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tv   The Now Cincinnati  ABC  January 18, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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bitter cold grips the tri-state as many of you honor the there relief in sight? the 9 first warning weather team has a look in minutes.a settlement between u-c -- and the family of the man shot and killed by a campus offcer last summer. the community reacts to the multi-million dollar deal.the ritual of stillness is quite easy for themwe take you inside an area school where music and meditation are helping educate and unite kids inside the classroom.*this* is the now cincinnati. we begin at 4 with your 9 first warning forecast. let's get straight to chief meteorologist steve raleigh for a look at just how cold it'll be for the evening commute. steve? highs are only expected to reach 150f this afternoon but adding in our wind, that will only feel like 20f. this will make for the coldest day we've yet to see this winter season. our coldest afternoon so far has been 300f! temperatures
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winds will not be a breezy. range from -5 to 00f going tuesday afternoon, skies will temperatures top out at 220f. here's your 9 first warning snow on wednesday. light snow before many of us even wake up for the day. it looks like we could have .1" to .5" of snow on the ground for the morning to fall during the day, resulting in around 2-3" total for the tri-state. with the cold means dangerous temperatures don't forget to check in with *good morning tri-state* as soon as you wake up tomorrow for the latest conditions and how the roads look.the team will also be on top of any delays or closures. the university of cincinnati
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dollar settlement with the family of sam dubose. he's the man shot to death last year by former u.c. police officer ray tensing during a traffic stop. nine on your side's tom mckee is live with new details of that settlement and reaction. tom? this $5.3 million agreement closes the dubose family's civil claim of wrongful death. the murder charge against ray tensing is still pending. this settlement was negotiated over the past several months to help the family heal and rebuild trust between u-c's policie department and the community. everything stems from this traffic stop -- captured on ray tensing's body camera. his family called the shooting unjustified and tensing was charged with murder. tensing claims he was dragged by the car and feared for his life. the settlement pays $4.8 million to the dubose family, his 12 children get a free uc education, a memorial will be erected on campus, uc's president will apologize and
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uc's community advisory committee. attorney al gerhardstein says the familys staking martin luther king's words to heart. "he told us to be peaceful when we are faced with tragedy and this family has worked peacefully over the last few months to resolve this terrible, terrible tragedy. nothing will bring sam back and i'm sure raegan will tell you that she'll give every dime back and the whole family will give every dime back if that would bring sam back on this earth." earth." "this was a tragedy. the university is remorseful about it. we feel for the dubose family and the community. this is very important to the university to reach an agreement at least with this aspect of this tragedy so that hopefully the family can continue to get some closure
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on." tensing's criminal case won't be impacted by the settlement, according to attorney stew mathews, whose only comment was "wow" for the amount and the memorial. it's possible that a trial date will be set during the next court hearing on february 11th. coming up five, reaction from sam dubose's daughter, the his fiance. tom mckee, nine on your side, live on the u-c campus. a daring escape during a fire at an apartment complex in west price hill today-- one tenant tied sheets together and used it as a make shift ladder to climb out from the balcony. the fire started on nebraska avenue a little after noon and quickly spread. the cause is under investigation but witnesses tell us there was a fire in the same apartment unit about a year ago. at least one person is homeless.. the rest of the unit was evacuated at the time. a faulty furnace is blamed for
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township.the woman says she woke up around 2 a-m to find thick smoke thorughout her home and she couldn't breathe. she did manage to get out though. this is a fire that is a warning to all of us. that's because -- half of all fires caused by home heating systems happen in december, january and february. many of us are turning on our furnaces or even using chimneys to keep warm.and most times -- you use them without an inspection. officials say that's a big also need to keep anything that can burn at least three feet away from heating equipment.and this is a good time of year to test your smoke alarms every month. could the heroin epidemic lead to an hiv outbreak right here in the tristate?that's the new concern for health officials now.the now's briana explains too late. as the tri-state's heroin epidemic is grows, health
