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tv   CBS 2 News Saturday  CBS  August 20, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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c1 why? right now heart break in queens after a 9-year-old girl is found dead at home. who police are questioning about her death. a zika travel alert. the popular destination that new yorkers are warned to stay away weekend, but there may be a stormy ending. cbs news this weekend starts now. good morning. it's 6:00 on this saturday, august 20th. i'm andrea grymes. >> and i'm cindy hsu.
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elisi finch is here. >> reporter: around the tri- state area, 75 at central park. 68 in white plains, and 65 in the hamptons. and 66 for somerville, and monticello is at 61 degrees. for some of us, relatively high. 70 for islip, and 70 for belmar, and definitely sticky this morning. you look at to look at the the moment, but could see activity before the end of the day today. here's your hour-by-hour forecast. 87 is the forecast high for today, and with the humidity, feeling more like 89. definitely going to be a warm one. we do have at least a chance a slight chance of seeing showers and thunderstorms before the end of the day. tomorrow looking to be a more significant chance, and i will
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now to developing news in queens. a 9-year-old girl was found dead in her bathtub. >> and police are now questioning her stepmother. magdalena doris is live. >> reporter: neighbors have been waiting out of the police precinct as the girl's father and stepmother are answering officer's questions, and at this hour, sources say the stepmother is a person of interest in the case. >> reporter: paper suits carefully examined the home on 112th street after a gruesome discovery on friday afternoon. inside ashdeep kaur was found. >> she was in the tub. >> reporter: the girl's four mound her after asking the super to unlock the apartment door, and he was overcome with grief, and fainted at the scene.
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him in the ambulance. >> reporter: neighbors say ashdeep moved from india to be in the care of her father and his wife 2 months ago. she told neighbors of abuse at the hands of her stepmother. >> reporter: the focus is on the stepmother the woman watching her at the time of her death. >> why she why? >> reporter: two other children found in the stepmother's care overnight have been taken into custody by acs. they are now in acs custody. as for ashdeep, the medical examiner is trying to determine the cause of death right now. magdalena doris, cbs 2 news. >> thank you. florida officials have confirmed new cases of the zika
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the zika zone. now the cdc has a warning about miami beach. brian conybeare reports. >> reporter: an unfortunate sign of the times warning travelers about the zika virus. >> it's very scary. >> five individuals have been confirmed as cases of local transmission of zika are connected to the miami beach ar and to two tourists, including one from new york are the first cases of the virus in miami beach, just 24 hours after they denied the virus was there. a 1.25 square mile area has been added to the list in addition to the wynwood neighborhood.
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stop them from visiting. >> my family is there, my grandchildren are there. we have to be careful, but everyone has to protect themselves. >> i would still go to miami beach. >> reporter: would this news keep you from going to miami beach? >> it would. it really would. >> i wouldn't want to be a native down there, and i wouldn't want to be visiting as a tourist either. >> reporter: if more people feel that way it could devastate the city that is called neyo borough. >> it's something that is really hitting miami heavy, and people will find somewhere else to go. >> the cdc said there's likely other cases of the zika virus in south florida, and some airlines are now giving refunds to travelers who are canceling plans to go to zika zones, including miami. police are looking for two men who are robbery free armed with stun guns.
