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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  August 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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keansburg. the smell is overwhelming. how overwhelming is it? >> it's bad. it's enough to gag you. it smells like a sewer pipe backed up right out in the water. >> when there's an algae bloom it depletes the oxygen and because the peanut bunker swim in mass schools of fish, they just -- the fish kill happens because of it. behind us in the creek we can do much about it because it would be a massive clean-up effort but on the beach where they washed up our of public works is taking care of it. >> reporter: the mayor tells us the beach is currently being cleared and that should take the next day or two. live tonight from keansburg, new jersey, tracee carrasco, cbs 2 news. >> thank you. in other headlines, a mystery in new jersey. a 73-year-old woman vanishes from her home. security cameras show gloria briggs going into her building but never comes out.
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from paterson the friends and neighbors are concerned. >> reporter: kristine, this building behind me is equipped with security cameras all around. police are double-checking the video they have to make sure they did not miss anything. but right now, all they see on that video is this woman reported missing going into her building behind me, not leaving. why so many people who live here are on edge. police back a second senior complex in paterson, new jersey, looking for any trace of 73-year-old gloria briggs reported missing by her church august 12 after friends couldn't reach her. >> we know that she has some measure of dementia. it has been a very anxiety- laden two weeks. >> reporter: richard campbell says the last time briggs was seen in church saturday august 6. cameras show her
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straight street with a friend but police haven't found any video of her leaving the complex, troubling the seniors wh -- seniors who live here. >> we're upset and worried. >> reporter: briggs has no family, just a daughter in jamaica but she is loved by all her neighbors, who have been searching for her in groups. >> she is a sweet woman. and we would like, you know, for anybody that has any information that has seen department. she always wore a wool hat a white wool hat, jacket and sweater even in the heat. it shows her going in her building but not leaving. does that mean she didn't leave her building? >> no, that doesn't necessarily mean that because there's different ways that somebody could come out of the building. >> reporter: we found cameras at every exit even inside and
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questions. briggs' cell phone and wallet were left behind in her apartment but a friend couldn't find her favorite bag. >> she looked around, she said that there is a black bag, black handbag, that she is not seeing. >> reporter: now, he says briggs is non-working cell phone can't be found. police are alerting hospitals and precincts in new york city because there is a bus around the corner manhattan. but right now, they do not suspect foul play. live in paterson, new jersey, christine sloan, cbs2 news. a brooklyn grandmother nearly loses her life after she was shot three times while sitting on a park bench. 49-year-old yvonne was hit in the shoulder, side and back as she watched her grandchildren play in a cypress hills park last night. investigators say it's unclear who shot her. there are no nearby surveillance cameras.
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innocent victim of a random attack. bullets don't have a name. you know what i mean? so you got to watch where you go, who you with, the time, the area, it doesn't matter what place or what time. you just got to check your surroundings, honestly. >> yvonne is being treated for her wounds. the fbi is now investigating a possible hacking of the "new york times." it appears the cyber attacks targeted reporters and did not compromise the newsp investigators want to know if russian intelligence agencies were involved. there's no word on how many reporters may have been hacked. the "times" has no comment on the investigation. imagine leaving a restaurant to leave and then find your car smashed, ruined beyond repair. it happened to owners of nine cars parked outside a suffolk county restaurant after police say a drunk driver was out of control. cbs 2's jessica layton has more from centreport.
