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tv   CBS 2 News at 5  CBS  August 19, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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between 8th and 28th streets on south beach. >> there is a connection between the five cases governor scott mentioned and this area of miami beach. >> reporter: what do the five victims have in common? the state won't say. just where were they bitten? the state won't say. when did the state confirm the first case? it won't say even though media, including our partner the "miami herald," have been reporting cases confirmed in areas wynwood neighborhood for days. the governor ducked questions about delayed information. >> we are going to put out accurate timely information. it's very important. i want to make sure everybody in our state and everybody that's going to come here you know exactly what's going on. >> reporter: and angry miami mayor though felt left in the dark. >> we have not been fully informed. there is a lot of confusion. every day is a more confusing story. >> reporter: the specter of
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battle cry from miami-dade's mayor. >> we are battling it and will continue to do it. i'm sure miami beach isn't happy on the announcement because it will have an effect on the economy. >> reporter: not long after mosquito spraying began on ocean drive today the cdc warned pregnant women, stay away from south beach. the news comes like a punch in the gut to florida's hospitality industry. the florida's tourism director was left virtually speechless. on miami beach, gary nelson, cbs 2 news. >> the director of the cdc says crews will not be able to spray the south beach area to prevent zika. he says planes can't fly low enough to spray the pesticides because of the city's high- rises and strong winds over the narrow island also hinder such flights. and in the meantime with zika spreading in miami, there is yet another reason for concern. >> we all know about the danger to babies and pregnant
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virus may also be able to affect adult brains. dr. max gomez joins us to help us understand this new threat! dr. max, just how worried should we be about this new study? >> it's not clear yet. up until now the main concern with zika was if a pregnant woman passed the virus to her baby which could cause a devastating brain malformation called microcephaly. a study in the journm infect and possibly kill off developing adult brain stem cells. but in mice. that's the important thing. >> that's important. the big question would be, what does it mean for humans? >> reporter: it's not clear. mice and people are obviously very different. and healthy adult humans may be able to fight off a zika infection and prevent it from attacking brain stem cells but immunocompromised adults might be susceptible to zika. we don't know. >> what would be the long-term
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know right now because the stem cells that zika attacks may be the source of replacement brain cells as we age. it's theoretically possible that this could have long-term impact on everything from personality to dementia but this is very, very speculative. clearly we need more research. but it's a troubling finding. >> lots to learn. thank you. be sure to stay with us for continuing coverage of the zika outbreak. we have the latest from the cdc with symptoms and other on our website, we have new information tonight in this morning's deadly bus crash in newark. in addition to one of the bus drivers there's been a second death, a passenger. cbs 2's christine sloan is live in newark with new information. christine. >> reporter: dick, a female passenger has died and the driver of one of the buses is dead at the scene. he was a 27 year veteran of
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critical condition and five others in serious condition here at universit hospital. take a listen to what happened this morning. twisted metal, passengers trapped after two nj transit buses collide in newark during the morning commute. >> the light changed and the other bus t-boned the 13 knocking it into the air. >> reporter: people at the bus stop taking matters into their own hands before paramedics arrived. >> me and a couple of er the windows and pull, like, pieces of the chairs and stuff out of the bus to get to the people. >> reporter: inside nj transit bus 13, more than two dozen passengers including [indiscernible name] injured and trying to get out. >> i was in the back so i see the bus when the bus come to the middle. >> reporter: you can see him on the bus rolling cell phone video seconds after the
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>> yes. very fast. going very fast. >> reporter: he says passengers sitting next to him were pinned in their seats unable to move. what did you hear? >> i just hear the people asking for help and the guy wanted help. i was scared think the guy gonna die. >> reporter: another passenger tells me on the phone he was taking a nap when the driver of nj transit bus 59 hit th [indiscernible name] who was killed. a passenger says it was chaos. she said she was -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: investigators trying to determine the cause of the accident investigating surveillance video. >> it's an active investigation. there are many witnesses and much evidence to be looked at.
