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tv   9 On Your Side News 6  ABC  January 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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nine on your side is looking out for you...join jennifer ketchmark and the good morning tri-state team tomorrow -- keeping you informed on how
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the door.they'll also have the latest school closings or delays.that starts at four-30 -- on nine on your side. video you'll only see on nine on your side -- smoke and flames pouring from a vehicle on fire on fort washington way. this happened just over 30 minutes ago.and the bitter cold made it a challenge for firefighters... firefighters...nine on your side's tom mckee is live at that scene...tom? we're talking about the ramps from the brent spence bridge to eastbound fort washington way and second street.i can tell you that fire crews just pulled out a second ago after dousing what was a very intense fire. take a look at these unbelieveable pictures that chopper nine's dan carroll got just a few minutes can see that the vehicle was fully involved in flames and smoke was billowing into the air. firefighters quickly put the blaze out, but with the water on the road and the cold temperatures, things got slick. we even saw one firefighter
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ice -- we're checking to see holiday and traffic is a bit lighter than normal, but that's no solice to anyone caught in this mess now. cincinnati police cruisers are on the scene now make sure others don't hit the burned out's likely they're going to need salt trucks to make the road safe before it's reopened.tom mckee, nine on your side, live downtown. thank you tom.let's go to dan caroll in chopper nine -- the only local helicopter getting you breaking news first.dan, you're seeing quite a back-up
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tonight-- a cincinnati woman is sharing a warning to others... after claims she was attacked by her uber driver! t-j parker sat down with the woman -- an interview you'll on see on nine on your side.t-j? jenn prine was ubering back to her home here in northside- when she says her driver came into her house- and attacked her. tonight- she fears this could happen to someone else. i'm scared because i'm afraid i'm about to get raped"what was *expected* to be a meaningless uber ride back to her northside home- turned out to be a thing of nightmares for jenn prine. i did nothing but say no to
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nothing out of my mouth was ever anything other than no" jenn says she requested the uber- to get home from work. she says right before they got to her place- her driver told her he would make the ride free if she agreed to grab coffee with him- and she did. he had something about him that was kind of naive, kind of trusting, so i just didn't read, i dont know, i missed it, i missed what was going to happen"the driver walked jenn back to her house- and after a few minutes- she says he grabbed her shirt- and tried to pull it off. he wasn't listening at all to me, i told him to leave, maybe 50 times and you know he wouldn't leave"fortunately, jenn says a neighbor came out- spooking the driver- and he ran off. she contacted uber- who told her they would refund her fare and *never* match her again with that driver. not for. it's taken me some time to really sit with all of this cause i can get very overwhelmed with all my emotions so i have to sort them all out but i've been really angry"jenn is afraid this could happen to someone else.
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really driving the cars, they just don't and they're not willing to be honest about that" we reached out to uber today who say they're working with cincinnati police in their investigation. she's also talking with city council about the possibility for more regulations for uber. live in northside, t.j. parker, 9 on your side. stories like these have played out too many times across the country.nine on your side has actions you can take -- to ensure your safety when you try these ride-sharing services. services. first -- verify the identity of your uber driver *before* you get in the car. car.users can rate their drivers on the uber app -- be sure to check that rating. rating.and let family members or a friend know when you're taking uber -- so they can check on you when you arrive.
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construction worker killed during a bridge collapse a year ago this month -- still wonders what was going through his son's mind.35-year-old brandon carl was part of the crew dismantling the hopple street overpass when it collapsed and killed him. jason law joins us with the *one thing* that man still won't do -- one year later. "charles carl" says he stays awake at night wondering what his son was thinking right before he died. he told me he still can't watch things like this: new reports, updates.he said it's hard to watch any coverage regarding his son's death. "no, i never even watch nothing on the television after he died." charles carl still has hard time understanding what happened. "have you ever driven by there?""i don't want to see it." his son went to work one day then never came home. "buried under a bunch of rocks, and all that. that's a horrible way to die. i think about that, if he suffered. [did he] know what was going
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time." you think about what was going through his mind? mind? "yeah, if he knew what was happening before he got killed. it's something." last summer the federal government cited and fined the construction company "kokosing." investigators concluded engineers made mistakes while taking down the hopple street overpass. the company has publicly apologized for brandon's death, but charles says no one ever apologized to him. "nope. i got nothing." "it's just hard to take." "he helped me on the farm a lot. he farmed, me and him. had cattle together. he loved to show steers." "those kids sure miss him. i miss him. his mom misses him." there are a couple attorneys involved in this case representing brandon carl's family. we spoke to the attorney representing brandon's fiance', kendra blair.
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pending in court against two engineers and the ohio department of transportation. a day of service...tri-state folks do good in their community -- in honor of a civil rights leader.see why these restaurant workers are realizing just how important their fundraising efforts are to local kids. lost and found...their proposal -- caught on camera -- sparked a years-long search for those lovebirds.nine on your side found them.. and we
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doctor martin luther king junior's legacy inspired so many people to do more for their communities... and today restaurant workers prepared food -- not for customers but for kids in need. employees of the panera bread company spent part of their day packing snacks for tri- state kids.the freestore foodbank sends about five-thousand "power packs" to local schools... so needy children will have a source of nutrition over the weekend. panera *customers* can donate to the cause -- but today employees got to see what it actually means. "to actually see where the money goes and to see these power packs put together and produced and to know what they're doing makes a difference is huge" huge"those donations in panera restaurants adds up to 40- thousand dollars in funding for the freestore foodbank. tonight -- duke customers need to be on the lookout for a scam.
