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tv   9 On Your Side at 11  ABC  January 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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now at 11...bracing for the brutal cold.i'm tracking the dangerous temperatures... plus the possibility of snow in your 7 day - how those who can't escape the cold are dealing with it tonight.9 on your side at 11
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tonight - we are bracing for a bitter blast of cold weather. the "feels-like" temperature--- below zero. 9 on your side has team coverage tonight...reporter t-j parker is standing by in newport with how firefighters are coping with the cold.but we start with 9 first warning meteorologist sherry hughes!
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these extremely cold temperatures can pose a lot of challenges for those who have to work out in it.tonight that would include our t-j parker... who is on your side in newport with how emergency responders wrestle with the cold - and their tips to keep you safe!t-j? julie- regardless of the temperature, fire departments across the tri-state, including here in newport, have a job to do- but they make sure they're prepared- especially when they're out in the cold. rose sebastian: "5:24 i hate it, i hate it (laughs)" tonight- people across the tri-state- bracing themselves for bitter cold temperatures. rose: "5:35 i really try not to even come out"captain randy childress and the newport fire department are also getting
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chills. randy: "57:17 it poses a lot of challenges for us because we use water in fighting fire and anytime you have water in this cold weather it's going to freeze" it's also tough for the firefighters- responding to emergency situations. randy: "57:27 you can't expose yourself for as long as you would at other times"randy says not only is it challenging- fighting fires- but for other calls they get called out on, too, like falls and car accidents. randy: "57:41 you have to worry about protecting the people as well as treating them for their injuries"randy's best advice when it's this cold- dress in layers, stay dry, and limit your exposure. advice- he and his own department use- when they have to be out in the cold. capt. randy childress/newport fd: "59:52 just be careful, be careful, stay dry, stay warm and prepare." randy also gave some other good advice, like keeping a emergency kit in your car that has extra clothes, blankets and food- just in case you do get stranded. live in newport, t.j. parker, 9 on your side. with the mercury dropping so
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reminders to keep you safe and on the road. road.-check your car battery... you don't want to be stuck with a dead car in the cold... -keep an eye on your tires. the cold air reduces tire pressure.-to help prevent icing of your car door locks - use silicone or graphite spray. -and finally... carry a roadside emergency kit... full of all the essentials. and stay with the 9 first warning weather team.sherry is back in about 15 minutes with a look at the week ahead.and wake up with good morning tri- state and 9 first warning meteorologist jennifer ketchmark for the current temperatures as you head out the door. right now - authorities are working to find the person who shot this man and left him to die.kareem howell was found with a gunshot wound yesterday
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lane in westwood.the 23-year- old died after being taken to the hospital. hospital.if you have information that can help - call crime stoppers at 352-3040. the democratic rivals for president were in south carolina tonight -- the last time they'll be together before the iowa caucuses in two weeks.that's where they'll face off at the ballot box for the first time. tonight, they faced off in debate -- as polls show bernie sanders could upset the frontrunner hillary clinton in iowa -- *and* in new hampshire. abc's elizabeth hur tells us how it went. just two weeks before the voting starts in iowa..the three democratic presidential candidates sparred on stage in south carolina.. with former maryland governor martin o'malley giving his all to stay alive.. (sot) o'malley: energy grid by 2050when hillary clinton and bernie sanders are now in a tight battle to win
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((sot)) clinton?? sanders?? ((sot)) clinton?? sanders??on this night.. the first issue tackled.. gun control.. (sot) clinton: "he has voted with the gun lobby numerous time. he voted against the brady bill five times." (sot) sanders " ... secretary clinton knows what she says is very disingenous. i have a d-minus voting record from the nra." the exchanges.. heated at times.. discussing the economy and healthcare.. (sot) ??(sot) ??but the two also remaining civil.. finding common ground on other issues.