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gun and the men are accused of attacking three people in flushing in july. the men struck last week, phasing and robbing a 35-year- old man at 147th street. a queens man is facing charges after he is accused of impersonating a police officer. gurpreet singh flashed a badge and is charged wi impersonate, dui, and multiple traffic violations. the state of new york is toughening penalties for those who assault mta workers and cleaners. governor cuomo signed a bill making them felonies. the law protects process servers, utility workers or cleaner at bus, subway, or train stations. new information on a fire
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homeless. it it was started by children playing with matches. 7 homes were destroyed or badly damaged, and the red cross is helping the 55 people left homeless. >> it's 6:07. ryan lochte is speaking out about his behavior in rio, but it may not be enough. the incident may come back to haunt the olympic swimmer. they are not pills. how the tiny trackers are helping doctors keep tabs on he's my best friend. all the time i can, i spend it with him. the rescue and heart felt reunion. here's elise finch with the forecast. >> we are starting off with a nice day. temperatures will be warm. no surprise there, and humidity will make it warmer. several chances for wet weather this weekend. detail in the full forecast, but first, let's take a check
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6:10, 75 degrees, and don't facebook and twitter. you can join us at or tweet us at @cbsnewyork. yesterday donald trump was in baton rouge. he handed out supplies with running mate mike pence, and residents made it clear they thought president obama should be visiting.
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we can say. >> it definitely means a lot you showing up here. >> somebody is here! >> thank you! >> you will be back, right? >> president obama will visit the area on tuesday. meanwhile hillary clinton says she is intentionally staying away from baton rouge right now. she's posted a facebook message that says my heart breaks for louisiana, and right now the relief effort distractions. the very best way to help is to make sure the people of louisiana have the sources they need. there's more questions about paul manfort. he abruptly resigned yesterday. there's been concern over
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prorussian group. he has denied receiving any cash payments as was charged against him. we are finally hearing from ryan lochte. he is addressing his misleading account of being robbed at gunpoint. steve overmyer reports. >> reporter: it's taken 5 days for ryan lochte to issue an apology, but he stopped short of saying he lied. "i want to apologize for my behavior last weekend r being more careful and candy in how i described the events of that early morning. it's traumatic to be out late with your friends in a foreign country with a language bearier to have a stranger point a gun at you and demand money." this video shows ryan lochte and his teammates vandalizing a
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release this statement. police say the swimmers were drunk and belligerent before they agreed to pay $50 for the damage they caused, but nancy harmer says ryan lochte's actions made it worse. >> you apologize for being an ugly american, let the u.s. know what you did, and everyone moves on. >> reporter: 2 million people tweeted about the incident, t because jack conger and gunnar bentz stayed to talk to police, they had to go through the sea of people with their own opinion. >> a disciplinary commission has been set up, and they have the right to issue sanctions. usain bolt got the triple triple. he won three gold medals at
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he bolted across the line in 37.27 seconds. he says his record-shattering career will end with the rio summer games. >> he certainly ended on top. >> his olympic career will continue. he's wonderful. it's 6:14. over to elise finch who is checking the weekend forecast. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you both. so part forecast is good as well. we have rain in the forecast for today, and more significantly for tomorrow, and right now, just the humidity that you need let's take a live look outside, yeah, the sunrise, always a little nicer when we have a little bit of cloud cover, and right now, partly cloudy. winds out of the northeast at 6 miles an hour. here's the headlines. we are expecting a humid weekend. late storms, especially for sunday, and monday should be refreshing. lower humidity. lower temperatures, and it should actually feel really, really nice. take a look. here's where we are right now.
