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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  August 21, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> 36 years. had just left her at the park a few minutes. and he got a phone call that his wife was hit by a stray bullet. >> of all the people in the world, she is innocent one. i don't understand this. >> i saw it expire then. her last breath was in. >> reporter: longtime friend
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late-night card game here. when he heard shocked them. standing right behind him. >> and it happened because a fool with a weapon is chasing another guy and shoots her. >> we lost one of our beloved citizens, miss odessa simms. >> reporter: residents here besides themselves over gun violence they say remainsupabated. >> something is wrong. we have to in our own community, fear sitting on the bench playing cards and ches summer night. >> reporter: and there was other shootings along this section of lennox avenue last night at 339th street and 142nd street and one young man taken to the hospital? stable condition and there is one arrest so far. live in harlem, steve langford, cbs 2 news. >> and we thank you. and before the riots 25 years later, today people in crown heights came together to mark a dark chapter in that city's history.
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and -- a member who boycotted the event. >> reporter: observing the vibrant present of crown heights, brooklyn. >> crown heights is a wonderful place. >> reporter: and also looking back at the racial issues this neighborhood endured 25 years ago. >> today is a day of reflection. >> reporter: this anniversary gathering included carnal cato. >> i appreciate all of it. >> reporter: cato's seven-year- old son gavin was struck and killed motorcade sparking clashes during which the 29-year-old -- [ indiscernible ] was stabbed to death. a quarter century later, cato's dad and rosenbaum's brother norman are bonded by tragedy and share hopes for peace. at today's anniversary event, rosenbaum was a conspicuous no show. he was not here for speeches, candles, and a march on kingston avenue. that march brought them here to park place next to brewer park for an anniversary festival
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unity. it's the festival part of the program that has rosenbaum bristling. >> and just totally inappropriate. >> reporter: he stayed home to avoid the games and arguments. [ indiscernible ] all of the time for rides and amusements. >> reporter: mr. rosenbaum -- [ indiscernible ] >> yes. >> why? >> it's to show the love. >> reporter: some people shared rosenbaum's reservations about the tone of others say they don't after witnessing the children here. >> love, peace, friendship. >> reporter: the goals are being stamped on to a quilt. organizers say kids who don't necessarily know crown heightss painful past. they will unite a future. dave carlin, cbs 2 news, crown heights. >> along with the rosenbaum's death, nearly 200 people were injured during the crown heights riots. police cars were set on fire
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million in property damage. the race for the white house is taking a bit of a break this sunday. donald trump's campaign is pausing before comments on proposed policies, and hillary clinton pushed for more sent across massachusetts. now, we're learning that some polls are starting to even out. >> on november 8, you have to get up and vote, right? >> reporter: donald trump is back on track after a series of controversies, say many. maturity and never run for public office. >> thank you. >> reporter: polls tell the trail of a trump campaign that faltered. hillary clinton is leading trump nationally by at least five points. a cbs news battleground tracker poll shows clinton has extended her lead in ohio to 6 points, improving two points since july. in iowa, the candidates are even at 40% apiece. the only thing with recent polling that doesn't show clinton leading. trump's new campaign manager
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focused candidate. >> this is the best week i think so far with the trump campaign. he's able to be himself, the authentic donald trump and also, the pivot he's made is on substance. >> reporter: clinton's team disagreed with the claim. >> we're not seeing a pivot. donald trump himself said this is not a 55 on the. >> reporter: his first ad by of the campaign n. terms of raising money, clinton is far ahead, bringing in a total of $326 million since 2015, more than twice what brought in. clinton spent the weekend fund raising in massachusetts and will hold more financing events monday in california. trump's team said that they're still discussing whether to accept the debate scheduled for if this fall. clinton's team said it's ready to agree on the proposed dates. and new fallout in a security scare. people were running for the exit at jfk airport one week ago today. what is being done to make sure this kind of thing doesn't
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superstar. new information tonight on the -- hidden in prince's estate. >> and later, rescues, destruction, and now crop concerns. the major problems facing farmers after the deadly floods in louisiana. >> and -- [ indiscernible ] and they're still playing hard. economic out ja -- check out elsbury robbing the angels of a home run today. we'll show you a better catch