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driver identified as james roberts. he survived. he was treated and released from the hospital. live in newark, christine sloan, cbs2 news. kids are to blame for a fire that either destroyed or damaged seven homes on staten island. the fire department says children playing with matches started this fire along benghazi iger avenue in st. hours. the red cross is helping the 55 people left homeless. a queens man is accused of i am%ing a police officer. he pretended to be a cop flashing a small fake badge when a highway patrol officer pulled him over early this morning on community drive in
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the officer says he was driving erratically and tried to impersonate him. he is charged with multiple violations. a public apology from ryan lochte. his behavior in rio is giving the u.s. swim team a black eye. steve overmyer has the latest. >> reporter: ryan lochte says he has learned some valuable lessons while never admitting to lying. in a statement on instagram, he says: several security cameras captured what happened. they are seen vandalizing the bathroom at the gas station. when they tried to leave security guards blocked their
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belligerent. >> you apologize for being aning you will you american, pay the damages, let th embassy know what you did, everybody moves on. >> reporter: lochte a 6-time olympic gold medalist returned to the u.s. before the police could wrap up their investigation. two teammates stayed in brazil. >> liar, liar, liar! you're a liar! >> reporter: conger bentz flew back to miami this morning. as for the fourth swimmer jimmy feigen will be allowed to leave brazil as soon as he pays a fine of $11,000. this is a rough olympics for them. a rough way to wrap up what should have been a fantastic celebration. >> now the black eye that's on the team. it's too bad. >> yeah. it's a rough week for those guys and hopefully as ryan lochte says hopefully all of
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>> let's hope it's over. in campaign 2016, donald trump toured parts of flood- ravaged louisiana as he sought to recast his image and right his campaign team amid an ongoing staff shake-up. cbs 2 political reporter marcia kramer is live in our newsroom with the latest. >> reporter: donald trump's campaign has focused a lot on huge rallies that draw thousands. and, um, his decision to visit louisiana is a marked departure from that. contrast between hillary clinton and president obama, who have yet to visit the storm- ravaged state and to see the damage that was caused by two feet of rain that fell on parts of the state. [ yelling ] >> you're not playing golf in martha's vineyard. > we're glad you're not playing golf. >> reporter: it was 11 weeks until election day donald trump was intent on showing a different side of himself by visiting flood victims in louisiana. and if in the process it showed
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president obama for remaining on vacation, trump allowed himself what for him was a gentle rebuke of presidential priorities. >> he shouldn't be. >> reporter: his high-profile visit did little to mask the turmoil in his campaign. he accepted the resignation of campaign chairman paul manafort ostensibly over his financial ties to russian's ukranian allies. in a statement, trump praised manafort's work on the campaign and called h professional. hillary clinton's campaign pounced on the resignation saying it wasn't the end of the story. you can get rid of manafort, said clinton campaign manager bobby mook, but that doesn't end the odd "bromance" trump has with putin. meanwhile, the email scandal continued to dog clinton. details emerging from her interviews with the fbi said she claimed former secretary of state colin powell advised her to use a personal email
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messages and it vastly improved communications within the department. mrs. clinton was off the campaign trail celebrating bill clinton's 70th birthday. as donald trump began airing his first campaign ad in the battleground states of florida and north carolina, ohio and pennsylvania. >> change that makes america safe again. donald trump for president. >> reporter: well, just minutes ago, we got word that a judge is ordering mrs. clinton to answer questions about her personal emails. meanwhile, the e announced that the president will visit louisiana on tuesday. live in the newsroom, i'm marcia kramer, cbs 2 news. efforts to renovate the aging laguardia airport are under way. crews have started to tear down one of the parking garages. chopper 2 was over the lot this morning. the demolition is one of the first steps in a $4 billion project to improve the airport that will include new state-of- the-art terminal b.
