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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  August 21, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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and this has been described as the worst accident. >> right now tragedy on the long island expressway, and four people killed in a chain reaction crash, including a man who spent years serving governor cuomo and the people of new york. good evening. i'm jessica moore. an accident on a busy highway has several families grieving. four people were killed including a former aide to governor cuomo a father and his young son and the boy's aunt. hazel sanchez has new information on the investigation, and she is live outside of stony brook university hospital where the injured victims are being treated tonight. hazel? >> yeah, we just received word on another fatality, and we will bring you more of that at the end of the story, and i
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victims that remain hospitalized are in serious condition at this hour. emergency responders said the weather conditions this morning were actually dry when the accident happened, and investigators are trying to figure out what caused a driver to lose control of his car, leading to the devastating crash. >> reporter: 29-year-old scott martello was set to marry his high school sweet heart when their plan of spending the rest of their lives together was brought to a devti this, missouri he -- this morning. he was on the expressway driving westbound, and 26-year- old carmelo pinellas was speeding in the opposite direction when he lost control of his gray car, crossed over the grassy median, and went airborne, landing on top of the car and damaging another. the victim from hicksville, his
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all dieing from their injuries, and martello was killed on impact. his fiancee survived. six others were injured including patricia pinellas' 3- year-old daughter who is now without a daughter. scott martellos worked for steven balonne. he said the hundreds of people scott has worked with over the years and thousands of people whose lives had he has positively impacted would ri of an amazing person. governor cuomo extending his condolences saying scott was deeply represent respected for his strong worth lick, candor, and fighting spirit. long island is a better place because of his service and dedication to the community. his wedding website said they were to marry in april of next year.
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lucky i get to spend the rest of my life smiling alongside of them. the fifth name of a victim was just released, isadaor athampton. she was 81 years old. we are hearing from the grief stricken husband of a woman killed outside. >> reporter: friends of odessa sims at the exact spot where the 61-year-old grandmother and mother was shot and kill canned watching a card game saturday about midnight, next to this playground on lennox avenue near 145th street. >> i saw her expire then, and that was her last breath then. >> reporter: long-time friend, charles cook was sitting playing cut throat peaknuckle.
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fools with weapons, a fool with a weapon chased another guy, and he shoots her. >> enough is enough! >> reporter: this community haunted by the random cruelty of the killing of their friend, yet another victim of the seemingly endless cycle of death. >> who puts the guns in the kids' hands? let's stop the violence. >> reporter: this was not only reported shooting here in harlem last night. there were two reported cases of gunfire within six blocks of by a bullet and taken to the hospital in stable condition. the grieving husband devastated that their marriage of 36 years ended with such brutality. >> of all the people in the world, she is the innocent one. i don't understand it this. >> reporter: he is not alone in harlem, steve langford, cbs 2 news. >> since the shooting, a man
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possession, but police believe the killer is on the run. the storms we had this evening are finally moving out of the area. what's ahead for the new workweek? elise finch is in the weather center with the latest forecast. >> reporter: jessica, the good news is behind the system, there's an air mass i think most people will appreciate it. it's one we have not seen in awhile. it's dryer and cooler. right now, you're looking a the vortex satellite and radar, and it shows where we are. we have a few around new york city and eastern parts of our viewing area, and we are not system yet, and you can see here, certainly along the water, and in parts of westchester county and also into fairfield, and of course the system is not done with long island. it's clearing from west to east, and that's along the frontal boundary. the cold front is what this is all about. showers and thunderstorms there, and we do have a dryer, cooler air mass behind it, and right now well are at 75- degrees in central park. 66 many monticello, and 77 for the hamptons, and what happens, we are watching the dew points.
