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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  August 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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they duct tape my hands, they duct taped my face. >> a father and son duct taped and a zip tied by men pretending to be police, and the suspects are still on the run tonight. it is a cbs 2 exclusive. a postal supervisor confronts our camera crew after we started asking questions about this jampacked post office. first, the final moments before a crash that would kill six people, as we learned, one driver on the lei was hitting speeds of up to 100 miles per hour. good evening, i'm kristine johnson. >> i'm maurice dubois. cbs 2's jessica layton has new details on the crash and is live at stony brook university hospital for three people are still being treated tonight.
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passed away from her injuries late this afternoon here at the hospital, only hours after her husband died from that same crash. news of their death really rocking the emotions of everybody at the synagogue where they were members for 20 years. with the sun setting on this sunset avenue synagogue in westhampton beach, members of the congregation prayed inside during one of the darkest times this community has ever known. >> very, very tough. >> reporter: of helen and isadore so heartbroken they could barely get the words out. >> this has rocked this community to the core. >> reporter: allen, and itchy, as he was best known to his friends, were with another couple, marvin and sandy
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driving to a wedding sunday morning when tragedy struck. a car slammed into the lei, slamming into a bmw. >> i was 10 minutes behind them and was stuck in two hours with the traffic not knowing why. >> reporter: itchy died sunday night, his beloved wife of 35 years passed away monday afternoon. also killed in the accident, 29- year-old scott martella, communications director for the suffolk county executive was a former aide to governor andrew cuomo and engaged to be married next spring. >> it is one of the great, great tragedies. and there are no words for it. >> reporter: his high school sweetheart survived the accident, the three people were christopher pinellas. cbs 2 obtained cell phone video taken inside the car, minutes before the crash, showing a happy family heading to a waterpark to celebrate the boy's birthday. relatives wonder if these construction pumps on the expressway caused carmelo panella to lose control of the car. but, police point out he may have been speeding, as fast as 100 miles an hour. back at the synagogue, friends cannot accept the tragedy that has left such an empty space
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>> this was a needless death. >> reporter: six deaths, so many more life shattered, and countless people asking why. still here at the hospital recovering from their injuries tonight, that husband and wife who were in the car, both are expected to make a full recovery and for friends -- and their friends from the synagogue will be ready to rally around them once they are rele hospital, jessica layton, cbs 2 news. >> people posing as police, accused of ambushing a man as he returned home, and then as they ransacked his apartment, another relative walked through the door. cbs 2's valerie castro spoke exclusively with the family. >> reporter: the door of this was from's apartment in the bronx is covered in black residue. the result of police testing it for fingerprints after a home invasion. 72-year-old bernadino gaderro
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to his apartment around sunday night, when two man walked up behind him. he says they pushed him inside of his apartment, told him not to look at them and tied him up with zip ties. i asked him what the man said to him. they said they were police, he told me. he says he was forced onto the ground, while one man ransacked the bedroom, searching through dresser drawers. asked that was happening, his 29-year-old son, jason, walked into the middle of a crime. grabbed my arm, and then put his other hand on my mouth. he said "shh." i cannot do anything. >> reporter: jason says the duct taped to the suspect put duct tape over his mouth and forced him onto his back with one instruction. >> to cooperate. they were not going to hurt me. they were just coming, looking for some money. >> reporter: the suspect got away with about $400.
