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tv   The Now Cincinnati  ABC  January 11, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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you'll get free installation, with a one hour arrival window, tv equipment and epix included. call for more, now. a 9 first warning weather alert day haing weather alert day haing weather alert day haing weather alert day haway.but how much will we see?and snow isn't the only threat."cold enough to see your breath but also cold enough to pose a threat to those who are homeless-- how a new shelter is working to get more and more people out of the cold." marvin lewis in the hot seat. at the last news conference of the season -- the city demands accountablity for the meltdown that cost us the playoffs.what does the future hold for the bengals?it's a crime we talk about all the time.thieves stealing credit cards to rack up big bills.but now they don't even need your card to get away with it!they actually used my company credit card to make this purchasethe investment that can stop them in their tracks..and it will cost you less than 50 bucks. *this* is the now cincinnati.
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first on the now -- the *9 first warning weather* team has declared *tomorrow* a weather alert day!more snow is headed our way this is on top of the already frigid temperatures everyone is dealing with. with.chief meteorologist steve raleigh is tracking the very latest for us now-- steve? now, let's talk about the snow coming in and what our timeline looks like. spotty snow showers begin mainly after 3 a.m. by the peak morning rush (6-8 a.m.), a half inch of snow could already be on the ground and this will include cincinnati. scattered snow showers continue until around lunchtime. it will also be very windy in the morning hours causing blowing snow and lower visibility at times. in all, it looks like another inch of snow will fall in the tri-state with more isolated reports up to 2". with fresh snow on the ground and clear skies wednesday morning, temperatures will easily fall into the single digits again with below zero wind chills. roads that aren't treated or plowed will be snow and ice
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as the tri-state battles its first round of winter
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are filling up. the now's briana harper paid a visit to the shelter house to see how the new space is faring. briana harper//@brianawcpo"the temperature is reading a frigid 18 degrees and being outside for more than 20 minutes can be unbearable. but imagine if you didn't have any other place to go. well that's where the shelter house comes in handy.""come down here it's real nice, its clean a lot of people that will help you if you're willing to help yourself."that's the message here at shelter house where hundreds of adults come to escape the cold-- but this winter things are new and improved.arlene nolan// exec. director shelter house"it's the first cold season that we've experienced here and its wonderful because now we have the space to accommodate more people than we have ever before."the shelter house typically holds 150 beds-- but during the colder months the winter shelter provides space for an additional 200 people. people like todd halsell-- thankful for a helping hand. todd halsell// shelter house "if you're out here, outside in these kind of conditions you have to live by the
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you're able take your time and concentrate and take care of the business you need to take care of."but its not just a bed and food for the offering but also even more lasting resources."what we call case management services to help people get out of homelessness, get them on their own into their own apartment and connect them with job services."last year more than 700 people stayed at the temporary winter shelter-- and this year will prove to be just as neccessary.briana harper//@briana wcpo"the winter shelter will be operating through february open each night from 7pm to 6am. briana harper reporting the now cincinnati." if you'd like to make a donation to the shelter house you can simply text "home to 501-501 or visit their website at shelterhousecincy dot org . one of the things you may need to do before you leave tomorrow is shovel.we took a look at some things to remember. remember.the big things to
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dress warmly with clothing that allows ventilation. shoveling is a workout.put on boots that are slip resistant. wear gloves and a hat to stay warm.and here is something you might not have thought of... stretch before and after.then drink plenty of water when you're done. the 9 first warning weather team is watching the forecast models.steve will have an update in just a few minutes here on the now.and don't forget to check in with *good morning tri-state* as soon as you wake up tomorrow for the latest conditions and how the roads'll also find weather delays and cancellations too. new developments coming in right now from louisville where two people are hurt after a workplace shooting.the pair were shot inside cardinal kitchens...the louisville police chief said the shooting stemmed from an altercation between two employees.their injuries don't appear to be too serious.cardinal kitchens has two locations in cincinnati. a local epileptic will spend a year in prison -- and never drive a car again -- for
