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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  August 20, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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that 60 yesterday. nick: he's just picked them off nicely. played very solid. bill: there he is. had a couple of top 10 finishes back-to-back early in the season. fourth at the sony open then a tie for ninth at the career builder challenge. never held a 54-hole lead on the pga tour short career. now kevin na trying to limit the damage. this has been a puzzling putt
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left edge. bill: it snuck away to the right. nick: wow. bill: a double at the last. disappointing conclusion after a promising day. then five consecutive birdies as he went out in 31 and also birdied the 10th but a double at the last. 36 coming in. and h nick: it just shows thank you knife edge that this golf course is. er -- you play nicely. you use the slope, it comes back to here. you get it wrong and all the slopes are working against you. just because they're shooting lights out doesn't mean it's an easy golf course. the weather has been a huge help. billy: no wind. soft conditions. and kim with an opportunity to
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this for a four-shot lead. heading to the final round. there you go. and this young man has been impressive. 32-32 and he backs up the 60 with 64. nick: yes, blemish-free scorecard. amazing. bill: after 54 holes to have wyndham championship here at sedgefield. 64 for si woo kim. a four-shot advantage for all of us here at cbs sports, thanks for being with us. we'll see you tomorrow for the final round to have windham
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live from studio 46 this is cbs2 news at 6. good evening, thanks for joining us, i'm jessica moore. we begin tonight with a mystery at a suburban park. a body was found near a little league field in suffolk county. ali bauman is story for us. she's live in green lawn with the latest on the investigation. ali. >> reporter: jessica, on a sunny saturday like today, this park may usually be filled with families but today it is just empty fields as police here search for evidence in a homicide investigation. suffolk county police say just after 7 a.m. today, a man walking on pulaski road near broadway discovered a dead body of a man in the woods near the baseball fields. his body covered with significant cuts and slashes.
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able to say how long he had been there. today the park that's usually filled with children and family was closed for the homicide squad's investigation. >> that man flagged down a passing motorist who called 9-1- 1. the second precinct patrol officers responded. they contacted the homicide squad. they were on the scene. it's a very active scene. >> reporter: the body has been transported to the medical examiner to determine the cause of death, but information to give them a call. from green lawn long island ali bauman cbs2 news. thank you. we're following breaking news in queens tonight. police just arrested the stepmother of a little girl who was found dead yesterday. 9-year-old ashdeep kaur was found neighborhood and bruised in the bathtub of her richmond hill apartment. we're told her stepmother, 55- year-old shamdai arjun was supposed to be watching her, but now that woman is charged with murder. right now there is no cause of
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crime. two other children who were in the home are now with child services. the girl's father was spotted leaving the home needing assistance from his cousins. he wouldn't comment on what happened. a dangerous walk home for two teenagers on long island. police say the boys were traveling through a dark wooded area when they were slashed. cbs2's dave carlin has that story new at 6. >> 15-year-old edwin androtti was using this na as a shortcut. it was late friday night and his family says he knew better than to be in such a remote place by himself, so he had a 15-year-old friend with him. before they made it out of the woods and on to michigan avenue where androtti lives both boys were attacked by a suspect who had a blade. the teenagers slashed repeatedly all over their bodies. neighbors are shocked by the burst of violence in an area they consider safe and quiet. >> that makes my heart hurt because that's a kid.
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>> the two teenagers are here at stony brook university hospital listed in serious condition. >> very bad on his hand and legs, like they tried to kill him. it is very weird, you know, the way it happened. >> family friend jose hernandez says he doesn't know why anyone would want to hurt the teenagers. we spoke to androtti's parent who is did not want to go on camera. they are not able to get details about the attack from their son who just underwent surgery. did not recover a weapon or release a description of the slasher. in north bell port suffolk county, dave carlin. >> police tell us it doesn't appear there are any surveillance cameras close to the crime scene to help investigators with this case. the sun may be shining right now, but it was a much different story a few hours ago. drivers had to navigate through flooded streets in huntington today, and there were some downpours in manhattan, but that didn't stop people from
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free park avenue. meteorologist elise finch is here with the latest. >> that certainly takes commitment. yeah, so we knew that we were going to have the morning hours would be nice and dry for us. we knew the rain was coming in the afternoon. it hardly looks like anything happened but as you back it up here, you can see actually what happened, so certainly some converging air made for showers and thunderstorms over long island, also into the city and parts of the lower hudson valley. take a look at the type of rain, the amount of rain we're calverton nearly 4 inches, same for riverhead, huntington 2 1/2, central park almost 1 inch of rain from that relatively short down burst, so of course we are making a huge dent in our rain bucket, but we have more rain as we head into the day tomorrow, and jessica i'll have more coming up about that in your seven-day forecast. thank you. we have new information on friday's deadly bus crash in newark. police are now identifying the second victim who was killed. 49-year-old jesse garcia was
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the crash. she was pronounced dead several hours later. her bus driver james robert was treated and released from the hospital with neck, back, and shoulder injuries. the other bus driver was killed. more than a dozen passengers are still recovering, and investigators are still trying to determine what caused the crash. now to the latest on the swimming scandal. the international olympic committee has set up a disciplinary commission to investigate ryan lochte, james bentz. the commission will determine if the swimmers should be punished for lying about being robbed in rio so they could cover up vandalizing a gas station and getting into a fight with security guards. we are also hearing tonight from a witness to the chaos for the first time. fernando says he helped translate conversations between the swimmers and the armed security guards. he says the trouble started as the four tried to leave without paying for damage and the security guards wouldn't let them. >> there was no aggression.
