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tv   CBS 2 News Sunday  CBS  August 21, 2016 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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woman dead. a family tragedy unfolds in queens. a woman heads to court this morning to face charges for the murder of her 9-year-old stepdaughter. and ryan lochte speaks out. why the olympic swimmer is blaming himself for the robbery scandal and brazil. cbs2 news sunday morning continues right now. good morning. 8:00. sunday, august i'm cindy hsu. >> i'm andrea grymes. the top stories are straight ahead. first meteorologist elise finch is here with the forecast looking a little more ominous. >> it looks a little more gray and cloudy. it was beautiful a couple hours ago. just enough cloud cover to make for a beautiful sunrise. now things looking a little more cloudy as more clouds move in. a cold front getting closer. the same front will produce showers and thunderstorms
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right now, temperatures, for the most part, 70s across the board. seventy in monticello. also started. and 75 in montauk. central park, 77. and 73 in lakehurst. looking at the vortex satellite and radar, we continue to see showers popping up. pretty scattered. in a few places, we have seen moderate downpours. of course, the more significant rain is to the west. it is in association association with a cold front this afternoon. the hour by hour forecast looks like this. high temperature today, 84 degrees. we had that around 3:00. with the humidity, the 84 will feel like 89 degrees. showers and thunderstorms. the hotspot in terms of the timeframe looks to be between about 4:00 p.m. and midnight. they could started little earlier. more coming up in the full forecast. now to breaking news.
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person dead. >> police are investigating multiple shootings in a span of a few hours. magdalena doris joins us from harlem with the latest. >> 61-year-old odessa sims is dead, fatally shot inside of this park last night. witnesses tell me she was watching her friends play a pinochle game when two men started shooting. it was the first of three shootings on this very block your last night. >> police are investigating three separate shootings, all on lenox avenue. overnight, officers monitored the scene at 139th street. police using cups and bottles to mark bullet casings surrounding a parked car. no one was hurt at the scene. two blocks away on 142, two men were shot at 1:45 a.m. this morning. police say a 24-year-old was taken to harlem hospital in stable condition. a second victim arrived at the
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lenox avenue, a 61-year-old woman was shot in the neck and killed. sources say the victim, odessa sims, was an innocent bystander , gunned down on the corner at 11:45 p.m. saturday night. family members and friends say odessa sims was a mother figure to this entire community. and that when people realize she was the victim, the community will be in morning. they are out here searching the streets search for her killer and two
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a friend of the family describes her as a hard-working woman who was very devoted to family. >> she was a phenomenal grandmother.
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grandkids. >> one of the two bus drivers involved died at the scene. or then a dozen passengers are recovering. investigators are trying to determine what caused the accident. police are urging food delivery workers to be on alert in brooklyn after a series of violent robberies. investigators released these images of the suspects. they set up to four men have been targeting the workers since last month and have struck seven times. the nypd says having cash, cell phones and food delivery orders stolen after violent confrontations. one of the workers says they were sprayed in the face with an unknown chemical before being robbed. no arrests made. in a new interview, olympic swimmer ryan lochte is addressing the scandal that erupted in rio after a gas station confrontation that ultimately landed team usa and hot water.
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lochte is taking full responsibility for his actions. >> it was my immature behavior behavior. >> 12 time medalist ryan lochte spoke to nbc's matt lauer in his first interview since he and james feigen along with jack conger and gunnar bentz allegedly vandalized a gas station and got into an altercation with security guards. the four initially told police they were robbed at gunpoint after leaving a party in rio. eventually, three swimmers confessed to police the story was a lie. ryan lochte says it is all his fault. >> i over exaggerated the story. if i had not done that, we would not be in this mess. >> we're also hearing from a witness. fernando deluz says he stopped for gas and heard the argument. he said one of the security guards was resting his hand on the holster done. realizing things could get out of control, fernando deluz stepped in to translate. he said the trouble started after the four swimmers tried to leave without paying for damage. and the security guards would not let them.
