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tv   9 On Your Side Noon  ABC  January 15, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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new at noon.a house fire is under investigation in colerain township.the fire started around 9 this morning at this home on sunlake drive. nobody was home at the time. firefighters aren't yet sure what sparked the flame. this noon hour - 9 on your side is gathering more about
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woman.the exchange happened in the middle of the evening rush... shutting down reading road in bond hill.and that's where 9 on your side's timyka artist is live with the new developments?timyka? i just spoke w police im told they have not a chance to interview the victim. she remains at uc medical still recovering from gunshot wound to her armpit. at first police believed this was a case of road rage. now they believe there may have been a gun battle and that 24 year old iesha williams was not the intended target. williams was driving along reading avenue yesterday when a grey sedan pulled up along the passenger side and opened fire. williams was struck and crashed her red avalanche into a metro access bus. eyewitness to take told that passenger fled, then came back to get something from truck before fleeing again
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been a exchange of gunfire...two different shells... unable to interview at this time police are in the process of reviewing surveillance video of the incident..hoping to id the male passenger and the gunman anyone w info is urged to call police. timyka artist 9 on your side right now two parents are charged with not getting their 4-month old son to doctors soon enough. enough.the child's mother denayshialattimore was near tears in court.police say she and the child's father clinton randolph delayed taking their four-month-old to the hospital when he was having seizures. the baby went to the hospital a few days before christmas and has been there since. prosecutors say that doctors
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shaken and suffered brain bleeding and was malnourished. but lattimore's family who showed up at court says the baby was premature and the injuries were not from abuse. we are going to be here to support her. we're going to let her know, we're going to let clinton know they have a whole community behind them and we're going to get them through this. this.the family says the baby is showing signs of improvement.the judge today increased the bonds for both lattimore and randolph. suspendend juvenile court judge tracie hunter's appeal has been denied.she had asked the court to throw out her conviction. hunter was sentenced to six months for using her position as a judge to help her brother.. who was a juvenile court employee. hunter says the jury wasn't correctly polled in the first trial. no verdict was reached on the other eight counts. hunter's retrial on those charges is scheduled to begin this month. breaking now at noon...nearly 270 walmart stores around the country are closing! closing!wal mart made the news this morning... but haven't
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which stores are shutting down. all we know is that of the 270 stores, 154-of those stores are in the u-s.this impacts 10- thousand u.s. employees! two marine helicopters have collided off the coast of the hawaiian island of oahu.we told you this as breaking news in gmts.a total of 12 people were on board the aircraft.the search is underway for survivors.barbara starr has
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new at brazil, a fire from a chemical explosion spewed giant clouds of toxic gas in guaruja, near the port of santos. the fire started in the port terminal, after water seeped into containers filled with chemicals.several people were affected and received medical treatment at local hospitals. mechanical failure is now being blamed for the bus crash that killed mariemont graduate, 20-year-old olivia honduras. erhardt was on a mission trip when she was killed. she was a sophomore at columbia university. the van the volunteers were riding in went off the road... and fell about 260 feet into a ravine near the capital of honduras. there will be a community memorial service for olivia at
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january 23- rd at 9-30 inside the schools auditorium. the obama administration will announce a moratorium today on new coal leases on federal land.administration officials aretaking a closer look at coal's impact on the current leases will be affected.the move isn't popular with g-o-p lawmakers... who accuse the president of trying to put the coal industry out of business. the gop candidates take center stage in thefirst debate opf the new year.and the candidate that got high marks from our fact checker. animal abuse?.. or a tragic accident?what witnesses are telling 9 on your side about the death of a dog... and how you can help officers solve
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breaking news lebanon.that's where there is a house fire on parkway avenue.several people have been burned.9 on your side has a crew - and we hope to bring you new inforamtion during this newscast. newscast.the republican presidential field has narrowed with the contenders growing increasingly more combative as the iowa caucuses draw nearer.the g-o-p infighting was front and center at last night's debate. reid binion reports. and then there were seven: still, a big g-o-p primary field by historical standards......but smaller than previous debates.trump and cruz took center stage... literally and figuratively - at thursday's fox business network debate in south carolina.they've been mostly friendly so far this primary season......but last night, the gloves came off, with the donald taking bare-knuckle jabs at cruz's natural-born citizenship status and presidential eligibility. (trump) "very very fine constitutional attorneys that feel that because he was not