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there was nothing, nothing. pointing a gun at them, never. there was nothing like that. >> lochte left brazil before talking to police. the other three confessed and admitted the robbery story was a lie. turning now to the race for the white house, both donald trump and hillary clinton campaigning today with some surprisingly open results. trump's spent the morning reaching out to a demographic that hasn't yet gotten on the trump train. take a look. >> welcome to the world of trump. >> republican presidential candidate donald trump held hispanic leaders saturday. >> thank you for this game changing event today. >> the leaders from 12 states will serve as advisors to the campaign forming the new national hispanic advisory council for trump. it's an attempt to reach out to a demographic that trump has not won over. a fox news poll shows clinton leads trump among hispanics by 48 points. trump made headlines when he visited the flood ravaged area of louisiana.
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>> democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton arrived in nantucket massachusetts saturday for a series of fundraisers, and clinton will continue her fund- raising over the next few days holding events with cher on sunday and magic johnson on sunday. the magic of makeup, a fugitive with a disguise so realistic police barely recognized him. see how he went undetected for four months. >> also ahead, you may notice something different the next time you hail a taxi. t >> plus. >> and it was just the happiest time of my life. >> a pet owner giving thanks to the nypd. we'll tell you about the heroes who saved his beloved dog from nearly drowning. >> and eli manning made his preseason debut. the offense is still trying to find a rhythm for the giants.
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new video tonight of a deadly drive-by shooting in the bronx. you can see people running for cover after shots were fired in the clermont section. it happened wednesday on college avenue. a 17-year-old died after being shot in the chest. a man shot in the stomach is still recovering. police are searching for the car and the suspects responsible for the shooting. police in cape cod finally tracked down one of the old foes who had been on the run since april. look at this guy, that is 31-
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left. when hyannis police arrived at a home on thursday where he was supposedly staying, the elderly man on the right showed up at the door. police quickly realized that was mill we are a creepy life like mask on. he was arrested. miller was indicted on drug trafficking charges. new york city cab drivers are no longer required to pass an english test in order to get a license. the measure was signed into law in april, but went into effect yesterday. it's designed to make it easier for immigrants to get behind the limousine commission, just 4% of current drivers were born in the u.s. the driving test will now be available in several languages. up next, rescued and reunited. a dog back with his owner after a frightening ordeal. we'll tell you about the rescue that has a very happy ending. >> plus a person injured at six flags great adventure. the problem one rider encountered on a famous wooden roller coaster. >> and we could see more rain for the second half of the
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storms. ?slow, building african-style m? it's the little moments that make the biggest waves.
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a heartsick family in brooklyn is thanking their lucky stars and the nypd for bringing back their missing canine companion. jessica layton has the story of the pup who was rescued and reunited. >> this usually playful pup wasn't up to his usual tricks friday night after pulling a stunted that worried sick. >> he's my best friend. i'm a single guy, i don't have kids yet so all my time i spend with him. we go running. it's just a routine we have every day. >> thursday morning the family dog a year and a half old white german shepherd named chase broke that routine running away. >> and he's never done this before. >> never. >> miguel and his brother francisco think the dog got spooked by storms the night before, somehow got beyond this gate and then took off.
