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tv   The Now Cincinnati  ABC  January 14, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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convicted of a double murder!. now a jury is deciding the punishment for shaun hiles. breaking details are just seconds away!the perfect powerball tickets weren't sold here in the tri-state.. but not everyone came up empty handed.we have a few winners of our own. an ohio bus driver is attacked and annoyed riders just walk away!"i'm tellin' you! don't make me pull out my gun!" the stunning fight caught on tape... and what it took before that driver got back up from police. *this* is the now cincinnati. first, a guilty verdict in a double murder-- and breaking now -- a jury also recommends a northern kentucky man spend life in prison without the possibility of parole. that man is shaun hiles-- today he was convicted in the 2014 shooting death of his estranged wife and her friend. the now's briana harper joins
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where this trial is wrapping up now. briana-- a day of emotions here inside this grant county courtroom. closure for two families and uncertainty for a convicted killer who could be sentenced to as much as life in prison without parole. attorney 29-40 jim crawford-- prosecutionin day three of the shaun hiles murder trial--both the defense and the understand the mindset of this man. accused of killing his wife and her friend. the defense claims he was emotionally unstable. darrell cox-- defense attorney "he was overcome with extreme emotional distress and that's the only thing that could explain you know his conduct." but the prosecution argued otherwise stating that emotion fueled malicious intent. jim crawford-- prosecution "he blowed nicole hiles' face off.
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intent was to kill it was premeditated, that was his design that was his desire." after a short time deliberating the jury unanimously found hiles guilty of two counts each of murder and wanton endangerment. as part of the sentencing trial the defense did call the hiles- daughter to the stand. she spoke on the difficulty of losing not only her mother but her father as well due to the prison system. we will be sure to monitor any updates on hiles final sentencing. the man suspected of attacking a ripley county police officer overnight.. is now in custody. bond has been set at two million dollars. dollars.kyle moore was arrested this afternoon.police say he asaulted a ripley
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and then eluded capture for more than 12 hours. moore was arraigned a short time ago on charges of assault, obstructing justice and failing to comply with a police officer's order.he allegedly broke the jaw and nose of ripley officer john amole in a confrontation last night near the pcp plant on second street in ripley.moore was captured at the ohio valley manor around noon today when a resident alerted police. "once we got there, we made contact with the male, put him in custody and he stated he didn't understand why he was being put in custody. he had no recollections of last night's events." events."moore also took officer amole's service revolver, which was later recovered.coming up new on nine on your side at five, the words moore uttered to a brown county judge. a cincinnati woman is among three people killed in a bus crash in honduras. honduras.according to columbia
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olivia erhardt died after the van she was in rolled over. according to her facebook page... erhardt recently graduated from mariemont high school and conducted scientific research at cincinnati's children hospital. two others were also killed in the crash. an arrest in west chester -- following a deadly shooting that left an 18 year old dead. justin koch has been arrested. he faces murder and aggravated burglary chargesyesterday afternoon - tyler kassow was shot inside this home on north pisgah drive and route 42.the 911 calls made to help him were released today.
