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tv   Good Morning Tri- State Weekend  ABC  January 16, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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today. tonight, lows fall into the low 20s with a few flurries. right now police looking into a shooting that left one man dead and officers working through the night to figure out what happened.police say the victim's friends drove him to children's hospital. hospital.that's where jordan burgess is live with the biggest mystery police are
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right now police are looking into where this shooting see.. the victim showed up here at children's hospital.since then police have been trying to work their way back to where this started. we want to show you a picture of scott. his family and friends devastated by what happened.. talking on social media about how much he'll be missed. missed.we were with police as they searched the parking lot of the alaska avenue apartments here in avondale. they're trying to figure out if that's where this shooting happened.people reported hearing shots there.police say the victim who they believe is 20-years old... was taken to children's hospital by two of his friends.but later died. because he had a gunshot wound.. police were called. they've been talking to the people who brought in the victim to figure out what happened and just as importantly where it happened. we're looking at the possibility it may have
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more than speculation. it's not enough to share to make a final determination. police are also searching the vehicle that the victim was taken to hospital in to see if it provides any clues. reporting live.. jordan burgess. 9 on your side. breaking overnight... police in the african country of burkina faso have reclaimed a hotel attacked by least 23 people have been killed in the hotel used by westerners.126 people held hostage have been freed... altohugh at least 33 were injured.and police say three jihadists have been killed in the assault. new this morning... prosecutors will not be able to use some key evidence in the case against a woman, accused of hitting and killing
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chester.a judge has thrown out evidence siezed in michelle schuster's car, because the make and model did not match of the search warrant.however the judge did rule that prosecutors can use schuster's blood tests which indictated she had used marijuana.police say schuster was driving left of center when she hit three utlity workers, killing amber rooks in april of last year. she has pled not guilty. bengals fans... you're going to want to be sitting down for this one.if the referees had made the right call against the steelers... the bengals might have been playing this weekend. weekend.last night the vice president of officiating for the nfl says that amazing catch by steelers martavis bryant where he flipped into the end zone... was not actually a catch!dean blandino says bryant didn't have control when he got the right foot down.while blandino says he would have ruled it a "no catch"... he doesn't think there was not enough evidence for the officials to reverse
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as for that hit by ryan shazier on giovani bernard... the league still says it was a legal hit.blandino says that's because bernard established himself as a runner ... and was not defenseless.he also says bernard and shazier were hitting at different angles... which according to him is another reason the hit was okay two young boys lucky to alive this morning... after jumping into a freezing pond to save their family dog.they were saved by neighbors in west chester -- who grabbed anything they could find to rescue those boys. nine on your side's ashley zilka spoke to the neighbors about those life or death moments. neighbors tell 9 on your side this happened because both boys tried to be heroes. the younger boy went into the water to save this dog- and then his older brother jumped in to save him.all is quiet on holly hill lane- until a boy comes banging on susmita mishra's door. before she can
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him run into the pond to go help his little brother and their family dog.susmita mishra 21:48 i came out and saw another boy in the middle of the pond. 50mishra runs to her neighbor's house and scott glenn rushes out to help.scott glenn27:30 when i got across the street, the dog and the younger boy were out in the middle and the older brother was 10 or 12 feet in and then had fallen through and was struggling to get back. 43 mishra is able to get the older boy out of the water and get him inside.susmita mishra 22:10 i pulled him because he was not too far in the water so he just tread for a little bit and came close to me so i could hold his hand and pull him out. 19glenn- and three other guys--- throw a garden house out to the younger brother in the middle of carey pond.scott glenn27:58 you react and that's what happens i guess. 58 incredible adrenaline rush. west chester fire crews arrive and are able to safely rescue the family dog.susmita mishra 23:35 i am just glad that i saw that. that i went and got out of my chair and saw it