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12 hours. more in the full forecast. jessica? >> thank you, elise. new fallout after a security scare at jfk. a terminal was evacuated last sunday after false reports of a shooting, and later it turned out to be a rowdy celebration, and now senator schumer wants a federal review of airport security, including training, coordination and crisis communication. >> well, we saw when there was a would-be terrorist incident. panic ensues. we are lucky that there was no terrorism incident and no one was hurt as people were running to safety. >> governor cuomo ordered a state review of the incident. the race for the white house is taking a bit of a break this sunday. donald trump's campaign is pausing before commenting on new proposed policies, and
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and the battleground tracker poll shows clinton extended her lead in ohio by 46 points, and it's a much closer race in iowa. both candidates are in a dead heat with 40% each. and remembering the riots 25 years later. today people in crown heights came together to mark a dark chapter in the city's history, and as dave carlin reports, the service was also about unity despite the one family member >> reporter: observing the present of crown heights, brooklyn, but also looking back on racially-fueled violence and lawlessness that this neighborhood endured 25 years ago. >> today is a day of reflection. >> reporter: this anniversary gathering including caramel catto. >> i appreciate all the good things and all the different people. >> reporter: his 7-year-old son
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in which the 29-year-old jewish scholar was stabbed to death catto's dad and rosenbalm's brother are bonded by tragedy. today rosenbalm was a no show. he was no here for speeches, candles, and a march on kingston avenue. that brought them here next to broward park for an anniversary festival. program that has rosenbalm bristling. >> just totally inappropriate. >> reporter: he stayed home to avoid seeing arts and crafts. >> this is not a time for cotton candy. >> reporter: do you wish he was here? >> yes. >> reporter: why? >> to show the love. >> reporter: some people share his reservations about the tone of the anniversary events, and
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>> love, peace, friendship. >> reporter: the goals she stated are being stamped on to a quilt, and organizers say kids who don't necessarily know crown heights' painful past, marching us into a united future. dave carlin, cbs 2 news. >> nearly 200 people were injured during the crown heights riots, and police cars were set on fire, and the area suffered about $1 million in property damage. the swimming scandal involving ryan lochte and three teammates. the u.s. olympic committee will in fact take action, but they declined to give specifics, and ryan lochte said his group was robbed at gunpoint after a night of partying. brazilian police then revealed the americans were confronted by armed security guards after the swimmers vandalized a gas station bathroom. >> they let down our athletes. they let down americans, and
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job, and we feel very badly about that. >> ryan lochte has since apologized for overexaggerating his version of the story. >> coming up at 11, zika in the u.s. health officials revealing where the virus may be head next. why they are concerned the outbreak could spread outside of florida. plus, hope amid the heart ache, and new developments in the fight against a massive wild fire burning through californ school. the irs is warning about a new scam. and also ahead. >> this is the most popular ice cream store i have ever seen anywhere. >> summer treats are supposed to keep people cool, but not in one neighborhood. the heated legal battle involving a tasty summer staple. lee steinburg is joining us tonight to talk about among
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new tonight, people in california are finally returning home after a massive wild fire forced them to run. all evacuation orders were lifted on 82,000 homes five days after the massive blue cut fire broke out. some may not have a home to return to. almost 100 houses and more than 200 buildings have been destroyed by the fire that has swallowed up 40 square miles of land east of los angeles. the fire is now % a top u.s. health official says the zika virus may hang around for a year or two. dr.anthony falchi says nearby gulf states including louisiana and texas are vulnerable to the virus, and it's back to cool storm in miami-dade county where the zika virus has been
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mosquito transmission. despite the efforts, some are concerned. >> how many cases we don't know open, it could have spread further already. >> that's the question a lot of people are asking right now. 7600 children will attend classes in the zika virus zones. a consumer alert tonight about a back to school scam. scammers are calling people, demanding payment for a federal student tax. the irs wants us to remind you, they never call people to demand immediate payments, and it does not threat ton have anyone arrested. if you think you're getting a suspicious call, experts say don't give out any information, and the best thing to do is to hang up the phone. new at 11, a battle is brewing in westchester over summer sweets. some merrimack residents say a
