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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  August 22, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> reporter: two of the patients are here at stony brook hospital. another is in serious, and another is in critical condition at this hour . the youngest of the patients is just 3 years old. and while there are more surgeries and procedures to come, doctors say this crash has taken quite the emotional toll on the victims. police believe speed was a factor in this fatal crash off exit 68 on the long island expressway sunday morning. the mangled cars have been towed away by investigators now tagged with determining if mechanical issues or road conditions also played a role. the crash claimed the lives of five people. the deceased range in age of 10 to 81. four others are hospitalized at stony brook university hospital dealing with physical and emotional trauma. >> some of the serious and critical parents are obviously not in a state or where they are aware of what occurred yet. >> reporter: among the victims,
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smithtown, a rising star who worked as communications director for steve balone. >> this was a beautiful young man. he just loved public service. he loved helping people and it is one of the great, great tragedies, and there are no words for it. >> reporter: martelo was traveling with his fiance when their car was crushed. she survived the accident. police believe 26-year-old carmelo may have been speeding when his car crossed the median into oncoming traffic, airborne. pinales and his sister patricia were killed instantly. his son 10-year-old christopher died after being air lifted to stony brook university hospital. patricia pinales' 3-year-old daughter and a 21-year-old passenger were injured but survived. two west hampton couples traveling in a third car were
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in critical condition at south side hospital. as doctors work to help the patients still hospitalized here at stony brook university hospital, investigators say still working on the cause of the crash. live in stony brook long island, cbs 2 news news. concerns about the zika virus are on the rise, about a quarter of 2000 zika cases nationwide are in our area. health officials are taking preemptive steps to stop the tool of attack in the fight against the spreading zika virus. today the city health department launching this new web site that includes interactive maps showing where the city is releasing pesticides. so far there are no signs of mosquitoes carrying zika in the area, and officials are trying to make sure it stays that way, investing $21 million over 3 years to combat the virus.
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infection, and disseminating information about how people can protect themselves. >> reporter: in new york city alone, 483 people have been diagnosed with the illness. 49 of those patients pregnant women. health department officials say all of the cases are travel related and the numbers will likely climb. >> even as our local mosquito season ends at the end of october, beginning of november, we still expect sadly to see those numbers rise because of travel. >> reporter: spraying for moit insects in our area which are the cousin of the mosquitoes known to carry the virus. another round scheduled for two dozen neighborhoods of brooklyn and queens tomorrow night. as officials ramp up efforts in our area, concern is spreading in miami, the health department giving up free bug spray ahead of students returning to class, miami beach and the winwood neighborhood both designated
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protective uniforms of long sleeves and pants. >> better safe than sorry. on the way it may be uncomfortable, once in school, it's going to be comfortable. >> reporter: the centers for disease control is still urging women who are pregnant, plan to get pregnant, and narrow parents to postpone travel to the affected areas. experts predict zika virus could be around for another year to two years, and scientists at the national institutes of health are already testing a vaccine. chris. >> thank you. new at noon, trouble for people de police say some are becoming targets of attacks and getting mugged. cbs 2 news' steve langford is live in crown heights. he has an update on this story at noon. 7 robberies or attempted robberies of food delivery workers within a few blocks of here over a two week period, the most recent here on st. marks avenue where it happened twice. we have surveillance video of two of the suspects believed to be involved in at least one of the attacks. the food delivery workers
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sprayed with an unknown chemical and one case having a gun pointed at them, they have been robbed of cash, of cell phones, wallets, one bicycle even 7 pizzas taken in one case. the 77 police precinct headquarters is just a block and a half from here. the robbery suspect, 7 incidents so far. those suspects are at large. live in crown heights brooklyn, steve langford cbs 2 news. a harlem woman was ki neighborhood wants to know where the weapons are coming from. >> let's stop this violence. >> 61-year-old odessa sims was watching a card game late saturday night next to a playground on lenox avenue when a bullet hit her neck. police say she was she was not the intended target. her husband is devastated. >> of all the people in the world, she is the innocent one. i don't understand this. >> reporter: the search continues for the gunman a few
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was more gunfire six blocks away, two men were wounded. new video of a house fire in midwood, brooklyn. you can see the flames shooting through the windows as firefighters tried to get it under control. one firefighter was treated for a minor injury. we are told no one was in the home when the fire broke out. investigators have not yet said what started it. now to turkey where a bomber attacked a wedding ceremony. authorities say they believe the bomber was a as young as 12. >> cbs2's holly williams has more on the deadly attack in istanbul. >> the bride and groom survived the attack and were taken to hospital apparently in shock after their wedding party became the scene of a massacre. just 40 miles from the syrian border, and isis is the most likely culprit according to turkey's president. so far, the extremists haven't
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child, it wouldn't be the first time that isis has exploited the innocent to carry out acts of heinous violence. in the iraqi city of kurkok city forces stopped this boy from wearing a suicide vest and prevented him from detonating himself. this boy turned himself into police in baghdad in 2014 asking them to cut off his suicide vest because he didn't isis isn't the only militant group to use child suicide bombers, but what is unusual is the role of children in their propaganda videos, in which they repeatedly are being shown reportedly carrying out executions. most of the videos are simply too disturbing for us to show you.