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are okay. 42scott glenn29:32 it's great that we didn't have a tragedy in the neighborhood. 34besides some cuts and bruises- neighbors tell me the boys are alright. reporting live, ashley zilka, 9 on your side. this morning a man wanted for murder is finally behind bars. officials say it's all because some mount healthy police officers gave up their him down. down.police arrested tyler crawford last night -- he's accused of killing a man last sunday at the ameri-stop on compton road. a facebook post -- mount healthy police thanked officers and the hamilton county sheriff's department... saying those law enforcers spent many hours -- and missed many family functions to make that arrest. as we head deeper into winter... this morning you have the chance to help people in you are being asked to drop off unwanted clothes for the homeless. from 10am to 3pm... you can take warm clothes to the lincoln center
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of a charity event called "heat the homeless."things they are looking for include... new hats, gloves, socks...and gently used coats, jackets, and hoodies. the plea this morning from a local family. family."please help us find who did this because if he did this once and get away with it," it,"the hunt for a killer... and how the victim's family him this morning. deadly robber...the new details in a local murder that police say was all planned out by 4're watching good
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thanks for getting up with us this saturday morning. it's
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more than a hundred folks in hamilton came together last night -- to remember a man shot dead wednesday morning. loved ones -- friends and even complete strangers remembered christopher sandle. a family friend tells nine on your side that someone walked into his home while he was sleeping and shot him.the candlelight vigil was a way to celebrate his life. as police search for his killer- his family is praying for justice. "please help us find who did this because if he did this once and get away with it, he will do it again. please come forth guys" "he was a good kid and i love him dearly and i am going to really miss him but most of all i know he loves me too." too."if you have any information about this shooting -- call hamilton police. right now three more men are are in custody, accused of of homicide, in the death of a west chester man. man.tyler kassow was shot at his home on wednesday.police say it all started with a
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justin koch, jibril willing-ham, and rodney foster have all been charged with killing kassow.investigators tell 9 on your side that two of the men forced themselves into the victim's home, after first approaching his brother at gunpoint outside.police say the other two men waited inside the getaway car. 11:25:51 when the two suspects entered the residence both were wearing masks so they were not identified that way. this was just through investigations. this was good hard solid police work that was done. 02 02according to kassow's facebook page - he went to school at cincinnati state and he also worked at mcdonalds. chipotle trying to make a comeback after controversy. what they're doing to try to win back your business. business.and legalizing marijuana could soon be on an ballot again. what will be different about it this time
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you're watching good morning tri-state weekend at 8 on 9 on your side thanks for getting up with us this saturday morning. it's now --- degrees at -- o'clock. there is another proposal right now to legalize marijuana in ohio.and it could end up on the november ballot. ballot.this plan comes from "ohio-ans to end prohibition". they are working to gather enough signatures before the july's happening as lawmakers are launching a *medical* marjiuana tax force. you'll remember -- "responsible ohio" had an unsuccessful marijuana amendment last year. alert busam nissan employees morning, with helping sharonville police nab a man
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with a bad check. check.this morning -- charges are pending against harry teal, junior.. busam staffers say he tried to use a check from a non-existent account to pay for this 21- thousand dollar vehicle. the way he was acting..they suspicious. "just his demeanor. just in talking to people and you kind of get to know them. very standoffish. seemed very nervous. the sale was going down extremely well easy. very quick. very little negotiation which is not common." common." sharonville police say teal pulled off the same scheme back in 2006, but was somehow able to avoid a conviction. they say he may *not* lucky this time. it's time to check weather with meterologist sarah walters.
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sunday, an arctic front will arrive late in the day. it showers after 2 p.m. light, with most spots getting only up to 1/2". some spots won't see any accumulation as to be scattered, not widespread. highs will reach the upper 20s. monday morning, lows will fall to the single digits, with wind chills below zero. highs monday afternoon only reach the mid to upper teens.saturdayovercasta few flurrieshigh: 34saturday night a few flurriescolderlow: 22 sundaya few snow showerswindy high: 28sunday nightturning much colderwind chills below
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it is saturday and time now
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for more information on adopting one of these animals you can call the pet pals adoption line at 513-737-pets a well known local musician killed... how loved one are