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conditioning units in one new jersey community. >> plus, a little bit of good news about the syrian boy whose image has become a symbol of the cruelty of war. >> broadway dreams dashed. what one producer is accused of doing that cost innocent investors thousands of dollars! >> many people tear down history. i wanted to preserve it. >> this long island man didn't even know the history behind this home until he bought it. why he spent a decade restoring this even while battling there, it's a beautiful afternoon. so bring on the weekend! will the weekend be rain-free? we'll talk about that in just a
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an engaging story with award winning actors in an historic theater. one producer's broadway vision had all the makings for a successful show but it was all a sham. jessica layton reports on the
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>> reporter: fantasy may have gotten the best of this producer. roland is accused of quite the performance tricking 7 investors into giving him tens of thousands of dollars for a play that was a farce. it's alleged the 41-year-old dreamed up a sensational show on the life of opera singer kathleen battle. he said he had signed on award winning actress lupita niongo to star in the play. prosecutors told investors he had secured the historic booth th but it was all a big lie! a tale that schemed investors out of $165,000. the story of the phantom production is making the rounds on broadway stopping show-goers on the sidewalks. >> it makes me sick that stuff like that happens in the city. >> maybe it's a big misunderstanding or, you know,
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>> i think what's surprising is that the people invested [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: the indictment alleges after the victims demanded their money back scahill sent them bad checks so where did the money go? court documents say he blew it on stocks, credit card payments, rent, food, alcohol, and entertainment. >> wow. he had a great time. >> that's not right. but obviously he got caught. he will have to pay. >> rrt in the business? it's nice work if you can get it. but the only ticket scahill has right now is the one to jail. in midtown, jessica layton, cbs 2 news. >> now, scahill's attorney tells cbs 2 his client pleaded not guilty. our attempts to reach scahill will not successful -- were not successful. firefighters are gaining ground on the "bluecut fire" in southern california.
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it spread out over 59 miles and has burned some 35,000 acres of land. homes have been destroyed and thousands of people have been forced to evacuate. the firefighters now say the fire is 26% contained. >> right now, the wind is pushing the fire away from the city of santa barbara away from the front country into open wilderness. it's inaccessible. it will be aerial for a long time. >> so evacuation orders have been lifted but there's no word on when all cleared for all evacuees to return. in a tweet today governor cuomo announced new york is sending a team to help firefighters out west. the group of 20 is from the new york state department of environmental conservation. they will join other crews working to contain wildfires all along the west coast. to our weather now. a big question of the weekend, will the skies stay clear? >> hope so. lonnie quinn will let us know what to expect. >> here's what we have. right now that's a beautiful
5:19 pm
if you take a peek at what the atmosphere is serving up, we looked pretty good out there. there's definitely some moisture. but what's happening is, is that moisture is moving in our direction encountering a sea breeze. most of the rain getting eaten away, not all of it. freeport has a little shower. you could see again this situation for your day tomorrow. speaking of what we see out there, we weather lab at central park west. it's one cool looking mobile weather lab. we'll swing it around and you can see pedicabs. at this intersection there's a lot of pedicabs looking to go through central park. there's a couple right there. how about we swing back now to the vehicle itself. i want to look at some of the data on the monitor.
5:20 pm
point. you will find that the dew point is the third number down. 64.9. very similar to what you had yesterday. the reason i'm zooming in on the dew point, 64, 65 dew point is muggy. over 70 is oppressive. tomorrow more humid and warmer at 87 degrees. not ruling out a shower but i don't think rain is a b of the forecast just 20% chance for rain. extended forecast later. back to you guys. >> thank you. we have new information on a confused little boy who has become a symbol of the suffering in syria. meet this 5-year-old child. his apartment building in aleppo was partially destroyed in an air strike on wednesday night. his parents and siblings also survived the attack. the boy was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance
5:21 pm
he has since been released from the hospital. >> he has become the symbol of suffering there in syria. our hearts go out to those people. >> certainly. absolutely. still ahead for us, a surprising sight erupts in brooklyn. turning a local street into a waterfall. we'll explain what happened. >> life gets so busy we often, you know, grab for snacks instead of real meals. a lot of times we go for the sneaky snacks that look healthy. but they actually make you want to eat more. we'll show you what to av we love the new york state fair! two words.. piglet races! wine slushees. bonding time. fried everything! there's so many bands. the bands! those pigs are just so cute! cheesecake, on a stick. a rollercoaster! the great new york state fair just got greater.