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a butler county judge handed down that sentence to terrance strader today.strader's accident killed troy stapleton. today, strader apologized to stapelton's family.strader blew through a red light at 747 and port union road in may of 2014. his defense team says he was having an epileptic seizure at the time. strader had a history of seizure induced car crashes but never reported that he had epilepsy on his driver's license application.he said he hopes the sentence will serve as a warning to others who are hiding medical conditions. today -- seven people arrested in the wake of saturday's bengals playoff game at paul brown stadium were in court for the first time. most were charged with assault though one was charged with relieving himself on a steelers fan and another man was charged with running onto the field after the for most was a few thousand dollars... though it was set at ten thousand dollars for phillip ross.. who is accused of headbutting someone. it's been a couple days since
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have not seemed to get over it just yet. yet. marvin lewis began his final news conference of this season by saying what he said to his team today: it's a privilege to play in the nfl. and he admitted that the way saturday night's game ended hurts...'stings' is the word he used to described it.i'm sure it did for you too. and he was quick to defend vontaze burfict, pointing out that he had just three unecessarry roughness penalties this season.but the one burfict committed saturday night, was the most devastating of all, leading to the steelers game winning field goal.lewis said
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burfict and adam jones, who compounded burfict's penalty with an unsportsmanlike penalty, were reduced to tears over their transgressions. trt's unfortunate((lewis: both players couldn't be more heartbroke. they're litterly to tears about what went on. that's the first step to realziing that i'm wrong. it's unfortunate. )) )) lewis also said he'll be back in 2016 as the bengals head coach. that was never really an issue with him or the front office. and he reiterated that he and his coaching staff talk all the time to the players about keeping their composure. we did our final segment of the flying pigskin show today. and among the topics we dealt with was marvin lewis and his
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you can download the flying pigskin right now, on wcpo dot com.the bengals front office has a lot of decisions to make between now and next season.14 current players are unrestricted free agents, including wide receiver marvin jones and safety reggie nelson. it's the jackpot that is so big it doesn't even fit on the sign anymore!the powerball jackpot hit 1-point-4 billion dollars today. it rose 100-million dollars
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that it will grow again before wednesday night's has rolled over 19 times since the november 7-th drawing..and get this -- 75 percent of possible number combinations were purchased for last weekend's drawing. buying your powerball ticket in the tri-state -- might just bring you a little extra luck. even though no one won the jackpot in saturday's drawing there were two one million dollars tickets sold in our area,one at smoke and things on dick flynn boulevard in goshen and the other at the speedway on state route 131 in milford. 3:09 i'm just excited that one of our customers won the million dollars. this point -- we don't know *who* won those million dollars prizes.but we'll be sure to let you know if they come forward. 9 on your side is your official lottery station.once you buy your tickets, you can watch the drawing live right night. snow in the forecast.steve is tracking when it
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facebook post from mark zuckerberg is reigniting the debate over childhood vaccines. a music legend... passes away. the world remembers david bowie.and we have some things you might not have known about him. and later -- thieves can now use your credit card -- even if its still in your wallet! the simple way you can better
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a live look at cincinnati this's cold right now but more snow is on the way.steve has a look at how much we'll see in just a moment. facebook's founder is stirring up the debate over childhood vaccines.mark zuckerberg's latest post shows a picture of him and his daughter at the doctor's.the now's anne mcnamara talked to an advocacy group about the global reaction. it's the cutest...most controversial picture on the internet right now...with more than 3-million likes...more
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more than 80-thousand comments. but not all of them are supportive of facebook founder mark zuckerberg vaccinating his daughter, max. like this one that reads: "vaccine is poison for human kind. it kills more people than it helps. i wish people don't take it as an example here." but the colorado children's immunization coalition...hopes just the opposite...that parents **will follow zuckerberg's lead and get their children vaccinated. sot - stephanie wasserman | colorado children's immunization coalition55:40 i saw the picture and was so excited and pleased to see such an adorable photograph of someone who is so influential and innovative and one of the most successful people in the world executive director stephanie wasserman says hollywood seems to have taken up both sides of the vaccination debate. it started with a study in the late 90's -- that's since been retracted -- that claimed to find a link between vaccines and autism. but even though the data didn't add up...the idea struck a chord with parents. and as recently as last year...a measles outbreak at disneyland was connected to