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temperatures will rebound through friday, with highs in the mid 40s. friday will be a rainy day as an area of low pressure rides into the tri-state out of the south. right now, our better chance for rain on friday will be in the afternoon and evening hours. we'll be on the backside of that low for the weekend, which means colder air. so, another rain/snow mix is possible on saturday before more light snow on sunday. at this time, little to no accumulation is forecasted. right now, we don't yet know who they are... but we'd all love to be them!they hit the record 1-point-58 billion dollar powerball jackpot.the winning tickets were sold in chino hills, california... melbourne beach, florida... and munford, tennessee. tennessee.this is the publix
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where the winning ticket was sold.we found out today the winning spot in munford is "naifeh's food market."and the store owner who sold the winning ticket at a 7-11 in chino hills received a check today for 1-million dollars. name: balbir atwal | 7-eleven chino hills franchise owner "this is the luckiest machine on the planet, so make sure everybody come in here to play! " "each of the jackpot winners will get around 528 million dollars before taxes.they will all have to come forward eventually... because none of the states where the winning tickets were sold let winners stay anonymous.and even though you didn't win the jackpot... you should still re-check your ticket.lottery leaders say more than 70 tickets won 1- million dollars.and thousands of others won smaller prizes. it may not have been the biggest jackpot up for grabs last night-but a woman visiting the tri-state is now cashing in a cool million bucks. our john genovese joins us
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center where some are hoping those riches will be dealt again. john. the manager tells us it's been a mad dash today inside before you can even walk through the doors--the store's got this sign posted everyone know luck. linda windey claimed her million-dollar ticket down in louisville this morning. she's from upstate new york visiting family and working temporarily here in the cincinnati area. she says she stopped by the walton travel center three lines on linda say that money could not have come at a better time. no plans on how she'll spend it just yet. but right after that news conference blood as her way of paying it
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the next powerball drawing is's set for 40 million dollars. breaking this afternoon... planned parenthood is filing a federal lawsuit against the group that made undercover videos like this one...the videos claim to show planned parenthood making deals... to profit from selling fetal tissue. the controversy led to several investigations which turned up no evidence of wrongdoing... and a failed attempt in congress to cut federal funding. a lawyer for planned parenthood says the "center for medical progress" and the company behind it... biomax... provided fradulent information"... as part of "an elaborate conspiracy" to discredit planned parenthood. a developing story all day... explosions and gunfire rock the capital of indonesia... and now isis says it's responsible for the attacks. so far.. we can tell you five of the attackers are among the seven people killed...nearly
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tower camera above the city caught some of the explosions. runs=:03in-12th tc :07"explosion/voices." "explosion/voices."police have now secured the area.the attacks happened in a major shopping and business district outside a coffee shop and a police security post.witnesses report at least six explosions... one of them near the u-n headquarters there. keeping you updated on a story we first told you about monday here on the now...police have now arrested this man in the murder of an american woman living in italy. ashley olsen's boyfriend found her strangled in her apartment in florence on the city's prosecutor says d-n-a evidence linked this man to the crime.he's an immigrant from senegal... who has been in italy for several months illegally.police believe he and olsen met at a nightclub... then had consensual sex before he's accused of killing her. they're calling it a "monumental achievement"...the
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ever recorded... is now over. the world health organization making that declaration today. we all remember images like this -- people in haz mat suits.there were even some containment scares here in the u-s.the epidemic started two years ago killing more than 11- thousand people mainly in west africa and making nearly 30- thousand sick.doctors partially credit a vaccine they were able to develop during the crisis for giving them the upper hand: runs=:20dr. rick brennan | who director of ebola response: "is it the perfect answer? no. there's not a standlone answer - it's one of the tools in our toolbox that we can use for future outbreaks in all likelihood. but it's not going to be a vaccine like we give for measles to prevent disease in the future, it's going to be a tool that we would use during future outbreaks." outbreaks."doctors say they must remain vigilant... because the virus can live up to a year after someone no longer shows symptoms. a cleveland bus driver is attacked.the entire incident is caught on security camera..
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passengers leaving without helping that driver!we walk you through it all. and have you noticed your cell phone bill creeping up lately? the fee so many companies are hitting customers with... we're in flint as volunteers comb the neighborhood handing out water.. coming up.. why leaders say this isn't nearly enough help.