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bomb scene, the front ends torn off car after car on main street in centreport last night but suffolk police say the damage was actually caused by 53-year-old local mark camenzuli driving under the influence. one of the victims was celebrating her 30th birthday inside the restaurant with relatives but now danielle is using a rental car as she tries to get her damaged bmw f >> reporter: he is a divorced father of three who had been living just a block west of the accident scene at a motel. the victim's boyfriend says he kept trying to drive away but couldn't because of major damage to his own vehicle. >> he obviously was drunk and, um, just panicking. trying to escape. hitting another car, trying to pull out, hitting another car. backing up. >> reporter: two people
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until police arrived even as stunned patrons assessed the damage. >> my mother's car is totaled. her whole entire side front end is shot. >> reporter: in court today, he pleaded not guilty to the dwi charges. despite the violent collisions, amazingly, nobody was hurt. >> you can fix the damage to a car. you can't always fix the damage for a person so thankfully there were no people out there. >> reporter: she says the restaurant owner might want to rethink parking cars out front so the owner had no comment. in centreport, jessica layton, cbs 2 news. >> his next court appearance to face a drunk driving charge is set for tuesday august 30. with construction in full swing on an all new laguardia airport, passengers and workers trying to get to the old still operational airport are facing serious headaches. construction is forcing all traffic entering and leaving the airport to go through the
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gridlock on monday prompted some travelers to abandon their taxis on the grand central parkway and hike to the airport on foot with baggage in tow. >> people were double park and getting out, leaving their cars, and walking into the airport. it was kind of like, you know, at the end of the civil war when the troops were, like, straggling back home. >> reporter: the director of the construction project says there have been some bad days but says they will do better o the builders say new temporary road systems should be open before the end of the summer. and an update on the story that we have been following here. traffic congestion can create an uphill battle for emergency responders in the city. precious moments that could be used to help someone in need may be spent stuck in traffic. cbs 2's hazel sanchez tells us what the city is doing to address the serious problems. >> reporter: when every second counts emergency responders don't have time for this.
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visiting and moving into the city. steve cassidy is president of the uniformed firefighters association. >> traffic in new york city is becoming more and more of a challenge for new york city firefighters. response times matter when people's lives hang in the balance. >> reporter: the de blasio administration released a transportation study earlier this year that showed traffic speeds in the city decreased 10% over the last two years. building construction and narrowed avenues with bike lanes are adding to the slowdown and many first responders and regular drivers say is a big problem. justin carlos' car ended up on a flatbed after landing in one. >> it slows down a lot of traffic, you get potholes and flats. it's a bad commute. >> there's nowhere for these people to move to let a fire truck down the road so our response times are dramatically slower than they should be. >> reporter: the average fdny response time for structural fires was 4 minutes 51 seconds in july of this year. 15 seconds slower than it was
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earlier this month, engine company if was delayed answering a call after their fire truck hit a massive sinkhole. lieutenant brendan connolly riding on board broke his back. >> it's part of the challenge and risks that we face. >> reporter: the city responding to the firefighter union's concerns says because safety comes first the administration made a commitment over $1 billion to fix the roads. >> they are doing harder. >> reporter: the reality, traffic ask a new york city problem that's not going away. on the west side, hazel sanchez, cbs2 news. >> the city says the department of transportation issued more than 60,000 violations last year to companies doing street work without a permit or working beyond or before their allotted time. violations which often took away traffic lanes from public use. now to a commuter alert.
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terminal will be moving to new gates during the even rush. to cut back on crowding 12 routes will be moved. the change starts september 3. to find out if this impacts your ride home, just check out our website, now turning to our weather and another gorgeous day outside. cbs 2's lonnie quinn is enjoying it in columbus circle with the mobile weather lab. hey, lonnie. >> reporter: how can you not enjoy it, kj? it's just beautiful out here. it's another day like you said comfortable look at that. 80 degrees on the thermometer. nice air overhead in terms of dry and low humidity. look at that blue sky. i'll talk about how long that's going to be lasting. we are live in columbus circle with the mobile weather lab. back to you. >> thank you. some new sugar guidelines. how much the american heart association says children should be consuming. >> plus, going to great lengths to get rid of geese. ?[ music ]? >> see the dogs on kayaks scaring them away on the west side. >> and coming up on the "cbs
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presidential nominee. cbs 2's maurice dubois in for scott pelley tonight. maurice? >> reporter: hi there, kristine. these what's coming up on the broadcast. republican vice-presidential nominee mike pence goes one-on- one with major garrett. don't miss what they have to say. also, martin shkreli became the poster boy for drug price gouging. now he is defending the soaring cost of life-saving epipens. and firefighters facing new "cbs evening news" at 6:30. see you then. >> look forward to it maurice. see you in a few. in the meantime, in sports, the latest on victor cruz. will he play against the rival
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in healthwatch, new guidelines on sugar the american heart association is saying children between 2 and 18 years old should have no more than 6 teaspoons of added sugar a day. and children under 2 should have no added sugar at all. the average child in the u.s. has 19 teaspoons of sugar daily. in a 3-1 decision the national labor relations board has ruled that graduates and undergraduate students who work as teaching assistants at private colleges and
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involving students at columbia university. in a statement, the nlrb said it found no compelling reason to exclude student assistants from collective bargaining. an unusual team of experts is helping to stop geese from taking over hudson river park. flocks tend to leave behind a mess. but the experts hired for the job enjoy this goose chase. cbs 2's raegan medgie has the story new at 6:00. >> reporter: it's a avon a border collie has an important job to chase geese away at clifton cove in hudson river park off pier 96. the reason? >> we're dealing with a nuisance kind of problem geese droppings on lawns. >> goose poop everywhere, it's so dirty. >> i just stuck my hand in goose poop right there. >> reporter: hudson river park wanted a humane to dealing with the gaggle of geese at times 150 of them so they hired goose chasers from new jersey.
