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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  August 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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valerie castro is following that breaking story for us, live in the richmond hims sex of queens where the -- hills section of queens with the latest. >> reporter: tonight police are still on the scene behind me, as well as the medical examiner. family members are with neighbors as the investigation unfolds. neighbors say the family moved into the home in just the last week police say when they arrived tonight, they found the 9-year-old unresponsive inside. she was pronounced dead at the scene. sources say she was in an empty bathtub with no signs of trauma. a family member says the little girl often complained that her stepmother was abusive toward her. the family member identified the girl. >> the little one told me always that she sometimes we her
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so sad. >> reporter: sources tell us that the stepmother is now considered a person of interest in this case. the family member we spoke to says she hasn't been seen since the child was discovered. new concerns over the zika virus. florida officials confirm new casings answer -- cases have turned up, outside the so called now a warning about miami beach. >> reporter: both the cdc and the new york city health department issued travel warnings today, telling pregnant women and their partners to avoid travel to miami beach after a new york city tirist became one of the latest zika victims in south florida.
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airport warning everyone about the zika virus. >> very scary >> reporter: friday's announcement adding to growing concerns. >> five individuals have already been confirmed as cases of local transmissions are expected to the miami beach area. >> reporter: governor scott confirming three residents and three tourists including one from new york are the first locally transmitteds as of the mosquito-born virus in miam officials denied the disease was there. this is in addition to the wnywood neighborhood where 31 other cases have already been confirmed. some travellers say it won't stop them from visiting. >> you're still gonna go? >> without a doubt. my family is there, my grandchildren are there.
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keep you from going to miami beach? >> it would. >> i wouldn't want to be down there, a native down there, and i wouldn't want to be visiting as a tourist. >> reporter: if more people feel that way, it could devastate the city that some call new york's sixth borough. and its $24 billion a year tourism industry. >> if it really is hitting miami heavy, people are gonna find some place else there are likely other cases of locally transmitted zika elsewhere in south florida. they haven't found them yet. and some airlines are now giving refunds to travellers who are canceling plans to go to zika transmission zones including miami. a developing story in flushing. police are searching
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their victims with a stun gun before stealing their stuff. one of the suspects is seen in this video. the men attack three people. the most recent last week. commuter chaos aboard a new jersey transit bus. a driver and passenger were killed when two buses collided. we're hearing from witnesses who rushed to help. >> reporter: at the intersection of broad street and raymond boulevard, two new jersey transit buses collided during the the metal trapping passengers inside no. 13. >> the light changed and the other bus t-boned the 13 knocking it into the air. >> reporter: people waiting at a nearby bus stop jumping into action before paramedics arrive. >> we and a couple of other guys started to pull people out of the bus, break the windows, and pull pieces of the chairs out of the bus to get to the bus. >> reporter: the other bus line
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driver who died at upont scene -- at the scene. >> was operating his bus from the iron band garage. >> reporter: from transit bus 13, a female passenger died at the hospital. several others were injured. >> i was in the back. so i see the bus, when the bus come, to the middle. >> reporter: passengers sitting next to him were pinned in seats. >> they can't come had in the bus, so i was just in the bus. so the guy wanted help. it was scary. >> reporter: the identity of the female passenger who guyed has not been released. tracy carrasco, cbs 2 news. one of the injured passengers remains in critical
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five others have serious injuries. new information on the huge fire on staten island that left dozens homeless. the fire was started by children playing with matches. the fire burn forward more than three hour s in st. george, destroy organize damaging seven homes. the red cross stepped in to help the 55 people left homeless. donald trump joed himself in a -- skwoe showdown himself in a different light in visitses he took a tour of the recent damage. to baton rouge.