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a cleveland bus driver opens the door to let a passenger onboard ... without knowing what would come next.cameras roll as a violent confrontation begins and witnesses do nothing to help.frank wiley breaks it down. boarded bus 3349, december 23rd, just after 6 in the evening; a heated conversation between driver and passenger, about a bus ticket that could not be accepted, because it's expired. - "what the f&*$ you mean...?!" both men trade punches. a chorus of frustration followed from passengers. - "i gotta job. i
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go to jail over some bs?!" police say the man that boarded is 22-year-old jared henderson. a few minutes in, he demanded the driver let him go. 171325- "you ain't goin' nowhere! someone call police! call police! call the police!" instead, passegers turned and walked away. - "i'm tellin' you! don't make me pull out my gun!" "you gotta gun?! you said you gotta gun?!" henderson didn't but he does have a history: burglary. he also punched and kicked his child's mother. the 3-year-old saw everything. - "imma, imma felon, man. c'mon, man." "i'm not trying to go to jail, man." the driver didn't let up, and this happened. - "he's gotta knife, he's gotta knife, he's gotta knife!" slam! still, no one called police! it all started over a couple of dollars of bus fare. - "i got a 100-dollars for anybody
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had to help himself, with a call. - snap! snap! dude, you hit me with that phone, man!" finally.. (nats/cop cars) a ride? to jail. eventually witnesses did start to help... even offering the suspect money to let the driver go.a bystander was able to get the knife and held it until police arrived. we have the first hurricane of january. hurricane alex is now in the atlantic ocean.the national hurricane center has issued hurricane warnings for parts of the azores islands.alex is the first hurricane to form in january since 1938.the atlantic hurricane season
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temperatures will rebound through friday, with highs in the mid 40s. friday will be a rainy day as an area of low pressure rides into the tri-state out of the south. right now, our better chance for rain on friday will be in the afternoon and evening hours. we'll be on the backside of that low for the weekend, which means colder air. so, another rain/snow mix is possible on saturday before more light snow on sunday. at this time, little to no
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just when you thought cell phone companies were a little
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survey found overage charges, already at record highs, are up yet has the most -- with 28 percent of customers saying they were hit with overage fees.after that it was verizon, t-mobile then in five customers surveryed say they have paid overage fees during the past six months. we've been telling you about the public health emergency in flint, michigan...people there... are just now starting to get clean bottled water thanks to volunteers and the national guard.the now's todd walker is checking things out first-hand...people say the help that's now coming... is not nearly enough. odd looklive intro:14:34:25 for more than a week here in flint michigan volunteers have been going door to door handing out fresh bottles of water. but for more than a year now residents in this town may have been drinking water that was contaminated with lead now so many residents are wondering what happens next :39nats shoveling outside the flint fire department.. the daily routine starts with clearing the
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probably only going to last me a day :46so the new daily routine can begin..13:37:26 this little filter i don't know if this is going to do any good :29the main fire station downtown is one of several water distribution sites around flint..13:39:09 i'm still paying for water i can't drink :12this has been going on for a week..nat 14:05:59 it's been a nightmare for them 14:06:01the water problems have been going on for nearly two years..mayor 14:19:53 we knew something was wrong with the water :55in april 2014 the city switched water sources to save money.. it's only been recently that state officials acknowledged high levels of lead.. and the residents were told to stop drinking the water..but until these distributions started last week.. residents had to buy bottled water themselves. mayor: 14:22:53 they're very angry people are not only mad they're sad :58 because we feel like we've been let down :59 14:29:42 there's a hell of
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of a response to it :46the sheriff's department and other volunteers organized these now daily door to door distributions.. sheriff robert pickell says because no one else was14:28:30 i look around i don't see fema where are they :3613:57:29 a lot of people can't move a lot of people on fixed incomes they can't go nowhere :34the fix will be expensive.. and it's not clear who will pay.. until then this.. is the new daily routine..14:27:57 it's a band aid what we really need is a surgical procedure 14:28:00 look live tag 14:34:57 fema has been called in to help but no one is quite sure when this problem is going to be fixed they say it's going to take a very long time. in flint michigan, todd walker for the now 14:35:07 now officials are saying 10 deaths from legionnaires disease over the last year may also be linked to the contaminated water.tomorrow on the now... we sit down with the doctor who blew the
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a popular lip baum... now at the center of a lawsuit... that customers can't stop talking about. about.the injuries one woman says she had after using *eos* products. there's a dog flu out break in several is it time
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runs=:04snape says: "mr. potter, our new celebrity." celebrity." we may have known him best as severus snape.the nemesis in the harry potter alan rickman has died at the age of 69.he had been battling cancer.while he got a lot of attention as snape you might also remember him for one of his break-out roles, as hans gruber, the villian in "die hard."or as sheriff of nottingham in "robin hood: prince of thieves." (i loved him in 'love actually' and 'sense and sensibility').