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responsibility with four other dogs at the company each patrolling the hudson park area by kayak. then when a flock of geese is spotted avon jumps in and doggie paddles after them. >> they think they are safe in the water. they are not used to being chased in the water. >> creative. >> reporter: if it wasn't for avon and his teammates, hudson river park would go covered in piles of -- well, you get the idea. >> one goose producers about a pound of waste a day. >> reporter: an amount no one wants to see especially on land which is another area monitor the. >> reporter: it's a good way of dealing with things. >> i think it's great. we had one in college and to help with the geese poop around here we can actually sit on the grass instead of rocks in the shade over here. >> reporter: so if you happen to see a dog swimming in the hudson, he is doing his best to keep the geese away. in manhattan, raegan medgie, cbs 2 news. >> goose chasers say that the trick to keeping the geese away is to chase them at different times of the day.
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eventually think the area is unsafe and slowly stop coming back. a great day to go out and walk the dog, be on the water. lonnie quinn is outside enjoying the weather. he is with the mobile weather lab parked in columbus circle right now. hey, lonnie. >> reporter: you can't -- kj, you can't beat this weather! it's beautiful out here. sir, is something wrong with my hair? is that what it is? [ laughter ] >> reporter: hopefully we're doing all right. hey, i do -- chris, come over here for a second. >> looks good, lonnie. hair looks good. >> chris came by, were you setting up a tv. you tell me the story. >> we're moving my daughter into fordham down the street on 60th. setting up the tv. of course what comes on my favorite weather channel, lonnie quinn! so i said to my wife, let me go down there and see him down the street. >> reporter: also, you shared the story you are a firefighter. >> i'm a firefighter yeah in linden, new jersey. yeah. >> reporter: and the -- >> there's a bee by you. >> that's what it is! okay. i'm attracting bugs! i have the bugs -- i got some cool firefighters. man, hey listen, thank you
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let's go over here and check out what's going on. good luck to your daughter at fordham, by the way. i just moved my son to cornell a sophomore up there and then i have -- we're taking picture right now? we're live on tv! isn't that awesome? come here. we'll get a picture. take it quickly while i'm talking. there we go. let's show what you we're dealing with for temperatures right now. we're below 80. all the instrumentation on the top t all that dad and displayed it on the monitor. let hemoyou what's going on. different vantage point in central park. southwest corner of the entrance to the park. it looks like beautiful. it is another beauty of a day. high temperature 82 exactly where you should be this time of the year. what we are going to talk about over the next minute how long the quiet weather is going to last and the slight chances that i see for rain when it could happen and also
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we also have friends out there. look at the atlantic basin. three different areas. gaston 65 miles per hour winds west of the cape verdes islands and moving west- northwest and we believe, we believe, it will get as strong as category 2 but initially begin a turn sometime on sunday to the northeast of bermuda. i will watch that. there's an area that doesn't have a name or of center. croix. east of st. croix. it's a suspicious area moving towards the bahamas and possibly south florida. we'll keep an eye on it. in our area it's quiet. 20% chance for a shower late thursday into friday. it's out around the northern plains, the dakotas. the seven-day forecast 85 wednesday, 86 thursday, 89 friday with a slight chance thursday late going into friday where you could see rain. otherwise beautiful weather
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mobile weather lab in columbus circle. back to you to you in the studio. >> thank you. otis has a look ahead at sports. >> the yankees get involved in dwight gooden darryl strawberry back and forth. i'll tell you how. plus a sight for sore eyes. victor cruz at giants practice without a sore groin running routes, catching passes giving giants fans hope he will play
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welcome back, everyone. encouraging news for the giants and in particular victor cruz. he wasn't limited in practice today. no restrictions as he continued to recover from that groin injury. he took 18 snaps during the live team high 7 passes. it was his heaviest work over the summer. all systems are go from him to play in the game against the jets on the weekend. he hasn't played in a game in 2 years and only played a game and a half with beckham. he gave us his impressions. >> he looked fresh today. again, the biggest thing is just [ indiscernible ] love to get preseason in.