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neighborhood nuisance. >> it's incredible. >> reporter: the crowds lining up until 1:00 a.m. are turning neighbors sour. >> since they moved here, it it's been chaos. the garbage, the noise, the traffic. it's continuous. >> reporter: this neighbor has lived across the street for 14 years and just had to put a no parking sign on his fence. >> we couldn't get ut driveway. >> it's the most popular ice cream store i have ever seen, anywhere. >> reporter: the village building department approved the business as retail, not a restaurant without restrictions, but since neighbors appealed, the village required the shop to close at 11:30 on the weekends, add more trash cans, and do something about the traffic. >> we came to the village to open an ice cream store, and they changed the rules, and they are changing as we go along. >> reporter: scott rosenburg
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start his own petition to fight back. >> i did nothing wrong, and now i have to change the hours and go for a special permit. >> reporter: even on sunday night, people are lining up for italian ice, and neighbors are worried if something is not done about traffic flow and park, someone will get hurt. brian conybeare. >> it must be that good if so many people line up for it. ice cream sounded good today unless you were one of those people who got rain drops elise finch with your exclusive forecast, and you say the workweek looks better? >> it does. we have cooler temperatures and decreesed humidity. two things a lot of people have been wanting to see and feel. we will in about 12 hours, and first up, let's check in with the weather watchers, and temperaturewise, we have got temperatures ranging upper 60s to at least one 80-degree reading, and this is nancy in
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is that it? it depends where you were, and everyone did see for the most part rain, but it depended where you were and how much of the rain you saw this is greg in peakskill, and he said it's exciting. we received 1.36 inches of rain with no flooding in northern westchester. see, it depended where you were. some people got a healthy amount of rain, but other folks, not so much. a live look outside, and this is our camera that is high atop of the you can see the clouds and fog out there, 76 degrees and the current temperature in the city. winds out of the southwest at 11 miles an hour, and the rain is wrapping up, and it will continue to do so over the next few hours, and then the clearing will really begin overnight, and tomorrow, we are calling it refreshing, almost like a spring day tomorrow, and 86 degrees, and that was the high temperature today, and 4 degrees above the norm, and 10 degrees shy of the record set back in 1955, and here's the
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now, and still seeing some of the heavier rain, especially along the coastal areas of connecticut, and long island, spotty, depending on where you were. remember, there's parts of long island yesterday that got anywhere from 2 to 4 inches of rain, and so a little hit or miss, but that's it. here's the cold front again, and here's the frontal boundary, and all of this activity out in advance of it, and behind it, we are eventually going to see dryer air filtering in. tomorrow afternoove different feeling than what we have had over the past couple of weeks, and showers coming to an end tonight, and tomorrow, really a refreshing start to the workweek with the cooler temperatures, decreased humidity. the temperature will actually feel like 82. [ laughter ] i know, every day
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like, not the case for monday, tuesday, and wednesday. 80 to 85. lower humidity, and breezy tomorrow. really feeling like spring, and things will warm up to the end of the workweek, and we may introduce a chance for rain. >> what you see is what you get this week. >> at least for the first few days that will be nice. >> thank you, up next for us, drugs and a music superstar, new information on what was found hidden in some of prince's pills and how they almos estate. life gets so busy, we often grab for snacks instead of real meals, and a lot of times we go for the sneaky snacks that make you want to eat more. we will show you the ones to
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welcome back. steve overmyer has a quick check of sports. >> an important time for the mets and the yankees. they are both in the running for the postseason birth, and both of their schedules this week will be the most important for their teams because of the postseason chances, and we start with the yankees who fell to the angels despite the great defense. we will take a closer look at
11:25 pm
look who won the game for the team again? cespedes, and we are going to explain why their other hot hitter will miss at least one game, and the olympics have concluded with another gold medal for team usa in basketball. find out why carmelo anthony now stands alone with the dream teamers who have ever suited up for the united states, and also roger goodell has done an amazing job growing revenue for the nfl, but at what cost? most visible sports agents in our history. that's about 15 minutes from now or so. >> legend is right. i can't wait to hear what he has to say. chaos at a wedding overseas. surprising new information about a suicide bomber who turned a celebration into a tragedy. police raided a bingo hall that had nothing to do with gambling. the dangerous discovery made
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an update now on the bombing at a wedding in turkey that killed at least 51 people. turkey's president said the suicide bomber was a child between 12 and 14 years old. the blast targeted an outdoor party near the syrian border, the turkish government is blaming isis, but no group has taken responsibility yet. turkey is still reeling from the failed coup attempt last month. an emotional plea for help from the family of a newark woman killed in a bus crash 2 days ago. a gofundme page has been set up
