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tv   9 On Your Side News 530  ABC  January 14, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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side's scott wegener shows us students -- who think u-c is sending the wrong message. it was called 'bullygate.'an nfl embarrassment surrounding the miami dolphins, and the harassment of their own players.the report says that in 2012, then offensive line coach jim turner was 'aware of the running joke' that a player was gay, 'and on at least one occaision, he participated in the taunting." turner was, a source inside the university of cincinnati says he has been hired as an assistant coach for the bearcats. "the university administration had no comment about the hiring of relations office has advised student organizations not to comment either. but that didn't stop students from expressing their opinions.""i do think he shouldn't be here." "i'm a little apprehensive about it.""we shouldn't jump to conclusions .""football is important here and obviously
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football are the players. and the players need to be treated with respect or they may not play well, or they may not play at all.""failure is a lesson...any person should be allowed to have a second chance.""if we're going to give him a second chance, i think he needs to prove himself."sarah morton is a member of the lgbtq center on campus."we should try to invite him to one of our event, one of our workshops and see if he shows up. and from there we can see where he stands."scott wegener, nine on your side, cincinnati. u-c athletics plans to make an official announcement about interesting side note... another former assistant for the dolphins is a bearcat -- zac taylor was hired last week. the video is difficult to watch... and even more difficult to believe.a cleveland bus driver attacked -- over a bus fare!and what's worse -- others on board stand listen. you ain't goin' nowhere!
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police!""i gotta job. i gotta to go to! you wanna go to jail over some bs dude?!""he's gotta knife, he's gotta knife, you gotta knife?!" knife?!"the man also claimed he was carrying a gun.that fight -- started over a *two dollar* fare.despite the driver's calls for help -- no one walked forward to break it up.after several minutes -- the bus driver gets desperate. "i got a hunded dollars for anybody that come help me" me"but no one stepped forward. that fight lasted more than *ten minutes*. the driver called police on his own -- while pinning the attacker.that unruly passenger -- 22-year-old jared henderson -- got a ride *to jail.*no word tonight on charges. we're following breaking news tonight... two cars down an embankment near i-275. chopper nine -- the only local helicopter getting you breaking news first -- is over that scene.dan carroll --
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criminals preying on bengals fans... breaking into parked cars and stealing belongings! one person had their credit cards stolen during the
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and police say this woman was quick to use them at local businesses.surveillance images captured her at meijer's stores in fairfield and colerain *that afternoon*.if you know who this woman is -- call crimestoppers. the tri-state principal -- who gathered big support from students after being suspended -- is back at work. work.rick hosler was out of blanchester high school for nearly two months...over claims he didn't investigate a sexual harassment complaint and intimidated his staff.his attorney said those claims lacked substance... and hosler was "ecstatic" to be back at school today.but what sticks out the most -- the huge support he had from students -- including rallies *on* thanksgiving -- and hundreds who showed up to a school board meeting. "he was just emotionally drained from the support really it was just phenominal but i don't want to dwell on the past because today is a great day, he is back at work,
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the school's superintendent says they're -- quote "developing a plan with the board of education" to get back on track... but did not elaborate on what that means. it's finally a reality.a grocery store is sure to return to a neighborhood without access to fresh food... and construction on the "clifton market" begins in less than three weeks. it's going in the former "keller's i-g-a"... that store closed five years ago.the new grocery co-op had some hold ups... including a refusal from cincinnati for a loan to fund the project.but now hiring is taking place -- the store is expected to open in july. and the grocery store isn't just good news for shoppers... it's could be a big win for nearby businesses.w-c-p-o insiders can ready why "clifton market" could bring a business boom to ludlow avenue. prosecutors say the former lebanon chamber of commerce director -- cut more than 20- thousand dollars in paychecks for herself -- that she didn't earn! earn!today -- sara arseneau pleaded guilty to grand theft
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those thefts happened over a period of nearly three years -- ending this past summer. she'll be sentenced in march. one family's home was destroyed by a fire today in latonia lakes. firefighters say a mother and three kids were home at the time.only the woman had minor injuries.we're told the fire started in a bedroom. the red cross is helping out that family. a murder-suicide of a family of four... one of many possibilities being tossed around after a house explosion in northern ohio. police say it was arson that lead to the deadly scene in northfield.two adults... and two girls -- 12 and eight years old -- died tuesday morning.that explosion rocked homes in that neighborhood.the state fire marshal says it could be weeks before they know what happened. a family of five drives off an overpass.the fiery crash leaving so many questions... how did it happen?and hear why police say the wreckage is a haunting memory. explosions rock an indonesian city...several dead after an act of terror.tonight -- who many think is responsible for
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i'm john matarese: that olive oil you buy in the supermarket may not be real olive oil at all!i am on your side with how to avoid a ripoff, so you dont waste your money. you're watching nine on your