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. an update on the bombing at a wedding in turkey that killed at least bop people. turkey's president said the suicide bomber was a child between 12 and 14 years old. saturday's blast targeted an outdoor party near the syrian border. nearly 70 people were hurt. the turkish government blames
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turkey has suffered multiple attacks over the past year and, as you know, they're still reeling from a failed coup attempt last month. and senator chuck schumer is calling on the department of homeland security to investigate that security scare that caused chaos at jfk airport. last sunday, a terminal was evacuated because of reports of shots fired. the incident was not a shooting but rather a loud celebration by passengers watching the olympics. he said the dhs investigation is needed because airport security is >> well, we saw what happened when there would be a would-be terrorist incident. the agencies are not in coordination and panic ensues. we're lucky in this incident not only that there was no terrorist incident but that no one was hurt as people were running to safety, which can often happen. >> he said that reports that tsa agents abandoned their posts during the scare and that camera feeds were difficult to access are completely
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bridgeport, connecticut, that left 13 people wounded. shots were fired into a crowded backyard party on plymouth street around 1:30 this morning. most of the victims' injuries are not life-threatening, but one female victim is in critical after she was shot in the face. police believe at least thirty two two shooters fired through the edges -- hedges of the yard and investigators found shell casings scattered throughout the scene. coming up, rain to round out the weekend. how much longer the storms will la w workweek. plus, a teacher moved to tears by a stranger's kindness. how a good samaritan is paying
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. we're learning more about the drugs found inside prince's paisley park estate after his death. investigators said that they found two dozen counterfeit pills inside a falsely labeled bottle of aleve pain reliever. the police found fentanol and opioid 50 times more powerful than heroin. one pill tested positive for opioid. the autopsy results show the 57- year-old prince died of a fentanol overdose and there is no word how he got a hold of the drugs. flooding ravaging louisiana and arkansas is also putting a major damper on the nation's rice harvest. farmers just started harvesting before the rainy weather came in last weekend. many claim their fields have been inundated with flood waters and they won't be able to pick up the remainder of their crop. arkansas produces half of the nation's rice. louisiana makes up 15%. at least 13 people have been killed by flood waters with thousands of others displaced from their homes. and here's a story that
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school teacher and a stranger leads to a remarkable lesson at a wal-mart in austin, texas. lester brown was in the checkout line behind the 7th grade teacher sabrina drew. and when he shaw she was buying school supplies for students, brown stepped in and paid for the $97 bill. she was grateful, he started to cry and he's asking others to follow his example by paying it forward. >> challenge you, whatever it is you can afford to to school. help a family. love thy neighbor. that means do your part. >> he said his kindness has inspired her to do more to help others. and elise bench is here with the cbs 2 exclusive forecast and some folks got more rain. >> yeah, yes. >> and some folks yesterday got significant rain and a lot of locations yesterday didn't get any rain at all. today, a little more uniform in terms of most locations getting some rain and some of it is
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they're saying about the temperature and rainfall. we have a lot of temps here for the most part in the upper 70s and low 80s. that is what we're getting in brooklyn. this is beverly. she's in brooklyn and that it's 81 degrees where she is and she's giving us the rain icon. her common moderate rain and falling temperatures in bath beach, brooklyn and that is pretty much similar to what we're seeing across the board as we head into the lower hudson valley where we have seen some of the heavier rain. this is adam in middletown. it's 72 degrees, again, with the a good steady rain with falling temperatures and decreasing humidity. a win-win. and that humidity falls majorly behind the system and we'll get to that in a second. first, we're taking a live look outside. it's gray out there. tons of clouds, light rain, 75 degrees at this moment and this is what you can expect. the rain comes to an end from west-east the with the passenger and the cold front. we'll have clearing skies overnight tonight and then really, some prefreshing air in -- refreshing air in place
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we'll be in the 50s. talk about refreshing. so 86 degrees. that was our high temperature today. four degrees above normal. and 10 degrees shy of the record. not bad there and no complaints, i don't think. of course, the humidity might have been something for people to complain about today. it was in that oppressive range and drops dramatically for monday and tuesday and be in the range we consider comfortable based on what we experienced. we will call that refreshing. and this is the line of showers and thunderstorms. again, a lot of folks seein into the lower hudson valley and we're seeing some of that heavier rain. we have a lot of intense thunderstorms down into the del marva peninsula and this is the cold front. behind that front, drier air. and that is going to move in. the drier air mass will be in place tomorrow. tonight, early showers, we see some overnight clearing. 68 degrees is your overnight temp. as we head into the day tomorrow, it looks and feels pretty good. 82 degrees, lots of sunshine