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and so now it's onto the iowa caucus where the race is still tight between hillary and bernie.. but nationally.. a new poll shows hillary still ahead.. by 25 points. . elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. 9 on your side teamed up with politifact, one of the most respected fact checking groups in the nation the so-called soundbites of the debate.. and hold these politicians accountable for what they say. our first fact check focuses on statements hillary clinton made while talking gun control. she made some accusations on bernie sanders' stance on the issue.. that we wanted to check up on: our team at politifact did some research --- and dubbed that accusation "true".sanders *did* flip-flop his stance on
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gunmakers and sellers. in 2005 sanders voted for the a measure that provided broad liability exclusions. after months of defending the vote, his position started to evolve in october 2015. three months ago -- he said he would "take another look" at the liability question. and on saturday, his campaign said he would support changes. that sounded like a flip-flop to our poltifact team -- so we rated clinton's statement as "true". and this is not the only fact- check of tonight's debate.our politifact team will be working long into the night - reviewing statements from other candidates.we'll be posting all our "truth ratings" on wcpo dot com and tell you what we found out tomorrow morning, on good morning tri-state. new at 11.a franklin man is killed after falling off a backhoe while at work. work.27-year-old justin tankersley fell 10 feet at "ohio operating engineer center" in west happened around 8 yesterday morning.investigators aren't sure what caused him to fall.
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arrangements yet. a mom sits in jail accused of leaving her infant and toddler alone for nearly four hours. police arrested delores williams yesterday.the 21-year- old faces two counts of child endangering charges for allegedly leaving her 2- year-old and 8-month-old unsupervised.she will answer to a judge tomorrow morning. if you didn't get it tonight, you might want to fill up first thing tomorrow. 9 on your side found gas for as cheap as a dollar-39 at gas stations in reading. reading.if that's not close to where you live, you can always find the cheapest gas in your neighborhood on wcpo dot com under the traffic section. tomorrow is martin luther king day - and in observance of it, the national underground railroad freedom center is offering free admission. opens at 11 o-clock.but the day actually starts at 10-30 with a march outside the freedom center. there are activities scheduled at the freedom center throughout the day honoring doctor king and the achievements he made during
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and because of the holiday... the post office, banks, courts, and the stock market are all closed. trash collection may be impacted as well - so you should check with your waste management company before you put out the trash cans! swipers still swiping? swiping?we got those new "chip" reader cards for protection, so why are we still swiping? john matarese explains so you don't waste your money. and here comes the dog.the very logical reason one bride had her dog walk her down the aisle.9 on your sie at 11
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you're watching 9 on your side at 11 shoppers in florence have a new option for groceries.aldi will open its doors at 9 tomorrow morning.the store is on houston road - right at ted bushelman boulevard.the first 100 people in the door get a
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are also entered into a drawing to win a year's worth of free produce! over the last couple of months, we've all had to switch to credit cards with chips in them.but it seems like only a handful of places have the chip readers.consumer reporter john matarese looks at whether these new chip cards are actually working... so you don't waste your money. the new chip cards are supposed to be much safer than old fashioned swipe credit cards.then why are we hearing more reports than ever about credit card skimmers....lea ding to fraud?weren't chip cards supposed to prevent that? --------------chip cards were launched with lots of fanfare last year....promising safer transactions thanks to that tiny emv chip on the front. but suddenly it seems credit card skimmers are poppin gu on gas pumps everywhere...copying our cards, and giving hackers access.what gives? turns out gas stations and atms have two more years to switch to chip
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more years to try to scam as many customers as they can. can. so from the doesn't that stink file...the slooooow rollout of emv chip cards.less than half of all stores are using them right now: most major grocery chains and many smaller businesses are still asking you to swipe.if you were hoping for more security, you'll say doesn't that stink? some stores report technical issues....though with most its the cost of switching over. over.hopefully by 2018, card skimming fraud will be a thing of the past....because atms and gas pumps will no longer have swipe systems.but until then be extra careful so you dont waste your money.i'm john matarese 9 on your side. an e-f two tornado kills two people and leaves five others florida. take a look at the damage left behind in sarasota from the storms as they passed through early this one point 50-thousand people had no power.
