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tv   9 On Your Side News 6  ABC  January 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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center.nine on your side's julie o'neill joins us live from u-c medical center.julie? i have talked with friends and relatives of 24-year-old iesha williams. while she remains in critical condition here, her condition *is* stable...and as investigators scramble to piece this together, i'm assured this young mother has a lot of support. how's her mother holding up? she's a strong lady. she's strong and she's hurt and she has cried but she also prays. dwight price has known iesha williams her whole life...and says he doesn't believe the person who shot at her truck meant to hit her. police now looking for her passenger.the male black passenger in her vehicle fled the vehicle, came back momentarily to retrieve an object, and then fled again. (julie) do you know anything about who was in the car with her? no. it's a mysterycause she had went downtown to take
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telling cause these people nowadays i guy might've jumped in or anything like that but i know she wasn't doing nothing wrong. i know that. iesha's a good young lady. i knew when i heard it that it was wrong. police say a grey sadan pulled up on the passenger side of iesha's truck and they've found two different kinds of shell casings at the scene. scene. if i were to make a guess i would say that her passenger may have been the intended target. 3:14police have surveillance video from the metro bus williams crashed well as from businesses in the area of reading road at andina where the crash get a better idea who that passenger was. was. it's a shame she got hit. they should've got that guy that was on the other side of the car. you know should've got himmatter of fact i'm going to get you. of course police hope they find this "mysterious" passenger first and ask for your help if you know
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the shell casings have been sent to a lab that can compare them with others...from other hopes that will help them.when iesha williams is able to talk, of course they're hoping to get information they need from her. meantime i'm told her mother and father are taking turns at her at u-c medical center, julie o'neill 9 on your side. he was out of prison for just five months -- before police accused him of assaulting a ripley officer. officer.kyle moore was serving time for a robbery and a separate break in -- those crimes happened in two counties.police say moore fought with an officer late wednesday night... and police think moore took the officer's was found not far from the attack.a grand jury could add more charges. a few snowflakes could mix in later this evening. we don't
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fall later on this evening. we'll be on the backside of that low for the weekend, which means colder air. saturday, a few flurries or snow showers are possible, but there's only a 20 to 30 percent chance. we are not snow for this day. high temperatures only reach 330f. as for sunday, we are watching an arctic cold front that will move through the tri-state. police say he tried to pass a bad check worth more than 20- thousand dollars -- wanting to
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sharonville dealership knew what this guy was up to.nine on your side's tom mckee shows us why it's not the first time he's visited "busam nissan". "the folks at busam nissan got a call friday afternoon from a man who wanted to buy this car. he was so excited that they even picked him up and brought him to the dealership. but, he didn't leave with the vehicle."that's because the sales team got flags immediately went up in their minds.they weren't quite sure what harry teal, junior, was up to. "just his demeanor. just in talking to people and you kind of get to know them. very standoffish. seemed very nervous. the sale was going down extremely well easy. very quick. very little negotiation which is not common."the price of the car was $17,000 plus tax and title and teal came prepared to buy and drive it off the lot."he was going to pay with a check. he was. the price of the car was $20,000 plus." however, a quick check
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truth."no account. no account at all. they're checks, but they're no good."sharonville police sergeant walter cordes says the department has had numerous contacts with teal over the years."purchasing a motor vehicle with a bad check, turning the car around and either selling it to another dealer or another person before the first party knows that the check is bad and then purchasing the car or trading the car in on another car."the sales team was on pins and needles until teal was in handcuffs and led away. "very glad it's over. we don't need that kind of excitement." "sharonville police say it's not the first time that teal has hit busam nissan. he did the same thing, they say, in 2006, but was able to avoid a conviction. tom mckee, nine on your side, sharonville." check out this garbage truck crash in dearborn happened this morning along u-s route 50 in greendale....
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took these other vehicles were involved. dispatchers say no one was hurt... but tonight it's not clear what led to that crash. patients of a mason doctor -- who say they had bad and unneccesary surgeries -- want to see justice soon. soon.they demonstrated outside u-c health business center. doctor atiq durrani faces hundreds of malpractice lawsuits...patients say he botched spinal surgeries as far back as 2007 -- many that were not needed.he's since left the country... and the passing of time is making them frustrated. "it's not easy, it's hard. you have different emitions all the tiem, you're up and down and it's a difficult thing" thing"trials are set in hamilton county for the lawsuits... but durrani's attorneys want to move those hearings to u-s district court. hamilton county attorney joe deters says the doctor's attorneys are simply trying to delay the trial. formal charges tonight -- for
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*fake* tickets to the bengals playoff game!police accuse mario riep of making up fake tickets for paul brown stadium -- then advertising them on craigslist.he now faces counts of trademark counterfeiting -- and forgery. happening tonight -- family and friends are gathering to remember a 20-year-old... shot and killed in front of his mother. mother.tonight -- police don't know who killed christopher byron sandle junior at his hamilton home.he was shot wednesday on millvale avenue.a family friend tells 9 on your side someone came into the home and shot sandle... as his mother watched.that vigil starts at six-30... at sandle's home. a piece of history -- that means so much for civil rights -- on display right now.where you can see this rare document -- that started a movement still happening today. full of once belonged to a cincinnati t-v trailblazer -- now this mount airy home is changing.hear why strangers couldnn't help but stop and share memories about
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a wall street nosedive... billions in savings and retirement lost in just two weeks -- from major stock plunges.on world news tonight -- what's behind the worst- ever start of any year on wall street. you're watching 9 on your side
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it's been months in the making...and now the freedom center is showing off an
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today -- a copy of the 13th amendment went on display at the's being displayed next to the emancipation proclamation.the 13th amendment to the u-s constitution abolished slavery. many thought it would secure *all* freedoms to every work. "the 13th amendment unfortunately was not sufficient to complete the activity that everyone had the right to vote. you had to have the 14th and 15th amendment it's taken us a long time and we're still in the process as a nation of trying to get a more perfect union" union"the 13th amendment and emancipation proclamation will be on display through june. tonight -- we know when dayton's air force museum expansion will open. open.crews have been moving historic and experimental aircraft in to the new building since october.they say the 40-million dollar expansion will open in june. the museum draws more than a
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weather and sports are ahead, what do you guys have coming up? up? you could own ruth lyons house! (sot)...the cincinnati woman credited for inventing the daytime t-v talk show... we'll take you on a tour of her home and reveal the price tag!