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run for office."...and cruz striking back, with a shot involving trump's mother, who was born in scotland.(cruz) "on the issue of citizenship, donald, i'm not going to use your mother's birth against you."...also hitting the donald's hometown(cruz) "not a lot of conservatives come out of manhattan. i'm just saying." with the spotlight on trump and cruz, the others fought to stand out as alternatives to the embattled frontrunners. (rubio) "governor christie has endorsed many of the ideas that barack obama supports." (chris christie) "when you're a senator, what you get to do is just talk and talk and talk. when you're a governor, you're held accountable."but while attacking each other... ....they all shared a common, "tuesday night i watched story time with barack obama." (rubio) "this president is undermining the constitutional basis of this government." (bush) "he is missing the whole point."i'm reid binion, reporting. reporting. mount healthy police need your help getting to the bottom of the disturbing death of a dog. may have seen the
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say a man in a truck threw this beagle out - then ran over it on clovernook and compton roads last week. but police have a lot of questions - but they need more witnesses. the dog may have been dead before it was allegedly hit - because it's leash was wrapped around its neck. only nine on your side spoke to the woman who found the dog and called 9-1-1. 1157 it's just really sad, like it's really cruel. i don't know, i don't have any answers. i'm just confused, like, why would you do that? you could have just given it to the humane society or something. something.police tell us they have talked to the truck's owner... because witnesses got a license plate number.but he claims he wasn't driving and knows nothing about it. thinking the middle of winter.we have a sneak peek from inside the duke energy center..where the sports, travel and boat show is this weekend.we're on your side with where you can still get
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you're watching 9 on your side at noon 9 on your side is following breaking news from west chester. chester.police have an 18-year old in custody in connection with wednesday's deadly
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this is a mugshot of jibril willingham. he has been arrested and charged with compliticy to murder. justin koch was arrested yesterday morning...he is also charged in the death of tyler kassow.he was first charged with murder - but charges have changed to just complicity to murder. crime scene tape lines north pisgah avenue where the shooting happened.kassow died after being taken to the hospital.two more people were just arrested within the last hour.we are working to get their mug shots for you. we are also learning that no tri-state walmarts are among those being shut down.270 around the country will close in the coming months. months.moving on... tens of thousands of people are expected to pack the duke energy convention center for the travel, sports and boat show in just a few hours. 9 on your side's kristen swilley joins us with the details. ((looklive intro)) 7 seconds it's a massive display of all
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more that let's you get in on the action as soon as you walk through the doors.vo:what do you get when you combine everything from kayaking to spalunking in one spot. christmas morning for outdoor enthusiasts...aka the annual travel sports and boat show starting tonight.sot: chip hart "i look at it as depicting a quality of life people in the region like to enjoy."vo:and they've been relishing the chance to speed. row. trek. float. roam. reel. and play for nearly 60 years. sot: chip hart"atvs, motorcycles, campers, for those interested in camping, and kayaking of course is very big."vo: the cincinnati golf show opens this weekend on the convention center's second floor. next weekend it's hunting and fishing.but with wall to wall activities... you can make this putting it together....a lot of fun. sot: chip hart "planning for this show is a year long adventure." ((looklive intro))there's
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your hands on tickets. you can find them online for 12 dollars or at your nearest kroger stores for nine dollars. reporting at the duke energy convention center... kristen swilley.... nine on your side. ever get tired of those annoying push notifications on your phone?'s a story that will make you grateful for the number of pushes you get a day. star demy dezoo posted a video of his push notifications.he runs the popular instagram account 4-3-3 with more than 8 million followers, and posted a video of what his phone's notifications look like.... whenever he posts something.
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new video now at noon.british astronaut tim peake and american astronaut tim kopra are teamed up to walk outside the international space station this morning.'s our first look at their discovery trip.the two astronauts arrived at the orbiting lab in december. a teen busting bad drivers.his invention and how he's been testing it for months on his own. flames before flying.the new video showing a hoverboard on fire...why the owner says it
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how many times have you driven on the interstate.. and someone either cut you off..or is driving like a crazy person? person?one teen is trying to make drivers more aware about how their driving, affects others.the texas teenager is using a dash cam recorder to catch sloppy driving, and posting it on the internet for his whole town to see.the 19-year-old has recorded his experiences for the last 10 months, and then posted it on a youtube channel.he insists he's not trying to shame drivers... and it's not just other drivers that he's calling out.he also captured himself rear ending another driver. marc mckennon/creator, bad drivers of plano texas "it's pretty ironic i admit but it's also part of the learning experience that i've gained from the whole dashcaming thing." thing."he says so far, he hasn't received any complaints about what he's doing. new video we just found now...of another hoverboard up in flames. flames.this time around, it was smoking before the owner even stepped on it.then it
