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tv   9 On Your Side at 11  ABC  January 16, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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car, when a thief saw an a store clerk is fighting to recover after he was run over with his own stolen car. facing cancer.a northern kentucky 5-year-old is taking on her tumor with a smile. 9 on your side starts
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from first sniffles to endless runny noses. puffs plus lotion is soft. they help soothe irritation by locking in moisture better so you can face winter happily. a nose in need deserves puffs indeed. and try puffs softpack today. breaking at 11.cincinnati police are investigating a homicide.they found this man, 23-year-old kareem howell, with a gunshot wound, just before 6 tonight in some woods off of bracken woods lane.he died at the hospital.if you know who killed him, call crime stoppers at right now, we want to get
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for snow.i'm here with 9 first warning meteorologist sherry hughes. the tri-state bracing for much colder air and a chance of a few light snow showers sunday but that will pale in comparison to the below zero wind chills setting up for early monday morning and the martin luther king jr. holiday celebrations kicking off the day. cloudy skies and a few flurries are possible this evening with seasonal overnight lows at we head into your sunday, an arctic front will be heading through the area with very cold air behind it. we'll reach the upper 20s ahead of the front, but after noon we'll see a chance for some snow showers as the front moves in.future clouds and radar show the best chance for snow showers will arrive around 4 or 5 p.m. light accumulations are possible, with most spots staying under 1/2". watch for a few slick spots where heavier snow may fall in a few pockets here and
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a typical saturday morning at the speedway in mount healthy turned violent, when a store clerk was run over with his own stolen car. now- police need your help to find who did it. it. 9 on your side's ashley zilka talked with one of the victim's co-workers.she joins us live. this all happened when a store clerk decided to warm up his car before leaving work. minutes later- he was attacked. norma willis: works at speedway 19:46:37 it was just an average night. we were relatively busy. people in and out all the time. 42 norma willis could have never imagined that her co-worker would be runned down by his own stolen car hours later.
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be going just fine. i left at 2 this morning, warmed up my car, and he was here by himself from 2:30 on. 04 mount healthy police tell 9 on your side 39-year-old aaron burmeister stepped out of the speedway station just before 7 in the morning- minutes later he would be crushed by his car. sgt. greg nolte:mount healthy police 19:52:13 he left his place of employment which was speedway, went out started up his car to warm it up, went back in the business. he looked out, saw somebody getting in his car, ran out of the business to confront the person stealing his car, and that's when he was run over. 27 norma willis: 19:47:11 i was shocked. you just don't expect that. burmeister spent the day in surgery- police say he broke both of his legs. as for the suspect- police need your help locating the stolen car. norma willis: 19:49:13 it's a real nice guy. he didn't deserve to get run over. 15 police say there is an increase of cars stolen in the winter time. you should never leave your car unattended with the keys in it- and never
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them in your car- call 911. reporting live, ashley zilka, 9 on your side. here's a description of the stolen car: police are looking for a silver 2004 chevrolet malibu with ohio tag d-s-m- 6-2-3-6. the vehicle has an army sticker on the rear bumper, and a broken rear tail mt. healthy police at 513-728-3183 if you've seen this vehicle. new at 11 -a husband and wife accused of ripping off an elderly woman with dementia faced a judge today. investigators say lauren and phillip seeberger used the 78- year-old woman's credit card, and even deceived her into buying a all, they're accused of stealing close to 40 thousand dollars from the woman.both are charged with misuse of a credit card, theft, and identity fraud. a man accused of sexually
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in court today. today.investigators say in one of the incidents, evan beccaccio tied the victim to a pole and took off her clothes. he's also accused of touching the girl in two other he's charged with several crimes, including unlawful sexual conduct with a is set at 120 thousand dollars. people in avondale are begging for an end to violence, after a 20-year-old was shot and killed. was breaking news on 11 at 11 last night -*now police tell 9 on your side immanuel scott was shot at the alaska avenue apartments and then driven to cincinnati children's hospital, where he died. neighbor mary kirksey says she's scared to let her daughter mariyah out of her sight. 19:27:26 "i know my daughter is not really safe wherever we go. anywhere we go, it's not safe. 32 19:31:01 "stop the shooting. stop the killing. 03 police have the vehicle scott rode to the hospital in.but they haven't released any information about who may have killed him.