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call the police. i found out why they did not want us to call police. because they were athletes. >> the swimmers eventually paid -- pay $50 for the damage and left. ryan lochte stand by his claims that they -- still standing by his claims. >> there was no aggression. they did not catch them. there was nothing. >> pointing a gun at them? never. nothing like that. >> the international olympic ol commission to investigate the incident. the commission will determine if the swimmers should be punished. a disturbing discovery on long island. >> a body is found at a popular park in green lawn. hear from the man that made the gruesome find. and why police are ruling out a homicide. dozens killed when a bomb explodes during a wedding in turkey.
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officials there believe is responsible. a baby reunited with her mother after being trapped under a boat for nearly one hour. the miracle that save the child's life. first here is elise finch. >> as the cool front gets closer, we will see showers and thunderstorms by the end of the day. let's get a check of the community calendar by cbs2 and
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it is 77 degrees. a cloudy sunday morning. taking a live look over central park at the reservoir there. hope you get your outdoor activities done quickly. storms on the way. elise finch will have the turkey's president is blaming ices for a suicide bombing at an outdoor wedding that left 50 people dead and injured dozens of others. government officials call this a barbaric terror attack. no group has claimed responsibility. the country has been rocked by a wave of attacks over the past weeks. the bombing also comes as the country is still reeling from last month's failed military coup. presidential hopeful donald trump and hillary
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yesterday. donald trump spent his morning in new york at a roundtable immigration discussion with hispanic leaders. the leaders from 12 states will serve as advisors to the campaign, forming the new national hispanic advisory council for donald trump. the republican presidential nominee called it a game changing events. a recent poll shows clinton leads trump among hispanics by 48 points. meanwhile democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton was in nantucket, massachusetts for a series of private fundraisers. today she is expected to campaign wi tomorrow, she will hold an event with magic johnson. a look at what is coming up on face the nation. >> john dickerson joins us live from washington with a preview. >> good morning. we're going to talk today about the challenges in the trump campaign. he has the third person leading in now. does that mean it is back on track? and even if it is, is that enough, with election starting as early as late september in some states. we will talk to the alabama
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chairman of the republican national committee, that how things are going with donald trump. we will also have a focus group of pennsylvania voters who were supporting donald trump that are now moving away support. why they less. and what could bring them back. the focus group will also have new battleground tracker poll numbers. those are from the important states that will determine the election. seeing how hillary clinton and donald trump are doing in those states. we will also talk to the campaign manaof campaign. we will talk to him about strategy. and also the latest developments with e-mails -- and the relationship of the clinton foundation and the clinton state department. new rules from the foundation announced by former president clinton that they will stop taking foreign donations if hillary clinton is elected president. why not do it sooner? we will talk about that and new disclosures from the e-mail server and where hillary clinton may have gotten the idea. we will also talk to authors
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washington post reporters about donald trump. an in-depth look into his life. as always, we will round it all off with a political panel trying to put this week's news into perspective, what is important and what can we ignore. >> that is what we wanted to ask you regarding donald trump. like you said, he had a couple big shakeups in his campaign this week. he expressed regret for some of the comments he made. he made that trip to louisiana. curious -- do you k campaign? >> it is definitely a turn but we don't know if it is a turning point unless he can keep up this new approach that he has got -- which is softer -- trying to improve -- the big question for donald trump -- is whether people think he can inhabit the office of the presidency or whether he is too risky and impulsive. so what he is trying to do in the last few days is the fact that impression. the only way he will have a
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able to take this new route and sustain it all the way through. even if he is able to -- the question is, whether the damage she has done to his brand, will stick. and if it can be overcome. that is what we will be watching for the next several days. hillary clinton has a lot of weaknesses in her candidacy. but right now voters are looking at donald trump. >> and you said you would focus on some of the controversy on the side of misses clinton, especially with the foundation controversy. how do you think that is flew clinton's big weakness is that people don't trust her. they think she creates rules for herself. and when no one is looking, though special rules -- when they there finally disposed, they leave people uneasy. and the question is not -- -- there have been no actual wrongdoing that has been demonstrated by the relationship of the clinton foundation on the secretary of
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one she will carry into the presidency. were people who give lots of money to the foundation, have greater access to the state department while she was there. is that the standard people should expect with a clinton presidency? and if that is the standard, are people comfortable with that ? that is the question about one of her great weaknesses. is that people are not quite sure that everything going on is of face the nation later this morning at 10:30 a.m. right here on cbs2. a dramatic rescue in florida after a toddler went missing during a boating accident. >> a family of four were is out on their coat on the indian river -- they were out on the boat on the indian river when the vessel overturned. the adults and the infants were located right away. police and a good samaritan
8:17 am
it turns out she was underneath the overturned boat, staying afloat thanks to her life jacket and a small air pocket. >> we know she is under there. we are not sure where. it was a very time-consuming process. i went under. came back. sweeping my hand across -- trying to find inside the book, to locate the child. >> paramedics say the child was in good condition but the whole family was checked out the hospital anyway. no word yet on what caused the crash. heavy rain leads to a bathing ban in nassau county. swimmers were urged to stay out of the water yesterday at 13 beaches. to see if you're beach was affected, this our website, here is what it looked like in suffolk county yesterday afternoon as drivers tried to navigate through fraud it -- through flooded streets. some downpours and manhattan.