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hillary clinton says she is intentionally staying away from baton rouge. she wrote "the relief effort can't afford any distractions. the best way this team can help to s to make sure louisianans have the resources they need." more questions about donald trump's former chairman. he abruptly resigned today under a cloud of controversy. his departure comes days after he was replaced o plinegligence ukraine. it indicates $12 million in payments. he has denied receiving any cash payments. a new chapter in the swimming scandal at the olympics today. ryan lochte addressed his misleading account of being held at gunpoint. but that might not be the end of the story. >> there might be even more to come in the next few weeks. the international olympic committee
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the incident involving ryan lochte and three other american swimmers. if wrongdoing is found, the ioc could strip the four of their gold medals. it's taken five days for ryan lochte to issue an apology butch he stopped short of admitting he lied. in a statement on instagram he says "i want to apologize for not being more careful and candid on how i described the events of that early morning." he goes on to say "it's traumatic to be out late with your friends in a barrier and have a stranger point a gun at you and demand money." brazilian authorities dismissed his story as a fabrication, and released this video showing he and hiteam vandalizing a bathroom at a gas station. they prompted one of the swimmers to release this statement. "i am confident that some video angles have not been shown that would further substantiate my account."
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to pay $50 for the damage they caused. but usa today sports columnist say lochte's subsequent actions make things worse. >> you pay the damages, apologize for being an ugly american, let them know what you did, everybody moves of >> reporter: more than two million people tweet body this incident. because his teammates gunner bens and jack conger stayed behind, they have to wade through a sea. brazilians with their own [ crowd noise ] >> reporter: lochte says that he delayed the release of his statement until after the other three statements were out of custody. >> they're certainlying tried in the court of -- being tried in the court of public opinion. >> we'll see whether the ioc
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work began on a long-awaited makeover for la guardia airport. crews start tearing down the p2 airport. it will get a state of the art central terminal. firefighters from new york state will soon be on the frnt lines in california -- front lines in california. they usually work for the conservation. some are forest rangers, others have been certified to fight wildfires. this fire has scorched nearly 58 square miles and 100 homes since it started on tuesday. running for cover at a wedding reception. being blamed for an attack during the dance with the bride and groom. >> he told investors he had the stage and the star. his so called broadway show was one big
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>> his four legged friend lost then found a dramatic rescue and heartfelt reunion. >> the crime at a tv family's
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panic and screams at a wedding reception in eastern turkey after a bomb blast. guests ran for cover when a car bomb exploded outside the ceremony. there's been at least three deadly bombings this week. the government blames a separative kurdish group. a broadway producer arc kuszed of delivering quite performance. he tricked seven investors into giving him tens of thousand was dollars for a play that was a farce all along. he allegedly said he signed on oscar winner nyong'o to star as kathleen battle in a new show. it was a lie and scammed investors out of $165 now. now the only ticket he has is one to
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or he's the biggest act oor. >> documents show he blew the money on stocks, credit card payments, rent, food, alcohol, and is entertainment. a connecticut state employee who was fired for smoking pot at work may soon get his job back remember the state supreme court ruled he was penalized too harshly. a lower court judge overturned an arbitrator's ruling which ordered a 6-month suspension and random a heartsick family in brooklyn thanking their lucky stars and the nypd for bringing their missing companion back home. >> reporter: this usually playful pup wasn't up to his usual tricks friday night after pulling a stunt that had his owners worried sick. >> he's my best friend.
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all my time i can, i spend it with him. we go running, just a routine we have every day. >> reporter: the family dog broke that routine running away. >> he's never done this before. >> never >> reporter: miguel and his brother francisco think the dog got spooked by storms the night before, somehow got beyond this gate and took off. >> it was really, really empty. when we get here, the dog always waiting for us at the door. >> reporter: the family posted about the missing pup on facebook. hours later, they got a call. the nypd had discovered the dog in gravesend bay, a couple miles from their brooklyn home. when officers spotted the dog, he was on the water a half mile from land struggling to stay arc float. >> he was tired. having trouble keeping his head up >> reporter: the family has no idea how he made it so many
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power of social media and the nypd for a reunion they'll always remember. >> what do you want to say to those police officers? >> they don't get enough credit. >> reporter: now that chase is back in the arms of his best friend. >> the happiest time in my life. >> reporter: he hopes his dog's next adventure keeps him closer to home. >> he was thirsty when h >> living up to his name. >> and a great job by the nypd. the pressure is on, lonnie torque deliver a good weekend forecast! >> it's all up to me! >> pressure's on. >> here is the deal. mother nature, first of all, she's the one we're eyeing. we're gonna do okay.
