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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  January 7, 2016 10:00am-10:30am EST

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it is a neighborhood dispute that nearly turned deadly. see what had a man desperately trying to keep his family safe. >> yo, yo, yo, yo, yo. >> a brave sailor tries to free a 45 foot whale. done. >> what it took to pull off an epic underwater rescue. a driver convinces police he's not drunk. >> then starts to walk away. >> the video that has people questioning the cops.
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merry-go-round spin and -- >> i can't believe how lucky i am. >> the river flows and the nature lover who is a viral video sensation. >> come to papa. keep it coming. keep it coming. yeah. >> oh, my god. oh, my god. oh, my god. >> oh [ bleep ]. >> a neighborhood dispute nearly turned deadly for one man. the suspect claiming that the victim spray painted his house. that's where it all starts. >> oh, my gosh. >> those are heavy words. the suspect has some sort of metal pipe in his hand, and he's threatening the victim. the victim identified as dallas reed.
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victim, dallas reed, steps up. >> oh, my god. the original aggressor is down on the ground. mr. reed on top of him, raining down punches. he then gets that pipe away from the guy and starts hitting him in the body with it. the situation escalates. the original aggressor gets in his car. >> oh, my god. >> oh! >> smashes into that red dodge, backs up and goes after mr. reed. >> oh, my god. >> mr. reed had jumped into some bushes right next to that house, just barely avoids getting run over by the suv. >> all over an assumption that one of them was tagging someone else's house.
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that's what happened. this is the worst of humanity. >> this happened last summer. the video just recently posted by the victim, dallas reed, because all charges against him have since been dropped. but the aggressor dean jones now faces two counts of felonious assault. >> a sailor out to sea when he spotted this 45 foot whale tangled in an abandoned fishing gear. it was connected to an anchor buoy, so there was no way for the whale to wiggle out of it. as soon as he saw it, he knew he had to rescue the whale. >> no question about it. it is dangerous. but you see this, there is no way you can not at least try. you got to give it a shot. >> right, right, right. the strength of a 45 foot whale, this is a very dangerous situation. >> he responds to this, the
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one hit with its tail and you're done. it took him an hour and several dives, see him swimming to the top of the water, get a breath, come back down. he was relentless in rescuing this whale. after he set it free, he and his mates waited a little while to mack sure the wale was hale was okay. another rescue that made me sad, it looks like someone dumped this dog in these bags near the river and just left it. >> they did not want this poor little thing to survive. how many bags was it zipped inside and they threw it in a river. what kind of awful human being are you? >> that's what we -- the amount of thought, preparation and effort that goes into abandoning and trying to kill the dogs is less of it than just driving them down to somewhere where they can be adopted. >> military police rescued it and took it off to the kennel.
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got back to health. >> this video is going crazy viral in bosnia because of what some local police did right here. somebody is shooting from a building up above, after a man has been pulled over. police suspected this man of drunk driving after talking to police and convincing them that he was not drunk, the man gets out of the police car, here he's thanking the police for not placing him under arrest. then starts to walk away. >> he just finished the back spin. >> the man is walking on the boat like it is rocking. >> turn left, turn left. want to go right. turn left. go left. >> i guess ends up back inside -- >> he convinced them that he was not drunk. according to reports that is what he did, but what happens here is even more baffling because you can see when he fell, he hit his head on the pavement, this man is semiconscious, the police don't
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they drive away and that man is still on the ground. >> how can you just leave him there? is he okay? >> possibly. probably told him, just walk it off on his way over. he'll be fine. he'll be fine. >> as is time, the police have not commented on this video. >> you cannot argue with science. andrea wall decided to put something to the test. this video put together and shared on youtube. here is a quick demonstration of what he's trying to prove. he takes a cup, ties it to a string. the other guy with the cap is holding the end with the coin and the rope is resting on a pencil. what andreas is trying to prove is that when you let it go, that rope is going to twist so fast around that pencil as a coin near the center that the cup will never make it to the ground and break. how do we put it to the test? andreas is going to put himself
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he believes in the law of physics so much he's willing to put himself on the edge of death to prove it. and watch. here we go. in three, two, one. they release the kettle ball the rope is attached to on the other end and goes down. the kettle ball gets close, but starts whipping around that bar. look at that. look at that. you know, we have seen this when we have been playing with things as kids, but we never knew what the theory was. you never learn that until you got into physics class. >> how awesome is this? he gets so close to the ground, but, yes, the physics behind this law works flawlessly. >> i was worried. you can't argue with the laws of physics, even then, dude.