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going there. >> it looks cloudy out there. >> let's get over to elise finch who is tracking the latest on the forecast. >> we do have more rain. and more isolated rain is what we saw yesterday. we saw the rain and central park. almost an inch. some areas got no rain yesterday. today we should see more widespread rain. the front is moving through. let's take a look outside and see what we have going on. clouds as we have going on. we have some hazy filtered sunshine. for a lot of locations, it is becoming more cloudy each second. we have a few showers in central park. we have had a few showers at a number of locations all morning long. 77 degrees currently. looking at the headlines, we have these isolated showers right now. we're expecting afternoon and evening thunderstorms behind those storms. a real treat after this. lower temperatures.
8:19 am
88 degrees was the high friday. and 83 yesterday. expecting temperature of 84 today. both of these temperatures, 83 and 84, so much warmer because of humidity. the humidity really decreases monday and tuesday. the temperatures will be at normal monday. at or below normal tuesday. with the dry it should feel very nice. we are calling it refreshing. that is how good i think it will feel. we do have a marginal risk of seeing severe storms with the passage of the cold front later today. right now, these are the isolated showers that we see. we continue to see a lot of this moving on shore. the larger rain off to the west. although getting into pennsylvania. as all of this gets closer, seeing more and more cloud cover out in advance. still tapping into a warm and
8:20 am
today. if you step outside, it is definitely muggy. that is for sure. we're expecting showers and thunderstorms behind it. a dry air mass moves in for the first half of the work week. the futurecast looks like this. starting out with showers. at this point, the bull's-eye still looks to be between 4:00 p.m. and midnight. although, the storms should pick up speed and we could see heavier rain moving in earlier. i would say noon today, really be mindful of this line of showers and storms moving in. some of this will bring us very heavy rain. as you can see, because the front is spanning the length of the tri-state area, we're expecting most locations to see rain. very few people will escape this with nothing. showers and thunderstorms continue into the overnight hours. finally by 5:00 tomorrow morning, clears the area,
8:21 am
today, 84. warm and muggy before the showers and thunderstorms. the 84 will feel like 89. tonight, 68 with overnight clearing. tomorrow, refreshing. 82 degrees, bright sunshine, decreased humidity. should feel really nice. here is a look at the seven-day forecast. it should be nice for monday, tuesday and wednesday. 80-85. a lot of sunshine. lower humidity. temperatures and humidity creep up again by the end of the week middle. >> i think it will be nice. >> a good hair days. thank you. a bakery with a hearts. run by a new york nonprofit. >> it is the people that work there that really make it special. we go to brooklyn. >> inside a nondescript building in a little bakery, they are cooking up something even sweeter and more ambitious
8:22 am
>> truly a blessing. >> a sense of purpose, opportunity and employment for those society has forgotten. all the employees are homeless or formerly homeless. maybe former criminals and where would you have been without this this? >> probably dead, in jail. >> it is their chance for a more productive and fulfilling life. the trade. everyone here is from a shelter that houses and feeds the homeless in new york city and runs the bakery. >> i try to help change lives. >> he is a former drug dealer and gang member that turned his life around to his love of cooking what she discovered here. >> he is now the head baker, teaching what he has learned to a culinary arts training program.