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wasserman says the value of a vaccine is not just for one child...but for entire idea known as "herd immunity."13:00:37 if we let that herd immunity level go down...we're all at risk. they say a picture is worth a thousand words... but when mark zuckerberg posts it...the whole world weighs in.for the now...i'm anne mcnamara mcnamara zuckerberg lives in california...which passed a law last year...forbidding parents from citing "personal belief" as a reason for skipping school vaccinations. it's one of the toughest of its kind -- in the entire country. steve -- is tracking your 9 first warning forecast. now, let's talk about the snow coming in and what our timeline looks like. spotty snow showers begin mainly after 3 a.m. by the peak morning rush (6-8 a.m.), a half inch of snow could already be on the ground and this will include cincinnati. scattered snow showers continue until around lunchtime. it will also be very windy in the morning hours causing blowing snow and
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inch of snow will fall in the tri-state with more isolated reports up to 2". with fresh snow on the ground and clear skies wednesday morning, temperatures will easily fall into the single digits again with below zero wind chills. roads that aren't treated or plowed will be snow and ice
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"oh we can be heroes. just for one day." that's just one of the classics david bowie will be remembered for.germany's foreign office tweeted today in reference to that song... "you are now among heroes. thank you for helping to bring down the wall." the legendary rocker died yesterday... following an 18-month battle with cancer. and the tributes are pouring in today including this series
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british illustrator showing bowie through the years.a memorial is also growing outside his new york city apartment.and tonight a central london landmark is lit up with the message "rest in peace david bowie."bowie's latest album "blackstar" is now the top selling album on i-tunes.he released it on his 69-th birthday... friday. david bowie's certainly iconic but we found some things you may not have known about him. did you know david bowie's changed his name from david jones because of davy jones... the lead singer for "the monkees."he chose "bowie" because of the bowie knife. the moon landing gave his career a boost because the b-b-c used his song "space oddity" in its coverage of the 19-69 moon landing. bowie led the change in music sales.he released the first-ever downloadable single by a major artist, "telling lies", in 19-96. he also acted in more than two dozen films including his role as "pontius pilate" in martin scorsese's "the last temptation of christ."
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in on *bowie* the penguin recently born at the cincinnati zoo and named in honor of the singer.keepers have been playing his music. they tell us bowi is doing well and eats about six times a's still unknown whether bowie a boy or girl though.the penguin is the first baby born in 2016 at the zoo. 2016 is here -- and maybe you're planning a big trip this year. year.the *worst* days to travel this year... so you don't waste your time. and in iconic mansion has been listed *on sale*but it comes with a catch...the agreement you will have make if you want
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patrick's day will mark the end of the cheap winter season for both domestic and trans- atlantic flights. another price hike will happen on may 17 with the start of the pre-summer season. flying just a day earlier could save you money. and he called june 10 "the final jump of the summer," with airlines raising prices just when people want to start their vacations the most. what if you have no choice but to fly on those days, though?the airfare search engine cheapair
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season.kick off is at 8:30 on espn. an american killed in italy... now a murder mystery has the world captivated. captivated.what we know now.. and the concerns many have about where this case is headed. and mothers against drunk driving take aim at the so called affluenza teen.what they want to happen right now. and steve is tracking much we'll see and when it
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welcome back to the now cincinnati... balcony pic picfirst a live look..'s steve now, let's talk about the snow coming in and what our timeline looks like. spotty snow showers begin mainly after 3 a.m. by the peak morning rush (6-8 a.m.), a half inch of snow could already be on the ground and this will include cincinnati. scattered snow showers continue until around lunchtime. it will also be very windy in the morning hours causing blowing snow and lower visibility at times. in all, it looks like another inch of snow will fall in the tri-state with more isolated reports up to 2". with fresh snow on the ground and clear skies wednesday morning, temperatures will easily fall into the single digits again with below zero wind chills. roads that aren't treated or plowed will be snow and ice
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it is winter and we're not the only ones dealing with cold and snow.this is a look at wisconsin today where most people know how to handle winter.but that hasn't stopped hospitals from preparing for an expected boom in injuries... mostly related to the cold and shoveling. "28 "i think there's no danger in taking it too seriously, remembering that even that shortest drive, you want to have a coat in the car, because what if you do get stranded?" officials have also issued a warning about carbon monoxide. and its a good warning for us to keep in mind too.they say when temperatures drop, people will take drastic and sometimes unsafe measures to stay warm... and that can lead
