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tv   CBS 2 News Sunday  CBS  August 21, 2016 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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the humidity is up across the board. whatever the temperature is, tack on a few degrees. we have seen some showers already this morning. and we will see more significant rain as the day moves on. you can make out most of the cold front there if you look around buffalo. you can see the shower and thunderstorm activity. it is in advance of the cold front. today, the forecast degrees. we had that close to 3:00 in the afternoon. with humidity, the 84 will feel like 89. we are expected to get into the showers and thunderstorms. the rain could be heavy at times. stays with us for several hours. the good news is, tomorrow, we get some relief. i will have more coming up in a bit. now to the breaking news. violence breaks out in harlem overnight leaving at least one person dead. >> police are investigating multiple shootings in a span of
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joins us live. >> reporter: the woman who was killed was in her 60s. she was an innocent bystander shot in the neck here on the corner. in the next few hours, two other shootings would take place here on lenox avenue. police are investigating three separate shootings, all on lenox avenue. overnight, officers monitored the scene on 139th street. police using cups and bottles to mark bullet casings surrounding a parkc nobody was hurt at the scene. two blocks away, on 142, two men shot. police say a 24-year- old was taken to harlem hospital in stable condition. a second victim arrived at the hospital on his own, a short time later. two hours earlier, at 1:44 p.m., am lenox avenue, a 61-year-old woman shot in the neck and killed. police say the victim, odessa sims, was an innocent
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saturday night. police are searching for multiple armed suspects in connection with the shootings. so far, no arrests have been made. live in harlem, magdalena doris, cbs2 news. a queens woman accused of strangling her stepdaughter will appear in court on a second-degree murder charge today. 55-year-old shamdai arjun was left out of a police station in handcuffs yesterday. police say bruised in the bathtub of her richmond hill apartment on friday. police have not released a motive yet. two other children in the home are now with child services. an investigation underway on long island after a grizzly find in suffolk county. a man riding his bike in the woods near express drive north found a human skull yesterday. he called police who say the remains have been there for an extended period and have yet to be positively identified. the suffolk county medical
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autopsy to determine the cause of death. police have released the name of the second victim in the deadly engine transit bus collision. forty-nine-year-old jesy garcia of newark was one of the passengers taken to university hospital right after the crash friday. she died several hours later. a friend of the family describes her as a hard-working woman who was very devoted to family. >> she was a good mother. but she was a phenomenal grandmother. and anyone that knew her anyone that knew her, knew that she was absolutely crazy about her grandkids. >> one of the two bus drivers involved died at the scene. more than a dozen passengers still recovering. investigators are also still trying to determine what caused the accident. police are urging food delivery workers to be on alert in brooklyn after a series of violent robberies. investigators have released these images of the suspects.
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month. and have struck at least seven times. the nypd says the delivery workers have variously reported having cash, cell phones and even to delivery orders stolen after violent confrontations. one of the workers says they were sprayed in the face with an unknown chemical before being robbed. no arrests have been made. olympic swimmer ryan lochte is addressing the scandal that erupted in rio after a gas station confrontation that ultimately landed team usa in hot water. lochte is taking full responsibility for his actions. >> none of this would have happened -- and it was my immature behavior. >> 12 time medalist ryan lochte spoke to nbc's matt lauer in his first interview since he and translate along with jack conger and gunnar bentz allegedly vandalized a gas station and got into an altercation with security guards. the four initially told police they were robbed at gunpoint after leading a party and rio.
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eventually confessed to police revealing that the story was a lie. ryan lochte says it is all his fault. >> i over exaggerated that story. if i have not done that, we would not be in this mess. >> mess. >> we're also hearing from a witness to the chaos. fernando deluz said he stopped for gas and herbie are doing. he then saw one of the security guards was resting his hand on a holstered gun. then he stepped in to translate. he says the trouble started as a four swimmers tried to leave without paying for the damage and the security guards wo >> they started saying, no. no police. not to call the police. later i knew why. they did not want to call the police because they were athletes. >> the swimmers eventually paid $50 for the damage and left. ryanryan lochte still stands by his claims that they are the victims. >> there was a gun pointed in our direction. we were all frightened. >> but fernando deluz says he never saw the security guard draw his gun. >> there was no aggression. there was nothing.
