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tv   Good Morning Tri- State 430 AM  ABC  January 18, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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discounted admission to local attractions. the weather is ever- changing..and today is proof of that. that.the wind chill is causing real concerns this morning. let's get straight to 9 first warning meterologist, jennifer ketchmark, for your updated forecast. a wind chill advisory is in effect until 1 p.m. as feels like temperatures dip to -15 to -50f. skies will be sunny today and afternoon highs only climb to the mid-teens. this will make for the coldest day yet of the winter season. coming up, timing out the
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these extremely cold temperatures can pose a lot of challenges for those who have to work out in it.this morning that would include our t-j parker... who is on your side newport with how emergency responders wrestle with the cold - and ways to keep you safe! rose sebastian: "5:24 i hate it, i hate it (laughs)" tonight- people across the tri-state- bracing themselves for bitter cold temperatures. rose: "5:35 i really try not to even come out"captain randy childress and the newport fire department are also getting ready for below zero wind chills. randy: "57:17 it poses a lot of challenges for us because we use water in fighting fire and anytime you have water in this cold weather it's going to freeze" it's also tough for the firefighters- responding to emergency situations. randy: "57:27 you can't expose yourself for as long as you would at other times"randy says not only is it challenging- fighting fires-
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called out on, too, like falls "57:41 you have to worry about protecting the people as well injuries"randy's best advice layers, stay dry, and limit your advice- he and his own department use- when they have to be out in the cold. capt. randy childress/newport fd: "59:52 just be careful, be careful, stay dry, stay warm and prepare."tj out there are concens here in the tri-state this mornign about the extreme cold.triple-a has these reminders to keep you safe and on the road. road.-check your car battery... you don't want to be stuck with a dead car in the cold... -keep an eye on your tires. the cold air reduces tire pressure.-to help prevent icing of your car door locks - use silicone or graphite spray.
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roadside emergency kit... full of all the essentials. in observance of martin luther king, junior day many places are offering discounts of admission and holding special of the places offering "free" admission is the national underground railroad freedom opens at 11 o'clock. and the reds hall of fame...offering half price admission today.discounted admission is 5 dollars for adults and 4 dollars for students and seniors. children ages four and younger are free. all visitors will receive a free stars of the queen city exhibit poster with admission, limit one per person. at the freestore foodbank... volunteers will host the eighth annual power pack-a-
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luther king, junior's mission to help the starts at noon today at the distribution center.the power packs are nutrional lunches handed out to students on fridays to ensure they have something good to eat on the weekends.more than 4 thousand power packs are handed out each week. you might want to fill up your gas tank first thing this morning.9 on your side found gas for as cheap as a dollar-39 at gas stations in reading. reading.experts say this is the lowest the price has been in over seven the past three days gas has dropped more than 40 cents a gallon in some parts of town. if that's not close to where you live, you can always find the cheapest gas in your neighborhood on wcpo dot com under the traffic section. getting paid to go grocery shopping today.shoppers in florence have a new option for groceries.aldi will open its doors at 9 this morning. morning.the first 100 people in the door get a 100-dollar gift card...the store is on houston road - right at ted bushelman can
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drawing to win a year's worth of free produce! the n-f-l championship games are now was an exciting weekend for football fans. fans.the four games over the two days left fans on the edge of their seat.lets start with yesterday's games. broncos beat the steelers steelerspanthers beat the seahawks seahawks and on saturday it was new england beating kansas city. city.then the arizona/green bay game
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an officer chases after a suspect that fled from the scene of a car accident.what happened next has the police force and community mourning this morning. missing this morning.the search for a toddler that has been missing for days is creating new issues for search teams.we'll tell you who is also missing now. jennifer will call for graphic fulla wind chill advisory is in effect until 1 p.m. as feels like temperatures dip to -15 to -50f. skies will be sunny today and afternoon highs only climb to the mid-teens. this will make for the coldest day yet of the winter season. coming up, timing out the return of snow
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and bacon cheddar melt. or any steakhouse lunch combo starting at $7. a utah police officer is killed in the line of duty while chasing after two happened sunday morning. morning.officer doug barney went after two suspects who fled from a traffic accident scene.while chasing them the suspect, cory lee henderson, fired shots in officer barney's direction...shooting him in the head.another officer then shot and killed
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a woman, is still on the run. a feverish search for a missing 2-year-old in tennessee right now...leads to more concerns.officials say hundreds of people have been looking for the toddler since thursday....but just yesterday six of the volunteers went missing! missing!that's leading to new concerns.noah was with his grandmother and 4-year-old sister hiking in the woods last week when the grandmother turned around he was gone. "well there's trails all over the area.. and he was on a trail when he went missing.. we have searched all around those trails. i wouldn't be afraid to say that there was hundreds of miles of trails." trails."no word yet on when or where those other volunteers went missing.we'll continue to follow this story and bring
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a firefighter's go pro helmet camera gives us a new perspective during a fire rescue.what family members were caught on camera doing to make it out alive. the last debate before the big push.highlights from the stage and our fact checkers do their job-what we found from their answers. a wind chill advisory is in effect until 1 p.m. as feels like temperatures dip to -15 to -50f. skies will be sunny today and afternoon highs only climb to the mid-teens. this will make for the coldest day yet of the winter season. coming up, timing out the
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gmts anim"you're watching good morning tri-state at 4:30 on 9 on your side!" the democratic rivals for president were in south
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last time they'll be together before the iowa caucuses in two weeks.that's where they'll face off at the ballot box for the first time. last night they faced off in debate -- as polls show bernie sanders could upset the frontrunner hillary clinton in iowa -- *and* in new hampshire. abc's elizabeth hur tells us how it went. just two weeks before the voting starts in iowa..the three democratic presidential candidates sparred on stage in south carolina.. with former maryland governor martin o'malley giving his all to stay alive.. (sot) o'malley: energy grid by 2050when hillary clinton and bernie sanders are now in a tight battle to win the first democratic contest.. ((sot)) clinton?? sanders??((sot)) clinton?? sanders??on this night.. the first issue tackled.. gun control.. (sot) clinton: "he has voted with the gun lobby numerous time. he voted against the brady bill five times." (sot) sanders " ... secretary clinton
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disingenous. i have a d-minus voting record from the nra." the exchanges.. heated at times.. discussing the economy and healthcare.. (sot) ??(sot) ??but the two also remaining civil.. finding common ground on other issues. ((sot)) ((sot)) liz tag:and so now it's onto the iowa caucus where the race is still tight between hillary and bernie.. but nationally.. a new poll shows hillary still ahead.. by 25 points. .