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this cold weather is our first real threat of having pipes freeze.we have some simple ways to prevent that from happening. happening.look for pipes that aren't covered in insulation and add some. seal up any cracks or holes in outside walls that can make pipes even colder.if temperatures drop below zero -- set your faucet to a slow drip. that will keep water moving, so i won't be as likely to freeze. before the next round of snow gets here, download the new scripps "snow cast" app. use it, along with our 9 on your side forecasts, to track how much snow will fall in your area over the next 48-hours. you can download "snow cast" in apple's app store. we now know the name of the man killed in mounth healthy last night. investigators now identify the victim as 22-year-old elijah johnson.hamilton county sheriff's deputies say the shooting happened at the ameristop convenience store yesterday afternoon around three.the victims were inside a car at the time.deputies
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hamilton county's newest commissioner was sworn into office this afternoon. dennis deters has taken over for greg hartmann, who resigned in december.the move gives deters almost a full year as a commissioner before voters head to the polls to vote on whether he will keep the position.deters was sworn at one. happening right now... the mother of the so-called "affluenza teen" is in court... trying to get her bond reduced.tonya couch is being held on 1-million dollars bond.she is charged with helping her son get to mexico.if bond is reduced... and she posts it... she will need to turn in her passport and wear an ankle monitor.* meantime... "mothers against drunk driving" is now getting involved in this case.the group launched an online petition today... demanding ethan couch be moved to adult court.couch is fighting extradition from mexico right now.he went there from texas... after police say he violated probation for killing four people in this drunk driving crash.he got probation instead of jail time... after
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rich to understand right from wrong.madd says transferring couch to adult court now will make sure his probation goes past his 19-th birthday in april.they're trying to get 30- thousand signatures before the transfer hearing set for next week. today -- the maryland court of special appeals postponed the start of trial for one of the baltimore officers charged in freddie gray's death.the move comes as jury selection was to start for caesar goodson junior. goodson drove the van that carried gray from his arrest to the police station in the hours before he died last summer.the case will resume once questions about whether another officer charged, william porter, can be forced to testify at goodson's trial. porters case recently ended in a mistrial. 3 secong nat pop popand new video just released by the mexican government shows its navy raiding a house where they arrested notorious drug lord... "el chapo".he is back in prison fighting
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developing now-- a huge twist to this turns out actor sean penn met, and interviewed "el chapo"... joaquin guzman... after he escaped from prison in mexico and was hiding out in the jungle in october.the drug lord wanted help creating a movie project about his life. penn's interview was published in "rolling stone" this's not clear if he could face charges for not alerting authorities of guzman's location. it's a mysterious case... italy is hoping doesn't turn into another amanda-knox style legal saga. coroners are doing an autopsy today on an american woman found dead in her florence apartment.police are treating ashley olsen's death as a homicide.right now they're questioning her boyfriend and friends in italy... but no one is under investigation.her friend from florida says she can't imagine what she went through. name: staci kelly | friend of ashley olsen "you know, no one deserves to go through that. so i just... whoever did this to her i hope that they get what's coming to them, because it's really hard. she was
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person."olsen's boyfriend says he found her body saturday afternoon... after he hadn't heard from her for days. the u-s state department has not confirmed a claim from north korea that it has an american citizen as its prisoner.during an interview with cnn, the american told a reporter he stole nuclear and military secrets and was caught red handed.cnn says it doesn't know if the statements are truthful or were made under duress.we do know the man lives in virginia.he was born in south korea and became a u.s. citizen 30 years trial date has been set. the white house released a preview today of the president's state of the union address.this year's will be his final. in the video-- president obama sits in the oval office making revisions to the speech.he presents his address tomorrow night.cincinnati's own jim obergefell will be in attendance.the activist for same sex marriage has been invited by the president's wife, michelle obama.
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union tomorrow night, you;ll still get that chance to see it-- thanks to won't stream the address live... but will make it available starting on wednesday through the end of the week. you can check it out at amazon video for free. a new study... that might just have moms with big families cheering. cheering.why your kids could be good for your health! "i'm john matarese. is your car ready for the cold and snow? a lot of us were not prepared today. i show you what you can do now to make
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we'll never miss half-price, hand-dipped milkshakes again. but master, happier hour is from two to five now. pardon me? they added an hour. ...two mill - great, i've lost count. p happy hour just got happier. p get half-priced winter shakes,r now from two to five.
