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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  August 23, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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back in 1967. never a problem until now. are you okay? 81-year-old laura pasaro shaken and scared after being accosted by this man, police say, as she returned home with a bag of fruit sunday just before 6:00 p.m. surveillance video showing the suspect lurking outside her arthur avenue building entrance, then pouncing after she struggled up >> i fought back. i just put it inside. cantaloupe, he shook my bag. >>reporter: she says the man grabbed her necklace from behind, ripping it off her neck, then kicking her to the floor in the vestibule. he didn't take your money? >> norks no, no. >>reporter: he just took the necklace? video shows the suspect high tailing it out of there and
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stolen necklace, a precious gift bearing the birthstones of her eight grandchildren. the suspect at large is according to police a male hispanic, thin, medium complexion. they note that he was wearing a black baseball cap and black snookers. live on arthur avenue in the bronx, steve langford, cbs 2 news. now to a developing story, workers in serious condition after falling onto a scaffold in midtown. chopper 2 was over west 38th street just after rescuers pulled the 16th-floor window. it happened around 10:00 this morning at 1373 broadway. the building is under construction and covered in scaffolding. there is no wore on what cause the worker to fall. a security breach at the indonesiaian consulate leaving the nypd puzzled. two robbers were able to break in with surprising ease. cbs 2's magdalena doris has the video that could lead to an arrest. >>reporter: these thieves took advantage of a prime opportunity. at 1:00 monday morning, one hour after the security guard
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indonesiaian consulate on east 68th street, police say they broke in and stole anything they could get their hands on. the robbers made their way down this alleyway, over this railing and through that unlocked door, all the while being filmed on security camera. when consulate general bennie sahan arrived at work, he used the tan van used for diplomatic business was a not parked in its usual spot. >> nobody it, so then we was sure that somebody took t. >>reporter: inside police say the thieves snatched small items like a case of vodka, a suitcase full of clothes and a computer tablet. sahan says it was a personal effect. you're not worried about information out there? >> no. there's no classified information in there. it's personal. >>reporter: the consulate generale doesn't believe there was any political motivation hien the theft, but the staff feels violated. >> disturbing.
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to find the two suspects, along with the van for an ambassador from southeast asia with diplomat plates. on the upper east side, magdalena doris, cbs 2 news. >> the indonesiaian consulate is looking into extending the security guard's shift overnight to prevent more break- ins. new at noon here, police in brooklyn arrested three men for stealing what they say is more than $1 million worth of frozen eels. the men are accused of taking 2,000 boxes filled with the packaged fish from a shipping terminal in elizabeth, new jersey on ju so far police have recovered less than half of the stolen eels. donald trump heads to texas today to fundraise and rally supporters, while the controversy over hillary clinton's use of a private e- mail server during her time as secretary of state continues to loom over her campaign. >>reporter: a federal judge has ordered the state department to quickly release close to 15,000 previously undisclosed e-mails and documents recovered from
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they're not sure what's in the documents, but support all her work-related e-mail being released. at a campaign event in ohio, donald trump sought to keep the limelight on clinton's family foundation amid mounting claims its foreign donors got prefer engs treatment from -- preferential treatment from the state department during her tenure. >> it wasdone and the significant number it was done require an expedited investigation by prosecutor immediately, immediately, meal. >>reporter: appearing on late night tv, hillary clinton addressed the latest chapter in her enduring e-mail saga. >> we've already released, i don't know, 30,000 plus, so what's a few more? >>reporter: clinton also spoke about getting ready to debate her republican opponent. >> i am drawing on my experience in elementary school. >>reporter: in the meantime the republican nominee also made a pitch to minority voters. >> what do you have to lose? i will straighten it out. we'll get rid of the crime.
