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tv   CBS 2 News at 5  CBS  August 22, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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headed to a water park. behind the wheel, her brother, 26-year-old carmelo pinales, 2 children, and her grandson. >> feels bad about what happened, not only to her family, but the other family. >> the family believes the video hoes she was not-- shows he was not driving recklessly, they say rain was a fa and there are bump signs, but it was raining. >> the construction bumps on lie are marked with a warning sign. he lost control right after passing them eastbound, going air born over the median, slamming into 2 westbound cars. sources tell cbs 2 news the accident scene suggests they were traveling 100 miles an hour, emergency responders tell
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81-year-old west hampton man and scott martella, a former aide to the governor, he was communications director. driving with his fiancee on cruise control when they were struck. >> the randomness of this, you know, seeing this car coming and scott swerving, you know, probably saving her life. >> among the survivors, 3-year-old annalia ramirez in her car seat, her mother seated next to her didn't make it. relatives trying to hold it together for the toddler. >> this is a freshs family, we-- precious family, we don't have money but we are millionaires at heart. >> reporter: 71-year-old helen
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pardon me, the steel plates on the road? a spokesperson for the new york state department of transportation says they are designed to support highway speed, that motorists are warned to slow down, and that they were set to be removed next week. reporting live from stony brook, long island, carolyn gusoff, cbs 2 news. >> thank you. 2 children poked with a syringe at a daycare, and anotherh thon playground. parents want answers. cbs 2 news's jessica jes-- jessica moore reports . >> breaking the parents to skyler dave ez, whose kid go to this daycare center on elizabeth avenue. >> that is terrible, i knew nothing about that. >> the daycare didn't tell you?
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alarming. that is ridiculous. >> thursday afternoon an ambulance picks up 2 young children from the center after police say a 5-year-old found a surange on the playground-- syringe on the playground and poked them. >> reporter: the daytop care is on-- daycare center is on the other side of this quick and fresh, it is common to see drug users out here any time, day or night. >> homeless people out here, people out here sleeping. lot of people out here, shooting up over there. >> you can look at the floors bottles and all that stuff below the floors. >> reporter: parents say the daycare is saying the needle was found outside the fence lineing the playground and the 5-year-old reached through and picked it up. >> we tried to talk to someone at the daycare. >> reporter: we are with channel 2, cbs. >> we were told to get off the property. davies, however, wasn't leaving without an explanation. >> what is going through your head right now?
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>> she explained the procedures and how they check the playground. i am okay if you did your job. >> reporter: the 2 kids were taken to university hospital trauma center where they were treated and released. a source says the needle tested clean. in newark, jessica moore, cbs2 news. >> there is a meeting tomorrow night to speak with parents about what happened. formal charges against a brooklyn man in the shooting death of a queens imam and his first degree murder. police say he shot the 2 men as they left their mosque earlier this month. he denies being the gunman. investigators say the mote frfb the double murder-- motive for the double murders is unclear. a woman hit in the face by an object while on a roller coaster at 6 flags in new jersey. her family says she has serious
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some unknown object hit her in the face knocking out 3 teeth on friday. the park believes a loose item carried on by another rider hit her and in a statement the park says the safety of our guests and team members is our highest priority. our ride safety policy strictly prohibits all loose articles on rides. the ride has now reopened. olympic gold medalist ryan lochte is paying the price for his gas station incident in rio in sponsorships. speedo ended its relationship with lochte. ralph lauren will not renew its deal with the swimmer. lochte is offering his apologies to brazil. >> i ripped the poster off the wall. it was my fault. so i take full responsibility for this. i overexaggerated the story, and you know-- >> why? >> that was my fault. i don't know. i still, i still wonder that,