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i'm dana tyler. tonight at 6:00, quick thinking workers at a cell phone store pulled the trapping would-be robbers inside. where are the robbers? the mistake that led to their escape. is part of westchester on the wrong side of the tracks? >> the mayor of mount vernon is complaining about the conditions of these bridges over the new haven rail line. that's wood! they might be due for an upgrade. we have the story coming up. >> and otis live in washington with the jets game tonight. we'll see you at 6:00. are you snacking instead of eating a real meal? that quick fix could lead to trouble. we have all been guilty of it. but as cbs 2's cindy hsu
5:25 pm
sneaky snacks that look healthy but only leave you wanting more. >> reporter: so what's your favorite snack? >> chocolate ice cream. >> reporter: does that fill you up? >> yeah. i can eat it 4 hours a day. >> reporter: when it comes to snacking you love? >> corn nuts. >> beef turkey. >> kettle chips. >> reporter: registered dietician willow derose says even when you think you're going for healthy snacks, you may be eating the sneaky ones. >> i grab for a quick yogurt. they are all in my fridge and they are easy. t >> reporter: she says the protein is great. but the sweeteners can spike your blood sugar and leave you feeling unsatisfied. >> often times fat-free yogurts will have the fat taken out and sugar added instead so go for full fat and look for one with 14 or less grams of sugars for six ounces. >> reporter: energy bars are sneaky. go for the ones with the shortest ingredients lists with
5:26 pm
seeds and fruits. better is dark chocolate, nuts, fruits. pretzels are just carbs. >> opt for a whole grain version and pair it with something as protein like cheese or hard boiled egg or nuts. >> reporter: if you go for a diet soda to hold you over, not a good idea. a better option is sparkling water with lemon or orange. and if you go for coffee in place of a snack, a more satisfying choice would be eilat today with cow's milk or soy milk which gives you protein, a latte. a hard boiled egg dipped in hummus and whole grain chips with salsa and guacamole. experts say you should eat something every three to four hours to make sure you pack your back with healthy snacks. on the upper west side, cindy hsu, cbs 2 news. >> hm. good idea there. >> hard boiled egg and hummus? >> by the way, cindy is always giving us tips. she says the key for satisfying
5:27 pm
fiber you want your snack to have at least two of those things to stop that grumbling stomach. >> so diet coke and pretzels, no bano. [ laughter ] in this heat it seems like an especially cruel confusing crime. air-conditioners stripped. why thieves are targeting a critical piece of equipment in new jersey. >> talk about sticker shock! long island drivers discovering $135 parking tickets on their cars. what's behind the crackdown that people are complaining my son has meningitis b.
5:28 pm
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right now at 5:30, feeling the heat in new jersey. fans are going and no air- conditioning all because of an unusual crime spree. good evening, thanks for joining us. i'm jessica moore. >> welcome back. i'm dick brennan. vandals damaged conditioners in newark over the past month! [chuckling] >> now business owners want to know who is creating sweaty dangerous conditions. cbs 2's scott rapoport has the story. >> reporter: a rash of bizarre thefts in newark that left the victims hot under the collar literally. >> i'm very angry that somebody would do that. >> reporter: here at the international youth organization on south 12th street, they say a few weeks
5:31 pm
parts from six air-conditioning units. the organization which works with troubled youth now sweating it out trying to make due with fans during one of the hottest stretches of the year. >> they handicapped us from being able to provide the services to the young people as usual. >> reporter: it's the same story here at the family dollar store and this next door laundromat on south 10th street where the fans are working overtime, where they say a few weeks ago they too had e the cases on the roof. >> reporter: this church a few blocks over was also hit. >> they took the copper pipes out of four units up there on the roof. >> reporter: in all four cases, the victims say the bandits got on the roofs and ripped out virtually all the copper parts of the acs and that it's no secret why. >> the copper is expensive. you get top dollar for copper nowadays. >> reporter: some of the victims tell me they are convinced this was the work of
5:32 pm
>> it had to be professional because they are hitting certain types of buildings taking particular types of unit, they are hitting certain parts of newark. >> reporter: leaving frustrated victims in a sweat, not cool. in newark, scott rapoport, cbs 2 news. >> today marks 25 years since a car crash led to the riots on the streets of crown heights in brooklyn. 7 yearly gavin cato died when a car from a hasidic motorcade went then a jewish man was stabbed to death. the black and jews took to the streets in three days some of the worst violence the city has ever seen. rose unbalm's brother came back to the scene -- rosenbaum's brother came back to the scene to pray today. >> communities like took the opportunity to lead by example and i think that that's sent a powerful message over 25 years of how people can live together and work together and prosper together. >> a festival is planned for
5:33 pm