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many prescriptions can cause dry mouth. act dry mouth mouthwash and toothpaste relieve dry mouth symptoms with soothing formulas that strengthen teeth and freshen breath. act. stronger teeth and dry mouth relief. prepare to freak out with these two videos. first freak out, to see a toddler, a 1-year-old by himself
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going so fast, yea, no longer in the grasp of his mother. he broke free. that's why toddlers try to get out of the crib. very busy street, a car has just pulled in, the toddler runs back entrance. >> no. the car though that just went in is now about to back up. >> oh! >> gets out of the car. >> and pulls forward, running over that kid again. the driver gets out of the car, a pedestrian motions to the driver, something is really bad. pick up here's the crazy part. no serious injuries. >> he had a puffy jacket on. >> they took him to the hospital and he was fine. >> did they fine parent? >> you don't see it on the
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was reunited with the parent. no way to see this coming, no way to see this incident coming as well. see the guy wearing the red shorts walk down the street, minding his own business. barely misses him. somebody says it was like this, they missed this much. >> oh, my goodness. he was so close to being annihilated. later in this other video, you see they have to pry the doors open to get the driver of that vehicle out. fortunately, two very close calls, neither of these two would be victims made it out with any major injury. >> you ever get a new handbag. you thought you got a deal and realized one of your girlfriends got it for a better price? >> all the time. >> glamour magazine wants to help. they have posted this video
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product is a steal. >> i love this. >> let's start with lipstick. there are so many formulas. >> stuff on the left is cheaper. >> i'm going with it, i agree. >> what makes you say that? >> it just -- it doesn't have the same luster. >> that's not a very good indicator of its value. i go with the other one. >> luster, bam. >> the one on the right. >> you focus on luster. >> up next, shoes. >> i know shoes. >> left is cheaper. >> i don't like the quality of the wedge on the right-hand side. they put gold things to make it look more expensive. oom go i'm going to be so wrong. >> you may be on to something. >> i think the one with the studs is the cheaper one. >> which is cheaper. >> you know why? luster.
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>> now we're getting into my territory. >> what is it? >> i'm going with the one on the right. the more expensive one. >> i agree with you. the one on the left doesn't look like it is built well enough. the one on the right looks like there is some kind of structure to it. >> it goes on, yoga pants and all kinds of fun stuff that girls wear. we'll throw it up on the website so that you can decide for yourself. step over to "right this minute," click on the tv show, or check us out on the left. >> we all remember this feeling, you know the one after you get off the merry-go-round. >> what are you girls doing? are you helping dad? >> we have toddler and they >> good job. >> look, you got one on the >> these girls will be 2 next
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to unpack the groceries. parents, applaud. >> 8-year-old and 7-year-old. >> they don't want to do it. these two want to. >> can they come to the house and help me? >> this is the amd channel. this last one i love because it was posted on our facebook page. so much gold when dad is trying to keach the kid how to throw a football and play catch. >> i can tell you dad was standing at the wrong distance and wrong height for that racket. >> how do you know what's about to happen? oh! >> every time. >> dad doesn't say anything after the initial ow. you can tell that child is getting the stare down. >> thanks, toby. >> he tells, mom, . >> this ice fisherman finds
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>> see what the critter is after next "right this minute." and still to come, all is calm in this museum. but then -- >> you see this is a fire falling on the ground. >> why those flames are just the start. plus, the only wish to hang with the dude perfect guys. >> they were only too happy to oblige. >> see the way the dudes deliver a perfect day. i'm here at my house, on thanksgiving day and i have a massive heart attack right in my driveway. the doctor put me on a bayer aspirin regimen. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. go talk to your doctor. you're not indestructible anymore. does your makeup remover take it all off? every kiss-proof, cry-proof, stay-proof look? neutrogena makeup remover does. it erases 99% of your most stubborn makeup with one towelette. need any more proof than that? neutrogena. i'm jerry bell the second.