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>>reporter: a new monmouth university poll finds clinton leading trump among black, hispanic an asian voters 72% to 10%. >> hillary clinton continues her west coast fundraising tour with four private events today in california. police are investigating a double shooting in newark. this was the scene on seymour avenue overnight. a bullet hole in the window and officering patrolling the area, according to police one man was shot dead and a woman was also hurt. so far there is no word on a motive or possible suspects. happeni killed in that terrible crash on the long island expressway sunday. 29-year-old scott martella will be remembered in dix hills. five others also lost their lives, including isador and helen edelson. services will be held for them tomorrow at their west hampton synagogue. police say the edelsons and martella were hit by another car driven by carmelo pinellas. investigators believe he was driving as fast as 100 miles per hour when he crossed the
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pinellas died along with his sister and 10-year-old son. a 3-year-old girl remains in the hospital. funeral services were also held this morning for npped np first deputy commissioner john timony. news chopper 2 flew over st. patrick's cathedral where those in blue came to honor him. william bratton delivering the final eulogy. timonnee died after a battle with lung cancer last week in miami. he was 68 years old. a newark day care center is set to meet with incident involving a syringe on a playground. newark police say a 5-year-old found the needle on the playground thursday afternoon. the child allegedly then poked two other children with the needle. they were taken to a local hospital, treat and released. cbs can 2 broke the news to one mom whose children tean the day care. >> wow -- who attend the day care. >> wow! that's terrible. and i knew nothing about that. >>reporter: the day care didn't tell you about what happened?
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that's ridiculous. >> police are now testing that kneel. just ahead, a price fight lands in the hands of the law. the cost of an epipen spikes more than $500. what a new jersey senator is now doing to hold the drug maker accountable. a big blow to mcdonald's health plan for kids. what parents need to know about the fitness band your child may have gotten in a happy meal. a two-hour wait for stamps, dropoffs and package pickups, it's being called the worst post office in the city. so why hasn't anything been cbs 2 demands answers. you could make the argument that it just doesn't get any better than this. we're going to talk more about your spectacular forecast
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a consumer alert this noon, mcdonald's issued a ll meal fitness bands because they may cause skin irritation for children. 29 million of the step-it fitness bands recalled in the u.s. the consumer product safety commission says more than 70 reports came in about skin irritation, including several reports of kids getting blisters. we told you about the surge in the potentially life-saving medications known as epipens. some parents now say they don't know if they can afford it. >> now some area lawmakers calling for a federal
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severe food and insect allergies, epipens can be essential. >> her eyes swelling shut, her coughing an wheezing and not being able to breathe. >>reporter: with a 40% increase over the last nine years, some fear the higher cost may result in patients paying the ultimate price, losing their lives. >> many families, they can't afford this, and it's price gouging, plain an simple. >>reporter: new jersey state senator richard cody firing off this letter to u.s. attorney general loretta lynch, calling the maker of epipen to be held accountable, requesting government oversight. in 2007my lan charged about $100 for a two pack of the drug, and today those same pens cost about $600, all for a medicine doctors say cost about $2 per dose. >> i'm not a math major, but that's a hell of an increase for these families and especially for the youngsters as well. >>reporter: not only that,
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mylan tells cbs news, the price increase reflects a significant investment to support the device over the years, adding that they are determined to find solutions to meet the needs of the patients and the families they serve. with no generic alternative and the only competitor going out of business last year, many parents say they feel helpless. >> it's not cliche to say that it is in fact life and death. >>reporter: emily uree's 5- year-old daughter annma has a severe sesame allergy and she says some families are now taking extreme measures to get the drug they now can't afford. >> we've heard situations where people are recommending going to canada or other countries to purchase the medication. >>reporter: and some families are so desperate, they're going as far as buying expired epipens on e-bay. another local lawmaker, congresswoman grace meng of queens, she is calling for a congressional hearing on the price hike as well. chris and mary, these people