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with the weather watchers. right now, outside we go. partly cloudy sky, 77 degrees. high temperature gonna talk about a hiemd weekend in store for us -- humid weekend in store for us. an actual cold front comes through, more wet weather. and nice weather for next week. for the day tomorrow, 87. the better of the two weekend days. warm, humid. is there any rain? for saturday, it's running around a 20% risk,
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at the rain out there tonight. a shower a half hour ago, not too much going on. bigger picture is gonna show you what you want to pay attention to, down in the south of us, around virginia let's not worry about that. watch this front around iowa. it's gonna bring us some rain first and the cool air behind it. saturday, 2:00 in the afternoon, the bright colors, spotty, but you'll some ret weather out there. very spotty and slight for people. here comes that front. later in the day on sunday, 4:00 pm, rolling through the area, rain in the city. later in the day, 8:30, then it pushes out of here. should be pretty good by the time we get to monday afternoon. all the numbers look like this, 87 for inquire day on saturday, 85 on sunday. sunday the more likely day to see wet weather. i don't rule it out for saturday. but saturday is the better weekend
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monday 83. pretty nice day by lunchtime. and tuesday, in could be the best of the bunch. 84 for wednesday with the sunshine. same deal on thursday. rain chance by friday. >> good week to be off. >> are you off? >> no. [ laughter ] police are investigating a break-in at the famous home of the brady bunch. a time the house has been broken into in the past three years. steve is here with sports. >> the jerz in their second preseason game and gave us a longer look at the starters. but it wasn't much better. is what we saw tonight undoing the
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which helps you get more miles per tank. i'll be here if you need me. new bp gasoline with invigorate. our best fuel ever! the jets game came down to the final seconds.
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the jets were keeping some of their key starters on the bench. mangold, forte, wilkerson all sat out to play it safe. the rest of the starters didn't exactly inspire confidence. the purpose of the preseason isn't necessarily about winning the game as much as it is about playing a winning style of football. right now the jets haven't shown they're ready to start the season. the first team offense failed to menace with the combination of drop passes and costly turnovers. the result was a defense that the majority of the opening half on the field. colt mccoy is washington's backup and found the end zone twice. the jets fell behind by 12. the only silver lining came from the third team, which finally moved the ball. the jets have four quarterbacks in camp for three jobs. bryce petty 3 for a pair of touchdowns. the jets fall short 22-18. >> what are you hoping to show out there next week? >> we want to work ourselves
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i think the third game is usually where we play the most. and we want to pull it all together. last yeefr the addition of -- year the addition of cespedes transformed the offense. now that he and cabrera have returned from the disabled list, maybe it can happen again. curtis granderson has been waiting a long time for steven matz was scratched from tonight's game because of shoulder discomfort. seth lugo in his first big league career start. they are tied at 1 in the 4th right now. yankee six games out of the wildcard. elbury still making a boatload of money. his leadoff home run was the first the yankees have had all season.
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isain bolt insists this is his last olympics. if so he went out on a high note. he anchored the jamaican 4 as they won their next olympic gold. ryan lochte apologized for his okays in rio but didn't admit to lying. recently i sat down with famous agent lee steinberg and asked him how he would advise lochte if he were his agent. >> don't be tempted to get out of a tight situation where
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matter how ugly the truth is, by being repentant, by apologizing, something can did on. >> -- go on. >> steinberg will be hosting an agent seminar at st. john's tomorrow. we'll have a full interview. >> oh, wow. >> he's right. >> exactly. the truth is never as bad as the coverup. >> why is it that nobody does? everybody puts on >> the worst thing is for some people to say i'm sorry and apologize for their actions. >> andy pettitte did steroids, apologized for doing sproids, new york -- steroids, new york forgave him! then look at roger clemens. >> and if you just want to take it back, it's politics, it's entertainment, it's all areas where you get the same stuff. maybe they think we can just tweet it away.
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but the truth always comes out these days. >> take ownership of something. that's just life. instead of trying to skirt under it. >> i know. such an embarrassment. >> it's gonna cost him endorsement money.
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two officers show their sense of humor. they stopped this very the child thought to ask if they would pose for a picture. and it looks like one officer is writing a ticket but it was all in good fun. >> for exceed little cuteness limit. what is that? like a bentley? >> something like that. >> they really upped the ante on the barbie car. [ laughter ] >> have a great weekend.
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