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yet another wide spread problem.mina kalfas// physician "there's already an issue with hiv but we're going to have a much bigger problem with hiv i think if we don't act very proactively and aggressively." because the drug is administered largely through iv injection, the c-d-c warns that parts of kentucky, indiana and ohio at a higher risk for an hiv outbreak. briana harper// @brianawcpo "health officials say one of the steps that could help combat the risk of an outbreak is improving needle disposals and iv injection safety."that begins with incentives like needle exchange programs. programs are already in effect in communities like northside, springdale, mt. auburn and pendleton county, kentucky.. just to name a few. "take the needles out of the parks, off the streets, off the roads,and give them a reason to bring it in for a clean one so that they aren't throwing it away and is not being a public health hazard.doctors say the goal is to eventually stop the drug use all together-- but until then its a process."when we set up a connection with individuals they get used to
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we help you."briana harper reporting, the now cincinnati. cincinnati. if you or someone you know needs access to a needle exchange program, rehab or counseling, we're on your side with a list of resources at slash heroin. an ohio police officer is remembered today -- just hours after he is killed while on duty.danville officer thomas cottrell's body was found late last night.his service weapon had been's still not clear how he was killed, but we know investigators were alerted of the crime after the police. the community of danville -- which is northeast of columbus -- was shocked by officer cottrell's death.mike mccarthy with a look at who police say did it.. and how the community is coming together. (nats)at mcfadden's hot spot, breakfast...(nats)...came with a side.(betty durbin, longtime resident) "why us?...of disbelief.(betty durbin, longtime resident) "i just
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mcfadden, restaurant owner) "i figured that this was the least that i could do, was come down here the way i did at 3 o' clock in the morning and offer any kind of services that i could to the law enforcement."donna mcfadden opened her place unexpectedly, after she says tragedy first came that way. next door, at the danville police department, an officer was shot and killed.deputies found thomas cottrell's body just outside late last night.his gun and police cruiser were taken. things betty durbin says just don't happen in this village.(betty durbin, longtime resident) "this is a close community and everybody knew everybody and helped look out. and he was trying to keep us safe."she's lived here 75 years.(betty durbin, longtime resident) "and we're safe and he's not."the knox county sheriff office says officers arrested herschel jones. investigators say he told his ex-girlfriend he was "looking to kill an officer."she tipped off deputies, and the suspect
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say he ran from a nearby home. deputies also found a police cruiser about a half mile from the police department.during it all, donna mcfadden couldn't help but think of her own daughter, who works in law enforcement.(donna mcfadden, restaurant owner) "it scares me because that's my daughter's dream and i think it could've been her." which was why breakfast today cost only a donation.and all of it, mcfadden says, she'll serve to the officer's family. family. a little more about the suspect.herschel jones has a criminal history -- and at one point -- tried to claim he was legally insane.the 32 year old was released from jail last april after serving four years from making drugs. proof that what happens at the casino -- doesn't always stay at the casino.a kentucky man is now charged with stealing casino chips from another player. player.investigators say "willians calipo" stole 500 dollars worth of chips from a player at the horseshoe casino. the player put half of the
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video shows calipo drop his jacket over the chips then take off with them. he returned a few hours later and when confronted, told security he found them, and was trying to return them. calipo is now charged with cheating and was given a one thousand dollar bond. right now the u-s state department is working to find three american contractors missing in baghdad. the iraqi security forces you see here have been closing streets... and doing house- to-house searches in the area today.a senior security official in the country says the people were kidnapped by militiamen from an apartment in the capital. they all speak different languages -- except for about two minutes a day!9 on your side anchor kathrine nero turns up the music on a local program helping third grade students get ready to face the day and the future. have you ever wondered why *women* seem to handle getting sick better than men?well - it might just be true.. and
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and gas prices might be dropping again.. but it's not all good for our bottom line. the price we could pay in the
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peace and quiet.those aren't typically words you'd use to describe an elementary school classroom.but kathrine nero shows us how a new program at one local school is changing that two minutes at a time. this is how the third graders highs are only expected to reach 150f this afternoon but