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if you're just joining us today on the now cincinnati -- the 9 first warning weather team is tracking's headed this way in time to make a big mess tomorrow.steve has the details for you -- ahead in just a few minutes. a developing story right now... investigators are looking into claims the man you see here... approaching and shooting a
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philadelphia... may be part of a bigger terror plot. officer jesse hartnett survived... he was hit three times in the arm.the suspect... edward archer... says he attacked the officer in the name of islam... and was inspired by there are claims he is part of group of radicals... and that the threat is not over. runs=:12john mcnesby | president, fraternal order of police: "he was an urban terrorist. whether it was islam, isis, whether he was in this group. whatever the hell it is. this guy needs to be, these other three need to be looked at if it is credible, taken off the street and investigated." investigated."the f-b-i is working with philadelphia police on this investigation. turns out -- *children* really can keep you least for women. a study from simon fraser university suggests the more kids a woman has -- the slower her body ages.researchers looked at women in two rural communities in guatemala.they found that women who had multiple children also had dna that was protected from cellular's suspected that high estrogen levels
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take a look because these are the new faces of cancer research.the co-founder of microsoft and the head of amazon have launched a 100- million dollar investment to create a company that will develop a blood test using d-n-a sequencing to detect any kind of cancer in its early stages.the company is called "grail" because creating this type of test has been compared to finding the "holy grail" of hopes to have the test ready in three least two other companies are trying to develop the same technology. it's the end of the circus as we know it.ringling bros. announced today it's stopping all of its elephant acts a year and a half early. the iconic elephants will be retired in may because of concerns about animal cruelty. originally that wasn't supposed to happen until 20-18. the circus says building enclosures for the elephants at their new home in florida didn't take as long as expected. but the eleven animals will be doing part of an effort to fight cancer during their retirment.the disease is less common in elephants than humans.researchers say believe
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supressing gene and if research confirms it... it mimic the effect. now is the time that many of new years resolutions. -- how you can keep up your motivation and why aren't these people wearing pants?we'll explain the strange tradition and why
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you're watching the now on wcpo 9 on your side... you've seen signs that say "for sale by owner" but how about "for sale *with* owner?" the playboy mansion went on the market today.the asking price? two-hundred-million dollars. and as part of the deal current owner hugh hefner gets to live there for the rest of his life. hope you don't mind a house guest.he and playboy bought the mansion in 19-71 for's 20- thousand square feet with 29
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angeles and the property is even licensed to operate a zoo. why do we do this to ourselves? a new year... a new resolution... and the same old results.the now's andy choi is checking in on the challenge. 8.36.37choi "guys, we're 11 days into the new year, and statistically two out of five people will drop their resolution after a week. what gives, why can't we keep up?" 18.23.13carolyn "i think people pick things they don't really want to do."18.22.45 "trying to stay on top of work and school. i'm a student it gets tough. i do both full time."despite her busy schedule, carolyn jelley says the key to keeping resolutions... keep 'em realistic!"18.24.59"so you've made every resolution?""yeah because i don't set my bar super high."[laughs]18.29.25 "my rule is thanksgiving." bernie bailey's resolutions start around thanksgiving. guess it beats going cold turkey on january 1st. and perhaps the strongest resolutions put the focus on those around us. 18.27.11"so a little bit each day of practicing some gratitude and giving back to other people." yes, little by little, being thankful for what you have can
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looking up at a lofty goal. 18.34.20"like drake says "wait, are you about to quote drake the rapper?""yes!""okay, okay bottom now i'm here!"[nats of "started from the bottom" video]whether you're a rap star, or a 74 year old man on his way to swim class, the key to 2016 is all about looking up! for the now, i'm andy choi. some ways to avoid becoming the stastic nd to keep your resolutions:make them very specific...tell loved ones about them to keep you accountable...and use technology. there are number of apps available to keep track of your goals, ranging from fitness trackers to financial planning apps. and the winner is -- the honda has been named the 20- 16 north american car of the year just in time to kick-off the biggest auto show in the nation.the detroit auto show started today. the civic's been completely re- designed and you can call this a comeback. the last re-design
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with drivers and sales earlier model of the civic won this same award ten years ago. if you're an uber user in the tri-state -- you'll be happy to hear this. the ride sharing company is offering a 25- percent discount to riders starting this weekend. why? well, it's considered the slow season, and the company is trying to boost business. this is happening in about 100 cities across the country, but the discount will vary
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now, let's talk about the snow coming in and what our timeline looks like. spotty snow showers begin mainly after 3 a.m. by the peak morning rush (6-8 a.m.), a half inch of snow could already be on the ground and this will include cincinnati. scattered snow showers continue until around lunchtime. it will also be very windy in the morning hours causing blowing snow and lower visibility at times. in all, it looks like another inch of snow will fall in the tri-state with more isolated reports up to 2". with fresh snow on the ground and clear skies wednesday morning, temperatures will easily fall into the single digits again with below zero wind chills. roads that aren't treated or plowed will be snow and ice
4:42 pm
lamar odom is officially out of the hospital.. and on his way to rehab.the former nba star was spotted being driven around l-a over the weekend. lamar had been hospitalized since october when he was found unconscious at a brothel in nevada. no charges are expected against odom, who was under the influence of cocaine at the time. this this annual tradition may seem bizzarre to us, it's just another day in new york. thousands rode the subway without pants! it was part of the 15th annual "no pants subway ride" on sunday.participants enter the subway car fully clothed but once the "doors close they take-off their pants!they then wait pantsless on the platform
4:43 pm
my co- acnhor craig mckee is here now with a quick look at what's coming up on 9 on your side. we're on the verge of a 9 first warning weather day. our crews are out making sure street and highway crews are ready for the impending snow to keep you safe. what you need to know before you hit the road and the best way to stay in the loop for closures and delays. we'll break it all down for you. the bengals steelers game fallout. the number of arrests and what some fans are facing as a result of their actions at the game. plus, coach marvin lewis in his own words tonight on how the season ended.