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committee has set up a disciplinary commission to investigate. the committee will determine if the swimmers should be public -- should be punished. a disturbing discovery on long island. >> i was that the crime scene first. >> a body is found at a popular parked in green lawn. hear from a man who made the gruesome find. and why police are ruling in a homicide. plus this. >> sometimes when you get that debt ceiling, it is too good to be true. >> thousands. could you be the next victim? a baby reunited with her mother after being trapped. first, elise finch with a check of the forecast. >> things are starting out nicely today. not much to complain about. we have clouds and humidity. as the cool front gets closer, we will see showers, thunderstorms and heavy rain as
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welcome back to cbs2 news 76 degrees. 7:09 a.m. as we took a look at the manhattan bridge. and the brooklyn bridge -- brooklyn bridge barely visible in the background. a look at the forecast coming up turkey's president is blaming isis for a suicide bombing at an outdoor wedding that left 50 people dead. government officials called the blast at the wedding hall, a barbaric terror attack. no group has claimed responsibility. the country has been rocked by
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week. the bombing comes as the country is still reeling from last month's failed military coup. in campaign 2016, presidential hopefuls donald trump and hillary clinton both held events yesterday. donald trump spent his morning in new york at a roundtable immigration discussion with hispanic leaders. the leaders from 12 states will serve as advisors to the campaign forming the new national hispanic advisory council for donald trump. republican presidential nominee called a game changing event. a recent poll shows clinton hispanics. and presidential candidate hillary clinton was in nantucket, massachusetts for a series of private fundraisers. today she is expected to campaign with singer cher and tomorrow, she will hold an event with magic johnson. a dramatic rescue in florida after a toddler went missing during a boating accident. a family of four was out on their boat on the indiana river about 45 miles east of orlando. when the vessel crashed and
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an adult and infant were located right away. police and a good samaritan spent nearly one hour trying to find the toddler. it turns out she was underneath the overturned boat staying afloat thanks to a light jacket and a small air pocket. >> we know she is under there. we are not sure where. it was a very time consuming process. i was trying to locate the child child. >> paramedics said the child was in good condition but the whole family was checked out at a hospital anyway. no word yet on what caused the accident. heavy rain leads to a bathing ban in nassau county. swimmers were urged to stay out of the water yesterday at 13 beaches. to see if you're beaches affected, this our website, here is what it looked like in suffolk county yesterday afternoon as drivers tried to navigate through flooded streets.
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from running and biking along the avenue. more rain on the way today. >> i guess they have no choice. if they ran there, they have to run back. you may have to run again from the rain today. elise finch is watching storms. >> a cold front coming in. some locations with the rain and quite a bit of it especially on long island. significant numbers. 3-4 inches of rain in certain places. today we will see more front coming through. so we will take a live look outside. this is from our camera on top the empire state building. things are getting cloudier by the moment. 76 degrees is the current temperature. we're looking at headlines that include isolated showers this morning, which we already have seen and will continue to see. some afternoon and evening thundershowers that could be strong and possibly be severe. and could bring us quite a bit of rain to certain locations.
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out, really a pretty refreshing day tomorrow. lower temperatures and lower humidity. 84 degrees -- the forecast high today. 2 degrees above normal. because of the humidity, that 84 will feel more like 89 degrees. take a look. you can make out where the cold front is. right here is the front. take a look at the temperatures. still seeing 70 and 80-degree temperatures already this warning. but behind the front, we're looking at temperatures in the 40s, cooling effect. and we will enjoy the cooler air mass. also a more dry air mass tomorrow. today still dealing with some rain. a few showers. pushing their way out of new jersey into the lower hudson valley. we continue to see isolated showers this morning. and more significant rain is still off to the west. in association with this cold front. so we are still tapping into that warm humid air mass that we have been tapping into for quite some time.