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empty because when we get here, the dog is always here waiting for us at the door. >> the family posted about the missing pup on facebook. hours later they got a call the nypd had discovered the dog in grave send bay, a couple miles from their brooklyn home. the family says when officers spotted the dog, he was out on the water about a half mile from land struggling to stay afloat. >> he was tired. he was having trouble keeping his head up. >> welcome home. >> e chase made it so many miles, but they're thanking the power of social media and the nypd for a reunion they'll always remember. >> what do you want to say to those police officers? >> they don't get enough credit, honestly. >> and now that chase is back in the arms of his best friends. >> and it was just the happiest time of my life. >> miguel hopes his dog's next adventure keeps him closer to home. in coney island brooklyn,
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while riding a roller coaster at six flags in new jersey. a spokesperson says one of their guests was hit in the face by an unknown object. happened last night at six flags great adventure in jackson. the guest was on the elturo wooden coaster. the coaster was shut down for inspection and reopened this morning. the injured rider was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. a new jersey-based fire truck is getting a new lease on life in demarest for 38 years. the truck is being donated to the fdny family assistance unit, but the transaction was complicated. because the truck had monetary value it couldn't just be given away. it ended up being put up for auction. the new jersey firefighters bit on and bought the engine for $7500. the truck will be used by the fdny. elise finch is here now with your exclusive cbs2
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start, then a little rain but that also depends where you were. some folks didn't see any rain at all, but that is likely to change as we head into the day tomorrow when we are expecting rain to be more widespread. let's check in with some of our weather watchers. i want to look at some temps. we've got a 92-degree reading. this is from anthony in plainsboro. lots of sunshine, 92 where he is. a full 10 degrees cooler as we head to brooklyn. this is elena. she says it's 82. loving the sunshine and breeze. i'm glad. fu enjoy it. we've got a 79-degree reading as we head out to long island. this is ralph in plain view, he says it's 79. received nearly a half inch of rain with some home grown showers. long island was definitely sort of the big winner if you will in terms of rainfall. still a warm 88 in greenwood lake. this is daniel. his comment, no rain up here, sunny and warm all day. it did depend where you were today. we're taking a live look at
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can barely tell it rained, right, but it did. partly sunny, 79 degrees right now. wind out of the south, southeast at 14 miles per hour. so spot showers are possible tonight. gusty storms are likely for your sunday, and then sort of a refreshing monday, lower humidity, lower temperatures, 83 degrees today. we were forecasting 87, but with that rain-cooled air, a few degrees cooler, still above normal. 82 is the norm, 83 the high today. lower than what we've had over the past coe still 1 degree above normal. take a look, here's your vortex satellite and radar. barely anything left of the showers and thunderstorms that we saw earlier. now our focus heads to the west. this is a lot of activity out in front of this cold front, so along that frontal boundary and in front of it, we'll see a lot of activity. right now still getting that warm humid air being pumped into our area. tomorrow will be another day of it. we have a chance to see especially some shower activity late tonight and early tomorrow, then the real
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and thunderstorms moves across the area, so anywhere from 5 to 8:00 expect to see some of that heavy rain with the gusty winds moving across the area, continuing into your early monday morning, and then finally leaving us with some drier cooler air in its wake. tonight, isolated showers are possible, still humid. tomorrow another humid day, about 84 degrees, so similar temperature-wise to what we had today. warm and muggy with showers and more widespread thundes. next week look fantastic. >> look at that, nice. >> lots of sunshine, lower temperatures, lower humidity. should feel nice and then the warmup starts again towards the end of next week. >> gorgeous. we'll enjoy it while it lasts. >> yes, indeed. >> the mets try to end their losing streak, plus a miserable start for the giants in their preseason game in buffalo. steve overmyer is up next with
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now your jeep sports desk. >> welcome back, steve overmyer joins us now with a look at sports. >> and the mets need to turn at least it's been unfulfilling to say the least. injuries have exsupposed their lack of depth, and young players didn't develop as expected. still they head into the final stretch. mets trying to reverse they 3- game losing streak. yoenis cespedes went 1 for 4. today he's reached base twice. an rbi double in the 1st and
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shot. also alejandro de aza just homered. when you have the luxury of having a franchise quarterback in the fold, you are very careful with that guy in the preseason, so the giants held eli manning out of the first week, so today was his preseason debut. new york's offense looked sluggish last week in that opener without lie, with see a the giants were not able to get this offense in order. 37 total yards in the opening half. new york's defense has had its moments. they also had bad moments. watch jenkins here, miss on the blitz and it turns into a 59- yard play for buffalo. then they're giving tyrod taylor who's really improved just enough time to throw over the middle for a touchdown. the giants trail the bills right now. it is 21-0 in the 3rd quarter,
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out and right now the giants look like they still have some kinks to work out. >> so do the jets, by the way. it's nothing new. >> last night was kind of -- >> tough to watch that. >> it was tough. i could hear you from the sports office. it's very far down the hall. >> very loud back there sometimes. >> that's okay. hopefully they can rally and get their act together before the season starts. >> that's what they're hoping. >> all right. thanks dave. that does it for cbs2 news at 6. for the entire cbs2 news team, thanks so mu we'll be back tonight at 11:00. sure hope you will be too. in the meantime have a great
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> ninan: zika hits miami beach. u.s. health officials expand a travel warning to south florida after more people are infected by local mosquitoes. also tonight, the long road to recovery for the vps of louisiana's historic floods. >> all of what wasns house is gone. >> ninan: firefighters gain control of a monster fire in california, but more than 100 homes are lost. >> it's heartbreaking as a member here of this community to see the damage that was created by this fire. >> ninan: and it's a sprent to the finish line at the summer olympics. we're in rio where it's last call for this is the "cbs weekend news." >> ninan: good evening. i'm reena ninan. the the zika virus continues to


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