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only feel like 20f. this will make for the coldest day we've yet to see this winter season. our coldest afternoon so far has been 300f! temperatures plunge to 60f tonight for another chill outlook but winds will not be a breezy. feels like temperatures will range from -5 to 00f going into tuesday morning. as for tuesday afternoon, skies will be mostly sunny and temperatures top out at 220f. here's your 9 first warning for a chance on measurable snow on wednesday. light snow will begin wednesday morning before many of us even wake up for the day. it looks like we could have .1" to .5" of snow on the ground for the morning drive. snow will then continue to fall during the day, resulting in around 2-3" total
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bad news for oil companies continues to be good news for
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first time since 2003 oil prices dropped below 28- dollars a barrel today.the reason? there's already enough oil to meet demand and because the u-s lifted sanctions against iran this past weekend that means even more will soon be available.iran will be able to export its oil again and today issued an order to start producing half-a-million barrels a day.that means lower energy and gas costs for all of us.but it could also mean shutdowns and lay-offs at some refineries and it could make the already unstable global economy even worse. women: do you husbands or male friends seem to get extra whiny when they have the flu? and guys do you find it just wipes you out?turns out there may be a good excuse. excuse.a recent study finds women may do a better job fighting the flu thanks to estrogen.researchers found adding estrogen to nasal cells... which are typically infected by the flu... helped stop the virus in women but not men. why it works isn't clear yet.
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have something to do with how estrogen can reduce the cell's metabolic rate.that could slow down the virus' ability to replicate itself.the researchers admit they need to do more studies to see if what they found in the lab... translates to human volunteers. but they say the findings suggest women on birth control or hormone replacement therapy may have better protection against the flu. another major sport has been accused of cheating! cheating!did some of the biggest names in tennis *throw* their matches?and what those in charge have to say about the new allegations being tossed their way. u-s officials release a timeline of what happened when 10 navy sailors were captured by iran.. we'll break it down coming up. doesn'
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we want to get you back to kathrine nero's report now. she's showing us how a new program at one local school is using music and mediation to help unite and educate students. this is how the third graders
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their school day ...natsbut this week ...something's different.stacy: good morning everyone. the academy of world languages is adding "mindful music moments" every morning ...take a moment to find your breathtwo minutes of classical music ...and meditation ... to start their nats natswhen we started our music it gets them all calmed down, focused centered .. helps us start our day ina more peaceful, calm way.the students listen to the same piece for a week this case ...aaron copland's fanfare for the common man. they get a prompt ... but everything else is up to them. them.11:21 i think about when i am closing my eyes and playing on the swings (is that your favorite place to be) (nods) 11:28 11:28like i'm ina meadow. really? why did you pick that? feels calm when the music starts 04this is a pilot program stacy sims came up with - during a group meditation outside music hall.
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is quite easy for them ... something they can take with them their whole lives. knowing how to calm yourself and make your own self healthy ... that is huge . 38 38 you just relax and listen does it for you44the provides the music ...but it's what this exercise provides the teachers that's most effective. effective. i notice it from the time we start and finish to the end of the day. mostly i used to never listen to music but now it has changed me..14 me..14 simple - a couple of minutes ... coming together as a community and experiencing the same thing in the form of classical a classroom where seven countries are represented really is - the universal language.for the now i'm kathrine nero nero sims says other schools and organizations are interested in mindful music moments.she hopes to expand the program this fall. fallout continues from the iranian capture of 10 american sailors who strayed into foreign territory last week. today the u-s central command