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since then. like, brazil doesn't deserve that. >> the ceo of the olympic committee said lochte and teammates will face disciplinary action. there is concern about another athlete we all know, dwight gooden, he and strawberry burst on to the fame 30 years ago. >> there is fear gooden is on a down fall. cbs 2 news's otis livingston is here with more. >> they forever, a story we have heard since the 1980s. dock and daryl in the spotlight for drugs, this time, darryl said it is dock who needs help, saying "i have to try something before he is dead." >> it all start again when gooden no-showed a scheduled appearance with strawberry leaving darryl to answer questions about the former team's mate problem saying
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wet." gooden's son, dwight gooden, jr., released a statement reading "this has been a very hard year for our family, with our grandmother's diminishing health and her passing, the stress and sadness has been unthinkable. between this and our father's work schedule, he has been under a lot of stress, pressure, and above all, sadness." gooden respondd to strawberry's comments on a radio show, completely down playing any trouble saying missing the event had nothing to do with drugs he took issue with strawberry going public. >> darryl hurt me a lot, i thought we fixed the relationship. better choice of picking friends. >> we spoke to the vice president of karen treatment centers who said there are certain defense mechanisms for people with addiction. >> no matter what the defense mechanism of projection, gooden was projecting a reaction that
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strawberry. even if he is not using, what is going on with him? he had a rough year, that leads to stress. stress can lead to relapse. this is a chronic disease. >> the expert thinks these 2 baseball legend whose have seemingly been through it all will eventually reconnect. >> they have too much in common not to. they understand what each one goes through and as a result, that is a bonding mechanism. >> gooden plans to release a statement this week to fully explain his side but i mean, it is alarming when you look at pictures to see what he looks like now, very concerned, just like darryl strawberry, not sure what the problem is, but very concerning. >> absolutely. >> all right, otis, our thoughts and prayers are with both of them. thank you. make sure you stay with us for a story otis is working on later in the broadcast, about a special event that he took part in today that has the jets tackling something off the field. how some big stars are helping to fight bullying.
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county man arrested at newark airport with more than 4 pounds of suspected heroin. police say david harrow of west new york hid the drugs in packages that look like coffee bags. police say they made the find during a routine inspection late friday night. haro just arrived on a flight from ecuador. both candidates hurt by donald trump went on a twitter tirade and 15,000 hillary clinton e mails are about to get a closer look. cbs 2 news's ouija jang has more. >> the state department is going through 15,000e mails recovered during the investigation of hillary clinton's private e mail server. >> we don't have a firm sense of how many of these 14,900 are new. that we haven't seen before. >> the department expects to
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messages before november's presidential election. the latest battle ground tracker shows clinton has a 6-point lead over donald trump in ohio. they are tied in iowa. after a staff shake up, trump appeared per more disciplined, he was reading from tell prompters. -- teleprompters. >> monday trump attacked the most of morning joe, implying some day when things calm down, i will tell the real deal story of joe nbc and his very insecure long-time girlfriend, 2 clowns. republican pollster, frank lund, says votererize turned off by trump's personal attack. >> they hate it when he is laser-like in criticisms of specific people or specific things. they find him mean. they find him insulting. >> trump's new campaign manager
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insults unless he is attacked first. >> cbs 2 news. a different kind of campaign controversy. >> election complaints already, and they have nothing to do with the issues. stick around and we will tell you about the traffic challenge in chappaqua. attack on the job, food deliveries turning people into targets. this unusual brown stoun is an art-- stone is an artist of turning pain into pleasure. stopping cavities without drilling, buying kids' time when it comes to tooth decay. >> reporter: i am lonnie quinn, it sabeautiful day. lets talk num-- it is a beautiful day.