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yesterday, and expecting 87 today again with the elevated humidity, and it will feel warmer. we are cooler for sunday, and cooler still for monday. near normal for sunday, and below normal for monday. have not done that, and with the lower humidity, feeling, very, very different. the burn time, 20 minutes, and pollen, medium to high, and the air quality, moderate, and 95 matter, and it will be unhealthy for some people today. at the moment, relatively quiet, and not a lot to talk about. we have unsettled weather headed our way, and here's the bigger picture we have a couple of things, and still getting the humid air we are tapping into. the circulation around the area of high pressure. we are tapping into that. the cold front well off to the west, and here's how it plays out. we head throughout the day
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2:00 in the afternoon, and we will continue on throughout the night, and additional chances for showers as we head into your early sunday, and a more significant chance as we head later in the day, and you can see late sunday into monday, could see showers and thunderstorms out of that, and then we will start to get clearing, and of course again with the decreesed humidity and temperatures, should feel nice, and for today, we are expecting hot and humid, not horribly so, but 87, feeling closer to 90, isolated thunderstorms are a possibility into the afternoon and evening, and as we head into tonight, partly cloudy, and it's humid. 75degrees, and winds southeast at 5 to 10 miles an hour. headed into the day tomorrow, things are more active, and we could start and end the day with showers. it's warm and muggy, and 8 had is the forecast temperature for tomorrow, and again a better chance we will see more widespread rain for sunday, and
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we go from 87 today and humid. 84 tomorrow and humid. we are taking the humidity out of the mix, and monday, temperatures in the low 80s for monday and tuesday, and cooler breezes for your monday, and things are definitely going to be nicer as we head into tuesday with the summer beauty. wednesday, temperatures warm up, and still looking good. going to be a winner of a day with the lower humidity. 85degrees on wednesday, should feel nice, and temperatures ramping up thursday and friday of next weekend, and finally relief from all the heat and humidity that have been a constant with us over the last few weeks. we will finally see a break. >> 80 will feel like a big change. >> a lot of people will be happy about that. >> you have heard of smart cars, smart phones, and even smart washing machines, and now pediatricians are testing smart pills. >> the new technology can help
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children healthy. >> reporter: riley kinman has to take medication twice a day to help her body from rejecting the kidney she got from her dad. each pill has a tiny sensor which activates inside of riley's stomach, and the technology sends data to her doctors and parents through a tablet, alerting them she took her meds. > medication doses, we know they are at risk for potential complications. >> reporter: it's not just if kids take their meds, they also keep track of patients in other ways that impact their health. >> it provides heart rate monitor functions, giving us an idea of activity and sleep cycle. >> reporter: riley's parents hope it will give riley her independence. >> right now we are in charge,
6:19 am
will know exactly when she took her medicine, and i don't have to nag her about it. >> reporter: giving everyone peace of mind. dr.max gomez. >> dr. max says the pills are especially important when young patients hit their teen years, when they often are rebellious from the rules they have to follow. some jewels are are hitting the auction block next month. some of the for money pieces are these red, white, and blue items. >> there's also a pair of cowboy boots that president reagan wore. a little bit of fun for everybody. they went in to rob the place, but they could not get out. how store workers trapped two
6:20 am
managed to get away. plus this. >> it was just the happiest time of my life. >> he didn't know where his dogs for an entire day, but after a heroic rescue, he's home again. their heart felt reunion after the break.
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all right,
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there. 75degrees, and 6:22. elise says it's going to be hot and humid. we are used to that. >> we are. >> and storms on the way, but she will have the latest on the forecast coming up. welcome back to cbs 2 news saturday morning. two nypd officers showed their sense of humor. two officers stopped this young driver. the child's father asked that the officers pose for a picture, and it looks like one officer and writing a ticket, but it was >> so adorable. some brooklyn residents are thanking the police for making their people home again. >> story of the dog that was rescued and return. >> reporter: this usually playful pup was not up to his usual tricks on friday night after pulling a stunt that had his owners worried sick. >> he's my best friend. a ime a single guy. no kids yet, all my time i spend it with him.
6:24 am
our routine every morning. >> reporter: thursday morning the dog named chase broke that routine, running away. >> reporter: he's never done that before? >> never. >> reporter: miguel and his brother francisco believe he got spooked by the storms the night before, got beyond the gate and took off. >> it was really, really empty. when we get here, the dog is always waiting at the door. >> reporter: the family posted about the missing pup got a call that the nypd had discovered it in the greats end bay a couple the of miles for their home. when officer spotted the dog, he was about half a mile from land, struggling to stay afloat. >> he was tired and having trouble keeping his head up. >> welcome home! >> reporter: the family has no idea how chase made it so many miles, but they are thanking
6:25 am
the nypd for a reunion they will always remember. >> they don't get enough credit, honestly. >> reporter: and now chase is back in the hands of his best friend, and miguel hopes his dog's next add venture keeps them closer to home. jessica leighton, cbs 2 news. >> the family says chase was very, very thirsty when he got home, but they took him to the vet, and he's now home. time now is morning, including a tragedy in queens. >> reporter: 9-year-old girl is found dead inside of a bathtub last night, and now her stepmother and father are being questioned here an the 102nd police precinct. the latest on the investigation here. guests run for cover when a wedding is crashed by an unexpected explosion this is cbs 2 news saturday morning.