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what happened..the now's todd walker breaks down the timeline. this began almost a week ago today.. on january 12th.. when two u-s boats left from kuwait.. headed to bahrain.. when somehow they ended up in iranian waters and had mechanical problems.. this is iran over here.the u-s is still trying to figure out how they strayed off course.. but things started getting problematic around 2 o'clock in the afternoon.. when the boats didn't show up for a planned refueling 2:10 the crews radioed to say they were being questioned by iranians.. by 2:45.. all communications with the crews had been 6:45.. four hours later the iranians contacted the navy to say the sailers were in custody.. but "safe and healthy"what happened? we now know one of the two boats had some sort of mechanical problem.. so they both stopped to fix it.. it's that they had ended up in iranian waters.. the sailors were held for 15's during that time that this video was released of them being held at gun-point.. after all the negotiating the
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lately.. this video outraged secretary of state john kerry.. *sot full=na-51mo :01 "i was very angry. i was very, very frustrated and angry that that was released. i raised it immediately with the iranians. :12 stitch :20 it was put out, i think, through the military over there, the iric, who had been opposed to what we are doing." :26 :26 the u-s says all of its weapons.. ammunition and communication gear on the two boats were accounted for.. except for two "sim" cards from two satellite phones appear to have been removed. cold temperatures have many of us dreading going cold will it get?steve has a look. look.and do people buy more
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we check in with a local store and cold isn't enough to stop us from honoring doctor martin luther king junior.has his *dream* come true?or do we have more room to grow as a nation? 10:19 a new study says heavier waiters sell more food but is that really the case? coming
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welcome back to the now cincinnati... you don't need us to tell you
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cold is it going to get in the coming hours?chief meteorologist steve raleigh with a look... highs are only expected to reach 150f this afternoon but adding in our wind, that will only feel like 20f. this will make for the coldest day we've yet to see this winter season. our coldest afternoon so far has been 300f! temperatures plunge to 60f tonight for another chill outlook but winds will not be a breezy. feels like temperatures will range from -5 to 00f going into tuesday morning. as for tuesday afternoon, skies will be mostly sunny and temperatures top out at 220f. here's your 9 first warning for a chance on measurable snow on wednesday. light snow will begin wednesday morning before many of us even wake up for the day. it looks like we could have .1" to .5" of snow on the ground for the morning drive. snow will then continue to fall during the day,
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really cold temperatures are gripping a good portion of the country.elizabeth hur looks at the conditions others are facing. facing. it was bound to happen and now it has?the snow drought is officially over from d-c to new york city and boston.. some areas getting up to 2 inches of snow.. making this.. the first and largest snowfall of the season. near buffalo.. where they're used to snow.. this latest round even caught some residents off guard.. ((sot)) "there was actually nothing could see green grass on my lawn started afternoon around four o'clock...i woke up around to all of this, this
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and snow.. creating a mess on the highways elsewhere.. leaving some drivers stuck in a ditch.. ((nat)) "bump.. car moves.." ?others needing a little push to get back on the road in northwest pennsylvania.. ((nat)) marciano/stephanopolous from gma this morning meanwhile, freezing temperatures and icy roads in yonkers, just outside new york city.. being blamed for this 14-car pile-up overnight.. out in minnesota.. it is so cold.. a local meterologist shows you can freeze a t-shirt in minutes. ((nat)) it was even colder in north dakota over the weekend.. with the wind chill.. feeling like minus 50 degrees!! elizabeth tag: and here in new york.. i'm actually wearing two scarves, two sweaters.. under this coat and it is still freezing out right now.. but forecasters say.. fortunately.. relief is on the way.. by midweek. eh,
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in milwaukee -- the death of a 21 year old woman is being investigated as possibly weather related.she was apparently found collapsed in the snow. today's bitter cold wasn't enough to stop people from honoring doctor martin luther king junior today though. marches began this morning all over the area, including the one you're looking at -- which led to music hall.most we talked to told us its important not just to celebrate how far we've come -- but how far our nation has to go.vanessa davis was a child when king gave his infamous "i have a dream speech" and says with so much with racial tensions still in cities around the country.. his message holds true more now than ever before. "it really brought a tear to my eye just as a child because i could see the struggle that he was experiencing and through my life i have
4:29 pm