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and then here, we have the showers and thunderstorms inching their way toward us. so morning showers -- which we are already seeing. then we are expecting a cold front, with rain and thunderstorms to push in. this is 5:00. i would say as early as 4:00 for sure, you should be prepared to see showers and maybe thunderstorms moving through. again, it is more widespread than what we saw yesterday. really concentrated on long island. and then into of new jersey. some locations with no rain at all. today, we could see heavy rain at times. continuing into the overnight hours. this cold front does not completely clear the area until early monday. most people's monday morning commute will be a nice one. very different from today. today is 84. warm and muggy. showers and thunderstorms. the 84 degrees will feel like
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upper 50s to the upper 60s. so not bad tonight. things are drying out. tomorrow, bright sunshine. but lower humidity. so 82 degrees is the temperature, which is exactly where we should be. andand the decreased humidity will make it feel very different. kind of refreshing. we just have to get to it first. tuesday, more of the same. lower humidity. staying well. temperatures well. right around 80 degrees. so could dip whenever -- wednesday, temperatures rebound. with a dry air mass in place. thursday, temperatures start heating up. we start to reintroduce the humidity. we could see showers and thunderstorms friday and into saturday. let's focus on today. a huge reward for monday, tuesday and wednesday. >> a nice little break. >> yes. a warning for any renters. >> police say scammers are advertising properties online and taking deposits but it is all a sham.
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jersey. >> she took out the key and lead us in. >> the would-be renter asking not to be identified is talking about this woman, who took deposits from multiple people for the same apartment, which was not hers to rent in the first place. it was in the ground floor of this home inland in, new jersey. it was advertised on craigslist. >> the place is not for advertised on the internet. >> it is not a great place. but it is the house. it has two bedrooms. and the three young couples all needing more space figured it was a good deal at $1100 a month. >> she's i was pregnant with my son. i thought it was weird because she was wanting the money right away. >> the home's fake owner spoke on the phone with the renters. >> he did not want to take a check. no paper trail.
7:17 am
lease signing at the public library where this picture was taken. >> she looked very confident. was not hiding from anybody. she looked legitimate. >> she took nearly $6000 in cash from three couples. some of them met for the first time as we showed up to do this story. there are affordable housing dream dashed. >> sometimes if something is too good to be true, it really is. >> cops suspect there could be add >> police believe the scammers maybe former tenants of the now vacant house who were evicted. but kept the key. it is 7:17. a change to the taxi test. >> how do you tell somebody something if they can't speak english? >> cabbies are no longer required to know english and how it could affect your next ride. a celebration for want of america's panda bears. this
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pretty cloudy out there from our shot of the empire state building. it is 7:20 a.m. 76 degrees. elise finch says it will be kind of okay -- and get a little nasty letter. >> the forecast coming up. this will give you a smile. bei bei, the giant panda cub is celebrating its first birthday
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he enjoyed a special frozen fruit cake yesterday prepared by the staff of the national zoo. the first lady of china and first lady michelle obama send best wishes to the cub which was born august 22 of last year. the 21st ladies helped name that panda bear which means precious and chinese. bei bei is the third giant panda born at the zoo. when it is too hot to cook, a wallet friendly alternative is the perfect male. >> we >> for over 30 years, kitchen cabaret has been they go to spot for anyone who wants something simple or needs to feed enough for the whole neighborhood. >> everything is @ la cart. it is by the pound. the quality you get, the food you get. >> they have delicacies that
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vegetables ranging in price is from $8 up to $11 a pound. >> thank you very much. i will be here for a while. >> kitchen cabaret is located in east nassau county. check on our website at, for more on the dining deals. >> and definitely feet more than a few. >> thank you. in sports, the yankees spoil a milestone celebration for the angels. >> albert pujols hit his 583rd home run. tied with mark mcgwire. still a little too late. the yankees left no room for a comeback with outstanding catches including a leaping catch by brett gardner. the yankees win 5-1. now here is steve overmyer with your cbs2 sports update. >> the new york mets have been fading from playoff contention ever since the trading deadline. that is when they dealt for jay
7:24 am
but bruce is only getting 176. he had the day off yesterday to clear his head. the mets trying to get back to 500. if they win the final two in san francisco, the return of cespedes has given the mets what they have been lacking at the plate. an rbi double in the first. in the third, a solo shot as the mets build a 3-0 lead over san francisco. they say hitting is contagious. new york rallied for four more runs in the sixth. and this gets them started again. 7-2, new york mets. but new york's heartbeat is cespedes. he still leads this team in average home runs and rbis. even though he missed the last two and half weeks. that is the second of the game. twenty-fourth this season as the mets take on the giants 9- 5. -- take down the giants 9- 5. a team of ocean researchers hoping to learn
7:25 am
montauk and hudson were tagged at the coast of long island. this will help scientists track movements up and down the coast for the next several years. it will also help them understand the new york seascape. it is 7:25 a.m. up next, the top stories. magdalena doris is following breaking news uptown. the mac crime scene tape a along lenox avenue spans five blocks -- as police investigate three separate shootings in harlem overnight. beyond the call of duty for a child sick with cancer. this is cbs2 news sunday
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breaking news. a 61-year-old killed in harlem overnight. we're live as police investigate three different
7:28 am
long island. a seat -- a teenager seriously injured walking home. pretty decent cloudy start to the day. a stormy ending coming our way. good morning. coming up on 7:30 a.m. sunday, august 21. i'm andrea grymes. >> i'm cindy hsu. the top stories are straight ahead. first elise finch has the latest on the forecast. >> it was looking like a better morning an hour ago. interesting morning. we did have sunshine. a beautiful sunrise. now we are seeing more and more clouds. soon the clouds will be followed by rain. rainout temperature wise, 68 degrees in monticello. and 72 in montauk. seventy-seven for central park. the dew point, pretty high. upper 60s and low 70s. it is definitely muggy out there.