8:23 am
>> because me and these men were cut from the same clock. we all come from the same place . >> currently, there are 30 people training under peter. in the seven years that the bakery existed, more than 350 people have graduated the program, moving onto new lives, fresh starts and fresh the innings. it means the world to me. >> the delicious treats whipped environment, are packaged and sold at farmers markets in brooklyn and harlem, a recipe for success, second chances served with love. cbs2 news. >> the fund says the idea for the bakery in 2009 was a natural. the nonprofit already operates a kitchen to feed those who live in the facility. a wonderful second chance. >> they look good.
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welcome back. bei bei, the giant panda cub is celebrating its one year birthday. he enjoyed a frozen fruit cake yesterday in -- prepared by the staff at the zoo. the excitement was a little too much for the panda cub. so he dozed off before he could enjoy the special treat. the first lady of china and first lady michelle obama sends special best wishes to the bear cub. the 21st ladies helped named the panda bear, which means precious and chinese. we have some furry friends up for adoption this morning. let me start with this little girl. turnaround. >> there you go. this little girl, 3-year-old angelina, is a beagle. she is very friendly. she is very outgoing. she is looking for a home in the country so she can be out running around. maybe with a guy named brad,
8:28 am
worm. but now she is all healthy and looking for a forever home. we have junior over here he was a 5-year-old chihuahua. junior is very calm. unlike somebody i know. he is how broken. he has been sitting so nicely. also, you might need to lose a little weight so you could work on that. he would be a great apartment dog. maybe a family without a lot of little kids running around. maybe more calm home. and not other big dogs. >> so we have a city dog and a country that. if you can make either of these part of your family, head to the furry friend finder section on the best of new york section
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right now, breaking news fly in harlem overnight killing a 61-year-old woman. we're live as police investigate three different shootings over the span of five blocks. many people history. i wanted to preserve it. >> hidden history. what a long island man discovered about his home after he bought it. why he spent years trying to preserve that while battling cancer. good morning. sunday, august 21. i'm andrea grymes. >> i'm cindy hsu. top stories straight ahead. first to elise finch with this wacky forecast. >> a little interesting. when we first started a couple hours ago, it looked really beautiful.
8:32 am
each half-hour, it gets a little cloudy year. and temperatures, not bad. but certainly muggy. right now, temperatures in the 70s. uniformly across the board. it is 72 in monticello. and 76 in central park. seventy-seven in belmar. the dew point, in the 70s. when we have a dew point in the 70s, we consider that to be a process. even when temperatures are low. so very sticky out there now. no
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>> even all the yellow cab drivers we spoke with outside the bus terminal agree. >> we need to be able to talk to the customer. for good service. >> you have to speak the language in order to serve them properly. >> a spokesman for the mayor says the changes about helping newly arrived immigrants get
8:38 am
and he told cbs2 the city and the tlc are "developing an education program that exposes all drivers to industry- specific english without diminishing the safe and reliable customer service that new yorkers expect". >> but cap -- competition from uber is also an issue. >> right now yellow cab is struggling. they are so desperate right now. there are no drivers. >> thankfully, most cabbies have gps to are going. reporting from times square, cbs2 news. >> all cabbies will student -- will soon be required to pass a drug test and medical exam before they can get a license. a new jersey fire truck goes to the city for a good cause. the 1977 truck served the borough there for 38 years. now the truck is being donated to the fdny family assistance
8:39 am
because the truck had monetary value and could not just be given away. it ended up being put up for auction. new jersey firefighters but the engine for $7500. the truck will now be used by the fdny. >> it got to where it needed to go. it is 8:39 a.m. miami takes action to stop the zika virus. residents in louisiana work to get their lives back to normal following the worst u.s. disaster since superstorm sandy. first, a check of our forecast with elise finch. a few other locations expecting heavier rain later today as showers and thunderstorms move in with connection of a cold
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the fight spread of the zika virus is underway in one of four to's most popular beach destinations. crews sprayed for mosquitoes yesterday at miami beach. five new cases of zika virus have been connected to mosquitoes in the area. crews were also in the streets dropping pesticides in storm drains and checking for standing water, a breeding ground for mosquitoes. >> we cannot downplay this.