dramatically as he has... but have really experienced the racial disparity that there is out here in this country and i just hope that someday like martin luther king that we'll all be one." this year's *martin luther king jr. coalition* theme was "justice, freedom, equality we can't wait" on this martin luther king day... have we finally achieved his dream?the majority of us say not yet. yet.the views vary depending on race.75-percent of african americans say we haven't achieved king's dream.that's compared to 59-percent of whites.and 56 percent of other minorities. overall.. just 23 percent of all adults see martin luther king day as one of our country's most important holidays.people under 40 are slightly more likely than older americans to rate the holiday that way.20-percent consider it one of the least important. only 28-percent of americans say we've reached the day king preached about in his famous
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when men and women of all races have equal opportunity. that's according to a new survey from rasmussen reports. it's down from 35-percent two years ago at this time.but the survey did find *younger americans are more likely to feel we've achieved equal opportunity. should donald trump be banned from britain?parliament took up the topic today after more than half a million people signed this petition to keep him out. they're upset about his proposal to temporarily ban muslims from entering the u-s. one legislator opened the debate today saying "it would be a grave error" to ban trump and allow him to appear a victim.but another disagreed saying trump's words are quote "poisonous."there's no vote from today's debate.also britain's prime minister says he doesn't support a ban. every day -- doctors are finding new ways to treat common illnesses. illnesses.but could a treatment for cancer help those with multiple sclerosis? the new promise for some... and big name film stars are
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sitting out one of hollywood's
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controversy is not stopping fans from packing into the australian open today.the first of the year's grand-slam tennis tournaments kicked off with claims that the sport has been covering up fixed matches. the b-b-c and buzzfeed both say they've obtained secret internal files that implicate 16 unnamed players over the last ten years.all four of the governing bodies in professional tennis have strongly denied any wrongdoing. runs=:16chris kermode | atp executive chairman: "the tennis integrity unit and the tennis authorities absolutely reject any suggestion that evidence of match fixing has been suppressed for any reason or isn't being thoroughly investigated." investigated."the tennis integrity unit was formed in 2008 to avoid's issued six lifetime bans since then. a common treatment isn't just
4:33 pm
newsy's matt moreno found out how it could also offer hope for those with m-s. patients with multiple sclerosis are regaining independence with the help of a common cancer treatment. "i was crossing a road. i didn't fall, but i just melted," steven storey told bbc . "within nine months, steven's condition had deteriorated to the point where he needed 24-hour acute care," the bbc anchor said. "you could have stabbed me in my leg and i wouldn't have felt it," storey said.storey received a bone marrow transplant using his own stem cells. now, he can swim and ride a bike - all within one year of treatment. his next goal is to walk.the treatment is called hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (or hsct). first there's chemotherapy, which weakens the immune system. then, the patient's stem cells that are too young to have "flaws that trigger ms" are harvested from .com/watch?v=hersskxy4dy the patient's blood and used to rebuild that immune system. storey received the treatment
4:34 pm
a hospital in the u.k. another patient given the treatment, 25-year-old holly drewry, went from having to use a wheelchair to being able to walk. a consultant on the trial compared it to "rebooting" the immune system. ms affects about 2.3 million people worldwide. researchers describe this latest treatment as a "major achievement." achievement."watch newsy 24-7 on your tv or download the newsy app for on the go updates updates the publisher of a controversial children's book about george washington and his slaves is pulling the book from shelves. scholastic says it will no longer sell the picture book-- "a birthday cake for george washington."it features a slave with a huge smile as he bakes the president a birthday cake.critics say the book sugarcoats the truth about slavery.scholastic has admitted the picture book does not include enough historical is giving refunds on the book. right now -- two big names in
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boycott the oscars over the lack of diversity.both director spike lee and jada pinkett smith announced their decision on social media today. jada pinkett smith | boycotting oscars: "begging for acknowledgment or even asking diminishes dignity and diminishes power." power."pinkett-smith's frustration comes after her husband didn't get a best actor nomination for his role in the movie "concussion."lee referenced the "oscars so white" hashtag that has gone viral in his post.he has asked how is it possible that all 20 contenders under the acting category are white for two consecutive years.he says the timing of his post coinciding with martin luther king day was intentional. when you go out to eat -- do you ever take a good look at your waiter or waitress? waitress?a new study suggests how they look might just impact what you eat!