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there tomorrow and enjoy it if you can. on tuesday, more of the same. eighty degrees, lots of sunshine and low humidity. and on wednesday, another winner, 85 and before things start to warm up and we re- introduce the humidity by the end of the week. we'll have a chance to see showers and thunderstorms, but, once we get through this today, we have a good three-day stretch. i think most people will like. >> and something to look forward to, right? >> yes. >> thank you. and coming up in sports, you think he's go for the sweep in anaheim. and in case missed the it last incredible catch by bret
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. welcome back. steve ober meyer joins us with sports. >> it's turned into an impressive season for the yankees. we thought the rest of the year was going to be young players auditioning for next season. what happened is that the yankees have put the middle of a play-off race because of the youth movement. and one of those youngsters is 25-year-old pitcher chad green. today, he only allowed one run through 6 innings while striking out 5 and watch this play by elsbury in the 5th inning. pujols watched 583 of these go out in his career and not this time. normally this would be the play of the series for a team that was not even the best catch of the season or i should say of the weekend here for the
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moment. the batch comes up short. and castro, a weak grounder to kill the rally here. the yankees were won for 7 with runners in scoring position and stranded eight runners, losing 2-0 and they're 4 1/2 back of the wild card race and sticking with the yankees, did you see gardner's catch? and it's probably the leading contender for baseball's catch of the year and it was before mid-night when he looks like he hit a monster shot into seats and watch gardener. he raced more than 100 feet and perfectly tied the catch and he is the longest tenured yankee on the team and he makes the most athletic play, with all of the young guys. that is a 5 foot wall and a guy with the yankees hat helps him. yankees fans are all over the place and to the mets. the skipper is confident that one player can get this team to the post season and last night he said, quote, if this guy
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we'll talking about stepisdis and 3 for 5 with three rbi and two rounds scored. two of those hits cleared the wall by plenty. and that first shot travelled 457 feet and had an exit velocity of 107 miles per hour and the next one goes 418 and that is 875 combined feet of yard work. and this guy keeps going. feel free to play golf as often as you like. and the 505 back of the wild card and the united states finished the rio olympics with moremed ans than anyone. usa had 50 more medals than the nearest competitor china. the final was won by the united states basketball team and anthony is the first men's basketball player to win three gold medals. >> victor cruz is expected to play in the if of the-game action in more than a year this week and fittingly, it's
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the latest comeback begins tomorrow. he's expected to go through a full practice with no limitations and he's meat progress and you will see him in the snoopy bowl and red bulls balling the weather and the dc united, a 75-minute lightning delay and red bulls up a goal in the 64th minute and blasting ho another makes it easier to slide. d.c. united answered with three goals in two minutes,-2 is the final in the cap -- 2-2 is the final. and the mets fan first is barrel too cologne. he plays like a prime athlete, even though he doesn't look like one. watch how one fan tries to get his attention. he was inspired by his hero, he had to show some skin. i don't know what it means, but it does did get b.a.r.t.'s
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got the hitter to a double play. >> ow. >> and those are pretty pricy seats. >> and that falls in the category of no shame. [ laughter ] >> right? >> and that man has no shame. that is what my mom used to say growing up. you know, he got his attention, right? and he does. >> -- did. >> and thank you, steve. that is it for cbs 2 news at 6:30. for the entire team, thank you so much for joining us. we'll be back again at 11.
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> all right, let's go. >> anderson cooper: accusations that a major american manufacturer had knowingly provided defective surgical gowns to u.s. healthcare workers were first shared with "60 minutes" at a time when the ebola crisis was spiking. did you sell protective equipment for ebola that you knew was defective? >> no, and frankly i think the allegations are not based on the facts. >> cooper: you're saying they are completely false? >> yes. >> is that what he told you? >> cooper: yeah. >> evidently, he forgot the 11th commandment. >> cooper: which is? >> do not lie to "60 minutes." >> leslie stahl: it's being called a financial technology-- or "fintech"-- revolution. say you need a loan. fintech sites match borrowers and lenders directly the way uber connects passengers with


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