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right now a father overwhelmed with grief after finding his 9-year-old daughter dead. the mystery surrounding her death and who police are questioning this morning. plus this -- robbery suspects trapped. why did it take police so long to get there? the mistake that led two years after the vice president compared it to a third world country, laguardia gets a much-needed facelift. >> good morning on this saturday, august 20th. i'm cindy hsu. >> and i'm andrea grymes. elise finch is in for the forecast. we have a chance to see showers and thunderstorms before it's all over today, and
6:29 am
tomorrow. first up, let's talk about temperatures. 71 in babylon and fairfield, and 66 in toms river, and 59 for liberty. you look at the cooler spots, and the dew points show upper 60s and low 70s. 69 for central park, and 70 is the dew point for babylon, 73 for montauk, and right now your vortex satellite and radar not showing any activity in the area, but we are expecting that to change before the day, and so by noon, we are already in the 80s, feeling warmer. 87 is the forecast high for today, and we should be around that at 3:00 this afternoon, and with the humidity, feeling like 89 degrees, and another very warm and very humid day. could touch off showers and thunderstorms, but as i mentioned, tomorrow looks like a more significant chance, and i will have all the
6:30 am
in police custody after a 9- year-old girl was found dead in a bathtub. >> magdalena doris is live from richmond with the latest. >> reporter: andrea and cindy, family members have not gotten any sleep. last night many of them standing watch outside of the 102nd police precinct, hoping to get answers, and inside police are questioning ashdeep kaur's step fore. police say she is a interest in the case. investigators clothed in paper suits carefully examine the home on 112th street after a gruesome discovery on friday afternoon. inside 9-year-old ashdeep kaur was found dead. sources say she was naked and bruised. >> she informs the tub. the water was not water, but she was in the tub. >> reporter: the girl's father found her when he returned home after asking the super to
6:31 am
he was overcome with brief and fainted at the scene. >> suddenly he was shocked, and they put him in the ambulance. >> reporter: ashdeep kaur moved from india 2 months ago to be with her father and stepmother. >> the little one told me always that she sometimes beat her. >> reporter: sources say the investigation is now focused on the stepmother, the person watching ashdeep kaur at the time of her death. >> the little girl, why she wan why? >> reporter: police were searching for ashdeep kaur's stepmother for hours, and sources say two children were with her at the time she was found. the children were taken into custody by acs. as for now the medical examiner is working to determine what killed ashdeep kaur. magdalena doris, cbs 2 news.
6:32 am
transit bus. two passengers were killed during the crash during rush hour. the number 59 bus it-boned the number 13 bus. there were no passengers on the 59 bus, but the driver of the bus died at the scene. a female passenger on the 13 bus line died at the hospital, and 17 others on the bus were hurt. one passenger said some people were pinned to their seats and trapped inside. >> they couldn't come in the bu bus. the guy wanted help, and i was scary. i was thinking the guy was going to die. >> one passenger is in critical condition, and five others are in serious hospital in newark. investigators are trying to determine the exact cause of the accident. a queens woman came face-to- face with a dangerous burglar in her own home.
