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tv   9 On Your Side News 530  ABC  January 12, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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deputies believe 87-year old clarence marker was checking his muskrat traps when he fell in the water." sheriff glen potts//ohio county: "53:53 he was in good shape for his age and to lose somebody like this is a tragedy"ohio county sheriff, glen potts, says at age *87*, clarence marker was a hard worker.. and took a lot of pride into taking care of his farm. he says- clarence was found- after his family called deputies asking for a welfare check.he was in *this* frozen pond, on property he owned. sheriff: "54:25 he loved that property and he took good care of it" marker's family last saw him last weekend.deputies aren't sure how exactly he died... but suspect the cold weather was a factor.indiana conservation officers were called in when clarence was found. they handle any cases involving incidents where people are found in the water. lt. bill beville: "49:54 it's always a tragedy when someone loses their life like this especially someone of that age, he was out doing something that he loves to do" indiana conservation officer, lieutenant bill beville, tells
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is a reminder- extreme cold temperatures are dangerous. beville: "50:33 we would recommend that people be very cautious of cold water this time of year, the survival time in water near freezing is minutes""51:00 if your body temperature drops just a few degrees you're going to start losing motor function and it makes it impossible to swim and keep your head above water" the sheriff department has been in contact with the family- who are in the process of making funeral arrangements. in ohio county- t.j. parker- 9 on your side. hypothermia may have played a role in marker's death. and its more dangerous than many people realize... and is something to be aware of in cold weather like we're having now.hypothermia is when your body temperature drops below 95 degrees. nine is on your side with the symptoms of mild hypothermia.... when you still have time to act... they include shivering.. dizziness... nausea... trouble speaking... and confusion. if you're in the cold with those signs.. get help immediately. tomorrow will be a nine first
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serious cold is heading our way.we go right to chief meteorologist steve raleigh for that. steve. low visibility, blowing and drifting snow, and overall, poor travel conditions. snow will stop accumulating across most of the view area by 3 p.m. then tonight, temperatures fall fast into the single digits. this will lead to wind chill values below zero on wednesday
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now to the story nine on your side has been covering for you since it broke.. that massive pile-up on i-74 near in indiana near the ohio border. 40 cars and trucks are involved. steve has been talking about that intense snow squall that was moving through the area. crews have now been working for hours on
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investigate how it happened. six people are hurt... none with life- threatening injuries.. but police are not saying anything about about how badly people are hurt. amazingly.. no one was killed. dan carroll is over the crash scene in chopper nine... the only local chopper getting you breaking news first. dan.. how is the clean-up going?
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some tense moments today in the civil trial over an indian hill mansion. crysta pleatman and her husband decided two years ago not to buy a one-point- two million dollar home... after learning a neighbor had been convicted of trying to murder a 13 year old girl.the civil case is over whether the contract to buy the house was valid.pleatman signed the papers.. but her husband did not. in a related criminal case.... pleatman was sentenced to 40 days in jail for telecommunications harassment. her sentence is on hold while she appeals. the f-b-i is will now use its considerable resources to help fight animal cruelty. the
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cruelty crimes are reported and tracked... bringing a national perspective to the issue. 2016 will be the first year animal abuse cases are reported as a separate offense through its very own uniform crime report.the hope is that this will more clearly document of animal cruelty .. spot dangerous trends... provide helpful resources to local animal protection agencies.. such as cincinnati's s-p-c-a. "i think what it will led to nationally speaking is more counties like hamilton taking these things absolutely seriously because other areas will realize what they escalate to." to."the crime report could also serve as evidence to support stronger penalties for anmial abuse. if you suspect animal abuse.. nine is on your side with advice from the humane society. it says to call your police department.. sheriff... or s-p-c-a... or other animal protection agency. it also recommends calling 9-1-1 if
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they recommend documenting any abuse you can.. such as taking to do so. family attacked. a stabbing in ohio leaves three dead... a fight that started the rampage.. next. a country music star couple's poignant music video... about losing a loved one.. turns into their true- life story. i'm john matarese. 2 for 2, and 4 for 4 deals are taking over lunch menus ...while grocery stores are upping their 2-fer deals too. i'm on your side with the big catch
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an unspeakable crime tonight in columbus.. a man is accused of stabbing his ex-girlfriend and two of her children.. killing all of them. erveena hammond's third child is now in the hospital fighting for her life. the two girls who didn't survive are seven and ten years old. wendell callahan is charged with three counts of murder. police say the stabbing began after he got into a fight with hammond's new boyfriend. he was also wounded. they got him. the ohio fugitive who thought his mug shot was so ugly that sent police a selfie is now under arrest. donald pugh was wanted by police in lima for failing to appear in court for a d-u-i charge. they say he was also a person of interest in other cases.. including arson. pugh's story went nationwide. the long arm of the law finally caught pugh today near pensacola, florida.