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power and impact that a tornado has until you until you see this. i mean it's pretty devastating. from my house on down to the end of the street, almost every house has pretty significant damage. this one obviously got the brunt of it. um, heart goes out to the family. that's rough. that's rough."> rough.">and as the sun came up... you can just see the devastation a little bit better...strong winds blew apart homes.... leaving so many families with so much of their life to pick up tonight. as we look live out from skycam 9... you can't see it... but if you were to step out side, you can feel's cold... and it's going to get colder! i'm with 9 first warning
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you don't see this often... but this bride brought her dog down the aisle.valerie parrott has a service dog to help with her anxiety.... and as most brides are on their wedding day... she was kinda nervous. so to help with the wedding day jitters... she walked down the aisle with her father to her right, and her dog to her left. could it be karma? karma?because what happened to the bengals last week...
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today. ken broo has your
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the nfl's final four is set....and the steelers will not be attending.the amen chorus is singing loud in cincinnati tonight. i'm ok my foot don't hurt.... the broncos scored 23-points in this game. 15-came on brian mcmanus field goals. this one cut the pittsburgh lead to a point. without their leading receiver and their leading rusher, the steelers...relied on fitz touissnant's running. and he was ok, until this in the fourth quarter. touissant is hit and gives it up. and the broncos had the ball inside pittsburgh territory.and the broncos wore the steelers down running the ball. cj anderson gives the broncos the lead with three minutes left in the game.the broncos went for two...and converted. they led pittsburgh 20-13. anderson averaged four point eight yards a carry in this game.the steelers had the ball, under when ben roethlisberger was sacked....and fumbled..and after a 23-16 win, it's the
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afc championship game. trt :10outcue:....lot of big games."((manning: oh, it's always satisfying to win. to beat the steelers in a playoff game. hey, those guys over there are battle tested. they've been in a lot of big games.)) so the afc championship is next sunday night in denver. the broncos host the patriots. the line on that game tonight: patriots two and a half point favorites. earlier today in carolina, the panthers took on the seahawks, and former st. xavier high school star, luke kuenchly came up big. pressure on seattle quarterback russell wilson. and kuenchly comes up with the interception, which converts into a pick six. carolina took a 31-0 lead on the seahawks. late second quarter, cam newton fires into the end zone and finds greg olson. seattle dug itself into a deep hole. but then rallied in the second half seattle was down 31-14, when wilson does what he does best, he extends the play...and then, he gets the ball just over a carolina defender to jermaine kearse. it cut the
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game, down seven the seahawks can convert on their on side kick attempt,and the panthers head to the nfc championship game. 31-24 is the final. trt :12outcue:...i know you guys didn't pick us."((newton: we didn't prove nothing. we already knew how we had to play. we were just trying to get cool points from you guys. us )) the nfc championship is sunday afternoon in carolina. panthers against the cardinals. jay kornegay at the westgate sports book in vegas has this at cardinals plus three. and coming up tonight on meijer sports of all sorts at eleven-35....bengals all time leading scorer jim breech is in studio...where did all the bengals coaches go this week? which players are priorities for off season signings...what exactly is a defenseless football playerand keenan singleton is in to talk college basketball and whether nor xavier is a legit final four team.that's right at this edition of nine on your side.
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game between the cardinals and packers was free lancing last night.clete blakeman's initial coin toss preceding overtime didn't just kinda flopped onto the ground.he could've let it ride...but in a quick thinking act of fairness, blakeman re-tossed the coin...and it flipped this time.the nfl has no rule that says the coin actually has to both cases, it came up heads, which was the opposite of what the packers captain, aaron rodgers called. the cardinals took the ball and won on the opening drive. michigan state at wisconsin today. but game in college basketball. spartans up one with 20-seconds to go. ethan happ with the bucket for the badgers. 77-76 wisconsin.but here comes sparty. clock running. under ten seconds to play. the spartains danzel valentine goes for the the three pointer. they only need a two to win. but valentine can not connect. the ball winds up with the spartans matt castello. from the baseline for the win.won't go. wisconsin springs the upset
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state, 77-76 is the final. hey, are you coming to the 9am? i'm on the phone with the cable company. we at time warner cable need to apologize to you. we no longer offer you an excuse to avoid that meeting. we're making a bunch of changes
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if you need to reach us, you don't even have to call. now you can chat with a live agent on your computer or mobile device 24/7 from virtually anywhere. or use the my twc app to schedule a time for us to call you.
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that's 9 on your side at 11 for this sunday.sports of all sorts is next!have a great night... and stay warm out
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