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tv   9 On Your Side News 5  ABC  January 15, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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couch was burning if the fire department knows they haven't said--we spoke to a woman who lives on the back side of the house and a resident told her it was a cigarette. this is where the kid came out the window. this is a photo taken by a 9 on your side viewer as fire was pouring out of the attic-- and before this host of fire crews arrived a 911 caller told dispatchers what was going on((911 caller))"what i see is a bunch of vehicles stopped in front of me they were all helping, there were some people in the house they broke out a window they're handing people out.""do you see smoke or flames? yes. massive smoke."all indications were that the fire started in this first floor apartment on a couch ((chief perry gerome/lebanon fire department))"we believe the couch was on fire and he was trying to drag the couch out and realized that he could not do that."we talked to ula fleming a resident of the large multi-unit house she explains she spoke to the victim's girlfriend after they got out((ula fleming/escaped fire))"he must have been in the shower and his girlfriend was sitting on the couch smoking and she had set the
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told me and she had set the cig down in the ash tray and i guess when she got up to move the cig fell down on the couch and i guess she didn't realize it and when she turned around the couch was in flames and then her boyfriend tried to move it and that's what...he looked bad."with the house divided into several apartments it wasn't an easy one to fight--and with the recent death of hamilton firefighter patrick wolterman the command staff to a cautious approach to fighting the fire"in light of recent events it was absolutely in the forefront. how did your guys do today? my guys did great did a nice job did a nice job on the fire." exactly how man people were in the house at the time of the fire is not clear but we know the man who was burned was flown to miami valley hospital where he is in critical condition--jay warren 9 on
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paying for the poor behavior. at five - fines were issued for two steelers coaches today.coaches joey porter and mike munchak will have to pay ten-thousand dollars for actions in the playoff game against the bengals.on the cincinnati side - adam "pacman" jones was fined nearly 29-thousand dollars.jones apologized to the steelers' antonio brown today - for accusing brown of faking an injury. :13 - :21"ab my apology ... man get real" real" bengals linebacker vontaze burfict was suspended for three games for his actions. two tri-state parents are accused of neglecting their four-month-old son.even stalling treatment for seizures. jordan burgess takes a closer look at why family members say this isn't an abuse case. prosecutors say the baby had
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underweight when it was brought to the hospital in december.but family members say it wasn't from abuse. abuse. denayshia lattimore can barely hold back tears as she listens to the charges that she didn't do enough to care for her four month old son.lattimore and the baby's father.. clinton randolph are accused of delaying in taking their son to the hospital.. and police say once he got there he was underweight.but prosecutor's think it goes beyond court today they said doctors believe the baby had been shaken leading to the seizures he was having and that the parents are accused of ignoring.but lattimore's family says the baby had been born premature and believe the problems stem from that.. not abuse. abuse. they need to quit falsely accusing people. anytime something wrong with an infant they off rip think it's child abuse and it's not.lattimore's family says she has two other kids who are healthy.. and that she's been at the hospital often since she first took her four-month old there just days before
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her lawyer argued the charges come too soon. soon. i believe there's a rush of judgement here for failure to get care for a child that may or may not have seizures. that was jordan burgess reporting. both parents were ordered to say away from their child. new at five - we're on your side with what "endangering children" means in ohio -- so you know your rights when it comes to seeking care for your child. in part, the law states no care givers, "shall create a substantial risk to the health or safety of the child, by violating a duty of care, protection, or support." support."in some rare cases in ohio, kentucky and indiana - there are some religious exemptions for parents who refuse medical care for their sick children. an apparent gun battle. cincinnati police are investigating a shooting in bond hill...that led to a driver shot and a rush hour crash last night. right now police tell us they are pouring over
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businesses in the area of the shooting and crash. this as the driver, 24-year-old iesha williams remains in critical condition on a ventilator. police also say the unknown passenger in her car may have been the intended target. witnesses say they saw him run from the scene. 9 on your side spoke to a neighbor of the victim today. hear what he has to say about the young lady coming up at six. shifting from rain to possible flurries. 9 on your side is tracking a little bit of evening. let's get the very latest from 9 first warning chief meteorologist steve raleigh. saturday, a few flurries or there's only a 20 to 30 percent chance. we are not expecting any accumulating snow for this day. high temperatures only reach 330f. as for sunday, we are watching an arctic cold front that will
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tonight - we know that a deadly shooting in west chester all started with a robbery. robbery.tyler kassow was shot at his home on wednesday.he died at the hospital.west
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demarcus staley, justin koch, jibril willingham, and rodney foster with the killing.police say it was not random and all four suspects planned it out. today police revealed that two of the men forced themselves into the home after approaching kassow's brother at gunpoint outside.police say the other two men waited in a getaway car! 11:25:51 when the two suspects entered the residence both were wearing masks so they were not identified that way. this was just through investigations. this was good hard solid police work that was done. 02 02all four men are in the butler county jail.funeral services for kassow have not been made. searching for survivors. survivors.two marine helicopters collide.what crews found so far -- and why the choppers were flying at night. the hunter saga goes on.the latest bad news for suspended judge tracie hunter.we'll tell you the two big moves happening in her case. ahead of m-l-k day - a handwritten copy of the 13th
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the national underground railroad freedom center. the new exhibit is part of the top nine things to do this weekend. all the details are on wcpo dot com right now.