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my dad is an old man. >> reporter: a family says investigators are reviewing surveillance footage from inside the building to see if the suspects were caught on camera. in the west from section of the bronx, valerie castro, cbs 2 news. >> police resources say the thieves dropped a fake police badge at the scene and left it behind. an x-ray technician at a brooklyn hospital has been accused of sexually assaulting two patients. 65-year-old larry jones has been charged following the alleged incident at kings county hospital on saturday. both and 83-year-old woman and a 57-year-old woman said that jones touched them inappropriately. he was arraigned on sunday, the hospital says jones has been fired. daycare parents expressed concern after two children are poked with a syringe. police say a 5-year-old found the needle on a playground thursday afternoon. the child then allegedly struck two other children who were taken to a local hospital, treated and released. cbs 2 broke the news to one mom whose children attend that
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>> wow. that's terrible. and i knew nothing about that. >> that daycare did not tell you about what happened? >> know. i find that very alarming. that is ridiculous. >> the day care center plans to meet tomorrow night to speak with parents about what happened. campaign 2016. 15,000 more potential problems for hillary clinton. that is the additional number of her emails about to be investigated turn them over when asked, but her, her camp is suggesting that it is because these emails were no longer in possession. the fbi discovered its messages during a leader -- your long investigation. the first batch of these emails will be released to the public before the election. donald trump appears to be working through his position on
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he was said to give a major address on this issue on thursday, it is upcoming, but he is now postponing it until further notice. and original cornerstone of trump cop coast campaign was to deport 11 million people in the country illegally, earlier today, his new campaign manager says his stance on the issue is, quote, to be determined. some are calling it the worst post office in new york city. customers waiting for hours everyday at the flat with station. they are demanding answers about these delays, and, cbs 2's ali bauman has th heated inside the church avenue post office. patient is tested as customers often wait more than an hour for a package. this man even bringing his own chair for his stay. >> i went for an hour. just stood for an hour. >> i come here to pick up passages, -- packages. i way two hours to get a package. >> many customers today turned right around when they saw the way. some believe the post office need more tellers but some say complaints to management fall
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supervisor, this happened. >> reporter: the postal service says the reason there is so much foot traffic at this office is because mail carriers can't deliver packages safely and securely in this neighborhood. so, customers have to come here to pick them up. but, residents say there has to be a better way. >> they don't even bother buzzing. i even have it on my amazon address. it says buzz, and then 35, and they don't do it. >> i have been harmed. i get a slip on the mail, on the door. >> reporter: the line is affecting people's livelihood. >> i'm on lunch. i can't afford to stay online and to be late to go back to work. they are going to send my package back. you work monday through friday, how can you get your mail? >> usps tells us they are working on forming a package on the line at this location to move it along. for now, fixing this post
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bauman, cbs 2 news. >> the post office is open 9 until 5 weekdays but today, the last customer woke at cash left at 6 p.m. ryan lochte is paying the price for making up the story about getting robbed and reappeared in the form of lost endorsements. all of his sponsors have pulled the plug. include speedo, which will donate $50,000 to needy brazilian children instead, ralph lauren, a company called gentle hair removal, they remove hair by laser, and, mattress company, air we've. next at 11, he is at it again. >> remember captain, i'm coming for you. >> a man makes threats to police officers using their own frequency. >> you can't help yourself, can you? >> hillary clinton draws a crowd but neighbors are not happy. the different kind of campaign controversy in westchester. it was astonishing to me that maybe my friend was getting over 30,000 steps in a day.
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the extremes some exercisers are going to for steps. that's next. started tomorrow morning, our team of reporters covering the news from around the world and in your neighborhood. >> wake up to cbs 2 news
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it has happened again, someone is using an nypd radio channel to threaten officers, and to call them to chase bogus calls. we first told you about this story last month. now the nypd says there were two more incidents over the weekend. >> you may remember the hunting call that seemed to target a police chief. >> central, captain, remora you put me in jail? i'm out now and i'm coming after you. >> there was a call for an officer in need which once again turned out to be bogus. >> by calling in these threats, he is devoting a lot of police resources, tying up other frequencies, and his cousin police officers to respond at high rates of speed which puts the public at risk as well. >> police don't think their corporate stole a police radio, but they are determined to nab
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is causing unwanted traffic in chappaqua. police say there has been a rise in the number of gawkers hoping to get a glimpse of the clinton home. in reality, there is not much to see from the street, just a white fence and hillary sign from the lawn. but there is a steady stream of people driving toward the cul- de-sac. >> we said we might as well check out what chappaqua is and see what the residence looks like. >> there's nothing to see. there are four other h the street. everybody else is doing u-turns in their driveway. >> candidate clinton did pass by today, in her motorcade, but, onlookers did not even realize it was she. new tonight, there is a new type of cheating going on which has nothing to do with your love life. >> but everything to do with your health. it is called fitness fraud, and in this case, the cheater is only hurting themselves. >> it is very addictive.