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portuguese language in brazil, it has been open for a few years and it turned out tonight most visited museum in brazil, but also south america. >> this view from a security camera we see a few maintenance workers working on the museum. it is closed. you see some guys carrying ladders around. they're testing the lighting. but they also set up some hammocks, probably part of an installation, they look very pretty, very colorful. you see the workers testing several lights, but then the camera cuts to this when you see this, a fire falling on the ground in that hallway. and before you know it, that whole hallway is on fire right under where the -- >> did they hang one of those things too close to one of the spotlights? is that what that was? >> this whole incident is still under investigation. but they do believe that there was a spark in the wiring of a light fixture that then caused some of the hammocks to catch on fire.
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way we saw them, they're all interconnected, one above the other. as soon as watch catches, they're all catching now, the whole room is going. >> fire was devastating. >> is that a historic building as well. >> it is a historic building. watch this video from inside. everything is gone. unfortunately one of the firefighters that was there to fight this incident, instead of having a heart attack while trying to fight this fire and authorities are still investigating the incident to figure out exactly what caused the fire. so we're all looking at that area to find new art to bring new culture to the stage. >> they got themselves a new member, a bit of a crap shot. >> here we go. here we go.
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>> here we go. >> with one simple shot, he sets off this pretty epic machine inside the headquarters, knocking over all the dominos, and, boom. >> okay. i really love these guys. >> he's got muscular dystrophy and only way he had it is to make the video from dudes perfect and only happy to oblige and came up with trick shots for dillon to help with. >> this is the -- >> nothing but net. pretty funny kid as well. >> zombie apocalypse, who your go to survival partner? >> my brother. >> this is the penalty shot. oh! >> nice. >> no way. >> yes.
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>> now for a dude perfect tradition. the super high swisher shot. >> no trickery involved in that one. i can totally see why he wanted to hang out with the dude perfect guys. so much enthusiasm by everybody. enjoy it on our website. >> the guy behind the camera is witnessing a first. >> the first time i've ever seen a river start to flood. >> why things get hilarious when nature wows him. >> i can't believe how lucky i am.
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taking the benefit. it is pretty impressive. >> remember shooting the double rainbow and all of the excitement surrounding it. >> double rainbow, oerb, h, my god. >> oh, gosh. one of the most viral videos of -- well, ever.
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he's a wonderful man. oh wow! >> well there is another wonderful man by the name of officer hansen in australia. >> this is the first time i've seen a river start to flow. i'm excited. >> he's saying this is the first time he's seen a river start to excited. mckinley river. >> so normally a dry wash, they got some rain and now he's seeing the headquarters of that wash. wash. the area he lives in has been in drought mode for years now and they just received nine inches of rain. >> how lucky am i? [ bleep ] yeah. >> i've never seen a national geographic type video that needs
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>> i want to see more videos in australia. >> thank you, santa! >> this is pretty awesome. you are seeing this river come back to life in front of your eyes. >> what makes this -- you don't see rain coming down. who knows the storm could be miles away and it is dry around him, but the waters are flowing right in front. that's pretty neat. >> he shot the video and when he brought it home, his daughter decided to post it because she gold. he didn't think so. but here we are. >> wow. how lucky am i. >> thanks for watching, everyone. hope we put smiles on your face today. catch us on the next "right this
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