11:30 pm
garciapana georgia -- garcia to raise money for her funeral. >> she was supposed to come to see me friday after work, and we spoke, and she was like, you know, after work, i will see you and the kids. she never came. >> one the bus drivers was killed, and the other was released from the hospital yesterday, and no word yet on what caused the crash. we are learning more tonight about a shooting at a house party in bridgeport wounded. shots were fired into a crowded backyard party on plymouth street around 1:30 this morning. one woman is in critical condition after being shot in the face, and police believe at least two shooters fired through the hedges of a neighbor's yard, and invest gators found shell casings scattered throughout the scene. authorities in texas say a houston area bingo hall looked like a boom's day shelter, and
11:31 pm
body armor, and boxes filled with ammunition, and they found $87,000 in cash stashed in a safe, and the hall's two owners and ten others have been arrested following a year-long undercover operation. up next, a warning before you head to the kitchen, and some snacks look they are healthy, but they will have you wanting more. the foods to avoid, and how to keep your hunger levels in check. a teacher moved the kindness of a stranger. how a good samaritan is paying
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welcome back. it's been exactly 4 months since the world lost legendary performer, prince. now we are learning about the
11:35 pm
estate. two drugs tested positive for fentanyl, found in a bottle labeled advil. he died from a fentanyl overdose. no word on how he got the drugs. a warning about snacks. if you're eating them instead of a real meal, you could be in for trouble. as cindy hsu reports, there's a lot of sneaky snacks that may look healthy, but they only leave you wanting more. >> reporter: what's >> reporter: does that fill you up? >> yeah. >> i eat it 24 hours a day. >> reporter: when it comes to snacking you love? >> corn dogs. >> beef jerky. >> kettle chips. specific. >> reporter: will he jeroe says even when you think you're going for healthy snacks, you may be eating the sneaky ones. >> reporter: i grab a quick yogurt. they are in my fridge and quick and easy. >> reporter: the protein is
11:36 pm
leave you feeling unsatisfied. >> often fat free yogurts have the fat taken out but sugar added instead. >> reporter: i go for the fat free. >> go for low fat or full fat, and look for 14 grams of sugar or less for 6-ounces. >> reporter: energy bars are sneaky, go for the shortest list with things you recognize. the better option, the nuts, >> instead of pretzels, opt for a whole grain version and pair it with something with protein like cheese or a hard boiled egg or nuts. >> reporter: if you go for the diet soda, not a good idea. the better option, sparkling water with lemon or orange. if you go for coffee instead of a snack a more satisfying choice is a latte with cow's
11:37 pm
better. a hard-boiled egg with hum news and chips with salsa and and guacamole are good choices. >> we between fat, protein, and fiber, you want the snacks to have at least two of those ingredients to stop your grumbling stomach. austin. lester brown was in the checkout line behind 7th grade teacher sebrina drude. he stepped in and paid her $97 bill when he saw she was buying supplies for her students. she started crying, and now he is asking others to pay it forward. >> do whatever you can afford. volunteer at the school, love
11:38 pm
>> reporter: he says his -- she said his kindness inspires her to do more for others. we are in for better weather, and i mean cooler temperatures, and also decreesed humidity. we have waited several weeks for it, but it's finally coming. take a look, and this is the vortex satellite and radar, and it's showing the last gasp of this system, associated with the cold front pushing through the area. we are still seeing significant county, and lower westchester county and nassau and suffolk as well. you are the last to get rid of it. you can see what we are talking about here a significant cell here, and we are looking at heavy rain with that, and we also have a few additional pockets here, pushing into nassau county and suffolk county, and you will be dealing with that, and you will be the last to clear out. a cold front sweeping through like a broom, and on the backside of it, dryer air will
11:39 pm
the most part as you head out tomorrow during the day, and the humid air is gone, and the dryer air is replacing it. clearing skies overnight tonight, and really refreshing tomorrow, and the temperatures are lower, and the humidity is not nonexistent, but comparatively speaking it will feel almost nonexistent, and temperatures taking a dip. on monday night, overnight lows in the 50s, and that's like a no night. today, it was close to oppressive, and we have dew points in the 70s, and we consider that to be oppressive. that's where we were today, and we consider it comfortable with the dew points more like in the 50s, and that's what we will have on monday and tuesday. that's why we say it will be refreshing. tonight, the showers come to an end, and clearing overnight, 68 degrees for the temperatures tonight in the city, and here's the forecasted highs around the
11:40 pm
quite a few temperatures listed as 80, and some locations may struggle to get to the 80- degree mark tomorrow. 82 for central park with the cooler breezes out there, and it should feel very, very nice. 82, feeling like 82. jessica? >> thank you, elise. coming up for us, the sports agent who inspired jerry mcgwire sits down with us. that's up next in sports. for all the latest follow us on twitter @cbsnewyork.