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the coast guard is leading a seach for two marine helicopters that collided off the coast of hawaii.
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board.the crash happened just before far search crews have only been able to find debris - no survivors or bodies have been recovered. the crews were on a night-time training mission. an appeals court in ohio - upheld the conviction of suspended juvenile court judge tracie hunter. hunter.hunter tried to get her conviction thrown out based on misconduct among prosecutors ... and improper polling of the jury. hunter's attorney says he will appeal to the ohio supreme court.hunter's six month prison sentence has been on hold during the appeals process. hunter faces another trial starting on tuesday. she's being retried on eight counts.9 on your will be in the courtroom and bring you any new developments. a father accused of overdosing in his child's hospital room was indicted by a grand jury today.wesley landers is also accused of bringing a gun into cincinnati children's.the mother of that child was found dead from an overdose. that
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neighborly heroes. a ten-year-old boy attacked by pit a little teamwork got that boy to safety. a slice of the good life. travel, sports and boats return to downtown cincinnati. where the show is happening - and other events making the top nine things to do this weekend.
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you're watching 9 on your side at 5 the winners keep coming forward. the robinson family bought the winning powerball ticket sold in tennessee.the family says they're figuring out how to spend their forture.... 1:02 - 1:13"sallie mae's paid off. good-bye, no more loans for you, tiffany. other than that we really haven't had time -- no -- i do plan on hoping to work for a little while. meanwhile - powerball perplexity in california. a nurse thought she was the lucky winner thanks to a prank played by her own son!fellow employees where she worked all cheering at the thought of a fellow nurse winning the jackpot - even letting news crews into the hospital. until they learned the truth. :37 - :48if this was a cruel trick, done by her son, i think it's somewhat detestable. i guess i'll give
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doubt."the woman's boss bought 18-thousand powerball tickets for his employees. a man shows up to take a friend to work, instead, he finds himself beating a dog off of a 10-year-old boy.9 on your sides tony mirones tells us it was another woman who was the real hero on rosemont avenue. avenue. denver hopkins/fought off dog "i hear screaming, i looked around and it's right over there and there's a kid in the middle of the street getting bit by two dogs."denver hopkins grabbed a garden tool went to help.denver hopkins/fought off dog"i ran up and started hitting on this dog."a neighbor heard the commotion and came out to help. "i didn't know i could hear it with the tv on, i came out and i seen what was happening and i seen the lady and i seen bud."denver hopkins/fought off dog"there was a lady here in a green sweater and she jumped out of her car and was more than fearless she was beating the dogs with her hands trying
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incredible how fearless she was."it turns out that the pit bull is six months old.and puppy teeth are incredibly sharpthe dog belonged to the boys uncle, the spca told me the dogs owner was cited for failure to license the pet. denver hopkins/fought off dog "i hope the kid is okay i was more terrified that i might have hit the kid or the lady with the hoe that i was trying to get the dog with. and i really didn't want to hit the dog either."according to the cincinati spca animal control officer, the boy had scratches to his ankles and was transported to childrens hospital as a precaution.tony mirones 9 on your side, price hill. if you need some summer on your mind ... head down the duke energy convention center for the travel, sports and boat show. the show started just minutes ago. it runs from five until 9:30 tonight.the show continues until sunday, january 24th. tickets are twelve bucks - but you can save three dollars at kroger. if boats, r-v's aren't your thing, we are on your side with some of the top nine
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jungle jim's is hosting the barrel aged beer bash tonight 40-dollars per day. day.get your shop on this sunday at rhinegeist brewery for art on vine. more than sixty local artists will be there from one until seven. and remember "kinky boots" is now on the aronoff stage.there are shows tonight, saturday and sunday. the complete list is on wcpo dot com. saturday, a few flurries or snow showers are possible, but there's only a 20 to 30 percent chance. we are not expecting any accumulating snow for this day. high temperatures only reach 330f. as for sunday, we are watching an arctic cold front that will
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getting rid of the checkout guilt. how one grocery store chain is leading the "healthy aisle" movement.the changes you'll see when you checkout. new at is down so sharply at at chipotle that the restaurant is pulling out all stops to bring you back. consumer reporter john matarese explains why it is
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tonight in healthy living - grocery chain aldi could be on the verge of a nationwide trend. we've all been tempted by candy bars on display in the checkout aisle. aisle.tonight aldi says it's going to replace candy and chips for healthier snacks like trail mix and granola bars. aldi plans to have healthier checkout lanes in about 15-hundred stores by the end of the year. robbed-sitting right in his car-at his home! home!neighbors are now taking a stand after it happened to a
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side with how to be mentally prepared, should it happen to you. we often think of the addicts when we talk about the heroin problem.but in part of the tri-state, it's hitting children harder than ever. these stories and more in minutes on 9 on your side at
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"people don't, they dont have respect for other peoples lives, other peoples well being, and i feel kind of angry about that, like, how could you?" you?"people in one cincinnati neighborhood can't hide their emotions tonight - after learning their neighbor was robbed, while sitting in his own car. 9 on your side's t.j. parker spoke with those neighbors who say they're going to be more cautious outside. outside.he joins us live from northside, t.j.? they are- the victim was inside his car late last night- when a man came up to him- asked him for money,
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