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nott, a youtuber, says he charged the board about 10 hours before this happened. some don't think the clip is real.but nott swears it's the real deal..and he has contacted the e-bay seller for a refund. new today...some big honors for five cinicnnati hotels.the downtown hotels were given triple-a's four diamon award. the hotels recognized include... 21c museum hotel, hilton cincinnati netherland plaza, the renaissance, the westin and the cincinnatian hotel.this is the cincinnatian's 19th award. charged with not being quick enough.the local parents a judge say did not act quick enough when a serious medical condition was obvious. an exchange of gunfire...what police are saying now about a shoong on reading road
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here's a first check of your
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9 on your side is following
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where there is a house fire on parkway avenue.several people have been burned.9 on your side has a crew on the way - and we hope to bring you new inforamtion during this newscast. we also have breaking news in west chester.that's where this man is among four people who are now facing charges in connection with the shooting death of an 18-year-old.this is a mugshot of jibril willingham. he faces compliticy to murder and complicity to aggravated burglary charges. justin koch and rodney foster both face those charges as well.demarcus staley was arrested this morning and charged with murder and aggravated burglary.tyler kassow was killed on wednesday after being shot at his home on north pisgah drive.there is a new conference scheduled for 3 o-clock this afternoon that will hopefully provide us with more information about the four people charged. right now two parents are charged with not getting their 4-month old son to doctors soon enough. enough.the child's mother denayshialattimore was near
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and the child's father clinton randolph delayed taking their four-month-old to the hospital when he was having seizures. the baby went to the hospital a few days before christmas and has been there since. prosecutors say that doctors believe the baby had been shaken and suffered brain bleeding and was malnourished. but lattimore's family who showed up at court says the baby was premature and the injuries were not from abuse. we are going to be here to support her. we're going to let her know, we're going to let clinton know they have a whole community behind them and we're going to get them through this. this.the family says the baby is showing signs of improvement.the judge today increased the bonds for both lattimore and randolph. demonstrators are calling for michigan's governor to step down over the ongoing water crisis in flint. flint.residents from flint and detroit marched into the state capitol yesterday... some carrying dirty jugs of water. they say governor rick snyder has ignored flint's lead
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monica villarreal - pastor/ protester"we're waiting on him to ask the feds to come in and help. i understand the process, i understanding looking at a variety of options. but in the meantime, people are suffering and there's not enough resources here." here."several grass-roots agencies... volunteer groups and the national guard are donating water and filters to help the people of flint. new information this morning on an attack of a philadelphia police officer....the f.b.i. is looking at the incident as an act of terrorism...but they was part of an organized terror cell, or that the shooting was part of a larger plot of violence...the suspect, edward archer, did tell police he pledged allegiance to isis after the attack on officer jesse hartnett... he's charged with attempted murder but hasn't entered a plea... there are now fewer than 100 prisoners locked up at guantanamo bay in cuba.the defense secretary announced yesterday that 10 prisoners from yemen were released and sent to oman to be resettled.
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left.. this marks the first left.. this marks the first time the controversial prison has held fewer than 100 inmates since it opened in its peak.. guantanamo held nearly 680 prisoners. controversy surrounding miss washington u-s-a.gary horcher has the story. (maureen francisco/co-director miss washington usa pageant) "i'm just relieved it's over." maureen francisco, a director of miss washington usa, says she got a call today from 23- year-old stormy keffeler, saying she wanted to formally resign from title as miss washington usa, before the organization stripped her title.(maureen francisco/co- director miss washington usa pageant) "we're just glad that she-- decided to resign on her own. it just makes it easier for everybody."(nats) "miss washington usa 2016 is stormy keffler!"keffeler was crowned in october.but back in april- she was arrested for drunk driving, and spent two days in jail.maureen francisco says keffeler was outed by an
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francisco/co-director miss washington usa pageant) "you want to be so transparent and honest because the truth will eventually come out. why would you want to hide anything? somebody's going to rat you out!"the woman holding hands with keffeler here is was the first-runner up kelsey schmitdt of bellevue.she is now miss washington usa. but schmidt can't be crowned just yet, because the crown-- and the sash-- which were in keffeler's possession-- are gone.(maureen francisco/co- director miss washington usa pageant) "it disappeared, it , it disappeared. is that what she told you? she told me something else."maureen says stormy keffler called her two weeks before the dui scandal, and said the her crown and sash were mysteriously missing. (maureen francisco/co-director miss washington usa pageant) "if you find our sash and crown, please mail it to pageants northwest." northwest." keffeler lost her title because according to the rules of the pageant, contestants promise they have not or will not engage in illegal activity.