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county sheriff's office says be aware the next time you pick up the phone.they're getting reports of scammers pretending to be one of their own deputies!the caller says he is deputy david scott.he says you have a warrant for your arrest.but if you get him a money order, he'll recall the warrant for you.remember, the warren county sheriff's office never asks for payment over the phone.if you get this phone call, hang up. a turn of events in the middle east tonight. the united states announced a deal today that frees five americans who have been held prisoner in iran. in return, the u-s will free seven iranians.and on the heels of that announcement, came news that iran would finally be free of international economic sanctions. richard cantu reports. (full-screen gfx) five americans homeward bound .... after a controversial agreement to exchange prisoners wth iran. and within hours of the deal -- international inspectors certified that iran had kept
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brokered by the united states -- ending years of western economic embargoes. sot john kerry secretary of state: "in return for the steps that iran has taken, the united states and the eu will immediately lift nuclear-related sanctions .... ' secretary of state john kerry insisted this was *not* a quid pro quo --- sot john kerry secretary of state: " ... the two tracks of negotiations were not directly related .... " -- but claimed the nuclear diplomacy eased the way for the prisoner swap. the freed americans include washington post bureau chief jason run-zion -- convicted of espionage by a secret iranian court. pastor saeed abedini, imprisoned since july for organizing home churches in iran. all spent time at iran's notorious evin prison.. where they were allegedly subjected to beatings, solitray confinemnet, and psychological abuse. two other americans were also released, including a student named matthew trevithnick, who was arrested a few months ago. in exchange for the release of the americans, the u-s dropped
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along with international arrest warrants issued by the u.s. against 14 other iranians. but the agreement does *not* include former fbi agent robert levinson who disappeared during a 2007 visit to iran. his fate is unknown. richard cantu, abc news, new york. the u-s state department says an american missionary is among those killed in the burkina faso hotel attack carried out by al-qaida fighters.right before they attacked the hotel in the west african country, they shot up and set fire to a cafe next're looking at video of people finally escaping that building after it was deemed safe to come least 28 people died in the attacks. new information now in the case of a woman and her two children stabbed to death in columbus. columbus.the suspect, wendell callahan, is now in jail after spending several days in the hospital.he faces three counts of murder in the deaths of his ex-girlfriend and her two daughters, ages 10 and 7.the woman's new boyfriend was also
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prosecutors will not be able to use some key evidence in the case against a woman, accused of hitting and killing a utility worker in west chester.a judge threw out evidence siezed in michelle schuster's car, because the make and model did not match the search warrant.however, the judge ruled that prosecutors can use schuster's blood tests, which indictated she had used marijuana.police say schuster was driving left of center when she hit three utlity workers, killing amber rooks in april of last year. schuster pleaded not guilty. investigators say human remains have been found near grand lake saint mary's state park, north of dayton.and they're treating the case as a homicide. homicide.a hiker spotted the bones in a ditch earlier this month.police say the remains are that of a 20-to 35 year old man, who was about five- foot-7 to 6-foot 1 inches tall. investigators say the bones had been on the ground for less than a year. (sheriff jeff grey, mercer co. sheriff's office) "there is some family out there
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loved one and they don't know where they're at." at."the bones will undergo months of intensive testing, then be entered into national missing persons databases. , winton hills health center is getting an extreme makeover. makeover.85 volunteers from give back cincinnati spent today putting on a fresh coat of paint, donated by sherwin- williams.the health center serves people on medicaid, as well as the uninsured.and it's staying open during the transformation. our plan is to have a big relaunch happening in april. but the thing about this is we have to do the work on weekends and have it back into working order so it can keep going every week and serve all these families. all, the improvements will be worth about 100 thousand dollars. ready for a fight. fight.a northern kentucky 5- year-old gets a cancer diagnosis right after her birthday.what keeps her whole family staying positive, and
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inspiration from. uber attack.the man caught on camera assaulting his driver now says he's the one
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you're watching 9 on your side at 11 through it all - she smiles. this northern kentucky five year old now joins the likes of lauren hill and kyler bradley - kids in our community fighting d-i-p-g. (partially covered) scott smith/brooklyn's uncle011459 we're doing well because brooklyn's doing well. her courage and her smiles is what's giving everyone else the energy and the ability to get through this.that smile - so infectous only a five year old could carry it.but what you can't see is a monster - scarier than any under the bed. brooklyn smith has d-i-p-g - an inoperable brain tumor. smith 011952 cancer in general isn't supposed to happen to
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five year old that's just so vibrant and happy and just loves life, you know, it's not she is - making funny faces in her hospital bed.- before her first surgery at cincinnati childrens days ago.smith 011714 the reason that we're able to get through it so, i don't know that i want to say easily, but get through it is because of brooklyn and how she's doing. you know, she's going through these procedures and she's coming out and she's smiling and she's talking and saying she's feeling good.her uncle scott smith tells us this news came just days after biorthday number five.smith 011753 brooklyn's a girly girlthe silly little girl in these pictures hasn't changed - but also may not fully understand the road ahead.nat - lauren hillpaved with grace by lauren hill - who reminded us all - never give up.smith 011630 because of what lauren has done, the community has been very good about proactively reaching out to us and to brooklyn and supporting us.