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richer?the numbers game that
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you're watching the now on wcpo 9 on your side... it started right here in cincinnati -- and you'll soon find *tom and chee* up north! the restaurant has singed into a franchise lease for its first cleveland area location. it will open at the *westwood commons* project in strongsville.tom and chee has been growing since its creators appeared on the abc's show shark tank back in 2013. it now has locations in 20 states. here's some advice about how to keep off the pounds when eating out. the now's anne mcnamara looks into a new study that says your waiter's weight can make a big difference. anne mcnamara | @annemcnamaratv when you sit down at a restaurant -- everyone knows you order off the menu, right? but everyone also knows a good server can make you buy more...with the power of persuasion. nats3:00 can i get you coffee/juice?there's something to be said for suggestion...alvaro espinosa |
4:38 pm
served. i'm a big eater. i'm a hungry man all the time. a new study from cornell university says customers like him -- are more likely to eat more -- if they have a heavier waiter. graphic 1 researchers studied almost 500 interactions at 60 american full-service restaurants.graphic 2 and when a waiter's body mass index was 25 or higher -- they sold more food and drinks. 25 is the threshold for what's considered "overweight." graphic 3 those servers were also four times more likely to sell customers dessert...and the customers were 17 percent more likely to order alcohol. shelby borer | the delectable egg :10 i feel like that's probably true, just because they probably experienced some different desserts or a lot more appetizersbut before you go pointing fingers at people's waistlines...consider this...58:10 i've worn a step tracker before and i think i get more of a workout here than i do in the gym shelby borer works out regularly -- in addition to all the time she spends on her feet...and
4:39 pm
upsell a lot of our cappucinos, espressos and all that stuff so maybe -- just maybe -- there's another factor at play...7:37 i just want someone that is nice and kind and you know, has a spirit. i think the main thing you look for in somebody that is working in any work is someone doing it from his heart and that's a self- proclaimed "hungry man" telling you why he keeps coming back.8:24 i like to be with people who really love their job for the now...i'm anne mcnamara. if you're looking to cut calories and costs...the best advice...decide what you're going to order before the waiter comes to the table. the rich just seem to keep getting richer.a new report shows the world's 62 richest people have as much wealth as half of the world's population. that's more than 3-point-6 billion 20-10 it took more than 380 billionaires to have that portion of global wealth.and the income gap is growing.the report shows 20 percent of the world living in extreme poverty barely saw their
4:40 pm
and that to the most wealthy 10-pecent who saw a 46-percent jump. highs are only expected to reach 150f this afternoon but adding in our wind, that will only feel like 20f. this will make for the coldest day we've yet to see this winter season. our coldest afternoon so far has been 300f! temperatures plunge to 60f tonight for another chill outlook but winds will not be a breezy. feels like temperatures will range from -5 to 00f going into tuesday morning. as for tuesday afternoon, skies will
4:41 pm
temperatures top out at 220f. here's your 9 first warning for a chance on measurable snow on wednesday. light snow will begin wednesday morning before many of us even wake up for the day. it looks like we could have .1" to .5" of snow on the ground for the morning drive. snow will then continue to fall during the day, resulting in around 2-3" total
4:42 pm
as of january 28th -- apple's i tunes radio service will no longer be free. it will require a paid subscription of 9-99 a month. apple owned beats 1 will still be free if youre interested craig mckee is here now with a look at what's ahead on 9 on your side. first it's very, very cold outside - but there are still safety concerns on area ponds and lakes after another ice rescue. a woman and her dogs fall through the ice this time in west chester. how they're doing now and what you need to keep in mind as the temps tubmle for another night. then a woman claims her uber driver attacked her. 9 on your side with uber's response and how they say
4:43 pm
to protect this particular customer. tanya -- ad lib wrap heartstopping moments when a mother hands her infant over to a firefighter -- as flames close in! in!:46 (nats) "you got a good grip?"(nats) "i got it, got it." it."you know firefighters face danger every day.but next on the now cincinnati -- you'll see just what happens when they race into action! the water woes in flint, michigan take center stage in the race for president.but what do leaders dealing with the crisis say about it all? and what help is on the way to those living with the life-