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this weekend... the ohio state highway patrol is asking you for a favor... favor...they're asking drivers to help keep others safe by moving over for emergency's a state law. from 2011 to 2015... drivers hit 67 ohio state highway patrol cruisers because they *didn't* move over in timethat led to the deaths of two civilians... injured 25 officers and 35 others. fake olive oils.9 on your side consumer reporter john matarese has discovered some of the bottles on store shelves are fakes.which ones you need to avoid. celebrating a milestone.the way wikipedia's creators are showing off during their
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9 on your side is following breaking news from lebanon where a house has caught fire. it started around noon at a home on parkview avenue.this is a first photo from our partners at the journal news. smoke could be seen from as far as two miles person is being treated for burn injuries.we will have more as we learn it. do you buy olive oil for your health!turns out that olive oil you buy in the supermarket may not be real olive oil at allso we are on your side with
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business is booming at olive oil shops like this one.... mt findlays market. market."what we have here is, we have our extra virgin olive oil...."here the semertzides brothers -- with shirts that say olive oil snob -- sell their family's greek olive oil to shopppers looking for the real thing. thing."want to try it? yeah i'd love to!" a recent string of investigative reports -- from 60 minutes to forbes magazine --- claim that much of the extra virgin olive oil sold in supermarkets is not the real thing. thing. "the vast majority of what's on the shelf is not real olive oil. yout get what you pay for!" the reports, and several recent lawsuiits, claim many brands are really blends of olive, sunflower, and canola oils. oils."this is our mediterranean...."manos and nick shared with me samples of a dozen different flavors of true olive oil... oil..."all natural herbs and spices in there...."... imported from their family's olive grove on the greek island of crete. crete."real olives, greek, greek olive oil, our olive oil is so smooth its butter." butter.""so how do you know you are getting the real thing? the folks here say the smaller the producder the better.": better.":"the smaller producer
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the oil, save a couple of bucks per bottle and destroy his brand."recent investigations say watch for the terms imported from or packed in italy... that often means oil from multiple countries.they also say if its the cheapest on the shelf, you risk a bitter flavored blend. after a few tastes, these ladies decided to pay a bit more. more."thanks! and john will be back today starting at 5...with details on chipotles one day shutdown to make things why this month could be a great time to list your house for sale! wikipedia is celebrating its 15th birthday celebrate the site put out a list of the 15 most edited articles on the site.topping the list is former president george-w-bush with more than 45 thousand edits.the list of w-w-e personnel and the united states round out the top three. wikipedia features more than 5
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about ten edits per second from people around the world. a tweet is going viral and getting a lot of backlash today.we'll show you the picture whole foods grocery store sent out. wow, you changed my old bedroom. with a little help from a havertys designer. he helped us, uh...reinvent the whole space. and it is perfect. i'm sure it was perfect then too, because you're perfect. yeah, i was perfect. no mom, you're grounded! it's's better now. well, my design sense is ever-evolving, so... update your space and take up to
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purchase at havertys. plus, enjoy twenty-four month, no-interest financing.
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you're watching 9 on your side at noon some black twitter users firing back at whole foods after the grocer posted a picture of collard greens with peanuts... urging people to try the dish. whole foods twitter account
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because the dish has been part of black culture for hundreds of years.many complained about people -quote- "discovering" things that have been part of black culture for a long time. a woman in new jersey is proving that you're never too old to do something you love. at 102 years young... she's still teaching children how to cook and sew. sew.agnes zhelesnik is officially the oldest living and working teacher in america. zhelesnik... better known as "granny" at sundance school in north plainfield, new jersey... spent most of her adult life as a stay at home mom.she started teaching at the ripe age of 80. (agnes zhelesnik/teacher, sundance school)"i just think you have to take care of yourself and be happy. i had a good life... a good life. (reporter)"and you're still having a good life."(agnes zhelesnik/teacher, sundance school)"you're right... it's a good life." life."the students and staff held a huge birthday celebration this week for granny.she says she has no
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the first hurricane of the year is losing a bit of intensity in the atlantic ... it's the first january hurricane since 1938.and yes -- it is only january.the atlantic hurricane season officially begins june first. alex became an 85-mile-per hour hurricane yesterday
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if you got a new smartphone or tablet over the holiday's you're probably trying to find the best apps to download. right now i'm joined by pam baker from the kenton county library.pam, tell us about your class 30 apps in 30 minutes...
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the class is on january 19-th. that's next tuesday!from 6-30 to 7-30 a look out over the city from the nine on your side skycam. we'll have a final check of the nine first warning
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later today on the nowleft behind in hotels... the most bizarre items we forgot to pack up in 20-15.
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269 walmart stores closing... the number of american employees affected... and the impact here in the tri-state. state. and a new way to pay for college is raising a few eyebrows... getting that degree with the help of a "sugar daddy"!... the local schools seeing this at 4 on the now cincinnati. a tasty tradition returns tonight at jungle jim's in fairfield... fairfield...jungle jim's 3rd annual barrel aged beer bash kicks off at seven... inside the oscar event features more than 80 beers there for tasting.and attendees will get a special edition glass to commemmorate the event.admission is 40- dollars and designated drivers get in for 15-bucks.and of course... you must be at least 21 to get in.
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that's 9 on your side at noon for this friday, january 15th. we'll see you again at four for the now cincinnati. cincinnati.and don't forget - keep 9 on your side - at your side - everywhere you go. download the wcpo 9 on your
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