6:33 am
ambulance yesterday afternoon. and investigators said the man broke into a the home, put a knife into the woman's throat and forced her into a closet. she was later able to escape. she spoke briefly with dave carlin. >> reporter: hello, ma'am r you okay? >> i'm okay. >> reporter: i'm glad to hear that. >> good thing he didn't hurt her. i mean he could have hurt her and took everything. very frighten. very, very frighten. >> the woman was not injured, and nothing was taken, and no arrests have been made until the case. a quick-thinking store owner tried to turn the table on a pair of robbers, but they managed to escape after a slow response by police in new jersey. armed robbers are seen entering the cell phone store on wednesday. tommy torres says he ran out a back door and locked it, and he closed the store's front gate trapping the robbers. police arrived 18 minutes
6:34 am
shoplifting, and police were dispatched after a third call. >> the word gun was used and at that point within 11 seconds, the priority is changed in the system, and police cars are on the scene. >> i got him, but the cops never showed up. >> because of the delay, the suspects had had time to find the tools and cut their way out of the store. two members rochelle police department got a special gift. they got state-of-the-art vests for the four-legged crime fighters. >> this is my home, and anything i can do to give back, i do, and that is really why i decided to raise the money. >> he's my partner, and he's a work tool, and at the same time, you create this bond that is unmatched, and i mean, i would probably die for him, as
6:35 am
>> three vests were purchased fors k-the 9s at $1,000 each. work has started on the long-awaited laguardia airport. crews store down the p2 parking lot yesterday. laguardia will eventually have a state of the art central terminal, and work will be completed in 2022. a parking crackdown in island's five towns has residents scrambling. people are outraged over the sudden blitz of parking tickets. >> reporter: pay attention to the signs in woodmere where parking is free, unless you get a ticket. >> get it right $135? >> reporter: this lock smith has a business, and he says the 90 minute rules are rarely
6:36 am
this week. penalties not posted. >> you may find red lights $50, but this was penciled in. >> reporter: they say it's double new york city's rate, and it's unacceptable with no meters. shoppers must part on the street or in the designated lots. >> we are in front of people's homes, all the way street. >> reporter: celest came out to see chalk on her tires for the first time. the town says intermittent enforcement has been going on for years but the crackdown came in response to complaints that cars were left overnight and rarely moved. >> it's entirely free parking.
6:37 am
price. >> reporter: up to 8 hours of parking is nearby for free. >> i got a ticket. $135. i'm over there. >> reporter: rules are now visible in front of tony's tailoring. crews nailed up the >> the fines were approved by the nassau board of judges in 2014 to cover administrative costs. he promised to deliver the stage and the star. why investigators are closing the curtainsen producer's idea for the great white way. how new york is pitching in to battle the devastating wild fires in california.
6:38 am
of his own to cheer on his son the. most of the day looking to be dry, but we have a chance to see showers and thunderstorms before the end of the day and more activity tomorrow.
6:39 am
6:40 am
pretty live picture of the sunrise out there. hazy morning. 6:40, 75 degrees, and it will be another humid one. elise finch with all the details of the forecast coming up. a wedding reception abruptly ended after a bomb exploded in eastern turkey. terrified guests quickly
6:41 am
ceremony and the reception. there's been three deadly bombings this week turkey's government blames a separatist turkish group. governor cuomo is sending a 20-member crew to help fight a massive fire in the san bernardino forest. they usually work for the state department of environmental conservation. some are forest rangers, and others have been fight wild fires. the fire has destroyed 100 homes. los angeles police say the burglars were confronted by homeowners at the home of the brady bunch. a neighbor says this is the teched time it's been broke into in 3 years. a broadway director tricked investors to give him tens of
6:42 am
roland scahill said he had signed a star to be part of the new show, and prosecutors said it was a lie that scammed investors out of $165,000. >> it was a big misunderstanding, or maybe he is the biggest actor. >> court documents show he spent the money on stocks, credit card payments, and living expenses. >> the summer box office is cooling down, and there's one film that may crowd. >> another animated movie and one that tells the story of an animated figure. >> i have a big idea. >> reporter: the biggest movie in theater is war dog. >> this crazy real life story about two 20 somethings who gamed the system. >> they start with nothing and become wealthy beyond their wildest dreams. >> reporter: it was directed by
6:43 am