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yes. two million, four hundred thousand, fifty-three grains of sand. exactly two hours, for steak 'n shake's half-price happier hour. we'll never miss half-price, hand-dipped milkshakes again. but master, happier hour is from two to five now. pardon me? they added an hour. ...two mill - great, i've lost count. p happy hour just got happier. p
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at steak 'n shake we talk about fires every day on the news.but have you ever seen what battling one is like for firefighters?megan rupe shows you the perspective of california firefighter's night -- through the lense of his helmet camera. :21 - :25pete martinez, fresno fire pio 1:01 - 1:04ray bergman, complex owneran astonishing sight. the second floor of an apartment complex engulfed in flames. (nats) "hey, out of the way."two apartments damaged by fire. firefighters are still investigating the cause and no one was hurt, but less than three hours later, crews would be at it again. this time at an apartment complex on linden avenue. (pete martinez/fresno
4:46 pm
that the second story of the apartment complex was actually charged with smoke."in this helmet cam video, the firefighter quickly puts his ladder up.he yells into a room but no one's inside. the firefighter brings his ladder to another window.he sees people and yells for backup. (nat) "hey!"then, in a heart- stopping moment, the tenant hands the firefighter her baby through the window. (nats) "you got a good grip?"(nats) "i got it, got it."he hands the infant to the firefighter below...(nats) "hold onto her from the inside." then helps the other family members down. ray bergman owns the property. he got the frightening call minutes after the fire started. (ray bergman/owner) "i just wanted to make sure everything was safe and you know, hopefully something would still be left when i got here."bergman believes a transient got in and lit a fire in the back stairway.he says, while the damage looks bad, it could've been much worse without this smoke alarm. (ray berman/owner) "it really helped out and did what it's supposed to do." do." - the property owner says he's
4:47 pm
smoke alarms in the hallway of the complex. today the national guard is more than doubling the number of troops in flint, michigan to help hand out bottled water and's because of the water crisis we've been telling you about here on the now.the concern is the pipes are now contaminated with lead from when the city was getting its water from the flint river instead of lake huron. meantime michigan's governor has called out presidential candidate hillary clinton for making flint's water crisis a political issue.he says it doesn't help and instead he's focusing on the solution and dealing with the damage. meantime -- pop icon *cher* is sending hundreds of thousands of bottles of clean water to flint.the singer has partnered with an icelandic water company to make it happen. shipments are expected to reach the food bank wednesday. that water will then go directly to community centers, food banks and fire houses, focusing in on low income housing areas.cher herself is paying most of the bill -- out of her own pocket. family and friends of 12
4:48 pm
helicopters collided off hawaii are holding out hope today.rescuers are expanding their search... four days after the crash. this is video of the search yesterday.they've found debris... but so far no survivors.the family of one of those marines... sergeant adam schoeller... is in hawaii now waiting on any new developments. name: michelle grochalski | family friend: "he's a very caring, outgoing person. there's just not enough words i could say. his heart is so big." big."the family of one of the other marines from south carolina says the team is highly trained.his dad says his son would tell him how proud he was to be part of the unit. that's it from the now cincinnati.9 on your side at 5 starts right now. forced into the bitter cold. how much more temperatures will drop tonight.and when snow will impact you this week. u-c paying millions!sam dubose
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family reacts to the huge settlement. plus - the permanent reminder of this shooting victim. a dog owner falls through ice - all to rescue her two animals. we'll tell you how all three are doing tonight. living his legacy. how people in the tri-state honored martin luther king junior.some reaching out to those in need. they didn't win the jackpot - but their prize isn't too shabby.hear what a group of tri-state bus drivers won after last week's powerball drawing. 9 on your side at five starts now! these images sum up the day. bone-chilling temperatures and wind keeping many of us from leaving the house.but some of us - not so lucky. the temps and the wind chill plunging once again this evening. welcome to 9 on your side at five. many of you did get to stay home today.but it's back to work and school tomorrow.
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