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((on your side, with breaking news, live team coverage and the tri-state's most accurate forecast, this is good morning tri-state, weekend edition.)) cosby case derailed?... why a former district attorney says the criminal case against the comedian just hit a major snag. good morning...i'm timyka artist and i'm jason adams adams expect cloudy skies today with a few flurries or light snow showers. no accumulation is expected. temperatures will reach the low to mid-30s today. tonight, lows fall into
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right now police looking into a shooting that left one man dead and has officers working overnight to figure out what happened.police say the victim's friends drove him to children's hospital. hospital.that's where jordan burgess is live with the biggest mystery police are trying to solve at this hour. now know the name of that
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immanuel scott.what we don't know from police is where this shooting happened. you see scott showed up at children's here and since then police have been working their way back to where this started. we want to show you a picture of scott. his family and friends devastated by what happened.. talking on social media about how much he'll be missed. missed. we were with police as they searched the parking lot of the alaska avenue apartments in avondale to see if that's where this shooting happened. people reported hearing shots there.police say scott was taken to children's hospital by two of his friends. but later died. because he had a gunshot wound police were called. they've been talking to the people who brought in scott to figure out what happened and just as importantly where it happened.. we have spoken to a couple individuals who heard a shot or two fired here however we have no physical evidence or nothing beyond no witnessing
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police are also searching the vehicle that the victim was taken to hospital in to see if it provides any clues. reporting live.. jordan burgess. 9 on your side. there are big questions this morning about what might be the biggest piece of evidence in the criminal case against billy cosby. cosby.a former d-a in pennsylavania says he agreed more than a decade ago, not to use the comedian's civil deposition in a criminal case. an email from that former prosecutor to his successor confirms the verbal agreement. cosby is charged with sexually assaulting a woman in 2004.the deposition is the key to the prosecution's case.there are now questions about whether or not a judge will allow it to be used in court. an-all out search should resume this morning for marines who went missing off
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yesterday's long seach, proved unsuccessful..two helicopters carrying a total of 12 crew members crashed during a nighttime training mission..some 36 hours ago. his skill on drums was almost unmatched... and right now many are mourning the loss of a tri-state musician -- killed in a crash.he leaves behind a wife and five kids.and - as evan millward shows us - his first solo album remains unfinished - but not for long. nats youtube - on the drums, louisville kentucky, we've got big bamn! he made it look effortless - - and lived up to that nickname.freekbass 015518 i always thought it was cool the way he spelled it, that unique spelling b-a-m-n, it gives you a little bit more *smack*like bam for the last few years ken big bamn smith played for cincinnati group freekbass and the bump assembly.freekbass 015620 it's kind of like you against the world type thing and with bamn, i felt like i could take on anybody in the world. they should have been playing a show friday night in
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crash on i-75 tuesday killed their drummer and friend - a father of five.nats - piano bamn got his start with bootsy collins and the rubber band. cobb 021041 it's hard to find someone you can just fit in with automatically and when he sat down, he played like nobody else i've played with. he died one day before his thirty-first birthday. and though he was younger than most of these guys - they talk about him like a father figure. cobb 021316 it was spiritual because he knew me and he knew what i needed and god would speak through him to me.racine murph 021216 music was so much easier to connect because of our relationship off the stage nats - piano bamn was his family's sole provider. now musicians have put a gofundme page - started a fund at fifth third bank - and will finish that album.freekbass 015206 everybody's wanting to be involved and do remixes and it just seemed like the logical thing to do and the right things to do.nats youtube - my
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his wife was also injured in the crash -- she is still in the hospital. the memorial for ken - big bamn - smith will be at crossroads church a week from today -- at two oclock. and 9 on your side has learned that solo album could be released sometime this spring. funk legend and cincinnati native bootsy collins released this statement overnight saying... "funk is making something out of nothing. and that's what bamn brought to the table for us."bamn played with bootsy for about two years consistently. this morning a fairly large procession is planned to march through downtown cincinnati. cincinnati.the 32nd annual pro- life rosary procession and rally will start at city hall this morning at ten.protesters are expected to march to fountain square.several local state representatives are aslo expected to take part.