hangover trilogy, and he brought his friend bradley cooper along who has artistic characteristics. >> i need you to tell me the enemy zone. >> it's until we work the trade. >> reporter: ben herd is back for >> he is set into slavery. >> other than being a revenge story, it's a story of hope, love, and forgiveness. >> reporter: for the second week in a row, we have a very different type of movie. >> my name is kubo. >> it's set in japan, and there's a very orgami infused story of the boy on the run from the vengeful spirit and he has to find his father's suit
6:44 am
>> reporter: the movie is not just for kids it sends a deeper message and deals with things like losing a parent. experts recommend talking to your child after they see this film. >> critics are split on who will take the top spot. >> you know which one i'm rooting for. >> that was so elise is saying tomorrow will be a better day to head to the movie. >> tomorrow is unsettled. today is a good day to get outside as long as you don't mind it being warm, and quite humid. not much difference, but we have different weather headed our way. first, checking with the weather watchers to see the conditions they are reporting, and we will start down the jersey shore, and this is walter in bradley beach.
6:45 am
morning, yeah, i think it is. that's what most of the comments are basically saying this is jean. she says it's 67 degrees, and her comment, considering recent temperatures, it's a great day to be outside. i will take your word for it. it's not terrible, and darrell says it's 71 grows, and it's a comfortable morning to go for a run before celebrating my daughter happy birthday christina. we find temperatures 60 to 65 degrees, and adam says it's 65, and his comment, welcome back, elise. thank you! 2 weeks vacation, and it was nice! i have to tell you. guess what? dryer weather is finally coming back. it's been weeks. we are taking a live look outside.
6:46 am
here's what you can expect. a warm humid weekend, no surprise there isolated showers today, and thunderstorms likely tomorrow, and then we get some relief behind the cold front that will generate tomorrow's storms, and we are talking about dryer conditions, and this is sort of what we are dealing with. we are talking about the dip in the jet stream, and well to the north. we will continue to tap into the warm and humid air. that's the case through tomorrow, but early to middle next week, less humid. temperatures at or below normal, an mass we will be tapping into. the vortex satellite and radar, a slight chance of activity later this afternoon, and this is the cold front that will act like a broom, and it's sweeping out the heat and humidity behind it, ushering in the cooler, dryer air, and if you're wanting a bit of a change. it's finally coming, and it's warm and humid today.
6:47 am
for the afternoon and evening spotty storms. we are expecting showers and thunderstorms, and we could see gusty winds with that as well. tomorrow is looking like, shaping up to be the more active of 2 days, and behind the cold front, there's dryer, cooler air, and there's the word we have not been able to write much, but dry, and also where we are with this, monday, looking to be a very different day. it's going to feel different than it has over the weeks. headed to the beach, not bad. 82 to 86 degrees, and water itself, 73 and 79. a low risk of lightning today, but a moderate risk of rip currents. if you're swimming be mindful of that. headed to the mountains, partly sunny, and 80 to 84 degrees, and humid no maturer you are. -- no matter where you are. isolated showers, and maybe a
6:48 am
overnight temperatures, not incredibly low, and just 64 in liberty, but mid-70-degree temperatures overnight tonight. today, warm and muggy, and then 84 degrees, and we are expecting an active day tomorrow, and showers, and maybe some thunderstorms before the end of the weekend, and then, behind that front, 80 degrees on monday, and 82 on tuesday, and 85 on wednesday, and again, with the lower humidity it will feel very, very different. for the subway. >> yeah, and commuting. we will start next week. >> very nice, thank you, elise. the jets head to dc for preseason play, but the offense could not capitalize. >> here's steve overmyer with your sports update. >> the second game of the preseason, and the jets kept key starters on the bench. they sat out to play it safe,
6:49 am
necessarily to win games as much as it is about playing winning football, and right now the jets have not shown they are ready to start the season. the first team offense failed to manage with the combination of dropped passes and costly turnovers, and the result was the failure to find the end zone. the only silver lining was the third team offense who moved the ball. theve camp for three jobs, and bryce petty threw for a pair of touchdowns, but the jets fall short in dc, 22-18. >> reporter: next week cross town game with the rivalry. >> the third game is where we play the most, and we want to put it all together by that time. >> reporter: i'm steve
6:50 am
a generous uber rider surprises her driver with a trip of the lifetime. ellis willis wanted to see his son compete in the rio olympics, but he couldn't afford to go. his passenger was so impressed she set up a gofundme page that raised $8,000 for his travel experiences. >> when i heard he couldn't go, i n >> i got to meet his coach as well. to hear him tell me that you did well disciplining, it was great. >> and hill's son did not make it past the qualifying round, but he is grateful his father was there to offer his support. >> i'm sure it would have been amazing to make it further, but just being there and seeing that?