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york. 9 on your side teamed up with politifact, one of the most respected fact checking groups in the nation the so-called soundbites of the debate.. and hold these politicians accountable for what they say. our first fact check focuses on statements hillary clinton made while talking gun control. she made some accusations on bernie sanders' stance on the issue.. that we wanted to check up on: our team at politifact did some research --- and dubbed that accusation "true".sanders *did* flip-flop his stance on liability exclusions for gunmakers and sellers. in 2005 sanders voted for the a measure that provided broad liability exclusions. after months of defending the vote, his
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october 2015. three months ago -- he said he would "take another look" at the liability question. and on saturday, his campaign said he would support changes. that sounded like a flip-flop to our poltifact team -- so we rated clinton's statement as "true". a firefighter's go pro helmet camera shows us just how terrifying it can be to be involved in a fire.this is a rescue caught on camera in california. people are rescued from a burning apartment complex.the go pro camera shows a family of three escaping through a window on the second floor.they were forced to leave that way... because their only other way out... the stairwell... was on fire.crews pulled out the baby first... then the mother... and finally the father. everyone is okay. four tornadoes on the gulf coast of of e-f two tornado kills two people and seriously injures five others in of them...a small child. take a look at the damage left behind in sarasota from the storms as they passed through
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point 50-thousand people had no power. rough.">the hardest hit area is a popular vacation spot for many in the tri-state.siesta key.many condos and homes there were leveled.
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check in with with your nine first warning weather. weather. it's a bitterly cold start to the day with temperatures in the single digits. winds chills will range from -15 to -50 throughout the morning rush. because of this, the majority of the tri-state is under a wind chill advisory through 1 p.m. highs are only expected to reach 150f this afternoon but adding in our wind, that will only feel like 20f. this will make for the coldest day we've yet to see this winter season. our
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been 300f! temperatures plunge to 60f tonight for another chill outlook but winds will not be a breezy. feels like temperatures will range from -5 to 00f going into tuesday morning. as for tuesday afternoon, skies will be mostly sunny and temperatures top out at 220f. here's your 9 first warning for a chance on measurable snow on wednesday. light snow will begin wednesday morning before many of us even wake up for the day. it looks like we could have .1" to .5" of snow on the ground for the morning drive. snow will then continue to fall during the day, resulting in around 2-3" total for the tri-state. morning rushturning very coldbreezylow: 4 (wind chill: -5 to -15)martin luther king day (monday)sunny & cold below zero wind chillshigh: 15 monday nightvery coldmostly clearlow: 6tuesdaymostly sunny skiescold againhigh: 22tuesday nightincreasing cloudslight snow beginslow: 14 traffic traffic
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traffic a slow turnover is causing big problems.why experts say the new chip cards are actually causing more hackers to get your information..and when you
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a wind chill advisory is in effect until 1 p.m. as feels like temperatures dip to -15
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today and afternoon highs only climb to the mid-teens. this will make for the coldest day yet of the winter season. coming up, timing out the return of snow on wednesday. over the last couple of months, we've all had to switch to credit cards with chips in them.consumer reporter john matarese looks at whether these new chip cards are actually working... the new chip cards are supposed to be much safer than old fashioned swipe credit cards.then why are we hearing more reports than ever about credit card skimmers....lea ding to fraud?weren't chip cards supposed to prevent that? --------------chip cards were launched with lots of fanfare last year....promising safer transactions thanks to that tiny emv chip on the front. but suddenly it seems credit card skimmers are poppin gu on gas pumps everywhere...copying our cards, and giving hackers
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gas stations and atms have two more years to switch to chip thieves two more years to try to scam as many customers as they can. can. so from the doesn't that stink file...the slooooow rollout of emv chip cards.less than half of all stores are using them right now: most major grocery chains and many smaller businesses are still asking you to swipe.if you were hoping for more security, you'll say doesn't that stink? some stores report technical issues....though with most its the cost of switching over. over.hopefully by 2018, card skimming fraud will be a thing of the past....because atms and gas pumps will no longer have swipe systems.but until then be extra careful so you dont waste your money.i'm john matarese 9 on your side. a bride decided to walk down the aisle with her dog and now the picture is going viral.. viral..valerie parrott has a
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anxiety.... and as most brides are on their wedding day... she was kinda to help with the wedding day jitters... she walked down the aisle with her father to her right, and her dog to her left. don't get caught out in the cold and not know how to stay safe.we talk with a local doctor on ways to protect yourself in these extreme
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