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the road to the white house is causing traffic concerns in chappaqua. >> the local police are taking action to keep sight-seers at bay. cbs 2 news's lou young has the
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suburbern chappaqua, sight seers have been driving to see a white fence and guard house and a sign in front of the clinton home here. >> might as well see what chappaqua is and what the residents looks like. >> can't help, can you? >> reporter: it has been the case since the clintons first moved here but coming election has heightened interest so that the town imposed restrictions on traffic to check the trend. >> we are asking people to really stop going down there because there is nothing to see. there is like 4 other houses and everybody is doing u-turns in the driveway, they are getting upset. >> trump has a similar situation, but his home is in a glass tower that can satisfy tourists with a quick selfie along 5th avenue. hillary's home is in a neighborhood with jersey barriers, secret service warning
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what life will be like a few months from now. helen johnson lives nearby and contributed to a book about hillary, "lover, love her not." she remembers what it was like during bill's last year in office. >> there were motorcades, high security, sometimes our main road, 117 was blocked off. i think we wonder, is that going to happen again? >> reporter: the candidate, herself, passed by behind smoked motorcade glass while we were on the street, tours whose came to was her. there literally is nothing to see here. lou young, cbs 2 news. north castle police have hands full, not only do the clintons live in that part of westchester, so does governor cuomo, just inside the northern border. france's normer leader, nicholas, will announce for president, seeks office next year, he posted an excerpt from
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the conservative politician will likely campaign on hard-line immigration and security issues, france has been hit by several deadly terror attacks. don't look down while crossing this record-breaking bridge in china because it is a long drop. the national park is now home to the longest and highest glass bottom bridge in the world. you can enjoy, yes, enjoy, sceneic views w look down to see a 980-foot vertical drop. >> wow. >> it is receiving 8,000 visitors a day. many, who have to make appointments first. >> who needs a glass bottom? that is scary enough. >> yeah. would you? >> i might go across, but i would stay in the middle. the sides get you, you know? >> i wouldn't look down. >> all right. if that is a bit much, in
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discover a hidden gem. >> many people go out of their way to see it and tick paychecktures-- take pictures. >> reporter: this isn't your typical brownstone, it draws people all over to the front door. >> i tend, when walking in this direction, to walk down this block on this side, just to kind of pass it. >> artist and owner, susan gardener, began working on display as therapy following 9/11. neighbors say it started with a flower made of glass tile and blossomed into this masterpiece, her public museum of art. if you look closely, you will spot buttons, sea shells, cd ps, susan lives a few doors down and has watched the art evolve. >> the way sun shines off it, or as the sun is coming down, it is a different piece of art every hour of the day . >> despite 15 years in the
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dancing couple. >> i think that is what she is trying to represent, that joyfulness. i love that. i admire it. >> the same way her artist friend transformed this block. >> she is just lovely, dynamic, very dedicated artist. she is treasured in this neighborhood, as her art. by me at least, i think so. >> everyone we spoke to agreed. alex denis, cbs 2 news. >> gardener encourages everyone to glue things to their hou, figure to add. >> they seem to be done enough. i think that it is. >> lots of color. a nice evening for a walk through your neighborhood. >> lonnie quinn headed outside with the mobile weather lab. he is at columbus circle tonight. >> reporter: imagine that, i got to tell you, i love being positioned here with the mobile weather lab at columbus circle, never-ending parade of people are coming by.
5:20 pm
mean, where folks are from, i heard london there, tell vive here, brussels right there. mexico, where? israel right here. guys, welcome to new york. any locals? >> long island. >> reporter: couple locals. let me show you what is going on. all of our visitors and residents are enjoying great weather because the mobile weather lab point, 50.1, it was down to 49.9. i have never seen dew points in august in the 40s. this air mass is incredibly dry. a different vantage point, looking over the city, you can see forever because the dew points are so low. winds are a little bit of a gust.
5:21 pm
remain that way during overnight hours, i expect the winds come down a bit and it will allow it to cool off. tonight, clear, quiet, cool. overnight low in central park, 63. outside the city, into the 50s, maybe some kinding upper 40s-- finding the upper 40s. temperature reading of about 80 degrees tomorrow. enjoy our fine city. are you enjoying your selves? back to you in the studio. >> all right, lonnie, thank y parents, the conversation they want you to have with your kids after 3 separate fires all with the same cause. it can be a painful change for parents, how do you cope with the empty nest when the kids head off to college? get traffic and weather on the 2's with john and alex.
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i am dana tyler, tonight at 6:00, we know a firefighter's job is tough, but just geting to the call can be dangerous, especially on new york city streets. a fire truck rushing to the scene of a call hits a sinkhole so hard that lieutenant conley's back is broken.