7:29 am
high. but with the dew point, it will feel close to 90 degrees in the warmest locations. looking at the vortex satellite and radar, some shower activity across the tri-state area now. looking at pennsylvania, you can see what is coming our way. 84 degrees is the forecast high today. we will hit that close to 3:00 this afternoon. shortly thereafter, we will see showers and thunderstorms firing up. remember that the humidity. tomorrow, very different story. i will have the details coming up in the full forecast. to breaking news out of harlem. police are on the hunt for the gunman who shot and killed a woman overnight. >> it is one of several shootings across harlem. in a span of just a few hours. magdalena doris joins us live from the scene. she has the latest. >> reporter: this is where
7:30 am
she was 61 years old, caught in the crossfire. friends tell me that she was a neighborhood mother too many kids. this gentleman walking across the street said that she blocked the bullets from hitting him. just an innocent bystander. in this violence happening in harlem overnight. >> police are investigating three separate shootings, all on lenox avenue. overnight, officers monitored the scene at 139th street. police using cups and bottles ma billy was hurt at the scene. two blocks away on 142, two men were shot. police say a 24-year- old was taken to harlem hospital in stable condition. a second victim arrived at the hospital on his own a short time later. two hours earlier at 1:44 on lenox avenue, a 61-year-old woman was shot in the neck and killed. sources say the victim, odessa
7:31 am
gun down on the corner at 11:45 p.m. saturday night. >> police are looking for at least three armed suspects in connection with all three of these shootings. as family members are called -- combing the streets and asking people if they saw anything or anyone, to get more information about what happened last night. live in harlem this morning, magdalena doris, cbs2 news. we're following developing news on long island where a man found a body near we have more on the gruesome discovery in greenlawn. >> taking his routine walk- through greenlawn pot -- greenlawn park saturday morning, this man and his dog made a gruesome discovery. >> his feet were pointing toward the pictures now. >> suffolk county police are investigating this as a homicide.
7:32 am
>> i thought the guy just had a rough night. and was nursing a hangover. his legs were crossed. it did not look like he was in pain or anything. >> anything. >> another dog walker saw the body about a half-hour later and called police around 7:00 a.m. they shut down the popular park saturday as investigators searched for clues. >> a passing motorist called 911. police responded. they called the homicide squad. >> a little league field, greenlawn park is practically known for safety. >> kids everywhere, families playing. my son plays little league year. >> i'm shocked. >> i never heard of a murder like that in greenlawn. >> it remained deserted into saturday evening, even after police were gone. parents say this murder mystery is giving them goosebumps. >> it is scary. >> my kids play in the park. now they have to play in a ball field where they found a dead
7:33 am
else with information to come forward. on long island, police and suffolk county are searching for a man who slashed two teenage boys. this happened friday night. police say 15-year-old edwin andrade and his friend he was also 15 were taking a shortcut on a dirt pathway through the woods to get home. before making it out, the boys say someone attacked them with a nice. both of them were slashed all over their bodies. >> it makes my heart hurt. no kid deserves to be hurt like that. >> both teenagers suffered serious injuries and are being treated at stony brook university hospital. one person hurt while riding a roller coaster at six flags in new jersey. a spokesperson says one guest was hit in the face by an unknown object friday. the guest was on the wooden
7:34 am
park. the coaster was shut down for inspection and reopened yesterday morning. the person was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. new rules for cabdrivers are in effect in new york city. they are no longer required to understand english to get a license. cbs2's brian conybeare has reaction from cab drivers and passengers about the new taxi test. >> new york city has long been known as a melting pot. and the cabbies are no different. >> pakistan. >> india. >> bangladesh. >> liberia. >> according to the taxi and limousine commission, drivers across the city come from 167 different countries. and only 4% were born in the united states. >> taxi drivers will no longer have to take a written english language exam to get a license. something some passengers say is crazy. >> how do you tell somebody
7:35 am
directions. >> even all the yellow cab drivers we spoke with outside the port authority bus terminal agree. >> you have to speak the language so they can understand, in order to serve them properly. >> a spokesperson for the mayor says the changes about a helping newly arrived immigrants get jobs. and he told cbs2 that education program that exposes all drivers to industry specific english without diminishing the safe and reliable customer service that new yorkers expect. ". >> but can petition -- competition from services like uber is also an issue. >> right now yellow cab is struggling right now. there are no drivers. they are desperate right now. >> thankfully, most cabbies have gps to get you where you