8:43 am
eradicate this. >> this has been translated -- transmitted in the wynwood arts district. >> president obama is expected to visit storm ravaged louisiana tuesday residents outage what they could from flooded out homes. about 60,000 homes were damaged. thirteen people were killed. search parties are looking for survivors.
8:44 am
>> we had 6-12 inches of water depending on where you measured. all of our children's toys were of course on the floor. all of our appliances. enough to ruin everything. >> a call center at the american red cross office was open on friday to help shield the book -- the large volume of emergency calls coming in. if you would can find more information on our website, time to get a check of the forecast. elise finch is here watching the storms heading our way. >> we have some rain. we have been seeing rain off and on all morning long. we have a cold front heading our way. some thunderstorms could be quite strong. and dump quite a bit of rain. let's check in with our weather watchers and see what conditions they are reporting. this is walter at bradley beach. he says 82 degrees.
8:45 am
before rain comes in. >> rain not there yet. certainly it has reached a lot of other places. for the most part, 70s across the board. the 80 degrees -- is the outlier, 73 degrees from adam in middletown. waiting on beneficial rain. certainly looks like it is outside. >> we could use the rain. we're going to get the rain. some of lr to see what we are talking about. we have a lot of clouds out there right now as we take a look from this particular
8:46 am
so a few showers. very gray out there. we did have filtered sunshine. some folks may be seeing filtered sunshine. right now from this vantage point, nothing but clouds and rain. so clouds and a few showers this morning. thunderstorms this afternoon. and really, moving west to east, with a cold front. it is hard to time -- really looking like 4:00 p.m. until about midnight. but i want to say, if you are heading out anytime after be prepared for the showers and thunderstorms today. the humidity relief arrives on the backside of that system. taking a look at the humidity trend, today, we consider it a process with dew point in the 70s. very humid. it drops off dramatically monday and tuesday. the dew point, much lower, in a range that we consider to be comfortable. take a look. here is some of the rain moving through places like -- oyster bay. that is what we have going on at the moment. this is what we have approaching, in association with the cold front. we will see, first the warm and humid conditions. even if you're not seeing the rain. gusty storms with the passage
8:47 am
more cool and dry air mass. we enjoy the same kind of conditions tuesday. highs today, 84 degrees at central park. eighty-four will feel like 89 with the humidity. the warmer locations will be in the upper 80s, feeling like low 90s. if you are heading to the beach, be mindful. a moderate risk of lightning and a moderate risk of rip currents. mountains, little cooler. 74-78. still humid. still showers and thunderstorms. a rough day to get through today. then ever work monday, tuesday and low humidity. a bit of a breeze. tons of sunshine. looking fantastic. not saying you should play hooky. but if you want to and pick a day, those would be good days. >> good advice for the viewers. a surprise discovery for a homeowner on long island. after purchasing a house in belmar, he learned how it is truly one-of-a-kind. >> now his discovery is a landmark. >> we have the exclusive
8:48 am
knew it was a fixer-upper. but after seeing the century- old newspaper hidden behind a wall, he realized he stumbled across a historic treasure. >> it was really a time capsule. >> beneath 1970s paneling and shag carpet, this history buff exposed century-old plaster and douglas fir floors. he started digging and discovered that this house on martin avenue was one of the first billd no other homes within a 10-15- mile radius. >> constructed and 1909. >> one of the original builders and entrepreneurs. he had a vision. >> he built the first bungalows and hotel at what is now called jones beach. eisenhardt, a single dad
8:49 am
mission. he restore the solid oak banister and cast iron radiators. and then filled the home with only period furniture, from brass beds to irish lace curtains. even the plumbing fixtures. >> completely restored it back to 1910. everything in this house to the sofa, radiator, mirror and light fixtures above, everything is from the early 1900s. >> now that labor of love
8:50 am
town of hempstead historical landmark. >> you don't see a lot of houses like this anymore. >> it is not just a house, it is also a home. there are also modern necessities like flatscreen televisions and wi-fi. now everything else, down to the thomas edison lightbulbs. it took a decade to reconstruct -- . >> made -- from stuff a long time ago. >> eisenhardt, now in remission, was given one year to live. >> i did it to this guy, so he can remember what his dad did. it is a legacy. >> history can get torn down in suburbia. cbs2 news. >> now as a landmark, the house cannot be altered in any way without town approval. >> i like the outside with the porch in the flag. very pretty. after the break, a colorful spread with a lot of island flavor. you can make everything you see here at home. we will show you how after the break. this is cbs2 news sunday morning. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics. and right now you can get 100 meg internet with equal upload and dowloads speeds, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online.