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and well-respected on stage and screen.he was a classically-trained actor... and even though he played notable bad guys was known for his versatility. a popular lip balm is now at the center of a class-action lawsuit.newsy's katie link shows us why. there's dry lips and then there's "severely cracking on the edges" dry lips. that's what one woman says happened to her when she used this product.rachel cronin is suing the cosmetic brand eos , which stands for evolution of smooth, after its lip balm caused "flaking and bleeding" around her lips. she says the product caused her severe pain, which ultimately led her to seek medical treatment.eos isn't pleased with that accusation. the company posted on its facebook page https://www.faceboo, saying in part, "our products are safe to use, are made with the highest-quality ingredients and they all meet or exceed all safety and quality
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industry."it turns out some other users have had mixed experiences with the egg-shaped lip balms in the past. users posted both negative reviews and support for the brand on social media. in the lawsuit, cronin is seeking damages and is demanding corrective advertising. (video via eos https://www.faceboo b.33786259968/101 50560266874969/?type=2&theater) ype=2&theater)watch newsy 24-7 on your tv or download the newsy app for on the go updates updates in court...the suspect in a deadly hit and run makes his first appearence before a judge. judge.what he claims has been happening since his arrest following days of being on the run. and the oscar nominations announced did cincinnati's own carol do? we
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welcome back to the now cincinnati... he says he didn't do it. the man accused in the decemeber hit and run that killed a local runner says he wasn't the driver's seat. timyka artist was in court for today's arraignment with why the suspect won't be getting behind the wheel anytime soon. sot:nats: 3:31 have you received a copy of your indictment? how do you plead? not guilty24 year old thomas stidham says police got the wrong guytelling his attorneys and the judge he's innocent in the fatal hit and run of 57 year old cathy chatfield. chatfield was participating in the seven hills run/walk in early december, when she was mowed down and left to die on the side of the road on dorchester
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charges of vehicular homicide, tampering with evidence and leaving the scene of an accident remained sealed until his capture. stidham did not go quietly..according to police...who had to tase him two times before he finally surrendered.the judge set his bond at 1 million dollars ((sot))07:717 it could've been any of us we are scared of the guy. it's brought back memories just like it was the day it happened.stidhum has two ovi felony priors. he is also facing a domestic charge on a separate unrelated incident. police say he does not have a valid licenseim timyka artist for the now new details about an area humanitarian... who has died. we told you about the passing of frank gurson from the freestore foodbank yesterday. today we wanted to update you on funeral arrangments.they've been made for friday at ten am.
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funeral home on cornell road visitation begins 30 minutes prior.gerson started helping disadvantaged families in 1971. temperatures will rebound through friday, with highs in the mid 40s. friday will be a rainy day as an area of low pressure rides into the tri-state out of the south. right now, our better chance for rain on friday will be in the afternoon and evening hours. we'll be on the backside of that low for the weekend, which means colder air. so, another rain/snow mix is possible on saturday before more light snow on sunday. at this time, little to no
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the oscar nominations were announced today and *carol*, the movie filmed right here in cincinnati, represented. represented.the film picked up six nominations -- one more than it did at the golden globes.however, those nominations did not include best picture or best director for todd haynes. 0 for performance by an actress in a leading roll... cate blanchett in carol. 10 10:27 for supporting performance by a actress the nominees are 30 30:34 rooney mara in carol :36 :36the film picked up nominations for both of its ladies -- cate blanchett and rooney mara.both were also nominated for golden globes -- only they went head to head in the lead actress category. splitting them up may mean they have a better chance at winning.