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billington, wearing a fitness tracker has inspired friendly, online competition. but, she says some users are turning in questionable results. >> it was astonishing to me that my friend was getting 30,000 steps in a day. >> reporter: billington says she does not cheat but has discovered some creative ways to up her own step count. >> just the movement of my hands going back and forth. >> plus , her dogs are getting much longer walks, has become a more energetic endeavor, and still has driving. as she pumps her fit bit wrist to the music. >> it all goes into the same pot at the end of the day. >> there are all sorts of implications around new symptoms, privacy, what happens to your data. >> it is not step count but data that ensures companies -- that insurance companies are after. the user to offer discounts to companies that maintain a certain fitness level.
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up and figure about hacks to make it cheat. >> your numbers go up, and you get to sit and work out. >> reporter: fit bit is fixed with metronomes. bicycle feels, even back and forth on a simple string can significantly up the step count. >> some people respond to it as in, like, oh, great, it's fraud, right? and other people are, like, no. me to work outside the sims -- system. >> reporter: the psychologist says you are cheating more than the system. >> you have good cardiovascular health. so that you're able to move around and not live a sedentary life. and not so that you can tell your buddy, i did 3000 steps today, -- >> reporter: fitness trainers agree. cheaters may be missing the best part. >> you can walk into your next training session, knowing that you did not slack off. you did what you were supposed
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>> there is no hard data about the number of cheaters out there, but, there certainly are a lot of creative packs on social media you can find. just know that you are only fooling yourself if you are not getting in those steps. >> but you can't fool yourself. and you can't cheat at golf, either. it is the same kind of thing. marathon. if you don't train, you will not finish. >> your sucking wind. let's get your forecast tonight exclusively with lonnie quinn. >> he is out in the mobile weather lab in columbus circle with our forecast. much-needed relief from that he today, lonnie. >> oh, bingo. as a matter of fact, the mobile weather lab reporting right now, look at that temperature reading. 68.6. all of the data we get displayed comes from the instrumentation up top.
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over here for goodness sakes. even at this hour, the mobile weather lab drawing them in. i know you folks are from another country. where are you from? >> israel. >> how do you like the weather? >> today was beautiful. >> and a native new yorker? >> is from queens, i'm from the bronx. >> what are you telling your friends? >> the weather was just absolutely beautiful. the breeze was great, it was just a wonderful day. >> the breeze is going to die down. what do you think of my new hey, you think you like it now? look inside of this thing. look, it is a cockpit of an airplane. so many buttons, and some i am still finding. watch this one. look at that. i'm getting applause. now, i know it looks a little bit disco, but there is a purpose. let's say this vehicle can go places where regular cars can't. were in the middle of the road, a road gets washed out, you can practice in front of the problem, turn the strobes on, and, we've got our very own
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let me get you outside and show you what's going on. lots of good things i could talk about on this vehicle but we'll get them out to you slowly. it's clear, comfortable, 69. we talked about the breeze out there today, some winds were at times over 25 miles per hour. right now, down to single digits. it's calm and clear, temperatures are going to drop your liberty will drop down to 49 degrees tonight, new york city, 63. we are going to talk about right now how tranquil this will be, also, the tropics, boy, they are heating up. take a look at the atlantic basin. we drop into hour winds, then, an area we will investigate. now our latest tropical storm, gastonia, 40 mile per hour winds. keep an eye on that, the first storm plowed the wind and could get stronger as it pushes more to the west. rater in our area, so quiet, nothing to point out. big high-pressure system is in control. it'll be beautiful week, slight chance for a shower. on friday, we keep an eye on that, 20% chance. we need the rain to look at the drought conditions, suffolk county, up to a severe drought condition for portions of that
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like today, across the board, numbers look like this. 85 wednesday, 86 thursday, 89 friday with a slight chance of a shower, mid-80s, more quiet sunday than on saturday. but overall, a beautiful looking 7-day forecast. beautiful looking crowd. we are small but mighty, right? there we go, let's go back to you guys in the studio. >> albright, thank you. like a rolling party everywhere he goes. otis is now looking ahead to sports. >> the mets are dealing with another injury and again, it is to the highly touted starting rotation. and, the reigning american league player of the week starts off where he kicked off, we look at gary sanchez and a look at the baby boomers in