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>> we hope it gets fixed. thanks, janelle. coming up next, surveying the damage, president obama expected shortly in louisiana. where he will tour the flood- ravaged state and more help may be on the way for families left homeless. plus imagine waiting two hours just to get your mail. what's causing these long lines at what's being called the worst post office in new york
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a post office in brooklyn is being called the worst post office in new york city. >> customers say they wait for hours everyday at the flatbush station. now they're demanding answers about the delays. cbs 2's ali bauman has the story. >> everybody has been online waiting to get their package. >>reporter: but things can get heated inside the church avenue as customers often wait more than an hour for a package. this man even bringing his own chair for his stay. >> i went for an hour, just stood for an hour >> most times maybe an hour plus. >> i come here to pick up packages and i wait for like two hours just to get a package. >>reporter: many customers say they turned right around when they saw the wait. some believe the post office needs more tellers, but say complaints to management fall
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supervisor, this happened. >> if you film it, i will break it. >>reporter: the post office says there's so much foot traffic at this office is because mail carriers can't deliver packages safely and sceurl in this neighborhood, so neighbors have to come here to pick them up. but residents say there has to be a better way. >> they don't even bother buzzing. i mean, i even have it on my amazon address. it says buzz, and then 35, and they don't do it. >> i just get a slip in the mail -- on affecting people's livelihood. >> i'm on lunch. i can't afford to stand in line and be late to go back to work. >> they're going to send my package back, and you work monday through friday, how can you get your mail? >>reporter: usps tells us they're working on forming a package-only line at this location to help move it along. for now fixing this post office is just a waiting game. in the flatbush section of brooklyn, ali bauman, cbs 2 news. >> the post office is open 9:00
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left around 6:00 p.m. calls for help from louisiana as residents cope with the full extent of the devastating floods. fear and frustration settling in as residents start the hard task of cleaning up following the catastrophic flooding. more than 60,000 homes have been damaged. president obama is set to arrive this afternoon to survey the damage. residents, many who do not have flood insurance say they plan to ask for more than financial help. fema announced plans to open additional recovery centers in the baton rouge area. >> dealing with so much around nice, cool, crisp weather, and plenty of sunshine too. >> yeah, i tell you, a stark contrast. we really have to count our blessings. some of the best weather is in the country is right here. weather watchers backing me up. just some great observations, just nice numbers, nice dewpoints from 76 out on the east end, it's right around 70 up into the hudson valley, 75, 75, 75, 75 and i tell you what, storm steve has 75 with sun
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of 46. it's a little warmer here for kathy, but, you know, she says it just doesn't get any better than today. blue skies, low humidity, it's an a-plus day, beautiful flowers. there's medium taking a nap and low wins here and even charlie hoffman says it's just ducky out there as we get ready to sail, kind of float into the afternoon. now, we are going to see a warmup by the end of the week, summer weather, you'll have a little bit of that by thursday into friday. 77 and sun in the city. winds are calm around the area. the cool spot 70 here in stit, it's 77, a little warmer in ed ison at 79. these numbers on average, a degree or two warmer. we were stuck in the 70s yesterday, shooting for 80 today. dewpoints, wow! the dewpoints are in the 40s and 50s. that is dry, that is comfortable. that feels good, and that
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yesterday as well. 82 degrees, cooler than you'd expect this time of the year. 92 and 51 your records. sun sets at 7:42, and that's going to be pretty. it's going to be comfortable, and then a sweater on. maybe you're going to the springsteen concert, perfect weather for that tonight. it'll be a little bit more humid for thursday night's show. now, with the absence of the rain, we do have a pollen count that's a little higher over the next few days. uv forecast still around an 8. so sunscreen a good idea if it's a golf came or chores this afternoon. and i tell this time of the year we're also focusing on the tropics. fiona still a named storm, but it's weakening somewhat. but it's such a slow mover. this is the one we're going to be watching, though. this could impact parts of -- well, puerto rico, then into the bahamas and florida. we're watching that. not even a named storm yet. and gaston likely will strengthen, but it looks like it's going to veer off. but it is a busier peer. pretty typical for the tropics. in our area, again, high