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wants to encourage experienced workers to rejoin the workforce... even if it means taking a pay cut. the president is proposing states provide wage insurance to workers who lose their jobs and find new employment at lower pay. the proposal also would require states to make unemployment insurance available to many part-time and low-income workers.the 26 weeks. the hamilton county grand jury has indicted a father who authorities say "shot up" heroin inside children's hospital. officials say wesley landers overdosed just feet away from his sick daughter. daughter.he was with his wife who later died, after also overdosing on heroin.the family is from alabama.they were in cincinnati for their daughter's medical treatment. he remains in the hamilton county jail on a 450-thousand dollar bond powerball winners... the people who've already come forward... and the cruel prank played by one son on his
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one of three winning powerball jackpot tickets has surfaced -- lottery officials confirming the couple, john and lisa robinson, won that ticket sold in tennessee --
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lump sum. while we don't yet know who won a share of the near-$1.6 billion dollar record jackpot in california and florida... abc's lauren lyster ["liss-ter"] tells us the search for winners has led to plenty of drama. drama.(nats clapping and holding the $528 million check for opening shot) today, this tennessee family claiming their share of the near $1.6 billion powerball jackpot lisa robinson: "i'm a little overwhelmed, and excited." john robinson: "we just wanted a little piece of the pie - now i'm real grate-ful we got we got the big piece of the pie." they bought the winning ticket at this neighborhood store near their home in the small town of munford. described as hard working and dependable... sot john robinson: "we are common people, we're just like y'all are.", they can be described as multimillionaires. the couple, saying they plan to continue working, and pay off their daughter's student loans first. nats - woman at healthcare facility: somebody
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california, one powerball player not as lucky today. nats cheering at this nursing home, employees *believing* a colleague hit the jackpot...a nurse there and mother of seven. apparently -- it was a prank, her family says, instigated by her son. her daughter telling the l-a times this is one big misunderstanding. the owner of the nursing home had doled out 18,000 powerball tickets to staff, saying now, if this is a hoax, she deserves a break. sot -- shlomo rechnitz owner, brius healthcare services -- what i was thinking was sending her on a vacation to a destination of her choice. the third winning jackpot ticket in melbourne beach florida -- still a mystery. wspowerballwinnerfl doris & thomas goodis, virginia " they are looking for a lawyer right now." lauren lyster on camera: the mystery winners have a year to claim their prize in california, less time in florida. and in both cases, they cannot remain anonymous. lauren lyster, abc news, los angeles. salt in the wound... all the fines handed down after the bengals loss to the steelers. we'll tell you if any steeler coaches got fined for what
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wathching good morning tri-state weekend. and here
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thanks for getting up with us this saturday morning. it's now --- degrees at -- o'clock. it's time to check weather with sarah walters.
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amazon is offering a nice discount for its prime membership this weekend. weekend.the subscription fee will drop from 99 to 73- dollars.the promotion ends tomorrow at noon.there's one catch: only new customers can take advantage of the deal.the online retailer says it's their way of celebrating two golden globe wins for one of its original shows "mozart in the jungle."the first two seasons of the show will be free to anyone who wants to watch this weekend, even if you don't sign up for prime. hit in the head with a gun... a store clerk in texas saw his chance -- to fight off a man trying to rob the store!and
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that is the store clerk highlighted in the video.he's stocking shelves -- when an armed bandit runs in and attacks him.they go behind the counter -- the suspect then demands even the clerk's wallet.and that's when the robber messes up -- giving the clerk his one chance. "i was trying to give it to him and he tried to hit me and i grabbed his arm and i put the gun to his chest." chest."and it did *not* end there! the two begin to one point the gun drops to the ground!but the clerk picks it up -- and leads the crook out of the store. police are still searching for the would-be-robber. a texas driver's dashboard camera caught quite a scene -- a semi turning over and sliding along the happened on a busy roadway in the distance.just as the truck comes into frame -- the trailer flips -- and so does the word on what led to the crash -- or how that semi
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yesterday's spacewalk outside the international space station had to be cut short! the walk was supposed to last 6 hours... but ended after only 2 hours, because there was a small amount of water inside one of the astronaunt's helmets.the astronaunts *were* able to unbolt the station's failed regulator and install a replacement... which was their main goal. not saved by the bell... the former child star in jail this morning... and how long he'll have to stay.this is good morning tri state weekend
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this morning... former saved by the bell star dustin diamond is waking up behind bars.diamond, who played "screech" on the sitcom,
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yesterday.he was sentenced after stabbing someone in a barfight more than a year ago. diamond will stay in a unit reserved for short-term and work-release inmates during his four month sentence. monmouth university's basekball ball team has been making headlines as much for their sideline celebrations as much as their wins.the bench players' choreographed celebrations have become viral videos. but last night... those celebrations seemed to get under the skin on players at iona university.after the game... a fight broke out... iona junior jordan washington could be seen slapping the face of monmouth's chris brady. monmouth's coach says he expects to see suspensions after this game. check this out... final seconds last night at the mason high school boys basketball game against oak hills.tie game final seconds... it doesn't look like they're going to get a shot off... and cameron
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it's good... mason wins 35-33. and the fans rush the court.... congratulations. let's get one last check of your weekend forecast from meteorologist jason adams. that's good morning tri-state for this saturday.we're always on with breaking news and weather updates on wcpo-dot-com.
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