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tv   9 On Your Side News 6  ABC  January 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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now at 6.taking the plunge.a blast of bitter cold air follows these snow flurries. just how cold it will feel, and when the temps will drop in your 9 first warning weather forecast. a 23-year old man- died- after being shot in a wooded area on bracken woods lane. tonight, police are looking for a killer. 9 on your side at 6 starts now. we start at 6 tonight with the freezing cold temperatures winding up to hit the tri- state.
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sherry hughes is tracking just
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with the mercury dropping so low, triple a has these reminders to keep you safe and on the road. road.-check your car battery... you don't want to be stuck with a dead car in the cold... -keep an eye on your tires. the cold air reduces tire pressure.-to help prevent icing of your car door locks - use silicone or graphite spray.
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roadside emergency kit... full of all the essentials. and stay with the 9 first warning weather team.sherry is back in about 15 minutes with a look at the week an updated forecast before you go to bed on 9 on your side at 11. a serious crash on the ronald reagan highway that shut it down for a couple of hours. both directions of the highway shut down around 4 o-clock near college hill.a pick-up truck actually flipped over the median.the highway opened back up just about an hour ago! tonight a 23-year-old man is dead after he was found suffering from a gunshot wound in some woods behind an apartment building in westwood. 9 on your side reporter t-j parker is live where kareem howell was found about 24
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julie, police found howell, alive, with a gunshot wound- down a wooded trail, here, on bracken woods lane, yesterday. police quickly called for an ambulance to take howell to university of cincinnati medical center- where he died. there's a lot of unknowns right now. the cincinnati police department's homicide unit is activiely trying to figure out what happened. police are asking for your help. if you have any information that could help in their investigation, you can call crime stoppers at 352-3040. reporting live, t.j. parker, 9 on your side. new tonight.a mom sits in jail accused of leaving her infant and toddler alone for nearly four hours.police arrested delores williams yesterday.the 21-year-old faces two counts of child endangering charges for allegedly leaving her 2-
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unsupervised.she will answer to a judge tomorrow morning. covering the race for the white house.tightening polls and rising tensions between democratic candidates hillary clinton and bernie sanders could make for a great debate tonight in south carolina.the democrats are battling it out for the final time before february first's iowa caucus. new polls show sanders gaining ground on clinton in key states. 9 on your side wants to make sure you have the most knowledge before november's election.that's why we are joining polti-fact to fact check what the candidates say during tonight's debate.we'll break it all down tonight on 9 on your side at 11. new video out of sarasota tonight where an e-f two tornado killed two people and seriously injured five more. take a look at the damage left behind from the storms as they passed through florida early this one point 50- thousand people were left in the dark.
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you see this. i mean it's pretty devastating. from my house on down to the end of the street, almost every house has pretty significant damage. this one obviously got the brunt of it. um, heart goes out to the family. that's rough. that's rough."> rough.">and as the sun came up... you can just see the devastation a little bit better...strong winds blew apart homes.... leaving so many families with so much of their life to pick up tonight. out of iran!three americans who were former prisoners of iran are at ramstein air force base in germany tonight. abc's elizabeth hur reports that it's still unclear when the men will return to the united states. three americans--held for months--even years--behind bars in iran--landing first in switzerland then germany. president obama sot:this is a good day.//when americans are freed and returned to their
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can all celebrate.gfx:the wife of american pastor saeed abedini tweeting--"saeed just landed in geneva. he is getting ready to leave to germany. i should talk with saeed in just a few hours! thank you for your prayers!" the father of two--was imprisoned for more than three years--accused of threatening iran's national security. another of the released--jason rezaian. the 39 year old journalist detained for 18 months--charged with espionage--in a closed door trial. once he--with his wife and mother by his side--was safely out of iran--the washington post released a statement saying:gfx:we are relieved that this 545-day nightmare for jason and his family is finally over.also on board, amir hekmati--detained the longest--four years. the former u.s. marine--arrested in iran--while visiting his grandmother.gfx:rezaian, abedini and hekmati all spent time at iran's notorious evin prison--where they were allegedly subjected to beatings, solitary confinement
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president obama--remaining steadfast in his message--that it was diplomatic negotiations that led to their release-- that deal quietly played out outside of the international nuclear agreement negotiated this past july.obama sot:we've achieved this historic progress through diplomacy without resorting to another war in the middle east.s/u: it's believed a fourth ex- prisoner--is still in iran.and an american student--who was released independently--has already headed home.elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. next at 6, fill her up! up!why you might want to get gas in the car sooner rather than later...and where you can get it the cheapest. 9 on your side at 6 continues