5:25 pm
will it cost you to be buried? we explain on cbs 2 news at 6:00. right now at 5:00, if is move-in week for college students across the tri-state area. >> time for excitement, anxieties, the students begin to resume college life or, just get going. cbs 2 news's elise finch found how they are coping. >> big orange bins, cars loaded with necessities, nort as students move into the dorms at iona college. >> there is a tonf opeople sdp you and have-- and you have a ton of stuff. >> it can be scary, especially for freshman. >> i think i was excited to come and be in a different atmosphere with my team and friends, but at the same time, it was rough leaving my family. >> not being able to see them every day and not having them there for me, yeah. it was sad. but got to move on. >> the administrator in charge of student life services says it
5:26 pm
after their parents drop them off. she says it goes a long way to keep them from feeling sad and lonely. >> we program regularly with many activities so they are not sitting in the room feeling anxious and lonely. we connect them with their peers immediately so they have a bond, and they are part of a sub-group. then we check in very regularly. >> helps keep your mind off your parents back at home, and definitely helps to get involved right away. >> the parents say move-in day and the probably more difficult for them than the children. >> you are so busy, we don't know what is happening and once we settle in and are done, you start to feel that, aww. >> it will be very different, it will be an adjustment period. it will be really sad. >> no more noise, no more, you know, talking to anybody, just me and my wife. >> administrators say it typically takes students 6 weeks to fully adjust to life on
5:27 pm
elise finch, cbs 2 news. >> the experts say during the first 6 weeks of college when freshman are adjusting, stay on campus, don't make trips home, not even for a weekend. >> parents should refrain from calling more than once a day. >> it is hard. >> it is different now, they text all the time anyway. >> yeah, face time. >> nothing really changes. >> i know. >> special when they need-- especially when they need money. >> that is true. >> care packages, do they make a big deal? >> they love >> love care packages. next, fighting zika before it moves in, the new tools to tell you what is happening in your neighborhood. they didn't think his job would make him a target. >> 3-4 guys beat me up. >> the violent crime spree that has people looking over their shoulders. what holy mission would send a pastor jumping through
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celebrate something really special this summer at blinds to go's annual storewide sale going on now. buy one, get one at half price. hundreds of styles and colors. buy one get one at half price. that's something to celebrate! blinds to go. blinds for life. surveillance video of 2 men police say are going around attacking and robbing delivery workers. good evening, i am dick brennan. >> welcome back, i am kristine johnson. appears to be open season on delivery food workers in one section of brooklyn.
5:31 pm
robbers are making life dangerous and less profitable. >> the ubiquitous flood delivery worker targeted in 7 attacks in crown heights over a period of a couple weeks. >> choke me. >> choke you? >> yeah. >> preet beaten and robbed outside a dean street address august 1, when lured there late at night by a fake delivery order. >> 3-4 guys beat me up, i can see, they beat my head, this part only. >> they took his phone, >> i don't put up the fight. i surrender. >> in an area a few blocks here, delivery workers punched, choked, a gun pointed at one, chemicals sprayed in another's face. >> one of the delivery men robbed of his entire order, 2 chicken sandwiches, 2 cheese burgers, 3 slices of pizza, 2 cans of soda, ice cream, banana pudding.
5:32 pm
the attack. >> he had $20 in change and they took the food and that was about it, they wanted the food. >> surveillance video released of 2 suspects in another of these robberies and the thugs got away with the delivery worker's wallet and 7 boxes of pizza. the suspects in the spree at large as the polite of the humble delivery worker worsens beyond lousy tips. in the crown heights section of brooklyn, steve langford, cbs 2 delivery worker off his motorized bike and took off with it. as students in florida head to school for the first day of classes, officials are still struggling to fight the zika ziers as a second transmission-- virus as a second transmission zone was in miami-dade county, temperatures reaching 90s. 360,000 students were urged to wear long sleeves and pants to prevent mosquito bites, 36 people have been infected by
5:33 pm
department hopes to stay ahead of the spread. they laurened an online-- launched an online tool to show where mosquito control operations are happening. >> reporter: a new interactive map-based website can show you neighborhood by neighborhood across the 5 boroughs what the mosquito count is. >> someone can zoom in and get a sense of what has been happening the last week, wher responded to complaints, notices of violations for not addressing standing water, where we have applied water. >> they trap and test mosquitos and as of august 11 there are no mosquitos with zika. >> we don't have the mosquitos that transmit zika. >> 433 people-- 483 people have been diagnosed with zika, 49 of them, pregnant. all of the cases, though, are travel related.