7:36 am
>> all cabbies will be required to take a defensive driving course, a medical exam and pass a drug test before they can get a license. new jersey fire truck goes to the city for a good cause. the 1977 truck have served a borough there for 38 years. now the track is being donated to the fdny family assistance unit. but the transaction was a little complicated because the truck had monetary value. it could not just be given away. it ended up being put up for auction. $7500. so the truck will now be used by the ftn -- fdny. miami takes action to stop the zika virus. life after the floods. residents in louisiana work to get their lives back to normal following the worst u.s. disaster since superstorm sandy. a one-of-a-kind salute that will warm your hearts. how this massive police response in new jersey made a sick little boy's dreams come
7:37 am
a bulldog survives after being trapped 10 feet underground for days. video of this amazing rescue. first, here is elise finch with a check of the forecast. >> we see increasing clouds this morning as a cold front gets closer and closer. eventually we will see showers and thunderstorms. the rain could be heavy at times. i will have the details coming up in the full forecast. fios is not cable. we're wired differently, which means we can fix things fferently. thanks for calling fios. this is ryan. you can't tell me this cord isn't in. i know it's in. it's in, but it's not working. i'm sending you a link to the my fios app that going to let me see what you're seeing. really? yes, mr. mcenroe... see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right. so you can clearly see what's in and what's out? oh absolutely.
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looking at a live picture of the boat house in central park. if you have not done that ride -- >> isn't that great? >> if you have not tried >> welcome back to cbs2 news sunday morning. the fight to stop the spread of the zika virus is underway and what of florida's most popular beach destinations. crews sprayed for mosquitoes yesterday at miami beach. five new cases of the zika virus have been connected to mosquitoes in the area. and crews were also on the streets dropping pesticides in storm drains and checking for stranding -- checking for standing water, a breeding ground for mosquitoes.
7:41 am
eradicate this. if we work together and get our governor to work with us, we can get this done. >> zika virus has been transmitted in the wynwood arts district. florida has 36 reported zika virus infections not related to travel outside the u.s. the government has reached a settlement with a former navy seal in the raid that killed osama bin laden. matthew bissonnette had written a book called "no easy day" the government sued submit a draft of the book to the pentagon for a review of classified information. michael bissonnette has agreed to turn over all proceeds of the book to the government. right now the figure stands at nearly $7 million. president obama is expected to visit storm ravaged louisiana tuesday with a long road writ -- of recovery continuing. residents salvaged what they could from flooded out homes.
7:42 am
and 13 people were killed. search parties are searching for survivors. residence helping to rebuild, are looking for help. more than 100,000 people have registered for federal assistance. we have 6-12 inches of water, depending on where you measure. all of our children's toys were on the floor. our furniture. all of our appliances. it was enough to ruin everything. >> a call center at the american red cross new york office was opened n help field the large volume of emergency calls coming in. if you would like to help, you can find more information on our website, a new jersey boy who has cancer is getting a lot of backup from police. officers from several departments are showing the 5- year-old love and support. we report from -- on this story. >> there was an impressive
7:43 am
>> they just came out of everywhere. >> we are so blessed that we got them to come together for my son. when there is no guarantee that he will see if. >> dozens of officers from six police departments answering the call for a little boy who wanted to see his favorite heroes. after a two year battle with stage four nerf cancer. care. venturing outside to be surrounded by the finest was a dream come true. >> i know he feels the love. >> his obsession with police began when he was having cancer treatment in manhattan last fall. a chance meeting with a woman that had nypd connections, led to a meeting with future commissioner james o'neill. he visited -- he has been
7:44 am
and has patches to prove it. and now his very own bad. >> anytime we seek police lights or hear sirens -- they say, they are checking on me. >> now that he is homebound, he cannot visit his cop friends. one woman wanted to change that. so we organized the cop care event thursday morning. >> it feels great. it really feels good to do something like this and know that you are really helping them out. to cope with what is goingn. they are going through a lot. >> and rj is already reliving his amazing morning watching videos of the police parade from his bed. his mother says her son's life is full and their hearts are overflowing with gratitude. >> for other people, it might just be like a wish come true. for us, it is what we live for. this moment. we don't know how many of these moments we have. this is everything. >> another beautiful memory with rj that will never fade away.