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brooklyn's progress - and raising money and support - on facebook.i've posted the link to hers on my page -- when you click over you can also find a link to the family's go fund me page to raise money. remember this guy, caught on camera attacking his uber driver?the man is a former taco bell executive who lost his job after the video surfaced.he even made a public apology and admitted to being drunk at the time.well now, he's suing that uber driver.he claims the driver illegally recorded the altercation and is asking for 5 million dollars in damages for, among other things, getting fired from his job. president obama declared a state of emergency in flint, michigan, today, over that city's water crisis.and one of flint's most famous former residents is calling on the president to come see the situation for himself. himself.the water infrastructure in this city has been destroyed. take the
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out!documentary filmmaker michael moore joined dozens of flint residents in front of city hall, demanding action. this all stems from a switch in flint's water supply that allowed lead into the water. the disaster declaration means fema will be able to provide people with fresh water and filters for 90 days. a cincinnati fashion designer is using her passion to help the community.catherine wilson of trendsetting rare versa style house of fashion started "heat the homeless" last year. the event at the lincoln center in the west end provides the homeless with two hot meals as well as clothing, hygiene items, and snacks.and beyond that, participants got
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the tri-state bracing for much colder air and a chance of a few light snow showers sunday but that will pale in comparison to the below zero wind chills setting up for early monday morning and the martin luther king jr. holiday celebrations kicking off the day. cloudy skies and a few flurries are possible this evening with seasonal overnight lows at we head into your sunday, an arctic front will be heading through the area with very cold air behind it. we'll reach the upper 20s ahead of the front, but after noon we'll see a chance for some snow showers as the front moves in.future clouds and radar show the best chance for snow showers will arrive accumulations are possible, with most spots staying under 1/2". watch for a few slick spots where heavier snow may fall in a few pockets here and
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ken broo is in tonight with the latest in sports. two teams are moving on in the nfl playoffs. playoffs.and once again, the
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villanova got 'em on new year's eve. but other than that, there've been few moment when xavier has looked beatable.and the musketeers certainly didn't look that way against marquette today. let's go to milwaukee. where xavier pulled off a first half, 21-0 run. larry austin junior with the steal....the streak...and the finish to put the musketeers up 14. six steals for the muskies today first half again, james farr, off the bench, and in 29 minutes had 16 to lead the musketeers in scoring. farr
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in those 29-minutes.and back in action, edmond sumner, back from his concussion, sumner with a strong move and the foul 15-points for xavier goes to 16-1 with a 74-66 win kentucky played at auburn today. tyler ulis. uk by two but kareem camby make a big shot for auburn and camby draws the foul along with it. it was 68-67 auburn after this. and when aubrun's tyler harris knocks down this jumper. it was the ballgame.75-70 auburn despite 17 from ulis. uc has 12 games left. the bearcats aren't out of anything.but it's looking more and more like they'll have to win the american conference championship to get into the tournament. less than 20-second remained in regualtion. and down two, the bearcats tie it. troy caupain drives the lane and tips in his own miss.this game was tied at 60 with ten seconds left in the first
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appears to be fouled...and maybe that's why he missed the stick back that would've won the game.second overtime now. 30-seconds to go. josh brown's shot is deflected. but the ball winds up with jaylen bond. temple led by two last chance for the bearcats. it's caupaihnj again...he tries to kick it outside. but no one is there. and it's a turnover.67-65 is the final. temple wins it in double overtime. the miami redhawks lost today, on the road at ball state. ball state's jeremiah davis made a jump shot with a second to go to win it. but miami was outscored in the second half of this game, 31-18. 48- 46 was the final. at nku tonight, the norse had cleveland state down in the second half, but when vinny zolo hit this, cleveland led by fact, cleveland state then went on a 20-5 run. up five, csu's rob edwards hits this to put his team up eightand then, nku watched the game sail away. nelson maxwell with another three.and
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indiana on the road at minnesota today. check out thomas bryant on this move here. in 22 minutes bryant delivered ten points for the indiana hoosiers.minnesota would climb back within two in the second half of the game. nate mason here.but yogi ferrell had 20, including this drive in the second half.and his 20-led the the hoosiers go to 15-3, 5-0 in the big ten, 70-63 was the final. the nfl playoffs continued tonight....and two more teams will play on. the chiefs and the patriots. all they seem to need in new england is brady and gronk. eight yards here and the patriots are up 7-0it was 14-6 pats in the third, when brady and gronkowski do it again. 18 yards. 21-6 new englandthe chiefs had won eleven in a row to get this far. they scored a couple of second half td's,
11:23 pm was 27-20 patriots. chiefs need a stop late fourth quarter....but when you're good, you're usually lucky. the double tip winds up with new england's julien edelman. and the patriots win it.
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that's 9 on your side at 11 for this saturday.we're always
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