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it is time to see what is coming up on cbs sunday mind. >> charles osgood joins us with a preview. >> good morning. >> would you move to canada if your candidate is not win the presidential election? that is the subject of our cover story. we will also go backstage with kievan -- stephen colbert's banned
8:53 am
sunday morning is coming right up. >> we look forward to that. let's talk food. a taste of the islands. we have authentic dishes you can whip up in your own kitchen. the owner of purl restaurant in brooklyn is here with some dishes. >> what is trinidad four in terms of food? >> through? >> we have a variety of food. our signature sandwich is the bake. >> what is that? >> breakfast, lunch, dinner, any time. sweet and savory. >> that sounds good. >> how do you make it? >> we have all-purpose flour, sugar and east. we will mix the butter with the flour. and the rest of the dry ingredients. we make this dough. then we
8:54 am
-- out to the bowl. >> starstart rolling. flour the surface. >> do you want to do that? >> i will show you how it is friday. it will be nice and thin. i will put >> the key is that you want to toss some oil -- on the top so it will puff up and make it cook evenly. it will cook super fast --
8:55 am
see how it is puffing out. >> we want to turn it. >> i'm always looking for the easy way. >> if you get the dough at the grocery store, can you puff it up like this? >> it is very special. you could make it in advance. >> can you put it in the refrigerator? >> yes. you want to make sure it is in an airtight container. of her. >> i am going to cut this. i will show you this.
8:56 am
>> so this was named after your grandmother? >> yes. my grandmother showed me how to cook at a very young age. >> what are you putting in here? >> that looks like coleslaw. >> that is a cabbage slaw. >> we have these lovely sauces right here. >> then we have garlic and pe >> that is spicy. you have to be very careful. >> which one do you recommend? >> all of them. >> all of them on one? >> yes. >> do you put them on in the middle? >> yes. just open it up. >> that does look good. >> this sauce is what makes it very special. >> that is good. >> this one is my favorite. >> and the restaurant is located in williamsburg?
8:57 am
brooklyn. we have some other stuff for you. >> what is in the crab shell? >> it is like a crab cake. you stuff that in the crowd. we also have this salad and roasted corn with toasted coconut. >> i have never had c in my life. this is delicious. >> it is very delicious >> let's talk a little bit about the weather. things are getting interesting. seeing showers in parts of the area. we have more significant rain to the west with -- in association with a cold front.
8:58 am
it will feel like 89. tomorrow, 82 and much better with decreased humidity. thank you for coming in. >> my mouth is burning. >> thank you for joining us. cbs2 news is back tonight at 10:00 and 11:00. >> i'm cindy hsu. >> i'm andrea grymes. have a great sunday. explore now at since 1961, pearle vision has been providing expert eye care. today, we make caring for your eyes even easier. right now, buy one pair of glasses, and get another pair free. this is genuine eye care in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision. fios is not cable.
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captioning made possible by johnson & johnson, where quality products for the american family have been a tradition for generations >> osgood: good morning, i'm charles osgood this is "sunday morning." 79 days now until election day. already some voters are saying that they would consider moving out of the country if they don't like the outcome. not too far, though, canada maybe? weighing on their minds, thoughs whether the grass is any greener north of the border.


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