community. a parking crime down in long island's five towns has residents scrambling. shoppers and shopkeepers are outraged over a sudden blitz of 135 dolores park $135 parking tickets. >> reporter: pay attention to the signs in woodmere where parking is free unless you get a ticket. >> come on. give us a break, $135? >> reporter: the locksmith municipal lot on broadway 90- minute rules here he claims are rarely enforced until a ticket blitz this week. penalties not posted. >> the ticket, you might find red light $50. but this was penciled in which means to me this came from above. stick it to 'em. >> reporter: those ticketed claim these parking fines are double new york city's and unacceptable in their tiny village with no meters where shoppers and shopkeepers have no municipal garages animus
5:34 pm
designated lots. >> reporter: now we're parking in front of homes, down the street. there's nowhere to park. >> reporter: she came out to see chalk on her tires for the first time. >> looked like a big ticker- tape parade here. >> everyone saw tickets on their cars. >> reporter: the town says intermittent enforcement has been going on for years. but the crackdown came this week in response to complaints that cars were being left overnight and rarely moved. >> it's entirely free parking if you don't obey the law just face a ticket. >> reporter: $135 is a steep price. >> that's the price for over staying your welcome. >> reporter: the town points to limited parking up to eight hours free a few blocks away. locals are confused saying some time limits are not clearly marked. >> i got a ticket $135. i cannot believe this. i am a tourist here. i park all the time over there. >> reporter: rules are visible
5:35 pm
town workers nailed up 90- minute parking signs. >> fines went from $100 to $135 in 2015. they were approved by a nassau board of judges to cover increased costs. a geyser in center stage on 49th street in brooklyn in sunset park. a leak from a nearby property is to blame. about 200 customers were withou repairs. everybody is cooling off i guess. >> yeah. it was a good time. coming up for us, kids may still have a little while before heading back to class but parents need to start working on one specific preparation this weekend. >> plus, how a conversation with a stranger got an uber driver to the olympics. >> also, today in history, in 1964, the beatles opened their first full-fledged u.s. tour. they performed at san francisco's cow palace after a
5:36 pm
sullivan show. the tour would change the concert industry. in just 33 days, they played 32
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the summer box office is on the way to cooling down but this weekend there's one last film that may draw serious crowds. >> plus yet another animated movie and a remake that tells the story of an historical figure. cbs 2's jill nicolini has the details. >> i have a big idea. >> reporter: the biggest movie in theaters now is war dogs starring jona him and miles teller and jona hill. >> this crazy real life stor who learned how to game the system. >> they started with nothing and become wealthy. that's attractive as hell to watch. >> reporter: the film was directed by todd phillips who also directed the hangover trilogy. he brought his friend bradley cooper along who makes a cameo appearance. >> we had similar taste artist including. >> reporter: the summer movie season is full of remakes so why not just one more?
5:40 pm
>> reporter: ben hur is back for its big screen adaptation telling an epic story of betrayal and redemption. >> this stars jack houston and joudah ben had your and falsely accused by his adopted broyer sent into slavery. >> rather than revenge it's a story with a message of hope and love and forgiveness. >> reporter: for the second week in a row we have different type of an made movie. >> this is set in japan with a origami infused story of a boy on the run from a vengeful spirit has to find his father's imagine cat suit of armor to did he -- imagine cal suit of armor to defend himself. >> reporter: this sends a deeper message and deals with life like losing a parent. recommend talking to your children after they see this film. jill nicolini, cbs 2 news. >> critics as they often are,
5:41 pm
win the weekend box office. some predict suicide squad will take the top spot for the third week. others say it will go to war dogs. a generous uber rider surprises her driver with a trip to rio. ellis hill was driving a woman to philadelphia airport recently when his dream of going to the olympics games came true. he told a person he wanted to see his son compete in the shotput competition but couldn't afford to go. she was so inspired she set up a "go fund me" page which raise m flight and travel expenses. >> he told me he couldn't go to the olympics in rio, i just wondered how i would feel as a parent of athletes. >> i got to meet his coach as well to hear him talk about my son was great and to hear him tell me that you did well -- [ crying ] >> it's great. >> well, hill's son didn't make
5:42 pm
but he is keeping his head held high knowing his father is in his corner. >> wonderful. paying it forward. >> what a great thing. >> helping a stranger, awesome! her body was out of control. she didn't know why. her legs kept growing wider and it had nothing do with her weight. how doctors solved this medical mystery. >> and the mobile weather lab live on the upper west side. the skies may not stay clear for your entire weekend. we'll check back in with lonnie. >> first, dana tyler joins us with what's news. >> hi, jessica. here's what we have. we're working on in the cbs 2 newsroom. face to face. a queens woman shaken up after fighting a man inside her house. why police believe he might have been casing the place before he broke in. >> canines are an important part of protecting the public and now two police dogs are getting the protection they need to be on the streets. what inspired this special donation in westchester county. we'll explain.
