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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  January 10, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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buckle up for one incredible ride -- right off a cliff. now the driver who survived reveals the mistake that nearly made him a goner. >> i'm not going to lie. walking on a glacier brings some stunning scenery. but it's really dangerous. the video that makes you want to watch your step. somebody's sneaking up on mom. [ screaming ]
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homecoming surprise. and a little guy hits the gym. all to impress a girl. >> of course. >> find out the other reason this workout wooer hit the weights. >> i love him. >> do not turn away from your tv incredible. >> jane shaw is the driver behind this car. he drove his car on a highway. if you're a car enthusiast, this road is perfection. >> he's out with a couple of his other friends. they're having a good time when they come across a few tunnels. that engine sounds so good. but he's up to some pretty good speeds. he pops out of the other side of the tunnel.
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>> oh, no. >> wooh! >> did we just go to black? what happened? >> this incident happened last january. he recently posted this video to youtube to say, i made a big mistake. >> oh, no! >> here's some of the aftermath of this incident. this little rock wall drainage tunnel right there -- >> stopped him. >> -- stopped him. in either direction he would have continued to tumble down that cliff side. the driver was not injured. the car, he says, saved his life. >> it must have been a pretty good corner. there was a guy on the left with a camera rolling and two other high performance cars parked. >> good eye. the person was trying to tell him to slow down. very incredible. you've got to give it to the guy for admitting his mistakes and
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here is my mea culpa, learn from what i did and don't die. joining us "right this minute" is the driver of the car, james "jimmy" shaw jr. james, what went wrong? >> good question, man. everything went wrong. i was going far too fast. i didn't know the road. it was a changing surface. >> watching the video again, seeing how it all went down, how have you changed? >> it's been a year, i experience. i know i messed up. my driving style is different. i drive carefully. later? >> i thought, am i going to hold it back forever or should i post it as a learning experience for others, a warning on what you roads.
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>> it's better than the last one. >> you be careful this time, okay? >> i will for sure. you're about to see nature do what it does best. amaze you. this video is posted by tv and weather. these guys are out here on a glacier in argentina. and their timing could not have been more impeccable to catch this moment. >> look! wow! >> you see a big block of that ice just fall into the water. these guys are causing a mini tsunami. that took millions of years to form, and to be there when that happened is incredible. it's too bad that glacier is melti
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>> that's what i was about to say, it's all well and good to go hiking there, but it's really dangerous. >> i wouldn't do this unless i was clipped into a helicopter. >> you can't believe what that must look like in person. >> i love this water pool right here. it makes you want to jump in it. what blue is. >> i know he's real confident to walk on that ice. i don't think i could do that. >> it's like walking on water. >> what an amazing experience for everyone to be able to go see this. >> wow! complete chaos in india. you see folks gathered around this escalator in a shopping center. you'll never believe why.
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. >> man, i hate this, especially when you hear the kid. >> yes, his left hand is down in there. [ screaming ] >> it's taken two hours for rescue crews to chop the metal plates apart so they can get him to a nearby hospital. and you just hear the little one moaning and groaning, because he is in agonizing pain. he was there at the shopping center with his mother. he was playing with marbles when he slipped and got his hand stuck in the mechanical stairway. it looks like when they free him the mom picks him up, the rescue crews take him to the emergency room. no major damage to his limb. >> that kid is so lucky. >> so often in our daily lives, we don't think of them as being tremendously dangerous. for a small hand or foot, it's scary.
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that built the escalator is going to be held responsible, because the railing wasn't intact, which is why his hand got stuck in the first place. wow we've got all these videos. >> a young man sending a message to his brother evan, serving his country in the navy. >> what would you guys say to evan if he was here right now? >> i would hug him so much. >> but they're not looking behind him. >> oh, my gosh, what's going on in the kitchen here? look to your left. >> oh, my god. >> they're a little blown away by this moment happening right there. you see as they go into this gigantic bear hug that the older
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he's wiping his eyes, doesn't want to let go. they're so happy to have their older brother back. >> there's going to be a lot of wrestling. >> there can be no reaction to match the homecoming with a mother. the person recording this is trying to be supersubtle. then a rather handsome young marine walks in the door behind this lady and one of our associates literally takes her hand and turns it, and then you might want to put your fingers in your ears. [ screaming ] >> i think she's happy. >> she is definitely happy, you're right, oli. a fisherman things he's reeling in the big one. see who wins this salman tug-of-war. and a hoax article making the rounds.
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many prescriptions can cause dry mouth. act dry mouth mouthwash and toothpaste relieve dry mouth symptoms with soothing formulas that strengthen teeth and freshen breath. act. stronger teeth and dry mouth relief. more videos for the viewers of "right this minute." we head to -- >> russia. >> most certainly. >> with love. >> it's about to get crazy. now we're riding on the dash cam, which means danger can come from any angle. the police are on their way to whatever disaster awaits. they need some backup. no worries, their buddy is right behind them.
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>> whoa! >> you never want the rescuers to become the rescue-ees. >> i'm always afraid something like that will happen. >> they didn't expect that car to come around at that speed, a full head-on collision. don't worry, nobody was hurt. but those cars were going fast. now we head to the continental united states for a shark attack so brutal, their roads. >> was that an orca? >> what did i tell you? >> get outta here. i didn't see that at first. land. >> the criminal irony is you guys saying you didn't see it.