5:34 pm
concerned about the potential for it here, which is why we are stepping up mosquito control program. >> the website is one part of the 3-year, $21 million plan to fight zika in new york city. >> we are reduceing the number of mosquitos, diagnosing zika infection and disseminating information about how people can protect themselves. >> the centers for disease control is urging women who are pregnant, plan to get pregnant, and their partners to postpone travel to zika ad scientists at the national institute of health are currently testing a vaccine to prevent zika. >> reporter: the health department doesn't want people to forget about west nile either. no mosquitos tested for zika, 141 had west nile. the number is down from years past. parts of queens and brooklyn are being sprayed tomorrow night. you can find the link to the interactive map on our website, >> thanks very much.
5:35 pm
and guardnens to tell children about fire danger. fdny says 3 major fires in the last 2 weeks was started by kids playing with matches, that includes this fire last thursday, in the st. george section of staten island. fires have destroyed 14 homes and left more thanthry dozen people injured. -- than 3 dozen people injured. the fire commissioner reminds us, children are curious and should always be supervised. >> parents should insure that lighters or matches or don't play with the stove or other sources of fire. >> the national fire protection association reports each year nearly 50,000 fires nationwide are caused by kids playing with fire. on the subject of firefighters, we have a great story out of long island tonight. how a life-saving event when the twin brothers were babies, is inspiring them to a career path that could save others.
5:36 pm
drill? the new procedure dentists are trying. today in history, 1950, harlem native, althea gibson was the first african american accepted on the u.s. tennis tour, she won wimbledon and the u.s. open, paveing the way for
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a pastor takes a leap of faith in rochester, pastor mercury morgan raced up helicopter, wall of fire, the pastor of faith of fire church says it is symbolic, the ramp representing highs and lows of life, the jump served as outreach. there were book bags for kids get ready for school. twin boys born prematurely saw their lives saved by volunteer firefighters. >> the twins have become firefighters working side by
5:40 pm
>> luke and jake often do the same things, including their decision to become volunteer firefighters together in their home town of linbrook, a life choice spurred by the front page story in a local newspaper in 1998, headlined "lifesavers." >> the infant not breathing. >> joe and patrick were pictured together hold ing the twins, their mother had just called 911 after young luke sop fortunately, the 2 first responders were only a block away. it was rice who first picked up luke and saw he had turned purple. >> lifted the jaw slightly, and started stimulating his legs and feet and, with my fiengers. >> sudden-- fingers. >> suddenly luke started breathing, the twins recently met the saviors after signing on as volunteers. >> they don't consider themselves heroes, but i do. because they did, they saved my life and my brother's.
5:41 pm
out both infants were both placed on ventilators at home. >> since we were premature, we were always, stop breathing and stuff like that. there have been numerous times they have responded to our house and, you know, during power outages. >> the men who saved their lives are the same ones training the twins in the new profession. >> i think it is fantastic, circle of life, everything went full circle. i think linbrook is very lucky year of training but are already answering calls, hoping to save lives, emily smith, cbs 2 news. >> the brothererize true volen-- brothers are true volunteered, not paid, even as they attend college. >> that is hard work, great job. new york jets have a new mission, it has nothing to do with the upcoming season, how
5:42 pm
to the united states? the major city making its case for the summer games. what is ahead on cbs 2 news at 6:00? >> welcome back. >> thank you. >> tonight at 6:00, more on the work of firefighters, a firefighter injured, responding to a call his back broken when the truck he is in hits a senghole. what the fire commissioner-- sinkhole. what the fire commissioner is saying. thieves ransack a jewelry store, all caught on camera, you the sneaky way police say they got in.
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we reminded-- are reminded once again about bullying, 13-year-old danny fitzpatrick stook his own life. >> the new york jets are doing their part for solutions, otis livingston mc' d the imposeium. >> the jets are used to tackling opponents, the organization was more interested in tackling bullying as they partner with ross ellis's group stomp out bullying, to have a dialogue with 150 educators from the tri-state area.