5:43 pm
live with the jets at 6:00.
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imagine a disease where
5:46 pm
control. not longer but wider. it's not just a cosmetic issue. it's life-threatening. dr. max gomez has the brave struggling of the woman and the doctor working to save her legs. >> walking can be tough. >> it like dragging sandbags, like big sandbags around. >> reporter: actually it's amazing that she can walk at called stage four lipedema a genetic disease more common in women. >> abnormal fat cells don't respond to the normal regulatory signals from your body to either grow or shrink opposed to normal fat cells they will keep growing regardless of dietary restrictions, et cetera. >> reporter: what makes it life- threatening is all that fat compresses normal blood and lymph vessels leading to blood clots, skin ulcers and infections.
5:47 pm
lipedema did to her mother. >> she had [ indiscernible ] it killed her. >> reporter: dr. david grouper is one of very few physicians trained to deal with severe lipedema. he says the goal isn't to restore normal appearance. >> but to reduce the rates and severity of recurrence spontaneous infections which she had prior to her seeing me. >> reporter: he does a special type of gentle liposuction that uses a water stream to dislodge the fat cells t vessels in the legs. he has done four such procedures so far on katia. >> so far no infections not even after the surgery during healing process so that's a miracle. >> reporter: she wants people with possible lipedema to get treated early when the disease can be controlled and nearly normal appearance restored. she is a fighter. her next goal is to get healthier for her wedding next spring. dr. max gomez, cbs 2 news.
5:48 pm
drawing to a close. so if you have schoolchildren now is the time to start adjusting their sleep schedules. experts say you should ease kids back into their school sleep schedule over a two-week period rather than changing things up at the last minute. the goal for kids between 6 and 12 is nine to twelve hours of sleep every night. that sounds nice, doesn't it? teenagers should be getting 8 to 10 hours. >> if not, their school performance is not only on attention but level of comprehension and memory. >> perhaps the toughest challenge for parents before bedtime is keeping kids away from the screens. [chuckling] remember, all that digital imagery causes unwanted stimulation. >> kids home from college they just sleep all day. >> i remember that. vividly. no time for screens. just got to sleep. lonnie, what's going? it's weekend time. >> we have a lot of good stuff to talk about for the weekend. a couple of bumps in the road.
5:49 pm
still have a good solid month of summer, all right? you're not going to start fall in the 21st. i'm with jessica in the fact that the kids are getting ready for school and summer is over. enjoy it. it's still summer. you look at the temperatures all around the area. the upper 80s for everyone. 90 coming in now. this daniel -- daniel? ? what does that say? can't analyze that. clearly a, um, -- tri-state football teams. how about that? 90 degrees with the sunshine right now. greenwood lake, humidity down, dew point high at 66. lonnie, i love the tie! he loves my tie.