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it's another winner today. tomorrow it's a little warmer, the shift in the wind will usher in a bit of a change, we're in the mid-80s tomorrow. and then thursday a little bit more humidity, and then you're dealing with the possibility of a late day or evening shower or thunderstorm thursday into your friday. today a treat. i mean, i love today. i don't mind it a little warmer, but it feels so good, looks so good, the absence of the wind nice. overnight tonight 66 in the city, but, again, the 50s i west, an then the warmup begins -- and then the warmup begins wednesday, mid-80s. little more humid on thursday, friday flirting with 90. right now the weekend looks good. a few more storms possible monday. but for august this is great. >> all right, johnny, thank you. well, it's a vegetarian dish with little fanfare but a lot of flavor. >> cbs 2's stephanie tantillo shows us how a weed and a grain that are nutritious and delicious. >>reporter: hey, guys. so our main focus today is
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greens. these are mistaken for a pesky green, but they are a fantastic edible green that have this beautiful bitter flavor. while it may vary a little bit too bitter for some pallets, there's a lot of ways to mellow it down an make it really, really tasty. soak it in some salted water, blanch it and sauti it with some onions and garlic. now we're going to make it really fun. we have this sautied right here with a lot of onions and garlic. and what we're going to do is mix it in with some very common in italy and also very commonly in italy with cheese an black pepper. now, you want to stir this in when there's still a little bit of the cooking water in here so that it gets nice and creamy. we actually cook the farro in the same water that we blanch the dandelion greens in because that water has a lot of flavor in it. we blanched them in there for about four minutes. we're going to go ahead and plate it just like that.
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greens, they are bitter. we muted them a little bit, but they still do have that bite. but when you add in that cheese and that farro, it just completely creams it up, makes it nice and tasty, a little bit of oil right on top and you're all done. this is a fantastic dish to have, and it's actually very, very nutritious, that crack wheat has a lot of fiber and there are tons of vitamins in the greens. i'm stephanie tantillo, everybody. -- we wanted to make sure she got a taste. and ambitious. >> a teenager breaks records in weightlifting.
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i worked years to get my medicare don't know where i'd be without it so when i heard about con-artists committing medicare fraud... it made me so mad i wanted to give them the old one-two one, never give your medicare number
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these crooks think we're clueless, they don't have a clue it's your medicare, protect it
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coming up on cbs 2 news tonight beginning at 5:00. swimming with sharks. researchers hit the water off long island to prove a theory about for a glimpse of how they're doing it. high end car crushed. how a man was allowed to plow into those cars while they were parked outside a restaurant. those stories and more beginning on cbs 2 news at 5:00. a new national dead lift record was set over the weekend near a competition near binghampton, new york. >> the athlete lifting 369 pounds. guess what, she's only 16 years old. here's lindsey field as she flexes those muscles at the gym. the high school senior says she start dead lifting two years
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strong between seasons of field hockey and softball. now it's her full-time sport. good. because she's great at it. she call it is a good release when she's angry or a little upset >> boy, she's busy there. great sport. >> taking it out on the weights. good for her. she's awesome. >> that's for sure. that's it for us at noon. for john an the entire cbs 2 news team, thanks for joining us, i'm mary calvi. >> i'm chris wragge. cbs 2 news is back at 5:00. we'll see you tomorrow at 4:30. until then, have a great afternoon. that's like lifting five >> what?
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? >> ordway: i grew up watching soap operas, so i knew all of these, like, iconic characters. i grew up with victor newman and ashley abbott, so i felt like i was part of their family. >> ashley: i don't really think i need to see -- ...a doctor. >> stitch: what do we have here? only universe where i actually get to say, "i'm a doctor." >> ordway: if i have to pick just one favorite moment, that would be my very first day working here. >> abby: hey, nick. we're over here. >> ordway: it was a big newman family scene, and then eric walks in, and i was so starstruck. i was just so excited to be there. >> carrigan: i love the halloween fire, stitch and ashley outrunning the fireball. it was a blast. [ rumbling ] >> stitch: come on.


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