4:29 pm
be watching closely?best actressbest supporting actress actressbest adapted screenplay best orginial scorebest cinematographyand best costume design as happy as we are about carol -- it wasn't the only movie to be nominated! "i ain't afraid of dying more than living. i've done it already." already."could leonardo di caprio finally walk away with an oscar?his movie "the revenant" received the most oscar nominations today... 12... including best picture... and best actor for his portrayal of a lengendary frontiersman.he's never won an oscar... despite being nominated four other times. "mad max fury road" has the second most nominations this's up for 10... including best director and best picture.the other nominees for best picture include the big short, bridge of spies, brooklyn, room, spotlight and the martian. we'll see who wins february 28-th. the oscars will be awarded
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on your side.chris rock is this year's host. the next republican presidential debate is tonight... and the main stage is getting smaller, so to speak.this time... only the top seven polling candidates will have their say... in alphabetical order: jeb bush... ben carson... chris christie... ted cruz... john kasich... marco rubio... and donald trump.tonight's debate is in charleston, south carolina on the fox business network.experts say we might see more pointed attacks by the candidates as they try to stand-out... with the first caucus or primary now just about two weeks away. a new trend is emerging in american increasing number of people... now consider themselves politically independent... instead of democrat or republican. the behind this trend and the impact it could have. if a recent gallup poll is any indication, both major u.s. political parties are in trouble with american voters. elizabeth vonnahme,
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government has gone down quite a bit. people don't trust the government to do the right thing. elizabeth vonnahme, a political science professor, says that's leading voters away from the two major political parties. elizabeth professor of political science 15.19what we've seen overtime is an increase and negativity or hostility towards both political parties. and so when you say how do you feel about the republicans, how do you feel about the democratic party you see this quite negative attitude people have and so those of the individuals who are starting to say well i'm not a republican or a democrat, i am an independent. standup - percent -- that's the number of americans who identify politically as independents according to data gallup began that's a 7 point increase from jackie salit, president of independentvoting.org04.45i actually think that that 43% number is going to continue to rise because you can't produce good policy with a bad process. that is the situation
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got to focus on changing the process and make it more democratic, we have to transfer power from the parties to the voters and we need a whole set of structural reforms in order to be able to do that.while both vonnahme and salit speculate that americans will increasingly identify as independents, neither believe voters will completely abandon voting in the two-party system. what they do anticipate is that candidates and politicians will instead change their rhetoric to better appeal to american voters.for the now, i'm terra hall. hall. the recent rise in political independence has come at the expense of both parties, but more among democrats than among republicans. republicans.over the last six years, democratic identification has fallen from 36-percent... the highest in the last 25 years -- to 30-percent. meanwhile... republican identification is down from 28-percent in 2008 to 26- percent last year. would a warning label about sugar... keep you from giving drinks to your kids?the new study that suggests knowledge.. isn't always powerful.