5:46 pm
the kids, the more awareness we bring, the more people are involved. kids don't want this. they are telling us, we don't want this in our schools. >> the event was moderated by dr. jeffrey dardare, america's psychologist, he thinks the pooling of information is a key to dealing with bullying. >> as we saw, notice, this is an opportunity for-- otis, this is an opportunity for us to teach, not just what is happening, what is new, best practices as far as same space, and being able to share their empowerment strategies. >> during a question and answer segment, the audience was treated to a special visitor, none other than jets wide receiver, eric decker, their ambassador in the initiative. he shared a personal experience from high school. >> we had a school shooting, it was because of a freshman being bullied by another classmate.
5:47 pm
future my own children. >> our coaches, players, they identify it as a problem and something we want to get behind, some players were support sxfb we wanted to-- supportive and we wanted to push it. >> reporter: a success? >> today was a success, tremendous opportunity for us to learn how to do more and hopefully it will do good in the community. >> the jets are using social media, rewarding up standers of the week, kids who teachers kids doing good. one of the most important information that we got from from dr. jeffrey, he said we need to embrace the victims and the bullies, because there is something going on. we have to figure out what is going on behind the scenes that make them act out like that. >> and not call them bullies as well. >> there is always an underlying issue there. >> definitely. >> identify tg and making sure
5:48 pm
making sure we know bullies aren't the cool kids. >> lot of information. too much to go into. >> the important thing is they are talking about it and making people aware. football returns to la and the city wants the olympics to come back. >> los angeles is vying to host the 2024 summer games. the la coliseum would be updated and a temporary swimming venue would be built. nearly every other olympic venue already existss 1984 games. the la mayor predictatize would cost $6 billion but thinkathize city would walk away with $160 billion. >> who would want to bid? we could make a games that are profitable like 1984 when we helped save the olympic movement. >> paris, rome, and budapest are competing for the games, the announcement will be made in a year.
5:49 pm
olympic decathlon, but the weather... >> a lot less humid. >> the dew point, you will talk about that, right, lonnie? >> reporter: i know i harm on the dew point. but it dictates how muggy it feels out there. you get below 50 degrees on a dew point, crazy dry. great looking shot, here at columbus circle, not a cloud, literally not a cloud in the sky. look at that. you can see all our beautiful buildings, the sun bouncing off clouds. here is mobile weather lab, parked on the sidewalk, here is my man. how is it going? good? good to see you. lets bring it over for a second. want to point out something other than the dew point. here is a technical thing, barometric pressure, lot of people don't want to embrace it because they don't understand. right now it is 29.980. all you want to know, all you care about is if the number is going down, if it is down, bad weather is on the way.
5:50 pm
we are not seeing a change, you get the same day tomorrow that you had today. let me get you outside, beautiful vantage point over central park, great looking shot. what a day, 76 degrees. we have had, within the last hour, wind gusts up to 23 miles an hour in central park. little gusty today. we will talk about the next couple minutes what a great, tranquil week it will be. there is a problem with the drought. it persists, and we active in the atlantic basen. tropical depression fiona never developed into anything, 500 miles to the north, st. vincent, north of that. never a big player, not going to become much of anything. now we have tropical depression number 7, it may very well get a name within the next 24 hours, if it gets a name, all you beauty and the beast fans, it will be called gaston, 400 miles
5:51 pm
islands. whenever you is a second storm developing in the path of a leading storm, the first plows the road and the second storm has better conditions to develop. keep an eye on that. radar is quiet, bigger picture, quilt. no problems out there. i don't see any problems until friday, slight chance for a shower. drought indicator shows where we are having problems and places specifically, east of new york city, suffolk county, you have been bump under to the moderate to severe range with yearly deficit for rain don't see any good prospect for a lot of rain in the upcoming week. the north shore on saturday, boy, some of you picked up over 3 inches. isolated spots. 7-day forecast, all comes together like this, tomorrow like today. 80 degrees with sunshine, wednesday, 85. thursday, 86. great looking days there. friday, 89, maybe 20% chance for wet weather. i will keep an eye on that for you and rebound nicely for the weekend. mid to upper 80s with quite a bit of sunshine. maybe few clouds sunday.