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you might want to get out tonight to fill up your gas tank before it gets too cold.9 on your side found gas for as
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stations in reading. reading.if that's not close to where you live, you can always find the cheapest gas in your neighborhood on wcpo dot com under the traffic section. shoppers in florence have a new option for groceries. groceries.aldi will open its doors at 9 tomorrow morning. the store is on houston road - right at ted bushelman boulevard.the first 100 people in the door get a 100-dollar gift card...they are also entered into a drawing to win a year's worth of free produce! tomorrow is martin luther king day - and in observance of it, the national underground railroad freedom center is offering free admission. opens at 11 o-clock.but the day actually starts at 10-30 with a march outside the freedom center. there are activities scheduled at the freedom center throughout the day honoring doctor king and the achievements he made during his lifetime. and because of the holiday... the post office, banks, courts, and the stock market are all closed. trash collection may be impacted as well - so you should check
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company before you put out the trash cans! next at 6, the n-f-l playoffs continue... continue...and among the excitement this weekend has been yet another officiating much trouble is the referee in for botching the coin flip? ken broo has
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9 on your side at 6 is back with a live look from skycam 9. if you plan on going outside, you need to bundle up! that's not a suggestion... it's a must... because it's going to degrees... meteorologist sherry hughes
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right now, the steelers and broncos are at the half. and pittsbugh has a one point lead, 10-9 steelers at the half. earlier today in carolina, the panthers took on the seahawks, and former st. xavier high school star, luke kuenchly
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seattle quarterback russell wilson. and kuenchly comes up with the interception, which converts into a pick six. carolina took a 31-0 lead on the seahawks. late second quarter, cam newton fires into the end zone and finds greg olson. seattle dug itself into a deep hole. but then rallied in the second half seattle was down 31-14, when wilson does what he does best, he extends the play...and then, he gets the ball just over a carolina defender to jermaine kearse. it cut the deficit to ten but late in the game, down seven the seahawks can convert on their on side kick attempt,and the panthers head to the nfc championship game. 31-24 is the final. now it's a coin flip a referee can get right.sunday night before the packers and cardinals went to overtime, referee clte blakeman threw the coin in the air...but it didn't flip.he didn't have to try to flip it again. there's no rule that says he had to.
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fairness chose to re-flip, the missed flip. in both cases the cardinals won the toss.but packers captain, aaron rodgers said after the game he would have changed his choice to tails...instead of the heads that came up, both times. the game was one of the all timers. with five seconds left in regulation, and his team down seven, rodgers throws up a prayer. and in the end zone, the packers jeff janis comes down with the ball. the ensuing extra point tied the game. look at this again. this game was tied at 20-heading to overtime.we've already seen, the cardinals got the ball to start overtime. and carson palmer pulled off this. escapes the rush, finds larry fitzgerald. and fitzgerald weaves his way down the field for a 75-yard the way down to the green bay five yard line. if you get the ball to start overtime and you score, you win and the game is over.and when palmer pitched the ball ahead to fitzgerald here, it was over. the cardinals are onto the nfc
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trt :10outcue:...and finished it off."((palmer: the message on the sideline was let's go. we'll get another shot. thankfully after two coin tosses, we got the ball and went down and finished it off. )) and whoever wins this afternoon's game, goes onto play the patriots. and they'll have to deal with rob gronkowski, who caught two touchdown passes saturday.and sometimes it's better to be lucky than good. the ball ricchocets into the hands of julian edelman late in the fourth quarter. it let the patriots keep the ball....and they go onto eliminate the chiefs....and wait on either the steelers or the broncos. trt :12outcue:...our best there's only four teams playing next weekend and we're one of them. that game means a lot. try to get as healthy as we can and try to put together our best game of the
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did hue jackson hire ray horton to be his defensive coordinator or not?earlier today, a report sufaced that horton was headed to cleveland, after not landing the head coaches' job at the titans.but a few hours later, espn reproted that quoted
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tennessee, where he's been the defensive word on where horton's brother, the nfl official, may wind up. michigan state at wisconsin today. but game in college basketball. spartans up one with 20-seconds to go. ethan happ with the bucket for the badgers. 77-76 wisconsin.but here comes sparty. clock running. under ten seconds to play. the spartains danzel valentine goes for the the three pointer. they only need a two to win. but valentine can not connect. the ball winds up with the spartans matt castello. from the baseline for the win.won't go. wisconsin springs the upset over number four michigan
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that's 9 on your side at six for this sunday!updates on all the days top stories now on
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