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police in phoenix say the scene will stick with them for the rest of their lives... a family of five killed when their vehicle drives off an overpass. overpass.that car fell 50 feet -- crashed onto an interstate below -- before catching fire. right now... police think the vehicle took an off ramp too fast -- and vaulted through a chain-link fence before falling.officers aren't ruling out drugs or alcohol -- and are considering if the crash was intentional. tonight -- the u-s is warning americans to avoid jakarta indonesia... after a deadly attack blamed on terror group isis. isis.and tonight -- new video of that scene.this blast -- caught on camera -- is believed to be part of the police response to *other* explosions that left seven
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those killed are thought to be attackers.nearly two dozen others are injured. your nine first warning forecast is coming up. stolen computers and a sex tape...the charges a former miami university student is facing tonightunthinkable tragedy....(911 sot)a helpless dog killed...the heart- breaking eyewitness account imposter exposed..(sot)"seen the dog being thrown from the car and then hit."the skinny about your olive oil... john matarese breaks down the difference between the good and the not-so-good stuff... so you don't waste your money. you're watching 9 on your side at 530
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you're watching 9 on your side at 5:30. buying olive oil to be healthy? consumer reporter john matarese is on your side with why that olive oil you buy in the supermarket may not be real olive oil at all!but first....a new way to block those annoying telemarketing calls. john? time warner cable will now make it easier for customers to block unwanted marketing calls, often called robocalls these days. days.twc is teaming up wit the makers of the popular nomorobo app.customers with a time
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be able to go to the company's voice zone website, and click the nomorobo box.presto, it says, no more robocalls. with business down 20 percent or more since fall....chipotle today unveiled how it plans to lure you back, in the aftermath of the e-coli scare. scare.chipotle says it will be much more upfront with customers about any issues that come kill germs... workers will now dip onions in boiling water....among other will increase food testing ...and will bring back freebies, like the old free burrito days. do you buy olive oil for your health!turns out that olive oil you buy in the supermarket may not be real olive oil at allso we are on your side with how to avoid a ripoff. business is booming at olive oil shops like this one.... mt
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findlays market. market."what we have here is, we have our extra virgin olive oil...."here the semertzides brothers -- with shirts that say olive oil snob -- sell their family's greek olive oil to shopppers looking for the real thing. thing."want to try it? yeah i'd love to!" a recent string of investigative reports -- from 60 minutes to forbes magazine --- claim that much of the extra virgin olive oil sold in supermarkets is not the real thing. thing. "the vast majority of what's on the shelf is not real olive oil. yout get what you pay for!" the reports, and several recent lawsuiits, claim many brands are really blends of olive, sunflower, and canola oils. oils."this is our mediterranean...."manos and nick shared with me samples of a dozen different flavors of true olive oil... oil..."all natural herbs and spices in there...."... imported from their family's olive grove on the greek island of crete. crete."real olives, greek, greek olive oil, our olive oil is so smooth its butter." butter.""so how do you know you are getting the real thing? the folks here say the smaller the producder the better.": better.":"the smaller producer has no incentive to adulterate the oil, save a couple of bucks per bottle and destroy
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investigations say watch for the terms imported from or packed in italy... that often means oil from multiple countries.they also say if its the cheapest on the shelf, you risk a bitter flavored blend. after a few tastes, these ladies decided to pay a bit more. more."thanks! what about the law? there is no specific federal standard definining extra virgin olive oil, like there is for organic you have to be diligent.for daily consumer alerts like me on facebook or follow me on twitter so you
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one student calls it a game of dodgeball during class... ceiling tiles falling on teens at one high school!what's behind the classroom danger -- and hear what the school is saying about it. a local restaurant closes its doors. now others are stepping up to honor a promise made by a former at six... your rights when a company that issued gift cards closes a store. and here's what you'll see
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teens in detroit fearing for their own safety *inside their classrooms*... because of a broken ceiling! ceiling!students *and* teachers there say ceiling tiles at detroit's cody high school have come crashing down to the ground... it happens about *once a week*!the school says water has damaged portions of classroom ceilings -- but have received no reports of tiles hitting students.but teens say it's
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"its hard to focus when your worried about getting knocked out by ceiling tiles" // "you should not have to sit with books over your head because you can hear the ceiling cracking" cracking" the school responded by saying those tiles get replaced when they fall... and the district is trying to make necessary repairs. stolen computers and covert sex tapes. it all part of the charges against a local man. carol williams joins with that story we're working on for you at six. this case is centered on a now - former miami university student. he's accused of stealing computers from the school. but its what police found on some of those computer that really raised eyebrows. nine on your side is digging into the other charges in the case. that's all new at six. its unbelievably cruel... a dog thrown from a truck and killed. the chilling 9-1-1 call from people who saw it
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track: violent abuse...a dog thrown from a truck.the outrage lighting up social media. police now on the trail looking for whoever did this. .track: cured!the word devon still and his daughter leah
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reality. the next step in her remarkable recovery. track: a restaurant closing brings out community goodwill.sot: we're all neighbors and we live in this wonderful college town. track: how other businesses are helping keep a promise made by a competitor. your watching nine on your side at six. breaking news now in bond hill.. an accident and shooting that has part of reading road shut down. down.chopper nine -- the only local helicopter getting you breaking news first -- is over that scene.dan carroll --
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