6:51 am
>> uh-uh. >> time now is 6:50, living large on the shore inside of a castle style home with hand blown glass doors and 15-foot ceiling. first alex denis with your traffic update. >> reporter: the summer in the city harlem day. west 155th street will be closed and lennox terrace from it's the indian day parade and festival. 38th and 35th streets will be closed from 5th to park avenue. that's your cbs 2 news traffic
6:52 am
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this morning's living large, we are going to a home in lloyd harbor on long island's north shore. >> the homeowners had it built to look like royalty. emily smith with the tour. >> reporter: the inspiration behind the home came from northern france, and it looks like a century old castle from the outside. >> who is it? >> emily smith from cbs. >> you know the password, emily? >> living large. >> great, you can come in.
6:55 am
estates gave us the tour. inside it's formal, and every home faces mill pond that leads to huntington harbor. >> there's boating in the pond, and it's a spectacular face. >> reporter: the high ceilings grab your attention. >> what i want to point out, the glass. it's all hand blown. >> reporter: this brings you to a large formal dining room, and it's into the kitchen. the floors in here came from a barn in >> welcome to the great room. >> reporter: very cool. feels like a log cabin. the lights are imported from england, all antique. the master is all the way on the end? >> it is. >> reporter: it's one of seven bedrooms, and the master suite starts with a sitting room, leading to the bedroom. in here, that's a gorgeous view. >> 15-foot ceilings in the master, and you're overlooking the incredible view of the pool.
6:56 am
home. >> get the fire going, and you're outside, and there's speakers everywhere. >> reporter: the oversized pool is just steps from the pond. >> there's a dog, and they can keep a small boat here. a really beautiful spot and view. >> reporter: to live large here it will cost you $5,250,000. >> the home was built 14 years ago, but it was just made to look antique. >> it certainly looks like it. >> i love the pool, too. it's time to see what is copping up next on cbs this morning. >> hi, music plays the whole time you're in the house. [ laughter ] we will have the day's headlines, and it's not dirt or mold, so what is the organism causing a monumental headache in our nation's capitol? it's the largest aircraft, and it can be in the air for days. the 100th anniversary of our national parks.
6:57 am
future for the common grounds. all that and more just ahead on cbs this morning saturday. a final check now of the weather. >> reporter: it's a warm one, and also quite humid. temperaturewise a high today of 87 degrees. factor in the humidity, and it will feel like 89. closer to the 90-degree mark in new york city, and also to walden, princeton, and toms river. cooler for long island. here's he the high of 84 with the thunderstorms, and then much cooler and dryer by the time we get to monday. >> thank you,est lease. -- thank you, elise. they make you feel full, but they are no good for your body. the snacks to avoid. >> and we will go to the bronx zoo. this is cbs 2 this morning.
6:58 am
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