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road today.what he had to say about the odds his wife will
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breaking news on the now cincinnati.celine dion's husband has died.rene angelil passed away this morning at the couple's las vegas home.he was battling cancer.angelil started as dion's mentor...the couple had three children together. dion recently stopped performing to spend more time with her husband. rene angelil was 73-years-old. do sugary drinks need health warning labels similar to cigarettes?we told you earlier this week on the now about plans in baltimore to do so... but that city not the only place where leaders are considering action.9 on your side anchor carol williams has a look at other proposals.carol? carol? right now california and new york are considering bills that would require it. it.but would those labels
4:36 pm
from kids?a new study published today in the journal "pediatrics" says yes. researchers did an online survey of parents with children between the ages of six to eleven.only 40 percent said they looked at the health warning labels and *still* chose a sugary drink.that's compared to the rest who just didn't look at the label. researchers say about 66 percent of kids two to eleven years old drink sugary drinks's report also comes just days after i told you about the latest dietary guideline that recommend limiting added sugar to ten percent of our daily calories. right now... the "american heart association" says we're eating 22 teaspoons of sugar a day on average. you may wonder how it happens.. but thieves are always getting someone to fall for their plans.consumer reporter john matarese has three signs its
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and first time moms are getting older.why its happening and the average age
4:38 pm
you're watching the now on wcpo 9 on your side... first-time moms are older than ever.the average age is now around 26... according to the c-d-c. the government started tracking this around 19-70. back then the average age was 21.the c-d-c says the shift is because women are waiting longer to have children... but also because of a big drop in the number of teen pregnancies. the report shows the most dramatic increases have been for african-american moms... and women living along the west coast.but the northeast still has the highest average age.. which is 29 in massachusetts and d-c. just when you think you've heard all the ways scammers are trying to take your money they try something else.but no matter the scam -- there are generally three things that should make you think twice! 9 on your side consumer reporter john matarese that list
4:39 pm
to tell you might may you say *well, no kidding john!*but many of the scam victim's i've talked to over the year say they were easily convinced. convinced."consumer reports" reviewed the many scams out there to pinpoint the tactics used.the first one is the scammer creates a connection so you don't question their motivation.they'll ask you about your family, political views or hobbies and then use the information for their sales pitch. next... the scammers establish credibility.they may claim to be a real business or organization... like the i-r-s. they could do that by spoofing a real phone number to fool your caller i-d.or by using a fake website that looks similar to the real one. finally... scammers always play on your emotions.they'll get you to make a quick decision before you have time to think."the better business bureau" warns scammers also use a technique called "reciprocity" to do this.
4:40 pm
you to convince you they're a good person.then they'll make you feel obligated to return a bigger favor... or even guilty if you don't participate. these tips might not help in all situations -- but they're a good reminder to all of us. and julie....dont go away: at 5:30 i'll show you how to avoid an olive oil ripoff soyou don't waste your money. a-t-m and overdraft fees are costing americans so much money that they've become a presidential campaign issue. j-p-morgan chase... bank of america... and wells fargo made more than six-billion dollars last year in a-t-m and overdraft fees.presidential candidates are now talking about it.. hillary clinton called a-t-m fees unethical and immoral.. while bernie sanders vowed that if he's elected, he will cap them at two-dollars... instead of the
4:41 pm
so how do you avoid overdraft fees all together? the most common advice from experts includes saying no to overdraft gives your bank permission to authorize purchases, even if it overdraws your account, opening the door for bank your bank's mobile app so you can check your finances on the go.and if you do overdraft your account - - call your bank -- sometimes they can waive those fees. temperatures will rebound
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the mid 40s. friday will be a rainy day as an area of low pressure rides into the tri-state out of the south. right now, our better chance for rain on friday will be in the afternoon and evening hours. we'll be on the backside of that low for the weekend, which means colder air. so, another rain/snow mix is possible on saturday before more light snow on sunday. at this time, little to no
4:43 pm
panda-monium is expected at the national zoo this weekend in d-c-.. as the zoo opens its panda exhibit for the first time since august. that's when little bei bei was born.. and on saturday, the public is going to get its first up
4:44 pm