7:45 am
cbs2 news. >> prayer vigils are being held every night. let's head over to meteorologist elise finch for a look at the forecast. >> we started a couple hours ago. we were saying, it is a pretty morning. a few clouds. a beautiful sunrise. it gets more cloudy. let's check in with our weather ch conditions they are reporting. a lot of 70-degree temperatures. temperatures tightly clustered. 77 degrees 40 lena. she says the sun is peeking through. but you can feel help sticky and muggy it is. no escaping the humidity. not until tomorrow. in new milford, 75 degrees. a
7:46 am
and a great day and humid. the pages of the sunday paper are sticking together. it is that kind of humid out there again today. we do get some relief tomorrow. first let's take a live look outside. looking and certain cameras, cloudy. some looking better than others. in some places, hazy sunshine. other places, 77 degrees. here is what you can expect. clouds this morning. also showers. we're expecting thunderstorms this afternoon. they will arrive from west, to east. the most active time right now looks to be between 4:00 p.m. and midnight. that looks to be really the active time across the tri- state area. behind those thunderstorms and the front that generates those, huge relief from the humidity tomorrow.
7:47 am
it is high. at eight. despite of the clouds. pollen, medium to high. the air quality is moderate today. take a look. if you're heading to the beaches down the jersey shore, south shore of long island, a moderate risk of rip currents. again, with the humidity, it is warm enough to go swimming. just be mindful that we do have that moderate risk of rip currents. and showers already this morning. you can see more of those moving north, to the lower hudson see primarily light showers this morning. the heavier rain -- mostly associated with this cold front. so tapping into a warm humid air mass. more of the same of what we have had. again, showers and thunderstorms could produce heavy rain with this system. as it pushes across the area. and then tomorrow, we tap into a much more dry air mass. it is cool and dry. it should feel pretty refreshing as we start out the
7:48 am
warm humid conditions. showers and thunderstorms as the front pushes through the area. tomorrow, humidity released. lower temperatures. lower humidity. dry air mass. should feel nice. tuesday, more of the same. so a summer treat. mostly people are looking for slightly cooler less humid days i think. high temperatures today, ranging from upper 70s in monticello to the upper 80s in places like princeton d river. of course it will feel warmer with the humidity. 84 degrees is the forecast high in central park. with the humidity, it will feel like 89 degrees. so it will feel like the low 90s in the warmest spots. then the showers and thunderstorms move in. and provide us with some relief. overnight, clearing. 60 degrees in the city. tomorrow's high, 82 degrees. that is where we should be for temperatures. with lower humidity, it should feel nice. bright sunshine to accompany that. monday is a beautiful day.
7:49 am
-- but if you are going to, if you want to take a day, monday, tuesday and wednesday are looking good. eighty up to 85 degrees. a lot of sunshine. low humidity. a little breezy. really nice. definitely a departure from what we have had. temperatures and humidity start to creep up again as the head toward the end of the work week. but today, strong thunderstorms moving through. some areas will see heavy rain before it is all said and done. >> elise to call in sick. >> i'm just trying to help guide you. for which they will you get -- for which date you will get the most bang for your buck. as the summer season draws to a close, so is john montone on the move. >> he is on the move that lucky leo's to find out about your favorite arcade games.
7:50 am
>> see that little doggie in the back? that was there when i was in college. take some of my quarters. by the way, i would like the accounting department to know that i will be expensing this. we're going to play ski ball. >> what are we playing for? >> who does the dishes for the next month. >> dishes. >> we don't have a dishwasher. >> someone, this the main not be money well spent. >> no. but it is money fun spent. >> 18,000. >> 15,000. >> i won. >> it is like golf. the lower number is better. >> explain to us how you finally won that.
