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tv   9 On Your Side News 7  ABC  January 18, 2016 7:00pm-7:29pm EST

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now at seven...a man run over -- by his *own* car!a thief leaves a gas station worker severely injured.tonight-- a warning from police. firefighters pull a butler county woman and her two dogs out of an icy pond!what led to the frightening scene.nine on your side at seven -- starts now! a deep freeze in the tri-state ... people in downtown cincinnati taking care to bundle up before facing the frigid air ... temperatures
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low twenties today... and it's only going to get colder! let's get straight to 9 first warning chief meteorologist steve raleigh who has a look at when the wind will pick up ... and the thermometer will
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a gas station clerk is recovering after being 'run over' by his own car. and tonight- police are still searching for the thief who was behind the wheel this weekend. 9 on your side's ashley zilka is live at the speedway in mount healthy-- and has a better look at the moments leading up to this. ashley? police have released surveillance video that shows what happened in this parking lot behind me early saturday morning. the attack happened all within a minute. i spoke to the victim's sister who says her brother is still in the hospital and will be in a wheelchair for at least a month. : 19-261:11-21holly rider- milkovich: aaron's sister 16:26: he broke two legs. he crushed one bone and broke the other in one leg and he also fractured his knees.aaron burmeister has a long road ahead of him before he can even walk again. the 41 year
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by his own stolen vehicle while on the job. aaron's sister travelled from michigan to be by his side.holly rider- milkovich: aaron's sister18:58 aaron is just a gentle soul and so it feels particularly painful honestly. 04mount healthy police tell 9 on your side burmeister was at the end of his shift at the speedway gas station and decided to warm up his car.sgt. nick michael:mount healthy police 01:43 the victim is coming out. you see him right there, walking out to start his car and warm it up. 49burmeister went back inside and noticed a man getting in his car. he then ran out to confront the suspect.sgt. nick michael:mount healthy police 02:26 the suspect is walking up to the vehicle, and now he has got into the vehicle there, and here's our victim. 37holly rider-milkovich: aaron's sister17:00 the thief got there before aaron and when aaron tried to open the door of the vehicle, he pulled out which is when aaron was hit by his vehicle and rolled over the car. 11now police need your help finding the suspect- this could have been a crime of opportunity.sgt.
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these individuals are walking and it's cold and then they are trying to seek some heat and refugee and that's one reason why they might do this. aaron's family wants justice. holly rider-milkovich: aaron's sister18:15 he prides himself on being a good father and he's hard to be a good dad when you are in a rehabilitation facility. 22 police say they are looking for a 2004 silver chevy malibu. the car has an army sticker in the back and a broken taillight. reporting live, ashley zilka, 9 on your side. worth mentioning-- although it's common practice for a lot of us to leave our cars running to get them warmed up on these cold winter days, it's actually illegal to do in ohio!police say they can give you a traffic violation for it. an incredible look at a car fire on a brent spence bridge ramp tonight... tonight... this video is from chopper 9- the only local helicopter geting you breaking news first. this minivan was heading east bound toward fort
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smoke billowing out over the rush hour traffic ...that fire ignited around 5-15 and the bitter cold made it a challenge for firefighters. water from the truck froze immediately-- causing at list one firefighter to take a hard fall. we're still checking to see if he's okay. a daring escape from an apartment fire in west price hill.. where a man shimmied down tied bed sheets. sheets.the fire started at the building on nebraska avenue just before noon.crews took less than an hour to put out the fire.investigators say another fire happened in the same building roughly a year ago.they're still trying to figure out the cause, but we're told everyone made it out okay. the family of samuel dubose ... the unarmed driver shot and killed by a university of cincinnati police officer last summer ... has reached a settlement with the school. school.u-c has agreed to pay four point eight five million dollars to the family ... and will also provide free tuition to each of dubose's 12
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attend the university.a memorial to dubose on campus will also be established. while family members say the negotiations were hard ... an attorney for the university says it's an effort to acknowlege tragedy and heal. emotion044812 - like bittersweet. i mean we got some positive from it. my dad won't be here to be part of any of it so it's still a bittersweet moment. //000405 - we really do hope that by reaching an accord without the filing of a lawsuit demonstrates how president ono and everyone at the university of cincinnati cares about the process, feels for the dubose family and wants to continue the process of healing. university of cincinnati police officer ray tensing has been charged with murder for dubose's death. scary moments for a northside woman- who says she was attacked by her uber driver. in a story you'll only see on 9 on your side- our t.j. parker talked with this woman-
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i'm don't even know what was going through my mind, i'm just terrified"jenn prine says she was taking an uber home from work- when she got an unexpected request from her driver- he asked her to grab coffee with him. she did- but that's when jenn says her nightmare began. i did nothing but say no to him from the first minute, nothing out of my mouth was ever anything other than no" jenn says her driver walked her home- and a few minutes later, attacked her. the suspect was quickly spooked when he saw a neighbor. jenn filed a report with cinncinati police. she also reached out to uber- who told her they would refund her fare and never match her again with the driver. it wasn't the answer she was looking for- and despite this happening more than two weeks ago, she driving for uber. uber. "now, jennifer says she's working with city council to come up with more regulations for uber. in northside, i'm t.j. parker, 9 on your side." 9 on your side 'did' reach out to uber for a statement on this incident... they tell us they are working with cincinnati police in their investigation. they also tell us that driver is no longer using the uber platform. he died because of someone else's mistakes...