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trying to identify the young suicide bomber. they are apparently examining the remnants of the suicide vest which was found at the scene. holly williams, cbs news, istanbul. >> turkish officials say at least 51 people were killed in that attack. just ahead here at noon, cleanup isunder way after catastrophic floods in louisiana. still more to come. new information in the drug investigation involving the late singer prince. what police found among his school, a new scam to warn you about. how criminals are using loans to take your money. we are going to see a big change in the weather, evidence underway outside right now. we have got nice numbers to
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. is how most streets in south louisiana look like today after people work to clean up after historic floods. president obama will visit louisiana tomorrow. >> the disaster has killed at least 13 people and damaged around 60,000 homes. >> reporter: across southern louisiana, roads are lined with debris as the scope from the catastrophic flood becomes more clear each day.
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destroyed most of kathy edmonsons home of nearly 30 years. what have you lost here? >> virtually everything. virtually everything. >> reporter: the number of damaged homes jumped to more than 60,000 this weekend, and businesses are also feeling the brunt of this disaster. this has got to be so hard to see. >> this is pretty much our building right here what you're looking at. >> reporter: alvin watts business like many others in the historic antiques district is in shambles. he is managing to clean up by himself. >> we're doing it ourselves, no fema, no government, no nothing. >> reporter: forcing people to register for fema assistance, a one week total the act city hasn't seen since superstorm sandy. some places are still unreachable but they say they are active in all 20 hard hit parishes. >> we did have teams on the
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way through. >> reporter: more than $36 million in federal assistance has already been approved for the area. there is still more than 3000 people living in shelters. manuel bojorquez, cbs news, louisiana. >> the governor is encouraging people to donate to organizations like the red cross. new information has emerged in the ongoing investigation into the death of prince. an investigator on the case says two dozen counterfeit fentanyl. they were found inside a bottle of aleve. it's an opioid 50 times more powerful than heroin. autopsy results show the 57- year-old died of a fentanyl overdose in april: speedo will no longer sponsor ryan lochte. it's the first major company to drop him after the rio olympics.
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partying. brazilian police saying the americans were confronted by armed security guards after they vandalized a gas station bathroom. the u.s. olympic committee says it will take action but hasn't given specifics. >> they let down our athletes. they let down americans and they really let down our host in rio who did such a wonderful job, and we feel very badly about that. >> lochte has apologized for quote overexaggerating his ver speedo says they will donate $50,000 of lochte's fees to the charity save the children to be used for children in brazil. still to come here on cbs 2 news at noon, a consumer alert for parents, the back-to-school scam involving student loans. a neighborhood heats up over a popular italian ice shop. why residents here are fired up over the family business. and testing faith with fire, why a daredevil pastor makes it his mission to ride
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a consumer alert about a back-to-school scam. the irs is warning they are calling people to demand payment for a fake tax. the scammers threaten to call police if they don't get the
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people to demand immediate payments payments and doesn't threat to have anyone arrested. if you think you're getting a suspicious call, experts say do not give out any information. a battle is brewing over summer suites, a popular italian ice shop has become pa neighborhood nuisance. cbs 2 news' brian conager has more on this dessert debacle. >> reporter: this italian ice stand is a huge hit. >> it's in 1:00 a.m. are turning neighbors sour. >> since they moved over here, it's been a chaos, the garbage all over, the noise the traffic and it's continuous. >> reporter: he has lived across the street 15 years and had to put a no parking sign on his fence. >> this is the most popular ice cream store i have ever seen anywhere. >> reporter: the mayor says the village building department
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retail, not a restaurant without restrictions, but since neighbors appealed, the village required the shop to close at 11:30 on the weekends, add more trash cans and to do something about the traffic. >> we came to this village to open an ice cream store. they change the rules and keep changing as we go along. >> reporter: owner scott rosenberg said he followed the law and has now hired an attorney and started a petition to fight back. >> they have put requirements that i have to change the hours, go for special permits. >> reporter: on a ra italian ice, and neighbors fear if something isn't done about traffic flow and parking, someone's eventually going to get hurt. cbs 2 news. >> neighbors who live nearby complain about the store's lighting. they say the lights are so bright, they can't get to sleep even with the blades closed. let's get -- blinds closed. let's get to the forecast. >> it won't melt as fast, you will be able to savor it a