5:50 pm
you're a gentleman and scholar. we have a sun/cloud mix overhead at 86. high was 88. now 88 had that dew point -- not terribly high so it only felt like 89 today but still raw data shows were you 5 degrees above average. saturday, better half of your weekend. sunday better chance for rain. big relief arrives in the area for everybody by tuesday. maybe even late monday. right now the same sort o picture i predict you will see tomorrow. some spotty showers for the most part a lot of folks having one heck of a nice afternoon. bigger picture will show you source of a -- looks like disorganized kind of messy out there. you can see this front of that's the cold front. we have a little low pressure system a trough down to our south but high pressure is in control now. what's going to happen, this front, okay, out around, say, minnesota and wisconsin, what's
5:51 pm
all this wet weather to our south not so much. this will roll into the area on sunday. sunday you get your better chance for rain but then behind it, boy, you just have a nice comfortable stretch of weather and i'm talking beautiful stuff will set up late monday especially tuesday. at the beaches and mountains this weekend, definitely for saturday, it looks great out there. the rain chances are very low. but on sunday there's an enhanced rain chance for the mountains first and then the beaches later and then that's going to usher in the nice r 87 on saturday. 85 sunday with a front coming through and the rain chance could linger in monday. mondayle 3. i think late monday the dew points are going down. monday 83. temperatures establish a beautiful range around 78 to 82. >> perfect. >> for tuesday. sunshine out there. >> gold star week. >> whole week next week looks good. >> thank you. up next, his brand-new buy turned out to be a landmark. the hidden history a long island man discovered about his home and why he spent 10 years
5:52 pm
while battling cancer. >> then at 6:00, who benefits
5:53 pm
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5:55 pm
a surprise discovery from a homeowner in long island. his discovery is landmarked. cbs 2's carolyn gusoff has the exclusive story. >> reporter: when he bought this old victorian, walter knew it was a fixer-upper but after unearthing this century old newspaper hidden behind a wall, he realized he had stumbled across an historic treasure.
5:56 pm
paneling and shag carpet he exposed century old plastic and douglas fir floors. he discovered this home was one of the first built in what's now south shore nassau county. >> you're looking at the fresh house. frisch house. >> reporter: constructed in hotel at what's now called jones beach. eisen heart a single dad battling cancer set out on a mission. he restored this solid oak bannister sandblasted cast iron radiators then filled the home with only period furniture. from brass beds to irish lace curtains, even the plumbing fixtures. >> completely restored it back to 1910.
5:57 pm
the sofa was sitting on the radiator behind us, mirror, light fixtures, from the early 1900s. >> reporter: now that labor of love earned him a designation as a town of hempstead historical landmark. >> you don't see a lot of houses like this anymore. >> reporter: there are some modern necessities like flat screen tv and wi-fi. but just about everything else down to the thomas edison light bulbs. it took a decade to >> living in a house made of stuff made a long time ago it's like i don't know like you time traveled. >> reporter: eisenhardt was given a year to live but is now in remission. >> he will have a sense of history and remember what his dad did. it's a legacy. >> reporter: history can get torn down in suburbia. he said he did his part to preserve it. in belmar, lyme disease, carolyn gusoff, cbs 2 news. >> wow. >> it will stay preserved
5:58 pm
without town approval. >> i love that his son is into it. a trip back in time. >> absolutely. that's it for the news at 5:00. we'll see you again at 11:00. the news at 6:00 starts right now. your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. >> the other bus t-boned the 13, knocking it into the air. >> a commuter bus in new jersey, two killed, 16 the twisted wreckage. >> face to face with a burglar in her own home. why police think the suspect was casing a family's house before breaking in. >> and zika spreading in florida new cases confirmed in miami beach. one of the infected people is from new york. >> robbery suspects trapped. why did it take so long for police to get there?
5:59 pm
escape. good evening, i'm dana tyler. we're going to begin tonight with a deadly bus crash in newark. chopper 2 was over the scene at the wreckage this morning. two commuter buses crashed. the force so great, one bus was nearly cut in half. one driver of the bus and one passenger died. cbs 2's christine sloan live at the scene with updates on conditions and new details. christine. >> reporter: dana, university hospital. one other patient in critical condition. four other patients in serious condition. the driver who died is a 27 year veteran of new jersey transit. sources say they are investigating to see if he had a medical condition. listen to what the passengers went through early this morning. a frantic scene as paramedics
6:00 pm
during the morning commute. >> light changed and the other bus t-boned the 13 knocking it into the air. >> reporter: twisted metal inside bus 13. some passengers pinned in their seats trapped. a man injured trying to help others get out. what did you hear? >> i just heard the people ask for h i was scared think the guy gonna die. >> reporter: you can see him on the bus rolling cell phone video seconds after the accident. did you see the bus, was it speeding toward you? >> yes, very fast. everything go very fast. >> reporter: another passenger tells me on the phone he was taking a nap when the driver of nj transit bus 59 careened into them. >> i tried to help a lady. she said she was stuck. >> me and a couple other guys


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