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tv   9 On Your Side News 5  ABC  January 11, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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road crews are preparing to salt and plow thousands of miles of state roads- making sure they're as clear as possible. t.j. parker is live - on your side with what they're doing to keep you safe ...t-j? hundreds of trucks- on both
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preparing to tackle the interstates- making sure the roads are safe for people to drive on- especially when the snow is expected to fall overnight and into the morning. crews in kentucky will be out, pre-treating the state roads over there. some of the areas they will be working more on will be the bridges and overpasses. in ohio- the ohio department of tranportation will hav 160 trucks out. their concern- is getting the roads cleared- while the snow falls before the morning rush. "it can get delayed a little bit because of the traffic, but we'll try to get out there and get things cleaned as quickly as we can""the morning rush hour is always a tedious one for our guys because it's a lot of commuters out there." now both departments say if you don't have to be out on the roads- don't. coming up at 6- we'll take a look at the the city is treating their roads- with these cold temps.
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again - tomorrow is a weather alert day...we want you to have all the information you need on the timing of this storm. storm.steve will have any updates for you all evening long.and tune in for good morning tri-state starting at 4:30.jennifer ketchmark will tell you what's happening as you walk out the door. we'll any traffic issues. and help us warn your neighbors and fellow drivers. if you see an issue on the road - tweet us "at wcpo."or post photos to the 9 on your side / wcpo facebook page. turning now to the fallout from that bengals playoff meltdown.just about everyone is playing the blame who is responsible for that loss against the steelers?with the coach's reaction - let's go to sports director john popovich. we could probably block off 3
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tonight..bring in the top analysts....and scrutinize the last two minutes of the saturday night game...and we still wouldn't exhaust all the talk about what happened. happened.frankly.....if the bengals don't fumble in the final two minutes of the game....we're probably not discussing this at all....we're talking about their upcoming game with the patriots.-but once that fumble occurred........then came a questionable hit.......then bengals players unraveled before a prime time audience....nothing else seemed to matter....all we knew was the bengals were done too soon again..... the players were a little more direct about what happened.....we'll have some
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you've heard about bad behavior on and off the field. field.evan millard is live at paul brown stadium with the fans arrested saturday night ... evan? there were six of them - we're told higher than normal. - wouldn't you know three bengals fans, three steelers fans.five appeared in court this morning on assault charges. nats - fans outside pbs from satit was easy to get swept up in the atmosphere saturday this guy -nats - enraged bengals fanbut bad blood boils between bengals and steelers.nats - court monday - five guys appeared before a judge.there's bengals fan martin cooke was spotted peeing in public and accused of -nats 0108 punched the victim in the face, which resulted in a chipped tooth and a cut and swelling to the victim's eye.and jared mccarty who admitted to drinking underage before punching a woman in the face.nats 0346 your honor, this kid has absolutely no record.david
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bengals fans known - accused of throwing a beer can at one - and cutting up that person's face.steelers fan david grillo - you can tell by the jersey in his mugshot - was being thrown out of paul brown stadium when he's accused of hitting a woman in the head. and this indiana man - tyler matthys - also accused of hitting a woman in the face. nats -not in court today - phillip ross of cheviot who police say head-butted a man in the face outside can still see the red marks on his forehead in his mugshot. also not in court today - jacob depalm - a steelers fan who rushed the field when the game was outside pbs, em, 9oys. a man with epilepsy is heading to prison for causing a deadly crash while have a seizure. what's the crime? never reporting his condition on his driver's license.9 on your side's butler and warren county reporter jay warren has the story from hamilton
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blacked out--hit one car kept going and then blew through a red light where he killed 62-year-old troy stapleton today the prosecutor said that strader had, on more than one occasion since high school, blacked out and crashed -------pkg-------a packed courtroom and an emotional case--terrance strader a graduate of m.i.t. and an electrical engineer for p&g-- sentenced today for killing 62-year-old troy stapleton a forty year accident free truck driver who rose to become the of his union union((azure herrington/sta pleton's daughter))"we ended every phone conversation the same way. he would say, 'i love you' and i would say, 'i love you more' and he would say only but i called it first i will never hear those words from his mouth again." again."((robert stapleton/victi m's brother))"this was my brother and the smile that he has on his face it was always there everybody can attest to that he was a great man." strader had previously pleaded no contest to aggravated vehicular homicide and today addressed his victim's family family((terrance strader/sente nced for aggravated vehicular homicide))"i am here today to not only express my sincerest apologies but to also allow the chance to learn more about
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2014 will be a day that's never forgotten a tragic accident occurred that forever changed the lives of many for that reason i am very sorry about the loss of mr. troy stapleton and provide my deepest condolences to all of you." visiting judge james brogan sentenced strader to a year in prison and imposed a life-time ban on driving stating that he wanted others to know that there is a punishment for failing to obtain the proper clearance to drive when dealing with a health condition such as epilepsyoutside the court one of stapleton's brothers robert said that he thought the sentence was fair and it would provide some sense of closure for his family((sot))"do you think he feels a genuine sense of remorse? yes i do. yes i do and you know i don't think at this point that i can forgive him but maybe someday maybe i'll be able to."jay warren 9 on your side hamilton his case spared nationwide change. at five - the huge honor for the tri-state man who helped legalize same-sex marriage. hear what the honor means to him.