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it was build in 1908 in oklahoma. every year, four, five, six, ten trucks crash into it. they decided, let's make it so everybody will see it, and if they don't, they'll get a great video like this. >> it's pretty delicious. >> that's right. with even more commentary on things, she's seen this latest one. >> i read they were talking about -- >> kind of a big deal. >> -- this 14-year-old who got a flu shot and it got her pregnant. >> i'm so glad she's taking this on. >> listen, sugar. >> the article she's talking about is a fake article that was written. have you ever seen those hoax
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this one claims a 14-year-old girl in texas got pregnant after she got the flu shot. >> and you need some -- >> no she didn't. >> to have a baby. >> she wants to clarify how it is that you do in fact get pregnant. >> awesome. >> don't let nobody fool you. >> she's over there preaching. >> don't be mad. but don't be stupid either. >> she just lays the truth out. i know three of us at this table want to go fishing with thomas, because his adventures
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he and his family are out fishing and he's hooked a salmon. he thinks he's pulling it in but somebody else thinks he's stealing their lunch. he's working on reeling that salmon in but watch what happens next. >> whoa! >> oh! >> holy moly! >> what was that? >> it was a sea lion. >> a very big one she was a bigfoot of a fish. >> whoa! >> you guys won't believe, just the other day, here he is on a boat with his family again. and check this out, there is an eagle flying buy y. this time the eagle has no competition for the food. >> did he get it? >> they're debating whether or not it got it.
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it got a nice piece of fish for dinner. his uncle sums it up for everybody. >> shot it vertically, thomas. strangers. >> he collected a section of it else. >> find out why his sneaky prank is part of a bigger plan. full swing. >> perfect time to go out and right? >> why you want to watch out for that try. >> that nailed it! day. i'm bushed! yea me too. excuse me...coming through! ride the gel wave of comfort with dr. scholls massaging gel insoles. they're proven to give you comfort. which helps you feel more energized ...all day long. i want what he has. marvin thinks you have to be a brainiac to do your own taxes. so we brought in world-renowned brainiac, to help him. take your finger and press it right here. sfx: camera shutter, buzz, bloop. yay, you got it.
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i just love jack's videos. >> all he needs is a cellphone. his pranks are simple as usual. he's just kind of sneaking up on people. >> the angle is fine. i can see the screen. >> he's looking for the best he can possibly get. there are so many pranks. >> he's standing right there as he's doing it. >> scrolling down. >> the dude is like, you need to get out of my business. >> some of them are just whipping themselves around so hard they're giving themselves whiplash. >> he pulls up the calendar. >> that's a look you give when mom busts you in the room doing something you don't want her to catch you doing. >> he's getting so many head turns. this one even gets a business meeting.
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spreadsheet right now. >> wow. >> it's on his computer. >> he takes it further. he starts taking notes as well. he's writing down people's e-mail. he even ends up calling jack out. >> do you want some coffee? >> no, thanks, i appreciate it though. >> he's so polite, he gets away with it. >> i'm jack. nice to meet you, man. >> he's super polite. then he goes right back into it and the guy just closes his laptop. but it turns out it wasn't just for any old reason. this is actually video sponsored by 3m. >> 3m created a screen protector like what you see in planes where you can see it straight on but off to the side it goes opaque.
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behavior. new year's day, perfect time to go out and play in some fresh powder, right? well, i don't know if this guy had a hang over, he takes his snow bike out, and well, he's about to meet up with some folks -- >> oh! >> of all the places, are you kidding me? >> road traffic accident in the middle of the mountain, in the middle of nowhere. >> he was able to get his bike back down the hill. but he's probably got a little front end damage. >> how about a little toilet bowl cleaning? >> that nailed it. >> he's like, just don't hit the tree, it will be fun but just
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>> that's the problem, if you look at something, that's what you end up hitting. she's trapped in the bathroom. but there's no wasting time. she's putting a video together, one, to warn other people, and
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you want to feel connected. informed, included, inspired. so, when important things happen, we're here. your local tv and radio broadcasters. america's number one source for news, weather and information. on every screen in your life. we are broadcasters, always here for you, wherever here may be. text "tv" to 52886. tell washington
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>> minutes. >> man. time for some pole training. >> i'm practicing bike riding. >> why does she want to get in the gym and work out? >> to impress a girl. >> of course. >> this early?
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through that? >> if she's going to yell at you, she's going to yell at you right? >> yeah. >> there's competition from an older man. >> a guy's got to do what a guy's got to do. for the year, guys. >> i love him. >> navia is going to give us a psa, one that's very important to guys. >> hi, guys. >> she's trapped in the bathroom and she's putting a video together, one, to warn other
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it. >> i'm just mesmerized that she's doing this whole little selfie video. >> she's obviously been working on youtube. >> it's so pretty. >> isn't it pretty? >> no word yet from a major news network to see if she actually made it out of the bathroom. thanks for watching, everyone. hope we put a smile on your face today. catch us on the next "right this
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