa murdock will let us
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firefighters say they're finally gaining some grounds on a huge wildfire in southern california. the blue cut fire started tuesday about 75 miles northeast of los angeles. it spread out over 59 miles and has charred some 35,000 acres. homes have been destroyed and thousands of residents have been forced to evacuate, but
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is 26% contained. >> right now the wind is pushing the fire away from the city of santa barbara, away from the front country into open wilderness. it's rugged country back there. it's very inaccessible. this is going to be an aerial battle for a long time. >> some evacuation orders have been lifted but no word yet on when all areas will be cleared for evacuees to return. governor cuomo's office says a team of firefighters from new york is going out west to help. the red cross is calling the flooding in louisiana the worst natural disaster right now the red cross says it will cost at least $30 million to pay for the damage, and that number could rise. homeland security chief jay johnson says fema workers are now help to rebuild roads and schools. >> there are some 950 fema personnel on the ground. we expect another 750, possibly more in the coming days. the coast guard continues to monitor the situation in the
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edwards says about 7,000 people are now staying in shelters and 40,000 homes have been damaged by the floods. $30million. that number seems low. >> going to probably rise. >> adjusted significantly! let's head over to vanessa murdock who's keeping an eye on the forecast for us in our area. >> looking beautiful out there right now, a little muggy. beyond that, skies are spectacular. let's check in with our weather watchers to see how things are going across the region. temperatures for most of us now in the low and mis so 84 as we look towards brooklyn. we're looking at 82 degrees. this reading from adele, she's reporting partly cloudy skies, and now let's look at some of these gorgeous photos. first, this one sent to us by adele, a beautiful shot of a sea gull and pristine blue skies, how about this one, it shows you the contrast between the stunning white of the clouds and the sun that is shining out there today. now when we look live outside it looks a little more bleak,
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city skyline. at present, 83 degrees, partly cloudy, winds are calm. your allergy forecast looks like this, unfortunately, in the medium to high range over the next several days, all the way through the weekend. it's not until monday we see the levels drop, but ragweed, nettle, and chenopods your predominant pollens. uv index of 8, that's a burn time of 20 minutes. humidity levels are rising. just a little bit sticky out there today. by sunday it will be oppressive. here's the setup, no rain on the radar right afternoon. better chance tomorrow, but sunday this cold front rolls on through bringing us our best opportunity for showers and thunderstorms really for the most part late sunday. and then you see this big blue h. this dives on in monday afternoon leaving us in a spectacular pattern for much of the workweek. hour by hour, what can you expect for today, continuing cloud cover out there, partly cloudy skies, a stray shower possible.
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overnight skies become mostly clear. then tomorrow i believe there will be a few more clouds, better chance of showers and storms as we get into the afternoon, especially it's about a 30% chance. then overnight saturday into sunday even more clouds, early sunday we could see a few showers but the main event late sunday afternoon into sunday evening as that cold front pushes on through behind it. the air completely dries out. let's talk about these dew points sunday into monday. as i mentioned, sunday going to be the most muggy, at oppressive levels in the mid- 70s, but then overnight sunday into monday that cold front pushes on through. dew points drop off into the 50s and 60s. by monday evening we'll likely be talking dew points in the low 50s, even upper 40s, so feeling fantastic by late monday. today is 87 degrees, partly cloudy, slight chance of a shower or storm. tomorrow it is 87 as well. feeling close to 90. better bet for storms.
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mainly some showers early. late afternoon, evening, thunderstorms linger into early monday morning, and then skies clear and that cooler, drier air settles in and i'm loving next week's forecast. >> we will take it. cannot wait. a rare sight at the olympics, the u.s. relay team running a race all by themselves all alone. we'll explain why next. i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind,
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hungry, bite you grab could be making you hungrier. the sneaky snacks that could be ruining your diet. >> then coming up at 6, they went inside to rob the place but they couldn't get out. how workers trapped two would be robbers inside the store. those stories and much more tonight on cbs2 news beginning at 5:00. pretty good idea right there. >> the u.s. women's 4 by 100 relay team got a second chance to go for the gold. >> and they dropped the stick. >> dropped it. >> the united states is out. >> team felix says she got bumped by a brazilian runner as she was about to hand off the baton during a qualifying heat. the u.s. appeal was upheld and the u.s. women were allowed a doover running the heat on their own. they qualified on time bumping china in the process. china appealed the move but their request was denied. >> how about that, american men grunted their way to gold and
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ryan crowzer took the gold. his teammate won the silver. the two are the first u.s. shot putters to win gold and silver since the 1996 games in atlanta. >> love the slow motion. >> he is 6-7, 250 pounds. not him, the guy who won the gold. just a big -- they're all big dudes. >> they are. >> that is it for us at noon. thanks for joining us, i'm andrea grymes. >> and i'm chris we'll see you monday morning at 4:30. have a great afternoon and a wonderful weekend.
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>> nick: is it true what they're saying? there's new evidence in adam's case that proves he didn't kill constance bingham? >> paul: yes, it's true. we found the original pages of sage's journal. >> chloe: no, no. >> victor: yeah, it means the genoa city police department did their job. they found the missing pages. >> chloe: which means adam goes free. >> victor: well, it also means that you have to start thinking about the next phase, you know? >> chloe: next phase? >> victor: meaning get out of town, as far away from here as possible. >> chloe: [ scoffs ] excuse me? >> victor: what about that didn't you understand? >> chloe: well, you told me that i was gonna be protected. >> victor: of course you will. but not here.


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