bei bei's sister made her debut four years ago, four- thousand people stood in line to see her. the smithsonian national zoo is free-- but for those of us who don't live nearby, the smithsonian zoo offers online viewing of the pandas through its webcams. here's carol with what's coming up at 5... 5... you talked about this story earlier on "the now..." a young woman from mariemont who was trying to make the world a better place, killed in a tragic accident in honduras. at 5, t.j. parker talks with people who knew_olivia erhard, about what she was. and this story makes your blood boil: a 9-1-1 caller says she saw someone throw a dog out the window of a car, and leave him for dead. tonite at 6, evan millward has the
4:45 pm
into the person who did that. that.a local restaurant sells gift cards for christmas and then goes out of business. we're on your side with a solution for people left in the lurch!!! that's at 6! tanya -- ad lib wrap the dog flu is on the move. should you be worried about your dog? dog?the part of the country where so many dogs are currently sick and the new option for pet owners. they are supposed to power the future... but then they were blamed for fires.could a new way of building lithium
4:46 pm
right now... new concerns about dog flu...spreading across the know its already hit some tri-state pets. pets.but it's also killed five dogs in the past month in the chicago area... and more than a thousand are sick...the now's anne mcnamara asks -- should you get your pet vaccinated? 4:45 this is actually the canine influenza vaccine...they come in single dose vials seven hills veterinary hospital is stocking up on the canine flu parts of the country deal with borderline epidemics. quina feldstein | dog owner 11:54 my mom sent me an article all concerned as the grandmother she is -- im not too concerned about it obviously not all dog owners are worried enough to buy the shot -- which costs about 20 dollars on average. in fact -- some don't even know "dog flu" exists. dr. matt demey | seven hills veterinary hospital 4:02 in the early stages it looks just like kennel cough, so a dry honking cough the dogs
4:47 pm
says the cough can develop into full-blown pneumonia. and with this current outbreak -- there's a new problem. 2:24 right now there's a new strain of canine influenza and there's a new vaccine out for that but if you're a dog owner who opts not to get the 2-year-old devo's mom...12:52 he's got separation anxiety so he's actually on doggy prozac (laughs) not worried about the flu but im worried about his psychological disorders veterinarians say the best thing you can do -- is avoid large groups of dogs...because that's where the virus spreads -- fast. 1:05 dogs in close quarters with others in shelter, grooming borders, things like that.for the now...i'm anne mcnamara. the flu is specific to dogs and can't spread to other pets or humans. but just like the regular flu...young and elderly dogs are at the highest risk. a massive and bizarre drug bust.. hidden in these trucks of carrots...marijuana. creative drug smugglers... disguised the pot by wrapping it up in orange packaging... u-s border patrol found nearly
4:48 pm
hidden among the real ones... weighing nearly 25-hundred pounds.street value? half a million bucks. it could be the end of exploding hoverboards... like this one. one.we've shown you how dangerous they can be because their lithium-ion batteries overheat and then catch fire. now scientists at stanford university have designed the first lithium-ion battery that won't do's what the material looks like on the battery.the scientists say it can shut itself off when it gets too hot.and it then powers itself back on when it has cooled down.there's no word yet when companies could start using the new battery. fresh off the heels of his final state of the union address, president obama held another town hall meeting this week. today he spoke in baton rouge, and one of the hot topics was medicaid. the president commended louisiana's new governor for his decision to expand the state's medicaid program to include thousands of people. the president also fielded questions from the crowd. one question brought people to
4:49 pm
whether the first lady would ever run for president. here's the president's response. (president obama) "let me tell you, there are three things that are certain in life: death, taxes and michelle is not running for president." president."the president said he's proud of the work his wife has done around reducing childhood obesity and helping military families, and he expects her to be an active 'former' first lady.. not president. there was a big turnout at the town hall, but the same cant be said for the state of the union. the speech had its lowest t-v rating in fifteen years.about 31- million viewers watched tuesday night. for those who did watch-- there was a lot of chatter on social media. the address generated 2-point-6 million tweets. that's it from the now cincinnati... cincinnati...9 on your side at 5 starts right now.
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only 9 on your side is there when the suspect breaks down in court... :33 - :37"i would never knowlingly hurt an officer of the law" law"the charges he's facing - and how this police officer is doing tonight. breaking now - an animal cruelty investigation.police digging into claims a dog was thrown out of a car and killed. 9 on your side is gathering new developments right now. cashing in on a cool million.a woman in the tri-state hits the second biggest prize you can take home in the powerball drawing. :40 - :42"i spent most of the in the house!" house!"one of the first things forward. killed while helping others.a tri-state high school graduate dies in honduras.why this young woman is being described as "simply remarkable."9 on your side at five starts now! :50 - :53"there's no way this
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