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folks in indiana are getting calls... demanding immediate payment -- otherwise their power will be shut off.duke *only* mails out disconnection notices -- those come with your monthly bill. weather and sports are ahead, steve the chill is on. on. the xavier musketeers get propped up..and a referee gets tripped's coming
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this customer is running to get her deposit in today. too late. branch is already closed. but she could make the atm. still won't beat the cutoff time. really? at huntington, with atm and mobile deposits, you have up till midnight. we call it all day deposit. midnight? what are you, a bank or a convenience store? i've got to make a deposit! you go, girl! she's got no chance. deposit hours that make sense for you, not the bank. welcome to huntington,
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tonight -- a heart warming update on a story we brought you last week. we showed you a wedding proposal that was caught by survellance camera
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thomas.the bar where it took place wanted to know who the couple is and if they got married.nine on your side's tony mirones found them -- and shows us where they've been -- and what they've created. ((nats of baby))five month old violet's parents have an romantic marriage proposal story to tell.adam foster/proposal caught on video "i had to make sure that she was on the same page that she wanted to get married."the met in high school and started dating about ten years later because of facebook.adam foster/proposal caught on video "i actually asked her dad, her father for permission."with dad's blessing, adam foster the question.adam foster/proposal caught on video "so i would just throw out a feeler and say hey would you marry me and just joke around." listen up guys, women don't jessica foster/proposal caught on video"i just needed to know he was serious about it... i'd say not till you asked me the right way."thats what happened on a cold snowy december night in fort thomas.the two caught snow flakes with their tongues, and he threw out
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back turned jessica foster/proposal caught on video "so i knew if he got down on one knee and was dead seriuos about it then it was a go."the one year courtship advanced that night.he assumed the position, and yes. it happened. you can see how surprised jessica was.jessica foster/proposal caught on video "i was, i had no idea he had talked to my family, i had no idea he had bought rings." three years ago the two wed in front of 26 people at their local they have sweet violet, and are hoping for another.jessica foster/proposal caught on video "i knew i'd be happy spending the rest of my life with him." now they build memories with each other, and this will keep how it started fresh in their minds.jessica foster/proposal caught on video" once i saw the video it brought all the memories back. i could picture myself right there in that moment again. i was so glad to see the video."they kept what they wore that night to keep them warm.what warms them more is the two of them are now three.tony mirones 9 on your side, harrison. the fosters have been in touch with the owner who released the video -- and plan
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weather summary: temperatures plunge to 60f tonight for another chill outlook but winds will not be a breezy. feels like temperatures will range from -5 to 00f going into tuesday morning. as for tuesday afternoon, skies will be mostly sunny and temperatures top out at 220f. here's your 9 first warning for a chance on measurable snow on wednesday. light snow will begin wednesday morning before many of us even wake up for the day. it looks like we could have .1" to .5" of snow on the
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it's a place xavier has never been before...not many small basketball schools get there. for the first time in school history., xavier was ranked fifth in the weekly associated press poll. poll.the ranking follows victories last week over depaul here...and then
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xavier's ninth straight week in the top 25. no it doesn't. with the latest wins...sports illustrated has projected its field of 64 for the tournament...and right has xavier at a number one seed. individual honors today for the musketeers as well....sophomore trevon bluiett was named the player of the week in the big east.- and edmund sumner, just back from that frightening fall at the end of december was named the freshman of the week. by the way...oklahoma is number one in the latest poll. first time the sooners have been there since the late 80's. bob huggins west virginia team is at number six..right behind xavier.. time for uc to pick up the pace. the sports illustrated predictions right now have the bearcats as one of the first
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doubl;e a tournament. the bearcats host memphis on thursday night. here's a waste of money....auburn has been fined 100-thousand dollars by the sec because their team upset kentucky..and then then fans stormed the court. the pa announcer asked them to stay listen. congratulations to nku freshman drew mcconald who was named the freshman of the week in the horizon league. drew who played at new cath scored 16 points in a victory over youngstown state. the australian open is underway in melbroune...and roger federer had a coast in the first round. he beat a young georgian player in three sets.-meanwhile serena williams is going after her seventh australian open title....she had to tough out a six five victory over camilia giorgi. just in...three new position coaches announced for the bengals. jacob burney will coach the defensive line...bill lazer will become quarterbacks coach..and kevin coyle comes back to coach the
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and back to the court...jarmal reid of oregons state has been suspended a minimum of four games for tripping a happened last night...-look at jarmal...i don't what they're talking about-but check out the replay....he didn't like that he didn't a he stuck out his leg and tripped up the ref....-caught in the act.........own up to it. and now here's julie dolan with a look at what we'll have for you on nine on your side at seven. police are calling it a crime of opportunity .. and it put one victim in a wheelchair. tonight at 7-- what you need to know before warming up your
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that's 9 on your side at six for this monday. monday.we're always on with breaking news, weather and
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