4:44 pm
there is good news today about teen smoking.fewer of them are doing it! it!but there lungs are still in danger.the threat they still face. and thieves can take your credit information -- even if they don't have your credit cards.we look at the trend and give you a game plan for
4:45 pm
the 9 first warning weather
4:46 pm
of's headed this way in time to make a big mess tomorrow.steve has the timeline.. and will break it all down for you in minutes on 9 on your side at five... chances are you'll see fewer teen-agers smoking these days...that's the good news. news.the bad news is that while fewer teens are lighting up second-hand smoke still remains a big problem. only 9-percent of high school students now smoke.down from 16 percent in 20-11.but a government study published in the journal "pediatrics" today says nearly half of non-smoking kids are still exposed to second-hand smoke at least once a week.the c-d-c says there is no safe level of second-hand-smoke exposure.the study suggests expanding smoke-free zones.right now... 26 states have smoke-free laws for indoor public places and worksites. if trends hold true-- more than 30-million of us will be victims of credit card fraud this year.the now's laura harris talks to one man whose actual credit card was duplicated.'s called
4:47 pm
and an easy way you can stay alert. 2:06- 2:13 "very scary. and i am a small business owner... so they actually used my company credit card to make this purchase." joe charlton -- owner of it's time auto detailing was recently shocked with the news he became yet another member of the credit card fraud club. *joe charlton, owner, it's time auto detailing*1:09- 1:19 "capital one sent me a text message saying 006 for no this was your transaction or 007 this wasn't your transaction from steak and shake for 19.73." well when he got in touch with the bank-- he explained-- not only was the overnight purchase made while he was fast asleep at home... but was at a fast food joint he never goes to! and that's when they gave him the lowdown about how his hard earned money was being spent with a *duplicate* credit card- through a process called "cloning", a crime growing since 2010. *joe charlton, owner, it's time auto detailing*1:53- 2:04 "capital one told me that while we're sleeping at night, these guys are actually generating numbers at night. i wasnt the only one. so now they are catching on to the system of how they do what they do." law
4:48 pm
specific crimes are telling people in addition to checking your transaction history *daily*; always select credit instead of debit at gas pumps, grocery and retail stores and also take this advice from joe-- who says things could have been a lot worse had he not done one simple thing. 2:35- 2:42 "it is the best feature. turn on all of your email alerts any notification via email or text. however you receive alerts... i recommend you sign up for it." he got his money back... and a *squeaky clean* new credit card and number... but he hopes others will learn from what happened to him... all while keeping a great attitude. 7:15-:18 "you could have just called me on the phone and asked me for 19.73! *laughs*" for the now, i'm laura harris. harris. investigators who deal with this kind of thing everyday also tell us you should invest in a shredder. shredder.shredding all mail and personal documents significantly decreases your chance of becoming a victim of
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that's it from the now cincinnati... cincinnati...9 on your side at 5 starts right now. bracing for snow and slick roads.tomorrow is a nine first warning weather alert day. we're on your side with the timing of the storm so you'll be prepared. bad behavior - on and off the field.the team reacts to the playoff meltdown.and what's next for those fans arrested at the game. teenagers losing their hearing! we're on your side with the dangers of some headphones -- and how *you* know when the music is too loud. 9 on your side at five starts now! snow makes a return just in time for your drive to work tomorrow.snow - likely to impact the entire tri-state - making tomorrow a nine first warning weather alert day.
4:50 pm
prepared when you start your car tomorrow morning. morning.we're on your side with team coverage of what's ahead. ahead.t-j parker will tell you how road crews are gearing up. first - here's 9 first warning chief meteorologist steve raleigh to break down the timing of this storm ... steve? spotty snow showers begin mainly after 3 a.m. by the peak morning rush (6-8 a.m.), a half inch of snow could already be on the ground and this will include cincinnati. scattered snow showers continue until around
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