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forecast is coming up. a massive mess..(sot)...a forty-car pileup on i-74.. the aftermath right now..mystery man..(sot)...the unsung hero who witnessed and managed the pileup chaos before leaving the scene...forced to buy more!...john matarese reveals the reason some tri-state stores want you to buy more to get the best're
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you're watching 9 on your side at 5:30. 2 fer deals are popping up everwhere for the new year: on lunch menus and in grocery and drug stores.consumer reporter john matarese is on your side with the catch with many of them.but to make sure your homes pipes dont freeze tonight. john? with temperatures dropping to near zero tonight....tri state plumbers are expecting a flood of calls from homeowners with frozen pipes tomorrow. tomorrow.but by taking just a few simple steps, you can avoid a busted pipe.plumbers tell 9 on your side if you have pipes next to uninsulated walls, you should take precautions.--open bathroom and kitchen cabinet doors under sinks if they are on outside walls.--leave faucets dripping.--open up doors to
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pipes in them, so heat gets in there. with the powerball now exceeding a billion dollars, the cincinnati better business bureau is warning about a new found of lotto scams. the bbb says beware an email or call claiming you are a second place lotto claims you will get a big check, if you pay a big legal fee in advance.legitimate sweepstakes and lotteries will never ask for money in advance. have you noticed all the two-fer, 3-fer, and even 4 for 4 deals this new year?it seems every store and restaurant is rolling out great deals.but this time they come with a big catch: it can be impossible to buy just one. something different i2 happening in the supermarket .... in the drugstore....and at fast food restaurants. rather than just give us a sale, they are making us buy more to get the discount discount"do you see that more and more, where you have to buy more than one to get a sale? yeah, they want to entice you to buy more."here
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of sales.... if you buy a bunch.mouthwash? 2 for 11 dolalrs, or 6.29 each. each."if i only buy one, is the sale price going to apply to just that one?"no: you have to pay more.even grocery stores are getting into the act, according to the website mouseprint dot org.this 3 for 9 dolalr sale of coke? you must buy 3 12-packs, or you'll pay a lot more. this chunky soup is 2 for 3 dollars, but you must buy two. two."don't get me wrong : these deals are pretty good. check out wendy's 4 for 4: you get a drink, nuggst, fries, and you get a burger! all that for 4 bucks. bucks."it's a great deal, there are not many places downtown where you can eat cheap like that."mcdonalds is running a 2 for 2 dollar deal....burger king, 5 for 4's all good, with one catch: you have to buy more, which you may not always want to do.example: this big roll of t-p... 10 for 5 dollars, or 50 cents.but do you really need 10? one roll is going to cost you a lot
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mouseprint says some of these deals really benefit stores because most shoppers dont scrutinze the signs....and they buy just one item, thinking it's on sale when it's not.for more daily consumer alerts, like me on facebook for follow me on twitter at john matarese so you don't waste your money. low visibility, blowing and drifting snow, and overall, poor travel conditions. snow will stop accumulating across most of the view area by 3 p.m. then tonight, temperatures fall fast into
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lead to wind chill values below zero on wednesday
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a country music couple's song about losing a loved one turns into their own story. the big decision they just made about treatment. overturn the bengals game?yeah -- that's what thousands of fans want done... because of player misconduct on the field. at six -- see the petition that's gaining traction -- and john popovich's prediction on
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before contemplating the many choices on steak 'n shake's $4 dollar menu, one must calm the mind in our zen garden. focus. the garlic double steakburger meal. reflect.
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zen. the original double 'n cheese steakburger meal. oh! the $4 menu. where all meals are under $4.
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you may soon be able to register to vote on-line in ohio. state lawmakers spent part of today looking at that plan. it would require the state to create a secure, online registration process for voters. applicants would need to provide an ohio driver's license or state id card number. there is an outpouring of support tonight for country music singer joey feek... who is dying from cancer. pulling at the heartstrings.... a song she recorded with her husband rory, in 2012. 2012."even though you love me still, you will know where you
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we'll both be fine fine"when i'm gone" talks about moving ahead after someone you love is gone. joey feek recently stopped her treatments for cancer.. and hoping to live past her daughter's birthday next month. one driver says he saved many lives -- putting himself on the interstate during a 40 car pile up this afternoon. afternoon.carol williams joins us with that story of heroism... all new at six. carol? this "mystery man" stood at the scene... commanding semis to stop! stop!he put his life at risk to help others...hear what one driver wants to say to that good samaritan. a frightening moment for two night workers in west price hill...when a man holds them up at gunpoint!hear from workers who saw it all...
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mysterious good samaritan... he risked his life to help dozens of drivers caught up in a major pile up -- then vanished!hear why drivers say his actions -- saved their lives in white-out conditions.
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leaving horrible memories for west price hill business employees - moments before police shot and killed him. game investigation...bengals fans trying to make a petition go viral... see why they want the steelers win to get tossed out. "he was out of his car and then he stopped all the other semis from hitting." hitting."a driver says that man saved her life and others -- and then vanished...the good samaritan who jumped into action during a massive pile up on interstate 74. the westbound stretch of that road is still a mess tonight. tonight.nine on your side's john genovese is at that scene... he has the latest tonight. for hours we've seen tow trucks cycling back and forth trying to clear this mess and
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