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it is time for sports, otis livingston is here, let's talk baseball. >> yankees with a late start on the west coast, they are sporting the reigning american league player of the week and gary sanchez as they begin a very important three-game series in seattle. the mariners, one of five teams ahead of the yankees in the
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it looks like sanchez does not want to give up the title, his first at-bat, he takes cody martin deep to left center, seventh homer of the month, 12 extra-base hit in 16 games since being called up. next inning, the youth movement continues. starlin castro goes deep to almost the same spot, solo shot, his 16th of the season, giving the yankees the 2-0 lead. on the bottom of the fourth, finally getting to him, kyle seeger, takes one deep to set up your three run shot put seattle up, 3-2 in the fifth inning right now. the mets up for another setback to their pitching rotation as steven matz headed to the 15 day disabled list, retroactive to august 15, dealing with left shoulder tightness. now, too two former mess, darrell strawberry and todd gooden, joined that the hip and headlines most of their lives, he told the daily news, i have to try something before he is dead, adding, he is a complete junkie addicts. i don't think he weighs 150 pounds soaking wet. this after doc was a no-show with darrell at a scheduled appearance. dock responded on a radio show today saying he was hurt by the
11:26 pm
statement said, he was always there for darrell, even in some of his worst days, as he struggled with his own addiction. he also added that darrell has made their differences personal, going back to their days with the mets, and stress, his situation, has nothing to do with drugs. kicker josh brown is suspended for the season opener, the giants signed randy bullock after trying him out for today. started time for us to step aside. when we return, the jets are used to tackling opponents. today the organization was
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welcome back, everyone. i had the honor of emceeing a very important initiative by the new york jets as they partnered with stomp out bullying to share information and tools for dealing with the problem of bullying. 150 educators from the tri- state area were on hand for the event held at the training facility in florida park. there was a moderator for a couple of panel discussions which included ross ellis, the founder of stomp out bullying,
11:30 pm
cyber bullying prevention for teens in the country. the audience had a special visitor. before heading to practice, wide receiver eric decker, the team's anti-bullying ambassador stopped by to thank everyone in attendance. a very important day for the jets. >> are coaches, players, people who work for the jets in the community identified it as a problem and something we wanted were supportive of it. >> the internet really is like the wild west frontier. it is critical that we educate everyone, and make sure that they understand that we can change this, we can stop a lot of this. finally tonight, maybe you should have parked a little bit to the right or left. minor leaguer brandon thomas of the gateway hits a smashing homerun, in fact, it was a grand slam. when it landed, smashed the window of a truck in a parking lot. guess whose truck it was? brandon thomas's. here's a picture.
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that's what insurance is for. >> i hope so. >> what are the chances of that? >> hope the deductible is not too high. >> he does not even know his own strength. it was in reach. [ laughter ] >> parked further away? >> crazy, crazy coincidence.
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finally tonight, do not look down. a national park in china sewn- bottom bridge in the world. enjoy scenic views while walking along the 1400 foot long span below you is a drop of almost 1000 feet, 980 to be exact. the bridge gets 8000 visitors per day, minus me. [ laughter ] >> no purpose. not happening. >> how do you get that all
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>> thanks so much for joining us. >> coming up next, "the late show with stephen colbert". >> he's got amy schumer, and michaela watkins. see you tomorrow. >> stephen: ryan, thank you for sitting down with me. what's it been like for you since this scandal about your alleged robbery in rio broke? >> well, since everything happened, i kind of been laying low. >> stephen: if you want to lay low, television is the best place to clear up things. you gave an interview with billy bush where you claimed at a gas station in rio a gun was put to your head. you're saying that didn't happen? >> i over-exaggerated that part. >> stephen: here's the thing, that part is wheelly the whole part. without a gun cocked at your forehead, it's really about some guys urinating on a gas station.


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