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we start things off with the mets. the neil walker is back in the lineup, but not for long. his wife will birth of their first child, and he will be there. the giants' starter with 6 no-hit inning, and the only runner he allowed was a walk, and that's against noah syndergaard, and who by the way was going toe-to-toe, and 4, only allowing 2 hits, striking out 6, and more importantly,
11:44 pm
the mets get to the shark, and granderson is only hitting .167 this month, and of course he's the guy who will break up the no hitter with the leadoff double. with the no-no gone, it was up to sees -- cespedes. he launches a 2-run jack, and syndergaard would not let it happen to him. it was his best start of the season, 8 shutout innings, get the chance to complete his first game of the career? of his career? and with 98 pitches, terry collins turned to his 41st save, and the mets are 4.5 back of the wild card race, and this next week will be pivotal for
11:45 pm
the teams ahead of them. with all the talk of the farm system and the young bats, they could have a few good arms in it as well. last night lewis pitched, but chad green with the 1.50 e.r.a. in 6 outings, and today he allowed 1 run and struck out 5, and how about ellsbury, and he's owned about oh, $89.5 million over the next 4 seasons, and he's starting to show the yankee handed him a big contract. a leaping grab, robbing albert pujols instead of the 2-run jack, and that ends the inning. the tieing run at 2nd, and gary sanchez walked, and gregorius strikes out. the weak grounder kills the rally. the runners in striking position, and sanchez proves he's got a gun.
11:46 pm
thrown out 67%. the yankees' bats fall silent, and they are shut out. they are 4 back of the wild card race. well, the rio olympics have wrapped up with the united states dominating the medal count. the americans collected 121 total medals, and 51 more than their closest competitor. the final won by team basketball who blew out serbia. luis steinbrenner has opened an agent academy to teach the next generation. >> reporter: athletes do have as role models, a sense of responsibility to send a message out into the world.
11:47 pm
taking a political stance versus the negativity that could come on the backside of it. >> athletes are citizens, and part of the problem, you prepare them for the second career, and that's self- absorption, and the concept they are somehow removed. i like the fact they take stances on social issues, and you saw a number of athletes took the position that whether having issues with citizens or whether it's people attacking the police, both things are equally wrong, and you saw a series of people speak, and you saw even michael jordan give money, and you saw carmelo anthony go ahead and speak at the convocation, and i think that's a good way to develop a concept of where you're going and second career and how you
11:48 pm
athletic ones. i want to ask you about social media. this is something that was obviously not around back when you started with steve barkowski as your first client. social media certainly changed the ability for individuals to connect with athletes, and it's also changed what an athlete is saying more or less. how difficult -- how big of a challenge is the responsibility of being able to control social media with your players? >> the opportunity is that branding the ability to recognize someone's name as opposed to anyone else, and they have a positive aspect of it, and it comes from twitter and instagram and all the ways in which someone can use it, so if they do it well, it's a real positive. if they are controversial or inappropriate, it becomes a real difficult situation, so we
11:49 pm
talk through with them the fact that every thought that comes into their head does not need to be expressed. that every way they express themselves with their closest friend isn't the way they need to tweet. and so it needs to be judiciously and cautiously approached. >> a i think a lot of us like to watch the tv show ballers because of the fun we see of what the athletes' lives are like outside of their arena f athlete has asked of you or maybe a potential client that you didn't honor? >> a mother once asked me not to sign the contract until she got the actual phone that the athlete was drafted on in new york on draft day, the one they got picked up. other ones want a certain numeral on the field, and one athlete got very angry at me because i told him the deal was done, and he was sitting at training camp, and i said no,
11:50 pm