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the home of a cincinnati broadcasting pioneer is up for sale. sale.ruth lyons -- who hosted the immensely popular "fifty fifty club" in the 1950's and '60's -- lived in a former farmhouse in mount airy.the daughter of the current owner tells our scott wegener -- the house has a charm that is hard to say goodbye to. the original version of the game skittles was a favorite of susan reinhardt when she was a kid.she has great memories of growing up in this old white house in mt. airy in the 1970's."it was a lot of fun. ."she didn't know much about the history of the home but for total strangers showing up in her driveway. "and they said we used to love that show, the 50 50 club and i understand she lived here. you you mind if we walk around the grounds."if that show rings a bell, then you probably know who they were talking about;ruth lyons, known as the first lady of television lived here in the
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sometimes broadcast from here." the 50 50 club was a juggernaut pioneer of local tv talk shows, attracting the likes of bob hope, arthur godfrey, david letterman and phil donahue. the famous hostess of that show, who would hide her microphone in a bouquet of flowers, paved the way for female talent like oprah winfrey and ellen degeneres."it just made me realize that there's a woman out there that doesn't get much attention or recognition for being one of the first americanbroadcasters really, for having that personal sit down style that we've seen." the home still has reminders of her; this professional sized pool table and cues engraved with the names 'ruth' and her husband 'herman.'"and this is wear the giant mural is..."an imperial robe, adorned with dragons from asia. but now, the home is on the block for sale, bringing a touch of melancholy to its most recent occupants. "fantastic memories."scott wegener, nine on your side, mt. airy. susan says she would like to
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mount airy forest, and restored as a museum. weather summary: a few snowflakes could mix in later this evening. we don't expect any sticking snow to fall later on this evening. we'll be on the backside of that low for the weekend, which means colder air. saturday, a few flurries or snow showers are possible, but there's only a 20 to 30 percent chance. we are not expecting any accumulating snow for this day. high temperatures only reach 330f. as for sunday, we are watching an arctic cold front that will
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after hue jackson split, the bengals had a couple of choices....go outside the organization, get a fresh pair of eyes on the offense, bring in some new ideas...or....why do that? things on offense
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within.the bengals chose option two. and today, promoted quarterbacks coach ken zampese to offensive coordinator. trt :14outcue:...where you're at((zampese: coach jackson set a great foundation for us. we'll take it from here and move forward using those same principles. the mentality, physical, toughness, energy, enthusiam, passion, playing fast. all those things are true no matter where you're at. )) the business of bengals didn't stop there. to replace their departed linebackers coach, marvin lewis hired jim haslett. he was the saints head coach for six seasons...defensive coordinator with the rams, steelers and redskins, too and the nfl leveled fines today. those two steelers coaches: joey porter, and mike munchak each were fined ten thousand dollars.munchak pulled reggie nelson's hair last saturday night....porter walked into this scrum after vontaze burfict leveled antonio brown. adam jones was fined almost 29-thousand dollars today for contacting an officials in this sequence.
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sunday without antonio brown. remember, jones said he thought brown was faking an injury after getting hit by burfict.jones said he'd apologize to brown 'if' brown didn't play this sunday.well, today brown was offcially declared 'out' with a concussion. so jones kept his word. trt :09outcue:...get well." ((jones: apology my brother. i'm a man of my word. i've been doing a little traveling and that's why it took me so long. but i apologize, sincerely, get well. )) and the tampa bay buccaneers promoted their offensive coordinator to head coach today. dirk koetter will replace lovie smith.and fox sports is reporting tonight that koetter has hired bengals assistant coach, jay hayes, to coach the bucs defensive line. all three of the tri state's division one basketball teams hit the court tomorrow. xavier is at marquette, they face the 12-5 golden eagles in a two o'clock tip off.after winning it's first ever horizon league game last night, the nku norse take on cleveland state at seven, at
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and uc has a noon tip at temple. temple beat uc in this game about three weeks ago. the bearcats are 13-5. nine on your side continues -- in just a moment.
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that's 9 on your side at six for this friday. friday.we're always on with breaking news, weather and
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