5:52 pm
with that, i will send it back to you in studio. >> all right, lonnie. >> thank you, lonnie. tools are in high demand in louisiana as the clean up effort begins after massive flooding. more than 106,000 people applied for fema assistance, most since super storm sandy, president obama is heading there to look at damage and 32 volunteers from the red cross are arriving uzlouisiana tosi treatment could help kids with cavities avoid serious surgery and it doesn't involve drilling. big bucks for burial, first time in 200 years, a catholic church is offering resting places in the crypt but it will
5:53 pm
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how do you like going to the
5:56 pm
drilled? sthoo that is a silly question-- >> that is a silly question. adults, kids, not so much. dr. gomez tells us there is a new way to stop cavities without drilling. >> many think, what is the big deal with cavities, and baby teeth? >> the child will lose them anyway. but baby teeth are important placeholders for eating, speaking, and a tooth ache can impact general health. stopping a cavity in kids can be an or deal. here is a better way. this is what is often involved indr little girl's nose is giving her nitrous to calm her to fill the cavity. >> usually using novocain where they get a shot and then removing the tooth decay and putting in a silver or white filling, if a large cavity, sometimes needs a crown. >> that is what had phoebe worried about victor, victor is autistic and often doesn't do well with new situations.
5:57 pm
>> instead of sedation, shots, drilling, victor will have an affective and inexpensive liquid applied to the cavities, silver diamine fluoride. >> silver is antibacterial, stops the bacteria, and fluoride mineralizes the tooth and makes it a stronger surface. >> it is painless and takes less than a minute. within seconds he is miling for our camera. >> go drilling on the teeth. >> the chair of pediatric dentistry says silver diamine fluoride doesn't replace filling a cavity, it buys time to decide the best approach. >> silver diamine fluoride is like a band aid. it stops the progression of that cavity, long enough to now decide, what is the best way to treat this?
5:58 pm
>> bye! the only down side to the silver solution is it will discolor the surface of the tooth, turning it brown or black, usually the color of a filling anyway, and in kids it is just until the baby tooth falls out. silver diamine fluoride is fda approved for you dental-ophobe adults. >> just a band aid. >> gives you time, if the tooth is going to fall outane year or so, it lasts 6 months to a year, drilling because it stopathize cavity or you get a chance to figure the right approach. >> great option, that is for sure. >> that works. >> thank you. that is it for the news at 5:00. >> i will see you at 11:00. right now the news at 6:00 starts. sidelined by a sinkhole, fdny firefighter breaks his back when the truck he is in hits the
5:59 pm
new information on the deadly collision over the weekend on long island, a 6th person just passed away. police reveal a clue into what exactly happened on the lie. caught on camera, a new jersey jewelry shop ransacked by thieves, how police say they by-passed a sophisticated security system. a family burial spot for $7 million. what makes this crypt so pricy? >> good evening, tyler, one of new york's bravest is recovering from serious injuries, not from fighting a fire, lieu enant-- lieutenant brenden conley was hurt when a truck he was in hit a sinkhole in the street. neighbors have been complaining about this street for months. >> reporter: when firefighters from engine company 236 in new york go to a call, they expect
6:00 pm
not in a sinkhole. lieutenant conley broke a vertebrae when the fire truck hit a sinkhole in cypress hill. >> it was large enough to jar a huge fire truck and break the back of an officer, so it was, he suffered a sear js injury. >> this 12 by 10 foot patch of black top covers the hole now, a repair job by the department of environmental protection. 41-year-old conley was sitting in the front passenger seat when the truck rolled o jostled around. the driver was also sear jsly injured. -- seriously injured. >> reporter: is this a challenge for firefighters every day when they hit the road? >> i thing it is. >> reporter: residents say they have been complaining about this sinkhole for more than a year. >> people get calling and nothing is being done. >> dangerous to everyone, dangerous to kids driving their bikes, dangerous to the cars, everyone. >> they patch it, it comes right back open.


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