me until 3 weeks of training camp had passed. i hate training camp. >> oh my goodness, well the rookies are better trained than ever before because they are signing early and slotted into the positions because of the cba. you recently penned an article about the changes to the collective bargaining agreement in 2011, and you noted that the first year of the cba, 17 players had their fully guaranteed, which is really an anomaly in the nfl. major league baseball players get all contracts guaranteed, but a football player could be injured in the first year, and it's all null and void. is the guaranteed contract really the only way the nfl players can make sure they are going to get paid for the work they do? >> the difference between the
11:51 pm
hockey. the contracts, and the yearly salaries in a 5-year package have always been guaranteed for skill. if they are cut, they get the money, and for injury, if they suffer career-ending injury, they get the money. that never happened in football until the last 5 years, and in football there are bonus things, and the first player drafted got an 18 million- dollar signing bonus, but the salaries were never guarante and this year the first 20 players got 4 full years of guarantees as rookies, and our client got 3 full years, and then a third of the fourth year, and it kept going after that, and in the second round, the first and second years got guaranteed, and this is a big break through for players, and it goes against 8 years of football tradition, and it will
11:52 pm
the cba, it's well known, the collective bargaining agreement was fantastic for owners, nfl, and terrible for the players. is there a point where they recognize this, and they may strike before the cba is up in 2021? >> i don't think. think. so -- think so. it will come up again in 2011. prior to that, they were getting 55% of the gross, and owners 45%, and now negotiations finished in 20:11, magically the owners were getting 53% and the players got 47%. when the owners negotiate as a collective, they are billionaires, and they stand together really strongly, and the players have a difficult time achieving some of the goals, and what they wanted was to redistribute money to proven productive starters, and they got that, and they also got benefits and the benefit packages that were pretty good,
11:53 pm
more trouble than baseball players and basketball players have in achieving their goals. >> a lot of that is because roger goodell is good at his job. his job is to protect the owners and get good contracts for the nfls, but sometimes it's against the players, and as we have seen in the last year, sometimes he will overstep his boundaries, and he will create new procedures to try to come up with very difficult for people in new york to say they would side with tom brady. but brady versus goodell t almost seems like new yorkersings would side with brady. -- new yorkers would side with brady. has he overstepped a bit? >> the players gave it to him, and in the next collective bargaining agreement, i think
11:54 pm
>> they didn't know what they were giving him? >> i don't think they realized how strong and overreaching he was going to be. look, whenever issues up with roger goodell, people say i had has lost the owners, and if you were an owner, you have a commissioner who has blown out the television revenue, blown out stadium revenue, increased teams like dallas, comes into the league in 1989 worth $180 million, and now they are worth $4 billion. he negotiated a collective bargaining agreement to cap the revenue, giving owners a larger share. in every way he has enhanced the owner profitability, the wealth of their franchises, and 45 million people played fantasy football. >> sure. >> the nfl now dominates the popular culture.
11:55 pm
top ten top-ranked neilson nighttime television shows are nfl nighttime football. that's never happened. the nfl is not only the most popular sport by 2-to-1, but the most popular televised entertainment. if you're looking at goodell, job well done. >> you wonder if the players will try to do as much as they can to try to pull back his control. >> i expect they will. >> for coming in this week stick
11:56 pm
someone's hacked all our technology. technology... say, have you seen all the amazing technology in geico's mobile app? mobile app? look. electronic id cards, emergency roadside service, i can even submit a claim. wow... yep, geico's mobile app works like a charm. geico.
11:57 pm
well, unfortunately the time has come. all good things must come to an end. we hate to admit it to you, but it's true. that does it for all of us here on the cbs 2 news team.
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(sirens wailing) (tires screeching) (whispering): okay, on site. we're going in. nypd! freeze! clear! on the floor! on the floor now! don't move! officer: at the rear-- clear!


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