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and then if you like heat and humidity, we can serve that up a little later in the 7-day forecast. almost two scoops of that as well. let's check in with our weather watchers. i want to focus real quickly, john unstilled. i like this observation -- in in staten island. same thing played out here. north shore, you had over the weekend over 3 inches of rain. other parts of the area, less than 1/2 we could use more rain. i don't think that's going to happen. victoria terry sums it up nicely. 75 and glorious. it's going to be a glorious weather day today. just a little windy. we'll show you the winds in a second, out of the northwest gusting 25 to 30 miles per hour. they are ushering in lower dew points. 77 in greenwich and the hamptons and belmar 78. 75 in white plains. these numbers compared to
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13 degrees cooler than yesterday. dew point is 54. that number, 15 degrees lower than it was yesterday. so it's cooler, it's dryer, and i tell you what, when you look at what the dew point feels like, it feels invigorating. i mean it is just refreshing out there. plus you have the wind, so almost a fall preview. fall a month away. no worries there. 81 the high today, an sunset at 7:43. good air quality. we have excellent air quality. uv forecast is a little high, sunscreen needs to be on. humidity down, the pressure is rising. i tell you what else is rising is the pollen count. that's up today and stays high this week with dry conditions. big area of high pressure. it's a blocking high. we've got worst of the wind today. and then a string of nice days ahead. next chance for rain will hold
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just a quick snapshot of the skies. you can see high pressure, wow, it is large and in charge. so that's why we're looking forward to this. 81, wind will continue out of the northeast overnight. 64 in the city, but watch this little number. we're going to put this to work, and overnight we could see readings as low as 49 or 50 northwest with the northwest wind, not as windy and a horrific tuesday to look forward to. wednesday night, a little rm >> that forecast, tough to beat. we can't get over it. it may not be spring but today we have a refreshing easter edition to your dishes. >> here's tony tantillo's tip of the day. >> today's tip of the day is easter egg radishes, heirloom radishes, easter eggs, light pink, dark, red, burgundy, black, so many different colors
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make sure the beautiful color's all the way around, all the leaves nice and green, and they have to feel nice and fresh. when you bring them home, into the refrigerator, open the bag up, and not that long. radishes look like they can last long, but they don't. a few days at the very most, and move that crispiness, and that you do not want. easter egg radishes, it's not easter, still summer, but you know what, you're in fresh grocer, remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. aren't these cool. he isn't your typical pastor, this man of faith takes on a fiery mission to help children in need. what happened afterwards is now
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coming up on cbs 2 stopping catchties without directlying -- cavities without drilling. new treatment that could buy time when it comes to tooth decay. and thieves ransacking a jewelry store, the sneaky way they got in. those stories and more on cbs 2 news at 5:00. a pastor near rochester gives new meaning to taking a leap of faith. >> john mercury morgan over the weekend, a charity event use ago motorcycle to jump over a
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unfortunately when the daredevil returned to his church named faith on fire, he realized the bike he used had fallen off the bike rack at the back of his vehicle. police reportedly told him there were calls to 911 of a bike in the middle of the highway, when he went to check it was not there. he's offering a $1000 reward for its return. after all of that. >> that's going to do it for us at noon, for john and the entire cbs 2 news team, chris wragge. >> and i'm mary calvi. we'll see you tomorrow morning beginning at 4:30. have a good afternoon.
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? >> thomas scott: the show started in 1973. i didn't come in till '79. ? [ crowd cheering ] >> braeden: victor was nothing but a bad guy, and i played bad guys for years and years. >> victor: nothing like a little nap after a big meal. my, my. what a dumb animal i have in my cage. >> braeden: two months later, i do a scene with melody thomas scott. >> thomas scott: i actually never thought i would work with eric because he was involved in some other story line, and that was so far away from my stripping story. [ cheers and applause ] i don't think we realized we would be beginning decades-long relationship. >> nikki: merry christmas, victor. this is the happiest one of my


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