7:51 am
at all. you will drop it. >> i won some take it. what can i get? >> i wanted a big monkey. for cbs2 news, john montone, 1010 wins. >> i won! >> i beat you at ski ball. >> i beat ust ball. >> nice to see jon. >> married to john montone? >> i have to say -- i am so impressed with the boy that won. nobody ever wins. thanks, john, for all of those. it is 7:51 a.m. a historic home with a modern makeover. >> inside this hidden treasure, with five stories, a luxury. this is cbs2 news sunday
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
in the living large, we're going to 27 monroe place. >> a street and the heart of brooklyn heights aligned with mansions. >> emily smith has the tour. >> this five-story brooklyn heights home has a traditional exterior, anything but usual. >> we got the tour. >> the kitchen, as you can see, there are many marble countertops. >> this room leads to an outdoor patio and garden. >> if you look up, this is sort of a nautilus shaped spiral staircase. a mahogany hand real. and the stair treads are the same 5-inch white oak. >> a 25-foot wide dining room . >> this is a -- a really in formal sitting room. this would be great for a
7:55 am
formal living room that we will go to in a minute. >> this is the formal living room. >> so three living rooms. >> anywhere you want to hang out, you will find a place to hang out. >> plenty of room for guests with paneled walls, true to the original time period. >> not only is this the master bedroom, this is the eastern side of the house. this floor >> it includes a huge bedroom, in master bedroom office, and a master bathroom. >> these are extra large, extra thick marble slabs that have been butterflied, cut down the middle and mounted on the wall. the marbling is perfectly done. >> the fourth floor of the home has a tv room. >> what is up with this chair? >> this is a very high
7:56 am
>> you look good in it. >> the cool thing about this particular room is that there is a doorway to a big terrace. >> we went down to the lower level, taking the spiral staircase. it is set up as a play room lounge. to live large in brooklyn heights, it will cost you $18 million. >> his could have fun with that staircase. brooklyn heights is the oldest landmark district in new york city, even before greenwich village. it is home to a it was a delicate operation in california as firefighters raced to rescue a bulldog that was stuck down a 10-foot well for days. >> firefighters in southern california pulled the 14-year- old english bulldog out of a hole. the owners did not even know what the whole follows -- the hole was there. when firefighters arrived yesterday, they made the hole
7:57 am
firefighter down to get angus. the owner is surprise that angus made it out of the house. >> he had not been in the backyard for a year. >> obviously he is not on his last leg like we thought he was. >> they said angus had seven seizures last week. they thought he went off to die. but the owners say they are glad to get a second chance together. >> glad for those firefighters. it is 7:57 a.m. making their way to a better life. >> have the recipe for a way out of homelessness. first, we will check on the top stories and the forecast with elise finch. that is all ahead when cbs2 news sunday morning continues at 8:00. hundreds of styles and colors. every item through the store. buy one get one at half price. our biggest sale of the year is a blast! blinds to go.
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here's to the explorers.
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one opinion on their diagnosis or recommended treatment plan they explored their options. and discovered a new level of empowerment. at cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia, that's what we do-empower our patients with a comprehensive second opinion. and because time is of the essence, we do it a single one day. explore your options with a one-day second opinion. learn more at celebrate something really special this summer at blinds to go's annual storewide sale going on now. hundreds of styles and colors. every item through the store. buy one get one at half price. that's something to celebrate! blinds to go. blinds for life. breaking news. three different shootings just five blocks apart.
8:00 am
woman dead. a family tragedy unfolds in queens. a woman heads to court this morning to face charges for the murder of her 9-year-old stepdaughter. and ryan lochte speaks out. why the olympic swimmer is blaming himself for the robbery scandal and brazil. cbs2 news sunday morning continues right now. good morning. 8:00. sunday, august i'm cindy hsu. >> i'm andrea grymes. the top stories are straight ahead. first meteorologist elise finch is here with the forecast looking a little more ominous. >> it looks a little more gray and cloudy. it was beautiful a couple hours ago. just enough cloud cover to make for a beautiful sunrise. now things looking a little more cloudy as more clouds move in. a cold front getting closer. the same front will produce showers and thunderstorms


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