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>> if you are a new york football fan, you won't want to miss the jets, giants battle for the metlife snoopy bowl this saturday night at 7:30. we'll get the call from the booth and on the sidelines for in game interviews. but before that, i'll be hosting our half-hour pregame show, ready for take-off, at 7:00. i'll have one-on-one interviews with jets head coach todd bowles and starting quarterback ryan fitzpatrick. and we'll be joined live by jets general manager mike maccgagnan ready for take-off preceding jets, giants annual preseason rivalry game. good news for the mets neil walker who is away on paternity leave. his wife gave birth to their daughter this morning. he expects to rejoin the squad friday when they face the phillies at home. for the rest of the team, they will deal with the cards tonight start of a three-game series tonight. cards lead the mets by 4.5 for the second wild card spot but mets won 2 in a row which coincides with the return of
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two games. he has three homers. mets need him to continue playing like that if they intend to make the play-offs. yankees will play the second game of their big series in seattle. cc sabathia starts as the bombers try to bounce back from last night's loss. and they really ruined a great effort from gary sanchez. two more homers for the reigning american league player of the week. the baby bomber now has 8 homers in his first 19 big league games. that's a franchise record. strange s turn. darryl strawberry says he thinks his former teammate is doing drugs again only to be disputed by gooden. today the daily news is reporting the yankees say they will pay for his drug treatment if he will accept it. strawberry expressed concern for gooden after he failed to make a scheduled appearance with him recently. gooden said in a statement he doesn't do cocaine and hasn't for years. whatever it is, i'd like to see it get straightened out. sad situation.
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it's good to see people are rooting for him and supporting him, very concerned for him. thank you.
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coming up tonight on cbs 2
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middle of prospect park. women string down for the public to see. so why don't police have a problem with this? >> a note home for parents not to be forgotten. why one teacher's new homework policy is getting national attention. that's tonight on cbs 2 news at 11:00. before we go, the u.s. women's gymnastics team is here in new york to celebrate olympic gold in rio. the final five gymnastics team simone have all been making media appearances across the city. but they still have time for some sightseeing. the team enjoyed the view from the city atop the observation deck at the empire state building. enjoy the view, girls on top of the world. up next on the "cbs evening news." president obama tours louisiana's flood zone. maurice dubois is in for scott tonight. thanks for joining us here at 6:00. we'll see you back here at 11:00. captions by: caption colorado
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> dubois: the new trump-pence immigration policy. >> reporter: you're here illegally you have to leave the country. yes or no? >> dubois: also tonight, florida tries to determine if there's a new zika zone outside miami as the number of mosquitoes spread infections martin shkreli became the poster boy for drug price gouging. now he's defending the soaring cost of life-saving epipens. and we first met pat hardison shortly after his amazing face transplant surgery. wait until you see him now. >> now i'm just an average guy walking down the street. this is the "cbs evening news"


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