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barriers.tributes pour in for david - the small way he was honored here in the
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he's a leader of same-sex marriage legalization. tomorrow, he will join michelle obama at the president's state of the union address. tri-state native jim obergefell was originally
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senator.that was upgraded to guest of the first lady. obergefell was the lead plaintiff in the landmark case that declared same sex marriage legal.9 on your side spoke with obergefell as he boarded a flight to washington. he says the invitation is an example of president obama's commitment to the l-g-b-t community. 1:40 - 1:55"to be invited, to be there in person with the first lady, i think just further illustrates what a priority it is to both of them ... that the united states is a nation that welcomes, protects and supports all citizens." citizens."you can see the state of the union tomorrow at nine - right here on 9 on your side. a memorial is growing for david bowie outside his new york apartment. set up the makeshift memorial after news broke about his death from cancer. the entire world is mourning the musician who broke pop and rock boundaries . he's been a driving force in pop culture for the
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notes along this mural of the music icon. you may remember the cincinnati zoo named a baby penguin "bowie" days before the singer's death. the penguin was born on bowie's birthday. the baby penguin is doing just fine.we still don't know if it's a boy or a girl. you'll see the newborn on exhibit this spring. like a never-ending rock concert. concert.your child's ear buds are destroying their hearing! nine is on your side.we'll tell you how to figure out when the music is too loud. your seven day forecast is
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you're watching 9 on your side at 5 a health alert tonight-- smartphones and mp-3 players have become regular attire for teens and young adults-- but could those devices be causing long term consequences ? john genovese is on your side with how you can make sure your sound... is safe. in an era where i-phones and i- pods have become as much fashion as function "recent literature has shown that there's an increase in the amount of permanent, high frequency hearing loss in some of our younger population"the devices so many use to listen and talk could be causing some long-term consequences "ear buds do a poorer job of filtering out background noise. so we can all think of times where we're in a noisy place - like a gym or wherever and you turn up the volume to account for that loud noise around you" a recent
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cranking up concern. citing the world health organization... it says 1-point-1 billion teens and young adults are at risk of hearing loss--and half of people ages 12 to 35 listen to music at unsafe volumes "data has shown that shown that sound levels at or above 85 decibels can actually cause permanent hearing loss. as a frame of reference - a lawnmower can be 85 decibels, 90 decibels and an i-pod? the highest volume setting measures out at more than 100 decibels. doctors say listening to music that loud for just 15 minutes is enough to cause permanent damage"mp3 players and smartphones can actually get to volumes around that level of a rock concert" john genovese 9oys doctors recommend using the 60-60 rule--listening to music at 60-percent full volume no more than 60 minutes at a time. doctor matthew hensler with the christ hospital says over-the-ear headphones are
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while there's no winner of the now one-point-four billion dollar powerball .. some ohioans can call themselves millionaires. millionaires.two tri-state stores - one in goshen and one in milford sold million dollar tickets before saturday night's drawing. 2:33-2:37"i think it's pretty awesome one of our customers was able to buy it and win the million dollars. dollars.there were also four 50-thousand dollar winners in kentucky. experts say we're wired to take our chances. "our brains aren't wired to think about probability. we understand the chances aren't that good, but we can delude as good as a chance as anybody." you will see the next powerball drawing only on 9 on your side this coming wednesday -- right off the bat
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spotty snow showers begin mainly after 3 a.m. by the peak morning rush (6-8 a.m.), a half inch of snow could already be on the ground and this will include cincinnati. scattered snow showers continue until around lunchtime. it will also be very windy in the morning hours causing blowing snow and lower visibility at times. in all, it looks like another inch of snow will fall in the tri-state with more isolated
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screen takeover! takeover! blurred vision - headaches and neck pain. screens can be a danger.we're on your side with three ways to protect your eyes and body. sneaky sources of salt.sodium creeps its way into your diet. the unexpected foods you'll
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new at 5:30...did you have to scrape your car's windshield this morning....and tug on the door to open it?consumer reporter john matarese is on your side with some things you can do to make tomorrow morning's departure a little
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tonight in healthy living - about 70 percent of us are glued to multiple screens at once. once.from computers, to phones, to i-pads.the constant juggle can lead to irritated eyes, blurred vision, and neck pain. we're on your side with how to protect your eyes. first - keep smaller devices as far away from the face as possible. remember to blink.and try the 20-20-20 rule. for every twenty minutes with your screen, give your eyes a twenty second break by looking twenty feet away. we all know to lay off the salt.tonight we're on your side with some sneaky sources that add too much sodium to your diet. don't often think about too much salt in bread, but sodium in bread really adds up. same goes for cold cuts ... condiments ... and nuts. restaurant meals are also good at hiding salt content.
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side at 5:30.let's check in a look at what's ahead. hamilton county deputies will soon have body cameras. sheriff jim neil presented the plan today. he says they won't only improve policing and public safety... they will also save taxpayers' money. macy's sale. but it isn't clothing that could be on the block. the deal that could bring the cincinnati company billions of dollars. this small-business owner is looking to expand. how can a bank help? at huntington, we love working with small businesses. in fact, we're the number-one sba lender in our region. all these businesses are too small. what we need to do is merge them. florist, coffee shop, bike repair, architect, funeral home. now they're big enough for me to take seriously. you're scaring the townspeople. relocated. helping you grow. just another way we're looking out for your business,
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a big dose of winter is heading our way. that's why tomorrow will be a nine first warning weather alert day. chief meteorologist steve raleigh is tracking this system as it moves closer to us. steve. a winter weather advisory will be in effect from midnight until 7pm tomorrow. some parts of the tri-state could see up to 2 inches of snow, although most will receive less.a band of snow is expected to hit during the morning rush hour tomorrow, which will likely affect your morning commute. high winds will also affect
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