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father of a man killed in a bridge collapse is still hurting.questions.the one question he's never been a new danger in the tri-state heroin crisis.hear why out- of-control drug use -- is
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a year ago this month the hopple street overpass collapsed onto i-75 ... killing one of the crew members who was dismantling it. now that man's father says ... he still wonders what his son
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35 year old brandon carl left behind a fiancee and four kids. following the collapse, the federal government fined and cited the construction company 'kokosing' after investigators concluded engineers had made mistakes while taking down the hopple street overpass. brandon's father charles told 9 on your side's jason law ... his son's death has been hard to take. "buried under a bunch of rocks, and all that. that's a horrible way to die. i think about that, if he suffered. [did he] know what was going on? i think about that all the time." {55:57 you think about what was going through his mind?{56:00 "yeah, if he knew what was happening before he got killed. it's something." the company has publicly apologized for brandon's death. the attorney representing brandon's fiancee tells us there are civil lawsuits pending against two engineers
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rescued from freezing water! water!how a woman and her two golden retrievers are doing tonight ... after falling through the ice at a local pond and steve is back with your first warning about the low overnight temperatures. you're
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you're watching 9 on your side at 7! an ohio police officer murdered by a suspect who was targeting officers ...that's according to investigators in
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columbus.officer thomas cottrell was found shot and killed last night behind a city building ... without his service weapon or cruiser.half an hour earlier ... knox county sheriffs had received a tip that danville officers were in danger ... from a woman who said her ex-boyfriend was armed and looking to kill an officer. police later arrested herschel jones in connection with the officer's murder. trying to stop a public health crisis in the making ... officials are racing to protect people in the tri-state from an h-i-v and hepatitis c outbreak ... heroin epidemic. epidemic.the centers for disease control reports the high rates of i-v heroin users in kentucky, indiana, and ohio put the area at a higher risk for an h-i-v officials say one way to prevent users from spreading the infectious diseases is through setting up needle exchanges and connecting addicts to treatment programs. "take the needles out of the parks, off the streets, off the roads,and give them a reason to bring it in for a
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throwing it away and is not being a public health hazard. hazard.last year a town in scott county, indiana saw 184 new h-i-v cases among just 42- hundred people ... leading the governor to declare a public health disaster emergency that resulted in a needle exchange and drug treatment program... effectively halting the outbreak. fire crews rescue a woman and her two dogs ... after they all fell through the ice on a frozen pond in butler county. county.she's recovering tonight at west chester hospital from her chilly ordeal in the pond on sea pines place.the west chester township shared these photos of the rescue to their facebook page ... we're told the woman was out walking her dogs when they fell in.9 on your side caught up with the two golden retrievers while at the vet-- and both are doing just fine. their temperature was just the low side of normal so we put them in the driers here. we
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a heated drier. she listened to their lungs for any kind of crackles or anything going on, nothing there. so right now they are doing well. well.the owner is expected to make a full recovery. it's just another reminder not to go out on any ice -- especially without knowing how
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coming up ... what's driving their luck? luck?how an indiana school district was 'one lucky number' away ... from needing
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breaking news out of san francisco right now're looking at live pictures of the bay bridge ... where protesters have shut down traffic entirely ... k-g-o t-v reports the protest groups black seed and the black queer liberation collective took responsibility for the protest in a statement, citing recent police shootings.prostesters have shared photos of people chained up to the cars on the bridge. ..police say a tri-state woman left her two year old son and eight month old daughter alone for more than four hours. hours.delores williams appeared in court today to answer to child endangerment charges.she claims another family member was supposed to
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children.she was released from jail today but she was ordered to stay away from her children. 9 on your side checked out what experts say about leaving your kids without supervision at home ... there's no minimum age law in kentucky, ohio, or indiana for leaving your child home alone ... but family law experts say in general, children under the age of seven should not be left alone for any length of time at all... and children between seven and ten shouldn't be alone for longer than 90 minutes. the brand new liberty center seems to be experiencing some growing pains ... in the form of 'fire alarms.'and guests say ... where there's no smoke ... there's no fire ... but there 'is' frustration. frustration.people have taken to social media to complain about the alarms going off ... forcing them to evacuate when there isn't any danger.butler county dispatch provided 9 on your side with documents showing 21 alarm calls at the liberty center ... just in the month of woman we spoke to says ... hearing about the trouble from her take her business elsewhere.
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there and a lot of neighbors try to avoid it now you know what it's january we're not going to go to a dinner there we're not going to go to a movie or twenty minutes into dinner and twenty minutes into the movie have to get up and leave type of thing we'll go somewhere else." else."a spokeswoman with the liberty center tells nine on your side that the alarms are 'very' sensitive ... and the mall's new tenants are still getting used to how they operate. more than a dozen indiana bus drivers are splitting a 50-thousand dollar jackpot after some lucky picks in last week's record-breaking powerball. powerball.rob buchanan bought tickets for himself and 14 of his fellow bus drivers with ripley public first he thought their bid had been a bust ... but when he rechecked the tickets on thursday morning ... he realized one had all but 'one' of the winning numbers.he didn't break the news to his coworkers right away ... sue reuterthey told us to come down to bus 11 and then on our way down we're like what did i thought oh lord i'm getting fired or something. he's got a stack of papers in his hand.sounds like you put
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women. well you know i'm a little stinker that way. way.each driver received about 23-hundred dollars after taxes ... enough, they told us, to pay off bills ... and treat themselves to a nice dinner. today the nation is honoring the legacy of doctor martin luther king's the 30th anniversary of the federal holiday honoring doctor king. king.celebrations took place across the tri-state.hundreds braved the cold to march in doctor king's honor.the m-l-k coalition organized this march
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